Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Theological Hell is Narcissism

 The narcissist is convinced everyone is fascinated by them. This is a natural belief that babies hold. Anyone who spends time around them is probably fascinated by them. Absent a black government, babies you're not related to are irritating and you just kill them. "I'm annoying as hell, and this person hasn't killed me yet - probably in love with me." Makes sense, right? Baby's first rationality. The narcissist never grows out of this belief. Christian angels are surrogate parents and older siblings, who care deeply about the [[believer]]. "Be not afraid," i.e. yes you're extremely annoying, but I love you and despite the aggravation I'm not going to kill you. 

 Real immortals don't care about you any more than you care about individual ants. Angels, insofar as they exist, are unaware you exist, absent some bizarre edge case, and would not care a jot if they did know.
 When you see someone writing passionate letters to an individual ant in their artificial ant farm, you understand they're sick, right? This person is deranged. Optimistically we can hope an obsession with some ant is harmless and properly contained, but they are unwell. The sickness is likely to get worse and escape containment. Likewise, an immortal giving a single shit about a mortal, outside some very unusual condition, is a deranged immortal. 

 If they love you that's fine (until it gets worse). Not very plausible though. Love? A filthy mortal? Good god no. Hate though. Hate's much more believable. 

 Satanic Hell is the narcissistic idea that not only do some immortals care about you, they hate you with every fibre of their being. The idea that they find you transcendentally significant. Lucifer, allegedly, is far more beautiful, powerful, and closer to god than you are - and boy howdy does he care about you specifically.
 If god let anyone like that anywhere near him, god is crazy. This is not his former right-hand man, this is the heavenly equivalent of a drunk hobo with the pickled brain. 

 Instead of writing books supposedly telling the ant how to live their best ant life, imagine the ant-farmer tries to ruin the ant's life. They write letters to the editor condemning this particular ant. They tell all their friends how bad the ant is. They pick up a tiny brush and paint the ant with enemy-ant pheromones so all her ant friends hate her or outright attack her.
 Still a big WTF. More plausible, yes, plausible, no.
 Revenge is Sour: anyone who buys this story is already well beyond saving.

 P.S. Killing unrelated babies is unquestionably rational. The kid was abandoned by their parents, or were so stupid they got themselves killed. If the parent isn't there to stop you from killing the baby, then you shouldn't care about the baby more than its own parents do.
 Narcissists are giant babies. Their parents didn't love them, and neither should you. Put it this way: god gave these children parents who hated them. Who are you to gainsay god?
 They hate themselves. Who are you to disagree? They would know the issue better than you do.
 You should disagree a little bit. They are weak. They can't threaten anything you love. Contempt. Perhaps a bit of pity for whatever catastrophe gave birth to them.
 Is it their fault? It doesn't matter. The correct solution to narcissism is execution. Their own parents didn't follow their own hatred and smother them, and that was a mistake, in error. They suffer, and their suffering is pointless. Annihilation is the answer.

 P.P.S. Imagine some immortal has a spat with another immortal. He wins completely, no contest. Didn't even have to try.
Now he writes a massive book all about how the defeated immortal was a loser who lost, what a loser.
And gives it to mortals.
 You see the WTF, right?
 A human has a fight with another human less than half his weight...and tries to ruin the loser's reputation among ants by crowing about how he won. Writing in ant pheromones, presumably.

 P.P.P.S. Imagine someone writing a book telling some ant how to get to the promised land, instead of picking up the plastic box the ant colony is in and moving it themselves.
 Ants can't even go on journeys. The point is to support the queen, because the individual ant can't reproduce. Functionally their testicles are on someone else's body, and separating from them is functionally castrating themselves. Huge WTF. Unadulterated madness.
 If some immortal claims to care about you, first demand extremely convincing proof that they don't have brain damage. If they try to convince you with gifts, consider fleeing. Maybe freak out. Panic is sensible; now is the time.


rezzealaux said...

"Operationally we can presume an obsession with some ant is harmless and properly contained, but they are unwell."

"wait a minute alrenous wouldn't think like this"

Alrenous said...

Wouldn't think it's harmless and properly contained?

rezzealaux said...

operational considerations would be an afterthought and not part of the main readout.