Friday, July 5, 2024

Russians Learn Alrenous Tactics

 Someone pull up my twitter post about quads being superior to tanks.

"Ukrainians have been rabidly posting pictures of overturned bikes that successfully dropped off their riders and show no actual casualties, while some are astutely beginning to comprehend the significance of the tactic:"

 Read a bit further for the whole bit. 

 Even horses are superior to tanks, fyi.
 Only wordcels think otherwise. I do love that unintentionally revealing meme slightly further down the above post.
 No, you don't want to fight a war 1v1 horse vs. tank. Yes, an individual tank is higher in social status than an individual horse or bike. The issue is that you can afford dozens and dozens of horses per tank. Wars are not won by peacocking, lmao. How many horsemen can a tank kill? The only reasonable answer is: not enough. 

 Generally it is easier to just try things rather than attempt to divine the universe through pure logic. However, in warfare, divining the universe in this way is necessary. You get way too many soldiers* killed if you try everything. Using old busted tactics is much less expensive than trying to find the new stuff without logic. Luckily, with suitable expertise, training, and discipline, you can in fact become a warfare-tier logician.

 *(P.S. soldiers are slaves, not warriors, but nevertheles. Speaking of, merchants are not warriors either, and they're the caste that gets obsessed with peacocking.)
 (P.P.S. I do enjoy how Simplicio and apparently all his sources have almost no idea why the bikes are being used or what the advantages are, such as better access to cover.)

 You can tell it's possible because I just demonstrated it's possible.

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