Wednesday, July 3, 2024

The Only True Sin is Self-Hatred

 Everything can be a virtue. Failure leads to learning. Destruction can be creative. Hatred of the enemy is merely a reflection of love for the friend. Irresponsibility is relaxing. Decay is a form of destruction. Sewage can be used for fertilizer. Nuclear waste can be reprocessed. Dishonour is useful against the dishonourable foe. Without poverty and stagnation, there is no glory in wealth and growth. Horror and falsehood are an integral parts of the glory of war and contest. Logic is the contradiction of everything that isn't true, and Existence is the annihilation of everything that doesn't exist. Through Death, Life.

 Everything except self-hatred. Self-hatred is always, everywhere, and for everyone, a vice. Self-hatred is always illogical. Rejection of the self leads to rejection of everything, rejecting that which made the self exist in the first place. 

 Self-hatred is inherently insane. If the self wants to destroy itself, who is going to stop it? The problem should be instantly self-resolving. If it sticks around long enough for you to notice it, it must be totally deranged. Self-hatred can only come from delusion, and only delusion can come from self-hatred.

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