Sunday, June 26, 2022

Rafflesia as Perfect Metaphor for States

"The plant has no stems, leaves or roots. It is a holoparasite of vines."

Since it doesn't have to work to eat, like any great empire, it has superlative monuments.

"The flowers look and smell like rotting flesh."



"They are thus, in a way, hyperparasites, because Tetrastigma are themselves, in a way, structural parasites of the trees they use to climb up to the light."

To get a State to form, first you need to sin badly. It's a symptom of disease.


Rafflesia attracts corpse-feeding flies. You know, disease vectors.

The disease vectors then mistakenly lay their eggs on the fake corpse, killing their own offspring for the sake of the rafflesia, the same way states reliably betray their closest allies. 

Which are themselves disease vectors. Saying it again because I wanted to make sure you caught that.

What if parasitism is ugly. 

Indonesia has made rafflesia one of its national flowers. Because, you know, when I think of what I want to represent me, I think of a fucking dead body. I guess there were jealous of the self-owns some other parts of the world are known for, and wanted in on that.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Reform is a Myth

Because personnel is policy, to reform an institution you have to kill everyone in it. Or at least fire them. 

Imagine you had an apple tree and you want a pear tree instead. Imagine you try to make the apple tree into a pear tree by lopping off every branch and grafting pear branches there.

Yeah, don't do that. Plant a pear sapling. Same result in half the time - oh that's assuming the grafts would hold, and they wouldn't.

Employees become acculturated to the firm they work for. If you want them to work for a different firm, you're fucked. In most cases you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. You merely code as outgroup to them. All you can do is move them and make the old firm over again.

It's a waste of time. If you want a different tree you need to plant the seed of a different tree. 

I think most reformers know this. Reform is Last Psychiatry. Defence against reform. Changing your carrier is annoying and makes your neighbours look at you askance; reform is an excuse to shirk your responsibilities. "This ship is going down, but those lifeboats look like they'll be awfully crowded. These deck chairs are nice and comfy." 

Okay bud. 

Most cannot be helped. At some point you have to treat them like they enjoy drowning.

If you're very lucky the skills the old dogs have would be non-defective when applied to a different field. Someone whose skill set is basically [be a bully]? No problem: I have lots of reformers who deserve a good bullying. 

If you're not very lucky, then the old dogs either have to be pensioned off - regardless of their legal age - or simply allowed to fail. (Shocking news: businesses are supposed to go out of business sometimes.)

Friday, June 24, 2022

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Think For Yourself Because Old Wisdom is Bad Too

"The Honoured Founders said that small pleasures were permissible, so long as they did not lead to excess."

This is about obedience. Subservience, really.

What is "excess" when it's at home? Clearly, it's whatever you're told excess is. It's about serving someone else's interests instead of your own. Defection, not cooperation.

Know what you're doing and why you're doing it, then do the accounting. How much does this pleasure obstruct your goal? If it's not at all, it's not in excess. Further, maybe you find a small obstruction is worthwhile. This is clearly the autistic phrasing; however, the allist clearly has no interest in following a rational creed, and thus giving them a proper phrasing would be waking someone pretending to be asleep. 

If you know what your goal is, this practice is super easy. It will frequently happen by accident.

If you're not sure, try asking someone older than you who has the same hobby. In extremis, set up an experiment. Get hypothesis, try to falsify hypothesis.
Contra puritans, something isn't a vice just because it's fun. Worse, just because it's a vice doesn't mean you shouldn't indulge. Do the accounting and don't plan to be perfect.

If you can't do the accounting, attach yourself to someone who can do it for you. It's easy to be a pain in the neck about this, so take steps to be less of a pain in the neck. You're not a baby and can't get away with being a whiny bitch. Not around anyone whose company is worth keeping.

"It was intensely uncomfortable to have such a tight grip on his Qi, and yet, discomfort was to be endured, and then mastered."


The fact you are tempted to use the word "intensely" demonstrates that, contra the puritan fantasies of the writer, you're harming yourself, not helping. Even Christians say flagellants are heretics, Einstein.

Discomfort is a cost. Pay it when you buy something worthwhile with it. If not, then don't.
Does paying your bill at the grocery store count as "discomfort"? Does it have to be "mastered"? Paying value for value feels so different it would never occur to anyone to describe it with the above words, even when it's far more intense than spending money. 

If you're repelled by a fair trade, you have psychological trauma. The solution isn't to "endure" it and then "master" it, that's just traumatizing yourself a second time. Traumatizing yourself makes you sicker and weaker. More vulnerable to being traumatized again. (Gee I wonder who gives the above quoted advice.)

The solution is Stoicism. Convert the feeling to a rational statement, then sit it down for an interview. Hear it out thoroughly. If the impulse is part of you, then, once you've heard it out completely, it will be willing to listen in turn. You can tell when it's external brainwashing because it's like an earless zombie. Unresponsive. That you can kill, because it's already dead.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Been Enjoying Xianxia Recently

Turns out cultivation is absolutely real and I've already written a real-life cultivation manual

Has tribulations and everything. IRL all tribulations are demon tribulations, but sadly not the cool holodeck kind. I'm sure there's even a golden core equivalent.

Qi is true beliefs. Impurities are false beliefs. Eating "mortal" food is consuming e.g. journalism. So-called "spiritual" cuisine is reading or listening to stuff that's not full of lies and self-hatred. No matter how highly cultivated you are, if you read a journalism, you will have to expel impurities later.

Unlike in the stories, there are no areas with "thin" qi or "thick" qi. You never need an immortal cave. Location is not particularly important. In fact truth is 100% present everywhere. If you can parse A implies B, then you're good to go. There is no qi sensing stage. If you can do addition you're Turing complete and being Turing complete is the foundational skill.
On one hand, there is certainly writing of thin qi or thick qi. At first, the thin qi provided by journalism can be sufficient. As cultivation proceeds, writing with worthwhile qi becomes rarer and rarer until you have provide your own, slowing the cultivation process.
Ultimately the available qi becomes too thin to advance in any reasonable timeframe. On the other hand, the amount of available qi IRL depends on how many cultivators there are and how high their realm is. Rather than cultivation leading to qi starvation, analogous to food availability, more cultivation increases the availability of qi in an exponential fashion. 

On the plus side, due to the nature of my manual, cultivation only halts (in practical terms) when you already predict everything that happens. You don't get halted before there are still returns to realize, only after there are no further gains to be had. Imagine you could go to the gym until you could lift literally anything in existence. Turns out it's okay to stall out on lifting heavier things because there's nothing heavier to lift.

A cultivation cycle is doing one rep of a set. Turns out, with a good manual, meditation is easy. You normally don't need to meditate that hard, and thus don't need an isolation chamber or anything of that nature. Do it on the bus or waiting in line. If nobody is paying attention to you, do it at a party.

P.S. Qi just means air or gas. Spirit, prana, mana, breath. It's all the same word. The non-metaphorical meaning is mundane, not profound. 

P.P.S. Being a wallflower is counterproductive. You stand out and attract attention. If you want to be ignored go stand near a rude group. They won't be able to shut up about themselves and you can just tune them out. Maybe prepare some generally-applicable platitudes on the off chance they have a lucid moment; normies can't tell if you change the subject. "So you have some strong opinions about this." Snrk.

Spiritual roots are being willing to be laughed at by the ingroup. E.g. being willing to literally call yourself a cultivator. "That's goofy, cringe." "Sounds like quitter talk to me." If you're too weak to withstand social disapproval, then you are too weak to even try to cultivate. Mortal == NPC. 

NPCs are always boring and normally stale. Cultivation isn't boring. Makes NPCs afraid.

My cultivation method has flaws, just as they're supposed to. Nobody else has written a cultivation manual, or I would be able to tell you exactly what the flaws are, by comparison. Some things which look like flaws are merely incompatibilities arising from having no immortal peak to live on. If you have to live among mortals your qi waves will cause them pain and they will, almost rationally, lash out. Have to hide your power level. 

If they were rational they would realize you're strong and can crush them at will; starting a fight is suicidal. I guess slapping mortals for impudence is also real. Yes, they are indeed too stupid to avoid offending cultivators. A cultivator community integrating with a mortal community results in a bunch of dead or maimed mortals, because we can safely assume that not-100% of cultivators have 100% of restraint.

Cultivation really does give you an aura of command that's capable of suppressing NPCs. You can even flavour your aura with intent if you like, though I've never seen a situation where it would be useful except for your own amusement. If you meet a second cultivator you can tag-team the NPCs, pranking them arbitrarily. On the downside yes flaunting your aura will make the mortals want to worship you, it turns out worship is super irritating, and that goes double when they're trying to pretend it's not worship. "Your offering sucks." "You suck!" "You're the one trying to worship me, idiot." "No I'm not!" They try to guilt you into accepting their trash disposal as gifts. "This is the socially-acceptable gift." "Your society is impure and I've already purged its rules."

Defeating someone in a higher realm is possible in real life, until your soul is perfected.
1) Unlike the stories, it is impossible to do so consistently. If you can consistently beat someone else, you are in the higher realm. If it doesn't seem that way, someone screwed up the realm measurement.
2) Beyond the lowest realms, defeat becomes victory. The idea is to expel impurities and absorb qi. If you're "defeated" that means someone helped you find and expel an impurity. Cooperation, not defection. Winning a debate with someone is a gift that does not benefit the winner. IRL you gain XP when you lose a fight, not when you win.

Qi deviation occurs when you attempt to stop cultivating. If you try to go back along your path it will absolutely fuck you up. A Destroyed lie is permanently destroyed, short of physically damaging your brain.

Cultivating a flawed base means incorporating impurities into your qi foundations. IRL it's troublesome but hardly dangerous to extract the impurities later. At least, no more dangerous than cultivation always is. You can (and likely should) re-form your foundation as many times as it takes. 

IRL there is no clearly-defined foundation in the first place. What has been purified is foundation. It's as big as it has gotten so far.

Yes, actually, cultivation does make you run faster and live longer. Though, unlike the stories, not directly. Rather, your mastery of qi - true beliefs - means you eat things you should truly eat, and as a result become healthier. I gave up being woken up and always sleep until rested. Makes a huge difference. It seems much of aging is merely cumulative sleep deprivation. 

If you stop hating your body and expel impure ideas about it, it turns out that's good for you. 

P.P.P.S. Yes, it's internal alchemy. External alchemy is a merciful trap. Not very useful, but much less dangerous than internal alchemy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"The Pill Destroyed Marriage"

"And so, they go from the 18th century of [the upper class] having three children per family, per person, down to having one by the time we get to the decade of the 1850s."

Ah yes, the 1825-era progesterone pill.
It was such a black site op even the people taking it didn't know they were taking it.

P.S. It really is a night and day difference between professionals and amateurs. Knowing things vs. knowing buttfuck all. There's no gradient.

Gun Control About Magical Shamanic Totems

Step 1: peasants are afraid of guns because they're afraid of bloody everything.

Step 2: peasants want the terrible fetish removed so they're not affected by the bad feng shui, aka their own cowardice.

Step 3: vote for gun control.

Step 4: public shooting.

Step 5: peasants see terrible fetish, overwhelmed by fear. 

Step 6: vote for gun control again, even though they've never seen a gun in person in their life. 


It's hard to tell the difference between politicians who are cynically exploiting peasant superstition and those who are themselves peasants and aren't merely performing. The rational response is the same, so it doesn't matter. If anything lying about it makes it worse and would be a capital crime in a healthy society. 


Step 7: public schooting.

Step 7.5 or 8, I dunno: journalists slather scary fetish all over the so-called news. 

Step whatever: ----....

Peasants can't shoot straight because they're more afraid of the gun in their own hand. It's closer and closer scary things are scarier, obviously. Holding the bad-man fetish corrupts their body with bad feng shui, you see. If you die a victim you go to heaven; better to get shot than to defend yourself.
Except Bantu of course, who get trapped in the bullet, like a soul gem, if they're shot by police, but not if they're shot by other Bantu. All men are created equal, which is why murder isn't a crime for Bantu. They're not men, I guess. Meanwhile those loving, empathic peasants don't want cops to go to hell for defending themselves, see. They want the cop to die like a good victim. 

How kind.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Twitter Twits: Expecting Different Results

"Hey look at this graph." "You're fucking disgusting!"

The person offering the graph wasn't doing it in good faith either, you ridiculous child.
"Hey let's remove friendship and surround everyone with strangers from distant lands. Damn why is everyone so stressed and aggro all the time?" Truly, the world is a mysterious place.
This is why Reality's teaching stick has to get so bloody. Nobody listens.
Or is it a social signalling thing? They posted the graph (in bad faith) exactly because they knew the response would be of this nature, and they wanted to paint the responder as some kind of unusual deviant instead of a perfectly reasonable and normal human? (As far as grass monkeys go, at any rate.) It's a trap!

I favour the trap thing. They can't possibly be this stupid or they would all live in the street.