Monday, July 1, 2024

Special Report: Someone Is Wrong On The Internet


 It is suggested that it's ghostwritten. However, ad hominem is a fallacy. It's wrong and bad regardless of who said it.

To even attempt to contain a virus, once tens of thousands have it, can only be described as heroic.

 "To attempt an impossible yet worthless task using a tool only capable of traitorous parasitism can only be describe as heroic." 

 Shall we agree? Yes: heroism is evil. Don't do it. 


Nationalism, on the other hand, ignores that sometimes crises are global. When it comes to plague, we are our brother’s keeper.

 "Meddling is a virtue, not a vice." Nope. Defection is always deviant. Saying this is always an attempt to make you serve his interests instead of your own. E.g. nations can seal the border. 

 Also his timeline is probably empirically false. Journalists gonna journalism.  

 The Amish had sub-1% vaccination rates, and likewise exceptionally low mortality. Whoops. Not that anyone got over 1/500 death tolls.

 Keeping in mind that trying to [save lives] always kills more than it saves. Mind your own business. Superman is a villain, and only looks heroic due to the authors lying about his results. Or maybe heroism is still evil, and heroism only looks good due to...

 In the bibble, the [not brother's keeper] line was said by someone who knew exactly where he was and was responsible for putting him there. Samo/Tivy seems to be saying we should all murder the other nations. Or, perhaps, did. "Yeah it was a problem - and it was entirely due to human violence, not biological pathogens." Which is true: there was an epidemic of government, not a viral epidemic. Mass iatrogenesis. Cain represent. 

 Liars accidentally tell the truth all the time. Whoops. He probably counter-signalled nationalism to distance himself from the Nazis without having to be gauche and explicitly bring them up. Everyone can easily be confused for a Nazi, being as they're both Communists, so this is habit is necessary for any narcissist-egalitarian.

  Such a mobilization failure is never an individual’s fault. Rather, it reveals a hollow state.

 Oh noes, the State failed to contain a harmless endemic. Oh the humanity, the secular humanity. All is fallen.

 Narcissists are very concerned with appearances. They really do think they'll die if they don't maintain the facade.


 is that our elites and institutions have failed us. The truth is we failed them just as much. They don’t rely on us because we aren’t reliable.

 Commoners are never reliable. You may note that that Korea also got endemic'd by ncov. 

 In the middle of the 20th century, a cadre of credentialed experts was created to replace citizens. This was a mistake.

 Egalitarian Democrat/Communist. "Everyone can be an aristocrat." Well...yes...assuming you make not-aristocracy a capital crime. Or sterilize 99%+ of the population, something Hitler would put you in camps for suggesting.

 Experts should be consulted, but what use is an expert unwilling to consult on a grand vision? The American system of the 2020s through the city, county, state, and up to the federal level has been staffed with people who know how to speak and make themselves appear blameless, but not how to act.

 Journalists gonna journalism. America does have leaders, you just don't know their name and they don't appear in public.

 Also, America doesn't want leaders. Try this: run for public office on the premise of making your jurisdiction about something. "We will make the greatest parents the world has ever seen." "We will become the [$region] which seeks and will find the purpose of life." Pick whatever you want, naturally.

 No, really. Please do. I insist. 

 Watch how you're a ballot-box bomb. "You're not the boss of me!" You're not supposed to tell them forthrightly and honourably. You can tell Americans to do anything you want, provided you're sneaky, manipulative, and feminine about it.

 It is no victory for free society

 Nobody can genuinely take this [free society] cant seriously in 2024, can they? Democracy is literally slavery, and that's the point.
 Democracy is feminine, so they use guilt tripping and rumour mills instead of commands and whips, but otherwise identical.   

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