Thursday, July 4, 2024

Bottom Line on Selflessness

 If everyone is selfish, upholding and glorifying themselves, then everyone ends up supported and glorious.

 If selfishness is banned, if everyone is selfless, nobody can be supported. Nobody can be glorious.

 Selflessness is exactly what the word sounds like - the annihilation of the self. If there are no selves, then everything has ceased to exist. Honest selflessness is omnicidal. Naturally, usually it's nothing more than a traitorous lie.


 Further, selflessness is irresponsible. If you're being paid for your services, it's "selfish." Thus, someone proposing selflessness is trying to get your services without paying for it. It's inherently a lie; if they valued your services, they should prove it by paying for it. If they're not willing to pay for it, it must not be valuable, and even the [[selfless]] shouldn't waste resources giving it to them.
 But recall selflessness, and those who forward it, is omnicidal. The point is to waste resources. To give stuff to whose who value it least. To destroy the sacred and persecute the glorious. 


 Even further, everything good selflessness claims can easily be replicated by selfishness. If opposing welfare is bad because it's "selfish," then they should pay someone to unpoor the poors. If it's valuable to you, then you should and can pay for it. Of course the stupid think that if something is done one way, it is literally impossible for it to be done any other way...which is why the stupid should be ignored or ideally silenced. And everyone should be assumed to be stupid until proven otherwise.

 Never, ever be selfless.

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