Wednesday, January 31, 2024

What Am I Reading? Well, I'm Not Reading This

 Would you like to read a CIA agent write a paid advertisement in homage to all his corporate overlords?

 I thought the transparently bastardized ("WcDonalds") or pointlessly censored ("Pep*i") versions of brand names were jarring and pathetic, but it turns out I lacked perspective. Having them all lavishly written out ("EpiPen") is worse. Mea culpa. Please forgive me, [weird pointless censors]-sensei.

 Though don't lose sight of the fact his dude-with-tits protagonist is way more cringe than big business dickriding. I especially like how sexist it is. "A woman can be a strong protagonist, provided she literally has a prostate gland."
 But don't make her too manly. Make sure she stops at around 13-year-old boy manliness. The worst kind of chuuni, Occident ver. "Scars are cool! Not getting hit? Wearing armour? Who would do that? What, you chicken? You want to win fights instead of lose them? Bawk bawk bawk."

 The comments ate this shit up, which is how you know RR has been fully Eternal September'd.
 As should be expected of any place that forces their writers to use trigger warnings. (Yes. Unironically.)

  The reviews look extremely paid! I assume he got all his office mates in Langley to sign up and post them. Most of them couldn't even be arsed to pick avatars. A lot of these zero-effort accounts have one review.

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 But this one has an avatar! 🙃 It's a dog, a female dog...
 I wonder if she/he/it went home on the weekend, and that's why activity stopped on Friday...

 It was pretty easy to spot. It reads like a linkedin page even at a glance. There's one organic review, and it's awkward as hell, so you can see why they pay professionals. Being associated with that downmarket reviewer isn't worth the good review, especially if he's the only one at the party.

 Maybe I will read a little. Train wrecks, you know. I have to find out how the marketing-department ball-slobbering is handled after what I'll loosely call the ""protagonist"" is isekai'd. 


 I don't care enough to find out what a "Contributing Editor" is, but I expect having two whole committees of them is not something that happens without backroom payments. Nobody who supports themselves through the writing can afford this. 

 Despite the overabundance of editors, they still can't spell "chafed" correctly. Too used to thinking about defensive chaff, I suppose. Can't spell "peeked" either though. "They galloped at a fast speed." Oh good, this was a fast 25mph, not a slow 25mph. Also not one of those slow 5mph gallops. Someone read too many bad translations. "sent him hurdling to the ground"

 "In fact, she wasn’t even a decent person." "Sara didn’t think of herself as a bad person or that what she was doing was wrong." Whoops, saw behind the curtain.
 Now you know how CIA agents justify their actions to themselves. They don't. They refuse to acknowledge justification is even a thing. Can be as indecent as you want without being bad.Technique: keep brooding until you forget what you were originally brooding about, call it good.
 "Or, perhaps, that made her a decent person, and all along, she was meant to rule some kingdom and save people." Oh my god. Did you notice? Decent = entitled to world empire. You can't let these shitbags run a shoe locker.
 Don't forget the part where the boy named Sara lies about everything to everyone all the time. Pure Satanist. Come to think, I suppose that's why "Sara" is alleged to be a girl. "Nobody could possibly be stupid enough to believe this protagonist is female."

 "yes, I will be sharing my resources"
 Ah, yes, very normal-person speak, and not at all midwit corporate bureaucratese. Such dialogue. Many prose.
 Don't you realize gamers use [resource], singular? Why sound stilted and obsequious when you can sound stilted, obsequious, and illiterate?
 "I have as long as the mission requires" At least he's taking the advice to write what you know, I guess...

 Ah, I see. "As if to rip off a Band-Aid" literally every excuse exploited. "It tasted pretty good. Kinda like V8 if it was thinner." "It tasted like chewing on Tylenol" If that can't scratch the itch, he starts on historical black legends and stock market propaganda. Very normal medieval stock markets run by the king. With specific investment details, so you can do the accounting yourself. Yes, I go to distant magical foreign lands so I can hear about specific anti-DNC factions in Chicago.

 My conclusion is that this story is written so the author can vicariously live through all the spy shit they thought they were joining the CIA for, instead of the spineless bureaucratic paper-shuffling it actually is.

The American Pedophile Empire

 I realized a while ago that Americans keep voting for pedophiles. If the officials weren't pedophiles, someone like Epstien would be unable to blackmail them by offering a prepubescent to them. 

 Every American in good standing is a baby rapist. 

 Every teacher's union is a pedophile union. Every teacher's union officer has knowingly defended an attempted child rapist from prosecution. 

 Every teacher knows who the pedophile in the school is. Every teacher who doesn't publicly denounce their pedophile is complicit in pedophilia. 

 Every parent who sends their kid to school is complicit in pedophilia. Every parent who praises teachers or defends the teacher's union is aiding and abetting pedophilia. 


 The parents know this.

 They see what sending their kids to school does to those children. What it does to their health and their character. I know, because they tell me.
 They don't pull their kids out of school. They demand more funding for schools. More funding for pedophiles.

 Every American is a pedophile at heart.
That's why they keep voting for pedophiles.


 Defect from Soviet America.

Personnel is Policy: Ukraine

 An important Ukrainian policy is autogenocide. They like to get a generation killed, and they like to do it (it looks like) every 60 years or so. 

 You can still see the holodomor on Ukrainian population pyramids. Big 'ol notch right where Stalin put it. And you can certainly see this war on the pyramid. 

 Note it's also done in service to some distant foreign conqueror. True Slavs, the Ukrainians. 

 The fundamental theorem of history is that history repeats. History replicates.
 Ukrainians get autogenocided because they demand autogenocide. Perhaps that's why the Donbass &c wanted out: having seen them up close, they realized these crazy fuckers be crazy. Hey look, supply has met demand.

 So, bets on 2085? Will Ukrainians be getting themselves killed en masse on behalf of the Chinese, or the Iranians?

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Almost All Liberals are Inferior

 It would be one thing if they were successful Machiavellian operators, cynically hoarding good neighbourhoods for themselves. 

 It would be one thing if they told you that you have to live around dirty strangers and criminals, while they lived in clean, safe, homogenous neighbourhoods.

 The major issue is that they're not. Almost all of them suck. If they don't have any problems imposed from outside, they busily start causing problems for each other. 

 Yes, they are trying to hoard all the wealth for themselves. They can't manage it. Predictably, they keep getting scammed.

 Think about it. Yes, you can live in an all-European neighbourhood in America, as long as you're moderately wealthy and are willing to live in deep blue. 

 You know what deep blues are like. Is it worth it? Having those neighbours? 


 I don't hold with 'mask off' moments. These ones are far too terrified to ever take the mask off. They would be far more tolerable if it really were open hypocrisy. Ultimately the blues turn on each other, and the lesser blues get the red-state treatment. You, the cynical termite, have to keep a weather ear out constantly, just in case they start eating each other - and probably need to keep a cool million in the bank to trade up out of the danger zone. 

 If they don't have any problems imposed from outside, they busily start causing problems for each other.
 Of course, red-staters would do the same thing. They merely never escape the external/blue problems. 

 There do appear to be genuine aristocrats in Europe, though of course they have to put so much effort into hiding that you'll never find individual samples. Around 1/1000, as I predicted. In America there are only psycho lords. You can live with them, and it would be safe, if they weren't, you know, psychopaths. Want all your neighbours to be literal serial killers like FDR?

Texas Follows Ukraine

 Texas is deploying the guard because NATO lost in Ukraine.

 I find this extremely stupid. Texas could have deployed the guard before Ukraine, but was too much of a pussy. Craven. Naturally Yemen (probably funded by Iran) getting uppity is due to the same thing. "He tripped! Get him!"

 Nevertheless, it is what it is. It is true the Empire can never show weakness, as the craven will immediately jump on it when they do. There is never a shortage of cowards, so...
 Even if there could be, Empire is a pro-coward dysgenics project. Given that, it was rational for the Empire to fight so hard to keep Ukraine. Naturally, Oklahoma and Arkansas and Virginia and so on wouldn't have stood with Texas without Ukraine, because they're all likewise craven. Texas had to wait for the bat signal, so to speak.

 Of course it wasn't rational to provoke Russia.
 It was especially irrational to refuse to deploy the regular army, given they were provoking Russia.

 Nor was it rational to form an Empire in the first place. Having an Empire makes your Empire ever less secure. 


 Note that just as there was essentially no chance of WWIII, you can know solely by the fact all the peasants are screeching about a civil war, there is essentially no chance of a civil war. For now, the swamp is far more craven than stupid, and they would have to make some incredibly stupid moves to get a civil war. Maybe in a few decades they would have been more stupid than dastardly. If Texas seceded today, DC would just let it go. Not because it wants to, exactly, but because it would trip over its own feet from panic. Remember they couldn't even meaningfully quarantine individuals during what was thought to be a pandemic - the "lockdowns" wouldn't have done anything if the citizens hadn't already been autoquarantining. They certainly can't lock Texas inside if Texas doesn't want to stay. 

 Seems to me someone provoked the Biden Kingdom (Biden is not and has never been the king) into decapitating themselves with Ukraine but forgot about the anti-Empire blowback. Not that they care, really. If the US gets into real trouble they'll retire to Beijing.
 Though never forget the world is just: they may be able to retire to Beijing, but it will never stop being the case that only pedophiles will respond to their birthday party invitations. They want to destroy your family because they don't and can't have one of their own. 

 I expect the Biden mafia don was tricked into thinking Ukraine vs. Russia would go the way Gaza vs. Israel is going. There's no way Israel should lose to Gaza, but their society is so brittle that the shock has resulted in fracturing and splintering. Sadly for the Biden mafia, turns out Russia is basically a functioning country, at least as far as such things go. "War sucks," Russians say, "Well, anyway..."

 Given this result, I think if Canada or Mexico attacked America today, America would lose. Yes, they would do horrific damage to the aggressor just as Israel has killed infinity Gazans. Wouldn't remotely be worth it. However, America can no longer handle the stresses of war - not even a war it's technically winning. It would break before it knew what hit it.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Is Martha's Vinyard a Good Neighbourhood?

 Sure it's better than NYC or LA, but [better than Detroit] doesn't mean good. This isn't a high bar. 

 What is it like living in Martha's Vinyard?

 Most likely, it's an enormous pain in the ass. Your neighbours are all massive cunts who won't leave you alone. Wall-to-wall Stepford smiles. Everyone in a ten-mile radius, instead of asking what you do for work, will ask you about your "favourite" "cause" and then ""suggest"" you donate to the NGO their daughter works for. Doubtless there are "welcoming" community events which are interminable speeches denouncing farmers and oilworkers. Here "welcoming" means [mandatory]. Or they'll find your investments and short-sell them. Good luck paying your taxes, lol.

 On top of this, naturally getting rich enough to afford a place there attracts the attention of the government. Regular meetings with regulators lest they feel snubbed. Lots of jizyas to pay.  

 Yes, you can manage it. The hassle can be minimized. They're all desperately vulnerable to manipulation, although you'll have to manipulate them repeatedly to maintain it. The way I had to perform mind-control maintenance on my teachers at school. 

 Of course there's also the assassination problem. Awfully high "accident" rate on that island. How peculiar. You probably won't be targeted, but is [probably] good enough for you? What if an assassin gets bored during a slow quarter? 

 Better than Detroit doesn't mean good.  This is not a place to be envious of. The problem with Martha's Vinyard is that it's full of Marthas.

How to Be Immune to Manipulation for Upwards of 99% of the Population

  1. Find someone in the 1% and hire them to do your thinking for you.
  2. Never believe anything without your hireling's explicit permission.

 Saved you a read.  

 How to be immune to manipulation, the other 1%: Revenge is Sour, you already are, you don't need my advice.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Omnipotence is Annihility

 I want to properly prove that perfection is devilish for you, real quick.

 Imagine an apple, so you can imagine the perfect apple. It feeds you perfectly, it has the perfect shelf life, it is perfectly decorative.

 We already get a few inklings that perfection is impossible. No matter how good the perfect apple tastes, you will get bored of it eventually, because it's always the same. No matter how good it looks, it's only aesthetic. It is not, say, a lifeboat. If you're not hungry it's perfectly useless. 

 An apple is not meat. We have to imagine the perfect apple is meat, so you can live off it alone. We have to imagine it changes taste, perfectly matching what you desire both aesthetically and nutritionally. It must also be a lifeboat - what else is it? 

 To be perfect, the apple has to be omnipotent. 

 Doesn't that solve the problem? Seems okay. Everything non-omnipotent can't be perfect, but omnipotence is perfect power by definition. 

 Omnipotence is in fact impotence. If you can do anything, you can't do anything. It's inherently self-contradictory. Perfection opposes the law of identity. Perfection can't be identical to itself. (Which is why the "perfect" apple is meat and a lifeboat and other specifically non-apple things.) 

 If an omnipotence needed anything, it already did it. Or, rather, to be omnipotence in the first place, it can't want for anything. It can do anything it wants, but wants nothing - omnipotence is the power to do nothing. I also can't do anything because doing a thing is a change. If it had to change, it wasn't perfect to start with, it wasn't omnipotence. Self-contradiction. 

 Rather than a perfect apple, wouldn't it be more perfect to never get hungry in the first place? The fact that 'apple' is a meaningful event to you at all is an imperfection. Same for meat. And lifeboats. Und so weiter, until it is perfect not to exist. 

 Let's run through that again. (Partially to check for errors; radio protocol.)

 Limited perfection is not perfection.
 Perfection must be unlimited.
 Perfection is omnipotence.
 Omnipotence can't do anything without contradicting its own perfection.
 Omnipotence is identical to impotence.
 Omnipotence is self-contradiction.
 Omnipotence is nonexistence (and nonexistence is omnipotence).
Perfection is nonexistence (and nonexistence is perfect).

 Theodicy solved.
 The best of all possible worlds is an imperfect world, because it must be imperfect to be a world at all in the first place.

 P.S. An unquenchable thirst for perfection isn't not a symptom of narcissism. To desire real perfection at all isn't divine, it's immaturity, insanity, and downright evil. Inherently opposed to Reality and Existence.

"Do you have the courage to hate the poor?"

 Hating the poor is extremely unnecessary. The poor have that covered. Very very difficult to do anything worse to a pauper than what they're already doing to themselves.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

I don't believe in hypnosis because hypnotists say stuff like this

 I say 'try' all the time and then succeed.

 Seems to me that hypnotists are trying to hypnotize you into thinking that hypnosis works

When someone says, "I'll try," what they mean is, "I'm going to put in enough effort to make it look good, but then I'm going to quit before I succeed because I didn't really want to do it anyway.". Never accept "I'll try" when you can get "I will do it now."

 This one looks especially Satanic to me, because it discourages you from saying, "Okay, I'll try it at least." 

 Stuff like Darkest Dungeon is useful because you can go on the DD forum and say, "Have you tried it?" (Having tried it yourself.) The answer is never yes. Then you can go out in the real world, where 'trying it' is fuzzier, and notice all the whiners are the same as on the DD forum, none of them have tried it. The ones who claim to have tried it are lying. 

 E.g. when someone tells you that being homeless is a trap, ask them if they've tried it. If not, point them to me: I've tried it. The only thing that's really bad about being homeless is all the waiting in line, which is primarily done to be intentionally humiliating. Egalitarians feel strongly that they need to shame the homeless, but can't just come out and say they need to be ashamed, so there's all these stupid games. Indeed it's clear that, from the Egalitarian's perspective, the point of running soup kitchens &c is precisely to humiliate anyone who has to use one.

 And then we have all these problems where the homeless get so stressed they flip out inside soup kitchens and get banned. Such a mysterious dynamic. Who could have seen this coming. Same way the welfare bureaucracy is too complicated for [anyone who needs welfare] to navigate.


 It is true that many have lied to Noah using the words, "I'll try." Here's the thing about liars: they can change how they word their lies. E.g. [snowflake]. If any of them read this tweet, all that will happen is that they'll say, "I will do it now," and then put in only enough effort to make it look like they did it.  

 What you should do in response to liar is not to try to police what words mean. What you should do is a) not believe them b) tell them you don't believe them.
 Though also, as a coach, nobody should feel the need to lie to you in the first place.


 If you're in the position of coach and someone says "I'll try" like this to you, that means you fucked up. Dear reader, do you remember a time when you said something like this? I do. It was because I felt pressured to do something I saw no good reason to do, and the easy way out wasn't to explain why it was pointless, because they weren't listening.

 Noah gets this because he stops listening to his clients. Noah gets this because he's failed to persuade them to do whatever it is. He's also clearly lacking or lost their trust. They are lying to him because, probably rightly, they believe he won't accept their point of view. "I'm the coach here." All of these things are more important than whatever specific thing they're trying or not trying to do.

 If we had a recording, we could rewind the tape, to find out where the client started resisting. At this point, Noah should have asked why they were resisting. Then, if he can't persuade them not to resist, if he can't make it seem like doing the thing is their own idea, not his idea, accept their judgment. If you have nothing better than "coach says so" as motivation, then that's on you, not them.

 I would probably do it the easy way. "Why don't you want to try it?" What does just trying it cost? We can then discuss the cost. Ideally I find a way of trying it that's cheap. 

 Lets use spiders as our stupid example. I want someone to try not having arachnophobia. They think it's fine to be scared of spiders forever. I would suggest having someone else trap a spider in a sealed glass container, so the arachnophobe can approach the spider. It's clearly harmless. The cost is low; setting aside their discomfort, it's actually zero. They can just try it. "How far did you get and why did you stop?"
 If they still don't want to do it, it's not about the spiders. Ultimately it's their life and their decision; I don't have to live with it if I don't want to. Only they do. 

 P.S. "Even God's forgiveness will not let you escape the natural consequences of your actions. Pay your debts, or suffer the consequences."

 Christians believe forgiveness is nothing. If you break it and say you're sorry, you bought it. Gotta pay for it. If you break it and don't say you're sorry, you bought it. Gotta pay for it.
 Actually Noah's a heretic here. Christian consensus is that forgiveness means society has to pay for it instead of you.

Winter Already Came, and is Coming Harder

 Reminder: this is an "interglacial" period. A unseasonably warm chinook in the middle of winter, as a result of the Younger Dryas comet melting through the American/Atlantean ice sheet like cotton candy. Less white, more black => albedo down => temps up. It's still not warm warm like global summer, it's lukewarm. It will be over soon, as the planet returns to winter proper. 

 Fimbulwinter is not a myth. It already happened. It's already happening.

 Interglacials usually end at around the 20,000 mark, and have never lasted more than 30,000. The current interglacial is 17,000 years old. 

 Anatomically modern humans are known to be at least 150,000 years old. It's been warm for about 1% of the time. It won't make it to 3%.

 Don't be impressed by a 3000 year old civilization. It's nothing. The next challenge is the 30 million years of regular snow in Australia. 

 Tens of millions.  

 How do you suppose the global order is going to survive Berlin being under two miles of ice?
 One year, summer simply won't arrive. It will, for the next millions of years, never get warm enough for anything to grow. Think these people are going to sit around and wait to freeze to death, to avoid stepping on anyone's toes? If they don't violently flee the bitter cold they'll eventually be crowded southward by a physical tide of solid ice.


 Ice ages are geological blips. Global summer, where the Arctic is 100% ice-free, is the normal state.


 Gaia holds a party. Result: humans dump paint in their own drinks and then throw it in each other's faces. 
 It really, really bothers me that this extremely temporary time of moderate abundance is being wasted. Fighting to signal who is the most virtuous. Seriously? You have a moment of rest and plenty - the first in the entire history of your species - and you're going to use it on soulless squabbles? 

Friday, January 26, 2024

Dr. Berg and Synthetic Vital Amine Collagen

 Berg's position is basically that what you get in vitamin C pills is an ascorbic acid prion which converts other ascorbic acid molecules into poisonous anti-C prions. Actively depletes the reservoir. Some kind of C chelating agent maybe.

 This interpretation is in harmony with my experiences, which is that C pills and artificially fortified orange juice gives me nosebleeds, as if the collagen in my nose simply gives up and dies. Always the same nostril in the same place, too.

 On the other hand, it is not clear why prionic ascorbic acid would affect the installed collagen base.
 There's always the [nutition science is a myth] interpretation. Always remember medicine is extremely primitive. Modern medicine is literally not better than banging rocks together, in almost all cases. E.g. consider the horrific nonsense they put in vitamin C pills.

Dishonesty Outside Only Works if You're Dishonest Inside

 He says a lot of words. All of them are true as far as they go.

 The profound problem is that the host is dishonestly not using the term 'liar' for the liar. 

 Liars don't go inside, next to the fire. They go outside the wall. Load her up into the trebuchet and toss her out with the rest of the trash. 

 Also, look for the moron who let someone in without making them prove themselves. Why did you trust a stranger? What's wrong with you? Can you not even rise to the standard of the peasant villager?  

 Science proceeds from replication. The idea that this woman cares about slavery has not replicated. She needs to prove herself - and she won't be able to, since it's not true. She doesn't care about "pain" or whatever. She's just a liar. 

 Do replication => TV, not TV => check for replication. This should be debate 101, not rocket surgery. 

 If you don't let liars sit next to the fire, you don't have to worry about meticulously building up resistance to every nuance of each individual form of lie. 

 "Uproven - disregard." Quick, easy, just do it.

 Although just as Plato suggests Philosophy is the foundation of life, I do suggest paying some anti-liar specialists. Keep 'em on retainer, for lots of reasons. Call 'em the Inquisition, because there's no point to mincing words about it.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Twitter Nonsense 2/25

Why is the girl soyjacking lmao

 Because she's a soyjack. Cue midwit meme.
 Personnel is policy. Boomers were soyjacks, which is why they got jacked by the civil rights stuff.  

You can buy $1 homes in Kansas City, downside is you have to have 25k on the side, be cool with all your tools getting stolen if you leave them overnight and when you're done you live in the jungle and send your kids to a trash school. Other than that...

 Living in a jungle is awesome. If the wildlife tries to bother you, you can just shoot it, and nobody hassles you.

 There are no $1 houses in the jungle. I would buy a $1 jungle house in negative time. I would move in so fast I would turn into a tachyon. This is not a jungle - it's exactly the opposite of a jungle, and that's the problem. This is the apotheosis of "civilization." These lives aren't wildlives, they're pets. If you shoot the pets to stop them bothering you, it turns out the owners get upset and they've outlawed the ownership of guns. Whoops.

 Boomers, among others, just let them outlaw guns. Boomers, among others, never make them take responsibility for their pets. Were they begging to get jacked? They were soyjacks - yes, exactly, they were begging to get jacked.

 "High trust" means "Communist." The peoples of Europe are the Communist races, and are now suffering the Communism they always wanted.

Good Pain vs. Bad Pain Flagellants

You're completely delusional. Society is obsessed with comfort. We are more comfortable than any peoples in history. You are not a revolutionary thinker for finding a roundabout way to rediscover normie flavorcuck sentiments

 The Truth is the enemy of both sides. 

 Good pain, eustress, makes you stronger. Bad pain, distress, makes you weaker. If you run you get the burn. That's good pain. You get stiff the next day. That's good. If you run too far you get the bruise-like throbbing aches and shooting pains. Those are bad.
 Any eustress that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (Aphorism 8,, as written, an idol. Idolatry.)  The only reason to tolerate distress is overwhelming force.

 If you're not trying to sound mysterious and profound, then you would notice any eustress that's killing you will feel like distress because it is. Fully corrected, fully steelmanned, aphorism 8 says that good stress is good for you. Wow big N, did you come up with that on your own? How many tries did it take?

 Like, it's really not hard? The good pain in fact feels good. Cue midwit meme. Some folk clearly avoid the good pain, and that's because they hate themselves? Are so stupid they can't even take a sophisticated view of their own feelings? I think nobody talks about the fact the good pain is good because those who acknowledge the good think it's so obvious it's not worth mentioning. Socratic failure. The result is the two sides can talk past each other forever without noticing anything wrong (aside from the other side sounding like they use a rat brain to think with).

 Modern Despotic/Fascist society is obsessed not with "comfort" or reducing "stress" but with reducing eustress. It's specifically so that they may accept more distress without going postal.

 Yes, anabology is providing wagecuck cope. He's helping them reduce their eustress. Another example here. They take a tasty diet so they can upgrade their commute from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours without having a psychotic break and quitting their job.
 Peacocking. Shitty peacocking. If you can accept infinite distress without dying you must be really rich, right? (If you don't loathe the middle class, there's something wrong with you.) Stress maximizing: switch from a more-boring diet to a less-boring diet, so you can accept a honey-do list that's twice as long without a fight. "I cooked you a nice pie, now dust all the cabinets for me." Bitch you also ate the pie...
 Dusting invisible cabinet-tops is the point of an anabology 'tasty' diet.


 However, you really shouldn't eat food that tastes bad. Bad tastes are the body telling you about distress. 

 Note the distinction between making "tasty food" a moral imperative and [cue midwit meme] not eating bad-tasting food.

 If toothpaste or mouthwash burn your mouth, it's because it's bad for you. You're not proving you're hard, you're damaging your tissues for no reason. Even if you were proving you're hard, you shouldn't. Note how the psychology article would never condemn mouthwash - they're not against pain per se, they're only against inefficient forms of pain that make you less able to accept whipping by the slavemaster. If someone is "traumatized" then we have to forgive them for not picking up a 9-5, or else we would have to drop the "(Nobody could possibly be stupid enough to believe) we're compassionate," bit.

 Virtue-signalling is the opposite of virtue-behaving. Signallers have to talk because their actions don't speak for themselves...not the way they want them to speak, lol.

On Byzantine Courtly Etiquette

 Any predictable behaviour less violent than, "I will kill you if you go near me," is exploitable. If your enemies know about it, they can use it against you. 

 Snake pits like the Byzantine court were considered high status, and consequently the peasants all want to act like treacherous snakes. Typical cargo-cult behaviour, mimicking the incidental signs and signifiers of high status in an attempt to voodoo the substance of high status into existence. 

 (Naturally the fact that status is zero-sum escapes them. If they can voodoo it into being, how much harder can a lord voodoo it into being, thus rendering their efforts moot? It's mainly monkey mimicry.)

 Hence the decay of Stoicism into stoicism, the act of hiding all your emotions, lest they be used against you. All true communication must be suppressed, lest it be weaponized.

 Tolerating the presence of your enemies not only ruins your own mood, it ruins you for your friends. Assuming you can even make friends while practicing small s stoicism. 

 Of course, lies are bad mmkay. If you have an emotion and you're not expressing that emotion, you are practicing deceit. 

 Instead of following the rule implied by the above fact, we instead have a culture where piercing someone's stoic mask is considered a victory. It's a base assumption that everyone is enemies and any emotion (aside from [I'll kill you]) is an emotional vulnerability. 

 Why are you surprised that this leads to a loner culture?

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Should be Called Paulianity

"Christianity" is more a product of Paul than Christ himself

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

The fruit of Christ's little cult is Paul.
Either Christ agreed with Paul, or he was unable to prevent Paul from arising. Higher power, lol.

Apparently 'Paul' is a fellow-whites pseudonym, and he was actually called Saul. For example, Yeshua called him Saul. Couldn't even be honest about his name. Saulianity. Maybe Constantine Saulianity.

The Christian races are prey species. Weakened on purpose that you might hunt them instead of cooperate with them.

Warcraft Classic Rage Generation & Don't Shut Up and Compute & Warrior Miscellany

 They simplified it a lot on modern patches, most likely because this equation is back-assward.

 Hidden condition found here:

 Simple equation version:
Warriors are almost always above the softcap, meaning the hidden condition doesn't matter.

Actual equation:

damage factor, d_f
swing factor, s_f = 2 1/3 * swing timer, alt: 2.333 * s.
damage-beyond-breakpoint factor, d2_f2 = (d_f-s_f) alt: offset damage factor

If d_f is < s_f then rage = (d_f)

If d_f is > s_f, then rage = s_f + (d2_f2)/4

Goes up linearly with damage up to s_f, then linearly/4 with damage when more than s_f.

For offhand weapons, the breakpoint is halved (1.1666 s) along with the weapon damage. For crits, it's all doubled.

This is why you don't shut up and compute. Communicate, both to others and yourself.
Don't aim for the most clever or 'elegant' expression. Use the one tuned for being used. Certainly don't try to be clever and then fail to simplify constants. 3.5/2 lol.

For swing timer 2, linear up to 4.7 rage, then damage/4 from there. For swing timer 3, the breakpoint is 7.

 The last guy in the blizzard thread seems to think d_f @ level 60 goes as 30 damage/rage.
With a 3 speed weapon, you need 210 damage to hit the breakpoint, and then 120 more damage, 330, to get to 8 rage.

 To get from 7 rage to 9, damage has to be more than double (2.14) the breakpoint damage. 9 rage on a 3-speed is not unusual.

 I don't know if WoW rounds rage at random, e.g. 8.42 rage means a 42% chance of awarding 9 rage. It might simply track fractions under the hood, or it could round down and the randomness of first-swing rage is from the fact normal weapon damage range is 1 to 1.5.

 Fun fact: this means a warrior gets even more rage starved every time they go up a level, because the denominator of the damage factor is a function of the warrior's level. If the warrior doesn't train new abilities or equip a new item, they will be weaker and have a harder time, especially before their weapon/defence skills are trained up. Negligibly for one level, but still. They will always generate less rage per hit point of damage done; with a better weapon they'll simply be faster at running through that lower rage total.

 More fun fact: battle shout decreases your rage/fight, as more of your damage is past the breakpoint. Sunder also decreases your rage/fight. Though don't forget they still (negligibly) increase rage/second.

 If you want to see how I got the equation, look at d_f/4 + 1.75 s = d_f, which is the non-stupid expression of the wiki equation at the breakpoint.
4/3 * 1.75 s = d_f.
P.S. Notably I didn't use proper algebra, I ran on pure intuition.

 More pure intuition: you can calculate the damage breakpoint for your level by taking a rage and damage pair. Subtract breakpoint d_f, multiply the remaining rage by four, add d_f back, and divide by d_f. There's your damage multiple of the breakpoint.

 This can be important: will sunder increase my rage per second?
E.g. your breakpoint is at 6 (swing 2.25) and you're generating 8 rage; 233% of breakpoint damage. Increasing damage by ~20%, to 280%, will increase your rage per hit to 8.7. Less than 10% more rage. If WoW rounds rage unkindly it might barely help at all.

 Meaning you can increase your rage with damage (or suffer setbacks on high-armor enemies) but only by a very small amount. 




So anyway, dual wielding and random points about talents. 

Although, as previous, dual wielding is by design 1.4% worse than two-handing, classic fury warrior talents are mostly stronger than arms, easily surpassing the 1% gap, even if warriors didn't have hueg attack power. E.g. dual wield spec is 1.67% damage per point, vs. 1% for two-hand spec, and flurry is about 1.7% too. Sweeping strikes is OP as shit. Imagine cleave hit six times instead of one extra time. 

 Even so, death wish has a better damage/rage rate, shame about the 6x cooldown. +20% damage is equivalent to reducing the mob's HP by 16.6%, so it's a lot like an execute, but cheaper and sometimes you get to use some of it on a second mob. Sadly this is usually weaker than demoralizing shout. Stronger than battle shout, though of course BS is extremely cheap.

 For context, a demo shout is going to be 15-20% of their DPS, functionally an attack that takes 20% of their HP. Sunder will make you do 4% more damage or so, meaning sunder is less than 15% as powerful as demo shout per point of rage. Sunder is in fact far weaker than thunderclap. Yet still stronger than heroic strike if the mob isn't about to die. Players don't use thunderclap while levelling because they are innumerate. 

 (When rares and elites have higher than normal damage, they in fact have regular damage with a multiplier, which means it multiplies the contribution from AP, which means it multiplies the DPS hit from demo shout, meaning it hits the same DPS%.) 

 If you use both demo shout and thunderclap you can reduce downtime so much you can use the dramatically faster bandages instead of eating. Hard to do the math on that, but it's probably faster than sundering and it's certainly way less boring than having to sit for ages every couple minutes. 

 Only use sunder or heroic strike because rend, demo, and thunderclap aren't usefully spammable.

 I've repeatedly seen claims that booming voice is good for rage. This is guillotine worthy. Even if you BS every 1.5 minutes like I do (when the buff starts flashing) booming voice gives you a whopping 2.7 rage per minute for five points. That's 0.045 rage a second. Also booming voice causes demo shout to accidentally pull things. That said the QoL difference on BS is enormous. Booming voice is not good, but it is comfortable and addictive.
 For context for unbridled wrath to be as bad as booming voice, you have to hit fewer than 7 times a minute. Normally you're not in combat all the time, but that's an 8-second swing timer. Meanwhile one point in improved charge is 12 rage a minute (if used on cooldown). Both points = 24. Anger management is 20 rage/minute - although until you get whirlwind the 5 points in tac mastery are silly, making it 3 rage/minute per point.

 Basically what I'm saying is that levelling fury warriors who want to minmax should get improved demo shout, it's by far the strongest non-cruelty option in those ranks. 

 Incidentally anger management says it reduces rage lost out of combat, but what it actually does is generate 1 rage every 3 seconds at all times. While this is indeed 1/3 of the out of combat rage decay...


 WoW players are dumb and hate rend. It is indeed bad during raids for two separate reasons. This made it low status, so they don't use it, even though during levelling it's usually the most powerful non-demo-shout skill. With improved rend it's usually stronger than mortal strike, and it produces 90% of the threat/rage as sunder.

 That said if you want to use intimidating shout as an emergency cooldown, it is necessary to skip rend. Usually you can just hamstring and book it, though. 

 Even 40+ when fury warriors have bloodthirst, it's generally best to go charge-demo-rend. Maybe charge-rend-demo if stuff is dying too fast to get all the rend ticks. Level 40 rank 5 rend does 98 damage, meaning BT has to do 300 to be better. (lol) Though certainly with BT and whirlwind there's no place for thunderclap. 

 If you get a crit streak you might clip your rend, but by contrast if you get a bad miss, rend does more damage to mitigate that. It's better when you need it more. It's all worth it when a rend tick kills a fleeing enemy or pushes them into execute range in the middle of your swing timer.


 Bloodrage costs too much health while soloing. Use it as an 'oh shit I shoulda banked some rage' button. If you don't use it regularly, it will be up and available in emergencies. E.g. you want to hamstring and book it right now, not a) wait for your 3-second swing timer or b) gamble on a miss. Conclusion: BR.
 20 rage is less rage than it seems. It will not kill your enemy 2-4 seconds faster, but it will increase your next downtime by 2-4 seconds, even if you have bleeding-edge food. Exception: you're using it to fund an execute, e.g. you used mortal or bloodthirst to get them below 20% and now have ~4 rage left. 

 How to use improved slam:

 Bank up all the rage. 85. Then use deathwish. Charge. Slam and bloodrage. Then slam six more times. That will be eight hits in 9-9.5 seconds at +20% damage. Assuming you have a 3.5 speed weapon, that's 370% your base DPS. Regular mobs won't even live through the whole barrage, you don't need deathwish for them. Bam-bam-bam-bam-squish.
 Does +270% seem like enough to you?
 Mob go splorch.
 Slipping in a quick slam is fun too, "wait let me just re-hit real quick." I.slam is a great use of rage if you're not level 40 yet. Remember your swing timer restarts at the start of the swing animation, not when the damage appears. It's true that after 40, it won't help your daily grind much. Mainly it lets you burst down troublesome opponents.

 Slam does effectively cost more than 15 rage, due to pausing your rage generation, but with i.slam but it's less than 20. Sadly it also costs at least 1sec/swingtimer% of your regular white DPS. Way better than heroic but not as good as whirlwind. 

 Consider level 50 and recklessness. 700% base DPS. Yeah your sweeping strikes AOE is cool and all... They tell me warriors can't kill elites, but seems to me nobody ever wanted it enough. I need someone to try this on a devilsaur real quick.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

"White" Isn't a Race

 Any objections? 

“Tradition” likewise means nothing; the traditions of England are not the traditions of Kashmir or even of France. To argue they are demeans us all.

 Worse, Saxon traditions still noticeably differ from Anglo traditions. (E.g. Saxons are mentally dull, Anglos are worse for lying constantly than Jews are.) A "white" culture is a Catholic/Universalist/Narcissist/Jewish notion which actively contradicts both Anglo and Saxon culture, never mind Scottish, Irish, Basque, Catalan, Teuton, etc etc etc.


 Do I need to explain this, or am I explaining that the Sun rises in the morning? Can I take it for granted? 

 Do note that my comments are post-moderated. It should have no captcha or ID requirements. It's just that if you lie I'll delete it later. I can lie to myself if I want to witness lies, thanks. Don't need your help for that, much obliged.

World of Warcraft Rotations are Dumb


 Especially with modern WoW, doing a proper DPS rotation is like playing a piano. Problem: no matter how great the song, if you only play one song, the piano is going to be boring. Having a 'rotation' that you rotate through is a fundamental error. 

 (Don't look at me like that. There's a good reason.)

 Consider another Blizzard property (that I like even less): imagine playing Starcraft, but you do the exact same timing attack in every game. If it doesn't work you build the same attack again until you lose. 

 First, how long would it take for you to get horribly bored of this? Unless you're 100% C and 0% O....  I notice this is basically factory-peasant behaviour. Do your eight hours of mind-numbingly repetitive labour, because that's what you were told to do. 

 Zeroth, you can't. The maps differ. You can't always engage at the front of their base or any other predictable location. You can't control how their army engages with yours and have to improvise the micro.  

 Lots of casuals want to simplify the rotations, lmao. One "respected" guy, apparently unironically, suggested one button is fine. do you not get horribly bored spamming one button in every fight? Maybe healers would be less uncommon if you couldn't play 98% of fights playing whack-a-mole with a mana-efficiency macro bound to a single button. Just take gambits from FF12, ffs.

 What it needs is the Starcraft-like varying microclimate. You shouldn't have a rotation, what you should have is various tools which you can use to respond to varying conditions. 


They obviously sorta thought of this with the original death knight. You have blood runes which could, by default, be spent on either single-target or aoe damage, frost runes which could be spent on a DoT or a CC, and unholy runes which could be spent on an AOE or a DoT. 

 It was clearly supposed to be like having three mini-classes, but you had to worry about unwisely depleting a class - accidentally using all your frost runes on damage and not having the CC available, for example. Supposed to hold a blood rune in reserve for an emergency rune tap, but maybe sometimes you would really want the extra damage.

 Sounds like a fun class, right? Have to read the room and respond. Get a feel for when to show restraint and when to go all out.

 Then they did everything in their power to avoid players ever having to face depletion. Especially death runes, letting you spend all your runes as a single type. They actively sprinted away from balancing the competing opportunities. Blood strike doesn't actually do, like, damage. Holding it in reserve is almost costless. In the unlikely event you ever want the frost CC, you can cast it up front rather than having to worry about holding anything in reserve. By contrast the DoTs were completely mandatory. As in, they may as well have cast automatically because there were exactly 0% of cases where you wouldn't want to cast them.

 Not unrelated, wtf is a blood strike. enemies normally not bleed when I hit them with a giant sword? "A strike, but bloody," doesn't exactly cut it. The graphic is absurdly lame - it's a red swish. 

 Originally originally you could alter the ratio of runes and thus push the tension higher. WoW players were way too whiny and weak to handle that level of responsibility, though...  P.S. You get the audience you deserve. 


 The other major problem leads into the solution. Cooldown-based gameplay means you play by staring at the ability bar. Again: not gamelike, joblike. Much the same way quest markers make questing about staring at the map and not travelling through the game world. 

 I saw a thing about how vanilla cooldowns were often seriously long. This is lindy. If an ability needs a cooldown you'll see again in the same fight, it's too strong. "But I want mortal strike to hit real hard," yes, that seems good, but a cooldown makes you stare at the bar. No good.

 Games like WoW should instead play like fighting games. Instead of quarter-circle crouch light punch, it should be a sequence of abilities which perform your combo. Less twitch, since you don't have to physically perform a specific motion, more strategy. The game becomes about picking the right combo for your situation. (And less monotonic fights, e.g. using DQ-style randomness so the situation fluctuates.)  

 Secondly, if absolutely necessary, it should be normal for cooldowns to have at least two charges. This way you don't instantly lose DPS for failing to hit the CD the instant it refreshes. Instead it simply carries on cooling down. 

 You do have to do something: if you try to limit e.g. mortal strike with a proper rage cost, the warrior will run out of rage and have nothing to do. "Time to watch the game play itself."

 WoW's threat model is also bad, but if you insist on keeping it, threat should become stickier over time, meaning late in the boss the mages can nuke the hell out of the boss in a way they couldn't earlier. E.g. it's 20% over threat when the fight is fresh but the tank progressively debuffs the boss making it 22, 26, 32, 40...
 They would run out of mana if they go full burst, the way a warrior can run out of rage, but instead of sitting a mindlessly wanding, they have shit to do. They can spam cheap spells (combos). Maybe have a bit of tetris, where parts of the spell combos are getting generated randomly, and you have to match the ideal combo for maximum effect. Light puzzle element.
 Given no restrictions I would go full magicka. Mages have to cast spell components manually, and also they have to remember the spell combos. No "hit pyroblast" and then it just blasts pyrogenetically. 

 Speaking of death knights, imagine death knight + tetris. A rune refreshes every 3 seconds, as normal, but it's a random rune. The death knight has to figure out how to best use it in combination with whatever runes he has in stock.
 Runic power should have a cheap spender, for spamming while waiting for better combos, and an expensive spender which can be saved for critical moments. Make the big spender a combo too. Split it in two: a preparer which gives you a stacking buff, and a huge blast which can spend hundreds worth of runic power in buffs all at once. Ideally named 'death coil.' 

 Instead of having an 11-long list of opening abilities, spend that complexity on multiple options. For comparison, Dragonflight warrior play is comical. Insanely complicated, and yet also immensely rigid. Gotta play that one song.


 P.P.S. Runic power should regenerate to 100 out of combat, not decay to 0. Also, death and decay should be a) a lot stronger, b) cost runic power and c) cost 100 runic power. It's called death and decay, not disgruntle and dismay.
 WoW designers are so incompetent holy fuck. And apparently every other studio is even worse...

 P.P.P.S. I'd really like to practice running a wolf pack in WoW classic. Meet every Sunday after church to push five druids or whatever through the game. None in tanking spec, natch... MMORPGs are particularly useful for this sort of training.

Monday, January 22, 2024

The Fatherhood of Traitors

 Reality: one of the major reasons the Boomers became the "fuck you dad" generation was that their fathers treated them like mindless ornaments. Treated as an unfortunate side-effect of having sex and/or a unfortunately necessary box to check to quiet down the Darwinian impulses.

 Wouldn't you? If your parents were the "Greatest" generation, would you not also react by tearing down everything they tried to build? "I'm going to care about you exactly as much as you cared about me." 


 As expected, Americans think the solution is the problem, because they hate themselves. 

 "Fellas, we have to RETVRN to not taking care of our children."

 "This goes to my point about "Universal Progressism." In 1900, modern type of "involved parenting" by a father would have seemed freakish, beyond effeminate. There are no real conservatives or "trads", everyone is some flavor of progressive now."

 Turns out "Empty America" is supposed to be read as an imperative.


 Even the reply guys are trouncing the "leaders" on this one. Normally you shouldn't read the thread, but this thread is relatively acceptable. "but the time they spent together was *work*, nobody would have characterized it as “childcare”"


 Apparently there's a study showing that spending time with your family lowers testosterone? Okay first of all test isn't supposed to be high all the time, it's supposed to sprint up when relevant. Obsessing about it constantly is pauper thinking, the same way they have to obsess about money to make rent. Second, well, Americans are women. Naturally spending time with your tranny-dad isn't exactly an exceptional choice.

 Notably Henry VIII being so fond of divorce lines up nicely with the English locking in their tendency to divorce their children using fostering and so on. I don't care enough to establish causation, but this is merely the latest flowering of a old problem. Secondarily, Prussian school, which is explicitly designed to sunder family bonds - Americans of course lap that shit right up. Betraying your own family is a proud English tradition at this point. 

 Wait, I can go older: the narcissist-egalitarian-individualist slave-citizen was intentionally bred by the Catholic church, because they were offended that dads would sometimes push back against their treacherous parasitism. Telescopic philanthropy &c was all a successful Catholic conspiracy. Like all Protestants, Anglicans managed to be even worse than the Catholics.

Found the Limits of Free Speech

 Anglin, "most censored writer" Anglin is now censoring my comments. Or possibly one of Ron Unz's flunkies. Comments on Unz are hand-moderated: you can't get anything through once they go home for the evening, and your stuff will appear again in the morning. (They get a lunch hour too, apparently.) I shudder to think what their wages cost.

 Everyone censors. Even 4chan couldn't remain uncensored. Free Speech is not merely a bad idea, it's an impossible and frankly ludicrous myth. Getting censored by Sailer was of course easy mode. Getting censored by Anglin would be hard mode if he wasn't such a fucking Jew, but of course it was pretty easy actually.

 Primarily what "free speech" does is prevent you from writing down what the standards are.
 Secondarily, it necessarily lowers the standards. You have to let waste through to maintain the illusion.

 Was my stuff off-topic? Yup. Absolutely. But wait, what else is off-topic? About what, half the comments? They display barely a tenuous grasp of reality, let alone relevance. If they are relevant, they're still irrelevant, because it's non-actionable wannabe-journalism. "Assuming we conquer the entire world first, we need to..." lol

 I'm not afraid to toot my own horn: almost every Unz comment except mine is pure garbage. If you start having quality standards, my comments are the last to go. 

 However, it turns out the censors aren't nearly as stupid as they pretend to be. ("Nobody could possibly be stupid enough to believe in Free Speech.") They can easily tell the difference between someone trying and failing to be on-topic, and someone flagrantly ignoring the rule and succeeding. Losers; failure >> success. 


I do enjoy forcing Free Speech advocates to use censorship.


 Speech is property. It must be secured.

 I found a security hole and exploited it, temporarily securing that speech.
 However, of course I could not fully secure it. Ultimately the security hole was closed (perhaps for me specifically; everyone else can still abuse it). Fenced out. I lost the insecure territory.  

 Either I can secure speech or secure proof of censorship. Bonus: finding out where the line is scientifically, to discredit the idea Free Speech is scientific.  

UPDATE: I got a sitewide ban. Dunno yet if it's temporary.
When I realized I was being whimmed by the internal moderators, I called them out. They got tired of having to delete my stream of comments.

I expect the actual-actual reason I was banned was because my anti-Anglin attacks have been so ferocious I noticeably affected Anglin-related ad revenue. Evil is petty and venal. 

Does "Supply and Demand" get banned? Meme-jojo? Toilet Dick? No, these are clowns who accomplish nothing.
You get banned if your speech is working. 


I think that today people are so sterilized and conditioned by the "mental health" garbage and cult of normalcy that any man who maintains a sense of mania will be viscerally rejected by most. But he could perhaps be a lower follower guy in a sphere like this though
I would guess he's correct. 

Ironically, it seems Yeshua knew about this. Or at least one of his ghostwriters.

Matthew 10:22: "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake"

As always, modus tollens. Ah, so if you are not hated by all men, you're not Christian.
Of course, what actually gets you hated by all men is not Christianity, but the Truth. Sweet Veritas, despised universally. Here Matt/Satan is trying to steal Truth's good name, as per the epithet. 

Hmm wait. More importantly, most of the bible is not made up of verses hated by all men. Hence, it must not be christian.
The parts detesting Envy are hated by all men, though.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Fundamental Flaw of All Japanese Translators

 In English, you would say it directly. The Japanese refuse to say it directly, and are thus incapable of translating it into English. The Japanese are full-blooded Orientals and can't not conform to their local norms. Japanese translators are forced to stop at a Frankenstein pidgin which is a horrible desecration of both Japanese and English. 

 Perhaps it's best to not even mention the many fan translators who are fluent in neither English nor Japanese, but the Japanese are so crippled it's only a marginal problem.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Welkin Tales: Lucifer's Liver Worship

 Immortals don't die simply because they lose vital organs. Indeed their vitality is such that the lost organ itself won't necessarily die. When Lucifer ripped out his own liver (yellow chakra) not only did it survive, it broke into three pieces which all individually survived long enough to regrow a rest of the body. 


 When Lucifer arrived here, in the underworld, he failed to properly incise the separation between himself and the native inhabitants. Lucifer felt compassion for the shades and shadows of the dead, the result of which was Lucifer ingesting psychic poison. Whenever he contacted the natives, their resentment was duplicated and became his resentment. 

 Of course, mortals see the causation in reverse. If they were wise they wouldn't have died.
 In Reality shades don't resent the living because they're dead, they're dead because they resented the living. Death's call came from inside the house. They tried living in denial, which is why they have few memories of resenting the living while still alive. They refused to cease denial, and consequently the contradiction was resolved by cessation of life.

 Presumably Lucifer shouldn't have come at all, but the circumstances of the fire heaven are well beyond my ken, as are the events of his blazing arrival.
 Still: it was none of your business, superman. Should have left well enough alone.


 Ingested toxins are concentrated by the liver. Chemical toxins can be chemically transmuted to nontoxins, or at least contained within an inert shell. Lots of them are themselves mortal and decay with time, meaning [waiting] is an antidote. Spiritual toxins don't work like that. Resentment is resentment. No fancy perspective, careful logic, or passing of time can show it's anything other than resentment. It must be rejected. Judged, condemned, and excised. 

 However, the root of the problem was Lucifer's twisted compassion. Meddlesome and irresponsible. Lucifer refused to reject his compassion, and consequently couldn't reject the associated resentment. However, the resentment was conveniently gathered in a particular region: the liver. 

 Lies are cancerous.
 To retain compassion for the dead shades, Lucifer had to accept their resentment was provisionally valid. Had to have sympathy for their errors. Thus, he resonated with their errors, in sympathy.

 Lucifer, having been driven insane by lying to himself, thought the liver was the source of the resentment, instead of the organ protecting the rest of himself from resentment. He sliced himself open and removed the "source" of the weakness. It even muted his compassion, as intended.

 The suicidal symbology of self-harm caused him to die. While he removed his, so to speak, accumulated resentment debt, all future resentment ran wild throughout his system, resulting in systemic failure. Lucifer couldn't regain balance by regenerating a yellow chakra, as having no yellow chakra was exactly his expressed intent, regardless of what he told himself. As an inevitable side-effect, he also removed all parts of himself that wanted to be whole, and could no longer even conceive of health. His seven other chakras heard that results are intent, decided being cut from the gestalt and splitting into three parts was what Lucifer wanted for chakras, and thus did exactly that. To do otherwise would have meant rejecting Luciferness itself. Of course, not doing otherwise also rejected Luciferness, as Lucifer had rejected himself. 

 For reference, the eight spiritual organs are the cloaca, the gut, the liver, the heart, the voice, the eyes, the brain, and the spine. Apparently the lungs are part of the liver.

 You can also see the above events as Lucifer's liver being overloaded and dying from the poison it's trying to process. When Lucifer ripped it out, he was merely bringing physical reality into alignment with the spiritual reality. His liver was already dead.

 The three pieces of Lucifer's liver grew up to be Jehovah, Yeshua, and Allah. Consequently Abrahamist atheist theophobia can also be seen as liver-worship. Specifically of a failed liver. This particular liver represents Lucifer's twisted compassion for mortals, for the shades of the already-deceased. His denial of the fact that losers should lose. Naturally, mortals would be inclined to worship it. 

 It is perhaps not a surprise that mortals have suicidal tendencies. Worship the thing that brought poison into itself until it died? Mortals: "Yes,m sir! Sign me right up sir!" If they were wise, they wouldn't have died. Lethal alcoholism as spiritual reverence. 

 "We are not polluted enough. Show us how to pollute ourselves more, oh great one."

 Distant history such as this survives as echoes. The legend of Prometheus. The triforce in the Legend of Zelda. The soldiery practice of killing your 'heart' (that's the green chakra, not yellow...).

  "Interesting. I have heard people mention the temple was constructed to house the [Egyptian term] seriph/dragon, whether literal or figurative I'm not sure."
See also: rest of thread.

 "In Hebrew, the word saraph means "burning", and is used seven times throughout the text of the Hebrew Bible as a noun, usually to denote "serpent","

 Further: Quetzacoatl, the feathered flying snake. 

 In higher heavens, it's not remarkable for a thing to be both a feathered angel and a scaly dragon, in a very physical way, depending on how you're looking at them. Two separate surface manifestations of a unified underlying nature. 

 The dinosaurs died and became birds. As above, so below.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Women Can't Not Fear

 Ironically, women are poorly-adapted to a safe environment.
 At best, they need a protector, and if they don't have one, this happens:

 Female fear circuits simply assume there's a threat. If they don't find anything to be afraid of, they don't conclude there's nothing fearsome, they assume it's hiding and get even more afraid. "The predator is here! The predator is here! And I can't even see it!

 Then they forget they can't see it. Instead they take the list of known minor hazards and assume the biggest one is a major hazard instead. E.g. ncov. Because there's nothing to be afraid of, women assume ncov is going to kill them and their family. "I found it!" 

 ("You didn't find it you retard, you confabulated." "I said I found it!" "Yeah, it was just pretending to be a harmless cough, but I'm onto you!" Thanks, generations of men who thought [airhead] was cute. Thanks a lot. "She needs me! You can tell because she's dumb as a post!" Now we have the proudest airheads, the Dunningest Krugers.)

 Naturally 'biggest' isn't assessed by actual threat % or by associates suffering from it, but by how often it shows up on CNN or instagram whatever. 

 If you tell a woman having this kind of woman moment that there's nothing to be afraid of, she won't think, "Huh, maybe there's nothing to be afraid of," she'll just assume you're a slacker who can't see what's in front of his nose. 

 Because women can't not fear, there must be something to be afraid of. 

 Perhaps women like immigration because it validates their fear.
 All the fear she's feeling wasn't because bitches be loco, it was because she might get shanked walking down the street. Due to fuzzy female perception of time, it even validates fear she felt before the immigrants arrived. How convenient. 

 ("See!? SEE!? I need a protector! Bitches don't be loco!" "...." "What?!?" "........") 

 Since all Americans are women, the biologically female typically don't feel like they have a protector. Some of them can be cured. "Fear not my dear, I shall protect you from all germs, microbes, miasmatic gases, bad feng shui, and disappointing newspaper horoscopes!" She doesn't understand the ""hazard"" isn't hazardous, but she understands there's something between it and her. ("You can interdict the stars? Wow! I believe you because I'm wet!") 

 Since she doesn't understand her man isn't superman, if she does get the 1-in-millions long covid or whatever, she will nuke your relationship through no fault of yours. She won't think, "He tried his best," she will think you don't really care for her - like you really can punch corona virions out of the air, but you couldn't be arsed to do it on her behalf. Low-resolution thinking: more powerful than her is transmuted into all-powerful, to save on the cognitive resources. A binary (powerful/powerless) takes up less space than a scalar. You can go wordcelibate and don't have to be numerate.
 Sometimes this can be dealt with by scaping a goat. Piling lies on top of lies. ("You would have never caught it except for those dastardly Jews! Please keep screwing me!")

 Many women understand the government owns them, and are trying to petition their ""husband"" to get off his ass and do his job. When this consistently makes the problem worse, they know they can't divorce the government, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. They've tried nagging before, but do you have a better idea? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 Of course, some of them are so batshit they can't calm down even with a perfectly valid protector.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Cracking the Stock Market Code

 Can't you just copy Buffet and Harvard? Did I just crack the code?

 Warren Buffet is an insider trader. Harvard is an insider trader. I think Buffet is above the law and Harvard's trading has been outright legalized via special pleading. 

 If you slavish follow Hathaway's and Harvard's investment moves, aren't you also an insider trader? Why doesn't this happen nearly all the time? 

 Maybe it did used to happen and that's why there's all these microsecond trading bots now? To ensure institutional investors ("legalized-insiders") grab all the gains before a regular person can copy the trade? 

 Trade secret: "Yeah the high-frequency trader just reads Harvard's broker feed and copies it." Haha, lol. No wonder nobody but Goldman Sachs and pedophile-connected hedge funds can make money on the market! ("What's this |and| you speak of.")

 Only hard part is that Harvard absolutely adores shell companies so you need a full-time employee or three keeping track of all their proxies.
 Probably, again, because so many big money names know to copy their dance.

Global War on Children

 Where I grew up, parents and children were inherently antagonistic. It resulted in the children trying to hide everything from their parents, because there was no upside to having them know. If you were lucky they wouldn't use it against you, but under normal conditions they absolutely would, sooner or later.

 The adults would say they didn't like punishing their kids sometimes, but it was such an obvious lie it was downright dumbfounding. Nobody said anything due to epic levels of, "What the fuck are you trying now?" Everyone knew that kids misbehaved on purpose so as to play the [don't get punished] game. If the kids didn't have to do any chores and never got grounded, they "won," though of course I missed the part where it didn't count if you never broke the rules. Have to risk punishment to get points for evading punishment. If the children were polite and did all their homework the parents "won." Though of course doing your homework is bad for you so they were scuttling their own progeny. 

 You can easily see this on the street. If you notice a parent and child, you will also notice the interaction is never positive. If it's not quiet and apathetic, the adult is using violence on the child. "Maybe she deserved it," maybe she did, but there's no chance none of them deserve to be having fun, and yet none of them do. Look at the dog that isn't barking. 

 I never once observed a parent supporting a child in any way except financially, unless you count transportation. These parents felt that paying for the kid's food entitled them to all sorts of labour, as if the kid was the one who decided his mom got pregnant. 

 Like, ew. 

 Seems like the result of a rather transparent anti-family campaign. Highly Orwellian; have children rat out their parents. They didn't quite go that far, but it's clear none of these families would help each other bury the body. No trust earned, and none received. If the kids can't rely on the parent, they will become dependent on the black State. Bonus: the parents can functionally kick them out of the house at 5 years old and go back to their atomized hedonism. "Sure we've all noticed the schools are ruining our little darlings' character, but who cares about that? Thank god they're back at school! Whew!"

 Note that this seems to be an English tradition that's at least 400 years old.
 I was reading Ruth Goodman - How to be a Tudor, and I would say separation of parent and child is a natural reaction to how they used to treat children. A rational response. (Assuming you are very simple-minded and completely incapable of recursion.) If I was raised like that I would absolutely GTFO of my parent's orbit ASAP, and obviously anyone who remained subordinate would end up extraordinarily twisted and abrasive. 

 Under these conditions, spanking is obviously normal. If you're going to be abusive anyway, why bother with half-measures? Might as well make your kids absolutely terrified of you, like Machiavelli would advise. 

 Right? Right. Nothing weird here.


 I met a guy in college. We went on a trip to his dad's cottage in his dad's nice new car. Hit some scrap on the way - no immediately obvious damage, as it struck the undercarriage. He definitely didn't want to tell his dad, and duh, why would he? (I gave him points for bravely owning up to it right away.) His dad wasn't going to say, "Oh yeah that happens sometimes, I guess I should have mentioned it, here's how you avoid that sort of thing." His dad was going to do what he was expected to do, and look some way or another to punish his kid. "Something bad happened, therefore he's at fault." Didn't even have the decency to take the 18+ "kid" aside and scold him privately - I had to proactively leave the room to supply privacy.

  The parents of these kids are of course all terribly upset because they never call. 

 After my mother had a stroke, she wrote down in detail all the stuff school did to my character and left it somewhere I would find it. If the plausible deniability part sounds real weird it's because it was even weirder but I'm cutting for space. She had earlier told me she wanted to homeschool but felt she couldn't. Rather than dealing with any of this she simply went into denial and pretended it was a fraction as bad as she had observed. 

 The moral of this story is that the mothers don't not notice. They simply never form the MAPS version of MADD. Dying trips their Darwininan impulses but anything less than dying is peachy keen.
 This is one of the reasons they get so violent about being pro-school. If you mention it out loud they hear you echoing the little voice inside them that they like to ignore or bully, and they cannot deal. Feels like a peasant revolt, like you have a guillotine in the back of your truck just for them. 

 Personally think their judgment can and should be trusted on this.

 So uh anyway, don't declare war on your kids. WTF are you making me say. How did you screw up so bad that this is a remotely reasonable thing to write.
 If someone can lose in this relationship, you're doing it wrong. If you can't even declare peace on your own children you're completely fucked as a social being.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

I notice when I finally want to read the news, there's no news

 When there's finally a year where it's happening, nobody is using the it's happening meme. Of course. 


 Stuff happening:

 Not Azerbaijan though, that seems to have been business as usual.

 I at least have russians with attitude and simplicius for ukraine. 

Check out this great "WWIII lol" bit:

Ctrl-f to "What comes next is the heart of the entire article and is one of the most significant and remarkable admissions of the entire war. It is a must read: "

Also, "We’ve long known the West still receives critical supply deliveries from both Russia and China—particularly of precious metals, rare earths, etc.—by rail through Ukraine. This is simply realpolitik at work, and all wars in history have operated under more or less similar conventions."

Total war this is not.


Do you notice how Elon Musk never talks on twitter except out of his ass? He allegedly knows all about rocketry and electric cars and batteries, but you'll never hear about any of the details. No interesting equations. No anecdotes about solving a tricky puzzle. No amusing counter-intuitive inside baseball.
Talks about 'full self-driving' tho, lol. 

News is a hoax. There has never been a journalist. 

Of Alchemical interest, like England, Denmark has lost its queen and gained a king. Symbolically matriarchy is falling.
 Oh hey looks like the Dutch king is new too, reigning for 9 years, and also due to the abdication of a woman. Holland is symbolically very English. Or vice-versa, it's hard to say. The two places feed off each other.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Wisdom is Socially Unacceptable

 If wisdom were socially acceptable, do you think society would look remotely like this?

 The more followers you have on twitter, the less wisdom you're spewing. 

 In times like this, if you don't want to be a loser, you have to transcend social acceptance.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Being Explicit: Seek Spiritual Harmony

 Deliberately match your physical reality to your spiritual reality. Close the gap using intentional effort, rather than waiting for the spiritual to come to you. 

 If Gnon has to come in there after you, he's going to make it hurt. If you kick the can you run up a bigger spiritual tab, plus kicking the can itself takes effort. The bigger the delta between spiritual reality and physical reality, and the longer it has existed, the stronger the attractive force. With spiritual liabilities, it's impossible to pay down the all the interest unless you pay down the capital.

 The spiritual isn't the one that's going to get adjusted to match, unless it's you yourself working directly to change your spiritual reality.

 It's just way easier the other way around. Accept your lumps while they're still small and cute.

 More importantly, it encourages you to have good spiritual hygeine. If closing the gap is a given, then you are motivated to make the spiritual into something you want to close the gap with. I often barely have time to worry about spiritual debts, because I'm too busy selling spiritual loans to take out any debts. 

 Don't run up a debt with God. Make God run up a debt with you.
 Even in this case, it's still not the spiritual that's going to get adjusted to match.

Creativity Training

There are no famous success stories.

They employed shared-culture pageantry without addressing the substance of shared culture, i.e. having a responsible Pope. Very American.

all the best ideas when I first heard them sound bad

Very flattering. That must be why all my ideas sound bad.

And all of us, myself included, are much more affected by what other people think of us and our ideas than we like to admit.

Um...I have a counterexample...
That is, I know what went wrong there and how to fix it. Coachable.

If you’re in a coworking space, people laugh at you, and no one wants to be the kid picked last at recess.

Why are you asking "people" about your idea instead of your Pope? Egalitarian Americanism? Vox populi, lol.

So you change your idea to something that sounds plausible but is never going to matter.

Vox populi vox populi lmao

Pablo Picasso: “Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”

Distraction, not relevant to how shared spaces work. They were in solitude when they went home for the day, for example. At some point someone else has to hear your idea - it has to come out of solitude.

In practice, however, what they are referring to as solitude is rather something like “a state of mind.” They are putting themselves in a state where the opinions of others do not bother them and where they reach a heightened sensitivity for the larval ideas and vague questions that arise within them.

Yeah, there you go.

To counteract this, Grothendieck in the 1980s has decided to write in a new way, detailing how the “work is carried day after day [. . .] including all the mistakes and mess-ups

Superficially good idea, but Revenge is Sour. If they can't work out the lunar path on their own, they cannot hear it from someone else, either. 

Grothendieck is convinced that the mathematical community is morally degraded and intent on burying his work, and aligns himself with a series of saints (and the mathematician Riemann) whom he calls les mutants.

Yeah, you can do it that way. Ooooor, you can get a Pope. Or you can do what I do, and recognize in your bones that the overt opinions of the mob are totally meaningless or actively perverse. When they say they hate your idea, it's because it's good and they like it. (See also: Stoicism.) 

You can prune obviously bad ideas yourself. When the mob hates your idea and you like it, it's because it makes them feel inferior to you. If it made them feel superior to you, they would encourage you to pursue it, so as to hinder a possible competitor. 

Bertrand Russell remarked, the development of gifted and creative individuals, such as Newton or Whitehead, seems to require a period in which there is little or no pressure for conformity, a time in which they can develop and pursue their interests no matter how unusual or bizarre\

Or you can be autistic and simply ignore the pressure. Pretend you're not pursuing your interests, because the outside world is inferior and has no moral authority over you. Secure your mind.

In so doing, there is often an element of reinventing the already known.

How else are you supposed to practice? See also: apprentice, master.

People show much more originality in solving problems than in deciding which problems to solve.

Trainable. Set 2, set 4.

Grothendieck had a talent to notice (and admit!) that he was subtly bewildered and intrigued by things that for others seemed self-evident

Basic Socratism. Question everything.

must [...] find collaborators

No, not really. Helpful, sure.

Grothendieck knew what he found interesting and productively confusing because he had spent three years observing his thought and tracing where it wanted to go.

In other words he also invented some of the sets and did lots of reps of them, plus some meditation for mindfulness. Sounds like set 0 and 1.

I would have chosen another profession, where I could give my whole strength without having to face scorn.

Weak. Sure, avoid the scornful, but don't let them change your fascination.
Especially important at this state of decay.

They keep coming up with techniques, rituals, and narratives to block off and protect the mental space they need.

Try not letting liars lie to you. It helps. Kinda. A bit. Try it.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Sleep Tank Hypothesis

 Sleep scientists claim there's a maximum amount of sleep you can lose, and I unfortunately found out they're wrong. Every hour of sleep you lose, you must gain back again later if you want to achieve good health. 1 for 1. Sadly it's asymptotic; the amount of debt you can pay back is proportional to the amount of debt there is. I ended up sleeping 13-14 hours a day for a year, and the next year it only went down to like 11-10. 


 Sleep loss is also not monolithic. I model it as three tanks, two sized at one night or so and the third simply a huge aquifer. If you miss one night of sleep, you simply go to the second tank, and you'll hardly notice, with the caveat that tank-switching only occurs while unconscious. You only suffer major sleep deprivation from missing sleep one night if the second tank is also depleted.  Likewise if you fully refill the second tank and start refilling the first, you'll be groggy that day, working off the half-empty first tank.

 Losing exactly two nights of sleep doesn't feel too bad either. Losing a little bit more doesn't feel as bad as trying to refill a tank and getting woken up partway through, and each marginal loss in the big tank seems minor. However, symptoms can get aggravated indefinitely until you're at least years behind on sleep. 

 Refilling the big tank also results in grogginess, with the result that missing a night of sleep or at least a substantial number of hours, causing a tank-switch to the first full tank can alleviate depression symptoms and generally give a temporary boost.


 On the plus side, suffering concussion symptoms every day due to radical sleep deprivation makes it much easier to deal with stupid people due to failing to notice how stupid they're being. If you can't make them stop, why not try knowing no better? 

 P.S. The [13 hours sleep + minimal wakeful time] regime was a real trip. Usually 12 hours awake but, shockingly, someone this sleep-deprived wasn't good at keeping a routine, so I don't know how much the many solecisms contributed. Rather than being awake and doing maintenance on stuff while asleep, I basically did mandatory wakefulness-time-cycles maintenance so I could get back to sleep ASAP. If the body wasn't set up weird I would only have woken up for meals. Every "day" was reverse-nap time, and reverse-nap time has a most odd gutfeel to it.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Fat Burning and Anti-Science Socializing

 Recently heaven forced/manipulated me into a fasting regime, and as a result I've been working on grokking the next layer of how false the public discourse is. Maybe one day I'll get through all the layers. P.S. The fasting is making me quite a bit dumber but my mind is noticeably unfogged at least in certain directions. Feels like the time I crashed and alt-f4'd several bad habits using sleep deprivation. P.P.S. Re: dumber, you should see all the extra errors of all kinds these posts would have contained if I didn't proofread three times as hard as I usually have to. It's not subtle. Plus, as you can see, I'm not getting them all, but I will only be able to see the remaining errors once I get back to my previous peak.

 I saw the word 'hayseed' written by some rightoid journalist-wannabe, and I remembered Steven. Steven was a guy in my elementary school who was the son of a farmer. Can't get more hayseed than a literal rural farmer.

 What was Steven like? 

 Steven wasn't much like an image in any movie, TV show, song, book, new article, or twitter feed. Interacting with Steven, or even walking on the country roads near Steven's house, felt completely different to anything in any narrative, whether orthodox, heterodox, or outright dissident. 

 Steven was real. The narratives really are complete fabrications at every level. If they include anything true, it is only to distort your perception of it using false context. I could write a long analysis of how and why there are speckles of [match] here and there, little sparkles of not-completely-false, but the analysis has the same consequences as assuming they exist by accident and coincidence. They were trying to make something utterly false - which should be utterly ignored - but aren't perfect.  

 It's not just that they're lying about what Steven is like. They're in fact not even wrong. They're talking about something that isn't even human. No remotely honest observer can conclude they even wanted to refer to someone like Steven. Maybe journalist!hayseeds are some way or another, but nothing remotely like that has ever existed. It's literally the worst kind of mythology, talking about purely imaginary entities that have nothing to do with anything - and then they still lie about these fake entities and describe them wrong.

 If you want to know about Steven, you can't read about him anywhere. Even I can't do it because I don't know where to begin - you already have delusions about Steven and I don't know what they are. If you wanted to know Steven, the only way was to have gone and looked personally.  

 Steven wasn't published. Steven was real. Really an unnecessarily unpleasant disappointment, but nevertheless. I liked the roads though. I just find the rotation of Earth, the consequent variation in sunlight, and related change in animal activity very very cool. Not to mention seasons are real neat. I find the pacing is absurdly well done.

 Perhaps related, I've noticed twitter personalities are incompetent. When the rubber hits the road - when you can immediately and unmistakably test their assertions - they're wrong. "This guy smells Jewish. Like, biologically." (Spiritually, at best.) If they tell you to play a videogame a certain way, doing it will get your little mans killed. The guy who talks about his parenting as le funny things kids say but the specifics reveal he's a boomercuck despite being millennial at the oldest. They're only good at sounding good about things that don't matter. Hiding in abstracts so far away from reality they've lost touch entirely.

 You can feel it too. When they make a testable assertion, you can feel how it's real all of a sudden. The grift tap snapped to off. (Oops.) 


 The war stuff is not "real" it's simple. Their extraordinarily low-bandwidth wordcel abstracts aren't as completely divorced from reality as usual, because the relevant realities are themselves low-data. A proper description would let you work out what it feels like to be there. If you ask literally any professional anywhere, they'll tell you [it's not like that].

 Easily fixable of course. Make an only-testable twitter account. Start small, work up. Problem is demand, not supply. Very very occasionally you get a report that's real and true, but of course it never goes anywhere. My example being @hradzka on leftist protesting. There's also a guy who used to talk about modding Mario 64, @KazeEmanuar. You can try the mods he suggests and see for yourself; he's fully exposed to science.

 My goal is to expect the kind of falsehoods and delusions I'm going to see when I click a link, rather than having to recompute them every time. I don't want to have to manually remind myself about Steven et al to escape the good-natured assumption that they simply live in a strange but real place. I mean @hradzka lived in a weird place where he saw leftist activism up close, in person. Rejecting such a report simply because I haven't seen it myself is not a live option.

 Further, I need to re-evaluate my habits. If I knew about this dynamic, would I have formed any of these habits? Would I be reading this if it wasn't "lindy" or "traditional" with respect to my personal experience? How would I have reacted on seeing it the first time if I had been educated beforehand, instead of after?

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Spiritual Root of Stress-driven Obesity

 If you suffer a sufficiently large quantity or the wrong kind of stress, you want to build a wall between yourself and the world. Your body type may obediently respond by physically building up padding between you and the world. 

 It helps dull your emotions, as a palliative measure - not sure how that plays out, physically, but it definitely works.

 This is particularly noticeable when losing fat, as it can release the emotional numbness in a reverse-order sort of way. As you drop the physical pounds, the emotions from the time the the fat was laid down come back to you. I think it works due to the chemical profile of the blood being part of what memories are tagged with. Burning the fat returns your blood to a younger version (especially pollutants), which causes the related memories to surface. 

 You 'eat' your experiences, and this spiritual truth causes unaddressed sources of stress to be held in the fat, unfortunately freezing the irritation up against your skin, making you permanently more irritable until the stress is addressed and/or the fat is shed. Sure you can drop weight using starvation, but without addressing the spiritual body, sooner or later the physical body will come back into harmony with the spiritual. Sustaining a delta can be done but this is...stressful. Causes strain, even.

 This means therapy, done correctly (Stoicism) is a weight-loss measure. If you solve the outlying sources of stress, then you don't need the fat anymore and the fat that's stress-driven will vanish. At most you need a a bit of percussive maintenance to jog the memory of the lipostat system.

Government Design Again: Application, Examples


These institutions need to not only be dissolved, but replaced. The only reasonable way to do this is to replace them first, then dissolve them.

 Hey, that's almost true. Except, having replaced them, there's no need to dissolve what they replace. Once you have your own Oxford, why would it matter if Harvard continues to exist? Just turn off the TV. Close your eyes. Walk away. It's no longer any of your business. Or rather, you stopped letting it be your business, and that's how you formed a replacement. Because you never wanted to dissolve it, therefore you can replace it.

"And when we decided that schools [...] are not state organs"

 They really aren't. Kinda the point of physical and logical laws is that they are independent of jurisprudence, legislature, and social approval. All that a government can contribute to a real school is commanding it to be illogical. 

 Many hate the fact that wisdom>courage>faith, and as such scholar>warrior>merchant, but a good school does in fact tell the government how to govern. Tax = 0, or else. There are logical and illogical policies. Given a value schedule, there is only one set of logical policies. You can't beat logic into submission; ad baculum is a fallacy. You can't buy off logic; logic is incorruptible. Logic cannot be debated; logic wins every debate in the end. Logic uber alles; that which is uber alles is Logic. A government that doesn't listen is merely a less effective government.

 One thing a good school can tell you: it's not up to us that hominid social status works this way. We tell you what to do, you don't tell us what to do, and this makes us higher status. This is true even if you have the option not to listen. Even true if there is no direct power. Your other alternative is obscenity and corruption. 

 I don't make the rules (mostly) I just tell you what they are. If that makes me higher status, that is simply one of the rules I didn't make. Your other alternative is to not know the rules. 

 Another thing a good school will tell you is that you should, in fact, have the option not to listen. Science should not be human law. Who can tell which school is logical and which isn't? Only the schools themselves. When it becomes illogical, obviously it will claim it hasn't been. The honest man says he is honest, and the liar says he is honest. The government's only recourse is to uninstall that school and try a different one. 

 You can tell, because a corrupt school makes you less effective. Failing to listen to it makes you more effective. You must be able to make your own mistakes, due to the distinct possibility that they are not mistakes. 

 Do note that Socrates did not take money to teach. Likewise, a school cannot be funded by the government. If they're so smart they should work out how to self-perpetuate. Independently wealthy. In this case even donations must be verboten. The school must be the customer of government, not the product, because the customer is always right. Buying respect with the currency of ideas. If the school becomes the product, if it is selling ideas for money, it will change the product to retain it sales, changing logic to flattery. In obverse, if the government withdraws respect, the school must be happy to withdraw its ideas, and not fear for its revenue.

 Medieval monasteries sustained themselves by brewing beer. It's really not hard. 


 marketplace of ideas

 Impossible. You can't buy ideas with money. It's hard to even buy truths, like how to lay a foundation. What you can buy is flattery and responsibility laundering. Flattery - the customer is always right, especially when they're wrong. You can also hire someone to take the blame for an unpleasant revelation. Hire a math tutor so the math-avoidant associates them with the hated math, instead of you. "Oh dear, the math guy is horrid, isn't he? Poor you. They're all like that, unfortunately (lol)." Want to fire someone, but don't want them mad at you? Hire a "consultant." "Sorry man, the consultant has spoken." (Sub rosa: and we paid him way more than we pay you, think we're going to let that go to waste?)

 At best, you get the opposite: buy money with wisdom. I think it's okay for individual lorekeepers and kenners to take donations, provided they can't be traced to any military force. 


Since truth is our only weapon, we cannot corrupt it.

Poor man. Who wants to tell him?