Thursday, July 4, 2024

"Stuck on her highest setting"

 Women are only attracted to 8s, 9s, and 10s. Saying that's 20% of the population is downright optimistic. The rest can get wives using various factors, but she will always find sex to be a chore. Women are far more willing to be raped than they pretend, but even so. [Barely mind] is still a world away from [enjoy].

 If you are an 8+, you can alpha widow a girl. The advice you hear, if you want to get married, is to be the guy she would drop everything and fly across a continent for. 

 Problem: women go like that for men 2 points higher than her own value. It really is pure batshit insanity. Pride of sky-scraping proportions. "I'm a six who is at least as hot as an eight." Yeah, uh, math doesn't work that way. Logic doesn't work that way. Being doesn't work that way.

 Bonus: HB 10s never get to feel like that. Perhaps they're so stuck up because it's psychologically impossible for them to fall into feminine pseudo-love.
 Women can only properly love children, as I'm sure you've remembered.

  I think 9s can feel like that sometimes, due to supporting delusions, perhaps low self-esteem, most simply. Maybe seeing a guy as a supermortal 11/10 according to her inability to judge character. She can be in a relationship with a phantasm in her head rather than the actual man occupying physical space. She might notice the physical dick occupying her physical space is attached to a flesh-and-blood body rather than to her hallucinations, which will cause problems. Alt: you feel bad seeing her so self-critical, so you build her up. She realizes she's 9/10 instead of 8/10...

 If a man is with a woman who sees him as an alpha, he can do better.
 If a woman is with a man such that their market prices are fairly balanced, and she isn't wildly delusional, she won't perceive him as alpha.

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