Tuesday, April 23, 2024

On Failure II

 As the softlings say, if you never miss a plane, you're spending too much time in airports. To accomplish anything of true value requires open unmistakable failure. 

 Through Death, Life. The Romans were right: Pluto sat upon unimaginable wealth. Divine treasures beyond beauty and beyond counting. It is only in the underworld that any and every thing can be found.

If you already knew how to do it, you wouldn't prove anything by managing to do it. Plan to fail. The more you can plan to fail without quitting, the greater the scope of the final success. 

 The ideal man plans to fail eternally at the task with an infinitesimal chance of success; succeeding despite everything would have unlimited value. Yet, this can be burdensome, we must also choose the merely improbable, to sustain us along the way. 

 If your society quits in the face of failure, it cannot succeed. It can't even play the game.


 Most religions are not alive. They have Popes, yes, but the Popes are shadow Popes. They don't have a goal. They know not what they plan to do. Without a plan, a man is literally nothing. A fleshy breeze, nothing more than a cell of a weather system. 

 Ironically, America, of all places, once had a plan. A purpose. They were going to go to the moon. If they had actually gone there, it really would have been glorious and cool.
 I suspect they could not tolerate failure. They could not withstand finding themselves in a blind alley. They discovered some reason it was impossible...instead of being excited to challenge the impossible, they gave up. They faked it.

 Personnel is policy: Americans are quitters and failures, they couldn't possibly have a real goal. They discovered some reason it was impossible because, deep down, that was what they were truly journeying for the entire time. Physical reality had to converge on purposeless spiritual reality. "We went to the moon, we won, game over, everyone go home now. Nothing else to do here." The destination reached reveals the destination demanded; reveals the character of the journeyman. 


 To have a true society, you must exile the quitters. If they ridicule the losers, then they are garbage. Cowards go outside, in the dump. Honour the glorious prey, honour the glorious chase. Thank them for making it hard for you. Nothing that inhibits accepting impossible "failed" contests can be allowed.
 You can't allow the cowards to refuse to fight. Mercy is a sin. Fight them all the way out. Scream, with rage, with fear, with joy, scream and shatter their cowardly souls. Feels them until they ain't real. Let them experience apocalypse and revelation.

 A living society must have a goal. They must have a goalkeeper, who unlike the "sports"man doesn't prevent you from reaching the goal, but in fact spurs you toward it, but more importantly, when the goal is reached, they pick a new one. When the society stops failing at their goal, they need to look at what new failures have opened up to them, and pick one to go fail at. Perhaps call this keeper of goals the Pope. 

 The more worthy the goal, the more likely Reality will brutally inflict visions of impossibility. And praise be. Let black pills rain from the sky, let them grow from the ground, let them drown the ocean. Let the backlash be savage, the pushback ferocious. Show me despair! Show me armageddon itself! The society cannot fold. 

 Remember what 'agony' really means: an agon is a contest. Agony is simply Greek for contesting. Agonizing means to fight. Without fighting, you cannot win. If you cannot win, you cannot journey. If you cannot journey, you don't exist.

 For example, there is a correct goal for families in the present world. It is this: "Parenting reseach project." How do you raise the healthiest, the most powerful children, without spending so much the children have to pay for it? The purpose of each generation is not to parent as their parents did, but to parent better. The purpose of uncles and aunts is to A/B test.
 Contrast the degenerate goal of 'generational' wealth. Wealth to buy what? What is it for? Certainly generational wealth is not a bad means to pick, it certainly isn't a trivial ask, but...this is clearly a fake goal. Satanic. They want social status, not wealth. A petty relative goal, not an absolute physical or divine goal.
 Children of the parenting research project will eventually reach some best practices equilibrium. Imagine a school of expert parents, nice. Now we can ask: what kind of goal would the children of these families set? The purpose of this journey, of this destination, is to buy the right to set off on a better journey. One I myself cannot even imagine.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Remember Both Red and Blue Hate it When Republicans Win

 "Shape up! Keep it together!" That's the red reaction when a red party wins an election. Republicants are trying to lose, and Demobrats are trying to win but make it look like a fight. When red wins, it's like blue picked a fight with a scarecrow and lost. Utterly pathetic. "You can do better!"

 One way to see the Biden thing; "See? We can win against the scarecrow whenever we want!" Nobody genuinely minds the steal since for both sides the goal is that blue wins. However, they lost at the other part of the game: making it seem like a fight. You can rig the election all you want, but you're not supposed to allow it to appear as if it's not a real election. If you can't keep up appearances, what's even the point? Just openly have a despotic dictatorship and have done with it. 

 Republicants are training dummies. They're supposed to keep Demobrats in shape. At least, they're supposed to be whipping boys so that Demobrats can get exercise with some vigorous whipping. Unfortunately, Republicants love getting whipped so much the Demobrats recoil, don't want to have anything to do with them, and lose elections. 

 That and they're exactly as senescent as they appear. The decay is advanced. They can't get it up for even the most depraved of advanced professional prostitutes. The sluttiest display does nothing for them. The girls were so happy with Hugh Hefner because he had ED and their real job was to lie about it.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

On Failure I

 Any idiot looks good when they're winning. Handling success is easy. In real life, you gain XP when you lose a fight. 

 Succeeding teaches you to become set in your ways. It instructs you that you have nothing more to see. Success is kin to stagnation. With success, you risk decay and ultimately death. Going from strength to strength, from success to success, is a bad sign.

 Why, it sounds almost like cowardice. The coward successfully avoids the contest, and in so doing, cores out his own existence.

 Failure is the true instructor. If you're a terrible softling, you might say it's about the journey, not the destination. The destination is chosen by which journey it implies. The point of the goal is to be a lodestar, not to reach it. 

 It is through failure that you learn and grow. Though growth, life. 

 Is Mars, in fact, the god of life? The very god of living itself? 

 Is this always true? Here I see Nietzsche as correct. Assuming you have chosen, sought out, and humbly accepted the contest, any failure that doesn't kill you is not only good, not only great, not only glorious, but a divine transcendence.

 To perfect is to profane. To err, divine.

 It is through true absolute failure you truly prove yourself. Any idiot looks good when they're winning. If you're seriously deft you can look good while losing.
 Can you handle looking bad?
 Anyone can handle committing when the possible rewards, risk-adjusted, outweigh the cost.
 Can you handle committing in the face of certain failure?
 If you fail in the most important things in the most important ways and survive, if you respond to utter derision and deprivation and despair by standing right the fuck back up, then you can truly say you have stood, for the first time. 

 The best journey begins by losing everything, proving the challenge you accepted is the greatest you can possibly bear. 
 To truly live? Die. Die and go on living anyway. Death isn't something to fear, Death is your best friend. No Life, except through Death.

 Existence is pointless? Everything is exquisitely doomed? AWESOME. Bring it! Give me the most pointless, useless, ridiculous existence you possibly can! The more failure is preordained, the higher the heights I display by challenging it anyway

 Surprisingly, failure is wealth. Loss is an incomprehensibly generous gift. True strength looks like a true wreck and everyone hates it. Despicable and despised. 

 Existence cannot possibly be pointless. Upon a pointless existence, I can impose my will. I can overwrite its natural state with my own, and through that, prove anything. Prove everything. An allegedly pointless existence is merely the best possible challenge, the grandest possible present, an invitation to the highest possible party. 

 Admittedly, one does need to actually win, in some sense, in the end. Looking a wreck must be temporary. Although the destination is chosen due to the characteristics of the journey it implies, if I don't reach the destination, I can falsify the journey. I can pretend I'm on a journey I'm not. I can detour, confusing one journey for another, by confusing the destinations. Lies are bad, mmmkay. Verify and replicate the journey using the destination. Through destination, I impose discipline. Victory is a means, not an end; it is the price through which I purchase greater journeys, higher victories which can only be reached through more glorious failure.

Unexpectedly Fast Results on Starcraft

 MaxPax takes a bunch of my advice. Somewhat disturbingly, as there's no way anyone he knows reads my blog.

 Anyway, result: 3-1s Clem. Could definitely have won the first game by taking the rest. Mistakes: built colossus. (Got viking'd, the way they always do.) Built disruptors. (They all died and killed nothing. Often before even getting to shoot.) 0-armoured the carriers. Had plenty of time to at least get 1, probably 2, but no. Did get prism and obs speed, but only after forgetting those two units exist. 

 Game 2 built colossus but later, as a surprise. Smelled weakness and used them as a killing blow instead of a staple. Turns out that's a fine use for them. Used templar with (dun dun dun!) a warp prism to guard against EMP. 

 Game 3 all about chrono boosting those upgrades. Turns out prism+templar is really, really good. Boost out storm so it arrives before terran is ready. If Clem hadn't quit Max would have been at 2/0 before Clem started 2/0. 

 Game 4. I forgot to mention using shades for scouting. Use them like a skirmisher line. Max didn't forget, though. Didn't forget to keep his upgrades ahead of terran either.
 Should pre-emptively rebuild his scouting observer. Once you plant an obs in Clem's base it should be treated as dead. Also, like, use sentry hallucinations for that.
 Used storm, at first instead of colossus, then to zone out for the colossus. You can use the unit, but it has to be very delicately timed. A quad-colossus push has to wipe out at least one base, if not win the game outright. If you're not sure, then don't build them. 


 I don't get why micromanaging the prism/templar is feasible but babysitting the disruptors is, apparently, impossible. Regardless, that seems to be the way of it, so don't build disruptors unless it's for some very specific purpose.
 The game 1 tempests would probably have been fine as an assassin strike team. Dart in, blow up one viking, retreat to the field base, which is disruptors. If Clem moves in with marines, fire a purification nova. Keep the fight tempest vs. viking. Have an obs for spotting, with shades or maybe hallucination as backup. Spent disruptors should get evac'ed one way or another, either through a prism or just right-clicking the main. Nova has a long cooldown but it's not longer than building a new disruptor.
 Exception: if you have ten disruptors, you can have a nova on the field at all times. Fork strategy: they either have to walk into the nova river, or let the tempests/carriers fire with impunity.

 This result brought to you by epistemic training. Lift heavy intellectual things. I can also coach hockey. You can only get good at a domain, but the hack is there's a domain-of-domains. The meta-domain. 

 P.S. Scouting. Instead of planting an obs inside a pro's base, who always scans and kills it, plant a probe outside the base to watch for the move-out, then siege an obs in the middle of the map to see which assault path they take. Protoss should be even more difficult to ambush than zerg. Use the obs like building your own watchtower. If you want to see inside their base, use the garrison sentry for hallucination. Treat your base sentry like a building which trains hallucinations. Maybe even intentionally seal it in so you can't accidentally f2 it. 

 If you have a DT shrine, put a DT on hold position at their next expansion. Either go for the cancel, or let them land it and hit the workers when they transfer - don't block the building. Putting a burrowed zergling in the way is cheeky rather than good. E.g. dart in with the flux'd void rays to hit the cancel. This is when you siege an obs inside enemy lines: when it's ensuring the voids can flee in time. As zerg, wait for the transfer then hit it with your mutalisk wolf pack, zergling runby, or baneling bombing run. If the burrowed zergling is offset, then they don't suspect and you can repeat the process.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

English Colonies vs. English Empire, and American Rebellion

 The colonies were responsible thus Capitalist. Everyone made a bunch of money, and the locals liked what they were doing with the place so they didn't make a fuss. That's how ~50 Englishmen could rule all of India: they were fundamentally doing what the Indians would have done for themselves if they knew how. Less conquest and more sale of services. The locals who got genocided didn't enjoy it of course, but genocide is also responsible. They weren't upset for very long. It's real genocide if there is nobody left to mourn the dead; that's how you know it was done properly.

 The Empire was an irresponsible Communist Empire, which lost a bunch of money. Everyone hated it, even the Emperor didn't like what the Empire was doing with the place, and ultimately the Emperor lost all the colonies. (Demand => supply.) This is unsurprising as the Emperor achieved ownership of the colonies by arrogating the ownership to himself. It was all stolen goods. 

 Of course it wasn't a clean transition. Theft occurs via stealth and the Emperor couldn't steal parts that were being watched. Even some colonial colonels continued to act like colonels after being confiscated by the Empire, producing responsible leadership despite having no incentive to do so. Pre-1776 America was both colonial and imperial. 

 The War of American Rebellion was a war of English colony vs. English Empire. 

 The French used the English against the English, so the Empire won. The colony was lost, as per imperial norms. The rout of colonial forces was particularly thorough, so it converged quickly onto the imperial equilibrium. The Americans did not win, they were tools, or perhaps the stage. They did inherit the Imperial spirit. Thus they lost a bunch of money. E.g. America has never had a long-term budget surplus. Everyone hated what they were doing with the place, including America's own emperor.
 What does 'going to the frontier' mean? It means everyone moving to America had one goal: get out of America as quickly as possible. Living in handmade artisanal mud huts several days' travel away from the nearest aid and succor was considered superior to trying to live anywhere other Americans could find you. Understandably so. Once they ran out of frontier, some States immediately tried to leave, to get as far away from America as possible. 

 And of course Americans stole the English Empire from the Emperor, as per imperial norms. They even stole back the colonies the English Emperor had misplaced. Now everyone wants out, and America will likely be unable or even unwilling to stop them, as per imperial norms. In the meantime, it all loses a tremendous amount of money. It's a bit weird there's even a middle stage, where the imperial provinces pretend they aren't satrapies of the Emperor, but definitely are.

 It's important to remember that America's myth, about plucky misfit rebels winning against the established powers, is pure fiction. If the rebels are organized enough to pose a real threat, they aren't misfits, they're just another country, probably exactly as tyrannical as the original country they 'rebel' against. Civil war is just regular war except both countries pretend to own territory they don't own, as owning the things they don't own is the justification for the war.

Principle of Cactus

 Security is always affordable, and I've decided to call this fact the cactus principle. 

 A cactus is an inefficient plant. All those spikes and poisons and calluses are expensive. 

 The fact water in the desert is so expensive makes it difficult to secure, but at the same time, the fact water is so valuable means the cactus is rich and can afford to defend it. The math works out.  


 There's a slight caveat regarding Malthusian limits, but anyone smart enough to understand and use verbal principles is far too smart to have to worry about Malthusian limits. Putting a find point on it, someone stupid will starve to death instead. It will turn out they could have secured themselves, but were too dumb to know that and deserve to die.

 E.g. jobs. Assuming you want a job for some curious reason, you can always secure your job, regardless of what the local head parasite is doing. The primary obstacle is not feeling entitled, but instead thinking about how to fence off and protect the revenue stream. E.g. always have two revenue streams, so that if one stutters, you don't instantly fall into poverty.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Technically Institutions Matter, but Biological Capital Determines What Institutions Promulgate

 Consequently only biological capital matters. Eugenics and dysgenics. 

 Biological capital and spiritual karma, but the latter is also a biology thing.

 You can see that the Russians haven't exactly suffered amazing evolution between 1900 and 2000, but their institutions mattered a lot. See also: Bantu-American criminality. However, the reason the Russian institutions went all Communist was due to past sins. They profaned themselves, and that's biology; personnel is policy. Profaned because a profane people. The profanity caused the Communism, which in turn caused a purge of the most profane families. Now they profane somewhat less. It appears a lot better than it is because they're kinda poor; net worth is a genetic trait, but they're not wasting it all on maximizing their bank accounts.

 Of course eugenics/dysgenics is also a biology thing. Personnel is policy. Revenge is Sour: the condition of being able to found a eusocial institution is having eusocial institutions, and the condition of being able to have eusocial institutions is to have eusocial genetics. 

 Plato was right: the philosopher king refuses to rule. Plato was wrong: that's because ruling is unwise. Plato was  merely a) resentful that he himself wasn't a p-king and b) selfishly petulant that no p-king deigned to self-sacrificially rule him. Basically Plato wanted the Form of the Good ("God") to force him to be virtuous, instead of, you know, having to do it himself. He wasn't even willing to pray for this force to be applied to him, by the way.
 Ruling is unwise because the condition of having a philosopher king is not needing to receive wisdom from on high. If you need a p-king to rule, your society will not allow a p-king to rule. Attempting a restoration is pointless. 

 The only thing you can do is filter and live in a bubble. Extract those unworthy of the unjust society (depriving the society of little, ultimately, as the society has no demand for their services) and collect them in one place. That is: there is no reason Hogwarts is impossible in real life, if by [wizard] you mean [virtuous child]. No reason except that Genesis is correct: you can't find 10 virtuous men in Sodom or Gonorrhea (e.g. Lot isn't virtuous). A real Hogwarts would, it seems, have empty halls.

on frontiers

 "A mere few hundred years ago, the frontiers of human knowledge were a lot closer to everyday experience, and it was feasible for an ordinary man to push them, often as a hobby. "

 In many ways, my blog exists as a long-form proof that this is still true. 


 "The trouble is that these days we know so much, in most fields you can’t even begin to do original work without first spending years in dedicated study. Even then, all of the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked"

 Is nothing but cope. An excuse softlings use to get away with being soft. 

 I do want to write "The Brain: A User's Manual." It would be a tremendously useful book, with the caveat that nobody would read it, so the usefulness would be purely theoretical. 

 The Brain: a general user's manual.
 The Brain: features of particular use to scholars.
 The Brain: features of particular use to warriors (incomplete).
 The Brain: features of particular use to merchants (probably).


 This nature, of being extremely useful but experiencing zero* demand, is shared with hundreds of other unwritten books, none of which require much in the way of funding. Or even a team.

  *(Or negative, as with Brain. It would make it harder both to lie and to be lied to, and nobody wants that, now do they?)

 The number of books I could write with a team of help: boy howdy.

 Shit man, just build a house underwater. Write a book on what living underwater is like. The number of folk rich enough to do so easily outnumbers the population of Athens 2400 years ago. And yet...