Monday, February 28, 2022

Ukraine started the war. Doing so seems extremely dumb and it was extremely easily avoidable.

What if Zelenskyy hates Ukrainians so much he deliberately started the war to get as many of them killed as possible?

Likewise, had ncov been a real plague, the Regressive Inquisition would have superglued themselves to the [just a flu bro] narrative, to get as many people killed as possible.

Intent Matters

"people are the results of their choices. epigenetics is real. everything is 80~100% hereditary. people are dumber today than they were a hundred years ago. this is because everyone has decided to be stupid and evil."

Man: "None of what you said really means anything. We need concrete, material solutions. We need creative action and meaningful dissent!"

God: "...have you decided to stop being evil yet? If you haven't, your actions are going to reinforce your decision to be stupid and evil."

Man: "! No-"

God: "By the way, how has being evil been working out for you?"

(Narrator: In the past, Man said, "Either one of you assholes know the way to 1982?") 

P.S. That is an extremely precisely chosen year, allegedly by accident.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Why a Smart Person Would Allow Ukraine to Launch Airstrikes

The Ukraine war has already been fantastically profitable for Putin for one immutable reason: a blooded army is vastly more effective than a body of naive recruits. It's not even close. Ukies, unlike Arabs, can actually fight back. The war is real enough as far as Putin's soldiers are concerned.

One of the things your soldiers need experience doing is shooting down trespassing aircraft. Can't practice that if the other side can't launch any aircraft. 

Plus it's a great way to destroy Ukrainian materiel. How can you be sure you got all their planes? How do you know you didn't only hit tarmac and they can't launch? Simple. Let them launch (in low numbers) and then shoot them all down. Admittedly I'm not 100% sure this is strategically relevant, but if it's something you wanted to do, that's how you would go about it. 

Come to think, you might want to do this precisely if you don't intend to hold the territory. Sure you might ask them to destroy all their war materiel in surrender talks, but unless you occupy the place there's no way to ensure they actually do it. Plus they may pull a Weimar/Japan and simply go back on their word later. "Loan" the planes to NATO so they're out of the country, then NATO "pay" the planes back one day when Putin isn't looking. Can't do that if all the planes are in 1000 pieces by the side of the road.

Esoteric Reading: Russian War Propaganda

If you realize that propaganda is a prayer to Satan, you might wisely refuse to offer wartime propaganda. Let the other side stick their own foot into the wood-chipper and reap the rewards. Especially nowadays.

Honour as Opposed to Fascism

"Steve just autistically tells the truth, which isn't something anyone is going to accuse Noah Smith of doing."

Steve carries water for Fascism. A better class of lies for the more discerning customer. Steve is sometimes being a dupe and sometimes the terrorism is working: making him terrified of looking Truth in the face. Part of the Regime's defence is being a Lovecraftian horror, direct contact with which will drive you mad. If you neglect the psychohazmat suit, that is. 

"Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Honor Code Division"

Honour, eh?

Naturally what Steve describes is, at best, half an honour system. Turns out if you cut a cow in half, it tends to fall over and bleed out. (Mind blown yet?)

Nearly everything about this system is exactly the opposite of real honour. 

"Honor systems are mostly self-enforcing."

This one isn't even slightly self-reinforcing. Steve is correct, which means this isn't an honour system. 

"But honor systems require the occasional severe enforcement"

Or rather, this system relies entirely on a central gatekeeper terrorizing the defectors. Which any lord could tell you immediately; this design is not some sort of mistake or oversight. Peasants, sadly, are not known for understanding the second-order consequences of actions. (Third and higher are right out.)

Any scientist or engineer can tell you immediately too: what's the experiment? Where is the case study of a student cheating and being harmed outside the central authority's banhammer?

Probable cope: "Peasants can self-rule." Yeah, very no. Fascist. 

Speaking of immediate recognition, the psycho lords can immediately tell there's hay to be made. A lovely opportunity for sadism and wrecking the illusion of something beautiful. 

Double point round: you don't get honour for free. You have to earn it. Did the honour code extend only to those who had proven their worth? Was it a whitelist? Or did it get extended equally to everyone? Did it use a blacklist?

In shocking news, the gate on this system was seized by a bad actor, whereupon the "self" enforcement immediately failed.

Wow guys how did an egalitarian system get dinged for not being egalitarian enough. I am so surprised. The world is a mysterious place, I can't even.

Please refrain from /headdesking hard enough to hurt yourself: it's them that deserve it, not you. 

In a real honour system, first of all it's focused on agreements between two agents, not a unilaterally imposed standard which cannot reasonably be observed. It's self-reinforcing because if you don't honour your agreements, nobody makes agreements with you anymore. 

This "take exams in your room" honour would be a very secondary result. If someone had repeatedly shown much honour, maybe we would make this agreement with them - in exchange for privileges. Not in exchange for not being punished by being sent to your room like a naughty child. (Out of your room in this case, lol.) It's self-reinforcing the way any good contract is self-reinforcing: breaching the contract voids the contract. The benefits you paid for are revoked.

Steve carries water for Fascism when he fails to notice this "honour" system was a Sophist system. Standard "conservative" behaviour, developing a false dichotomy between more!Fascism and less!Fascism, instead of between Fascism and the many varieties of not!Fascism. 

It should already be obvious, but it's worth repeating: who else but a Sophist could design this system? Obviously it was designed to reward those who cheated without getting caught. The best Sophists. The Sophists extracted a system that constitutes a cheater-rewarding system when isolated, called it an "honour" system because they extracted it from a system of honour, then laughed all the way to the bank. 

Only a peasant could possibly call this an honour system. "It feels similar to honour! 🙃" Yes, it does feel a bit honour-esque, if you don't think about it at all for even a second using any kind of effort or due diligence (the kind of things honourable folk have) of any kind.

This is what happens when you put peasants in charge of things: scams. Scams for days. You fool, you absolute rube, you will drown in scams of every kind.

An agreement to let you police yourself is generally the opposite of honour. It should only be done in very special cases, not be the foundation of the whole system. You only earn honour for keeping your agreements, which means you need to show you kept your agreement. To show you didn't cheat while alone in your room, you would have to agree to downright paranoid levels of after-the-fact policing. Which sort of defeats the purpose of this particular "honour" doesn't it?

A real privilege the honourable might ask for is their own personal proctor, at a time of their convenience. (One guy for an hour, instead of the several hours of a team required for the paranoia.) This isn't a moral thing: it's the fact that, by keeping their agreements, the honourable dramatically reduce the costs they impose on the university or indeed on anyone around them in general. This behaviour ought to be rewarded, so you get more of it. Some of the relative profits they hand out ought to be returned. Bonus: the honourable signal their willingness to be watched and verify their behaviour. They demonstrably have nothing to hide. They don't even ask for the opportunity to cheat unless they absolutely have to.

Real privileges can't be openly asked for in a Fascist system. The real privilege of the system was, as above, privileges for Sophists, who got them by cheating without being obvious about it. 

P.S. I said I was trolling Sailer. This is true, but more importantly I'm pointing out how he's carrying water for Fascism, so he no longer has the "I was duped!" excuse. Guess how he has been responding, as I knew he would?
Shills like to pretend they're ignorant like peasants, and then try to bully you into pretending to be as ignorant too. "Nobody could possibly know or discover [stupidly obvious thing] 🙃!" Problem: I'm the bigger bully. 

By defending him, Nick Land throws his lot in with Sailer's doomed voyage. 


not even close to good enough

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Whelp. Everyone is saying it's the start of WWIII, so I guess we're fine. Cope and seethe, nerds. 

Not that I would personally mind a spot of world war. 

America: takes Iraq in six months. Makes sense. Real army vs. desert goatfucker army.
Russia: takes Ukraine in one day. Get smoked, bitches. 

Nobody wants to find out if American troops can beat up Russian troops, for numerous reasons. Except me, of course. I think the Russians would show they have inferior tech and superior Victory. The Russian soldiers actually want to win the fights, not merely execute them in the "proper" style. But of course, I want to run the experiment because I'm not sure. 

The problem is America would be likely to have a massive hissy fit about it. Full-on womanly hysteria...even if they win. Nothing tweaks a bitch's nose like winning a fight. 

P.S. I said: "America was bluffing about war." Looks like, at time of publishing, America was bluffing. Putin called their bluff, oops. It's almost like I have reasons for the things I say, so Reality keeps agreeing with me. 

Women change their minds a lot, though. Often for trivial, inconsequential, or downright irrelevant reasons. Just because America is for now cutting and running like a bitch doesn't necessarily mean she will continue to do so. Maybe the embarrassment of losing the Ukraine immediately after losing Afghanistan will be too much for her and she'll start throwing plates and stuff.

Fascism is Hyper-Christianity

Christianity is both egalitarian and anti-egalitarian. However, it is more the former than the latter; Fascists decided Christ intended to be radically egalitarian. 

It's an especially natural heresy, since Christianity is a cult for narcissists. Indeed, before the Fascists, Christianity had to repeatedly put down egalitarian heresies using lethal force. Eventually, the fact the book employs Sophistry gave a hint: use nice irresponsible Sophistry to trick Christianity into committing to itself, rather than responsibly and openly stating your egalitarianism. Worked like a charm. The heresies failed because they were heresies against Satan: far too honest.

The book says to honour your mother and your father, to not covet your neighbour's stuff, and to keep women in the back of the bus. It also says the high shall be brought low, and the low brought high. It tells you to turn the other cheek instead of securing your shit. Salt of the earth blah blah etc.

If we're all unworthy, who can be expected to, you know, pay for things? The parable of the talents is in the old testament. You're not old are you? UBI or bust bro.

Let's assume someone claiming to be the Creator God can write at least as well as I can. If I wrote the sermon on the mount, I would be writing it with the intent to be misunderstood. In particular, I would be intending for you to become Communist, and then to irresponsibly use the motte-and-bailey technique to dodge the blame. "When I said 'love your enemies' I didn't mean behave as if you loved them! 🙃" You're supposed to kill the shit out of them, but in a forgiving way, see? A true Fascist is never caught killing their enemies at all, naturally. They have someone else do it for them. If you hire a hitman through seven proxies, you're not getting caught. 

Let's check intent against the actual results, shall we? [...] Oh, well, that was fast and easy, wasn't it?

To really hammer it in: the reader is not primarily responsible for these results. The author is responsible. The one attempting the intervention is responsible for the actual deflection, by law of Gnon. This goes double when the author bangs on about being omniscient and infallible.

Fascism is just Christianity with any lingering (tried-and-true) old testament behaviours stripped out. When Christian claim to be an old tradition, remember paganism more like 30,000 years old. They play it up precisely because they don't have a foot to stand on. They can get away with it at all because they burned all the books that said otherwise. 

Let it never be said that Satan's patronage was worthless. If you solely desire worldly power, money and kratia, as psychopaths and narcissists do, someone like Satan is simply the optimum choice for your cult.

P.S. Do Nazis hate Gyews precisely because it's predominantly the new testament, not the old, which is full of egalitarianism?

P.P.S. The sermon ends with a warning against false prophets. Whereupon I realized it was obvious all along: Christ was indeed, also, the anti-Christ. Yeshua was the false prophet. Satan wrote your book, you dumb fucks. 

Well, it's not like you didn't deserve it, precisely for being that dumb. Further, Gnon deserves to be overworked for being so lazy about his job. Mercy is a sin.

P.P.P.S. The book of Enoch seems largely on the ball. This is exactly why it was rendered apocrypha. Not sufficiently Satanist for the mainline literature. The other apocrypha likewise was too heretically true to be included. 

Satan really liked to portray himself as pure white. The technique obscured the fact the details were all dissonant. Any colour and texture he could have plausibly claimed would have looked wrong next to each other. Result: "Christian" theology has a childlike lack of depth. Except its Satanology, of course. They know everything about their actual object of worship. 

P.P.P.P.S. Even infallible authors aren't infallible, because you're not writing for infallible readers. There's no need to write for infallible readers: they already know. Whether the error occurs on transmission or reception doesn't functionally matter. The result is that the theology is false here and there and needs to be corrected. Anyone claiming to be infallible is 100% a devil. They want you to double down on the fallacies instead of fixing them.

Also infallibility is death. Perfection is annihilation.

Hey look, news all of a sudden hotted up. Things started happening again.

Gee, I wonder why now of all times. What a mystery. 

Virgin prophecy: comes "true" in a thousand years, maybe, if you squint.
Chad prophecy: obviously true the very next fuckin' day.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Condemning My Own Endorsement of Masks

I'm on record for endorsing cloth masks for reduction in coronavirus transmission and symptoms. In retrospect, I am an idiot.

Coronavirus escaped from a level-4 biosafety lab. I'm over 99% certain this is because they tried to cheat the protocols when nobody was looking (Nature is always looking) but still. It's not like they were taking swabs and handing them to local children, they probably just downgraded to BS-3 or maybe BS-2. 

Can you secure an entire country to BS-4? Yeah, no, that idea is what's BS. Trying to contain it at all is a fever dream.

In retrospect we also know it didn't even "flatten the curve," nor was meaningful flattening mathematically feasible. (The twitter graph forgot little things like "units" on the axes. It's okay: ~nobody on twitter was smart enough to notice, so it didn't need them.) 

Nor was any such flattening necessary. Hospitals reliably get overburdened by flu season, because they're Communist and commies have shortages. The last year they got overburdened by corona instead of influenza, because everyone who would have died of flu died of corona instead. Oh noes. The humanity.

A fortiori: containment is pointless. The four horsemen go together, like the ancients weren't all raving lunatic narcissists or something. No war, no famine. No famine, no plague. No plague, no death. The "novel" coronavirus did not become a plague...except in the political sense. Except due to iatrogenesis. 

The number I heard for the black plague among the upper classes was 7% mortality. Not even as bad as Spanish Flu. They got enough to eat. Indeed the mortality was likely elevated over baseline even for them because a bunch of them could afford not to go outside and would have depleted their vitamin D. Even the worst plague in history just isn't that dangerous if you can afford to eat whatever you want. Checksum: the black plague is still around. Kills like a half-dozen a year or something. If it was going to go all mass-murder again it would have done so a long time ago.

The problem isn't plagues, the problem is ill health. If you disrespect your body, Gnon will kick your ass one way or another. Plague is merely one way ill health manifests. If you dodge that you only get to experience another.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Slave Price of Julius Caesar

Not very high. Average for the time was like $50,000. I wouldn't pay more than $85,000 for someone like Caesar. Maybe you could get up to $150,000 from a less discerning customer. Your average noble would be more like $300,000.

I've said before that if Caesar had be born now, he would be an SJW. More precisely, Caesar was a malignant narcissist. It's like a psychopath, except psychopaths are calm and collected whereas narcissists are constantly insecure and twitchy. Caesar was constantly getting himself into trouble; high-functioning psychos are too savvy and cool-headed to fail to protect themselves like that. Caesar was hardly without ability but it was all ruined by his villainous and self-destructive personality.

Caesar came to rule because Rome was irresponsible. They left a big-ass hole in their legal security. In particular big enough for Caesar to walk right through. Caesar wasn't noble, he was merely how Gnon's wrath against Rome manifested.

What's Up With the WEF

The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971. Over fifty years later, all of a sudden everyone knows about them. What happened?

They recently became irrelevant, so they started showing up in the news. They no longer have any power and can't intimidate journalists into not talking about them. At best they've been demoted to gopher. Chamberlain's assistant.

A fortiori: if the WEF somehow wasn't irrelevant, it will quickly become irrelevant because journalists will be telling all their rivals exactly what they're doing without their rivals having to do anything. 

Apparently Klaus Schwab should have retired a few years ago, but he lost a step and got punked by someone. Either that or scuppered his own organization so nobody can use it after he is gone. (They might do a better job - can't have that, now can we?) Showing up in the news has made the WEF a laughingstock with everyone who matters. I don't even need to check. You know how journalists look like complete clowns to you? They look like complete clowns to Imperial polyarchs too. Anyone who has to care what journalists say about them is likewise nothing but a clown.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Anglos Tippy-Top Liars

"A quarter of what is said in England at a public meeting, or even round a dinner-table, without anything being done or intended to be done, would in France announce violence, which would almost always be more furious than the language had been."

"No people carry so far, especially when speaking in public, violence of language, outrageousness of theories, and extravagance in the inference drawn from those theories.  Thus your A.B. says that the Irish have not shot half enough landlords.  Yet no people act with more moderation."

Less tactfully, the Anglo norm is to lie your ass off. No Angle is foolish enough to suppose another Angle is speaking sincerely. "Hello, how are you?" means, "Hail Satan!" The response, "I'm fine," means, "Hail Satan!"

The minor problem: is it not merely announcing destruction that's taken unseriously, but also announcing creation. It's near-impossible to get an Angle to do anything worth doing, because he assumes your statements of intent are not statements of intent. You're only allowed to do anything if a public figure (real or imagined) orders you to. Indeed he'll look at you like an alien if what you're doing is something you previously said you were going to do. "What a fuckin' weirdo!" Don't you know speaking true is forbidden? Satan is gonna be mad at you~ 

(if he wasn't dead lol)

The medium problem: the Angle doesn't take even their own ideas seriously. They think, "X is definitely true," and then it doesn't even occur to them to behave as if X is true, because thought is speech. "I think dairy is industrially contaminated poison unfit for a dog." *buys two gallons of milk* An Angle is saying it, so it must be meaningless, see? 

Then, when something seriously needs to be said, nobody can say it. Kant was right: lies defeat the purpose of speaking. The norm of lying makes all speech pointless.
Is Trudea a tyrant? Yeah, duh, of course. Nobody will take it seriously, because you're calling her a tyrant using the English word [tyrant]. It's automatically assumed by all and sundry to be virtue-signalling, kto kogo, and political manoeuvring. Including the speaker themselves.

Consider, for just a moment, what a rational response to a tyrant looks like. "Hey, please don't honk your horns." "Okay." Does it look like that? Do you peacefully protest Stalin out of the general secretary?
To be honest, I don't know. What do non-alchemists think constitutes a rational, logical, and proportionate response to a tyrant?
Perhaps you surrender. "Okay, you got me. You're too tyrannical, I can't handle it." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That's certainly how Russians handled it. Certainly how Chinamen handled it. 

A non-Satanist folk would at the very least be launching several class-action lawsuits, even given the optics constraints. Pushing further back, a genuinely non-Satanist people would never get to this point in the first place, or indeed anywhere near, because anyone aspiring to tyranny would be shot on sight. Assuming the shooter was in a good mood and willing to let them die quick.

P.S. This full-retard norm is juxtaposed with another norm where Angles speak and behave as if every public figure is completely aboveboard, sincere, and hasn't a single bone of intrigue in their bodies. Most puzzling. Public figures have de-facto angel status. Distant beings dwelling in a higher plane, incapable of deceit. (You can tell something's higher when it's a cripple compared to you, right?)

P.P.S. I like to think Saxons don't go nearly as far.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Ockham's Razor Says Women Hate Children

On average.

The simplest explanation of Prussian school is that there's high demand for the torture of children. That parents, on average, are malicious toward their children. If that's the case, there's absolutely no mystery. Clearly something like Prussian school will arise stabilize.

It's not hard to find a model for women hating children. It's not inexplicable.

Women want to fuck Chad. Chad hates women who have kids. Thus women hate kids.

What about the pill? They can just be sterile, right?
No, evolution isn't completely retarded. Women also have a direct desire for children.

But: it's sufficiently retarded. Women, on average, have a higher desire to fuck Chad. Hence they resent their own desire for children. Women project this resentment onto their children so they don't have to take responsibility for it. (P.S. When the Bible claims women are cursed, it's allegorically correct.) 

It gets worse. Some women are aware Chad never wants to fuck them. "Might as well have kids I guess." Then their kids are a constant reminder of how they're too ugly to get the sex they want. (Women are absolutely obsessed with sex. So much so they're scared to talk about it at all lest someone notice. Utter perverts.) Especially if the kids are daughters who also won't get to fuck Chad. Oof. 

Of course this makes something of a mystery. Why do parents on average take care of their kids? I suspect it's a reflex. Yet another system layered on top of these. When a child is threatened in front of its parents, evolution uses the status system to goad them into caring. It's not that they care about the child, they care about being embarrassed by having someone mock their dedication to parenting. 

A bit strained, but this is only one mystery. Going the other way is much more mysterious.

Further, this one mystery jives well with the Prussian school == parental malevolence theory. While they can't let their kids be tortured where they can see (on average) they can certainly allow them to be tortured when they're not looking. The Regime helpfully all but bans parents from campus, so they don't have to constantly invent excuses for their negligence. Little voice: "Hey... maybe check that they're not abusing your kid?" State: "Don't worry, you're banned! You can't check. P.S. You don't...distrust Big you?" 

Luckily, the pill and abortion exist. Women who hate kids don't reproduce above replacement. Excellent. Divine. Let them gracefully exit the gene pool. The trash will take itself out as long as nobody gets all uppity with the garbageman.

P.P.S. When the Bible claims humans are inherently sinful, on average I find it hard to disagree. Lots of corroborating evidence, btw, regarding bubbles and enclaves and so on. Every time you assume humanity is more evil by default, you get a simpler and more predictive theory of psychology.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Difference Between Journalist and Reporter?

A reporter reports what happens.

A journalist is a kind of fiction writer. Generally on serious drugs or suffering from schizophrenic delusions, though other forms of disjunction with Reality are also observed.

You Can Tell They Work for the State

Let's talk about gross domestic "product."

First, let's very briefly talk about how it should be profit, not product. Okay, next.

The formulae all say GDP goes up if taxes go up.

"GDP at factor cost plus indirect taxes"

"GDP = COE + GOS + GMI + TP & M" That last factor is taxes. With a plus sign. The other factors are already gross, not net of taxes.

 "Y = C + I + G" That "G" is government spending. So, under a central bank regime, it's inflation. 

Oh my fucking god. If you facepalm as hard as this deserves, you will die. You will kill the person behind you with the shrapnel that used to be your skull. Quite possibly you will level your entire town with the explosion, like you were domed by a meteorite.

"Does Government Spending Stimulate Economies?🤔"

You literally assumed it stimulates the economy right in the GDP equation. Plain, in your face, question begging. Could not be more blatant. 

Then you plug your numbers into the models and wow, GDP goes up when you tax more or print more money. Amazing! How could this have possibly happened unless it was true! 🙃

The joke is, if you read the link, you find even Official economists find reasons to tell the government not to do it.

Here in reality, taxes are like bombs. When used they cost even more than you spend on them, and indeed that seems to be the point. The government arrogates products and services to itself, lights them on fire, leaves them in a bag on your porch, and runs away snickering. "How did a recession happen I can't even." 

Truly the world is a mysterious place. I dunno how anyone can figure out what's going on! 🙃

P.S. On top of this all the numbers are fudged. It's not even calculated as stated, they "accidentally" adjust practically everything. I wonder if there's an arms race between vaguely sane economists adding factors to unbugger GDP and government accountants adding new best fudge practices. 

Basically, just use the Big Mac index. It's not exactly precise but it's vastly more accurate than this steaming pile of rotting monkey diarrhea. 

Especially, inflation is constantly underestimated for obvious political reasons, producing a lot of spurious GDP growth. There have been many stealth recessions. Typical real inflation/debasement is near 10%, though much of this is absorbed outside America for reserve currency reasons, which puts regular Americans fairly high up the Cantillon scale. (The Yuan sometimes hovers around 20% inflation.) This, in turn, allows Americans to live much richer than they could if they had to get by on the productivity of their labour. Absent reserve currency status, America would fit in with the rest of South America. Likely not competitive with Europe - unless USD are strongly funneled through Europe for reasons I'm unaware of. Despite Europe's near-open Communism. Reminder that Kigali, in Rwanda, is cleaner and safer than big American cities. Never mind places like Singapore.

On the plus side, since baseline inflation is so high, Americans are constantly desperate for productivity improvements so they don't have to raise prices, which means a lot of deflation offsetting the raw inflation. Turns out prices going down is a good thing. And also makes the Fed not look quite so Japanese-cartoon villainous. (They have the incoherent rants down pat tho.)

P.P.S. Fun fact that third one counts imports as a negative, instead of a positive. You can make your country "rich" by selling everything to the next country over. That's completely how wealth works, right? Dismantle all your houses and export the boards and screws? Totally nailed it. 

"Oh noes the trade """deficit"""!!!!11" Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Allegedly all these equations are equivalent. Either that's wrong or it makes brain cancer look like Isaac Newton. 

P.P.P.S. "spending on taxes actually increased 140%, not 25%." They pull this sort of shit all the time.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Some Specifics to Say Explicitly

Every serious problem in history is due to the acceptance of conscious, intentional deception. Every serious social problem is due to lionization of evil.
Caesar was evil. He was a populare, this is not rocket science. Charlemagne was evil. His name, Charles, comes from churl. Literally the great churl. So, populare; not a coincidence. Christianity is evil. It's a cult for narcissists. "The high shall be brought low, the low raised up." Judaism seems to be straight demon-worship; Jehova is a plague djinni. The examples are endless. 


The term "high trust society" means trusting untrustworthy people. It's not a good thing. It's the sine qua non of immoral behaviour: short term benefit, long term costs. Who is untrustworthy? Unvetted strangers. Strangers are the textbook case study on not being trustworthy.
If there is anything good in the aura of this term, it's nearly the exact opposite: high-enforcement society. Caino hypocriens is evil as shit at 95% rates. They will betray you the instant they think they can get away with it. How do you get a high "trust" society? Make them think they can't get away with it. If you want it to last, to be long term instead of short term, it has to be because it's too difficult to get away with.

Hunting Satanists is not only allowed, but sometimes mandatory. I do it for food. I find gnawing on their faces delicious. Do roast them thoroughly. As expected raw Satanism is toxic, unlike raw beef. Well-done only. If you're not hungry, go ahead and do it for sport. There is nothing you can do to a Satanist that's wrong, except being nice to them. Hunting Satanists just for practice killing people, like you're in a videogame? Great, awesome. Thumbs up. Want to hunt a Satanist just to see him die? Be my guest. Hankering for a pile of skulls? I love a good skull pile. It's impossible to be too extreme when rendering cruelty unto Satan. Only stop if you start feeling bad about yourself; pity is a sin.
Hunting Satanists is your duty and your privilege. Poor Gnon is always overworked. Give him a break and do his job for him.


The Dao is both infinitely loving and infinitely wrathful. Anyone favouring one or the other isn't representing the Dao. Which is hardly a bad thing: the Dao loves variety and particularism. And hates it too, of course. Anyone claiming to be only loving is 100% a devil. The proper response is found in the paragraph above. (Or claiming to be only wrathful, but you knew that already.)
More precisely the Dao transcends silly mortal concepts like "love" and "wrath," it's more like both at the same time, and even more like neither. Isn't actually infinite, because infinity is nonexistence. To us poor limited beings, this particular part of its transcendent nature looks sometimes like endless love, and sometimes like endless wrath.

I do have a bad habit of implying things rather than just saying them. "I'm going to make it seem like it was their own idea!" Yeah, no I'm not. I'm just going to make it easier to misunderstand. It's not a sly hint, it's just gross.
P.S. I have some disagreements with Hermes Trismegistus on a very similar score.

Utter Pwnage

"The honesty factor shows up more regularly and reliably in countries other than the U.S."

A brutal smackdown administered by Science. 

Not done yet, it goes for another roudhouse: "Agreeableness is roughly how tolerant you are of cooperating with someone who might exploit you."


Friday, February 18, 2022

War Without Shooting

"Trudea has declared she doesn't want truckers in Ottawa."

"We will respect this decision: not a single truck will enter Ottawa henceforth." 

Are the truckers at war or are they the pansies the leftist/progressives/Fascists so desperately hope they are?

"BREAKING: OTTAWA: Truckers who agreed peaceably and quickly are trapped."

Point 0: JBP really needs to calm down and quit the word salad. 

Main point: will truckers learn not to protest peacefully? 🤔
Did playing nice do them any good? If it doesn't work, stop trying it.

When you protest the government, you have to take it for granted that the police are illegitimate. Otherwise you really are just throwing a tantrum. Asking for a beatdown from the local sadist. Checksum: they received a beatdown from the local sadists. 

VDH's analysis of Trump is outstanding. Nobody else even comes close. I am inclined to trust him. However, he says the truckers will win "eventually" and he says something else: the likens it to Tiananmen. Quick refresher for me: who won at Tiananmen? Which regime is in power today?

They Seriously Fucked Up When They Allowed an Explicit Prayer to Remain

"There is an important line in our national anthem 'O Canada' 

'God keep our land Glorious and Free' 

I feel like those in charge want to change this line to 

WEF keep this land locked down for our 'safety' 

Don't back down"

If you think the regular post is good at getting letters where they're supposed to go, you should see the divine version. They can read the intent of the writer and will redirect accordingly even if you blatantly use the wrong name. C.S. Lewis knew. 

Ask and ye shall receive. The heavens are incomprehensibly generous.
Why would this start in Canada, of all places? Why would everyone feel their righteousness and immediately stand up with them? It is no coincidence.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Slave Prices

I think it's important to know your price as a slave. These prices are super easy to calculate.

Old slave prices are basically wergild. Your average churl was worth 200 solids (shillings, s) which at the time were gold, so this is something like $50,000. 

Modern prices are also easy. Use your standard P/E ratio of 20, a man is worth around $700,000

I am particularly amused at noting how a woman is worth very roughly 1/2 what a similar-class man is worth. The webpage of course has no idea they're casually disproving like all of egalitarianism, which just makes it better. This is why dowries are common and bride prices are rare.

Don't worry, the value of a womb is already factored in; that's the free market for you. Wombs are important, but I don't know if you've heard: almost every woman has one. A lot of fertile women aren't even using their wombs right now. Value is high but supply is higher.
Even in times where wombs were used like industrial machinery afraid of capital depreciation, the survival chances of the resulting child back-propagated into the value of the womb. Having more kids under Malthusianism only makes the survival of each kid less likely. Maximum human fertility is in the 5 range, meaning you only need about 1/10th of all women to stably reproduce. It's not just men that are disposable: most women are disposable too. 

On the flip side, the raw value of women is so high that it's fine for a family to have girls now. Don't have to pray for a son. Gonna be rich either way, really.

For reference, the standard cost of raising a child is something like $200,000. Room + board + other essentials + presents + labour. (I figured this once to work out how much a human brain costs, so I could compare to a comparable supercomputer. For further reference, an ant costs about 5c...and can probably drive a self-driving car if you could work out how to hook it up.) 

Here's the kicker: Capitalism makes the price of life goes up dramatically. Why is a churl worth $50,000 and a voter worth $700,000? Productivity improvements. An hour of the latter's labour produces more than ten times as much raw stuff as the former. 

Does the world look like we value individual lives more? It should. The market knows. Lives are genuinely immensely valuable. The more Capitalist the society is, the more valuable lives will become. 

What drove women into the workforce? Most likely, demand for labour. Even at a 50% discount, you can get a lot of raw value out of each woman's time. The politics is a mere slave to the prices.

Checksum: life insurance. If you get a solid term insurance plan (the only valid kind) you will likely get a quote in the $1,000,000 range, as should be expected. (A 20-year million-dollar plan will cost a healthy 30-year-old man under $40 a month. Less than your phone, probably. P.S. If you haven't read about insurable risk, you should.) 

(P.P.S. Wergild is vastly more civilized than prison and capital punishment is just wergild with fewer options.)


On the flip side that just makes it that much more impressive when someone in the modern world manages to be a net drain on society. Really? You squandered nearly a million dollars? And you're not even 20 yet? Look, that doesn't happen by accident. A lot of hard work goes into frittering away that much money. It's a serious accomplishment. The reward should be death, but never mind that. You gotta respect the dedication.

Ironically, at the same time women were being pulled into the workforce, lots of human capital was being destroyed and driven below the break-even point, so the actual labour force participation barely changed. It merely made the workforce more feminine, as per feminine Fascism mores. You know, more like the mode of work that's only 50% as valuable as the most efficient kind. Naturally this also depressed the birth rate, guaranteeing there would be less total stuff in the future. 

Imagine you had to pay market rate for abortions. I don't care to do net-present-value calculations, so let's just call it $300,000 plus or minus class scaling. Presumably ninjas would actually get paid for abortions.
Although an amusing thought, this would be bad. Everyone is looking forward to all the bad parents, who didn't want kids anyway, gracefully exiting the gene pool. No fuss, no muss, no ethnic cleansing. They can fornicate as much they want; be my guest. We can start charging after they're gone.

When calculating your own slave price, don't forget that at the individual level you're allowed to include intangibles and illiquid assets. Or you can imagine you wanted to leave a nest egg for your kids (or other allies) by selling yourself into slavery: how much do you have to be paid for the contract to feel like it's an even trade? Well, there you go. That's how much you're worth. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

European Genocide Supremacism

For the record, Europeans genuinely do have genocide supremacy. Peoples decide to kill each other sometimes, but the only people who can genocide a European tribe is another European tribe. 

If America decided one morning to depopulate Africa, that would be it: they would be gone.

If pales get tired of Islam terrorism, by the following Tuesday the Middle East is a sea of radioactive glass. Islam over. Fini. Fat lady sings. 

The reverse is not true; proof by inspection. If they could have, they would have already.

The world is lucky Europeans are so soft-hearted. On the other hand, we can easily see why non-Europeans are so desperate to encourage Europeans to suicide. It's genuinely a safety concern. After all, they can't fully control their behaviour, ref: crime rates. They can't guarantee they won't get pick a genocide contest with Occidentals at some point in the future, but we can both guarantee how such a contest would turn out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Free Speech is Suicidal

The especially funny thing is they're fucked in the long term if they don't drop the "love and unity" puke.

I was wrong: they're fucked in the short term.

"Anti-mandate protesters are holding a twitter space “emergency meeting” in response to the state of emergency.

One who was at the Windsor/Detroit border blockade tells a story of how their communications were infiltrated, leading to organizational collapse..."

What does [love and unity] mean? It means you can't keep your gates. Which means anyone crazy enough to be obsessed can infiltrate and overwhelm your internal culture with sheer obsessive spam. It means you blacklist instead of whitelisting, which means all they have to do is forge a sockpuppet and do it again. It means you pretend you don't have a hierarchy, which means obsessive head cases can hack your hierarchy, put themselves in charge...and start gatekeeping.
It means you commit to trusting the untrustworthy. Hail Satan, right guys?
Free speech is pro-lunatic speech. The sane can be deterred from speaking; they have better things to do than die on that hill. The deranged can't stop even if they wanted to. Result: the twisted trolls drive out everyone who can think in straight lines.

Is Enough Finally, At Last, Enough?

I don't have enough information to safely predict how the Freedom Convoy will turn out. 

Note that, unlike the "novel" coronavirus, it truly is unprecedented. This it the first globe-spanning anti-Globalist protest. It went global super fast too. The world has declared war on the World War Regime.

Usually, the Satanists lie a lot but they find one or two truths to mix in there. This time, it's wall-to-wall lies. Everything they say about it, without exception, is strictly the opposite of the truth. The obvious truth, in almost all cases. They themselves believe they don't have a leg to stand on.

The only question is whether the warriors will acknowledge they're at war and become willing to commit the necessary violence to defend themselves and seize the territory the World War Regime claims is already theirs. They shouldn't have to start literally shooting, but anyone who takes that option entirely off the table is destined to failure, ignominy, and well-deserved slander. 

Words are violence, birth defecters. That's not a reason to stop using words: that's a reason to use the most violent words possible. The ones that do the most damage to your enemies. 

The one who wins will be the one who wants it more. Keep in mind the Regime thinks even the slightest failure is death, because they are wrong in the head. Power addiction is the most destructive addiction.

Comically, the Americans are way behind everyone else. Ironic in the not-even-slightly-ironic way; reality vs. narcissism. Brussels is scheduled for a sit-in on Feb 14, whereas Americans won't leave the station until closer to Mar 14. Doubtless the FBI will try to arrest them first, given so much warning, but good luck trying to get a Twitter mob to cancel an owner-operator, lmao. They will try it anyway of course.

I can predict one thing, however: regardless of how this works out, it's going to work out in my personal, individual favour. You can restrict the search space to things which are good for me in particular. 

The especially funny thing is they're fucked in the long term if they don't drop the "love and unity" puke. Like Trump, all the Regime has to do is wait, and they'll be done in by their own sins. Seems the Regime has lost the ability to wait, though, quite possibly due to Trump's attempted perpetration of [wall]. This is very much a midget fight. MMA at the special Olympics.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Very American: Lesser Man Tricks Greater Into Dying

The lesser man can defeat the greater man via lack of self-preservation. If one lesser makes the wrong bet, there are plenty more lesser men where that came from. They only have to get lucky once.

Still support duelling, though clearly the rules need to prevent this sort of nonsense. In particular, there is no good reason to stand out in the open while duelling. Dickenson should have had cover and used it.

A fortiori: a real country Jackson would have likely had no ability to issue duels due to being an honourless dog, but admittedly I haven't bothered to check. 

"So Jackson had a plan:
Step 1) Let Dickenson shoot me
Step 2) Aim better than him
Step 3) ???
Step 4) Profit [life]"

"Jackson never had the shot removed from his chest, he would cough up blood for 39 more years till his death at age 68. 

That's a hard dick sumbitch"

That's Satan's patronage, Communist. Dickenson was escorted out of this vale of tears. Forgiven for being born American. Meanwhile Jackson had to suffer for his stupidity for decades, and let me guarantee for you: he did not make it into Heaven.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

If You Want a Free Country You Can't Treat Communists Like People

Ironically "human" rights are Community anti-[property rights]; it is the Communists who are the most inhuman. 

Which is of course why they have to bang on about "human" rights and "humanity" etc. all the time. 

Imagine a hairless cat trying to fit in with the non-mutant cats, constantly haranguing them about how important hair is. "Bro, we have hair already. The fuck are you on about."

Stupidity is a mental illness, and tragically the majority of Caino hypocriens suffers from this illness. Like all mental illnesses, it results in nonsensical and self-destructive behaviour. In this case, the normative stupidity is to forget how obvious "humanity" is because nobody talks about it. As soon as one of these deranged subhuman mutants start talking stentoriously about "humanity," they good-naturedly (i.e. stupidly) assume there's a point to what they're saying. That they might have any substance behind their words. Cainos will even creatively misunderstand what they said to try to wring some sense out of it. (E.g. the famous "centrist.")

The epistemically valid approach is to immediately assume any non-nihilist is guilty of exactly the moral failings they're accusing others of. As it happens, the hairless cat talks a big game about hair because they're hairless.

The only difference is that Christianity told you finding hairless cats disgusting is somehow immoral. We've all been taught to pity the subhuman mutants, instead of to get rid of them ASAP. As it turns out, nothing is more cruel than Christ's kindness. Enabling the sickness to survive is astonishingly sadistic for everyone involved.

"The workers. Owning the means of production"

In situations where the workers actually own the means of production, the Communists immediately freak the fuck out. They were always lying, starting with the Owenists in the 1830s. Or rather, starting with Protagoras in the -300s. 

By "free" of course I mean owned. Naturally in Fascist times the words get all muddled. You want a country where you can own things, rather than a country where robbery is lionized. Ownership and control is what "free" in a positive sense refers to. 

Admittedly, pretty difficult when Democracy is inherently based on the Totalitarian "right" of the legislature to steal anything that's not nailed down and to ban nails while they're at it.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Liars are Weak

Every time someone lies, it's an opportunity to scam them. Indeed it might be your duty. They either have to uphold your scam to uphold their lie, or admit they're lying.

"There is nothing racist about my NFTs other than haters like you trying to tear me down. 

We are creating a way for people to remember George Floyd in the Metaverse. 

Whether you like it or not, the Metaverse is the future. We want George Floyd to not be left behind in the past."

Copying a liar's register isn't even hard. Lying gives you an effective IQ hit; you don't even have to be smarter than the liar to scam them. 


When you realize someone's bullshitting you, take them seriously in such a way that they have to pay, ideally with hard cash. Every time they double down, remember to double down on the tribute you demand.

Friday, February 11, 2022

You Had One Job

I'll say it before and I'll say it again, if Christians had any purpose, it was to stop Satanists from seizing the government.

Didn't even slow them down. Total and utter failure. 

When the left blames Christians for this or that, they're not wrong, exactly. Christianity allowed the left to rise so easily that Fascism can only be called hyper-Christianity. 

Your religion is a lie, you goddamn losers.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this."

I enjoy this line a lot. Anything you read into it, anything at all, ends up being a valid reading.

It's dangerous to go alone...unless you're armed. "Take this. Cool, not dangerous anymore, run along."

It's dangerous to go alone...which is another reason to go, not a reason not to go. 

"It's dangerous to go alone...but I'm staying here." Nobody is going to help you, least of all those who claim to be helping. He gives you a wooden stick. (Admittedly it's a laser stick, but I'ma call that a gameplay abstraction. The story is about a brave boy, not a boy with interstellar firearms mowing everything down.)

Dangerous to go where, old man? How do you even know what I'm doing? Does [silent protagonist] mean Link actually vomits his entire life story at everyone he meets? 

"It's dangerous to go alone, I guess. Take this stick so I don't feel bad, now piss off kid." 

"I have to say it's dangerous even though we both know it's not. You'll be fine with this stick." Ironically Zelda 1's challenge is pretty stiff actually, though maybe the old man knows you can respawn from the save screen.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

If They're Not Threatening to Arrest You En Masse, It's Not a Protest

In case anyone wasn't sure: the Freedom Convoys have demonstrated that BLM and antifa are government subsidized riot organizations. If they weren't literally tax-funded you can go ahead and eat your hat. It's not some kind of weird solecism when Weather Underground operatives end up in taxpaid sinecures, they were part of the government from day 1.

All of a sudden, when you actually protest against the government, the police can figure out how to oppose the action.

Every time they lie about the truckers, they admit guilt. They're saying the facts aren't on their side. They have to use wild fabrications and desperate slurs because they have nothing else.
These shrill admissions only tell you this demonstration is a real threat to whatever is they're trying to do. They're calling the truckers "terrorists" because they are genuinely terrified. They're calling for arrests because if they don't get them off the streets they'll have to cave. All the truckers have to do is fail to give up, and they'll win. (Temporarily, at least.)

Thanks cops. I hope your pensions are worth your soul. You can buy it back from Satan, right? That's how this works? (Good luck buying it back from the corpse, btw. Never mind your soul, is it even worth your self-respect? Are you that cheap?)

P.S. If you're running a real protest, you have to plan on being arrested and tear-gassed, then figure out how it's going to work out for you anyway.