Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Bottom Line Difference Between Stupid and Smart

 "You agree that A implies B?"
 "You agree that this is an A?"
 "What's your conclusion?"
 "You see an A, therefore xylophone?"
 "That's right."

 The difference between smart and stupid is that smart realizes that xylophone is retarded and concludes they don't know. Stupid confidently asserts that xylophone. 

 Since stupid won't admit they don't know, they can't find out. Curiosity phobic. Smart can find out.
 Since smart makes a habit of finding out, they become experienced in finding out, and assert xylophone less often. Stupid thinks they're doing the same thing stupid does, but better. They think stupid confidence is the same as experienced confidence, because they're stupid and it doesn't bother them when their thoughts make no sense.


 Secondarily smart realizes being smart looks stupid to the stupid. For example, the distinctly unrealistic dialogue up top. The stupid avoid looking stupid, thus act stupid. The smart embrace looking stupid, thus act smart. Substance vs. appearance.
 Using look-stupid, you can find errors. Stupid can't look stupid, so they can't find errors. The errors remain, not to mention compound. Delusion is built on top of delusion.

 Evil is self-hatred. Evil is self-harm.
 Stupid is self-harm.
 Stupid is evil. Stupid is self-hatred and rejection of sacred.

 Stupid can't be fixed because they're stupid on purpose. For example, having a low IQ is typically the result of spiritual self-mutilation. They damage themselves, which, when physical converges on the spiritual, is reflected in deleteriously mutated genes. The self-hatred comes first, the stupidity is merely the more-obvious trailing indicator.

 Secondarily, evil is inherently stupid.

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