Friday, June 2, 2023

Electoral Birth Defect Asymmetry

"People do this with everything too. Anything the libtards touch immediately becomes theirs, and you are associated with them for engaging with it. And you wonder why you lose. Conservatives let the leftists have every part of society that isn't mind numbingly boring"

Although you really should avoid using the word 'people' except maybe in the plural, peoples. Be specific. Which people?

We saw this with ncov. We immediately got a polarity; the right told us the world was ending, and the left told us it was just a flu, bro. (Actually a cold, but illiterates gonna illiterate.) 

By saying it was just a flu, by saying masks weren't necessary, the left forced the right to go all biodoomer. 

And then it flip-flopped. Even though the right had staked out the biodoomer position, as soon as the left realized that side was more politically useful, they stole the toy and made off with it. Turns out all their "Ewww rightist" disgust is performative, and it vanishes at the drop of a hat if it's useful to drop the hat.

The right plain went along with it. They immediately invoked the electoral birth defect again, and now the right is all 'oh yeah masks don't work' apex kek. The left can force the right off a position by adopting it, but the reverse is not true.

The right just lets the left have the whip hand. 

Because the right is not right-wing. They're less-leftists. They believe in leftist ideas, they merely believe them less vigorously than leftists do. The furtive Communists vs. the fervent Communists. Moldbug is extremely correct to call it an electoral birth defect, as absent elections the differences would be barely noticeable. The divide is manufactured as a consequence of the test.

Never Do Favours

Ever. Ever ever.

 Mortal psychology is inherently trying to game the system. It forgets favours done and remember slights inflicted, in the hopes that it won't have to pay back the favour. Because the system is inherently gamed, you can't use it. 

 Always assume, if someone is asking you for a favour, they intend to forget the favour.

 As always, theft destroys the producer of the stolen property. 

 In other words unless the favour costs 0, such as something you were going to do anyway, you shouldn't do a favour. Charge for it or tell them to fuck off. Asking for a favour is inherently a scam. Doing a favour is inherently simping. 


 I guess you're allowed to do stuff for free, but don't call it a favour. In fact assume it's going to have additional hidden costs; only do it if you're willing to pay for the privilege of having the opportunity to give stuff away.


 It's fine to ask for favours though. You should milk everyone you meet for as many favours as possible. Apparently they like it; it makes them feel superior. It's fine to keep going until they start refusing. Don't do anything stupid like remembering the favours they did, because they wouldn't. Don't cooperate with defectors. They're Democratic Man; they probably won't even remember having done the favours. They instead do a reverse thing; I did a favour for them, therefore I must like them. They only remember feeling good about you. Only don't ask for favours if in some way the request itself costs more than the gained resources are worth.

 I get offered free stuff fairly regularly without even asking. I consider it tribute. Naturally, I am owed sacrifices by virtue of just being that awesome. Be like me. 

 Sadly I remember all the favours. It doesn't work. This is actively counterproductive. Don't be like me.

 If someone is dumb enough to offer favours, then the only thing worse than you "unjustly" absorbing their favours is someone even more deviant and dishonourable absorbing the favours, which is what will happen if you don't part the unhappy money from its abusive fool.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Bears Repeating: They Want To Not Pay More Than They Want the Stuff

I'm thinking about Dragon Quest 8 and how it's generally cheerful and pleasant. 

I'm thinking: why can't that happen in real life? Cheer and pleasantness is indeed greatly desired, at least on the surface. Answer: there are rules. To inhabit a pleasant place, you have to follow the rules that are harmonious with the desired resonances. They're not willing to follow the rules; they want a pleasant garden for free. If you point out they're breaking the rules - and making it unpleasant for everyone, and for rule-knowers in particular - they will blame you for not having a garden. 

Having ravaged the commons, they blame the folk trying to put up fences for the fact the commons have the properties associated with fencelessness. They blame barriers to ravaging for ravaging, because of course a ravager will do that exact thing.

You can explain this to them if you like. Go ahead, prove me wrong. 


You'll find the surface is indeed just the surface. Underneath they hate pleasantness and want misery.

The thing they like about free stuff is the free. The stuff is optional; merely a nice bonus. They will give up the stuff as long as being poor and/or starving to death is free.

And, by the grace of Gnon, so it is! Doesn't cost a penny to starve to death. Gnon will answer their prayers, and give them what the misery they want. 

Don't agree with them? Best to separate. You can't argue someone out of something they weren't argued into. They genuinely value decay and failure. Values are arational, pre-rational. Dying is who they are. If you don't like their aggregate intent, then your top priority is to get out of that aggregate, in the eyes of Gnon.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

USSR Malthusianism

If Stalin hadn't killed so many people, they would have starved to death instead. There simply wasn't enough stuff in the Soviet Union to feed everyone. His murderousness was, in context, a mercy. A relatively quick death. 

If promiscuous mortality is already a given, why not be capricious and psychopathic? Why not just kill someone because you don't like his face? For every one who is saved, another dies untimely. And much slower. Unless they manage to have children before dying, then it's more than one.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

What if the Spin Particle is a Torus Like its Magnetic Field?

Think of a torus like a circled cylinder, then rotate the cylinder along its natural rotation axis. It rotates up in the middle and down around the outside. Vortex ring rotation, like a smoke ring. The torus-type rotation converts the asymmetric chiral rotation of a ball (or cylinder) into a symmetric rotation with a very up (or down) vector.

The torus is then symmetric with the generated magnetic field. Indeed in my preferred model, the particle is the field.* Though, probably, just like electrons are positively (-) charged and protons are negatively (+) charged, it is likely that notational magnetic fields are all pointing the wrong way, rotating outward at the south pole and inward at the north pole. 

Did...did I just defeat a whole field of science? (Again?) Did nobody else think of this? Certainly I've never heard the idea floated before, and Google-sensei hasn't any inkling of it. I don't even know what I'm supposed to call this torus-core rotation axis.** do particles (=fields) have spin? Like that. Probably. 

Torus-type rotation is in fact a superposition of many rotating spheres. Imagine a sphere that's trying to rotate both ways across every axis parallel to some plane. If the plane is flat like the ground, then it's trying to rotate up on every side and also down on every side. It can resolve this superposition by wobbling a bit across the plane, so it's in fact a series of spheres in a circle, all rotating up in the middle and down on the outside, or vice-versa. As soon as any asymmetry appears in the rotating sphere superposition, it will resolve into a torus as it interacts with its own mirror images. 

Though more realistically particles (=fields) are merely spherically symmetric when undisturbed, they're actually the 3D version of the Gaussian. You can graph the density as a normal bell curve with radius.

The way fermions like to pair seems extremely natural with this model. If you have the torii at any angle but parallel or anti-parallel, the superpositions will cross-interfere and make them unstable and asymmetric. Making them parallel would double the strength of the field, meaning it has to cram more energy into a smaller space. Making them antiparallel means the rotation is countered by anti-rotation, meaning space gets to relax, as is its wont.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Like Plato, Bentham and Foucault were Sodomites

What is the Panopticon? It's a longhouse. That already exists, bro. 

The female urge to remove all privacy arrives repeatedly at the same conclusion, as savannah monkeys aren't as illogical as they like to pretend. Dire apes can figure out anything except that they shouldn't be basically evil. 

Ye shall know them by their fruits, because personnel is policy. Bentham and Foucault should have been confined to a kitchen, not allowed to write books.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Women are Whores so Red Pill = Professional John

"I pay for sex, but, like, as a job." Do you lose money on the sale but make it up in volume?

Specifically, Fascist women are all raised to be whores, so the red pill "man"osphere is competing to be the Johnniest John who ever Johnned. "I can be such a great john this whore doesn't take any other clients!" Sounds...expensive?

Like, bro, just pay a whore upfront. This is degrading. 

Like, at least try sexing overt streetwalkers or escorts so you can tell when you get a freebie. Being good enough that you can get a professional to go pro bono is kind of impressive. Degenerate, but I'm grading on a curve here. Given you're a Democratic Man in Late Empire, that does put you in the top toppy percent. 

Thanks, though. Your reports have been quite useful for studying female psychology. I appreciate you taking one for the team? Bang that hoe! None of the rest of us has to touch her, great!

Just, stop trying to pretend husbands are impressed by your johnning skills. None of the rest of us want whores pretending to be sophisticated courtesans. If nothing else, she's charging too much. Lass, go downmarket, you're not worth it. Johns, stop trying to pretend you're doing anything but paying for sex, but with fancy window dressing instead of hard cash.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Nothing More Sacriligious Than Believing the State Can't Sin

"The idea that God and state are opposed would be bizarre to most cultures."

Yet that is what causes them to fall. All regimes recorded in history were profane, black governments. The only deity who didn't inherently oppose them was Satan, the fall guy.

Rome would not have fallen if its temples hadn't accepted government sponsorship.

America would not be falling if its universities hadn't accepted government sponsorship.

Black government is treachery. Loot stolen by fraud is never holy, and cannot support a hallowed institution. In extremis, the whole society will be destroyed by the the desire of the sacred to separate from such a poisonous diet. If you insist on trying to feed your gods blasphemy, the heavens will destroy the blasphemer, and if that's everyone, well, so be it.