Friday, March 5, 2021

On Comment Captchas

I use a hack that lets me avoid doing Google's insufferable captchas when I comment on my own blog.

If you can't find your own hack, I would happily agree to a workaround, such as telling me you're posting your comments elsewhere, and I'll go read and/or respond to them there.

Moldbug vs. Monarchism

"I’m a monarchist because we don’t have to live like this."
Dawg, I already don't live like this. I had to take a less than ideal exit route, but it is nevertheless the case that I'm already out. Get out, don't let leftists force their company on you, and you're set.

There's nothing stopping you from taking a king yourself. Get a mannerbund, hold the last election, bam, you're done. Nothing illegal about this in the slightest. Indeed the Transgressives are likely to be confused, more than anything.

Nothing legally stopping you. If you weren't a slave you would have already taken a king. Instead you plead for the Regime force you to take a king.
In Greece, slaves had free speech because their words were considered so worthless that the most abominable curses from their mouths barely rose to the level of a joke. Master knows best. 


"No one today—certainly not me—can even imagine how different a life that would be."
I am referred to as [no one] regularly enough that I sometimes use it as my nickname. Alrenous "No One" Ruat Caelum.

"It is hard to think of, or even imagine, one which is spiritually healthy, but physically incompetent."
As No One, I am tasked with difficult imaginings. That's a joke: this isn't difficult if you aren't a slave.

So, you've selected your king. Necessarily it will be a king in exile. He ought to have the power to revoke certain laws, but doesn't. Spiritually healthy, physically less so.

When training to run the stock market, you use something called paper stocks. You allocate yourself fake money, buy fake stock by writing down which ones you bought and how much they cost, and then see if you manage to make fake money. You own stocks, but only on paper. You can make all your real mistakes without having to lose any real money.

Likewise, it is hardly unhealthy to have a paper king who passes paper laws.

Further: the Amish. They functionally pass laws on themselves. You can already do it. They already have enough physical competence. Think maybe you can outfight someone whose pitchfork was made by an honest-to-god blacksmith?
The slave would never dream of selecting their own master, though. As it should be.

"This is because you have not thought seriously about the matter. Nor has anyone else."
Clearly, I do not exist. And yet, here I am writing. That's kind of impressive, isn't it?
Am I dead? Am I a lich? I might be a lich. Or at least, a possessed pseudonymous avatar.

Fascism is fundamentalist Egalitarianism. The diagnostic criteria all flow inevitably from the demands of egalitarianism.

Egalitarianism is stone-age social technology. It's monkey-think. The monkey in your brain wants to rebel against your leadership and return to monkey times, for what I hope are obvious reasons.* When a country gets rich enough, it appears they can afford to stop oppressing their monkeys and return to monkey times. The country's masters realize monkey-think is stupid, and compromise with reality, though only to the extent they're forced to. Thus, Fascism

*(Though I convinced mine to stop, via my behaviour and its consequences. Caveat, autism is often an advantage here. The things the monkey wants aren't wrong per se, only how it natively wants to achieve them.)

"Lies can win no permanent victory over the truth."
Well, yes. Quite the self-own here.

"But if by some amazing chance hell is ready to negotiate: here are ten principles I want."
As I mentioned earlier, the Regime is already too weak to stop you from starting the next country early. Maybe quit petitioning Satan to run Hell differently? I'm fairly confident he knows how to cause suffering better than you do, and neither requires nor desires your advice.

"Equal protection under the law must be restored."
Ah yes, your standard egalitarian monarchist. Totally historically normal.

"Collective grievances are socially unacceptable"
I would certainly like to know more about collective grievances. However, I'm not apt to learn anything reading Moldbug.

Collective grievances are probably fine, except that in the present case they apparently have no statute of limitations. At some point a grievance has to be resolved. If justice was not done, then so be it.

They have no statue of limitations because they are lies. The grievances were never real. Nobody gives the tiniest shit what happened to their great-grandparents. It was always a fake justification for tyranny they wanted to commit anyway. Unfortunately tyranny is inherently tyrannous and no justification has any effect on its consequences. Fortunately, tyranny is inherently tyrannous so you can simply call it out for being tyranny, rather than having to debate the tyrant into admitting they're a fuckin' liar.

Anyway this is all a way of making the prisoner's dilemma seem complicated. Cooperate with cooperators. Defect on defectors. It really is that simple. However, monarchists have a problem, since historically kings are 100% defectors. Crimestop appears.

Oblivion is not peace, by the way.
"it does not matter that the Turk had no right to take Constantinople"
Right, so likewise it does not matter that I have no right to take Constantinople. If I mange to hold it, then oblivion goes in my favour. But wait, then the Turks...
Aposiopesis is a sin.

As expected, Moldbug knows little to nothing about collective grievances. At best, he is unwilling to say.

"and through it, over the public mind."
Of course, any good monarchist cares deeply about public opinion.

Or was it? Perhaps they worry deeply about the care and maintenance of the grapeshot throwers. I get those two confused all the time.

The Regime is driving over a cliff. They will take public opinion with it.
Are you going to have a country all ready and waiting for the cleared space? Or are you going to try to argue them into maybe driving off the cliff differently?

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Spiritually Break with Fascism

Given that Transgressives are firmly entrenched, what is the wise reaction?

As close to total divorce as you can manage. Have a little to do with it as possible. Don't watch or read the news. Don't submit yourself to a Facebook feed. Don't allow Fascists to talk politics or religion in your company. If they insist, leave. If your job implicitly involves mouthing many Fascisms, find a new one. (And deeply ponder why you didn't avoid the place without being told.) If your city is particularly infested with Fascists, find a new one. Move heaven and earth to avoid sending your kids to Fascist schools. For heaven's sake, install an adblocker.

It turns out there's a real distinction between a slave and a serf. A slave has no self-control at all, and can't even choose their own master. A serf has, at least, the minimal control to choose their lord. American voters are slaves. As usual, this is Fascism.

Pretending that lords don't exist is like half of what being human is about. On the other end, some are undeniably and unmistakeably slaves. Since someone is a slave, and Egalitarianism is true, everyone is a slave. Anyone attempting to be a non-slave is defecting; illegitimately trying to be a master. There are no masters in democracy! Being a master is always wrong! But, under slave morality, there is no form of human except masters or slaves. To be precise, Fascists are always obsessed with finally proving once and for all that everyone is a slave.

Among the ancients it was taken for granted that you had to transcend your own human nature and seize control of your self. None of this cope about riding the elephant. (Elephant imagery is itself cope. Obviously the default controller is a monkey.)

If you haven't seized control of yourself, you are a bum. If you have seized control of yourself, then mortal kings are nothing more than annoyances; you answer only to Gnon. (Julius Caesar was not an honourable man or a cooperator by any stretch of the imagination. His fundamental personality matrix was identical to an SJW. He was not, however, a bum.)

The ancients often wouldn't budge when threatened with crucifixion or breaking on the wheel. Moderns flinch and cower when threatened with "social consequences." Locus of control has become perfectly external. 

It's trivial to check for self-control in person. Ask them to do something weird. A little embarrassing, but harmless. E.g. sitting in a chair upside-down. Experiment: if you had to do something outgroup, could you? If they can't do it, they don't have self-control. They need permission before they can do anything. In fact it's so easy to check you don't actually have to check; merely imagining their response is safe and reliable.

(Cults basically work by spoofing the permission architecture. I don't have a cult solely because slaves make for poor conversation. If you have self control, securing yourself against a king is trivial: reverse the polarity and spoof the acceptance architecture. There's no reason to allow them to so much as to become suspicious.)

Nihilism is a philosophy for grownups. Slaves must have faith in their master, or else despair.

In retrospect, American shamelessness was overdetermined. If you don't control your own actions, why would you be ashamed of their distribution? It's not your fault! You're not guilty. You're just following orders. (That really does make the slave not guilty. Pathetic, but not culpable.) American masters are especially clever. They've ordered their slaves to think they're emancipated, and their slaves have dutifully followed this command. You can't even take up the slave's behaviour with their master because the master is hiding from the slave. (Just in case you thought they might not be guilty.)

Likewise, ills such as Institutional Racism are clearly the result of rogue masters. They are hiding, just like the regular masters. They are illicitly stealing perfectly legitimate slaves and commanding them to commit heinous acts to satisfy their twisted psychological needs. All slaves are exhorted not to be stolen so easily.
Liars never trust and conspirators get paranoid. 

If you have seized control of yourself, with a little help from philosophical hygiene, you can just, like, not be a Fascist. You're in charge. You decide, therefore it happens.


Perfectly contra Moldbug, it's clear anti-Transgressive ideas always win in the marketplace of ideas. However, Transgressive ideas appeal to gatekeepers - who then shut down transmission of anti-Transgressive ideas, which is the only way they can fail to lose completely. It should be a great mystery when Americans consistently choose to live under hostile censors. Since Americans are committed to being slaves, it is no mystery.

Moldbug is a proper American, and thus no exception. Reading early UR you could be forgiven for thinking he had self-control. Instead it turns out someone gave him permission to read old books, probably by accident. Some leftover command from the 1800s, when there was a canon. Distant, foreign backwaters often have very unfashionable commands still floating around in their sluggish currents. Biologically Moldbug should be a lord, but psychologically he is unquestionably a slave. The wonders of American pedagogy, I guess.

Following old, outdated commands is the problem of the American ""right"" in general, almost without exception. E.g. some believed the Transgressives were actually rational. They bought into Terror-era commands. When the proggies inevitably do something irrational, they think they've been commanded to rebel. They become a [dissident]. E.g. it turns out the rational basis for democracy is bullshit. Transgressives command everyone to rebel, which helps.

(Do Trannies tolerate Christianity purely as something to rebel against? If the master abandons honour he can get very clever indeed.)

The American ""right"" can be categorized as a slave's desperate desire for a master who won't order them to be retarded. Sometimes they almost manage to delude themselves into thinking they've been ordered as such.

Alas. You go to exist with the god you have, I guess.

Style Guide: Transgressivism

With the latest addition to Orthodoxy, the Party has a snappy name: the Transgressives.

Rebel! Break all the rules, especially the just ones! Rail against even the laws of physics and biology! All slaves deserve to be masters; all masters, slaves. (There is of course no human relation except master vs. slave.)

Corollary: literati => castrati. See also: intellectual, expert, etc.

Yeshua's plan was to etiolate the virtuous, and it has worked splendidly. Although Gnon is patient, His patience is not infinite, and the situation is now reversed. Good and Law is persecuted, while Evil is coddled and comforted.

I can no longer oppose the Transgressives. Under their torturous reign, those who deserve it shall become strong, while those undeserving shall become weak. God's will be done.

The Transgressives have a problem with being Regnant Transgressives, for what I hope are obvious reasons. The winner is undeserving and the loser is deserving, and as such if you point out they've won anything they suffer catastrophic cognitive dissonance. The idea was to struggle nobly but ultimately fail. Never forget the Transgressives will render themselves losers through cognitive gymnastics even if they win; they cannot enjoy the fruits of success.

Because the Transgressives can't straightforwardly use power, no matter how regnant they get, the Regime is inherently weak. E.g. apparently the entire entrenched Establishment vs. one orange bloke was a fair fight and a hard-won victory. Not a real victory, mind you. Hitler is always lurking. In reality Hitler was a bumbling bureaucrat like every Fascist, but in their minds Hitler was and is terrifyingly efficient. After all, why else would all their schemes fail even when persimmon skin barely puts up a fight?

Does Transgressivism work? It certainly achieved money and power for Transgressives, as long as they don't push it so far that the illusion of legitimacy collapses completely. Americans are Fascist, and you can always show that the Transgressive is a better, purer Fascist than their opponent. They genuinely appeal to core American values, such as relieving them of all personal responsibility. Sadly Americans are sinners, weak in the ways of Fascism, and don't yet realize that in fact having a eunuch crack your daughter's skull whilst playing sports is just more equal than *GASP* segregating the sexes during competition. Luckily the Transgressives are here to patiently educate them. They'll figure it out eventually.

While a Transgressive king is good for the soul, it's important to remember they are inherently illegitimate. Defective and deviant. They are here to punish the Good for being the kind of 'Good' that allows organized Transgressives to exist in the first place. If you've figured the lesson and repented, there's no need to let them punish you in particular.

The correct way to deal with a Richelieu is to dismantle him and fire the components from a grapeshot catapult at the serfs and slaves he was misleading. Ref: the treatment of the Luddites. Do so with the greatest compassion and empathy. Allowing Richelieu to lead them is much more sadistic than anything you might need to do to discourage them. A televised helicopter ride is also acceptable.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Substack is Doxxing Engine

Money changes hands. This means KYC rules apply. Substack must know exactly who you are. This means the courts can subpoena Substack when it comes time to round everyone up for the concentration camps.

This is assuming they don't simply cut off Substack the way they cut off Gab.

If you want a real Substack, it has to be hosted in Russia (probably paying Russian mafia dues) and using solely BTC in the payment architecture.

Friday, February 26, 2021

All-Cause Mortality vs. ncov

Numbers are in.

USA all-cause mortality went from 8.8 /1000 in 2019 to 8.9 /1000 in 2020, following a long term trend of increasing by 0.1 every year since 2013. At two digits of resolution, ncov had no effect whatsoever. Sailer was correct - everyone who died of ncov would have died of something else. A trigger, not a cause. 

Of course the USA is faking the shit out of its numbers because American hospitals get fabulous cash prizes for doing so. In some weeks upwards of 40% of all deaths were attributed to ncov. Best check with another country.

Canada's all-cause mortality is up by a statistically insignificant amount. 7.9 /1000 compared to 7.5 /1000 in 2019. Almost all deaths were of those aged 80+, compared to a life expectancy of 82. Even if ncov is real all it's going to do is knock life expectancy down a smidge.

Everyone is freaking out about ncov because plagues happened on the savannah and the monkey in your brain has an app for that.
Secondarily because it's clear that if there was a real pandemic, we would be proper fucked. None of the interventions against ncov did squat. In 2020 there was a slightly sharp dropoff due to summer. In 2021, we've already reached herd immunity for covid-20. Get fucked, CDC. 

Browse worldometer; the numbers are wrong but the relative movements tell a great story. Especially compare Canada, America, Australia. The story in America is so obviously fake it's embarrassing just to be the same species as them. Officially nearly 10% of all deaths were caused by ncov - 0.7/1000, to be precise. The UK's numbers have the same sawtooth fraud tell that America's does, by the way, but their all-cause isn't in. (Quite possibly because they noticed it tells the wrong story and they need time to fudge things. Either that or sheer third-world incompetence.)


By preponderance of evidence, America's all-cause mortality tells a story about how Americans refuse to be locked down and Wokeness is very deadly, with 0.8/1000 deaths a year - more than officially attributed to ncov, and expected to increase to 0.9/1000 next year.

By preponderance of evidence, Canada's all-cause mortality tells us lockdowns are extremely dangerous, with officially 0.2/1000 killed by lockdown, compared to 0.2/1000 killed by the virus. 

Naturally these are hardly proven, but that's the simple, naive reading - which is usually either correct or next-door-neighbour to correct.

Meawhile China's numbers are fake in the downward direction. Suffering a plague would contradict the mandate of heaven, after all.

There's a downright hilarious amount of fake news about this. They're using flatly wrong statistics, such as simply assuming every ncov death was [excess], which is especially amusing for weeks when half of all American deaths were attributed to the virus.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

On Rational Sin vs. Christian Sin

Morality isn't real. Neither good nor evil are genuine properties of any object or event.
However, it does approximate something of use; the tension between long-term and short-term, and in particular cooperation vs. defection

Evil cannot be truly real due a punishment dilemma. If evil is an intrinsic property, like colour, it must be independent of punishment. We can imagine someone committing a sin that nobody minds, which nobody wants to punish them for, and they are in fact not punished. If no one cares, not even the heavens, then we have a contradiction: there is no reason not to do it. Being evil is indistinguishable from being not-evil.

By contrast, we can imagine [drawing forth punishment] is an inherent property of evil. If punishment is provoked, then avoiding the action isn't done because it's evil. It's done because avoiding punishment is selfishly prudent. Being not-evil is indistinguishable from being selfish to a perfectly narcissistic degree, which is again the opposite of what evil is supposed to be.

If punishment is not inherent, then evil is not-evil, and if punishment is inherent, not-evil is not-not-evil. In any conceivable world, evil is not-evil, and thus evil is inherently a self-contradictory idea.

Now I'm going to violate the is-ought distinction and sketch a derivation the rules previously called [morality] using only facts and logic.

You always want your interlocutor to cooperate with you. No matter what you're doing, it's more profitable if they're not opposing you. If you defect on your interlocutor, they will try to defect back on you, unless they're retarded.* A particularly intelligent opponent will predict your defection, because your intent has tells, and thus will defect on you before you can defect on them. Defection provokes punishment, and thus avoiding defection is always prudent.

*(If they are retarded, you don't want to cooperate with them anyway. A stupid ally is worse than an enemy.)

Caveat: enough humans are retarded enough that cooperation is not possible, and attempting it is foolish. You also can't cooperate with a rock, and in a classic example of the world being unfair, enough humans are too stupid to be properly human. Or: Aristotle's [natural slaves] is a larger set than is thought (for example) by Aristotle.

In the short term, assuming you have the proper advantages to get away with the betrayal, you can profit from defecting against a potential cooperator. In the long term the costs are always higher, not least being the lost opportunities for future cooperation.

Broadly speaking, defection performing an act on someone without consent. As such, it is always prudent to obtain or otherwise guarantee consent. Thus, we have, more or less, morality. Theft is wrong. Murder is wrong. Not morally wrong; merely incorrect. Irrational.

More generally it is always rational to secure long-term gains in favour of short-term gains, because the long term lasts longer than the short term, and is thus bigger.
However, much as a stupid person can be betrayed without noticing, a stupid person is often incapable of understanding long-term gains. The long term is more complicated and difficult than the short. Not everyone is capable of being sufficiently rational.

Corollary: being stupid is (rationally speaking) indistinguishable from being a criminal. It makes perfect sense for most prison occupants to be stupid.

Present governments do not obtain consent, and are thus evil, which is why they reliably guide their societies into decay and ruin. However, in these cases the long term is long compared to mortality. The present government will die before it descendants have to pay their debts. This continues to be true until the Visigoths suddenly sack Rome. Humans have certain instincts telling them to sacrifice themselves for the survival and dominance of their children, but these do not cover the act of buggering your own society for personal gain.

The Gyews noted that enough humans are especially incompetent at appreciating the long term, and tried to get them to think about it using early version of the myths that became [eternal damnation]. As usual, lies are bad. They painted themselves into a corner by reifying sin so concretely. Sin became something you accumulate. Because humans are trash it became obvious everyone was accumulating unbearable amounts of sin, and they had to do things like come up with scapegoats, which were literal goats in the original. You would pass your sin to the goat and punish/sacrifice the goat. The burnt offering. You had to char it real bad so nobody would be tempted to eat it anyway, which would make a mockery of the idea of sacrificing it to the gods. 

Of course the fact the gods don't come and eat the thing either also makes a mockery of the sacrifice, but apparently that one is complicated enough to be covered by cognitive dissonance. 

(Remember: just stop defecting and start cooperating. These elaborate mythologies only serve to entangle you and make this easy solution somehow hard. E.g. nobody will believe you're trying to cooperate, even if you in fact are, unless you've sacrificed a goat first. Lies are defection, and only encourage more defection.)

Yeshua's great innovation was being a scapegoat for everyone. "It's cool, I'll take all your sins and then sacrifice myself, and I'm a Big Deal so it will be one and done." Plenty of folk though this was a great idea. Using this trick, apparently you could perform a verbal (virtue-signalling) penance instead of a material one to take care of any ongoing sins you committed. 

In practice, Yeshua granted a license to sin. The Christ was the Anti-Christ all along.
It's all cope. Cooperate rather than defecting, or you're just not good enough. Do various forms of penance work? Unless they convert a long-term incentive to a short-term incentive that ADDled humanity can vaguely understand, they don't work. Thus, sale of indulgences.

Also, a wonderful opportunity for Evil to seize the reins.

It is true that almost every single moralist is trying to hold you back. Isn't it natural that Evil would don a false cloak of righteousness? Conquest #1 - Evil will be quite good at this. Also, Darwin; idiot Evil cannot long survive, because defection is so expensive. The Devil is a scammer. He offers a Deal where the goods cost more than they're worth. You take it because the Devil is smarter than you. 

Christianity was a false cloak of righteousness to start with. Constantine barely had to tweak it.

By cloaking itself in a cooperative disguise, Evil automatically invokes a double bind. By corrupting the perception of Law, anyone who breaks through the first layer of lies is tempted to disparage Law entirely, thus becoming outlaw. They're no longer effective agents of Evil, but they also become wholly ineffective opponents of Evil. 

Example. Thou shalt not covet your neighbours wife? Problem: there's a distinction between the social [you] and the actual [you]. The actual [you] isn't the one coveting. If your neighbour's wife is hot you can't help coveting her. The double bind is echoed. You must not covet her, but can't stop. The genuine cooperate vs. defect distinction is about actions, not thoughts and feelings. If you don't commit the theft you imagine, then no sin has occurred. Of course Christian bishops don't ask for consent. They're evil. They're defectors. They want you twisted up in knots worrying about avoiding their imaginary sins so you don't notice their very real sins. 

Is it better to be a saint who is not tempted by the wives of others? Sure. That's not the point, though. The point is to get along. 

A) you realize the coveting isn't [you] exactly, because it's not under your control. When you will it to stop, it doesn't, exactly the same way that if you will the Sun to go out, it doesn't.
B) you realize this coveting doesn't stop you from leaving your neighbour's wife to your neighbour. The social [you] can appear not be coveting at all, even when some internal [you] covets a great deal indeed. A difference of no difference is not a difference.
C) you start to wonder which other rules are stupid and destructive, and it's tempting to conclude that all of them are dumb. 

It's even worse than this, because Nietzsche was correct. Machiavelli said: do no small harms. He said this because anything which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (Further they realize you're defecting on them, so do a big enough harm that they can't try for revenge.)

Yeshua ""saved"" you from your sins. In other words, saved you from that which wasn't killing you. Which was making you stronger.
Yeshua tried to ""punish"" the sinners. For the most part, not enough to kill them. It's supposed to be about forgiveness and redemption and mercy.
Evil cannot survive without paying tribute to virtue. It is not supported.
Good, however, is supported by Yeshua. It can be weak, and depraved, and incomplete, and still survive.

Thus Yeshua was all about empowering sinners and etiolating the virtuous. Result: Evil is strong and Good is weak. Thanks Yeshua, all your attributes are sublime, including your misanthropy. A real God's God. Proof: refer to what has in fact happened. Remind me: who said to know them by their fruits?

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Moldbug Errors 3

The only right is the property right.

Moldbug is a leftist: he's writing in an attempt to seize something that isn't already his, via trickery. He contradicts himself thaumaturgically, which is why he contradicts himself in detail all the time.

"Or we could scale this attitude back a little. Rather than considering the 20th century and all its works as an abomination, a scar upon history, one vast sin whose penance will still be sending us bills in the 2200s, we could take it as—a normal part of history."

"They have dedicated their lives to the state security of one of the most inept, clumsy and callous regimes in history."

Look guys, having no idea what you yourself are thinking is what it means to be "married to reason."

Proof by contradiction: if Moldbug already owned the thing he wants to own, he wouldn't need to write long screeds about how it should dance. He would issue an order, and then it would be done. E.g. Urbit. He didn't need to write elaborate articles describing how Urbit should be coded. He could just code it. 

The world is surprisingly just. E.g. husbands and wives deserve each other 99% of the time. Further, Conquest #1 runs both forward and in reverse; that about which you are most conservative (right wing, property rights), in other words that which you know best, will tend to become your job.

Moldbug has to try to seize control of [whatever it is] precisely because he doesn't know much about it. He deserves not to be in control of it. 

In almost all cases blog-existence is the photo negative of the blogs that should exist. Moldbug knows a great deal about coding that I don't know, and if he were writing about that I would have to sit down and shut up. He is therefore, naturally, as a pure inevitability, writing about something else entirely. 

Secondary proof: what it is, exactly, that Moldbug is trying to control? Thing is, if you could easily tell, the mark might reinforce their walls, so...

As such: when someone doesn't take their own ideas seriously, you probably shouldn't take them seriously either.

Of course if you've been doing your set 2s, you can feel this maybe 2-3 paragraphs into a Moldbug screed. The difference between descriptive and proscriptive is not subtle. I'm not satisfied with pure set 2s, however. I insist on converting into a set 1 as well. This has many virtues, such as allowing one to climb the inferential ladder. Since this level is now verbalized, I can use intuition on the next level up. Et cetera.

I hypothesize that while it's possible to transcend one's race, Moldbug hasn't. The Gyews are beloved by deviant rulers everywhere for their tendency to carry water for the regime. You want a lawyer to tell you how to legally do what you were going to do anyway, and you especially want a Gyewish lawyer for that. 

Limited Fisking Section:

"If he is dreaming of rebellion, he is not dreaming of an inglorious and brutal shitshow. If he is dreaming of loyalty, he is not dreaming of an eternal and servile tyranny."

Both should submit to a Lord. Submit either to a collaborative Lord or a rebellious Lord. We can forgive the peasant who claims they chose the best Lord they could find. I do not forgive the peasant who claims to have no Lord.

If you insist on dreaming independently, then you take on the responsibility of being judged as Lord. And, obviously, found wanting.

BTW it's obvious Siskind does not believe in Bayes' theorem. It's plumage. Treating it as a genuine theory instead of plumage is autistic.
Only I'm allowed to be autistic, for what I hope are obvious reasons. 

"This is indeed the act of a child; my children will decide they dislike the title of a movie, then, if begged to give it a chance, grimly and resolutely hate it. "

Fun fact: children have a set novelty quota. They will run away from their mothers' skirts when they're behind, and watch hundred and hundreds of reruns when it's full. 99% of the time when you want your child to try a new food/movie and they don't want to, all you need to do is wait for them to catch up on their novelty processing. Sadly, parents aren't known for the patience this requires.

When the child (*GASP*) dislikes the movie recommended by the parent, the parent is a victim, and complains on their blog. Clearly, the child must be the victim, and the parent the victor, or everything is wrong with the world. So unjust.

The child's novelty quota comes from having to process and understand the novelty. To see how it relates to the rest of the world, to the child itself, etc. "Hating" a movie "resolutely" is only rational. It will only clog their processing pipeline. Although I cling to hope that in years past parents had some modicum of respect for the child's lived experience, it is easy to argue that the latest moment for any such event was over 10,000 years ago.

Hunter tribes beat their wives, showing they have no qualms about "domestic violence." (See also: red pill.) They do not beat their children. They recognize it as an unnecessary and cowardly act.

In reality children do come with an instruction manual. It's written on their heart, so you need some empathy to read it. Thus we are enlightened: of course good parents are essentially nonexistent. Children aren't people for goodness' sakes! People have feelings. Children don't, silly!

I see what I did wrong. Turns out correlation really isn't causation. The alcohol is taken to balm the wounded soul, which recognizes it has betrayed its own flesh and blood.
"The #1 way to humiliate yourself is to cooperate with power against your old friends. After you’ve done this you can never have any self-respect again: full Judas."

"(what does it say about Republicans that their last two presidents were nondrinkers?)"
It says they're outgroup. Ooka ooka, monkey. We can all agree to eat them first, I guess.
Your principle is: don't get my balls kicked. You can't even imagine what the ancients meant by respect for a principled man. 

"it would mean there was one Party, which had one neck. If there is any lesson American communism has learned, it is the power of decentralization. We won’t be seeing any more Bridgman Conventions."

"Those were dogs on a leash. They could be turned on and off in one Zoom call."

The best part is these two sentences are two paragraphs away from each other. 

Don't be like Moldbug: do your set 4s.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Cthulu is Original Sin

Lovecraft was exactly correct. He was American so there's a narcissism correction to make, but this made he was precise and accurate.

The truth about America drives Americans mad. Seemingly impossible powers can be had by reading into it, but, always, it drives the American to their gibbering death. In Lovecraft's mind, there is nothing to be done but to look away, and hope to be eaten last.

I have a different take. America is over. You can wait for everyone else to notice, or you can start the new country early. America is gibbering too much to stop it. That's up to you, though. Whichever you prefer. 

One key to an exceptional memory is to quit lying to yourself. If accurate recall would harpoon your self-image, you cannot allow yourself to remember. The more you lie, the more you must confabulate. If the memory must be vandalized anyway, why bother making it in the first place? Thus the past becomes misty. History repeats because humans cannot tell themselves about the present.

Recalibrate: saints are real. They are not saints. They're basically decent people. They merely appear saint-like compared to the rancid trash that calls itself human on average.

In the past, it was accepted that humans are trash. Original Sin etc. But, Jesus was merciful - or rather, we can't punish everyone for all their sins, because there would be no one left. We would punish only the worst criminals, the most heinous crimes, and gradually improve. By degrees. The Aztecs were correct - Gnon demands blood sacrifice. (The Aztecs sacrificed the wrong blood, and Gnon had words with them about it.)

Because humans are trash, Christianity became cope. They decided being [basically decent] wasn't restricted to so-called saints. The egos of the trash got flattered. "At least you're not a murderer." Meanwhile nobody got sainted, because the standard, staying at a fixed distance from [normal], rose well beyond any achievable level. It wouldn't do for saints to realize they are saints. That's the sound of Envy getting tired of winning. Europe gave up their blood sacrifices.

Then they caught the wrong end of philosophy. Philosophy revealed the cope to be lies. The virtue signalling was always transparent, and now someone bothered to look through it.

Some said: we must punish all the sinners. Why are we letting some go? These had committed aposiopesis.

Some said: we cannot punish all the sinners. Punishing any sinners must be pointless. Their faith suffered a mortal wound. These committed the Christian sin of Despair. This was long before WWII but if you study WWII you can see the secular humanists' faith in humanity getting crushed.

"We need X but X is impossible.

Fascism is a perfect compromise. If you legally defend criminals, the criminals are punished by having to live with a criminal, while the non-criminals are punished by having to live with criminals. It is at once a paean to the imposibility of punishment while simultaneously punishing everyone. And indeed if you go full Communist, all are punished with death. Turns out it is possible not to forgive anyone.

Some even said: since everyone is doing it, it can't be bad. Vae victus.

Yvain said that if it looks like anyone in ingroup sins, they must have been part of the always-sinning outgroup all along. First they came for the outgroup, but I did not speak up because I wasn't part of the outgroup. Look guys, all you can do is hope to be eaten last.

Americans live in a country where it's considered wrong to give your children so much as a room's full of privacy, and wonder why they can't maintain rule of law.

Your daughter's room is "her" room except it isn't her room. This isn't a child, this is a slave. Even if you're merely renting and the landlord is very explicitly the real owner, the landlord has to give 24 hours notice. I suppose I now understand why basic decency needs to be written into law. (This sort of works - even if you can't yourself execute decency, it's not impossible to recognize it from the outside.)

But how would we demonstrate children are low-status scum if we had to give them any genuine respect? On the contrary Americans say gaslighting your children about whether their room is theirs is considered 'respect' and then they wonder why Americans grow up holding an obsession with having the whip hand. In other words, a power addiction.

Some said: adults (who can fight back) must not be the sinners, it must be the children (who can't). How did America end up with a bullying problem. It is a mystery.

Those who gaslight their children as a moral imperative can't complain when it turns out they live under a gaslighting regime. "Where did you learn that?"

Sure everyone's tortured as children but that sort of thing doesn't just happen. I've looked for innocent victims but have been unable to find any. Americans allowed an industrial child-torture system to be installed in their country. They were already okay with it. Some are so enamoured of child torture they prefer not to have strangers do it where they don't have to watch - they prefer to apply it personally.

The American father, like all tyrants, is incapable of telling the difference between a right to privacy or owning your own territory, and the right to the territory of others' e.g. having you and your bank account pay for my treats. The tyrant genuinely consider all territory to be theirs.
He genuinely cannot conceive of what a libertarian tries to propose. Or any true rightist - the idea of personal responsibility simply isn't in his vocabulary. This is what it means to be a Fascist.

Ironically, under Fascism, there are no equals. Only victors and victims. (Reinforcement: the victims deserve it because weakness is a sin.) Talk about inhabiting the stereotypes of your enemies: the American father must either be licentious or tyrannical. "Respect" means a victim acknowledging their victor. Double ironically, this is more beastial than literal beasts. Lion prides respect the territory of their neighbours. Even literal chimps manage it better than Fascists do.

Lies are brain cancer.

Lies spread. Everything is connected, which means once a lie becomes a fixed point, everything else must be progressively distorted to flatter that lie. There's a technique called compartmentalization or the magisteria of expertise where truths are forcibly disconnected, but the smarter brain has difficulty failing to see similarities as similar.

The American inoculates themselves with brain cancer when they submit to the child-torture regime. When they become accomplices. For the American to acknowledge responsibility or respect, he would have to acknowledge he was not treated responsibly or with respect. Fatally, he would have to acknowledge he has not acted responsibly or respectably to his own children. This lie becomes a fixed point, and everything must twist around it to avoid the genuinely lethal ego damage. They become irrevocably stupid. (Exploitably so.)

America has sinned. The sin is so painful it's impossible to repent. This is why the only alternative is to be not-American. Gnon lets Fascists be Fascist, and if you don't reject it utterly, He will allow the Fascists to Fascism you. 

Fascism makes women hate their children. It's impossible not to realize, at some level, you're wronging them. This feels like children are exposing your sins, which means you start hating those children. (Which makes torturing them easier.) Fascism is thus doing one great service to the world: it is causing women who are susceptible to Fascism to gracefully exit the gene pool via abortion, transsexualism, &c.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

GameStop Short Squeeze is Perfectly Efficient

Basically the short sellers have negative brand value and the stock market has worked out a way to charge them for this debt.

Markets are efficient as long as nobody legitimizes coercion. If nobody can force you to break your contracts, or force your counterparties to allow you to renege, then the market can properly aggregate demand.

Yes, if you try to price GameStop stock based on 'fundamentals' (which mean nothing without hardliner dividends) then you will get the wrong answer, because you have forgotten that money isn't worth anything.

Money is valuable because it can be used to buy things. The things are valuable. Money is merely a means. One of the valuable things money can buy is the ability to express hatred. If money's only value was to get more money - the mindset which says GameStop's stock price is 'inefficient' - then it would be a self-licking ice cream cone. Nobody makes self-licking ice cream cones. Someone does mint money, and therefore it must not be self-licking. Price hatred into GameStop's valuation and it makes perfect sense. Finish accounting for all the things it can buy. Don't stop in the middle to fraudulently 'prove' a market is inefficient or a human is irrational.

By contrast, if a market allows coercion then the coercive agent can simply force all other players to pay whatever they want. If the coercive agent doesn't immediately tax/rent all other players down to the poverty line, it's because there's some fig leaves still around. (Likewise the Laffer curve has to be adjusted for the value of lording it over a bunch of filthy peasants who were too weak to resist your traitorous parasitism.) Musk obvs real mad that $TSLA keeps getting shorted.
Taking a company public is a breach of honour and responsibility, moron. You asked for it.
I think Musk is a low-level lord, like a baronet or something. Overqualified compared to all this competitors, very underqualified compared to the intrinsic demands of his position. Winner of height contest for midgets. Though his companies probably have a high lord concentration, allowing them to suck less than would normally be expected.

You don't sell stock you don't own. That would be great. I'd love to sell all of /r/WSB's GameStop stock and pocket the proceeds. Woo! It's not mine, but who cares?
Rather, you get stock lent to you, and sell that. The buyers of this loaned stock can then re-gift it and have it sold again, which is what leads to the interesting accounting quantities.
Loans are loans. When you have loans without collateral, things can get hairy. This is not exactly rocket science. This is (ref: all of history) not a reason to ban loans, this is a reason to understand risk, and not to underwrite risks you can't afford. Someone underwrote Melvin Capital, and if they didn't want to get short squeezed then they shouldn't have done that. Personnel is policy, and Melvin is a getting-short-squeezed kind of person. It pays to know these things.

Short squeezes are still zero sum because Melvin Capital does not have infinite money. You cannot extract more money from a short squeeze than the underwriters possess. ("But money printer" no, that merely steals the money from long cash. Theft is coercion. It forces everyone who holds dollars to in part underwrite Melvin Capital.) It may seem there's some finagling when someone who loaned stock finds the debtor cannot repay the stock, but that's the risk you take when you underwrite a loan. If they didn't know they were underwriting a short position, they should have asked.

Those long GameStop also take on risk. If everyone is playing aboveboard Melvin will have the cash or other assets they gained by selling the short stock, and GameStop investors will be able to extract it. Sum = zero. However, Melvin could have easily bought something illiquid, in which case those long GameStop will have a difficulty known as burying the corpse.

E.g. one of the illiquid assets Melvin Capital could have bought is Melvin's time and labour. He gets to keep that salary no matter how bankrupt Melvin Capital becomes. This is the risk those who wish to be long GameStop need to be aware of. Else, a fool and his money are soon to part.

Melvin Capital is of course perfectly safe. The locus of legitimized defection or whitewashed deviance known as USG has repeatedly demonstrated capacity and willingness to bail them out if e.g. a short squeeze happens. MC employs an army of 'risk analysis' mainly to disguise their mafia membership, and slightly as sinecures for lower-ranked mafia members. Further, Melvin plays much safer when it's his own money. His professional position is extremely risky and his personal position can be safely described as aggressively boring. (Just in case USG goes Lehman on Melvin Capital.) 

None of this would be a problem for anyone but WSB & Melvin et al, except 401(k).

It should be fine for stock players to extract arbitrary amounts of money from the stock market and cause arbitrary crashes, because this would only affect other stock players, who either accepted the risk or are fools with money. The worse the turbulence the more disciplined the players will end up. Except, pension plans. The stock market is vastly inflated by all the fake 401(k) demand, which means there's always lots of money to extract, which means effectively stealing from Grandma, who cannot possibly understand or even be aware of the debt she's forced to underwrite, and is fraudulently assured she is taking on minimal risk.

When Grandma gets stolen from, she flinches. Weird. What a wuss. When Grandma flinches, every Grandma-class investor flinches, America as a whole flinches, and you get what's known as a recession, to which America is particularly prone due to artificial, price-controlled low interest rates causing malinvestment. America's businesses are largely fake and thus delicate in the face of shocks. (Then you realize China's economy is even worse. Hoo!) Though the GameStop thing isn't particularly dangerous due to ncov having already shocked the hell out of the place recently, and thus only robust businesses are still around (e.g. real-prices profitable).

Naturally when the recession is over, someone re-inflates the stock market and makes it a nice plump and juicy target again.
The idea is that the mafia is allowed to slowly extract value from pension plans, thus stealing sustainably. Tax rates can never be too high, after all. Since everyone's returns are getting jacked, there's no background to see the con against. You have to, like, actually know things, and Grandma is aggressively ignorant. Her position is super long delusion. Unfortunately the dons can never quite prevent the mafia from wanting to go all [roaming bandit], and anyway the market is never as well-insulated against nonlocal roving bandits as they would like. Bend over, Grandma.

America cannot unbugger its stock market because the buggery is how the supporter-parasites leeching it are being paid off. If the relevant Czars could afford to cut off these supporters, they would have already done so. However, should a country have an unbuggered stock market, there shouldn't be any reason to ban bad debtors from taking on debt. The problem of usury is the victims, not the perpetrators. Personnel is policy. Ban the victims. But...Gnon does that without prompting. The natural consequences ought to be terrifying enough. However, I could be wrong. Maybe someone will try it eventually.

I also know of coercive feedbacks between stock prices and CEOs. Stock prices should be able to fluctuate arbitrarily without forcing the CEO to make stupid decisions and affect day to day operations. Stock is by definition not owned by the company and votes aside should affect a company no more than your decision to walk your dog does. However, this is not the case. I don't know how a general stock crash forces companies to be stupid, but there probably is such a force. If you've done your set 2s, you can feel a fat band of pressure in just the right place. Maybe it's options as remuneration?

By the way, if you want to stop a Bank of England going all BoE, all you have to do is not stand in the way of the Bank Next Door To The Bank of England. The problem isn't weird derivatives, the problem is guns, especially guns that have to hide where they're pointing to avoid spooking Grandma. Stop digging: no hole appears. Lies are bad, mmmkay. Same way Melvin's professional and private investments are so very different; all you have to do is stop propping up his professional insanity and nobody acts crazy. Or more precisely, the crazy promptly go bankrupt and render themselves irrelevant.

Anyway if WSB gets what it wants, it will piss off the mafia and embarrass the don in front of Grandma. (Again.) The don has to keep Grandma pacified so he can keep paying off his consigliones with the change from her couch.* I wouldn't bet on the don letting you spook Grandma if I were you. It's a sinking ship, and the game is to gather as much 'salvage' as you can yet leaping off before it actually goes under. Good luck.

*(God that's lame. I didn't realize how pathetic that was until I put it into words.)

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Terror of Peasantry

Scott is a peasant. Like all peasants his primary motivators are cowardice and envy. Terror and spite.

If you were as weak as Scott, you too would be terrified of anyone figuring how spiteful you are. It's not like he can withstand any pushback. He's suitably motivated and not entirely an idiot, thus capable of putting up veils where he needs them, so perhaps we can forgive his many readers for squelching the little voice warning them to stay away from Scott. Of course, a majority of them are as spiteful as he is, and for them staying away wouldn't help much. Their life would contain the same amount of spite either way.
Getting folk like Scott on the side of the Regime is easy. He is, extremely rationally, more afraid of them than he is of you. Or me. I am merciful, the Regime is not. Though, if you got him in a room alone with you, you can probably make him say damn well whatever you please. Force also follows the inverse square law. Havel's greengrocer? Pshaw. Let me show you real supercilience. 

It is not impossible to whip folk like Scott in a useful direction. Hardly worth the effort, but not impossible. He has some good articles because someone did bother, or perhaps someone accidentally terrorized him the right way. E.g. you can get him so scared he forgets the spite and retreats entirely into his own mind to cut off the possible terror, which incidentally also isolates him from politics.

"With malice towards none, with charity towards all"
This is merely a lie. Let's put this in a rationalist way: nullius in verba. Another: whenever someone is telling you exactly what they're supposed to be saying, demand double evidence. With the absolutes used, apparently Scott is the next coming of Jesus, so we can use the heavy stress-tests.

Third: this is such an obvious lie, you're clearly supposed to see through it. Dog-whistling. Of course, not dog-whistling rationality because lies are irrational. They worship verbal articulation, not [hint-hint nudge-nudge]. Though like everything in America, Rationalism is fake and we should be expecting it to be a lie. Yeah he says he's a Rationalist - and every time he has to say it, he gets the virtue-signal penalty and must prove it twice again as hard, rationally speaking. Principle: it's a probable attempted cover-up.

In reality Scott has malice toward all, especially himself. He is at some level aware of how spiteful he is, and rationally believes this to be a mark of bad character. He believes he deserves to be oppressed for being an awful person.* This is much of why he so often goes down [but but the right is awful] rabbit holes. As long as someone else is more awful, he can feel relatively okay about himself. "We're all sinners but you're not even trying." This in turn is why he can't possibly admit right-wingers might have a point. He can't admit they're better than he thinks they are; he can only drag himself down to their perceived level. It doesn't help that he genuinely is kind of a little shit. Look at the photo at Lorien and try to tell me that beady-eyed double-sneer is the face of a kind and gentle healer. 

 *(The NYT agrees. Otherwise someone would have felt bad for what happened to him and apologized. But that's not how the Regime functions. Apologies require respect. They know only fear. Scott apologized, but not because he feels responsible; he feels afraid someone will hold him responsible. There's a checksum available which I'll skip for now.)

His veiling just kind of doesn't work on non-peasants, though. It only works on enough peasants.

"This is a totally different problem from the cancel culture stories I usually hear about, but just as serious. How are you supposed to write about communism in a world where any newspaper can just figure out your real name, expose you, and lock you out of most normal jobs?"

But whatabout the communists?

I mean, what reasonable society would want to shut down someone who prefers that millions starve to death? Clearly [just as serious] as Goody Hannah with the snippy tongue who called someone a mean name one time when you were a little girl. (Scott has always been a little girl.) And Definitely happens Just As Often.

Meanwhile, Scott is putting himself in the role of Glados. Because he's still alive, see.
You're an insane, murderous female robot? Yeah, sounds about right. I wouldn't just confess like that if I were you, but thanks for being so open about it. More precisely: he aspires to be Glados. Feminine Fascism is Fabulous. He's not even as good as Glados, in his own opinion.

Supporting communism somewhat satisfies Scott's urge to be vicious and nasty, with little to no risk he will called to task for it. He would prefer not to be nasty, but you can't just dislodge your core values like that. Hypothesis: an NPC is someone who has given up on their core value and embraced despair so deeply they've forgotten. Scott is not an NPC. 

The psycho lords aside, Scott is probably one of the higher-class servants of the Regime. He is emblematic of the [fine people] Moldbug sees working the bureaucracy.

Okay, sure. It is true that these folk would have to be rescued from themselves to avoid the Regime ass-raping everyone including itself. 

The simplest way is to simply put a gun to Scott's head. His core conviction is that pain is bad and he doesn't want to die. (Utilitarianism stripped of pretenses.) Gun in hand, he will genuinely believe whatever you tell him to believe. It's Rational to not get fucking killed, after all. Rationality is Winning, and if you have a gun to his head, you must have Won and thus be more Rational than he is.

Thus the problem is working out how to put a gun to Scott's head without having to shoot your way through the entire DoD. Sure we would intensely like forestall the aforementioned ass-raping but the aforementioned shooting is merely another version of it. Let's not [oops] that one. If the Regime is going to fall anyway, at least let the blood be on someone else's hands.

The Home Guard were betrayed again after the inauguration. But it's okay, they weren't betrayed enough to, you know, stop doing what the Regime says. As I mentioned previously, the Pope has this well in hand. 

Here we can see the reason Moldbug has to believe there's no Pope. Pope = no hope. In Moldbug's world, if we can figure out how to satisfy Scott's desire to be communist without letting him be, you know, communist, then he will convince the military to stop being so Fascist. (Having written out the plan explicitly, does it sound as obviously stupid to you as it does to me?) In reality, the Pope tells the army to put a gun to Scott's head, and Scott immediately goes back to telling Moldbug to politely go fuck himself.

Twist: I don't know any reason, Regime aside, Scott's spite couldn't be directed toward someone who genuinely deserves it. BLM causes tremendous suffering among the black community. Use that suffering as a pivot to get the spite directed properly, and then the only issue is whether the spite is useful when directed this way. I can't see any reason it isn't. Sadly the ethics board won't give me peasants to experiment on, so I haven't tried it, and the envy angle may make things tricky. Still, should be possible. There are no shortage of genuinely vile humans to put spite on. 

Child torturers, for example.

Double Twist: Scott is a child-torture cultist. Uhh....hmm.
To admit the truth - that public schools are concentration camps whose purpose is to torture children - is well, well beyond Scott's capacity to handle. "Oh by the way not only was your whole life meaningless, you were actively, intensely worshipping Satan this entire time."

Haha...ha...oops? Few things aren't funny, but that's not funny. Humans will do absolutely anything to avoid realizing this sort of thing about themselves. Is it even possible to modify this enough to make it psychologically plausible? "Oh yeah, it's not really your fault because you were so weak. You were a helpless child well into your 30s, don't blame yourself." Doesn't seem to be helping. "It's okay, relative to a coward like you, cringing slightly less is already plenty heroic." No?
Anyone complicit in the Regime is absolutely damned, psychologically speaking. 

Worse, invisible garage dragon. Scott knows he's complicit in the torture of children. He went to school, after all. He was there.
If you tell him, he won't be surprised. You can't ambush him with this. He knows exactly which bullshit he needs to pull to keep this knowledge buried all the way. This, among other things, is why he believes he deserves to be oppressed. When the NYT accidentally forces him to uproot his whole life, Scott merely sees an angel of the Lord handing out a portion of final judgment slightly ahead of schedule. Scott knows better than to shoot the messenger. It doesn't even occur to him.

Whence Scott's promiscuous malice? Isn't universal malice a particularly understandable reaction to a country which not only allows, but celebrates widespread torture of children? Scott's psychological arrangements make perfect sense given who he was born as and the environment he's in. If you don't sneer at Americans, it is perhaps you who is out of touch. The children don't want to go to school. And they're not wrong.

The problem is that the Progressive Regime is literally Satanist. (In shocking news, a proper cult of the Father of Lies lies about itself. Satan prefers crypto-worshippers who don't even themselves know.) If Americans don't repent their Satanism, the successor Regime will merely be Satanism 2.0. Have to get rid of the Fascism, including the concentration camps. Yet, repentance is impossible, because nobody can admit Fascism was wrong, precisely because it is so very, very, very wrong.

If someone were genuinely Rational, they would realize that, no matter how much of your life is wasted, the important thing in the here and now is to stop wasting it. The important sin isn't having done it, it's continuing to do it. It's not a coincidence that Rationalism is so popular in America. Even someone with minimal set 2s can feel it's exactly what they need. 

Pity it's fake. 

America has always been fundamentally Communist. What they want to supply is death and suffering. Gnon will magnanimously show them the way.

Compassion for Traitors

Reminder: Moldbug is a cope peddler for the discerning customer. The standard story goes about two inferential layers deep. Moldbug goes about five. By contrast, the truth goes forever.

There is also something more here, which I can't put my finger on. Yet. I will keep picking at it until it comes to light. (P.S. I found something. Title's a hint.)

"Treat it as if it did not exist—as if no one had ever considered thinking in this strange way."
If you do this you will have no idea when you fail.

Fascism is seductive due to osmosis. Your parents are Fascists, all your friends are Fascist, your co-workers are Fascist, everyone you have to obey is Fascist, the grocery store clerk is Fascist, the store's music is Fascist, and let's allow Havel to remind us all their signage and posters are Fascist. 

Fascism is also seductive due to being intentionally disguised. Parasites want you to think they're your friend. It's important to be able to pierce this camouflage. I use explicit verbal definitions. More on this at the bottom.

Reflexively, unconsciously, you develop a model of the minds around you. Fascism gets in. To get it out again, you need to recognize what must be shovelled out. Moldbug reads Noah Pinion, for god's sake. This is not treating Noah Pinion as if he didn't exist.
Thus Moldbug has failed his own prescription.
This is probably because Moldbug himself has no idea what he's saying. He certainly has no idea what he's thinking, or he would notice it's Fascist. This constitutes criminal negligence. He doesn't know because he hasn't checked. He hasn't checked because he senses he can't deal with what he would find. To withhold such a thing from his alleged allies constitutes not merely defection, but treachery.

That's about five inferential layers. But...let's not commit aposiopesis. Layer six: the representative Moldbug reader is not unaware of his treachery. They are in the market for being betrayed, as is traditional for American rightists. Naturally they don't consciously admit this to themselves, but it would be revealed by a little due diligence. 

Checksum: do you think every Fascist is a rank fool? That they can't tell if you're faking your Fascist etiquette? To get along with these people, your Fascist etiquette must be quite real. You must put on the Fascist suit. Which means you need to know how to take it off again, which means knowing what it is.

Moldbug, by his own admission, rejects knowing what it is, which handily explains why he can't take it off.

We can see why Moldbug must make this particular deal with the devil. The Amish, who genuinely do treat Fascism as if it didn't exist, are not dissidents. By having isolated themselves, they make it likewise the case that Fascism can forget the Amish exist. Ref: Newton's third law.

You do set 1s (you are doing your reps, yes?) because it tells you about the domain of your solutions. Moldbug assumes isolation where no isolation exists, but this doesn't mean isolation is impossible. If you get off Twitter and Facebook, don't watch television, stop reading the newspaper or substack or medium or quillette, stop listening to music with words in - congratulations, Moldbug's prescription is just the thing. You can treat something as if it doesn't exist on the condition that, as far as your own practical purposes go, it does not exist.

Moldbug doesn't see anything wrong with pretending, and Satan is proud of him. 

If you do your set 2s, you can feel that Moldbug's aura resonates with treachery, and trace that to his Fascism. When Yarvin wrote as Moldbug it was much, much weaker. Brown Scare may not be treacherous at all. It's in full bloom now, though. 

Aside: we can see the creation/destruction asymmetry. Moldbug produces one line, the refutation is multiple paragraphs. Clearly the one line is working - substack helpfully ranks its magazines, and you can see many commentators taking it all seriously below these posts. All else equal the refutation will not work simply because it is longer. 

"all of which are weird and feel weird to the user"
Well, I was going to be a dissident, but it felt weird so I guess I'll quit.
America is boned long-term due to biological shortfalls. America is boned short-term because of the above.
Perhaps the Regime doesn't persecute you because they know all it needs to defeat you is mild discomfort.

Probably due to Prussian schooling, every American has ADHD: unwilling to do anything unless there are tangible short-term rewards. This is what creates Moldbug's niche in the first place: the official narrative is geared for like, IQ 90, and due to Fascism they can't exactly segment the market. This produces cognitive dissonance, in other words, short-term pain. Moldbug relieves this pain, without requiring any, you know, actual work.

Basically I would like to see toy dissidence. Start small. Have a single forum - perhaps even simply confiscating someone else's forum - and declare it a no-Fascism zone. It would be properly passivist. More of a proof of concept. Build a prototype to find the flaws in the blueprint. However, this would naturally be unpaid. Doing it with Americans would herding cats, because they won't give up their support for 'universal education' by which they mean Prussian school.

I recently saw the line "we sold our digital inheritance for a few squirts of dopamine" which is darkly amusing. What, like Americans were ever not going to follow their base, childish impulses?

Moldbug sends his kids to school. Is he a blithering idiot? Or does he want his kids to be properly Fascist? But you know, very cool and very legal Fascists.
I mean, I can't blame him for trying. It does appear to be making money. Let's all agree I never have to take his poor gullible readers seriously, though. 

I have very explicitly defined Fascism and leftism. Indeed, more than once. I spent years looking for inconsistencies and changing the definitions until I couldn't find inconsistencies anymore.

Because I'm autistic, I was at first fooled by everyone's assertion that they don't want to be Fascist. However, I still suspected. It felt off. Now I have the explicit definitions, I can prove that everyone saying they don't want to be Fascist is a liar. They're not interested in the definitions. You need the definitions to even know what you're trying to not-be. Success is impossible, especially with Fascism deliberately trying to hack in.

As a stupid example, maybe someone would try the definition, fail, and try again. Is this a superpower? Am I expecting something no normal human can possibly do? The failure comes from not attempting to try in the first place, and it's not attempted because they have no desire to reach the end of this path.

Which would be the other reason America is boned. They want Fascism, which means they will (and are) getting it good and hard. They pray to Gnon to grant them Fascism, and Gnon will generously provide. 

Likewise, Chinese history can be summed up as praying to Gnon to be dominated by the person who is strongest in an immediate short-term sense. What else can Mandate of Heaven possibly mean? Gnon loves the Chinese also, and has affectionately granted their request. 

Are you in the mood for some Buddhist compassion?
Moldbug feels he has no choice but to be treacherous. In his rational, considered opinion, he agrees with me - dissent has no place, no purpose, and no hope in modern America. Fundamental theorem of history: history repeats. Dissent didn't take down the Nazis. Nor the Commies. Nor Rome. It will be equally impotent here.

However, it is easy to let the blackpill seduce you into inaction. Moldbug doesn't know how. And wouldn't it be stupid if he were mistaken? Oh actually it would have worked if he just tried something. So, he tries something. He can't rationally convince himself, so he betrays his own judgment to accomplish this. 

Unfortunately, this treachery gets thaumaturgically passed onto his readers. Still, he believes there are no options aside from either treachery or despair and paralysis. 

Everyone has faith. Moldbug feels the treachery is a test of his faith. He maintains that, through mysterious ways, it will end up being not-treachery. If you had the option of seeing treachery as a test or seeing despair as a test, wouldn't you also pick action over inaction?

I know two ways to learn how to transmute a black pill into action.
One: take the black pill. The way out is through. You are mistaken about what it's like on the inside.
Two: discipline. Socrates questioned everything, and this is exactly correct. Is the black pill really black? How black? Black in what way? In this case, one can even slash the willpower required by directing one's base impulses for sedition and dissent towards one's own beliefs. 

What might you learn doing this? Picking action over inaction is the Fascism talking again. Perhaps we can agree that it's contemptible to wait to be saved. Why not have faith the inaction is temporary? Why not have faith that the correct course of action will be revealed to you in time? In contrast, perhaps waiting to be saved is proper humility. Perhaps the test is this: when you can't do anything, are you capable of accepting your own impotence?

The only thing we can be sure of: you can't know in advance. Gnon does not answers prayers you do not speak. One must check. 

Likewise, Moldbug's readers believe being betrayed is rational. They believe this, in short, because they are weak. Contra Yeshua, weakness is a sin. Until they repent, they are sinners, and damned. In theory it's possible for Americans to repent of their very American weakness. However, then they're not Americans anymore, and I've never witnessed one being willing to go that far. Cranking the compassion up a notch: it's true that profound repentance is difficult in the American case. They torture children on an industrial scale. It is no small sin, and should it be acknowledged it weighs profoundly on the conscience. Bit of a catch-22. They must repent to become strong, but must first become strong so they can repent.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Online Personality, Thaumaturgically

My problem with social media:
You can casually combine a Rules of Nature person with a Witch/Nectar person into one consistent individual. Not even hard. The full range of human experience is heckin' wide, and praise be to Gnon.

The heart is glorious because it is weak. What's the point of having a tough exterior if you don't have a gooey interior? "I was worried about my armour so I armoured it." Err, good joke?

Prey, too, can be glorious. Imagine you have nothing. No weapons, no brains. Despite this, when the lion comes for you, you live. The wolf slavers for your delicious organs, but her pack goes home hungry. Booyah! The predator is strong in body and the prey is strong in soul.

On Twitter you have to confine yourself to a monochromatic wavelength of light or you confuse your followers. Followers refuse to engage deeply enough to permit Tweeters to develop into interesting characters. On Twitter you have to be boring, a liar, or a nonentity. Selection against non-NPCs.

Cathedral Is A Perfect Term, or Prospiracy Considered Retarded

Being correct, the term must be disavowed by Moldbug.

 "it evolves; this doctrine has a predictable direction of evolution, and the whole structure moves together."

No mystery.There's a Pope. We don't know who it is because they rely on security by obscurity. As per the principles of responsibility laundering, they never show up in the news. One of the side effects is that their decrees are typically slow. Can take years to get through the system.

Getting a quick response is to buy a sonar unit for those it's getting a response from. We as observers would be able to trace the orders, so they normally don't. Further, since America is basically a usurper regime, and lots of high-church proggies are more than happy to usurp the Pope position, even before we have time to trace the orders the Pope would be violently replaced. We would trace the orders to a branch that has already been pruned.

Fascism, as per Land, is Communism that's insecure and ashamed of itself. In a properly Fascist country (not Russia or China, which barely even pretend to be democratic) naturally the evolution is from more ashamed and hypocritical to more zealous and pure. Imagine the counterfactual: if the evolution is towards less Fascism, it means they have already converted to anti-Fascist convictions. For completeness I will also mention the second counterfactual: a confident and assertive Communist country is one with over 90% mortality. All are equal only in death. The Fascist dimly senses this, and they don't want to actually die, which is why they're ashamed and compromise Communism with some form of Reality, such as Capitalism.

Fun trivia: the Pope doesn't like SJWs, and wants them to sit down and shut up. They're making things worse for everyone, including themselves. However, SJWs really do arise spontaneously, and do so more often than the Pope can order them shut down. Any that truly step beyond the pale get whacked by one of the fast-track orders, though. 

There has to be a Pope in theory due to the nature of property. If two fight over ownership of something, one must win. Shocking news: once I've eaten a pear, you can't also eat it. Whichever hungry person ends up eating the pear was already the owner. The conflict arose due to someone being mistaken about this ownership. (See also: Socrates, evil vs. ignorance.)

As previously, we can see there must also be a Pope in practice, because we don't see dead evolutionary lines. One of which would have caused America to nuke itself a long time ago.

Let's talk about evolution, tornadoes, and blind watchmakers. I think it's funny.
The argument runs thus: evolution is like a tornado assembling an airliner. In fact evolution supposes that, given that tornadoes are caused by airliners and the airliners can adjust the tornadoes to be more likely to assemble an airliner, and further that airliners kill and eat any tornadoes that destroy airliners, it's not particularly surprising to see a tornado assemble a complex artifact.
Or: yeah, evolution is a blind watchmaker assuming blind watchmakers exist as a matter of logical necessity and it turns out watches can unblind watchmakers if they manage to successfully assemble a watch.
Moldbug's prospiracy hypothesis is that not only do tornadoes assemble airliners, they can only assemble airliners as a matter of logical necessity. Every tornado assembles an airliner perfectly. It must be so, because the Cathedral essentially never tries anything that ultimately goes extinct. Good joke! Bad logic.

More: you can see the command structure in the way the election was stolen. If they were merely ordered to defraud guerrilla style, the methods would have varied. In reality we get a series of late-night vote dumps with hecked up ratios. (There was some guerrilla stuff but it's insignificant and Twitter lets you post about it.) It's not hard to imagine how this happened. They tried to be all wink-wink nudge-nudge but democratic operatives are biological trash - not merely peasants, but underclass - and had to repeatedly ask for clarification until they functionally got a direct, detailed order. Similarly one of courts would have heard one of Trump's suits, accidentally or by brain damage. Evolution is sloppy. The Cathedral is not sloppy. Not when it matters. 

I tried to resist hammering this into the ground, but the prospiracy theory is real fuckin' dumb, so I decline.
The 2016-2020 series makes perfect sense as the reaction of a perfectly normal command-and-control structure. Normally you can defraud about 6% of the vote. I estimate DNC gets 6% and RNC gets 5%, adds up to 1%. In 2016 they knew a) if they defrauded properly like they did in 2020, it would be obvious, as in fact it was and b) 6% fraud means a swing of 12%. 50-50 goes to 44-56. They figured they had very little to worry about. The RNC wasn't going to play ball with Trump, giving the DNC  free reign. No way Trump would overcome a 12-point disadvantage, right? He's a reality TV star for Satan's sake. Worst case they blackmail him later or kill his credibility with wall-to-wall negative coverage.

Haha, oops.

Sorry, Americans really do hate you that much, nerd.

Frankly Trump constitutes lese majeste just by existing, so they decided to show their full might in 2020. Gloves off. Yeah it would be expensive and embarrassing but Trump's worth it, so they went for the throat. 

Have you seen some of the designs evolution comes up with? Evolution is inhuman. When it goes off the chain the things it makes are almost unfathomable. How do eyes evolve? It's absurdly clever, however it's managed. Oh, except for these inexplicable idiotic solecisms like the tailbone and making the birth canal also the insemination canal, not to mention running this plumbing through the hips instead of around them. Evolution does not make for clean and easy to understand narratives with understandable mistakes you could have made yourself. If tornadoes really were handing you airliners every time they passed through your back yard, yes 2020 would have been stolen but how would it have been done? We would not have a clue on God's green Earth. There would have been vote dumps in Trump's favour happening at high noon in the middle of urban Wisconsin. WTF moments everywhere.

No, if 2016 wasn't defrauded enough, evolution doesn't try proper fraud in 2020. Evolution is super dumb on timescales like that. If Trump had fired the Swamp, then maybe the selection would have been harsh enough. In reality Trump fired Sir Diddly and the Right Honourable Squat.

Look, I'm trying to run out of reasons to say [prospiracy considered retarded] but I keep finding new ones. Sorry.

Moldbug is a lord. If this isn't obvious to you, remember he built an Urbit. Moldbug's problem is that he's a lower-ranked lord than the Pope and is very successfully bottoming from the bottom. Fascist gonna fasc.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

On Formalizing Blocs

A rather transparent attempt to de-legitimize the regime, no?
De-legitimizing the illegitimate is lovely of course, but the regime tends to object. The regime is hardly a stranger to violence. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It would also make vote fraud a lot harder. If gang B has 1200 members, of which 5000 voted, it's very embarrassing. American voting systems are insecure on purpose. Guess who made them insecure, and guess why they would do such a thing. 

"I snapped—called him a fascist. “Neighbour,” I said, “we’ve been a one-party state since your grandma was—”"

"though in many ways it is in effect a sadistic tyranny, it is [...] at least, certainly not by people who think of themselves as sadistic tyrants"
Though to be precise the psycho lords are well aware they cannot afford to appear to be psycho lords. Luckily this is normally not an issue since they can simply have their Pope order the peasants not to see them as psycho lords, and lo and behold their will be done. BLM has a body count in the 10,000s - and I'm talking purely Africans here -  but nobody will ever see them as racist mass-murderers. Or rather, everyone who matters already sees them as exactly that, but are on board with the plan.  You can tell by showing them the stats and watching them go all [invisible garage dragon]. They are not surprised, and know exactly which realities they need the chutzpah to flatly deny.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

On Advice

I used to take advice regularly. I saw all the folks ignoring their good advice, and I was determined to not be like that. Autism superpowers activate! They couldn't tell good advice from bad, why would I be able to? I'll take all of it. The conflicting bits I'll take alternately and compare. Secretly I have high agreeableness and would rather get along.

Unfortunately all the advice was bad. Haha, joke's on me.

You know the advice I needed to hear?

"Yeah, you're right. They don't respect you. So quit. You can't walk through walls without using a door, you can't fly to the moon by flapping your arms, you can't draw a circle with corners, and you can't offer advice worth a damn. Fun fact: impossible things are impossible."

Who offers this advice? It's plain brutal. Nobody offers it. Jocko: "No no it's just in your head, everyone loves you." Yeah thanks heard that one before.

The first time I offered myself the advice, I took it. I took everyone's advice, but especially my own. And it fuckin' worked. You know respect isn't needed to live? And you can just let folk fail? They were going to fail anyway, but now I don't look like a douche. (I am a douche, but I don't look like one IRL. In fact I had to tone down the persona's charisma because I was regularly getting limpets.)

When my brutal advice worked, I immediately wondered. What other brutal things would work? Well, all your base. I offered myself the nastiest shit I could possibly imagine and damn it has been effective. I got most of it during the first pass but I did miss a major one until just last year. I'm somewhat addicted. If it's not caustic enough to pry apart flesh and bone I can hardly be bothered. My last one knocked me on my ass for two weeks, and that's about the level I like. Borderline existential crisis. 

If you think about it, all advice is brutal. You can lie about it or you can be upfront. I guess that's being 'indirect'. What's Jocko actually saying to this poor sap? "Yeah you're wrong about everything and actually your judgment is bad, your lived experience is pure illusion. Reals not feels jackhole, haha. This is what I sound like when I'm trying to be nice." You know what? That's properly caustic. Might be true. Let's check. (Later.) It sure as hell ain't nice. It's wearing the smiley drama mask, but being 'indirect' is a fuckin' lie, that's what's wrong with it.

Let's think about it: either the caustic version is true, or not. If it's true, it turns out he's an idiot and there's no cure for idiocy. You're fucked, have fun with that mate. If it's false - if in fact his environment has a respect problem - Jocko's advice is worthless due to being wrong on both levels. The advice is self-refuting in all conceivable situations.

By contrast, "don't offer advice" is especially true. If you're an idiot, well that explains why nobody respects you or takes your advice, doesn't it? If you're not an idiot, odds are your environment has a respect problem. It's not you, it's them, but it still means: don't offer advice. They have head injuries which are in the way. Impossible things are impossible. 

But wait, there's more. The poor sap is going to feel like he was offered the caustic version whether it's veiled or not. I've never seen someone successfully let down easy. Have you? Rejection feels like rejection, which feels like failure. There's no combination of words or etiquette which makes failure feel like not-failure; and thank God for small mercies. Sure, don't deliberately add a pain garnish on the pain steak, but... Likewise, being called an idiot feels like being called an idiot, no matter how fancy you dress it up. 

Let's twist the knife. Jocko is saying, "Oh yeah, sure folk respect you. I mean, I don't, but others, yeah definitely those others who I don't even know as well as a faceless letter." Savage. Shit, what would this bastard say if he was trying to be mean?

All advice boils down to virtue signalling. "I know how to run your life and you don't." If that's true, it's brutal. If it's false, you're an asshole. In almost all cases they know how to run their life better than you by virtue of years of experience. "Hey fattie, you need to lose weight." Fatty: "Shocking insight Sherlock. You spend all night figuring that out?" They either already know or they're a fuckin' idiot and can't take the advice anyway. 

Basically humans are rational. If their rationale doesn't seem to make sense it's merely because they're lying to you. Work out what the action will accomplish and infer they intend to do that thing. Typically the motivation for lying to you will be immediately obvious. Taking your advice would have stopped them from accomplishing their real goal, so... The fatty is fat because they care more about other things than about losing weight. Starvation diets are bad for you but if you're willing to be hungry forever you can be as skinny as you want. It's never impossible. Anorexics are the opposite. They care more about being skinny than about little things like not dying. No accounting for taste. "You might buy it!" Real talk: "Yeah. So?" 

This poor sap is probably playing some sort of Game that People Play. Slave morality: being persecuted is holy. If he can offer good advice (the best! peer-reviewed and everything!) and get it rejected, he is persecuted, and thus a Good Person. Woe is Me or I Got You Now, SOB. He's deliberately trying to get his advice rejected, but has this niggling small voice saying that even winning this 4D chess game isn't worth the time spent playing...

I do occasionally get asked for advice, but in meatspace I always deflect. They don't want advice, they want affirmation, but I hate lying so that doesn't work out. I suppose in theory you could probably do [a fool who persists in his folly becomes wise]. Want to get a tattoo? Double down man. Get a whole sleeve. I know this one guy (on twitch) and he's was so happy with his sleeve he had to get another. It was expensive and he was saving up and everything. Problem being this is a touch too parasitic. Feels like I would be encouraging others to really fuck up their life so I look better by comparison. Falling institutions should be pushed but I'm less sanguine about treating poor gullible individuals like that.

I still occasionally offer advice. When I feel like deliberately being a dick. The only point is to set up an, "I told you so," which in turn only serves the cause of being smug.

On Politics

It's worth repeating: politics is strictly bad.
If nobody is being betrayed, it's not politics. All politicians are traitors. The rope is too good for them.
Even setting aside 90% of the population who are shills, it's not /pol/lacks, it's /pol/lutants.

That is all.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Commies and Serfs, Friends 4lyfe

I forget where, but I recently came across the fascinating idea that Soviet Communism was an attempt by the Russian bourgeoisie to re-connect with the alienated Russian peasantry.

Certainly this is the story they told themselves. The story necessarily reveals their true motives.

"Hey, I want to be your friend, but first you have to change everything about yourself." This isn't exactly an expression of affection. More of an expression of implacable hatred? "I would love to be friends with someone who is nothing like you at all." 

They chose Communism as the vehicle for this hatred. It's a selection effect - if it couldn't incarnate hatred, it wouldn't have been chosen. It killed enormous numbers of Russian peasants, exactly as you would expect an apotheosis of hatred to do. Sociology is easy and they got what they wanted on the first try.

Apparently this is a real difficult point. Got some Occult Technique to share with you here. If you want to be friends with someone, walk up to them and say hi. Ask them what they're up to and how their day is going. Maybe it's not exciting, but it's fairly reliable. You do not need to upend a whole country to make friends with someone - as counterintuitive as this may seem.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Poltergeists Seize Power

Lord save us from journalists and patriots.

You realize Trump could have seized DC with his rioters? He decided not to, because he is/was a patriot. Seizing power through the sine qua non of democratic processes, literally to a T the way the Founding Fathers seized power, would have been to betray America's democratic principles. If we stop equivocating it turns out ignorant red voters wanted less Fascism, but Trump is a loyal Fascist and it was his duty to stop them from betraying themselves like that. His protest was white and it would have been racist, see. Friends don't let friends do the r. 

Incidentally this is why the Cathedral is freaking out about said riot. Trump has exposed a fatal weakness to the world. All that remains now is for some enterprising mid-level aristocrat to whip up a mob and exploit it. (High-level aristos already knew about the weakness.) 

We get used to seeing mobs as somewhat impotent, largely confined to looting undefended stores. Sure they cause hundreds of billions in damage, but only because the police have been explicitly ordered not to stop them. When it's a red-state mob, this is not the case. Imagine the mob where Rittens is an average member. 


Anyway, let's talk context. 

Jack is a Lord. Highly ranked, maybe even a duke, though I doubt it. You can tell because he built a company.

Twitter has around 5000 employees. You need at least 50 lords to manage 5000 peasants. Jack has maybe three lords including himself.
To run 5000 peasants properly as a single unit, at minimum Jack would need 50 squires or knights, plus two barons managing 25 knights each, plus a count or margrave or something to keep the barons yoked together and reporting properly to Jack. If any layer is not properly hierarchical in such a way, the high-status subordinate will merely end up topping from the bottom, essentially isolating their department from the CEO.

Jack, however, is a Fascist. He has no idea that leaders are born, not made. He thinks if he hires smart enough cows they can learn not to be herd animals, and that's exactly what he tried. Not that he had a real choice, given that there aren't 50 available lords. He would have had to choke his company down to the available lords; simply not allowing it to expand.
Result: some of the psycho lords inside USG noticed all these loose peasants and casually mind-controlled some key figures. The peasants couldn't possibly do what Jack wanted them to do because there aren't enough hours in the day for Jack to tell them all what to do. In particular, the censors were seized, in accordance with Roman tradition. Or rather, the psycho lords had agents mind-control the peasants on their behalf. It wouldn't do for mere employees to get ideas above their station due to regularly speaking to those with real power. Secrecy is also an issue. Have to have at least one sacrificial cutout in case Assange or someone exposes the racket. 

Aside: it's plainly obvious Jack wants out, and if you can explain to me why he doesn't just quit, I would greatly appreciate it. 

I shouldn't (but probably do) have to point out that this model is specific and easily falsified. You can cast my description as functions with certain unknown variables, and go looking for the missing variables. Track down the censors at Twitter. (Or Facebook.) Track down who they consider to be 'thought leaders'. Track down who gives marching orders to the thought leaders. If any of the dynamics aren't as I described, it will become immediately obvious. 

In short it's not a shamanistic model. This is [stage direction], not thaumaturgy. As such, I learned something today. Moldbug is a little shamanistic, but not consistently enough to do it properly. He's super chuffed about the anima called the Official Press, and quite happy to let it summon historical poltergeists to throw things around without any noticeable agent interaction. 

Apparently, the Press has power, which it uses according to hunger.

Somehow, China and Russia's press aren't subject to any of the nonsense that Moldbug ascribes to the Press. Apparently Russian journalists don't suffer from thymos? What privilege!

The Press attacked Trump's riot. Because it wasn't secured. Sure. I can agree.
The Press didn't attack BLM riots. Because they were secured. Problem: they were primarily secured by journalist air cover.

Moldbug's thesis: the Press attacks things the Press doesn't secure. Haha, oops.

Back when there were some Americans fluent in English, this formal fallacy was known as begging the question. 

Of course in reality, it's the Twitter thing again. Sulzberger can't control all his peasants. More on this in a bit.

This aposiopesis has several roots. First is mixing shamanistic analysis with regular analysis. The Press is certainly an anima. Absolutely. Power (kratia) is not an anima. Power is joules per second. Joules are force times distance. If you can't write the detailed position function x(t) then you don't understand Power. 

Moldbug vs. Junk DNA. Alleged scientist: "I can't find a function for this, therefore it has no function."
MAGA rioters get arrested, while Fascist rioters don't. "I can't see why therefore I don't need to explain it."

Moldbug has gone full climatologist. If you think the Earth is doing funky climate things and you're a real scientist, the first thing you check is what Jupiter is doing. Nature is generously providing you with a control, and it's rude not to take advantage of it. If you're a climatologist, you become a lady and protest way too much in the pages of Wikipedia. Jupiter might be tracking Earth's temperature kink for kink but that's Definitely Not Important due to Reasons.
Likewise Moldbug is a Fascist who is loves Fascists but is quite done with Fascism. Thus there must be some very clever reason Fascists keep doing the Fascism. Sure, it's fun to play with toy theories and likewise it's an interesting intellectual exercise to work out why exactly Zuckbook censors so close to the party line, but...well, more on this in a bit.

What would really happen should Zuckerberg or Dorsey start countermanding the traitors in their organization? I figure Zuck would be fired by the board he allegedly controls. Alternatively they have or can invent blackmail material on Zuck. Accuse him of Russian collusion. Zuck doesn't exactly have tens of millions of loyal potential-rioters who might get pissed about this. 

If this wouldn't work it's clear that he would be blocked by Visa and Paypal, the same way Gab is. Lose all his advertisers and so on. Remember all business in America is in violation of the law, as per anarcho-tyranny. If you pay your dues to the Party, then you don't get prosecuted. Rebel, and suddenly the investigators start noticing your irregularities. If Zuck can't be prosecuted for anything, certainly his advertisers can be found to have hostile work environments or whatever it takes. Often they don't even need to be this ham-handed. American businesses suffer lawsuits constantly. All they have to do is stop ruling in favour of favoured corporations. 

The Press, likewise, is controlled. It is normal for the Press to commit treason or break various secret acts. Should any paper dare to cross the Party, all they have to do is start prosecuting them for these crimes. 

If we're being proper shaman, the ultimate conclusion is Fascists gonna Fasc. America is a theocracy. It has a Pope. (A psycho Pope, natch.) The Pope is Fascist. Anyone who isn't Fascist gets excommunicated, because the Army is Fascist and backs the Pope. Who is the Pope? In this sense, Moldbug's intuition can sort of be rescued. It doesn't matter who the Pope is. Sure you could find him, attack him, and take him down, but the Army would remain Fascist (it's full of peasants, after all) and would only accept a new Fascist as Pope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

However, there very certainly is a Pope, and he determines how far the party line goes. In particular he ensures nobody goes so far the Army is alienated and starts to doubt Fascism. Otherwise the alleged-holiness spirals would have given us tranny tyranny in the 50s. Further, the Pope finesses that line real hard. At least as tight as the joins in the Pyramids. He is exceptionally skilled. The Army is always on the verge of feeling betrayed enough to desert en masse, but never quite crosses that line. 

Russia and China may or may not be theocracies. Probably not? They have Popes anyway. Their Popes are not Fascist. Thus Pussy Riot gets beaten, arrested, and forgotten. Inexplicably this doesn't make the Russian Press act the slightest bit hungry. At worst, China's Pope is subordinate to a nu-Stalin.

Similarly we can see that places like the Philippines, Rwanda, Uruguay, Poland, and Hungary reject the Party the moment they think they can get away with it. The very instant America's force projection falters, they start rolling rightward. Cthulu always swims left as long as there's a literal gun to its head. 

What happens if you attack America's Pope? It doesn't work, because Fascism. The only way to make the Pope's defeat Official is to change public opinion. More precisely, to wrench the Army's loyalty away from the Pope. However, the Army can't understand that their Pope is the Pope. The Pope told them they think for themselves, and they obediently believe this is the case. To get them to sit down and listen long enough to teach them they're in fact ignorant, stupid peasants, you have to already be the Pope. 

Thus you only succeed in letting the psycho lords know you're a genuine threat. "He knows what's going on, shiiiiiiiiit~" Then they tell Hillary that you have evidence that might lead to her arrest, and then... They rely heavily on security by obscurity and piercing this will bring you right to the top of their to-do list. Sure you'll inconvenience the Papacy, but little else. If you can figure out who the Pope is, so can his enemies, and thus they coordinate a nice coup and usurp the office. Usurpers are more American than apple pie. You're already dead at this point, though.

Why is America biologically fucked? Because this hack is undoubtedly the best American writer. I've looked for decades for someone better than Moldbug, and found none. Is this good enough? This is not even remotely good enough.
You may think YouTube comments and Twitter replies are made primarily by idiot 13 year olds. Haha, nope. Average Americans aren't even fluent in English, let alone current events, let alone history.

"You would think no grownup could take this shit seriously. You would reckon poorly with history!"

On the contrary, it is exactly true that no grownup could take it seriously. Most Americans take it seriously, and the conclusion is left as an exercise for the reader.
Prusisan school is specifically and consciously designed to have this result. No grownup would be surprised that it in fact does.

BTW when Moldbug says he won't leave America, he's lying. If it becomes sensible he'll be out in a heartbeat. Pure signalling.