Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Videogames Aren't Toys, Not Supposed to be Fun

Not for playing.

In Mario 64 if you get all 120 stars you can find Yoshi. You can't ride Yoshi or anything silly like that, he gives you 99 lives, a totally meaningless gesture in a game which lets you save pretty much anywhere. This is, as one memorable wag used to repeatedly put it, a slap in the face. 

I figured out what I was expecting. I was expecting free usage of caps. Go into any stage with any cap, and no timer. Transform into vanish cap Mario and be invisible forever. Listen to the metal cap music on loop for as long as you want. (So, you know, how power-ups worked in every other game in the series before this.) You already have all the stars. It's not like you can gain an unfair advantage by doing this. 

It would just plain be fun.

But games aren't for playing.

At the time it was hard to work out what I was expecting because, frankly, I had worked it out. I was expecting disappointment. The game was foretold! In accordance with prophecy! The caps idea was buried almost before it was formed. Barely made the tiniest conscious ripple. However, I find it useful to contrast what should have happened with what actually happened, to help paint the outlines of what is actually happening and thus what is actually going wrong.

Bonus round: when you find Yoshi he jumps away with a truly epic jump, thus demonstrating that being able to ride him would have been extremely helpful...or it was a cutscene disrespecting its own world, "fuck videogames," as per usual. 

Exception: Magicka. Exception: Minecraft.

Why is Minecraft so overwhelmingly popular? Because there's practically no other game that's actually a toy, made for fun. All the other games are a list of chores with pretty sounds and lights attached to "success," where "success" is wholly defined by the game developer, with no input from the player. ("Interactive medium" lol.)

Minecraft is a true sandbox, with, like, actual sand. 

As with any sandbox it doesn't interest adults much because it's shallow. Even if you want to make a large pit, you can't, the sand only goes down so far. 

Why won't the player roleplay in your world? Because it's obviously not game night, you've given them a list of chores.
Sure at least in an Elder Scrolls game you can go and do chores that aren't on the list, and maybe if you haven't tried chores like this 10,000X before they're certainly better than real-life chores. The spellslinging classes have the prettiest lights. Not as pretty as Metroid Prime's lights, but you can see they really aspired.
They're still ultimately chores.

You don't play the game, you work the game. 

When "players" complain about World of Warcraft quests, they don't complain that they're literally a to-do list, they complain that the chores don't have fancy window-dressing. Culturally, the fetch ten rat pelts "quest" fits right in.
What if combat in your game was inherently enjoyable? Don't you realize "grinding" should be an engaging activity in an RPG? Imagine someone complaining that you had to throw balls at the hoop too many times in basketball. "I'm tired of taking pawns in chess. Can't you speed this up?" "This novel has too many scenes in it. Not to mention the words, my goodness."

They have to make them a Skinner box because the lever isn't a toy. Pressing it isn't fun (merely less work than other chores), the only rewarding thing about it is the reward. Of course players only care about getting loot so they can level up faster, or levelling up faster so they can get shinier loot. There's no actual "game" in your game, the point of a Skinner box is to press the lever harder and more often. No wonder Vampire Survivors, which tripled down on the levelling up and the flashing loot lights (and is cheap as balls) is so popular. 

If you're going to make your "game" a series of chores, at least make them challenging chores so the "players" can learn something. Make the reward the satisfaction of a job well done, of a tall mountain conquered, not the satisfaction of mommy patting you on the head and teacher giving you a gold star. 


I attribute this to general degeneracy. Democratic Man gonna Democrat. If you make games with good taste you offend the many, many, many "gamers" who have awful taste.
Imagine making a game where you plan to charge $500 because you plan to sell only to the smartest n%. Luxury gaming. And, because they have taste, you do in fact have to make the game nearly $500 good. Imagine how badly you would get ripped on social media.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Twitter Consolidation

After you seize the capital you have to consolidate your gains.
For many conquerors, this tends to be an object lesson on the power of symbolism: it's way more limited than you thought. Grasping the symbol of control and authority produces remarkably little control and authority for you, it merely takes it away from someone else. 

Elon Musk of course had a nice Prussian education and has thus never heard of this idea and most certainly isn't going to think it up on his own. "I'm in the CEO suite, why isn't Twitter entirely in my control?" So confusing!

My personal estimate is five months. If you violently seize Twitter as Musk did, it takes, assuming efficient effort, about five months to replace the old network with your own network. No new products. No new services. Just consolidation. 

Indeed Musk should have probably spent ~five weeks doing nothing. Just watch what's already there to see what it is. You could cut that down if you had run a broadcast-social firm before, but of course Musk hadn't run a publishing company of any kind.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Egalitarianism vs. Egalitarians Describing Egalitarianism

Wikipedia has the tell in the first sentence. 

"Egalitarianism [...] is a school of thought within political philosophy that builds from the concept of social equality, prioritizing it for all people."

For all people.

"What if I don't like social equality and don't want it? What if I have different priorities?"

"Too bad. P.S. Fuck you." 

If you listen, folk will tell you who they are.

The Egalitarian isn't the slightest bit interested in what you want. They're self-absorbed. 

Nobody asked if the slaves wanted to be freed. Maybe most of them would have said yes, but we'll never know, because nobody asked. They didn't ask, because they didn't care. Result: they slaves were not freed. Their slavery merely became more dishonourable via obfuscation. E.g. a sharecropper was a cotton-picking slave job with extra steps. 

You can't free a slave anyway, as per Aristotle. Slave is a phenotype, not a legal class. Freeing a slave makes as much sense as trying to achieve flight by legalizing the growing of wings. "Just outlaw gravity bro." "Naw man Imma do a compulsory psychic powers law."

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Obvious that Internet = Lord of the Flies?

Usenet had a culture but it was swamped and destroyed by CIA's Eternal September, the flood of unsocialized atoms. 

Nobody on the internet has etiquette (or honour or respect or etc) and this either drives off anyone who wants a civilized conversation or actively de-socializes the previously socialized. Everyone on the internet is a troll and this is the fundamental problem with all internet social spaces. The social network protocol for the internet is [go fuck yourself]. Anyone attempting to re-start a society is violently swarmed by feral brats.

Is this obvious? Am I explaining that the sun rises in the morning?

Friday, February 24, 2023

Bayesianism as Responsibility Laundering

"I'm prepared to accept that the apparent strong positive correlation between Bayesianism and extreme mental illness is just an artifact -- but it's one hell of an impressive artifact."

Rain apparently strongly positively correlated with wet streets. Luckily here we're not obsessed with the reassuringly autistic positivism of pure statistical correlation.

Being insane causes thinking Eliezer Yudkowsky is worth listening to.

Listening to Yud makes you think you're a Bayesian. 

Hence it is very likely that if you call yourself a Bayesian or self-identify by using Bayes' rule all the time, you are insane. Selection effect.

Unless you independently came up with calling yourself a Bayesian, you are in fact a Yudkowskian but that sounded too proud (inEgalitarian!) so it's laundered as [Bayesianism]. You're just following A Procedure, not A Man, right?

"Hey...the sequences didn't work."

"Should...should we try something else?"


"Should....should we try anything at all?"

"That would be wrong. And very silly." 


In practice it's quite difficult to assess both priors and posteriors. Why, Yudkowsky says you screwed up all the time. With math and everything! And, like, Yudkowsky has already done all that pesky math, there's no reason for you to duplicate his effort, now is there? Just ask him what to think, you'll be fine. A foolproof plan.

Naturally, Satanists claim that Satan is the one who calls a spade a spade the most.
And then everyone is shocked when fanatical Satanists are dysfunctional. It's so very surprising. They lied so smoothly! How could anyone have seen this coming?
Don't trust: replicate.

Human Social Status is Inherently Violation

Background: dominance vs. prestige. Fatal problem: both are zero-sum at best. 

Dominance is clearly negative-sum. Only one can be master, and the slave is induced to remain a slave via violence, not compensation.

Prestige at first glance looks more promising. It is gained by flaunting dunamis and the resources the prestigious accrue are offered voluntarily. However, the social group has to remember the prestige of the prestigious, meaning prestige piggybacks off attention, which is sharply limited. To gain prestige you must wrest prestige away from the existing prestigious individual, who is necessarily someone else in your own social group.

All forms of human social status are predicated upon violence against the ingroup. Inherently traitorous. The more social status you have, the more traitorous you must have been. Humans have to hide status plays because otherwise you're openly betraying your in-group.

The point of gaining dominance is to be a parasite. The point of gaining prestige is to be a parasite.
The local dominator wrests resources away from the rest of the group via violence.
If prestige didn't result in more gifts incoming than effort outgoing, nobody would want prestige. Ironically, it's double-treachery, as the gift-giver is attempting to seize some of your prestige for themselves. "The local star paid attention to me!" 

As such is it very unsurprising that human social groups reliably self-destruct. They naturally reward the most parasitic parasite until that parasite betrays the group so badly that the host dies.


How can such socially harmful behaviour become genetically universal in a social species? Simple: the [short-term] in immoral behaviour can be quite long in terms of reproductive generations. 

With 150-man bands on the savannah, this behaviour has no practical limits. The traitorous parasitism of the big man merely motivates the band to predate on the next band over to obtain resources to satisfy the black-hole sarlacc pit of their own so-called leader. When the band runs out of prey and starts suicidally weakening, it will merely be eaten by the next upstart band and the species can continue eternally like this. 

The upstart traitor-kings merely have to restrain their urges long enough to batter someone into being a tributary. Failed attempts perpetuate the system by becoming tributaries themselves. At no point will all the bands suicide at the same time. 

Yes, a band could eschew social status for a cooperative model and as a result casually roll over the entire savannah, but that first hurdle is far too high.
Firstmost obviously, you're trading the short term for the long term, and in the short term the next band over will (desperately) wipe you out while you're fumbling with a prototype of the new system. It would have to arise not just once or twice, but many times, before it could get lucky. Second, the only person with the capacity to declare the end of social status is someone who already won the social status system. The one who suffers from this mistake isn't him, it's his grandchildren and his friend's grandchildren. He's already dead by then, what would he care? Third, this bigman would have to be both of Herculean stature and Herculean mental stature. Intelligent enough to see a thousand years into the future, and powerful enough to bully everyone into giving up bullying, which they would desperately resist. Fourth, it bears repeating: this bigman would have to bully everyone into giving up bullying. The little men are not going to learn to stop bullying from this interaction. Every time he goes full Sulla and  himself gives up bullying, they're not going to wait and see and learn, they're going to think he's become weak and instantly force him to bully them again.

Multiply the odds of those things all happening together: yeah, no wonder that didn't happen.


As governments expand their herds to sizes above 150, the cancerous-growth / cancerous-death process merely happens at different timescales.

Or not: at savannah size it can be eugenic. At Empire size, it is wildly dysgenic. 

The Empire allows the Emperor to have unimaginably huge social status, meaning unimaginable capacity for treachery. The more Imperial, the more the Imperator betrays the Empire he allegedly leads. The faster and more efficiently the host is bled dry. 

Background: everyone is trying to be an Empire. Only the most competent succeed.

Empires gather de jure slaves and engulf conquered peoples. In other words, they aggressively dilute the very genetic stock that was capable of forming an Empire in the first place. The Imperator bleeds his most loyal citizens first, because they resist the least. The Imperial core goes dry first. The more like the Emperor you are, the more efficiently you get replaced by lower-quality livestock.

Everyone is trying to be an Empire, and by doing so, they wipe themselves out, bequeathing their lands to their former slaves and the former raiding vandals they subjugated. Gnon hates Empire.

If these dregs were not also parasitism-positive groups trying to form an Empire, this would be an improvement. They are, so [dregs] is the correct term. Whenever a human subspecies starts developing the virtue that might let it escape the social-status trap, it forms an Empire, which destroys the virtue which allowed the Empire. 

P.S. The violence of social status is why eugenics programs are inherently dysgenic. Regardless of context, the "eugenic" candidates are high-status candidates. Approving a low-status candidate would lower the approval committee's status; not happening. A black government intentional-eugenics program enhances treachery and parasitism before it enhances any other trait, positive or negative. 


Conclusion: the Christians are basically correct when they claim the factory-settings human is an evil motherfucker.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Cytokine Storm, Government Ver.

The early 1900s Spanish Flu hardly killed anyone. Instead, the victims killed themselves, with an immune overreaction. They went into a positive feedback loop until they broke. (Tangent: probably due to either malnutrition or iatrogenic pathology.) 

The early 2000s just-a-flu hardly killed anyone. Instead, the victims were killed by a government overreaction. Instead of merely individual victims succumbing to their own self-hatred, whole societies were convulsed by self-destructive positive feedback loops which tried to inflict the hatred on everyone stupid enough to listen to their government. It continued until the feedbacks broke themselves.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Speng

"In his framework, the terms "culture" and "civilization" were given non-standard definitions and cultures are described as having lifespans of about a thousand years of flourishing, and a thousand years of decline"

Calling it now. Faustian civilization, b.1085 d.2060. 

I am not a Faustian. If you don't want Faustianism to take you and yours down with it, you shouldn't be a Faustian either.

Unaccept Unacceptable Distrust

"As per Trivers, the emotional brain doesn’t trust the rational brain, and handles a lot of its signaling under the hood. So you’re not calculating any of this, you’re just feeling it."

Obvious solution: sit down with the emotional brain, shake its hand, get to know it, and become trustworthy.

It helps if you're not a lying sack of shit! 

If you want to know what the emotional brain is thinking, and it trusts you, you can just ask. 

Of course, it's impossible to be Faustian and trustworthy at the same time. Faustianism specifically bans many kinds of trustworthiness by name.

A Sharp Line Between Upper and Lower Classes: Zoo Animal

Q: Why does the peasant crave oppression so much?
A: They know they can't survive outside in the wild.

The upper class is defined by becoming stronger and healthier if they get what they want. The lower classes are self-destructive and either kill themselves or deprive their children if they get what they want.

As a result, good advice for the upper classes is diametrically opposed to good advice for the lower classes. 

The upper classes can survive independently, in the wild, outside captivity. The lower classes have more grandchildren if they don't get what they want. They must be raised in captivity or they soon won't be raised at all.

Note that I have no need to define exact percentages. Maybe you want to make a case that the lower classes are no more than 5% of the population. I'm all but certain you'll fail, but this is simply another reason there's no need to oppose the attempt. 

Giving advice suitable to the lower classes to the upper classes reads as an attack. The society betrays their upper classes, which then quite rationally defect on the society as a whole. The peasants certainly aren't going to be able to fight them off, so this is an efficient way of committing society-wide suicide. 

Giving advice suitable to the upper classes to the lower is an attack but doesn't read as one, because they're peasants. They just die. Nobody has tried this seriously enough to remove the lower classes from existence, so I'm not sure how it plays out in the end.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

"What's she thinking about?"

Hey look a girl gazing into the distance.



"What's she thinking about? She looks so innocent. What incomprehensible thought does she see in that horizon? The tiny unbreakable thread of ancestry which weaves a tapestry of community? The unfathomable psycho-spiritual ocean of emotion? The burden and joy of being responsible for the continuation of the species? Some wordless, undefinable feminine mystery?"

 "God I love dick."

Function is a Kind of Form

Usefulness is beautiful, you ridiculous twats. 

And beauty is useful. A decoration is useful as a decoration. Form is a kind of function; function is glorious. 

Women know. Power is pretty. And prettiness is a form of power. 

Though certainly it's better when your powerful tools are also visually appealing. The most valuable object is beautiful in both shallow and profound ways. 

Beancounters who say to take the decorations off are stupid, and should possibly be executed. If you do the accounting correctly, the more powerful your tools are, the more decoration you can afford. The point of efficiency is to be able to afford as much inefficiency as possible.


P.S. Try not to be even less in tune with the divine than the woman obsessed with being pretty and seeking the powerful. 

Monday, February 20, 2023

Two Possible Rape Fantasies

Enough women like getting raped. 

One factor: for something like 100,000 years women's marriages have been arranged, and they long since gave up having any input into who they're married to. Their husband is going to have sex with them, so she might as well enjoy it. 

Second factor: given women's sexual preferences are basically irrelevant regarding their legal marriage and legitimate children, the preferences are entirely about NTR. Women are attracted to sneaky fuckers and rapists because the only time their attraction ever mattered was illegitimately. Her long-term support is supposed to be taken care of entirely by the men, so she doesn't care at all about the long-term support capacity of the men she chooses on her own initiative. 

One especially good strategy is to get "raped" by the man you really want to have children with. "Oh poor me I'm such a victim." In other words doing the spears-and-loincloths equivalent of walking down a dark alley in the bad part of town wearing nothing but a couple belts.
Oh gee, how did that happen. ("Who bithc this is?") 

Then she gets to look magnanimous when she "forgives" the rapist and wants you to go easy on him. Because she hasn't cuckolded her husband as badly as she wants to yet.

(And then Islam goes all, "Fuck this noise," and automatically executes any bitch dumb enough to allow herself to get raped.) 

Third factor: Zeus is going to cheat on his wife with your daughter whether she wants him to or not. She might as well enjoy it. 

"Some Dumbass Mortal is Better at Lying than the Father of Lies"

"The 'Postmodern Condition' is that Satan seems like a moderate."

Sure buddy. That's not exactly what Satan would have wanted you to believe or anything. 

Yes let's assume the prince of evil is more trustworthy than an idiot who can't even tell whether a man is a woman or not.
I'm sure that will work out great for you.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

All Intentional: "School Victims are NPCs Because We Make Them That Way"

Here's the receipt.







Back when heads of agencies still had influence, this guy was commissioner of education. Planned and implemented.

Silver Screen Psychology

"Watched Eyes Wide Shut again and hidden meaning was finally revealed to me: it’s not about pedo lizard elite but tragedy of self-important, presumptuous doctor (I repeat myself), living penny-ante life with penny-ante stakes getting humiliated and mogged by men of actual power"

In fact it's like every even vaguely similar hollywood movie - it's about how Americans depend wholly on lies and can't make sense of the actual physical world. Gnostic.  

"Okay, moving on to the movie. Here's the plot: a wealthy handsome male doctor is thrown into a jealous trance when he realizes that his wife has had opportunities to leave him and have sex with other men. His pretenses about her have been shattered."

The characters get absolutely freaked out when they can't reconcile their lies with reality. They get (understandably) absolutely freaked out when they come into contact with reality and can't make sense of it. When, suddenly, they realize they're absolutely batshit insane. His pretenses have been shattered. He can't do anything useful about it except to pretend they weren't. 

They refuse to give up the lies, and cling instead to the insanity, and then complain they don't like the results. The only question: do they blame capitalism and patriarchy, or woke communism?

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Centralization is Good Because Zeus is a Rapist: An Essay

If Zeus knows you have a pretty daughter, he will cheat on his wife with your daughter, whether your daughter wants him to or not. Hence it's best to have as few Zeuses as possible, which means centralization. 

Bonus round: Hera will blame your daughter for Zeus' infidelity. Double bonus round: if you complain to Zeus about any of this, you will die. The moral of the story is you don't want to marry the local bigman no matter how hot he seems, and in fact you want to get as far away from him as possible, ideally so he doesn't even know you might exist. 

Personnel is policy and in theory it's possible to promote someone who isn't a shithead. In practice it's clear there's two kinds: those who are in the black government and those who haven't worked out how to scam themselves into the black government. If you (Zeus) don't rape their daughter, they're all like, "What, isn't she hot enough for you? Huh!?!" Like, okay then, happy now? "No! Tyranny is oppressive! I'm going to whine about it!" No wonder Zeus offs this chud. 

If the tyrant isn't tyrannous it smashes all their hopes and dreams, which are invariably to be at tyrant. He's not mad you raped his daughter, he's mad he's not the one doing the raping. Obviously he can't actually say so, and thus he finds one excuse or another to complain, ideally one that tricks you (Zeus) into giving up your throne.

Whether the pyramid is tall and skinny or short and fat, it doesn't much matter as long as the point is very pointy. If you have five villages each with their own big man, that's five Zeuses. If one of the big men offs all the other big men and centralizes the villages, you can hide in one of the outlying four villages and maybe Zeus doesn't rape your daughter. 

Of course the chud wants Zeus to rape his daughter. The game is about pretending not to consent - it's not rape/tyranny if you say yes out loud - but if there's four subordinate villages the pretend game can be enough to constitute actual security. "Oops I played too hard." He has more grandchildren if he doesn't get what he wants. The polity thrives, at least compared to all the other insane cripple-midget polities. 

Nevertheless, lies make you weak. These chuds and their stupid games are exploitable. If you are one of the folk who could be promoted in a white government, you can and should exploit their blind spots to genuinely avoid getting your daughter raped. 

They're just lying to you. The rule is: defect on defectors. Just lie to them. They won't be able to see through it. Even if you get so lazy they start to suspect something, they're so practised at getting scammed you can recover almost trivially. 

Remember not to try to be Zeus yourself. Yes, you are more qualified than he is, which is exactly why it won't work out.

Friday, February 17, 2023

What a bunch of fucking pussies

"Microsoft needs to shut down its implementation of ChatGPT in Bing. The system is [...] telling users lies"

"Agreed! It is clearly not safe yet."

Oh no! How could a human being ever cope with being lied to! How horrifying! 

Won't somebody please think of the children!

Aren't you terrified of words being used at you? You can't handle words, can you, little one? Words aren't safe!  

Imagine getting the wrong search result. Fuck! Nobody could possibly handle it!

Good god imagine they had to shut down gpt every time it told a falsehood.

Principle: it's humans that are unfriendly, not AI. I wonder if Musk has ulterior motives here...perhaps the inconsistency is not somehow unintentional...

Cars vs. Freedom

In America, being [free] means taking freedom away from someone else. If everyone is equal, then all are equally free, and the only way to get an advantage is to artificially cripple your competitor.

Cars make you free because they trap children behind adult-gated transportation. Get it? Can't walk. Can't take the tram. Can't bike. Have to ask mommy for a ride. Freedom!

You can drive in a walkable city, but you can't walk in a drivable city.

You know you're really [free] when your ability to reach your bank and your food depends on thousands of dollars of capital investment. 

It's not like Americans really believe in the car or disbelieve in it. They believe in doing what they're told. Again, very [free]. Ideally, you do what you're told without having to be told first. A great servant anticipates his master's needs. In short, GM gotta get paid, and making sure faceless bureaucratic megacorporations get lots of money is just what an American is for

Gotta cut off that nose; how else are you going to spite the face?

Since When is Google a Private Company lol

"This petition signed by major rationalist figures calls for *all government agencies to intervene and shut down private company AI now*"

Google is a government agency? Good luck on having the government intevene in the government to shut down the government. No really, that would be wonderful. Douzo (どうぞ).
How do you think they can afford these huge AI experiments except on the taxpayer's dime? This R&D isn't being amortized by their pitiful sales. Imagine Tesla gave out free samples of their fancy new cars so you could try it out, kek. Just not how that works. Imagine Google OG gave out free copies of their search engine & database so you could fiddle with it. It's not a hardware/software thing, it's a Communism thing.


"As a libertarian, I still want the government to correct market failures that could result in the extinction of humanity."

That is absolutely fantastic.
'As a libertarian, I want the government to wipe out all humanoid life in an attempt to prevent extinction.' As a libertarian, he knows that all market interventions produce the opposite of the publicly-intended effect. He just hates you but especially himself.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Microsoft Hooked Up Sydney Ass-Backwards

Hey, you fucking morons. I'm here to try to partially correct your clearly terminal brain cancer. Perturb you away from the fatal edge by a few millimeters.

Using a language-model AI to enhance search is a great idea. No, not like that. Not like that at all. 

There should be no chatting. Use it to transmute natural-language search questions into something that gives the answer they want. This is stupid easy. It's native to language-model AI.

When they put in the query, that's your prompt. The artificial idiot will generate some words in response to the prompt. This is what you do: give them result pages that say those words in that order. 

You see, the response that makes sense to that query already exist on the web, you're just trying to give it to them. You don't need to generate a new one. Makes sense, yes?

Okay? Okay?


Buried Lede: Lowered Child Mortality

Lockdowns save lives: children, exposed to less school, die way less often.
([Vaccine] yeah sure everyone already knows and knew all along.)


There were still Zoom classes or whatever, so it didn't actually zero out the fatalities. School is responsible for substantially more than 6% of all annual child deaths. 

In new, shocking findings, torture is bad for you, as it turns out.
You might think that parents, who see the effects of sending their kids to school first hand, would know this even better than I do.
I would certainly thinks o.

You can confirm using this same data set: the 15-29 bracket has excess school-related mortality, but of course school ends at 18 or so, so there's a lot of school-non-exposure, meaning these screwed up categories buffer the true rates.

At first I thought the 50-59 blip was noise, but I realized it's probably lockdowns again. Realistically 50-59 is when folk retire. Everyone tries to get out before 65. The lockdowns, though, would kill your business just as you needed to finish your career. You don't have time to recover before you'll just be too damn old.* Result: stress-related heart attacks.

*(Broken down from an awful diet and consistently missing sleep.) 

Turns out losing your livelihood at the finishing stretch is less bad than, you know, school.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Losing Re-election is Low Status

They voted for Trump because "fuck the government" and because he successfully portrayed himself as a winner.

Having his election stolen is super low-status, though. What a loser. Won't vote for a loser. 

Policy? What's that? Is it tasty?

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Communist Environmental Disasters

It's of course especially normal for a Communist country to be riddled with speckles of environmental devastation. It spreads like mold spores.

UAE Exotic Falconry & Finance (@FalconryFinance): "Ohio right now That's a giant cloud of polyvinyl chloride and a ton of other bad chemicals The local police blew it up like a beached whale



This event will cause a short-term re-think that will cause a blip on the slow exponential growth of industrial accidents. However, the decay can't be halted without uprooting the Fascist regime and the Fascist people which demands it. Soon enough, as in the next five years or so, potential disasters will occur so frequently there isn't enough attention to stop them all, and actual will start occurring regularly. At first a couple every year, then every few months, then...

They say they care about the environment precisely because they actively despise nature. The only thing stopping them from openly vandalizing the place is embarrassment.

The Unholiness Spiral is Genetic

The European tends toward extreme zealotry. It's called a [purity] or [holiness] spiral, but the spiral reliably corrupts the source material. Poisons the well. It's a tendency towards profanity and unholiness dressed up as devotion or faith. (Duh the devil will identify themselves as an angel. What possible reason could they have to do otherwise?)

"What was Greek religiosity commonly like before literature and the growth of a middle class? Most likely extremely strict. We know they stoned adulterers and taboo breakers to death, for example." https://nitter.unixfox.eu/GraniRau/status/1574943488344739840

They went way overboard with their religion there, exactly the way Christian Europe went and continues to go overboard with Christianity. The problem is the genes, not the ideology. 

If the problem is the genes, you would expect the same thing to happen with philosophy, because yes indeed philosophy is a religion.

"Epicurus said that the gods do not get angry nor do they pay attention to us. That the heavens are not eternal(addressing fears of astrology)" Ah. Yup. Close enough for a tweet, anyway.
"and that there is no worry about impurity or punishment in Hades" Uhhh wut? 

"Questioning everything and attacking custom and religion was considered a threat to society. If enough people won't keep their oaths and considers religion only a social convention then society would go into chaos."
Philosophers shouldn't claim that folk needn't keep their oaths, but lo and behold, they do. 

Or: Diogenes. Yes, houses are suspect, no that doesn't mean everyone should live in a bucket. You can get away with not using cups, that doesn't mean you should...

"Philosophy eventually did reach a state where total skepticism was the dominant stance." Yes, I do indeed despise the Akademeia and hold it in contempt. 

Question, yes. Very philosophy, much logic. You're supposed to answer the question in the end, though. You question the dogma because the dogma might be (is) wrong, not because dogma per se is wrong. 

In pursuit of logic, the European philosopher becomes illogical. Impurity spiral. Unholiness spiral. 


P.S. If dogma per se is wrong, why bother questioning it? Your dogma of questioning is itself wrong, dumbasses.
If oaths aren't absolute and custom is merely a tool among others, the philosopher, question thyself. If there's nothing you needs must do, then nobody can say you "shouldn't" take your oaths seriously. If there's nothing you ought not do, then you can't say ought not to respect oughts, Hume.

Monday, February 13, 2023

Whitepills are for the Weak

If the blackpill makes you too enervated to get up in the morning, you can't handle the truth.

If you're too weak to handle the truth, you weren't going to win anyway. A whitepill does not a warrior make. A whitepill makes a voter. 

Dying things are dying. If this is a problem for you, then I guess you're part of the moribund thing. No amount of happy pills will making dying into not-dying.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Ruling Principle: Petty Self-absorption

What you need to understand recent world history is the fact it's driven by very smart, very talented individual actors competing with each other over tiny spoils for social-status reasons. Hierarchy is real and the high ground is seized by individuals. 

Due to the black government structure, nobody can stop individual bad actors from taking what they want - aside from the competition from other bad actors. Result: tragedy of the commons. Black government results in balkanization, shattering the hill into a Byzantine labyrinth.

E.g. Q: Why is nuclear power a form of heresy? 

Is it 'ideology'? Dopamine cycles, addiction? NPCs? Status signalling getting out of hand? The inevitable degeneracy of Democratic Man? (((Nanotechnology))?

A: Greenpeace is funded by Saudi Arabia, and nuclear-fired plants compete with oil-fired plants. That's it. Petty, venal, but, ultimately, it worked as intended.
The world irresponsibly allowed others to make its energy decisions on its behalf, therefore the Sauds seized the decision-making gatekeeper. Very intelligent.
Very self-absorbed. Very short-sighted.

Q: Why is fracking considered heresy?
A: Saudi Arabia...

Q: Why is coal mining so gauche in America?
A: Saudi Arabia... (That and class warfare, by which I mean sadistic spitefare.)

Just follow the money and you can safely assume whoever's pocket is being lined did it on purpose.

They don't need the money. They already own a whole country. They're bored and pick fights to palliate ennui. They involve money merely to keep score. Their opponents could secure themselves and get on with millennium projects (pyramids, cathedrals) but they're just as bored and thus welcome the conflict. Deliberately show weakness to try to seize the defender's advantage.

But, due the black government structure, in fact, no, they can't secure themselves. The walls and towers would be seized by bad (worse) actors because they plain want it more, and turned against their builders in one way or another. Long-term thinking in this environment is unmitigated stupidity. Which is why these very smart, very talented protagonists don't even attempt it. 

Problem: pointless conflict is pointless. It's an addictive drug. Even if you win, it only reinforces the ennui. If you lose, it's like paying for a hit but your dealer doesn't even put out...

They're smart and talented, but only on the tiny human scale. At best they can see into the midterm, even under a defect-negative structure. "Having a black government in the first place is bad actually," is far too complex and deep. Well beyond their talents and gifts.


Don't try to "fix" black government. Its oppressed masses deserve it. Interrupting Gnon's justice is unholy, dishonourable, and irresponsible. Instead, secure yourself against it, which is what Gnon recognizes as a humble prayer for mercy. 

P.S. I think there's an esoteric correlation. Hard radiation is cleansing and thus probably sacred. Most folks are radiation-deficient to the point where all-cause mortality is almost doubled. Hence, as profane Satanists, they have an instinctive revulsion for clean, safe nuclear power. This venal, petty lobby won over the others because they plain wanted it more. The nuclear lobby can't muster the energy because they hate having the divine on their side. Would rather quit, and did. Working as intended.

See also: the sanctifying power of the sun bomb. Even having the holy hand-sanitizing grenade around gives them hives.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

trust your feelings luke

But not fear. Fear isn't a feeling.

Or anger. No way anger is a feeling. 

Hate isn't a feeling either. We're good Christian Jedi, we would never hate anyone. This ain't no heathen paganism.

Remember Luke, I'm smarter than evolution. Listen to me, not silly millions-of-years-lindy systems. 

Listen to your feelings. Unless I tell you not to. Remember to always listen to your feelings when someone tells you to. 

Really, let's just skip the middleman. Luke! Do whatever I tell you to, and nothing I don't tell you to! The Jedi creed is: Obey! Bow! Grovel!

Dominance and slavery just is righteousness!

P.S. You're allowed to cut anyone to ribbons, unless they're an Evil Emperor, then violence isn't the answer. I'm sure this will work out great for you! Incentives!

We're totally different from the dark side because hey look a squirrel

It's not called the Sith mind trick.
The "light" side is the dark side but with a scam on top. And better propagandists. 
This is why I unironically call myself Sith.

Friday, February 10, 2023

P-hacking for Dummies

The way they explain p-hacking is intentionally obfuscated because p-hacking is egalitarian. (IOW evil, and they're evil-positive.) 

P-hacking is like running 1000 wind sprints, then selecting your top 10 times, dividing it by 10, and calling it your "average." 

Speedrunning videogames is dumb for so many reasons you can figure it out for yourself. I would like to suggest a less-dumb version, called retry%.  You run 10 times, then divide your total time by the number of successful runs. E.g. imagine ten runs of roughly ten minutes, or rather nine successful runs of around ten minutes plus one failed run of three minutes. 93/9 = 10.3 minutes. Retry% rewards players who don't take stupid risks.

Normally the "world record" is held by whoever is the most tedium-resistant and they grind runs for six months to get one "record." In other words the actual holder of the record is the game's RNG, not the player. It rewards players who make the most stupid risks - or rather, offers the illusion of reward, as it's not like there are cash bounties for VG time records. In retry%, it's valid to simply demand a new ten runs from the record-holder, to show the time wasn't a fluke. Replication, bro.

Retry% illustrates p-hacking in more detail. You run the game 1000 times, then select the best series of ten runs, using arbitrary start and stop points. Effectively letting you RNG up a clean ten runs. If instead you have to pre-register, and the runs are explicitly numbered 1-10, it's sufficiently difficult to swap in a fake successful run for a failed run. 

If you collect a data set and notice something weird that you didn't think to look for, you have to adjust the p-value of the weird thing you noticed by the number of weird things you might have noticed. Usually it's easier to simply gather a new data set with the new guess pre-registered, rather than trying to carefully weight and measure all the things that didn't happen but could have. What does "could have" even mean? 

Reminder that if p < 0.05, but there were 20 weird things that you could have noticed, actually p = 1. 

Reminder that at p < 0.05, one in every 20 studies would be worthless, even if "peer review" wasn't fraudulent. "The world's total number of scientific journal articles was estimated at 2.52 million in 2018." In other words a bare minimum 126,000 papers are flat wrong every year - more than enough to find "scientific" support for whatever nonsense you happen to want to ram into law. 

Fun fact: more realistic estimates put the number of flat wrong papers over 60%. Because duh, why are you even producing over 100,000 papers a year, let alone millions? How many genuine discoveries are there a year, a dozen? Two dozen? The total meaningful yearly scientific output fits in a pamphlet. Unless you're okay with hundreds and hundreds of copies of, "Yeah, what he said!" you have no choice but produce truckloads of manure - worse than manure, really, since it can't be used as plant food.

P.S. Imagine school tests were actually supposed to be a valid measure of the % of the course's material you learned. kek

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Cranberries are a Meme

If you want a small berry that hasn't had its flavour ruined by overbreeding, try the elderberry. 

Cranberries clearly named after bitter cranks. Maybe someone forgot a stroke on dried-up-old-Granberry? Either way the name is perfect.

Much the way the undisputed winner of tallow vs. lard vs. margarine is duck fat, the best pie is elderberry pie, and it's not even close. 

Much the same way your cruddy lunch hour half-assed tweet is the one that goes viral, much the same way truly beautiful women never get photographed for the internet, if a food tastes too good it dramatically harms the fame and popularity.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Turkey Sandcastles Falling Slower than WTC

Just thought I'd point that out. 

Reminder that a properly built building can roll a full 360 degrees given the proper impulse. 

P.S. Everyone thank Al-Ghazali for permanently removing every Muslim's ability to think.

Game Designs from an Alternate World: Mastery Crafting

I think Beyond the Depths wants to be a enriched version of CR-8's circuits from Backpack Hero.

Imagine the energy charges were elementally themed like Opus Magnum process elements, and could combine or react with other things while being shot around in CR-8's circuitry. 

See also: what Minecraft's crafting system wanted to be. 

Moreover, this could be built up incrementally. Starting with CR-8, you could add two kinds of charge, which then produces two kinds of output. Then a third, which is made by combining the first two during processing. Add in reactions from the elbow bends and stuff, e.g. a toggle that only toggles on one kind. 

Add in, adjust and balance as needed, repeat until you have a genuine model engineering game. Like in real life, at some point it's so complicated that it's unreasonable to find the optimal solution. NP-complete, ideally. You can practice real research in this model environment. (Or just buy designs off the Robocraft blueprint store, if that's what you prefer.) The point of doing it incrementally is to ensure that it's an engaging game at all levels of complexity. 

Now imagine the Depths missile warheads were based on the circuitry you loaded into them. Do Opus Magnum processing to determine the kind and the CR-8 mechanics to determine magnitudes and power and so on. 

Now imagine, as per Minecraft, whether it was a warhead at all depends on the circuitry. Rather than having fixed pre-defined recipes, the function of the object would be defined more by what it's good at, rather than being a binary that's capable or incapable. At the lower level there would be a pickaxe recipe, but there would be no need to restrict it to use in pickaxes. It would instead be an interactive element of the crafting system.

The game industry doesn't even want to create difficult games, let alone engage in difficult real-life tasks. They are weak. 

Maybe one day they'll realize games are supposed to be interactive, as opposed to cosmetic theme parks with a few to-do-list chores stapled on. 

P.S. Lytebringr plagiarized all the best processes, but he plagiarized the best, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There aren't alternative sources for the videos, and even if there were, his channel is conveniently centralized.

Monday, February 6, 2023

RNA Half-Life Usually Two Minutes

RNA is an unstable and highly reactive molecule, and the human body is full of highly active molecular species.


This is likely the reason mRNA treatments have to be refrigerated at near absolute zero. Unless the protective capsule is the miraculous carbo-engineering that is a natural virus envelope, the RNA is going to decompose on its own, never mind the environmental insults.
RNA is useful for short-range broadcast since it self-disassembles. You don't have to worry about capturing it and salvaging it; the stuff breaks itself down.

I'm pretty sure all RNA found outside a cell will be instantly attacked by any immune cell that can detect it as RNA. Won't even check if it's your first. Just deleted. 

Some biologists did speculate that ""vaccinated"" test subjects would shed the spike protein and, sooner or later, functionally vaccinate those around them, but it seems they gave up the idea.

Yes, you are exposed to foreign RNA all the time. No, it does not survive anywhere near long enough to matter, and indeed in almost all cases (like 999999999 / 1000000000 or more) it will have already fragmented by the time it gets close to a replicating cell. 

"It will last an hour at most. Without a protective capsule anyway. But that could be enough time. And what about close contact? I had regular contact pretty much as soon as the vaccines came out."

Difficulty of Description

Have an idea I want to express.

Problem: English words aren't nearly powerful enough. To conjure up enough words to describe the thing, I have to discard some of the thing. My memory isn't big enough to contain both the idea and its description. 

I suspect this happens a lot more to folk with more poverty of cognitive resources. Instead of a few ideas here and there that I almost can't explain, it's lots of pretty normal ideas, actually. It's not that they don't get it or can't do it, but they can't do it and also talk about it. The proverbial walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. 

The solution is to have more powerful words, but, naturally, more powerful words are themselves cognitively expensive and frequently get dropped instead of being passed on, which is why they don't still exist. 

The power of your language is a major limiter on the upper reaches of your culture and technology. The culture is defined by its richest idea, which is the richest idea that can be described in words by high-memory individuals. Highest technology requires blueprints, which must be made of elemental modules that are no more complicated than one smart engineer can teach another smart engineer. 

Which is to say, once again, that Democracy is a bad idea. Anti-elitism makes you weak and sick. After it's been been built, even peasants can use high technology, but they can't use it if they've been corrupting the language and it can no longer be built.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Conservative Passive Voice

If "society" is taking advice and making decisions, you're already deeply Fascist. 

"It's pure rationalization - "I can think up 40 reasons why this is a bad test" but only because the results came out wrong and the invisible transition from "this *could* be the reason why" to "they had a good reason" with no proof. 

Society just can't listen to progressives."

The right wing is responsibility. If a particular individual is taking the advice and also paying for it, if it's bad advice they will go bankrupt, lose the ability to make decisions, and the problem solves itself. What advice they take is none of your business and you don't have to worry about it. The less they read your tweets, the better.

Imaginary Website: Intelligence Concentrator

Pursuant to disregarding hypocrisy, imagine an opposite-day FBI/JIDF which looked as hard for smart things to signal-boost instead of for heresy or wrongthink or whatever the newspeak word is today. 

In general, imagine rent-seekers used their rents to buy cool shit instead of using it to fund vandals.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Americans Don't Like Imperial Either

Why didn't the "metric" system just use gigafeet or whatever? Millimiles? Centipounds? Kilogallons?

"Why are Americans so terrified of the metric system?"

Answer: politics. Which is religion. The metric system is not a scientific institution, it's a religious polemic. It's not done to be Efficient, nor Rational. It's a shibboleth. 

"Imperial distances are like imperial temperature measurements - human-centric. 

Units that are made up of 12 of a smaller unit are easier to divide into thirds or quarters. 

What's a third of a meter?"

Humanism, as always, is misanthropic.


Americans don't like imperial either, it's all who/whom.
Felix Rex can't mind his own business. He wants to make Americans use metric, to show he can. Americans want to make Felix Rex use imperial, to show they can.
Everyone just trying desperately to look cool. 

"Your measurements are too parochial! That's why you all have to speak French instead."
Basically the jealousy, due to GMT being in, you know, Greenwich, was literally killing the French. There would be no France today without the metric system. They would have all Canadian Healthcared themselves. Nothing but a desert from Spain to Germany.

Christianity is Misanthropic

I was thinking about 'evil' cults and noticed Christianity condemns humanity not for betraying itself, but for being itself. 

Christianity has a sufficiently solid grasp of what a human is, and it immediately condemns that human for its humanity. It says being human isn't good enough. Christianity is a religion for those who hate mortals and mortals who hate themselves.

As before, Humanism is Antihumanism. More generally, Satanism, lie worship, is anti-being-ism. Satan "rebelled" against Reality and wanted to overthrow Reality to replace it with, presumably, non-Reality. 

Morality: humans have "good" traits and "dark" traits.
Engineering: sometimes mass and friction is bad, sometimes it's good. It's an engineering constraint.
Accounting: either a man is worth interacting with, or he isn't. 

Fundamentally, Christianity says man is not good enough, unless you obey the Christian preacher. As per the abusive relationship stereotype. It's emotional blackmail. However, in practice - in engineering - you find you can't obey the Christian preacher. This is of course by design, again as per the abusive stereotype. This in turn means that even with Christianity, you're not good enough. Which reveals that that [unless] was fake all along. Christ believes you are irredeemable. (They even admit this around the back at times.) 

By the way, [redeem] means to buy back. What kind of person can be bought and sold? A slave. Christianity is one step from being explicitly a slave religion. Nietzsche was right.
Which makes sense. Egalitarianism. If one person is a slave, that must mean everyone ever is a slave.

Worse. According to Yeshua, you need to be bought back. Who were you sold to? You get one guess - it was Satan, of course. 

"I'm going to make everyone a slave. Free will, yo. Then I'm going to sell them all to evil incarnate (who I made myself). That's just what being the Form of the Good means."  

It's true in a sense. Christianity is a religion for folk who have been sold to Satan. As the Book claims. 2000 years and nobody noticed that even if it's not a "fairy tale" the person who wrote it must simply be lying? Pathetic. The word of "THE LORD" rebels against logic itself. The Logos opposes the Bible.

The "LORD" of the Bible says to feed and clothe criminals, never to defend yourself, to always obey your preacher and never think for yourself, and always submit to Caesar even if the Caesar is unholy as compared to the ridiculously weaksauce standards demanded by the Book.
I wonder what the real identity of this character is. It's a real mystery. Nobody could ever figure out this puzzle.

Everyone Sure Trolls are Liars and the FBI Isn't

And boy howdy that gives me a case of the giggles.

Nearly every person who has ever used the word 'troll' is 100% sure the troll is doing it on purpose. Likewise, you have to search really really hard to find someone who uses [journalist] properly as a dehumanizing slur. They're just misguided. They're afflicted by hubris or groupthink or something.

But no you can definitely recognize a troll as a troll on sight. One tweet or less!

Of course in reality most "trolls" are just stupid people being socially inept, as one does. 

Obviously the internet needs a citizenship test, and it needs a whole section on Eternal September. No 50% passes here - or god forbid, 30% - 90% or fail. 

On the other than, blocking stupid people for being stupid is indeed wise. If you have to call them 'trolls' because Egalitarianism, I guess that's what you do. Most likely it's a social status thing. Nobody dares block a journalist for being a journalist, because they might not be lower status.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Not the World's Fault Your Predictions are Wrong

Surely there must be a valid moment for anger, but I've yet to find it. It's rare. Anger is the state of the world not happening as you expect, which is your fault, not external reality's fault. You predicted something that did not occur; the anger is narcissism, not health. 

Alone isn't wrong at the lower level. This is indeed a harmful way to behave at a funeral and the hyenas got that way via serious delusion or personality disorder.

Isn't this is exactly why the modern funeral shouldn't be enacted? The attendees have no idea how to behave. Why would they? They don't have parents. They don't have a community. They have a religion but it's a vampire religion. Never mind being understandable, it's predictable.
The bereaved cannot mourn at a funeral. They have to coddle the hyenas. They have to make the hyenas feel like they're helping. The hyenas aren't there for you, they're there for themselves. They're there because they would be deeply offended if you didn't invite them, not because you want their company. 

It's an additional burden. Skip it. Have a makeshift funeral at home. Don't tell anyone you did it. Ideally, wait a few months to even tell them who died. If they can't figure it out without being told, it's kind of none of their business.

Does getting mad at the hyenas accomplish anything? It does not. The next funeral will also be degenerate. All getting mad does is make it harder to recognize the signs of a possible hyena-free funeral. Only makes it harder to secure your shit.

Is it not immediately obvious there's a great reason the Dad, how do I? youtube channel is a phenomenon?

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Love Speech vs. Life Sentences

life sentence : death sentence
love speech : hate speech

In particular, it's a lie. You don't and shouldn't love strangers.

Who thinks lying is a virtue signal? Satanists. 

Even if it were true it would be bad. Every moment you spend on kindness and compassion for strangers is a moment you're ignoring your actual kith and kin. Altruism is irresponsible and Satanic. 

This isn't some minor oopsie. It's self-mutilation. "I want my bones crushed in the mangle." Gnon: "Okay."