Monday, July 8, 2024

Social Classes Refinement

 Six universal social classes.

 Heroes transcend the law. The law can be anything it wants and they don't have to care. This social class is normally empty. Few understand what they're seeing if they look at a hero.

 Lords make the law. If they have to follow it, they change the law so it tells them to do what they were going to do anyway. They are functionally above the law, regardless of the law on that issue.

 Freemen can't make the law but don't need the law in their day-to-day life. Although they can't safely break the law, they can operate in grey areas not properly covered by law without self-destructing. Stuff like barons and knights are probably freemen rather than true lords.

 Peasants willingly follow the law, but any sort of liberty they seem to have is an illusion. They in fact hate liberty. The peasant specie differs from the upper classes. If lords are human, peasants are inhuman; mere livestock. If peasants are human, then lords are superhuman. The species can interbreed but the hybrids are properly known as [bastards] and they're not good for anyone; execution is a mercy.

 Slaves unwillingly or unwittingly follow the law. They need constant supervision. Usually not worth the cost; inherently parasitic.

 Criminals can't follow the law even if supervised. E.g.a young child throwing a tantrum will only throw a bigger tantrum if you try to punish it. Peasant children are typically inherent criminals, which is why locking children up together leads to lord of the flies.

 P.S. A lord breeding with a peasant is genuinely for-real beastiality. If you think it's okay for a lord to pork a peasant, you can't object to him using a sheep or goat - indeed it's better, as it's far less likely to produce a bastard. (Ironically pigs are too vicious.) If you think peasant-lord miscegenation is bad, try breeding outside your homo subspecies, lol. A lord breeding with a slave or criminal is necrophilia. Perhaps non-degenerate bastards would be possible if any non-degenerate lord was willing to touch the beasts and zombies with a pole shorter than ten feet. However, there's no reason to find out.

 P.P.S. Note that a child's tantrum only works if you care about the child and the tantrum is unnecessary. If you don't care, you can abandon or kill the child. Peasant children throw tantrums because peasants are retarded and like rewarding evil.

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