Sunday, July 30, 2023

Human Females Don't Choose

Marriage has been arranged for something like 150,000 years, and probably more like 500,000. Women don't get to pick. 

Marriage is still arranged. Today, the State arranges for women to marry itself. Because duh, who doesn't want a harem of [everyone]. If you were expecting unselfishness, you are a moron.

The State's women are then told to whore themselves out for daddy. The State is literally the worst possible husband, and nobody would agree to marry it if she didn't hate herself.

Adulteresses get to choose a little. All women are either wives or whores, but whores can be divided into streetwalkers, who fuck whoever their pimp tells them to fuck, and courtesans, who are allowed to execute some level of discretion. Naturally, under Egalitarianism, these whores are allowed to pretend to be courtesans. 

Just never forget you can't marry a modern women, because she's already married. Your options are to be a rake, a cad, a sneaky fucker fornicating with another man's institution's wife, or a john, fornicating with a whore. If she calls you husband, that's just a lie. 

Surprisingly, some of these whores do keep up the husband experience rather well. Divorce rates aren't actually 100%, even among Bantu. It's technically possible to even have a whore who pretends to be a wife so well she doesn't take another john while servicing you. 

Of course, such wives whores generally don't show up on the internet. Their play-husbands have better things to do than give away words for free to degenerate strangers.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Divine Trailmix Titles

Gods easily become very old. Perfection is annihilation; gods change over time. They engage in a wide variety of acts and become indelibly associated with the things they've done. 

Mars was considered to be a god of crops, spring, farming, war, destruction, vengeance, and rage. The rageful god of spring? Yes, actually, but not all at the same time. Gods evolve, as do all things which exist. 

Gods remember the things they used to do, and immortal memories have great weight. They continue to anchor the divine existence and shape what they do in the future, just as mortal memories shape the mortal's plans. 

Mars, at the time of his written records was the god of contest. The idea of war is merely an ignorant lay simplification. Pap for hoi polloi, basically. 

Farming is a contest of man vs. nature. War is a contest of man vs. man. Indeed it is not a coincidence it's called a [field] of battle, where blood is sowed and victory is cultivated.

From these facts, we can infer there is a lost aspect of Mars; the contest of man vs. self. Perhaps even in Mars Ultor, as vengeance first requires overcoming your own cowardice. If a man kills your father, killing him will not bring your father back, so why take the risk? A degenerate passion conflicts with a divine passion. There is a contest, a war, between uplifting yourself and surrendering to decay. 

When we see a god collating seemingly unrelated aspects, we are correct in a sense: they're unrelated. At least, not in any way directly related in the present. Most accountants of the gods don't distinguish between seed and flower, between fruit and trunk. They are related in the sense that the present was immutably caused by the past. This grows into that. Yes, agriculture grows into war, although farmers and warriors are best described by their contrasts with each other, not their similarities.

Consider the Haters

Consider the kind of person they like. you really want to be liked by these people? Isn't it an extraordinary insult if they don't want you dead?

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Heretical Morning Beverage

I drink both tea and coffee, alternating irregularly. 

I only drink decaf. 

I don't really drink tea or coffee, I drink lattes. Like 50:50.

The dairy is mainly for temperature control. At that ratio I can comfortably chug the whole cup immediately.

It's cream, not milk, to cut down on the sugar, meaning I get a rich drink. Milk sits burningly in my stomach the same way rice does.

The coffee is instant, because I can't be arsed to use grinds, filters, etc, and with that much milk you can't taste it in detail anyway.

The best part: originally, I drank out of a beer mug. In the middle there, a university-branded mug. Now I have a  mug with my local sports team on it. My opinions on all these things are exactly what you would expect, I just use their mugs anyway, because they were free. Just need, like, a vegan mug to complete the set.


I usually don't drink it in the morning.
When I did use sugar I used brown because why not. 

Having to stir is surprisingly uncomfortable, and now I don't.

However, I do put the milk in second. I suppose I have to break the rule about breaking rules. Can't be too consistently heretical. 

I would use a tea ball and loose-leaf if it came in decaf.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Intuitive Planning Example

 A lot of the time I let my intuition do the planning, which means I have no idea what I'm doing. If you want to know we can find out together, at the same time, by watching me do it and see what happens.

 A couple times folk have asked me what I do all day. Partially wondering how I don't get bored. I had no clue what to tell them. What was I doing? I dunno, I

 In part their subrosa accusation is accurate: I don't have an anime backlog. Such a thing is foreign to me. On the contrary if they could make anime faster, to make up for so much anime either being not to my tastes or pure shit, that would be great. 

 What I mainly do is train. I'm a highly trained epistemologist.

 As I say repeatedly, a real mental training schedule is far more like a gym schedule than a reading schedule. Also exactly like a gym schedule, if you want to maintain a high level of performance, it's time-consuming. Without lots of maintenance, there is decay. On the plus side, it's automatic. Imagine having to actively fight the urge to go to the gym if you wanted to avoid going. Probably going to stay pretty fit, in that case, right?

 What I do all day is look for training material and then train on it. Indeed I need to train up a habit where I stop looking and rest until tomorrow.

 The question is how much of this is also being a priest. What do I do all day? Whatever my god tells me to do. Except the times I don't, of course, but those don't work out for me. I don't stop or anything silly like that, but at least I don't lie about it. 

 Giving the intuition big hints is a huge prayer-answer pathway. It's entirely possible that I get instructions and don't even notice...except the part where they work out dramatically better than anything I could reasonably expect. 

 I hardly even try to understand the instructions. Here's a silly rule: always walk on the left sidewalk, given the choice. Why? Bizarre. The real rule might be even more bizarre; this is merely a convenient verbalization of it so I can talk about it. It's not an important rule but even still I always regret breaking it. The correct response is always, "Whatever you say boss." I'll find out what it's for when I see what it does.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Law as Applied to Moldbug

Moldbug is of course malicious. He wishes to propose Justinian/legislative law, because that causes tyranny, and therefore pain and suffering. Very Christian: it hurts, lets do it. 


"cops are no different from robbers—the law is, do what you must to dodge their grasp."

Conquest's third law guarantees this is always true.
Which admittedly makes it a bit of a puzzle that it's not too true in Singapore. The cops actually reduce crime there instead of increasing it, and for some reason the CPIB doesn't itself become corrupt. Most curious. 

The nadir of crime in England was ~1850s, precisely because cops were introduced in the late 1800s. Before that the local sheriff was an unpaid 'volunteer' position and bringing a suit to court cost you out of pocket. No subsidies. This was exactly as janky as it sounds, but it wasn't as as bad as having police. Removing police from England would now prevent 98-99% of all crime. No Rotherham rape gangs - at least, not after the first week. Maybe 7 days + the shipping time on the gun and ammo. All of a sudden nobody can stop those fathers from retrieving their daughters, and you'll find concerned fathers can aim better than sex parasites.

"Venezuela, Sudan, Somalia—who wants to live there?"

Good 'ol Satanism.

When Somalia "lost" this "law" it went from bottom-10 African country to top-10. Every measure skyrocketed except female education. They went from importing Ethiopian cattle to exporting.

Of course Mogadishu remained an active battlefield since the international airport is there to resupply the UN troops trying to seize the country, and the Somalians had learned better - they objected strenuously. Journalists, of course, work for the UN and arrive at the airport, so even if they wanted to learn about the rest of the country, they would assiduously avoid it. Moldbug then listens to journalists, because he wants to do politics, not scholarship.

From what we're told about what's happening in Venezuela, everyone ought to have starved to death already. It should be a holodomor. Ergo: I have no idea what's going on in Venezuela and Sudan, and neither does Moldbug.

"threatening this palladium that preserves our nation from chaos, war and barbarism."

America has never not been at war. America has never not been chaotic. America has never not been barbarism - Britain, Borea generally, lost to America because of Britain's own masochism, not any virtue of America's.

"Rather, these places suffer from a lack of order."

He's a Satanist, you realize. It occurs to you: he's using euphemisms. These places, he's saying, are anarcho-tyrannous, and should instead be regular-tyrannous.
How do you think the tyrant loses his grasp? All tyrants are weak. Sickly, bitter mutants who can barely dream of competence. Julius today would wear the rainbow flag. Full SJW. He smells almost exactly the same - merely smarter than his petty heirs.

"And essential to the concept of order—let alone the more refined concept of law—is its uniformity. Neither order nor law is meaningful unless it is uniformly applied."

Tyranny, see? Totalitarianism. 

Your local conditions don't matter. Your local needs, your local desires, your local values - pfah. Nonsense. Only your uniform obedience matters. Christianity; slave morality.

Moldbug says he's an atheist. I should have taken the hint, more fool me. Atheism is a particularly fanatic sect of Christianity. And Christianity is Satanism. Atheism is Satanism with fewer steps.

As Saint Bukele recently showed us so elegantly, the problem is not lack of order, the problem is precisely 'order.' The gangs exist because someone is sponsoring them in a very orderly fashion. If they are not government-subsidized, persecuting them out of existence is a trivial exercise, exactly akin to taking out the trash. 

For Venezuela to achieve order, all it must do is stop digging. Judges already exist. Let them Judge. Let them out of hiding and you will have Law.

Sadly Christianity is not unique in its narcissistic totalitarianism. It's a problem with every system of "universal truths." They always think they can centrally plan a universal government - which justifies defecting on cooperators. What a coincidence.

"How would you start, Kynikos, with this order? Rounding up the unhoused? The underprivileged? Gassing them? We know where this thinking leads."

This line by Simplicio is of course exactly how Fascists talk; projection. They have to create a bogeyman because their own 'order' is so twisted that it only looks good when compared to concentration camps.

"In a modern country, law exists to protect the weak and friendless." In particular they need protection from the homeless, you disgusting Satanist. 

Again, the "order": do you need protection from the homeless man? No, of course not. You're perfectly capable of taking care of that problem yourself. It's only because Simplicio has a platoon of jackbooted thugs ready to stop or punish you that the unhoused creature can be a nuisance at all. Ye shall know them by their fruits: Simplicio can afford platoons of rifles and full gear, but can't afford a few tents. 

This 'Kynikos' doesn't appear to be all that this a surprise? Did you predict this a priori?

Any Judge will tell you the bum can't control himself and rendering a Judgment is a waste of time. It's a pest; call animal control.


"the nostalgie de la boue It is characteristic of the nobility."

Yeah no it isn't. It's a characteristic of degenerate fops - peasants born to noble parents. Disown them and try again.

"Your civilized biped lives in one of two ways: as a responsible adult, or under the care and authority of a responsible adult."

Responsibly allowing [an unaccountable institution which cannot be fired or even sued for malpractice] to ensure their security on their behalf. According to Moldbug. 

"These places are protected from the reigning chaos of the age by systems, institutions and rules inherited from the past: police and prisons and borders."

No. They're protected by the fact that criminals, especially, do not think and aren't aware that there are no prisons or borders. They spread like a silly putty spill and with exactly as much strategy and intent.

E.g. the caravans from South America are being organized by internal USG elements. Bought and paid for by Soros, as it were. 

"I also believe in the rule of precedent, stare decisis, which tells us that past decisions must not be lightly overturned."

Lie. You do not believe that. Present American ""law"" was all decided lightly.

Not believing it is necessary: the principle is wrong. Non-Judges should never overturn a past decision, not even after serious deliberation. Absolutely never. Judges can overturn whatever decisions they like, because they aren't overturning them, they are revealing a previously unknown complication. 

With Law a bad apple does not spoil the whole barrel. Instead it's obvious. Stands out like a sore thumb. Mistakes and corruption are clearly visible due to contrast. The Law which speaks its own name through Judges is not hypocritical. Your intuition may be pinging you: commoners can easily be tricked into thinking the Law is hypocritical, but that's because they're stupid. 

Law which is not true stands out as does any false note in a symphony. It is an anomalous measurement. Detecting it is as easy and straightforward as detecting a bum thermometer. Unless they're not a Judge, of course, and attempting to have ideas above their station, whereupon detecting bum notes is not only difficult, but impossible. If they guess correctly it is exactly that: a guess. They got lucky.

Final proof it was all decided lightly: there are no Judges behind American benches. Of course it's all just politics. Personnel is policy; they're criminals, they will make unLawful rules.

"Burke wrote that the statesman should operate on the state like a surgeon operating on the body of his own father."

Burke was a loser and had loser thoughts. Obvious totalitarianism is obvious. The only thing worse than this America which repudiates Burke would be an America which hadn't.

"Law is valid only because the government has the consent of the people."

Cool. Where do I revoke my consent?

Lel, I already have.


"Our sacred Constitution is binding only because it, with its amendments, was ratified by a legal due process. "

(It wasn't ratified by due process, kekekekeke)


"There is no “Constitution in exile,” "

There could have been. I am sovereign, as a simple de facto matter. The government really did try to tell me what to do, and it failed. It is too weak.

You can't call me an exile only because my homeland didn't exist and hadn't for decades, even centuries, before I was born. I could have the squatters removed if it were worth the effort. Sadly it isn't, but on the other hand they will be punished by being forced to live with themselves. My ancestors, may they rot in hell, made some very poor choices and Gnon has given them what they asked for.

I do like to repeat the ritual sometimes:

I revoke all consent. I do not consent to be, as they put it, "governed," in any way, shape, means, or capacity. I declare my country wholly and utterly illegitimate. I deny any duty to this dishonourable criminal collective. Any force applied to my person or property will be taken as an act of war. I disown, disinherit, denounce, dismiss, detract, and despise this band of desecration which pleases itself to call a country. It is worthless and less than worthless.

My ancestors clearly deserved the country they experienced. They did not die happy. I will not be so shameful. 


Anyone can, as I have, simply remove themselves from the corrupt collective. This is not a difficult idea. It's not like I'm the only one who thinks of it. They simply choose not to uphold a constitution in exile.

Which suggests a story about how the constitution died: it was never alive in the first place. If it wouldn't be upheld in exile, in all likelihood it wasn't upheld domestically either. I certainly see no evidence it has been sustained. If you assume it was a dead letter on day 0 you predict what in fact occurred.

"and it was ratified by the American people."

Cool. How do I un-ratify it? But wait: apparently it isn't valid against non-ratifiers. I didn't in the first place. Did you? Did you even consciously and with full power of attorney join [the American people]?


"Not only is there no such thing as a heritable contract—no one can sign a contract that binds his descendants"

It's not even hard. Indeed it's impossible to sign a contract that doesn't affect your descendants. Every bit of property you alienate is one they don't inherit - they don't get the property back when you die.
Although the constitution is not a contract that binds the behaviour of the descendants, as such things must be specified explicitly.

Also it tends to be a bad idea. Would you agree to sell me your house on the condition of some compensation with a proper interest rate to be performed by my grandson?
If you currently have children, would you agree to sell me your child's future house in exchange for some present compensation? Imagine it as vividly and specifically as you can.
The contracts are hardly impossible, but it's really a bad idea.

Anyway the constitution is clearly an unconscionable contract. USG can jail Americans for noncompliance, but Americans can't sue USG for failure to deliver. As I call them, a gift contract: you don't need a piece of paper promising to give cute little Suzy a present on her birthday, and if Suzy's mother starts insisting on one, you have discovered an unLawful traitor. 

"but the American people lives forever. "

Any specific definition of 'American people' will point to an entity that never existed at all.

"This kind of rhetoric drops the veil of rational contractualism and returns to a fundamentally spiritual and poetic conception of government.

"Very well! Government is a spiritual and poetic thing,"

Well isn't that Satanic. 

Two Satanists have found a common profanity. Are you happy for them?

"It is possible to believe in inherited contracts—if you also believe in ancestor-worship."

Atheist are in fact Satanist blah blah etc. 

If you get your head out of your narcissistic ass and look at actual ancestor-worship, you find it's extremely contractual. The ancestors have duties and not fiddly-widdly things like 'upholding' the 'American people.' One of the reasons for the present unpopularity of ancestor-worship was attrition from ancestors failing to uphold their end of the deal and losing the ancestor cult as a result. 

"Man did not need to study his conscience and say, “This is just; this is unjust.” Man believed that the sacred hearth, in virtue of the religious law, passed from father to son; from this it followed that the house was hereditary property."

Problem: they did need to study their consciences. Their Laws had travesties in them, which is why you are now here instead of somewhere else. This is why I was born and my ancestors weren't hanged instead. 

Rather than acknowledging the transcendent imperfection of the world and striving to improve, they Pridefully assumed perfection.
There is no stagnation. If you're not growing, you're dying. Perfection is nonexistence; trying to act perfect is a prayer to Gnon to cease existing.

Gnon answered this prayer. Hubris => Nemesis, and his name was Jesus Christ. He really did come bearing a sword, to set you against your kith and kin. Did you believe him?

"which makes no sense without both the premodern assumption of ancestor-worship, and the modern invention of “law as code.”"

You mean: makes sense as neither. It's ancestor-worship without ancestral consultation, and it's an unconscionable contract. Fake fake fake. America invented plastic politically long before it invented it materially.

"We no longer worship our ancestors; often we positively scorn them."

If worshipping your ancestors brought you America, what use were your ancestors? 

Here's my radical thesis: worship glory, scorn profanity. Do not ask: were they ancestors? Ask: were they worthy of scorn?
Satanism again. Denial of Reality.
Don't wait for them to become ancestors. Scorn them right now.

The Satanist finally derides scorning your ancestors now that they richly deserve it. Those idiots signed and ratified the constitution. Dig them up, desecrate the bones, shred the constitution, and put it down the hole the bones came from. 

My grandparents were actual criminals. They should have been rotting in separate jails rather than giving birth to my parents. Worshipping my ancestors is downright heinous. 

"Yet there is still a rational place for old things, which have proven their worth."

So...not the constitution. "Under the Constitution" Lie. "America became the greatest" Lie.

"Yes; they built a thing that worked"

They very clearly built a thing that didn't work. Insofar America isn't the worst hellhole in the world, it's despite America and Americans, not because of them. 

"Therefore, when we ask whether Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Adams would be racists today"

It is obvious to the point of tediousness. They would be antiracist today. Egalitarians gonna Egalitariate. 

That and power addicts are addicted to power. They might have a clever twist on antiracism that let them seize more power than their dull descendants can grasp, that's all. 

I am reminded that in the England of the 1300s, you could sell infangthief, the right to hang thieves found on your land. It wasn't a duty; the thing had a positive price. To this 'primitive' legal system, it seemed natural that political objects were also objects of commerce and property. Ecclesiastical rights were also matters of contract; when Henry seized the monasteries, he did it because they owned a bunch of worldly goods, and he did it by arrogating the contracts for those goods to himself.
If you wanted these rights to be 'inalienable' all you had to do is choose to not alienate it.

The idea that Americans were ever 'contract law nerds' when you couldn't sell your legal rights is pure comedy. Laughable. Ludicrous. The 'free' (looool) American stock of 1700s was clearly so inferior to English stock of 1300s that they didn't even feel the need to address the vast lacunae in their childish political "engineering." Didn't even know there was more to know.

That or they were just a bunch of traitorous criminal scumbags, the kind of mafia shithead who burns a man alive in his house over an abstract disagreement. Mandela's necklacing was traditional. The Founding Mothers were never trying to make a good nation or even a lasting nation. Their principle then was the same as it is now: I get mine. 

And you idiots went along with it. 

Monday, July 24, 2023

Fundamentals of Law

If you agree with a law, then you don't need the law. It's your local more or custom and the responsibility for enforcing it falls, directly or indirectly, on you.

If you don't agree with a law, it's a tyrannical imposition and therefore not civilized. You should either become a refugee or violently overthrow the tyrant.

Your intuition may be pinging you, and if so it's probably this: in practice you do laws in bundles. You don't agree with every law, but you agree with the bundle as a whole. If you think about it you'll see this is a mere superposition of a system of copies of what I said above.

Be a real non-leftist and recall inegalitarianism. Vengeance is indeed the lords: the local lord's, because commoners are too stupid and emotional to be cooperators. Real Law is what you get when a Judge speaks. A Judge is a kind of a person, not a kind of job. It's something you're born with, not something you train for. It's called a king's court because it's ruled by a Judge, at least in Borean lands. (Neglecting bastards and usurpers for the moment.) Perhaps distant peoples cannot into this clearly superior system, and for them, my condolences. Feel free to continue as you are, if Gnon wills.

Common Law (the real article not the Satanist skinsuit) is merely the collection of things Judges say about events. Judges agree with each other about their Judgments; that's what having good judgment means.

When commoners have a dispute they should involve the local lord, or, if suffering under kinglessness, the local authorities. When lords have a dispute it is their own responsibility. 

You don't abide by a Judge's judgement because they'll tan your hide if you don't. You abide by it because it's correct, and Gnon will tan your hide if you don't. But mainly, even if it's not totally correct, you'll have to declare war if you don't. The Judge needs no power except the power of discernment. If you or your opponent choose not to abide by the ruling - which every Judge heartily allows, as in they're not a Judge if they don't - you're welcome to put the question to a test of arms. Go ahead and fight instead, if you want. For a simple reason: Judges do agree, but Judges are still human and make mistakes. When a mistake is made, the backup plan is to fight it out. 

If you can't fight it out, then what you're upholding isn't Law, it's Tyranny. Even with the most "benevolent" Diktator, mistakes will be made. Travesties will accumulate. More likely, the Diktator wanted to be a Tyrant precisely because, like Gaius Kaisar, he's a Law-breaker and consciously wishes an imprimatur for his unjust decisions.  

You must see to your own security for the simple reason that nobody else cares. If you do not secure yourself, you will not be secure. Nobody will do it for you, for the same reason you have nobody to wipe your ass for you.

No peasants read this blog. In a real country, which respects Judges and thus respects Law, peasants would be encouraged to pay a lord to lead them. It's fine if they don't, because they will be shot to death in a stupid dispute if they choose unwisely, praise be to Gnon. This trash would clean itself up.


P.S. You could say I'm not the Bible's biggest fan. Nevertheless Satan was not omnipotent and couldn't completely purify the text.
"Judges 17:6 is in effect: every man should do what is right in his own eyes."

A just law package honourably states that peasants should look to their lord. The peasant agrees with this package. Yes, indeed, Judges 17:6 appears to have been written by a Judge. (Sadly this is something of a coincidence.) If the peasant doesn't agree, he can, as with the Amish, choose to leave the community rather than subjugate himself to the package. It's wildly unjust to chain a peasant to either land or lord without the peasant's own prior consent. 

Can you think of something you would trade [being chained to the land] to obtain? It's hardly impossible to write this contract.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Quantum Time is Nonlinear & Particles go Everywhere

Quantum particles go everywhere that's not forbidden. Physical law is a set of things they can't do, and they do everything that isn't on the list. That's what the probability cloud actually is - the set of things the particle is allowed to do. It's a scalar, not a binary, so the particle goes more to one place and less to other places. 

When you interact with a particle in a superposition, you retroactively forbids things. Time for quantum particles is nonlinear, as a consequence of the fact that philosophical idealism is true. The particle telepathically tells its past self about the present. No, that's not a joke, though it is funny. 

"Left or right?"

"Why not both?" No reason, so it does. Then, when you slam it with something on the right path, it retroactively didn't go left. It could have, it just didn't, and it doesn't have to decide until later, so it doesn't.

Note that these interactions are probabalistic, which means the particle can choose to not allow you slam it. If it doesn't like taking only the right path, it can decline your suggestion and therefore dodge your barrier. If it's unlikely, that merely means you made something most particles enjoy running into. There's only so many personalities a simple electron can have. If you have 10^24 individual electrons, you will have a representative sample of these personalities and it apparently reduces to mere probability statistics.

Technically mental time is linear for particles, but it's a separate axis from physical time, so it can apparently violate physical causality by connecting to two physical times as the same mental time. As a being made of particles, you can do this too. E.g. the moment you fall asleep and the moment you wake up are mentally right next to each other, give or take a dream or two. Indeed it's rather mysterious that you manage to experience physical time linearly at all. There's clearly a very good reason for this, but nobody knows what it is.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Update to Black Holes Don't Exist

I previously came up with ludicrous Rube Goldberg machines to try to extract infinite energy from a black hole, but in fact it's very simple: it blueshifts light to infinity, meaning if a single photon crosses the event horizon, it gains infinite mass, the event horizon expands to cover the entire universe, and everything ends. You can tell black holes don't exist because anything else exists. Therefore, as before, only very dark grey holes exist. P.S. I'm doing a rep of set 4.

Another way of characterizing an escape velocity higher than c is to say the light is redshifted to infinity; escaping photons have a frequency of 0 and therefore aren't escaping; or, escaping photons are forbidden. However, this must mean infalling photons are blueshifted to infinity, and therefore strike the event horizon with infinite energy. 

If the event horizon can absorb matter and become more massive, then it will almost instantly absorb infinite energy and become infinitely massive; the only escape is to deny that anything can cross the event horizon. Which makes sense because there's infinite distance between you and the event horizon. It should take infinity years for anything to cross the event horizon, including the particles that make up the black hole in the first place. 

Local gravity can increase without limit, meaning it can get stronger than the strongest countervailing force, neutron degeneracy pressure. However, gravity cannot get stronger than the time dilation caused by gravity itself. Gravity can't get so strong it overpoweres gravity. For some reason. At some point, when density increases by an infinitesimal amount, time dilation increases by a finite amount, causing time to functionally halt for the infalling matter, from the perspective of distant observers. And yes, this was a known fact to prewar physicists. 

There's also a state-change problem: as two neutrons approach their mutual barycentre and approach its Schwarzschild radius, where does the event horizon form? It can't form between them, as there is no mass between the two particles - . (Allegedly; more on this in postscript.) It has to suddenly pop into existence on the outside of the particles; in other words, for black holes to exist, density has to be nonlocal. Which is lol. Apex kek. If you think about deformation of space, then the gravity well has to very suddenly change from finite to infinite from one Planck second to the next. It's genuinely ludicrous; modern physics clearly attracts so many crackpots because mainstream physicists are all crackpots already. They're merely better at hiding it than the brain cancer patients. 

All singularities are naked. The event horizon isn't a cloak, it is itself a singularity. The effects of a singularity are other singularities, no exceptions. You can tell black holes don't exist because structured minds are around to discuss whether black holes exist; something in nature must prevent singularities from forming. As such, while very dense matter can arbitrarily approach becoming a black hole, it will always remain merely very very dark grey.

P.P.S.  More/worse: if black holes exist, every particle is a black hole. The key feature of a black hole isn't mass per se, but density; every point particle has infinite density, therefore should have an event horizon, and therefore every particle should be an identical black hole. If it is possible for two particles to have infinite density by sitting on top of each other, it must be possible for one particle sitting on top of itself to have infinite density. Solution: particles aren't points. They are their fields, which have very normal finite parameters. This means there is indeed matter 'between' the two infalling neutrons, as they in fact overlap the whole time.

P.P.P.S. I am reminded that woke postwar nu-physicists have their own special term for heretic: crackpot. You can't just be wrong or mistaken or suffer from an oversight, you're morally depraved if you don't conform to consensus physics.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Only a Thief Can Afford Free Gifts for Strangers

If someone is "selflessly" giving you something, it's because it's stolen or they otherwise didn't themselves pay for it.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Point of an Elite is to be Out of Touch

What they say: "The [opponent class] is out of touch."

What it means: "Congratulations on successfully creating a class divide between your lessers and yourself." 

The more 'out of touch' a leader caste is, the more likely they are to maintain a class divide and thus their grip on power. 

It's only when they fearfully feel the need to cater to prole whining that the proles sense weakness and attack. 

Though also that's not what's going on in America. The psycho lords have always been very out of touch. The difference is that they're letting their gofers put on airs now. Not putting on airs, as a manservant to power, takes sophistication. Never mind good help, you can't even find mediocre help these days. 

Come to think some of the kingdoms making up the GAE are probably losing their kings too. America is running so short of lordship that the submunitions are getting high on their own supply, either because proper psycho lords can't keep their jurisdictions intact and there are dumbass usurpers, or because psycho lords are disappearing with no successors.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Bears Repeating: Prussian Schools are Literally Concentration Camps

Hausarbeit macht frei.

JBP and those he represents demand you ask yourself: would you guard the concentration camp? We don't have to ask. Public school teachers are literally Nazis. They didn't merely fail to stand up against it, they volunteered.

Homework will set you free?
The only difference is they're too sophisticated to say it plainly. Too easy to get caught lying if you say stuff forthrightly. Better to use sly, sneaky implication. 

But it's okay: they send you to concentration camp as a kid to prepare you for life in the big open-air concentration camp that it pleases you to call a country. It only isn't physically fenced because that would be too on-the-nose. 

"Then there was nobody left to speak for me," they said. Bro, the reason they say they hate camps and Nazis is precisely because they love and admire them. Asking for help was always the exact wrong thing to do, even before they came for anyone. 

You may or may not be at war with foreign black governments, but you are always at war with your domestic government. Secure yourself accordingly.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Blogging is Godless Communism, Volume III; Shame or Guilt

Spoiler: only head cases (e.g. aspergoids) offer opinions in public, making the forum an inherently delusional place.


I noticed that those who start arguments online are those who feel no shame when they're wrong. There's a selection effect: if being wrong bothers you, even if you were inclined to risk public arguments, you quickly learn it's not worth it and stop.

Then I noticed those who start arguments in real life are those who feel no shame when they're wrong - it's just that their desperate attempts to hide everything don't work very well face-to-face. It only works over social media or in news articles and other very distant situations.

Hence: don't mudwrestle with a pig, you both get dirty and the pig likes it. You lose even if you win.

Hence: the public forum has only pigs in it. [[Free]] speech is worth at most what you pay for it. 

It was normal for Athenians to masturbate in public; arguably Diogenes, masturbating literally, was being less antisocial than average. Diogenes didn't try to deny the fact his act was repulsive and messy. Athens couldn't tell Diogenes why he shouldn't choke it in public because anything it said would condemn itself even moreso.

Modern Fascists are so pathetic they don't even have a satirical Diogenes mocking their hypocrisy. What do you call it when History is trying to rhyme but it's so drunk it can't remember all the words?

Subsidized speech is only useful for speakers you would never intentionally pay to hear. It's only useful for wankers who want to spooge all over the floor and leave without cleaning it up. Subsidized speech is not merely a matter of poisoning the public well as I have previously asserted, but of deliberately digging a well directly into the cloaca. "Hey, drink from this." How about you go fuck yourself.

Unfortunately, I really am on the spectrum and have a weakness for the simplistic reading of a social scene. "They said they were trying to be right, I conclude they were trying to be right." Lel. Kek. Lmao, even. Sorry, no. Approximately, their motive is to be unpleasant on purpose. Their dumb ideas are deliberate vandalism. It's what cowards do instead of egging your house. That's what [free speech] is.

Human speech is normally pollution. It should invoke cleanup costs, not subsidies. If you're forced to hear something the speaker needs to compensate you for the trouble with substantial amounts of cold, hard cash.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Infernal Intentions Revealed in Ugly Environments

When brightly lit cities are praised, it reveals the maliciousness and profanity of the speaker. 

The city washes out the stars. Maybe the city looks good in some sense, but does it look better than the heavens? Laughable. Ludicrous. No, the point of brightly-lit cities is astral vandalism. It's a deliberate crime. Every time someone "complains" about light pollution, it's a backhand victory dance. Problem: the stars still shine. You just can't see them. The only person defeated is the earthling.

America really is one giant coast-to-coast slum. Every "beautiful" building is also ugly, it's merely less ugly than the hideousness that surrounds it. I look around, I see bare concrete (cracked, even though brand new) and cheap siding except where the beams are exposed; they look around, "It's a beautiful building." Bro, it's prison architecture. Concentration camp chic. And this really is one of the least disfigured buildings. This visual fusillade is intentional. They could stop, they just don't want to; on the contrary.

Brightly lit cities are praised at night because the darkness successfully hides the death-fungus-coloured architecture. 

Though you have to hand it to piss-yellow bricks. Peak ugliness without quite looking like it was deliberately defaced. Bricks are great: because they're small they look overly busy, yet they look monotonous at the same time. A true repulsiveness innovation. Or, you can dye the bricks random colours, and they always choose to make it look filthy. Shades of grime.
You know you can dye mortar too? It doesn't all have to be that aggressively boring, depressing grey. It is, though. It is.

Like all religious fanatics, Americans aren't as stupid as they pretend to be. Even the feebleminded can match the results to their intention, as a result of selection: if it doesn't work, they try something else until they stumble across the desired result.
The visual repellency is the result of deliberation and conscious choice. If you try to make anything less unsightly, they will resist with great adroitness. The environment they build reflects their internal deformity.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Aristotle on Crib Virtue in Precise Language

If you raise a puppy well you get a well-behaved dog. If instead you, for example, encourage it when it nips at you because it's cute, when it becomes a dog you get a biter. Once a dog has developing a biting habit, you can't get rid of it. You can arduously discourage it, but it will never entirely forget the behaviour.

Likewise, although unlike a dog a man can use willpower to overcome how he was raised, it's much easier if he's raised to be virtuous in the first place. 

The design constraints of a prudent life are to cooperate with cooperators and to not sacrifice the long term for the short term. However, it isn't necessary that the man have a distant time horizon. As long as he was raised to habitually choose the long-term and cooperative choice, he in fact doesn't need to think at all. 

The difficulty is that humanity is inherently evil and nobody would willingly raise a boy to be more virtuous unless the alternative was certain death.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Duh, Don't Have Cops

When doing police work, you naturally run into criminals all day, every day. You will do the natural Bayesian update and start to feel like all non-cops are criminals, which is, perhaps, sociologically detrimental.

I turned this around and around in my head trying to work out how to have police without creating a shellshocked wartime-bunker population. Except the solution is super easy: just don't have it. If this is the kind of psychological effect a job has, Gnon is telling you it's profane. And yeah, having cops is, in retrospect, very obviously profane. No wonder the job desecrates the worker.

Surgeons, also. Psychologically warped, perhaps have to be warped in the first place.. Solution: it's a profane job, don't have surgeons. Not worth it.

Forms of animal husbandry that involve jerking off the livestock should probably be banned. I haven't checked, but I'm guessing it twists you up inside. Bro at least let the animals handle their own mating ritual, wtf.
It's fairly normal to castrate sheep by biting off the testicles. And you folk get activated about beastiality...
Naturally, despite being obviously an error, this is more humane than what the Humanists want you to do them...

Friday, July 14, 2023

Applied Female Psychology: Uncoverture

"Literally crying over the fact that your currently crippled stepdad and working husband can't help you plan your convoluted party that's complicated for no other reason than you have the time to complicate it might be the most powerful "woman moment" possible"

One protector gimped, the other, away. She can't complain that she feels abandoned and uncovered. "The lion finna come eat me."

1) Inegalitarian.
2) Rationally, she knows she isn't in any danger.

...therefore she complains about something else irrational. Assuming she herself can even identify what's wrong. Kinda a big if there.

Presumably this is some 4D chess gambit to engage in 39D backgammon so she can use her -0D othello strategy that results in her husband not going on the business trip, so she feels safe.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Barge Into Businesses Using Racial Profiling

In Yew Nork, Fran Sansisco, Lortpand, and Eesattle, Bantu should just barge into the back of Starbucks and make their own coffee. 

Why not? Who's going to stop them?

Go around the back of the counter and help yourself to your own doughnuts and cookies or whatever. 

Curious about how a business works? Just walk in. Have a look around. "This area isn't for customers." "Yes, that seems likely." (Use your own words, naturally.)

Sneak in behind someone at a security door and loom over folk doing office work. Maybe wear a suit and ask them what they're doing or, really, anything that strikes your fancy. At the suit place they'll probably throw you out eventually, make sure to yell Neely's name while you're doing it, and time how long you last. 


Need a break? Maybe want some AC? I'm sure one of these shops has a break room. Go ahead and use it. 

Ever wanted to see what's in the back of a grocery store? Maybe wander the back halls of a Target?

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Americans Like Woke Beer

Bud Light sales did not drop by 90%.

Also, they should have already not been drinking it.

Not because Woke, although yes they've been Woke since the 60s so, but because the beer sucks. Homebrew is cheaper, better, and isn't abominably adulterated with toxic waste.

Americans just like Tyranny.

Sales didn't drop because there isn't demand, but because Americans are perverts and have perverted responses.

The slaves know virtue is being whipped. More pain more better. However, some of the slaves are overburdened and can't bring themselves to submit to this additional whipping. It's okay, they'll pluck up their courage and wade into the fire. They merely need to psych themselves up first. 

Americans should have already not been sending their kids to school / drinking Fascist beer. Except Americans are Fascist and like Fascism. Suicide is the point. Self-destruction is the goal. (Perhaps you could say Budweiser thought they were too successful and wanted to be less prestigious. Self-destruction successful.)

They would like to nuke their own ammo dumps - after storing them under schools - they're just too cowardly and squeamish actually do it. Have to psyop themselves into doing what they wanted to do all along. 

System working as intended.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Blogging Correctly Impossible Because it's Godless Communism

There's a best way to blog, but it's almost impossible to figure out what it is, because the godless communism dynamic means different methods produce no useful feedback. 

You can't tell who is paying you, because nobody is paying you.

You can't tell when a better person is paying you vs. a worse person, because nobody is paying you. 

Without profits, losses become invisible.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Epistemic Competence vs. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Certain beliefs, taken with proper seriousness, are self-fulfilling prophecies. For example, if you think nobody would ever want to be your friend, you rationally stop meeting anyone, and thus even if someone would want to be your friend, they don't know you exist. 

These self-fulfilling prophecies are some of the most important things you can believe. If you really are immune to friendship, attempting to make friends is enormously wasteful. As always, what causes pain is false beliefs: if you falsely doubt this particular belief, you are in for an enormous amount of pain. 

Yet, because this category is self-fulfilling, you cannot afford to credit its members.

Were you paying attention? Did you put 2 and 2 together? Epistemic incomptence per se is a direct source of near-limitless pain.

This dynamic is plausibly the primary reason to attain epistemic competence. Self-fulfilling prophecies, handled with sufficient expertise, are no longer self-fulfilling. Once skill at self-falsification rises enough, it becomes safe to reach these conclusions.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Greeks Were Right: Genius is Something You Have, not Something You Are

Dutton offended his genius and she quit.

He is now a perfect example of how to make yourself stupid using science. 

Teachers used to be be unselfish? Used to go into teaching out of self-sacrifice? We have conclusive proof: Dutton's genius was doing all of the lifting, and Dutton himself is a moron.

If you think anyone has ever done anything out of self-sacrifice, then the best way you can contribute to society is through Canadian healthcare.

Alternate hypothesis: teachers used to lie about it, but now they're too stupid to lie about it. Either they think they're lying and fail, or they realize they're going to fail and don't even try.

Why is Dutton so pissed? Cognitive dissonance. Reality has busted out her teaching stick and busted it on his face. He realized, unconsciously, that it was 100% his own  fault...and immediately went into denial. It's narcissistic injury. 

The only question is what Dutton did to offend his genius. 

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Christianity is Hate

Some things are so obvious they cross the line twice and don't bear not-repeating. 

[Love your enemies] is a backhand way of saying hate yourself. When you love something, you hate everything that threatens it. You threaten your enemies, that's what makes you their enemy. To genuinely love your enemy, you must hate yourself. Xenophilia means not merely oikophobia, but autophobia. 

It's a real gaslighting mindfuck when they claim to want a better version of you. "Oh you don't really hate your enemies, you're in denial, you'd be much happier if you admitted you love them. Christianity likes targeting women because if anyone but your mom opens with this line, they risk discrediting literally everything. They require the biological respect correction associated with parents. Their rhetoric actually sucks and requires a turbocharger. 

Understood correctly, the line is startlingly banal and selfish: "I am your enemy, therefore you should love me instead of yourself." Sadistic, Satanic.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Why Masturbating to Prostitutes is Degenerate

Worked out why fapping to whores is bad.
Bro, it's a whore. At least pay her to attend to you personally. 

Really, imagine what's going on here: you drive up to a streetwalker. She 'coquetteishly' leans over to talk to you. You buy a picture of her in a compromising pose, then she walks away. You never actually touch her.

All the degeneracy of paying for sex, without the actual sex. Hover-handing your slut like a gentleman. "Prostitutes shouldn't have to put out the sex the john has paid for." Cucks.

You may not understand it intellectually, but your balls understand viscerally. You desecrate yourself.

Fapping to maidens is at least better because they're unattainable. The whole point of a maiden is way more men want to fuck her than, in fact, fuck her. At most one of the fappers will go beyond fapping. Problem: you can't get pictures of maidens on the internet. Chaste women don't get themselves photographed for the public. Getting naked photos is right out. 

Solution: drawings instead of pictures.
Problem...artists are perverts...given the opportunity to draw a maiden, they will draw a trollop anyway.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A Rich Country Has Houseblimps

Houseboats exist. There's no reason a houseblimp shouldn't exist. The enormous balloon would create lots of drag, making it impractical for efficient travel, but it's a house - being able to travel at all would be grand. 

Basically it's cool. Why not use huge amounts of money to make cool shit purely for the cool factor?

Easy answer for easy question: America is in fact poor and can't afford cool shit. It can barely afford to feed itself using loot from its conquered colonies, such as Japan, Canada, and Germany. 

The technology for a floating castle exists. Have longer lines so the floater doesn't shade the ground too badly. Could loft a whole estate by using more balloons.
Make a public attraction so it pays for itself, or at least partly pays for itself. Naturally, the commute up would be handled by small blimp.

Why not?

Where's my theme park that has submersible rentals? There are Subnautica-style seamoths in real life. At $3 mill a pop, they're impractically expensive for individual ownership, but they could be rented for a reasonable price. What do you think? Maybe 'flying' underwater might be fun?

Why not?

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Nostr is an Anagram of Snort

I feel like nicknaming it Snort so I'm going to. 

Snort might be for real. It's basically philosophically-correct* Twatter, it's guaranteed to be workable, but of course mortals hate functionality (for being virtuous) so who knows whether it will get Gabbed or not. 

How is a decentralized network supposed to tell you what to think? How are you supposed to know which ones are State approved? Like, what's even the point? Can you even call it social media if it isn't socialism?

Amusingly much of the energy behind the Snort network is Jack Dorsey. It took him two decades and millions of man-hours wasted chasing a stupid design, but he finally worked out what Twatter should always have been in the first place. He could have instead asked any competent thinker...

Quis custodiet is, of course, cutting-edge. You can't expect anyone to keep up with thought that's only a couple millennia old. Be patient, they're busy folk. Just now starting to come to terms with the discoveries of old dynasty Egypt... What kind of loser thinks? You mean, like, voluntarily? What, you want me to know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it? Ha! Never!

Naturally Snort still demonstrates the woeful weakness of trying to do logic empirically. They haven't realized you should store your Twatter timeline locally. Sure if you're Snorting out videos or whatever you might not always want to keep local copies, but text is basically free in terms of storage costs. There's no reason a Snort Twatter clone wouldn't always be a server, it's just that sometimes you only want other servers as clients.

They learn if and only if Reality bloodies her teaching stick on their scalps. 


On the plus side, remember if you ever want to compete with these idiots, a modicum of logic manufacturing lets you faceroll them. NPCs can't play with real players.

I wonder if the value of a centralized social/connectivity doohickey rests almost entirely on the prestige of the proprietor? Folk don't dislike Gab due to features or whatever, but because the crew looks kind of sketchy. Twitter is popular right now because Musk is very rich and not too anti-Satanist (i.e. popular). Plausible, but I can't think of any hard confirms or denies. 

*(There have been no real philosophers for at least 400 years. Got onto the Woke bandwagon super early. Philosophers, or rather philosophasters do indeed have high V-IQ and are good at getting out ahead of trends. Not high enough to grok that chasing trends is stupid, though. Even if you're so good you can make it look like the trend is chasing you by getting ahead of it on the railroad.)

Monday, July 3, 2023

Unz Review as Bedlam

Allegedly it's for free speech, in practice it's a delusion validation system.

I would particularly like to highlight the paranoiacs as an example of perverse validation. Paranoiacs are obsessed with an adversary; their "safe" space is a place where they can "catch" the culprit. In other words, you validate the paranoiac when you bully them. "You! You're the one who's responsible for all of it! I found you!" Another example is a particular kind of grandiosity, such as the narcissist with the 'misunderstood genius' persona. Being misunderstood constitutes evidence, in their mind, that they are a genius. 

Seems to me that 100% of Unz's regular contributors are particularly cracked in the head.

Most likely to cover up Unz's own mental deficiencies. In comparison, he doesn't look quite so confused. 

Personnel is policy. Ye shall know them by their fruits. The fruit of Unz is not exactly scholarly advancement. 

Exception: I guess James Thompson merely suffers from midwittery. Postwar credentialed intellectual syndrome. When speaking about his actual expertise he doesn't say anything violently wrong. Has the drunk man under the streetlight problem, but not actually wrong.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Someone Else Notices Blogging is Godless Communism

Implies that a cash-enabled internet would allow scholars to find and talk to each other. Probably implied unconsciously.

tl;dr web payments rely on credit, which means KYC and "trusted" third parties and hence inordinate transaction costs. Cash is anonymous and that's what makes it great, and natively digital cash is far from impossible. 

Extension: indeed it's an extremely obvious idea which is only baffling in that mortals seem to have such trouble with, like, just doing it.

Extension: but perhaps a trust-using network would be fine. Have everyone issue their own currency, and users can choose to trust them, or not. The advantage is this system should be technologically simple; the costs are offloaded to cognitive resources, meaning it's money for smart people. Inegalitarian. Bonus round: this is kind of like making every account a central bank, hence democratizing "central" banking aka legalized counterfeiting, is inegalitarian.



Identity and consequential actions are only one piece of the puzzle. Not all pieces are known yet, let alone in place. Nevertheless, many people are working on various technologies and protocols that might help to fix some of the issues described above. My hope is that—once we understand the problems properly and have the right thesis and vision—we will figure out the details as we go along.

Alternatively they can just ask someone like me and just get told the answer. It's really not a difficult problem. 

When it comes to JPGs, mp3 files, blog posts, or similar digital artifacts, we have to stop pretending that the files themselves are scarce or precious.

Incorrect focus. The marginal printing cost of the artifact is not the important part; the important part is ownership. 

When you sell someone data, you inevitably also sell them the blueprint and reproduction rights. Price the sale accordingly.  


The challenge is to make the experience enjoyable and seamless without reintroducing the ills of counterparty risk.

A small counterparty risk not contingent on State identification is also fine. In other words, short-term credit. Mainly used to reduce transaction costs. 


Sending people money for information that they can retrieve for free is still a strange concept for most, but the proliferation of new podcasting apps and other "boost" mechanisms clearly shows that the cultural shift is happening.

Unreconstructed Communist brainworm.

No, don't pretend to own things you don't own. Don't try to sell things you're not selling.

If it's a donation, call it a donation.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Life-relevant Salvage from School

School is mostly useless but not entirely, completely useless. I enjoyed the hour we spent on cold and warm fronts.
The relevant wikipedia pages have handy-dandy charts. Though of course my school, being longer ago, had diagrams, and wikipedia doesn't.

I remember the picture we had, though often not which is which. The main thing is that cold fronts are sharp and steep, while warm fronts are slow and gently sloping. 

Cold is dense and heavy and can easily bully the warm air out of the way. It gets under the warm air a bit and then kind of bulldozes it. Due to being shoved sharply upward, the warm air cools and tends to form a sudden, intense shower. Basically the cold is wringing out the warm sponge.

Warm air is light and struggles to move the cold air, even with sheer mass. It kind of rides up on the cold air and then presses down, forcing the cold air to ooze out from under it. The warm air behind shoves the vanguard air up the slope, which then forms gentle spitting rain that lasts for hours. Even fog in in extreme cases, when the clouds descend so far they touch the ground. 

The question is whether these little bits of applicable knowledge got in by mistake or by oversight. Did they mistakenly think it was properly irrelevant? Did someone sneak in under the radar? Did someone get lost, buy the myths about school, and unknowingly break the rules? Most curious.

This knowledge isn't actionable, as the buzzword goes, but it is at least something that affects you directly. You can look at something that happens to you, then understand what's going on beyond the brute obvious. 

You can call it slightly actionable if your hobby is predicting the weather using your eyes and nose instead of the subsidized forecasts.