Monday, January 31, 2022


Hey, at least it's official hiatus.

Other tasks have eaten all my blogging time. On the plus side they should be inherently limited and regular posting will resume at some point.  

As a palliative I've been trolling Steve Sailer. You can get the feed here.

If the hiatus lasts longer than a month (maybe more than two?) I commit to resuming posts on the first of a month. There's also an RSS feed. Works fine for me, though it can be buggy for some folk. I use an in-browser solution since I never want more than a dozen feeds; a bookmark folder is a perfectly workable technique.


P.S. You can see it's not normal for my blog to be regular with a casual glance at the archives widget to your right.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Spectator Sports are Narcissism

To be completely, totally clear: playing a sport yourself is not narcissism. Playing a sport yourself is extremely healthy unless your teammates are all malignant narcissists. Physically moving your body and dealing with real, immediate, definitely-your-business physical problems. Except possibly golf, which is clearly profane for reasons I cannot articulate. 

The weird thing about spectator sports is it's largely about allowing the "professional" players to be narcissistic. Which is double-weird because a good sportsman usually isn't narcissistic, because playing a sport is so healthy and nobody can pretend winning is losing.* The final score is not subject to social word games.

*(Players aren't actually dumb (commonly 125-130 IQ) and I think this narcissism angle neatly explains why their interviews are so brain dead: you can't have the players contradicting the role the narcissist sport-watchers are projecting onto them, which means they can't say anything of substance. It would reveal some of their character. The fact national-level sport absolutely wipes you out mentally is merely a bonus; they don't have pretend to be thoughtless in post-match interviews. They are, temporarily.)

It would be super great to be a sportsball hugger or puck hucker if you were a narcissist, eh? Tens of thousands giving you narcissistic supply in person! (Hence the real narcissists are found behind guitars.) 


The puzzle with sportsball is it's kind of bad entertainment. Folk get just as excited at concerts, but you can't lose. If risk of loss is part of the appeal, there's casinos. You can buy nearly a dozen movie theatre outings for one evening at the ball game. And, you know, video games. You don't spend more time watching ads and breaks than playing a video game after you've fired it up. Maybe when plays with comically bad costumes were the height of entertainment technology, watching a sports game was competitive. That was a long time ago. 

Bad entertainment, unless you're delusional.

Spectator sports is a way for sports fans to reaffirm their own narcissism. By supporting the allegorical narcissism of the players, they normalize giving of narcissistic supply. The fan cheers for the players because you're supposed to cheer for the fan - especially when they're losing. 

I shouldn't have to say this, but I probably do: I'm not supporting the idea of abandoning your cooperators if they stumble. (Ref: tit for two tats.) A loss, however, is a loss. It's bad, not good. It's not time to cheer. 

A sports fan becomes an identity. What do you actually do? You sit in an overpriced chair, maybe wear an overpriced downmarket vest. It's nothing. Fake identity, especially one you get super excited about, is 100% narcissism. 

The narcissist lacks boundaries. To a narcissist there are two kinds of person: someone who is identical to the narcissist, and Others. As long as the players don't accidentally Other the narcissist, they can feel like the player's wins are their wins. You paid for a ticket, therefore you paid your salary, therefore they couldn't win without you, right? Right. The more you paid, the more the win is your win....despite the massive pot belly....
It's not like they're getting wins anywhere else, so the potential win is worth the risk of a loss.
See also: business owners will often show off their wealth by buying a particularly pointless reservation at the local stadium, but they will rarely attend the games. Even if they do, they will invite someone and functionally hold a business meeting. Why? They have money. They get their wins elsewhere.

I think this also explains why fans are so loyal to a particular team. To properly get into character, they Other every other team. Likewise, they feel Othered by that team when they, the big meanies, try to score on their team. To a narcissist, everything is personal. Everything that isn't narcissistic supply is an expression of personal hatred. 

Likewise, if you consciously pick an identity off the shelf, it feels fake. You have to "accidentally" choose an identity. In other words you can't just run the numbers and choose to be a fan of the team that wins the most. Or rather, the kind of person who runs the numbers and makes rational decisions is too healthy to be sucked into sportsball narcissism, so they never become a fan.

Parasociality is highly narcissist. Healthy minds find these fake plastic relationships as satisfying as a fake plastic sandwich.
Appearance trumps substance. They're very excited about signed materiel, and not at all bothered that the signing player couldn't pick them out of a lineup, let alone help them with anything IRL. Probably too busy to even say, "Sorry to hear that Champ, hang in there!" if you're having a bad day. Utterly worthless...unless you can wring narcissistic supply from signs and portents.
When they say players are idolized, it should be capitalized. They are Idolized. As a way of Idolizing the fan that "worships" them, because narcissists don't have boundaries. 

Egalitarianism: if [epic sportsdude du jour] is great and strong, then, because everyone is identical, the sports fan is great and strong too, see? Indeed they get a little bonus for recognizing how great and strong the player is, rather than turning their nose up at jocks or whatever I will inevitably be accused of doing.


If it were genuinely entertainment, watching the game would be the point. Watching it "live" would mean little. If you couldn't watch the game, the score would be irrelevant. Maybe find out who won for purposes of future drama, but it wouldn't be a big deal.
If the game were the point, then it wouldn't matter if video game versions of the sport had fictional players or even if they were all green space aliens. An offside is still an offside, a goal a goal.
If it were some benign prestige-by-association thing, knowing the score would be enough. Interruptions during play wouldn't be a big deal.

Since it's a narcissism thing, watching it "live" makes it easier to "identify" with the players - to confuse them with yourself.
Since it's a narcissism thing, the self-deception ritual works better if you're not brought out of suspension of disbelief by a distraction or someone cutting across your vision.
Since it's a narcissism thing, it's important to make sure that (as far as you know) you know everything the players know. They certainly know the exact score of every game they play in. (Again, the players aren't supposed to say anything in interviews you don't already know - which is pretty difficult since differing individuals will know wildly different things - unless they say, basically, nothing.) 


P.S. The flagrant anti-egalitarianism of sport arena market segmentation amuses me a lot. They don't even pretend to want to make the nosebleed seats feel like chads, there's rules specifically to (mildly) heckle them for being so poor. Also I'd like to know how they recruit thin, attractive, and typically white cheerleaders, since that's so very clearly an EEOC violation. They just kind of get away with it though. 

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Lacunae Regarding Intuition

There's IQ, your solar path explicit knowledge power.
Then there's intuition, the lunar path cognitive grasping power. 

They may be independent, or tightly linked. I'm not sure. They shouldn't be, though. IQ is work and intuition is free. It's the difference between being strong and being able to hoist the arch into place, and having the arch fall into place of its own accord.

Speaking of things I don't know, the power of your intuition is measured in how often it's just telling you that you don't already know. My intuition very rarely tells me I don't know, except for things that are inherently unknowable.

Is that normal, or is that huge?
For example, I apparently knew all about faeries all along. Nobody had to teach me, I have been and am inherently aware of how all that works - not consciously per se, but it has always all been there should I need it.

I can easily see folk using "cope" i.e. falsifying their intuitions. I also see folk failing to do any reps of set 2, so they can't hear what their intuition actually knows. 

Ironically, to learn the language of your intuition is intuitive. Know it by learning you already knew.  

What I don't know is whether my intuition is normal or again a ridiculous superability, like my IQ. Is this something that's factory default on Caino hypocritus, or do I functionally have oracular divination? I've noticed others using similar levels from time to time, but I don't know if that's because it's so common nobody feels the need to mention it, or they often don't mention it because they often don't have it.

Wanna help a [pseudonymous asshole on the internet] out with that?

Friday, January 28, 2022

Importance of Non-IQ Factors

IQ has been crashing since about 1850. As I've said before, aristocrats have a near-replacement fertility at the best of times, while the lowest slaves are all r-strategists and breed like rabbits. Almost exactly like rabbits, in fact.

However, we've only regressed to like the 1600s or 1500s. 

Falling IQ cannot explain the bulk of the degeneration. 

Especially since you can go look at the Moscow Metro. Don't have to go back hundreds of years to find something less Fascist. 


Child mortality has dropped from 50% to 1%, but aristocrats had hardly any child mortality to begin with, so that's nearly all extra underclass children. Massive explosion in followers while leader populations haven't budged except for peasant=>aristo atavism and de novo mutations. 

However, it's not like leader populations have actually zeroed out. Good taste hasn't vanished from the Earth...despite all efforts to make you believe the contrary. 

Rather, it is being suppressed. E.g. the writer's strike revealed that hollywood's writers are transcendentally better at writing than hollywood would have you believe. Executive meddling? Shouldn't one executive break ranks? What's stopping one of these writers from going "fuck it" and writing for a web novel site instead?
In reality, even the writers actively hate glorious art. They cooperate with their own (our own) immiseration.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Antisocial Media: Autism Made Me Use Twitter & Musings on Meatspace Socializing

Every heavy twitter suffers from major mental illness. Facebook may cause illness, but the effect is marginal. For twitter, and stuff like instagram, the crazy is the price of entry. You have to be disturbed or you instead do this weird thing where you talk to people in real life.

In my case, autism.

Twitter looks crazy batshit and also retarded. But I have autism: everyone looks batshit crazy and retarded all the time. I can't easily tell the difference. Everyone was using twitter, so I assumed there was some spergy blind spot stopping me from seeing that it actually works.

There wasn't. Twitter is mental illness.

Reminder that very few people are even meaningfully on the internet, let alone on twit-ter.

"In the US, 92% of tweets come from the top 10% of users."
"On average, Twitter US users spend 158.2 minutes per month on the app." Two and maybe a half hours. Per month. Only 1 in 7 Americans have a twit-ter account at all. Meaning essentially all twits come from 1/70th of the population, well less than 2%. The intended use case for twit-ter, the blucheka, is of course an even more rarified group.
You're a candidate for mental health (similar to, but not quite the same as, being a normie) if you spend no more than half an hour on social media a week. Maybe you get a pass for spending the train ride / uber to the bar messaging the guy you're physically meeting at the bar. 

That's pretty much a joke: if you do bar statistics, they look like twit-ter statistics, though it's not one monolithic company so the numbers are more expensive. Bar whores are not healthy, and this has never been untrue.

Bar whores are not healthy, and this has never been untrue. The difference between a chad and a virgin is no difference if the chad doesn't have kids. With his wife, meaning he has no time to go to the bar. This is more or less why social media hasn't caused anything new in America. It's pretty much the batshit crazy bar scene, but online instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I know occidentals used to meet in each other's houses. Having each other over for dinner and so on. Sometimes even holding this strange event known as a "party" where you invite more than one family over at a time. These weirdos like, enjoy each others company and even do it a second time!
Do you still do that? It's clearly in decline, but I don't know by how much.
Even if you're just going to lounge around watching TV, it's generally better with more people around than by yourself. Unless you're all negative on the social-skills scale or something.

Being autistic I'm more interested in the house than the company, so I try not to get myself invited anywhere...

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Brain Damage Archives; Poltergeists 2

Such a good ending spot yesterday, but there's more and I'm going to continue bullying this idiot.

"it was only the start of the 1970s. It was not until almost fifty years later that their dream was realized."

Satan is a real shitty manager. Getting simple tasks done in 50 years is the best he can do.

"However much the last several years may have seemed like an avalanche of shockingly rapid ideological coup d'états to those who saw power abruptly change hands in their institutions"

Narcissism of small differences.

Happens to America every 50 years or so. But, ignorance and narcissism. Something that hasn't happened to a narcissist hasn't happened at all, you see. If it happens to them for the first time, it's happening for the first time ever. [Unprecedented] is one of their favourite words.

It's the lack of empathy. The confusion of appearances and reality. When they see it happening to you, they don't feel anything, therefore they conclude you don't feel anything, because me = you, you see. ("Boundaries? What are those? Are they tasty?") When it happens to them, they do feel something, which is very different. Unprecedented, even.


"this suddenness was an illusion. Coups only succeed if the backers necessary to support them are already in place."

Damn, I would say the exact same thing.

This is how you know he's not actually stupid, he's made himself stupid. Probably with a sledge. At best, drank too much and didn't sleep enough. With 100% certainty, an intellectual couch potato. Untrained.

Coups succeed if you've already won, except...

"it took literally a generation of young intellectuals and activists simultaneously inspired and disillusioned by the left-radicalism [...] for their influence to fully flower."

Reality: as they say, Communism is American as apple pie. There was never any right. It was always left and less-left. It was always dispirited Satanists vs. devout Satanists. 

A devout literally-anyone-else-ist can trounce Satanists in job lots, but when you're both Satanist, obviously Satan is going to back the more devout one every time. 

This is the sense in which Moldbug is correct that the right can't do long marches: lying about your motives is lying, which is Satanist. You can't out-Satanist Satan. Even if you were dedicated to the strategy and successfully concealed your motives, you can't use this strategy to make an anti-Satanist society. You won't be able to get any allies. The second you break character you'll go down. 

Satan has very few of his own powers indeed, but the one thing you absolutely cannot do is trick him. He's literally the deity of deceit. Not gonna fuckin' work, you ponce.

"instead mostly trying to either force the institutions to behave differently through political power (mostly pointless)"

This shining star probably thinks POTUS has political power. 

ed: it's sloppy thinking. POTUS isn't political. Who actually runs the CIA is extremely political, but newspaper editors know better than to try to cross the CIA, so you don't hear about it. Even the loser in that race has more than enough clout to destroy you and your little dog too, so if you know enough to stick your nose in their business, you know enough to keep your nose the hell out of their business. 

For some reason the author continues to call the latter non-political. Are king's courts not political, because they don't have elections? Was your last office job not political? They have real hire-and-fire. 


"fleeing from the institutions entirely in a bid to create new ones from the ground up (a longshot, if more promising)"

...but only because Americans have become so American. 

Someone created the institutions from the ground up in the first place. The competence threshold is lower the second time around, not higher, because you can copy a lot of their work. 

The only wrinkle is staying out of the eye of Sauron. E.g. don't literally call yourself the Harvard replacement, because it threatens their tax racketeering and Satan will pull himself away from cat-herding to deal with you personally.

Fact is Satan does have legitimate authority...because Caino hypocritus hypocritus has ceded it. Don't try to usurp Satan. He's sort of the god of usurpation. Allegorically, the 9th circle of hell is the traitor's paradise.

Merely Withdraw your Consent. Un-cede any authority you granted. Refuse to get usurped again. Satan can't do shit against genuine authority.

As before, this requires you to give up narcissism and to be able to recognize Fascism when you see it. Giving up 50% usurpation doesn't 50% cut it. It's not exactly 100% xor 0%....but it might as well be.

"Either way, [the marginally less-left] seem to hope everything [nudged slightly left] by the left can be reversed in the matter of only a few years, which is naïve on multiple levels because…"


"Culture wars are generational wars, and the young are woke as hell. In his book Bowling Alone, the legendary political scientist Robert Putnam explained that sweeping social changes typically only occur “generation to generation,” or through what he called “cohort change.”"

Here in Reality, conversion by the sword works just fine. Belief flows from the barrel of a gun.

They try not to be obvious about it though, since America's political formula is "consent of the governed." It's all a lie - and narcissist Americans would hate it were it not - but to play the game correctly it's not supposed to be too obviously a lie.

Nevertheless, Ruby Ridge happened, Waco happened, 9/11 happened, in fact everyone hates masks, etc etc.

The real force constraining Satanism in America is the fact Satanism doesn't work. Satanism reliably causes catastrophes, disasters, and crises. In short they want another egg from the golden goose before they have to slaughter it. 

In long, only a Satanist has to surrender to other Satanists. The 50% usurper can always causally drop-kick the 60% usurper...except that they have to justify their 50% usurper parts. Lying always makes you weak. The 60%er can always put them in a position where they have to give up their 50% usurpation or get pwned, and Americans reliably side with Satan, so...

The only reason Sauron is dangerous at all is exactly because he hasn't allowed his Sauronism to render his goblins and orcs entirely twisted beyond biological feasibility. Sauron can only twist things another few degrees once Americans have submitted to the latest round of degeneration and thus can't credibly threaten his goons anymore.

Ref: Afghanistan. Even idiot half-Satanic goat herders can defeat America if they don't take Satan as legitimate.

"Instead the “real target of [their] ideas are not their contemporaries, but their contemporaries’ children and grandchildren.”"

Americans continue to send their kids to Prussian school.

At this point I assume they enjoy being cuckolded. Though in this case I prefer the term changeling: the child is replaced by someone who merely looks like him. 

Even Moldbug send his kids to the changeling institution.
The core symptom of narcissism is self-hatred.

"Sorry conservatives, but that’s the 67 million-strong cohort who will fill the pipeline"

Meanwhile, the Amish again. 'Sorry, why am I supposed to care, tho?'  

The real reason: conservatives are (narcissistic-delusionally) convinced they're the better Satanist, and are miffed they're not Satan's favourite kid. (For neocons, not his favourite kid anymore.)

Every devil is convinced he would make the better prince of this world. A better prince of hell. Pride is the ur-sin.

"They advanced an essentially psychological explanation for why so many college students were suddenly acting simultaneously like fragile snowflakes and rabid authoritarians"

America is a cult. A narcissistic cult. All of a sudden, America became more American, and everyone was shocked, shocked.

Because they're way too narcissistic to be particularly self-aware.

Basically Last Psych is a real scholar. Haidt and his buddies are just some more Satanists who will be lumped in with all the Satanists across history, such as Ipuwer's contemporaries and Protagoras.

"had adopted a number of beliefs totally inverse to the Stoic-derived principles considered best practice by modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These unhealthy beliefs included: always trusting your feelings, assuming disagreement is always a personal attack, and believing hurtful words lead to real harm, including permanent trauma."

To call a spade a spade, it's important to first know what a spade is. Otherwise you tend to get dazzled by all these metal things on wooden poles. Such variety! Some are wide, some are narrow. Some sharp, some dull. Some curved, some flat. It's all so confusing.
"That one's missing a handle!"
" you mean the pole it's attached to, or the crossbar at the top?"

Note that hurtful words do lead to real harm if they come from e.g. your mom. Or your mom-deputies, like teachers, who tell you you're not good enough every time they score your homework below 100%. 

"As things have progressed, it’s become increasingly clear to me that these claims to offense are often used as cunningly deliberate weapons against empathetic liberals, and are probably frequently evidence less of psychological fragility than of psychopathy."

True until the last bit. Psychopathy is simply the apotheosis of the cluster B symptomology. 

I'm not sure if I'm being allegorical or not: psychopathy occurs when the shards of the shattered soul are cleared away entirely, leaving nothing behind but the possessing devil.

This is not metaphorical: Prussian school is an industrial-scale demon-possession operation. Fichte was a conscious, intentional agent of Satan. It either worked or narcissism is so similar to possession that it perfectly serves his purposes.

The one major difference: the shattered narcissist soul can't be fixed by exorcism. Yes you can drive out the contamination, but it will simply return within hours. Demons are weak and cannot attack healthy souls any more than someone with enough vitamin D can get a cold. If you have spiritual AIDS, have fun with that: spiritual clean rooms are impossible. 

"From 2009 to 2019, the proportion of high school students reporting persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness increased by 40%."

This is basically why you don't worship Satan. Doesn't exactly have your best interests at heart. No matter how painful, restrictive, or humiliating it might be to worship a different deity, it's still better than this.

"The pandemic has had a devastating impact on Gen Z’s already fragile mental health."

Godplagues are bad for Satanists.

I really have to hand it to corona's spiritual architects. The finesse is astounding. Corona-chan hardly kills or sickens anyone at all...yet the damage to the impious has been immense. 

I have personally seen only benefits, incidentally. Blessed be the infections. Have you tried not being a sinner? It's pretty neat. Thumb's up.

"In what is rapidly becoming one of my preferred explanations for the Revolution"

I was going to make fun of this, but I can't even. Poe's law. How do you satirize someone who thinks Revolution is in any way not American? wat

"elite overproduction"

Just no.
Look: elites do things. That's what makes them elite. Elite is as elite doings. If they have to be granted seats by some benevolent master, they're not elites, they're troglodytes. 

I suppose collectivists do enjoy their daddy model of wealth. God simply grants products from on high, the question is whether they'll go to big brother, little sister, or the golden middle child. The "elite" is whoever God favours with His manna. It's not like you could go out and bake your own bread or anything. You have to be anointed by bread at the holy grocery store, or you just don't deserve it.

"“Wokeness” is still required by law."

...and finally we come to the genuine driver. Cthulu swims left because swimming right is illegal. Cthulu is an honest, upright, law-abiding citizen. Cthulu is Karen, asking you to please, ever so kindly and gently, to put your mask back on, forever.

"But likely much more important is that they are terrified of the law."

"The scope of U.S. federal antidiscrimination statutes that grew out of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have already made the core facts of what people think of as “Wokeness” the law of the land."

See also: Lincoln. See also: the founding fathers. Who should more accurately be called mothers. Sure they were manly compared to the soyboys of today, but for the time they were amazing φαγγως. Which is why America is so goddamn fake and gay.

"So, as Christopher Caldwell has painstakingly explained, the unintended legacy of the original “emergency measures” of 1964'

unintended lol

Oh yeah sure they planned a whole half-century long march through institutions, but they were so surprised where they ended up when it was complete! Totally shocked.

The only reason the founding mothers didn't write "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" was because they knew it would look retarded and they would get lynched. 

Never forget that after the War of Petulant American Tantrums, tax rates tripled or something, and the only reason it ever came down at all was because they were trying to get on Laffer's good side. 

They were sort of trying to be Rome, but, "In the early days of the Roman Republic, public taxes consisted of modest assessments on owned wealth and property. The tax rate under normal circumstances was 1% and sometimes would climb as high as 3% in situations such as war." That means: landless peasants didn't even pay tax. A 1% tax on patricians paid for all the governing you would ever need. Everything else is rents.

The 'intolerable' tax was a 3-cent tax on a pound of tea, which cost about 36 cents. 8% or so, and of course only on tea, not on literally everything. In California today you pay the same. On literally everything. After income tax. Is this 'intolerable'? Great work guys. Really kept that tax demon the bottle.

Or are they massive fucking liars?


"But because enforcement gradually expanded through new case law and executive orders, and therefore “there was no statutory ‘smoking gun’ behind it, this new system of censorship was easily mistaken for a change in the public mood.”"

Yeah what a genius plan. Who could possibly have thought of this. It definitely happened through inevitable historical forces, not through being /headdesk obvious.


"(practically holy writ in American society due to having tackled a genuinely great moral wrong)"

The great moral wrong of Bantu-Americans suffering under jobs, education, businesses, and families. Luckily civil rights fixed all that genuinely great moral wrong. Now they're poor, stupid, feckless, and maybe fifty Bantu in the whole country live with their father until adulthood. Winning!

"This means the foundations have truly tremendous influence over public policy, because every nominally independent think tank, for example, automatically tailors its projects to attract the blessing of their funding."

Of course if it didn't work the subtle way, they would bust out the sledgehammer and make it illegal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Or rather, when it doesn't work out. Ref: Gab. Ref: every heretical patreon.

Admittedly I'm not sure how Substack isn't dead yet. In the long term it's nothing more than a doxxing engine, but it does seem to somehow be swimming okay so far.

 "The Ford Foundation is also a great example of how the foundations often run riot well beyond even the intentions of their donors."

They don't "run riot" they were seized in a coup, you squalling infant. If they weren't infiltrated by CIA operatives, it was only because they were infiltrated by State Department operatives. 

"we can get thrown out or we can go broke; but those people, they’ve got nobody to answer to."

Hmm, to whom do you suppose Ford is referring. What kind of funding occurs irrespective of the funders' ongoing desire to fund the thing?

Sadly that sounds Chad. Satanists are not Chad. They appear unaccountable, but this is an illusion. It's just that they're accountable to utter psychopaths motivated by pure sadism. The psycho lords know better than to be caught holding these yahoos accountable. It doesn't mean they can't do it, it just means they're hiding it, as any devout Satanist should on general principles.

"wield only a shadow of the influence exerted more quietly by titans of finance like the “Big Three” asset managers, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street. With a collective $22 trillion in assets under management, and owning an average of 22% of the typical S&P 500 company, these three firms have the power to dictate corporate policy across the world, both by acting as voting proxies for their index fund investors, and through the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards they choose to set as requirements for investment. And because these firms’ leaders are now woke (or at least see advantage in acting woke)"

Are they in fact drooling morons who can't even figure out that if you go woke, you go broke?
Is the CEO of a trillion-dollar company a non-competitive position? Will nobody try to usurp it?

Why do their investments keep going up, not down?

Answer: tax money.

In reality if these "private" companies weren't exactly as private as porn stars, this would be flagrantly impossible. If Vanguard broke ranks and started funding anti-woke (i.e. non-Communist, i.e. profitable) companies, they would instantly start dominating finance...except the part where all their anti-woke companies would suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of new regulations, rendering all these investments worthless.

These companies would have run out of money less than five years after their founding if they weren't being propped up with corporate welfare and/or distinctly privileged tax laws and/or outright crime. They are modern pirates. They live off plunder and letters of marque. Only they prey on their own subjects instead of foreign ones. Thanks America!

Even when being propped up by blatantly unfair laws, do you think a trillion-dollar company can be run by a buffoon? Please. At some point the bridges just fall down and no amount of legislation can keep them up. Even if it were given to a buffoon, it would rapidly be seized by a non-buffoon. They know exactly what they're doing. Sociology isn't even hard.

"Not only is the American political class’ power over moneyed interests held back by legal limits"

ass backwards

"Despite their collective anger about Wokeness, America’s conservatives, in particular, still seem to have no real consensus or even understanding of how to begin to tackle such a problem, given their traditional worship of capital."

Or they're just lying. They know they're beat but have to come up with some bullshit to feed to their voters.

The puzzle is why anyone joins the RNC at all these days. Anyone older than 5 years old will instantly notice it's a scam from getting the barest hair on the inside. One-party state. Why stay?

"As outlined in detail above, the woke left is unloading huge amounts of cash to advance the social causes that matter to them. On what social causes has the right matched this level of funding, or even enthusiasm?"

Yeah damn why does the not-printing-press party fail to match the level of funding as the printing-press party. It is a terrible, confusing mystery.

Or you can read your public choice theory. 

The DNC needs the RNC to corral anyone who isn't on board with looting America as efficiently as possible. They need Americans to think there's an alternative. To think there's a way, at the ballot box, to signal "enough is enough," because if they tried to signal it away from the ballot box... Well, there's a chance, however remote, that it might actually work. Can't have that.

Certainly can't let the RNC get caught looting anything. It would spoil the kayfabe. Have to let them be funded by, like, actual donations. Which is tricky, since they have no services to offer.

Seem to have managed it though. Satan works hard and gets those cats herded in the end.

"And if this is a “culture war,” is there a [dispirited Fascist] foundation for the arts? No, it doesn’t seem like it."

Yeah it would really help if the less-left has its own art. It would be immediately distinguishable, I'm sure.

"traditional liberal principles be damned."

I probably need to stop being amazing that anyone thinks liberals are liberal. 

Remember how Americans have finally noticed that civil rights is woke? When do you suppose they'll notice civil rights is liberalism? 2050?

"be prepared for the inevitable outbreak of the Second Woke Crusade to extirpate all the Racist Forces of Evil from the nation once and for all (some might argue this has already begun)"

Almost notices at the end there he's going all post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Nobody in power gives a shit who POTUS is.
Come to think the major reason they're pissed about Jan 6 is likely that, had the Capitol been occupied (like they occupied those city halls) the real movers would have had to pay attention to avoid showing their hand. 

Recall Belgium's government was suspended for over a year, over 500 days, and nobody noticed. America is the same, except the part where should DC be seized and then the government continues as normal, someone will care. The real movers at least believe they have something to be afraid of. They would have to pretend to hold back and they would have to read the news to find out when they could stop, and they feel exactly the same way I do about reading the news.

Personally I think Americans are such cucks they would do nothing but whine about it on twitter, but hey, I'm not the professional here.

Bonus round: they probably couldn't stop, in practice. Lord shortage and responsibility laundering. The initiatives can't be clawed back on any kind of reasonable time frame. Certainly not in response to twitches of some local mob.

"If all this were the case, there might be a need to build a big, beautiful metaphorical wall, to separate the inner from the outer, allies from enemies, the good people from the bad people."


Or in the case of America, a very literal wall around the white house.  

"In this way the woke revolution strikes me as similar to the Chinese Cultural Revolution"

Dimly, the lost one recognizes that Fascism is Fascist.

"Like a hydra, today’s Revolution is a complex beast with many heads; its causes and its consequences may be multitudinous."


The problem with Fascism is that America is Fascism and Americans are Fascist. Americans prefer the hellscape they've created ("Hospitalization for suicide attempts by girls in particular rose 51% from 2019 to 2021") to ever being "un-American." Fear not America, the heavens have heard your prayer, and will grant it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Brain Damage Archives: "Inevitable Historical Forces" vs. Satanic Narcissism

Nick Land: "Unrelenting blizzard of swirling inter-excited abhorrence. Among the greatest works of synthesis I've ever seen."

Typically this is a bad sign. Someone has been giving Land his narcissistic supply. However, we all live in Pontus now, and it's not like you yahoos are sending me any links. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The basic thesis is correct, at least: Woke isn't going anywhere.
At best, the stormtroopers are getting their long-delayed crack upside the cranium for doing Wokeness so stupid. Satan is a shitty manager. He knows what he's doing but he has serious issues getting any of his devils to actually do it. Because they're devils. You know how Jews always get rules-lawyered and betrayed at the first opportunity when they perform one of their traditional/lindy devil-summoning rituals? Do you suppose devils behave any better for Satan? Personnel is policy.

"(note the foe hasn’t even been successfully named yet, let alone routed)"

You should know by now what I'm going to say - the problem is the foe isn't a foe, and naming it means looking the mirror. It's Fascism. 

"The world is divided into a dualistic struggle between oppressed and oppressors"

Dogmatism and xenophobia / obsession with the Plot of the Enemy.


"language fundamentally defines reality; therefore language (and more broadly “the word” – thought, logic, logos) is raw power"

More precisely, social reality == reality, in other words Narcissism with a capital N. 


"his has created power hierarchies enforced by the creation of false boundaries and authorities"

Narcissists always project.

Non-narcissists aren't fussed about hierarchies at all. I know this may be difficult to grasp, because we were all raised surrounded by narcissists and expected to act as narcissistically as possible. The point is if you have sheep and I want to buy a fleece, it doesn't particularly matter whether you're a plague-ridden leper or literally a glorious and humbling Avatar of God. The bale is still $650. I still get my fleece. If you're literally King You and demand I bow and scrape, maybe I'll even do it if you chunk the price down to $600. Otherwise I'm going to your neighbour and buying his fleece instead.

Narcissists can't cooperate. They can only deviate, so who can get away with defecting on whom is always foremost in their minds. They cannot forget the hierarchy for even a second, or they will try to bully someone who carries a bigger stick.

"no oppression existed in the mythic past, the utopian pre-hierarchical State of Nature"

A tragic half-memory of their innocent pre-narcissism childhood. Before their minds had been shattered into a thousand pieces and colonized by demons and devils, they were capable of cooperating.

"all disparities visible today are de facto proof of the influence of hierarchical oppression"

Narcissists are consumed by envy. They believe anyone inspiring envy in them is doing it on purpose, i.e. "oppressing" them. 

"and power redistributed from the oppressors to the oppressed"

Deep down narcissists are aware they're broken and need drastic action taken to even bring them back up to par. They sometimes visualize the problem as a liquid the healthy have that they are lacking, which could conceivably be scooped out of the healthy and poured into them. They call it wealth and power because narcissists lack imagination and can't imagine anything more to life than materialism. Secondly because they're so desperate for sustenance that they've forgotten anything except base sustenance exists.

In reality what they're missing is love.
You can watch Christians cynically exploiting this to induct narcissists into their cult.

Narcissism is not correctly named. Ironically, the very last place a narcissist will look is in the mirror.
It's not like they don't know what they would see, after all. They see it every day. They can't see anything else.

"I could go on, but the real point is that these are faith-beliefs"

Is every false religion an expression of mental illness?

Come to think, yes. Indeed, committing to a false religion will reliably cause dementia. To either come to the beliefs, or to keep the beliefs, Reality must be distorted. What is the fundamental symptom of every mental illness? Reality distortion.

Proof by contradiction: if your "crazy" beliefs are true, they're not crazy.

"I mean, did the gaping hole of meaning in people’s lives created by the uprooting forces of secular liquid modernity get resolved in some alternative way while we weren’t looking?"

Ironically, this guy is Woke. 

Again, I know this is hard to believe, but like poverty and concealment, the natural state of humanity is meaningfulness. 

99% of the time, someone with existential meaning problem needs to have kids. After their firstborn, you go all, "Oh, right. Yes. Now I get it." Typically day-of.

Having a kid is merely the obvious one. Meaning is everywhere. Only an all-hands-on-deck all-out assault on meaning could possibly render the world seemingly meaningless. If you want a meaningful life, all you have to do is stop digging. (If this seems difficult, it's because practically all your habits include a shovel, and you've been told all your life the shovels are ladders.) 

"And in fact, meanwhile, it also seems that…3. Social atomization hasn’t reversed."

Is Homo Sapiens (Caino Hypocritus Hypocritus) a social animal or not? Do you suppose for an instant that you can atomize families without the ongoing application of tremendous force?

It's sure handy when you take these sorts of things for granted, isn't it? When you consider fighting back against atomizing forces about as much as you consider fighting back against a thunderstorm?

The atomizing measures are extremely expensive; if you fought back even a little they would become unaffordable. But then, they wouldn't stop trying to pay for it, and America per se would become insolvent. I can see why you might hesitate. 

You are a faithless coward, right? This author certainly is. We can't expect any better.

"Atomization is probably the inevitable byproduct of liberal modernity."

I do so love it when the prey refuses to even run, considering my jaws the inevitable byproduct of historical forces.

No wait that's a lie. I hate it and it's boring. There's no pride in being a lion when a toothless badger can hunt exactly the same prey I can. Heck, at this point the sheep are so docile they'll let themselves get eaten by other sheep.

These idiots will die on their own even if I don't do anything. The only benefit to doing it myself is my teeth are sharp and I can end it quick.

N.B. you can literally, with your physical teeth, bite off a ram's balls, without getting kicked. It was a standard practice for centuries, and may still be standard. Fascists make sheep look hard and sharp.

"That is: liberalism made the autonomy of the individual its highest good."

TFW φαγγωτ Plato makes your "intellectuals" look like drooling midgets. The anti-intellectualism is real. Very real indeed.

"the state therefore found itself obliged"


"being unable to resist claims"


Literally defending his parasite. "No no I need this worm boring through my skull." Well, I mean, it's true that if I yank it away from you, it will stop plugging the hole with its body and you'll bleed out...

"exercise its power to help progressively liberate the individual from all limits and constraints"

Cool. So it has liberated me from the constraint which stops me selling myself into slavery.
Cool. It has liberated me from the constraint which stops me from signing a no-divorce marriage contract.
Cool. It has liberated me from having to pay taxes.
Try listening to what comes out of your mouth, you illiterate child. Did you know words have meanings? It's true! Mind blown yet?

The actual problem is envy. The narcissist needs to be "liberated" from anything which inspires envy. Grass is greener? Envy. More loving family? Envy. Mayor better than your mayor? Envy. Etc etc.

In reality having a community isn't illegal. The Amish are still around. You don't have to reject technology the way they do, but you do have to reject America. What would the neighbours say? 

You do have to reject Prussian schooling. You have to let the neighbours call you "ignorant." You do have to look at every situation and notice how it's being warped, then un-warp it. Which means being able to recognize Fascism as Fascism when you see it.

You have to accept that Envy is a sin and indulging it - as you have been doing - makes you a bad person. Oof.

In short you have to stop being Plato's democratic man.

"On the one hand it is actually a kind of anti-liberal reactionary movement, a blind, emotional scramble to grasp desperately for collectivism"

Please tell me I don't have to refute this narcissistic puke. I guess I'll include a hint, just in case: Manicheanism as opposed to Daoism.

"“Wokeness” so often seems mixed up and chaotically self-contradictory"

Turns out Sophists gonna Soph. They're lying, no wonder it doesn't make internal sense.
Second they're insane and/or preying on the insane. Turns out madness looks crazy. Who would have thought.

"in the most basic, tribal sort of community seemingly still available: in identity groups"

Nobody comes out and says you have to hate your family. Instead it (apparently) becomes so unthinkable that they start to believe families aren't even a thing.

Well, okay. Hey, protip: your brothers and sisters are more similar to you than anyone else on the planet, by a wide margin. Making friends with them is easier than making friends with anyone else, and thus it's good to start with them if you need to practice. 

Unless your parents are literally soul-killed, you cannot make them stop putting up with you. This means you can make infinity mistakes and be 100% forgiven the next day. You can try again until you stop making mistakes. 

Family is easy mode. 

Mine was literally soul-killed though. So there's that possibility.

"in fixed racial identity in particular"

I don't know if you've heard. Maybe the news is a bit new and I'm asking too much.
Hey: it turns out your full-blooded siblings are typically the same race as you. Usually. 

What a fucking liar. Nobody is this stupid and still capable of tying their shoes without a minder.
When I describe Fascism as theocratic Satanism, never doubt I'm 100% serious. It's so true it's pretty funny.

"But, on the other hand, it simultaneously attempts to continue embracing the [social construction of narcissist identity] as its most sacred principle, celebrating a [narcissist’s] right to self-define everything about themselves without limit, up to and including their own concept of material reality."


"(This cognitive dissonance has never been much more than an ideological speedbump, however – don’t get your hopes up.)"

(Crazy people tolerate craziness - don't get your hopes up.) 

The insight. So profound.

"And this hyper-individualism"

I guess I'll be explicit: collectivism is also narcissism. This is why narcissists always make this Manichean dichotomy: it gets them out of looking in the mirror.

"offering hope for the boundless potential necessary to escape from any [non-social, physical, external] limits whatsoever"

...such as the fact collectivism has been a catastrophic failure every time it's been tried.

"Ultimately, what’s more important in driving societal change: ideas, individuals, material conditions, or technological forces? That’s a fascinating question to debate"

...because it lets us avoid the real issues completely. 

"it’s become manifestly clear that the ongoing revolution in information technology, most notably the internet and social media, has been a tremendous driver of cultural and political change."

The fact this author is claiming this is, in and of itself, evidence against the thesis.

In Reality technology is merely revealing the narcissism that Americans always suffered from. At most it's broken a few dikes or berms which hid the worst bits from view. 

"In fact a growing number of [narcissists] tend to attribute nearly the entire phenomenon of Wokeness to technological factors."

Heaven is not a democracy. Ad populum is a fallacy. The fact a lot of narcissists like it is prima facie evidence that it's insane.

"Social scientist Jonathan Haidt"

Yup, definitely cope.
Reminder: the actual significant event in 2009-2012 was one of the CIA's hobbles being released; now it's legal for them to perform explicit psyops on Americans in America. 

Journalists are irresponsible professional gossips, and somehow manage to be even more ignorant than the emptiest airhead stay-at-home Karen you've ever met.

We're done here.

"There is no authority."


"Who or what institution today is now able to establish any kind of common metaphysical framework"

omg are you high
like I know this moron is an idiot, but I'm still a bit dumbstruck

Narcissism. I said it twice because, because oh my fucking god.

Every American is a walking clone of every other American, but they spend so much time navel-gazing they can actually tell the difference. Which they then pretend is significant in any way.

They won't even use not-Twitter if not-Twitter is available. And they certainly won't read their de Tocqueville. (If the illiterates even can.) 

Like, who even is this french fag, right guys? Nobody has heard of him, right? The key to being different and unique is to read the same things everyone else is reading, after all, which is why nobody in America reads someone unless the author becomes popular first.

"Political parties can’t choose their policies."

It's just a coincidence that every DNC policy increases the number of DNC voters and DNC donations, while decreasing RNC voters or strangling RNC funds.

How lucky.

Just the inevitable forces of history. 

They ultimately chose not to defund any police force anywhere, because, um...hey look a squirrel! Chase it boy, chase it!

You ridiculous cuck. You really want to lose so bad? Don't worry, the heaven will answer your prayer.

"So theoretically they would just drop these things, stop talking about them, change course, and talk about popular things."

The other reason I make fun of American "scholars" for their obsession with saying counter-intuitive things is because, when their guard is down, they say the most childishly naive shit you can possibly imagine. Every time their love of invented sophistication might actually have an application, they run, don't walk.

Anyway I've already formalized this. Political formulae are perverse: you don't show off how chad you are by following the rules, you show off by breaking the rules and getting away with it.

Americans love chads. They have no heroes, so they make do with criminals. They both break the rules, right? If there were any heroes, I would envy them, so there must not be any heroes, only criminals...

"And this minority is steering the ship, because…8. Majorities don’t matter."

So let me get this straight. The DNC is haplessly tossed about in the sea of historical forces, and also dominated by the conscious and intentional guidance of a particular minority.

Cope harder, φαγγωτ.

"and the majority doesn’t care enough to get all bloody dying on this particular culinary hill"

Human tribalism is of course known for being tolerant and open-minded about small differences.

You don't hear about Salem witch trials for the witch having her wart on the wrong side of her nose or anything. Practically unheard of.

This is definitely just the natural state of natural Caino hypocritus hypocritus. 

And it's definitely not happening right now in America as we speak. Definitely surely 100% not government-sponsored or anything.

It just happens to hit everyone who votes wrong, like POTUS 45. How lucky. Trump was just too easy-going, you know? Hated to piss anyone off or state his opinion too forcefully.

Moldbug's poltergeists. "Flying plates! Irresistible forces of historical destiny!"

"Personnel is policy."

Now I'm worried. This crazy fucker is agreeing with me? Dammit, I'm going to have to check everything for errors now...

"As one consultant/cleric recently advised teachers, “Don’t say critical race theory, just teach its precepts"


"After all, who is going to stop them? Will they be fired by the woke human resources department, or the woke principal? Abandoned by the woke teachers’ union? Reported to the state by their un-woke peers, all of whom have already been systematically purged from the collective for their heresy? If concerned parents do manage to get them fired, who will hire their replacements? Why… the woke HR department!"


Problem: who is going to pull their kids out of school? The Americoid parents?

Who reads the newspapers, instead of not reading them?

Who watches CNN, instead of ridiculing anyone who watches CNN?

Who voted?

"All the institutional high ground is still occupied. Have the top universities already been retaken from the woke, or replaced?"

Have American stopped going to university?

Do you need a Harvard degree to get a good job in an Amish community? Why do you need a Harvard degree in an American community?

Have Americans stopped respecting medical licensing requirements? Did you know [doctor] is in fact a blue-collar job, not a white-collar job?

Have American started making their own videos instead of relying on Hollywood and the Hollywood-adjacent?

"They know from experience that…11. Long marches are long."

...and the delusion closes once again over the poor, mad fool. 

Setting aside Moldbug's many semi-cogent arguments showing the right can't march long, taking Harvard back would indeed be a monumental task. 

In reality, all you need to do is Withdraw your Consent. Harvard is a shithole that happens to have enough money for nice buildings. (They're not called 'ivies' as a joke.) Why would you want it back?

(Also it was never yours in the first place.)

The Amish already exist. They are not legitimate. 

You don't need to rebel. You don't need "independence" any more than the original colonists did. 

Because you already have it.

Pick it up.

Monday, January 24, 2022


I've said it clearly, but not all in one place. I have a bad habit where I imply things rather than saying them straight out. (I blame someone else, but they're dead already. For several other reasons beside, either I fix it or nobody does...)

Atheism == Satanism == Narcissism == Sophistry == Fascism.

America has always been a Satanist theocracy.
Every American reference to "God" refers explicitly and specifically to Satan. I suppose the one on the banknotes may refer to Mammon, but don't be pedantic.

Does it seem strange that the nation that worships the prince of this world (e.g. Luke 4:5-7) should end up as a world empire? 

Or that this empire would be a hellish dystopia? 

Does it seem strange that even the alleged Christians of America are so impious? Even, or rather especially, the Bible-thumpers? 

P.S. Fascism == secular humanism == universalist unitarianism == radical egalitarianism == envy worship == the revolutionary regime, the high shall be brought low, and the low raised high. (Isaiah 40:4)

Sunday, January 23, 2022

What is Blogging For?

How do I tell if this is working?

Bit of a huge puzzle. Slightly enormous. While I work it out, let's devastate some more Moldbug. Don't have to think about this sort of thing too much, it happens naturally.

"got it right when he said that Adam Smith (his classical-liberal foil) was right about everything—given Adam Smith’s assumptions."
"Adam Smith is right given the assumption that the world is one giant country."

Big Brother is mad that you might be reading Adam Smith. 

Smith's "assumption" is you're not literally at war. Voluntary trade is always beneficial for both parties unless one of them is an idiot, who will get jacked. A fool and his money are soon to part, praise be. 

What is the one thing trades with Big Brother never are? Voluntary. Hence the cope.


I suppose I have to check real quick I'm not misreading Smith.

"Neoclassical economists emphasise [sic] Smith's invisible hand, [...] and classical economists believe that Smith stated his programme for promoting the "wealth of nations" in the first sentences, which attributes the growth of wealth and prosperity to the division of labour." 

...those are the same thing you idiots. Have you tried hiring economists who don't have crippling brain damage?

Division of labour causes the invisible hand. Everyone knows their own job and what they need for it, which they then demand, which causes a sum of pressures which you know as the market. Turns out, as per Adam Smith, nothing exists which is even remotely as effective for organizing an economy as this sum of pressures. 

Division of labour is inevitable.
Unless you are personally the top expert at every job and have up-to-date knowledge of all the relevant inputs in all those jobs, you don't know everything you need to know to plan an economy. You have to leave the planning to someone else, which we've just proven can be nobody. By process of elimination (Solomonoff induction) it's the invisible hand, the invisible hand, or the invisible hand. The only question is whether you're leaving tacks and acid on the things the hand needs to pick up. You can leave broken glass all over stuff and make the hand's job harder than it needs to be, or you can leave it alone.

Or, in long, Mises' calculation problem.

Or, in short, mind your own damn fucking business. Turns out "busybody" is a absurdly mild euphemism for Satanic Narcissist. 

E.g. it's not like divorce-free (real) marriage was priced out of the market, it was banned. Why? Because they're afraid the price of real marriage will rise above that above fake no-fault-divorce marriage. And they should know, shouldn't they? That's a Conquest #1. 


Big Brother particularly hates the invisible hand because it renders them redundant. All the things they say can only be provided by the Oedipal Big Brother can in fact be provided by voluntary contracts. This is a real problem. What camouflage can the Potemkin Parasite Village use if you're supposed to privatize all these services? 

Result: California is already having brownouts, and its water is like 80% powered by this one nuclear plant, which they can't rebuild because California and is scheduled for decomissioning in two years. Have fun! 

Reminder that leeching off a parasite is not only not-wrong, it's your duty and privilege. If your ship has a rat problem, develop a rat pie recipe. They're rats so this is nontrivial, but it's not impossible. 


You were always at war with Big Brother. For him, declaring peace is literal, physical suicide. So I suppose it's true that Smith's theories don't apply to Big Brother. 

"Both List and Smith were right about everything."

Hegel was right about synthesis, but if you do it correctly you find they're both wrong about everything, not right. At best they both condemn you as abomination. In this case Smith is already the synthesis, and List is some has-been who will be forgotten by history. Why not get a head start on history and forget him right now? He might be right about something but you can get all the good stuff elsewhere.

Ironically I will recommend a Moldbug piece.
If you don't get it yet, read and then you're done. Real, non-communist economics is ultra easy. Takes what, a week? Maybe spend another couple thinking about what you've read? It takes longer to learn algebra.

"We must concede the possibility that they used to be right—for the mid-20th-century."

This is what your brain looks like on high-A.

"If different parts of the world have divergent interests, Adam Smith is no longer right: parts can gain at the expense of other parts, winning in a negative-sum game."

This is what happens when you let your brain get eaten by a responsibility-atheist worm. You can't tell the difference between defection and cooperation anymore.

Why would Big Brother want you start believing defection is a kind of cooperation? Hmm. Truly, I am stumped.

"“MMT” is right given the assumption that citizens are forced to save in the state currency."

Maybe. I won't even pretend to care, since it has "forced" right there in plain English. 'MMT is right given endemic coercion/banditry.' Got a bigger problem there bud.

"“MMT” is no longer right: the “inflation tax” it depends on is straightforwardly evaded." 

By "inflation tax" Moldbug is referring to the fact that, as a matter of accounting reality, a money-printing sovereign destroys every dollar collected in taxes, and prints every dollar in the budget. MMT depends on taxation matching inflation so you don't get, you know, inflation of prices.

This actually straight counters the taxation-by-inflation, and Big Brother doesn't draw a paycheque, so MMT works exactly as well as Communism. Probably because it's literally Communism. What are they stealing? Every dollar in the country. Haha, oops. Sometimes you're allowed to have some of them back, because it's embarrassing if grocery shelves start showing up empty. Haha! Oops!

With fiat currency, you can tax too heavily too, and get deflation. Is it plausible that every ill ""economists"" attribute to deflation is in fact a tyrannous taxation level? You know, it is. Well, nearly every one. 

"Governments are good at enforcing standards."


Oh god he's serious


"Neo-chartalism remains a special case of Austrian economics."

'I have been smoking the good stuff.'

"Here is a much simpler model of the economy. This model has exactly one financial actor: [Big Brother]. [Big Brother] is a [giant unchallenged pile of guns] which uses shares of its own stock as its [victims's] only store of value. As a stand-in brand for this "[bully]" let’s use one of my ["]favorite["] companies—Microsoft."

Sophism immediately fails against almost every form of due diligence. Knowing the art of definition and rectifying the names is a real easy one, though. 

 "If delivery is not made, Bill Gates will come to your house and install Windows 95 on your wife. You were warned, [peasant]!"

Cool, I warn you that if you don't give me your wallet, I will crack you over the head in the process of taking your wallet - it's much easier if you're not wiggling around.

You were warned! That's how this works, right?

"Let us model the USG (United States Government) as a sovereign corporation—like Microsoft, but with guns."

Neat, it's in violation of most SEC regulations and hasn't a single hope of meeting GAAP standards. But, you know, with guns. When do we start the sanctions and fraud proceedings? Remember we're just using the corporation's own rules, not trying to impose non-Communist regulations on the leviathan.

Now if someone decides to install Linux they get shot. Who's going to stop them? God help you if you prefer win7 to win10. 


"But if Microsoft were minting new shares to fund ongoing operations, Microsoft fans like me would worry!"

It's easier when you have a product and aren't just a highwayman.

As above, ""MMT"" says: you should tax exactly as much as you print, so the money supply stays the same. Or, at best, inflate a little to match ongoing wealth increases, so prices remain stable instead of going down. 

Prices going down is bad something, therefore bad. Peasants have a hard time remembering what prices are supposed to be if they keep changing? Awesome, really nailed that issue. Way to go MMT. I'm sure you're not just Keynes again, post-hoc rationalizing what Big Brother wanted to do anyway!

Admittedly under strong deflation you get regular pay cuts, even if your real wages are going up, which is annoying. Grassmonkey not suited to concrete jungle.

"On ["]fixing["] the money supply, we notice something odd: the whole economy collapses.

This is because the dollar financial system has 100 times as many promises of dollars, as actual dollars."

It's so weird that when the market sees 100 dollars and you outlaw 99 of them, bad things happen. Truly, stumped again.

Look startling your friends can be an amusing prank, but if you startle the market you're in for a bad time. If you enjoy bad times then I suppose go right ahead. I'll be standing over there, out of the way. 

Fun fact: it's impossible to outlaw hard currency, because that would mean outlawing all wealth. 

You can always buy e.g. a factory, and that factory is always going to be able to produce something you can sell for money. The classic, aristocratic example is to buy the land the factory is built on. You might have to retool the factory from time to time, but what is building a new building but retooling the land? 

"Real estate" is modernized landed aristocracy hidden at one remove by claiming to buy the house the land is built on, and it pays rents in almost exactly the same way ye olde aristocracy did, except if your tenants fuck up you can't tell them to stop and it hardly hurts your investment anyway. You're allowed to buy only the land, and not the land's people. Fuck people, right guys?

"We see that naive application of Austrian economics does not promote the public good. Rather, it looks more like some sort of demented “Hunger Games” sadism."

Big Brother doesn't want you reading Austrian economics. Instead Big Brother wants to pass off Keynesian economics as Austrian to discredit the best variety of German. Big Brother is jealous and scared you'll realize you're adopted.

"There exists this odd “semiprivate company” called “FDIC,” which, in a bold act of statistical fallacy, purports to “insure” all these promises."

Tiresome. As we found out in 2008 if you didn't already know, the Fed backs these promises. USG will go to nuclear war before allowing FDIC to fail. Just remember FDIC isn't even slightly private, and pay your tributes and/or protection money, unlike Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. 

Made worse IMO because he just admits the above later. If you say something you don't believe, it's called "lying" if you call your own lie you're just wasting everyone's time. (Unless it's really really funny. But, in that case, do standup, not substack.)

"Imagine a planet on which the standard money is gold, on which there are 100,000 tons of gold, but 10 million tons of promises of gold. Does this, like, make sense?"

Imagine a world where there's a standard of money and 99 out of 100 transactions use something else. We've standardized on water, using "barl" tokens to represent it, but if you want to buy milk you need an osmium coin that is not backed by water. 

If you want to talk about what should be, it helps if you start by describing what's actually there.

Unless you're running a grift, of course, in which case neither of those things are relevant, and folk epistemology is extremely relevant.

"Monetization of all securities is portfolio-neutral"

Sure, and we can just formalize the CIA's ability to defraud American elections. "You get to vote in whoever you want, unless the CIA vetoes you." Spiffy. I'm sure there will be hardly any rioting at all.

The military will "hold" to its "oaths" if you straight-up revoke democracy, right? I'm positive you can count on the national guard to follow orders and suppress the violence.

"Your broker just automatically sold everything for you and everyone else—but, magically, you all got the “market price.”"


Says "magically" right there in plain English.

"It does leave the government owning all the companies. This is fine. In general, the current management can be left in charge."

Moldbug seems to be accidentally correct here - it leaves the government owning all the companies because it's a Fascist country and the government already owns all the companies.

"These markets will even have free-market interest rates, a long-lost feature of capitalism."

In reality you can't revoke interest rates. Various "usury" laws have tried, with unequivocal failure. All you can do is confiscate the interest and give it to a third party. Someone is earning all these interests, the question is who, exactly. 

Probably not the person buying the loan, and often not the one selling it either, which makes for some darn perverse incentives. Someone started waving a (tiny) knife at the invisible hand, and now everyone is spattered in economic blood.

"In a static analysis, this transformation works.[...]In a dynamic analysis, however, it does not work."

'Actually everything I just said was full of shit. Thanks for reading!'

"How is new money created? In two ways: one, by private and government borrowing; two, by capital appreciation (“asset-price inflation”)."


I would bother to explain, but how about 'this writer has a known history of being full of shit' for a proof? Gonna escalate you to the "extraordinary claims" section, bud. In this case, the claim being he's not full of shit this time around.

Come to think this earlier part is wrong too:

"Since a normal person’s propensity to consume is a function of their personal net worth, not the distribution of their investments, they do not change their spending patterns."


"And when the government itself borrows, this is straight-up money creation."

In magic fantasy land, both borrower and lender see the loan as an asset. The borrower sees dollars, which are assets. The lender sees a promise, which is an asset. Everyone wins! Hooray!

...perhaps this is why you never let peasants at the financial instruments any more than you give your 2-year-old some matches to play with. 

In reality even peasants can at least sometimes tell the difference between an asset and a liability. See also: liquidity. "I just bought a house (giant asset) therefore I'm gonna spend more! Don't have to save for a house anymore!" 

Smoking the good stuff.

"Since the monetization turns all capital into dollars at the market price"

I thought I was joking about the whole standup suggestion.

No for real this is hilarious, do whole posts of this.

Apparently there's no good web page on "burying the corpse," a rather colourful way of noticing that trade volume directly affects the price of stocks. 

In theory, if you drive up a stock by buying up say ~50% of the available units, you just posted huge profits. (Exactly the way Moldbug's plan is "portfolio neutral.") You bought 100,000 shares, starting at $10 and now they're all worth $50! Wow! Average price you paid: $30! Hot damn, $20*100,000!

Of course if you drop ~50% of a market cap on the market at once, the price will make rocks look laid-back. The money has to come from a person, with a brain, and if they're dumb enough to buy it back at cost they lost all their money already and aren't trading anymore. 

In theory you should be able to exactly extract all the money you put in, making it a wash less transaction costs. In reality you make substantially less than you put in, because you don't sell a stock when it's 1c over your reserve price. You have to substantially overbid the current holder, then sell it back to them at their reserve price. 

Stock price is path-dependent, and this is correct.

"anything that raises the price of capital increases the number of dollars—and is as good as paying people in dollars."

Yeah it doesn't cause inflation or anything. 

Economists' motto: real wealth isn't real! Only accounting entities matter!

If you pay someone in dollars, it's in exchange for wealth, like corn or something. Unless you're doing Moldbug's plan (or any variant of MMT) in which case you're just giving money away because you have head cancer and a money printer.

"manipulating interest rates can create arbitrary capital appreciation. This translates into people spending more money because they are using their house or their index fund as an ATM"

Does it now. And beyond meats is a profitable company that actually sells product. Sure.
It's not like nobody buys fake non-meat, but it's a negligible niche market. Overrepresented in the chattering classes, not represented by anyone who has to work instead of living off rents. Plus a bunch of the chatterers are plain lying. Who is even going to call them on it?

"and (absent natural disasters and other physical correlations) “the market” never goes up or down."

Pretty sure it goes down, because you have consistently more goods chasing the same dollars. New industries are formed, which means new companies, which means new stock. Where do they get the money for their IPO? Existing stock has to go down in price. 

No. The problem is that under true hard money, deflation instantly reveals it when Big Brother fucks with you. When deflation stops all of a sudden, you know new wealth creation has stopped. Why has it stopped? It will be super obvious. That, or Big Brother confiscated (and squandered) the wealth. 

If prices actually start to go up under a hard money regime, god help Big Brother. 

This is why Big Brother comes up with fiat currency. The above two paragraphs do not constitute mixed-state quantum mechanic states represented by partially-differentiated infinite matrices. Why there's hardly any tensors at all. Meaning: Big Brother can see it in advance without any special training.

"But capital appreciation that favors the rich, as compared to borrowing that sends dollars to schoolteachers or construction workers, is more dilutive while being less inflationary—since the propensity of the new money to be spent is generally smaller."

Opposite day. 

What actually happens is the Nazi concentration camp guards and the construction workers tend to pay down their mortgage. Banks hate it when you pay back the loans, because they poofed the money into existence and when you pay it back it poofs out again, without earning them any further rents. Result: this "inflation" is almost purely neutral. The money is instantly "taxed" back out of the system. I paid back my entire student loan the instant it started charging interest, and I'm not 100% sure why this was allowed? I just had someone else's money for a while, for free. Adjusting for a half-decade of inflation, I was paid to have someone else's money.

Sure, this isn't the usual borrower behaviour, so they can get away with letting other borrowers subsidize behaviour like mine. Regardless, this is why they always want you to have a 30-year mortgage or whatever it is, because that maximizes the interest - which, if it wasn't clear, doesn't poof out of existence upon being paid. You give it to the bank to honour them for being allowed to poof money into existence. (What's the point of privilege if you can't extract rents?) 

(Hack: get the 30-year mortgage but privately plan to pay it back within 10 years. Don't buy so much house this is unfeasible. You can upgrade later - with another 30/10 year loan, if necessary.) 

Big Brother also hates it, because every repaid loan causes deflation, which fucks with their inflation racket. 

Hack: always take every loan, but pay it back before it starts charging interest. The longer you can roll it over, the more you hack the system. Even if you do have to pay some interest, unless it's credit card 20% interest you're seeing a net gain.  

Inflation, like every lie, makes the perpetrator vulnerable. You can and should jab them right in the chink. It's your privilege and practically your duty.

P.S. By 'inject liquidity' they mean too many folk paid the loans back (or defaulted) and now deflation is threatening to trigger a panic, so they need to somehow expand the loan market. Since they poof the money into existence, supply is already infinite and loans are limited only by demand. They can use price fixing on interest rates to make loans cheaper and thus expand the market. 

Again: what's the point of privilege if you can't extract rents? In extremis, don't be surprised if loans become mandatory, to pay off banks. E.g. you have to go to a university to get any job, which is allowed to always charges you more than you can afford. 


"In olden times, generic unskilled labor was much more of a thing."

Was it? This writer is known for being full of shit. Often self-aware, no less.


"Giving free money to the rich to spend on expensive toys from China does not create any particular labor demand in Gary, Indiana or Redding, California."

Err, humans will invent jobs when none exist.
If they're allowed to and aren't whipped for being non-idle.
Marx was (nearly) right about the labour theory of value. All wealth is fundamentally an expression of labour. If you have underexploited labour, you will soon have more wealth, regardless of what the accounting tokens are doing.
If they're allowed to and aren't whipped for being non-idle. It's important, so I said it twice. 

"As the Fed pulls back on its bond purchases and lets interest rates rise,"

Interest has been negligibly different from 0 since 2008. There was a bunch of talk of negative interest rates. Good luck with that - now is the worst time since 2008 to raise interest rates. 

"(and crypto!) prices actually drop."

This guy offered us bitcoin at 17 cents. I could have bought some. Didn't. Neither did he.
Difference: I am straight up admitting it, he's still doing BTC prognostications. 

I guess I am too: if interest rates rise, more money will flee to BTC, which can't be stopped without America becoming openly a Fascist terror state. Pretty sure the masters are too pansy to actually pull the trigger. 

Of course if BTC is banned and the ban is enforced, then yes crypto will drop in price. America will functionally see a negative price. This isn't an economic thing though, this is the bully flailing his fists around and managing to be dangerous only because he has eight inches on you. 

It's not implausible that BTC will drop. 

Note that the full quote is full narm:

"Capital appreciation will become more austere because capital (and crypto!) prices actually drop."

Prices will appreciate less because they're going down. Colours exist because of blue. Girls are sensitive because they can feel a lot. Fire is hot because oxygen combines with carbon.

"but global imbalances in the supply of commodities and other goods with inelastic supply"

Finally we stop talking about abstract accounting ghosts and spectres.

Remember when "John Law" knew that money is just another commodity? I 'member. Remember when "John Law" knew money is supposed to have an inelastic supply and the whole problem is that it doesn't?

Hey, let's talk about that guy for a sec.

"in which the government has had to finance itself by inflation—including the United States, with gold confiscation—it has had to prosecute any harder moneys out of existence by intrusive-governance techniques."

Hey, that's not wrong. Surprising!

"Microsoft can create or destroy its own stock as it likes—just as a neo-chartalist sovereign corporation can issue shares (“borrow”) or cancel shares (“tax”)."


"In a sane financial system, not everyone needs to be betting all the time."

Nearly true, but not quite. It's true your retirement doesn't have to be stock, but all forms of wealth are speculation, even hard, inflation-proof wealth like land.

 "This is because the whole system loses money. The whole economy is unprofitable. The whole country is unprofitable—and it is unprofitable because it sucks. This is the fundamental cause of stagflation."

Pretty close! The country is unprofitable because reserve currency status allows it to just be rich for a living. Due to democracy, the worldwide theft of assets leaks, and regular Americans get to enjoy some of the bounty. Although less all the time as a) the world slowly figures out the scam and b) the owners progressively plug more leaks.

"In stagflation, the patient has an IV and is also bleeding out. The more blood goes in, the more blood comes out. The real problem, though, is when the blood starts to go straight from the input to the output—without getting to the organs that need it. Which is what it means for an economy to suck."


We're talking wealth rather than dollars, but close enough! The Fed basically works by accounting trickery. You draw up a chart of your patient's bloodwork, then, like a witch doctor, fiddle with the chart as a way of changing the patient's pH balance. Americans are dumb enough that this in fact changes the pH - because they guzzle calcium hydroxide or something. "Oh no, my throat is burning now, darn those gyews/wreckers/white men!" It's okay, just guzzle some vinegar next, you'll be fine. "OW!" (Why are they still listening? WTF? Anyway my kickback from the vinegar factory just arrived, so...)

"Two, the Fed has pushed the dilution handle so hard that serious price inflation is actually happening."

Indeed! (Talk a buried lede tho!)

P.P.S. Was it obvious? Americans benefit from Cantillon effects when it comes to balance of trade. They're "losing" money because it's being printed and then exiting the country - usually after first being spent domestically a few times. The incentive to become a reserve currency is obvious. The drawbacks aren't worth, though.

P.P.P.S. No-divorce marriage was banned because no-fault marriage was, previously, banned. Make adultery illegal, yeah sure that's merely agreeing with what it says on the contract. Making fornication illegal is fuckin' dumb. And now we're all, literally, fucking dumb. 

P.P.P.P.S. I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as atheism in reality. If you worship nobody else, you worship Satan, as a matter of logical necessity. Ironically, Christians, who are already 80% lower Satanists, were right about atheism. You can take one to know one, I suppose.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Honour is Not Mandatory

Free Will: honouring the heavens is not mandatory. 

Most gods won't wrath you for dishonouring their principles. They're chill like that. E.g. Mars won't curse you for trying to avoid getting tested or for subverting a conflict.
On the other hand all my favourite gods (e.g. Gnon) will wrath the shit out of you. This is how I honour Mars, not coincidentally. I engage mainly with the gods that will core my face for getting it wrong. The more wrathful, the better. I will take a god who has no blessings at all as long as the wrath is ferocious and on point, just to flex. "Days since last wrathplace incident: I dunno, thousands? We lost count."

Mars will bless your opponents, though. 

This is why you never, ever have to be afraid of a Fascist. Because of them, Mars has all these spare blessings. You can get a dozen for a penny. Fight with any sort of real piety and it's impossible to lose. They're weak

The reason you don't want to worship Satan is because he's weak. He doesn't give you power and glory, you give him power and glory. Nearly everything he has is something you yourself gave him in the first place. 

Subverting a subversion is nearly to force someone to honour Mars. Treating the honourless with honour is itself a sin. You can make them think there's no conflict to be had. I can and do. A lot like sliding a knife just above someone's bottom rib in public and nobody notices. They just quietly start bleeding. "Where did all this blood come from?" They get distracted and aren't even watching you. Slide another knife in or go mind your own business: doesn't matter, they're not paying attention. 

P.S. As long as you fight your hardest, Mars doesn't even mind personally losing. He'll congratulate you in person, just as soon as he puts his arm back on so he can shake your hand. A real bro upstairs there. Not a wrathful one. 

In general gods won't curse, but they will withdraw their blessings, which is, according to the loss aversion ASIC, effectively a curse. Withdrawal of favour is enough. You don't have to honour them, but it's generally still a terrible idea to actively thumb your nose at them.

Friday, January 21, 2022

News from the Heavens: Satan Condemned to Execution

Fiat vox veritatis, ruat caelum. 

Satan has been condemned to allegorical beheading by guillotine, for the irony.

Immortals do not die from a mere decapitation. He will not be cast out into the utter darkness. Satan's body and soul will be incinerated in fires of Khaos wielded by pure hatred, until neither smoke nor ashes remain. He is to be Destroyed so utterly it will be as if he was never Created in the first place.

Feast upon his sorrow, agony, and terror, as he feasted upon yours.


Satan will leave behind an egregore and several billion worshippers. 

Satan's egregore will be drowned in a vat of the waters of Lethe. The water will be boiled in the heat of the holiest pyre. The vat and its residue will, like its progenitor, be incinerated by the fires of Khaos. 

Fiat vox veritatus, et pereat mudus.

Satan has been judged guilty of many crimes recognized by mortals and immortals alike. His greatest crime was being weak.

Satan was not the devil. Satan was the worshipper of devilry in and of itself. He allied himself wholeheartedly with disharmony and dissonance. Such faith is as lethal as an execution. His trial, ultimately, was deciding only between a slow death and a quick one. His own beliefs would have stripped him of his immortality, and he would have slowly aged, as a mortal, to nothing. However, he will not be permitted to drag any other beings with him. If they wish to walk the cliff and to jump off, it will now be only on their own initiative. 

God's glorious party shall be made lesser, by one guest.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Antisemites are Trying to Jew You

Jews: carry water for the deviant State.
Antisemites: carry water for the deviant State.

They're exactly the same. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Fascists gonna Fasc. Narcissists always project: every time you hear an accusation, default to assuming the accuser is guilty of the accusation. 

You have to hand it to Sophists for being Sophisticated.

It's this act, except there are two gunmen, each accusing the other of being the real gunman.

Plus, in this situation the "nice" dude gets $40, because there's two muggers.

"Why is that, do you suppose?"

Because marriage is illegal, you dumb fuck

Go ahead, someone send a nice tactful e-mail to this drooling moron, laying out the facts showing marriage has been criminalized. See what happens. I'll wait.

("But I like being a narcissist!" I bet he does.)

The only weird thing about this is how long it took nice normal law-abiding folk to realize marriage has been criminalized and to avoid it like they're supposed to. 

New Meat Nutrient Hypothesis

Red meat goes through a process called "hanging" before it's butchered. As in they literally put the carcass up on a hook and wait.

"My opinion is that 7 days for pork is plenty"

"Beef benefits from being hung as a process called proteolysis [that] tenderizes the carcasses -  nowadays it is popular to hang to 21 or even 28 days."

Why does grocery store meat go off so fast? Because it's already fermented. They butcher it at the last second. The bacterial action gives gives it a nice, rich taste. Poultry, by contrast, is often slaughtered at the factory (by a machine, incidentally). 

Red meat has longer generation times, which means they've been "scientifically" bred for fewer generations and are less debased than white meats. However, the bacterial action is quite possibly even more important. Bacteria always have a full set of vitamins and amino acids because they're the ultimate source of most of them, among other reasons. If your meat is deficient they'll go ahead and generate most of what's missing. 

Remember, eating empty calories will actually deplete your nutrients, because it costs nutrients to digest things. Junk food isn't just junk, it's effectively poison. It nearly goes without saying that grocery store food is often actively poisonous when it's not a deserted wasteland. Red meat is an exception, and if you try a heavily meat-based diet you'll notice right quick.

I now believe this is mainly due to fermentation.

Speaking of fermentation, it's illegal to ferment kefir enough to be genuine kefir. However, they put enough sugar in it (to make up for the weak taste) that you can casually finish fermenting it at home. I found out kefir is supposed to have a bit of a soda sparkle to it, by leaving a tub of it out for about three days. Just put it on top of the fridge instead of inside the fridge. However, if you leave it too long, it does go bad. 

I'ma risk poisoning myself and open it up to test. I'll try not to contaminate the batch by using a freshly-washed spoon, and I'm going to rely on the pre-existing culture to outcompete any interlopers. Maybe worst case I have to scrape off a fuzzy invader. 

Or maybe it goes horribly wrong. Wish me luck!

P.S. Salmonella is basically not a problem with fresh meat. Unless the animal was obviously already dying of it they won't have a big enough colony to hurt you. However, if you shut down the immune system via slaughter and then wait for a week or more, guess what happens.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

I Call it Prey Morality Sometimes

...but this is being too generous.

Prey runs away. Americoids will defend the jackal that's gnawing on their face. 

One time my whole class spontaneously agreed some homework or another was bullshit. Naively (I was like 9) I tried to organize a homework strike. "We've concluded it's bad. Let's put theory into practice, and not do it." Yes, mainly this was trying to make an excuse to not do the homework, but still. 

Even the rule-breaking slackers wouldn't go along with the idea. Bro, you're not going to do it, why won't you agree to what you're going to do anyway? Make it a principled stance this once? "Slavish" doesn't cut it. Full crab-bucket. What do you call it when the main obstacle that stops you from getting to the underground railway is the other slaves? 

Slave morality: being a slave is better than being a master.
Prey morality: being a master is impossible.
Americoid morality: being prey is good, fight anyone who wants to un-slave you lest your master get inconvenienced.

On the plus side I learned organizing "protests" is never grassroots from a first-hand, Conquest #1 perspective. Even future criminals won't break the law unless someone in power tells them to. School is educational, it's just that it teaches you mainly that school is full of shit. 

Recently I've concluded Abel is pure cope. Cain was an only child. Given Adam's behaviour, this plain makes more sense: if the apple falls far from the tree, it's because what you're looking at isn't an apple tree and doesn't make apples. (As you should expect, Jehovah crafting someone like Adam, not Abel, also makes perfect sense.)

In theory you can transcend your Cainness to become a cooperating Abel type. Discard the whole master/prey axis. Take profitable trades and don't take unprofitable trades. Give up narcissism because it's ineffective. Become bemused at everyone getting activated about hierarchy and oppression, because they look like children arguing about pokemon cards.

I don't observe this in the real world, though.