Thursday, November 30, 2023

Liberalism Isn't Freedom

 "Just insist freedom is good, and don't be pathetic about it, how difficult is that?"

 In a sane society, for most, the live options are to choose to be ordered around by the best lord who will have them, or try to go it alone, fuck it up, be a criminal, and get executed. I'ma repeat myself: they can choose the lord they were going to choose anyway, or choose annihilation. Humans are evil, and evil is banal and weak, so they are pathetic and have to have their decisions overridden. Overridden either by orders from someone fundamentally inhuman, or by the fundamentally inhuman force known as [Death]. If you let humans make decisions, they poison your society and it dies. This contradicts, at length, the premise.

 But yes, for the virtuous and just, freedom is plain good. Because they're virtuous, if you try to take their freedom from them, they will wisely recognize you as an enemy, and their virtue-backed attacks (disciplined, courageous) are extremely dangerous. It's one of the major reasons a free-human society is so bad: you antagonize the virtuous and they profit from your downfall, both incrementally and overall. It's not like the grassmonkeys can stop their inhuman opponents.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Men Just, Women Unjust

 "A small number of men reproduced with a large number of indigenous women all over Eurasia in the period known as the Bronze Age."

 A just society became rich and powerful through cooperation. It thus destroyed all the neighbouring less-just, defective societies...and stole their unjust women. As such male genes generally came from the just society and female genes generally come from the defects and deviants. 

 Angelic men, demonic women. There used to be angelic women too, but...

 Taking war brides is an extremely stupid thing to do, and the result is: you are here. 

 On the plus side, since war bribes are distributed quickly and thus almost entirely on superficial characteristics, these demonic women are all extremely beautiful. If your plan was to get dimorphism along trophy lines, women who are to be seen and not heard, then it worked perfectly.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Security, Master of Wealth

 Wealth has a very simple foundation: it comes from human labour, and the amount of wealth you can keep is determined by security. The cheaper security is, the wealthier the society. Wealth is important because a lot of cool, glorious shit is expensive to do. E.g. Egyptians could afford Pyramids, Americans cannot. 

 You don't make anything if it's just going to be stolen. It's dose-response. If some of it is going to be stolen, you don't make as much. There is less total stuff, and your society is poorer, weaker, and shabbier.

 Even if you're going to keep it all, if the security is expensive, then you're spending labour on security instead of on creation. The more inexpensive the security, the more total stuff you have. 

 If EROEI goes below 1, you stop getting energy from that source. Security isn't like this: every living creature must at minimum force the world to let it go on living. If you give up on security you starve to death. With a suitably foolish society, security costs can be many multiples of the secured value. 


 On the plus side, random death aside, an insecure society is very relaxed. You can't compete because there isn't anything around to compete for, and you can't secure any future against another, so there's no point in worrying about it. You can safely sit around doing nothing except waiting for something to happen. Just chill bro. Maybe rape a girl if you're horny.

 A wise society first spends tremendously on accumulating and perpetuating wisdom.

 Secondly, it spends tremendously on finding and perpetuating everything which makes security cheaper. E.g. tax rates zero. The more total stuff there is, the easier it is to accumulate the price for whatever it is you value and wish to buy. You want the absolutely most inexpensive way to secure all property, and you want very high-status researchers devoted to finding new ways to secure the previously insecurable.

 This always involves mighty fences to keep out anyone with less-wise tendencies. You must first secure yourself against lies and the deluded.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Children Without Adult Supervision

 Children think there's no reason they can't eat every cookie in the cookie jar. Children think daddy is stopping them purely to be a meanypants. He just hates them without cause, and if it weren't for daddy they could have cookies and gumdrops for dinner every day.

 Women think there's no reason they can't have sex with whoever they want and have all the ugly men executed. Women think there's no reason to work except men are meanypants and go all [[patriarchy]] on them. 

 Leftists think everyone could be fabulously wealthy and never have to work, except the government and rich people are meanypants. 

 Why did Kaisar cross the Rubicon? Because he thought that just because he broke the law, he shouldn't have to face the courts.

 That's all it ever was.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Reading About Royal Families

 I'm starting to think that leftism is the result of inbreeding.

 Try not to marry your first cousins, folks. It a generation or two it leads to opposition between parents and children, "in his youth he was a spendthrift and womaniser," plus "patron of the arts" inevitably implying drinking and carousing. 

 "Frederick settled down following his marriage [...] Quickly accumulating large debts"
 When Wikipedia tries to write a fluff piece for you, indicating favour, it's a terrible insult and you should demand satisfaction.

 Haven't tested this yet. 

 However, it seems like peasants are inherently inbred. Probably forget who their grandparents were. Lie to the priest about consanguinity because they simply don't know any better. Alternatively the lowborn priest lies for them because there's nobody nearby they're not kinda related to.

 The thing about inbreeding is you can't erase it easily. If you outbreed for a generation or two, it means 1/2 or 1/4 of your genome is still inbred. Maybe you get lucky and it's not the bad part, or maybe you get unlucky and carry the bad copies of everything, it's merely hidden under the good versions from the other side. 

 That's why the upper crust doesn't want to marry a peasant: even if they look like a healthy shining star, (that is, they're pretty like the princesses are), it's just the luck of the draw. The recessive half of their genes are all still terrible inbred nonsense. You get leftist children and grandchildren.
 Need to calculate a local mean for that peasant, so you can figure out how far they are from the mean and thus how much regression to the mean you can expect.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Engineering Details of Masculine Honour and Honesty in Dating

 "You’re on a date with your girlfriend. 

"Suddenly, a pretty girl walks by you. 

"Your girl says: “Do you think she’s pretty?” 

"How do you reply?"



"No need to elaborate or deflect."


 Do elaborate. Be specific. "I like the way her style of top flows into the line of the pants she's wearing." Or, "Blonde does it for me, and I enjoy the simple hairstyle."

 Simply saying 'yes' is relatively okay, but it comes across as "She's higher status than you." If you're specific then it becomes an actionable recipe. "You can be pretty just like her by doing X and Y." Secondly, if she has any higher brain function at all, she'll realize that she can use this move: "Do you think I'm pretty?" This will result in her being given specific, personalized compliments while allowing you to demonstrate consistency and reliability. 

 Some dudes can pull off being completely crass. "Yeah she has a great rack, and clearly isn't shy about sharing."

 If she outright goes, "Prettier than me? *angry face*" I suggest ignoring it and pretending she didn't just jam her foot so deep in her mouth you can't see her knee. Smile patronizingly and do the compliment thing anyway. If she doubles down gently mock her awkwardness. "Really? That's what you're going with? Wanna think for a moment and rephrase that?" 


 "Breathe, girl. The world didn't just end. In---- out---- in---- out----."
 If she refuses to even try to play along, I would suggest ending the date right there. Contact the waitress, cancel your order, and walk away. You can save hyperfeminists from themselves, but it involves chains and sex dungeons. It's illegal and she's not worth it.

False Stereotype of the Cowardly Scholar

 The three primary virtues have an internal hierarchy; you cannot be wise and cowardly at the same time. A cowardly scholar is at least as much of a failure as a cowardly warrior. 

 The scholar must have discipline, and to embrace the fruits of discipline requires courage directly.

 The discipline required to safely determine whether e.g. humans are inherently malicious is tremendous. Questions of a less secular nature are several tiers trickier yet. This discipline must come from within. You have to learn it yourself; it cannot be taught. Anyone trying to externally impose this discipline will only teach trickery and deceit. It only "teaches" the student to duck and dodge their tyrant master, to oppose them effectively with politics or camouflage. Tremendous discipline requires tremendous will.

 Then, whomst among us can willingly adopt the idea? Who would not flinch, embrace the pretty lies?
 I do get a bit of a boost, as having Asperger's already makes all humanity my opponent. There's something I'm not losing by setting myself against the species. 

 You don't get to decide if the ideas are easy or not.

 The cowardly scholar is either not a coward or not a scholar.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Regardless, Teachers are Losers

 Even if you refuse to see that Prussian school is inherently destructive, you don't want to send your kids to school because teachers are all massive losers. Don't send your kids to hang out with losers. Or, I dunno, it's a "free" country, maybe you want them to grow up to be losers due to loser role models and getting socialized into loser society.

 The best you can hope for in a teacher is a failed non-teacher. I had one guy who used to do weapons research but had to settle for teaching because his girl didn't want to move. That's your high-water mark: not being such a hopeless incompetent that they can't even attempt to maintain another career. 

 No wait, that's exactly it, isn't it? Americans really do want their kids to be socialized as losers and grow up to be total failures. And then complain (bully the kid) about how much of a loser they are, indefinitely. The plan is clearly working fabulously. 

 Americans send their kids to hang around all day with bureaucrats (think DMV) because they really do hate them that much. Just infinite loathing.

 Carry on, I guess. I shouldn't have underestimated the resentful spite of the median voter. 


 Though come to think I'm assuming they can be socialized differently. Maybe the kids are hopeless to start with. I'm hardly the biggest fan myself (it just shouldn't matter since they're not my family). Or am I assuming? I recall the Amish kids, who are socialized differently and are hardly a stock superior to regular kids. Not hopeless; is possible.

 Yeah. It's the self-loathing. 

 I know the kids will fail to reject the self-loathing doctrine when they grow up, which is a sufficiently lethal vice, but they don't know that, which reveals the perfidy. It's intended to be sinful and profane, even though it turns out, in the end, the kids deserve it.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Hypocrisy is High Status

 If someone can force you to follow your principles, then they can force you to do things and are higher status than you are. As such, betraying your principles is a way of signalling nobody can force you to do things, and you are high status. 

 It's also one of the high-status luxury goods. It's inconvenient to have to match your actions and attestations all the time. Why not be relieved of that pressure with a little of the good ol' ultrahypocrisy? 

 When you "complain" that someone is a hypocrite, you are pointing out they are especially high status. No wonder this never "works" politically. The more you "complain" the higher the status they must have. 


 This is clearly intentional. I never get accused of hypocrisy, unless you count the mudthrow+wall strategists. It's not that difficult, but nobody attempts it. It would be counterproductive according to their local norms.

 By contrast, under property rights, you don't make contracts with hypocrites because they aren't agreement-capable. You have to make the contract expensively ironclad, and put in huge contract-breaking penalties to recoup the contract enforcement costs. Why not instead trade and cooperate with someone honourable? 

 Under property rights, you point out hypocrisy not to change the hypocrite's behaviour, but to change your friends' behaviour. "Avoid this scammer." The point isn't scolding, the point is ostracism.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

If You Hate Jews, Support the ADL

 Jews got smart due to persecution. They couldn't hold regular jobs and had to be bankers instead because ""usury"" was banned for gentiles. The manual-labour class of European Jews all starved to death. 

 How to reverse this? To lay waste to the Jews? Coddle them. Let them get away with everything. Rapid debasement is guaranteed. 

 Look at what civil rights has done to Bantu.

 Look at what feminism has done to women.

 Yield to the ADL. Ensure Anglin and MacDonald keep disparaging and discrediting wignats by association. 

 I'm not at all joking about explicitly banning the Christian races from university campuses and revoking divorce for specifically Europeans. Why stop there? Drivers' licenses. Homeownership. Make persons of pallor completely unmarriageable as seen by anyone with a hint of colour. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Is Nietzsche Lame?

 I have never read any Nietzsche in his own words. There's no reason to think I'm missing out. This never happens: "Oh that's an interesting idea. Where did they get it? Nietzsche, huh?" Worse, even if they did get it from Nietzsche, it's not like he expands the idea in his own words. There's no point going to the original waterhole for more water. For contrast, you can say Plato really loves the sound of himself, but at least he doesn't drop an idea the instant he touches it. If you have to be either too long or too short, be too long.

 What is true, non-obvious, novel, and in Nietzsche? Slave morality. Okay...yes. And....?

 Nietzsche was not a philosopher. He was a prose stylist, like Shakespeare (who wasn't a storyteller). The 'god is dead' passage is highly evocative. It is not highly intellectual. 

 As a scholar, you don't get any points for being less lame. Certainly, of modern-age popular scholars, Nietzsche was at worst third least lame. I guess you do get points for not being wrong. 

 However, a true scholar either says something nobody has thought of before, or explains an old thing well so that new readers can grasp it easy. Nietzsche conspicuously avoids both. N lacked discipline. Artist, not artisan. Performance artist, specifically. He got something right due to sheer volume. Blind squirrels and broken clocks.

 First major fallacy: the modern world is clearly sick. Turns out Fascism is bad, tho. Nietzsche had to be at least locally novel to escape this disease, and wasn't. 

 Second: "popular." If you're well-known, that means you've been flattering peasant egos and peasant superstitions. If you're not reviled and buried for elitism et al, you're doing it wrong. 

 Nietzsche fluffed aristocracy because it made line go up. He wanted culture line instead of GDP line. It's still universalist saviourism, merely the next highest tranche of it. 

 Master morality forms a false dichotomy, due to failing to understand the difference between kratia and dunamis, and failing to appreciate that irresponsibility is even a variable. 

 Will to ""power"" is merely a small feature of natural selection. Organisms that don't try to force the world to let them remain alive get selected out. 

 Nietzsche spends a whole book trying to go beyond good and evil and doesn't once mention social status. This is what's known as a limited hangout, a kind of propaganda. His opus is nothing more than a huge peacocking spree - mentioning social status would undermine his core goal.

 If the Nazis were Nietzschean, that's a slight to both the Nazis and Nietzsche.

 The last philosopher worth reading was Descartes, on account of him not being fuckin' wrong all the time. His temporal remoteness is not a coincidence, by the way. (Admittedly I haven't read him either. Instead I reproduced his work independently.)

Monday, November 20, 2023

News From the Heavens: The Cause of Population Growth

 Since Earth is the underworld, where you go when you die, when Earth's population surges, it means a bunch of higher beings have died. In exactly the same way mortal bodies are moulded of the remains of dead stars, mortal souls are moulded of the remains of dead gods.

 Divine beings do not die of age or disease. They die of deicide. A population spike on Earth means there was a war in Heaven. Such a large spike means there was a war spanning across three or more heavens, rather like a world war. Not just a coincidence.

 Further, if the divine body is properly disposed of, it doesn't leave remnants like Earthlings. The mortal population surge means there was a war and the casualties were left to rot. 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Clownworld's Clown Opposition

 Natsocs are jealous of Israel. The place currently in economic freefall several times worse than the ncov lockdowns. 

 They were put there by shoeless goatfuckers who think the pipe bomb is high technology. 

 What kind of moron would want to live in Israel? It's painfully clear that the Jews got Jewed by Britain. Perfidious Albion is not just a meme. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The instant Iran was more relevant than Israel, they got thrown under the bus.
 You can't get thrown under the bus if you're the one driving the bus.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Peasants will not, they will seem to hyperfocus on some detail ("Israel gets to have border security") because even that much blows out their tiny minds. 

 Getting Jewed is a Jew specialty. Israel is quite possibly the most vaccinated country in the world. Pfizer gotta get paid. That is, it's now suffering worse than ncov lockdowns, and it's not like they didn't have ncov lockdowns. 

 Natsocs are a kind of leftist - a communist. They have communist prediction track records, a lot like climatologists. 

 Ukraine got 60B here and 90B there - and Israel could never quite bring itself to condemn the Russians. ZOGwar, lol.
 Now America is offering a mere 10B - to Iran, not Israel. Some Azerbaijan FAFO, there. (Probably. Also, Amenians should have done the Tutsi thing, not rolled over and died. However, they're Christian, so I guess they were excused early from the Vale of Tears.)

 You can tell it's the Synagogue, not the Cathedral, by how Israel inflicts all the worst GAE harms on itself. You can tell they're super nepotistic due to how they're miscegenating themselves out of existence. "The birthrate is being destroyed by JUDEN pornography!!!!1!" (Jews worst affected.)

 Clownworld has clown opposition. 

 P.S. "China owns all American leaders," yeah that's why they still used mRNA vaccines. And still have a central bank.
 Democrats. Democrats everywhere. "Voters could be here. I hate voters."

Watching Minerology Youtube

 Okay I figured it out. Most of the crust is solidified oxygen. 

 I assume there's some exception I haven't seen, but all the rocks I've seen are close-packed oxygen matrices. It has a few tiny metal ions hiding in the interstices which staple it together, but it's mainly oxygen by volume. 

 Corundum is just a block of solid oxygen held together by aluminum ions hiding in the unfilled corners between oxygen spheres. Stuff like ruby and sapphire comes from the fact that aluminum doesn't fill all the spaces, so you can fit some other stuff in there as well. (Or rather, will necessarily trap something outside lab conditions.) The alumina is clear in the visual spectrum, so the colours of the other stuff dominate. 

 Quartz is an oxygen matrix with, instead, silicon in the little nooks and crannies. 

 Feldspar is a quartz-like oxygen matrix with the niches displaying a mix of silicon and aluminum, balanced by a smidgen of potassium, sodium, or calcium. 

 Micas are sheets of oxygen hexagons glued to each other with various ions.  

 Limestone is made up of a network of carbonate ions, which have oxygen perimeters, glued together by calcium ions. Carbonates in general may be more carbony by volume, but carbonate rocks are rare. Mineral carbon usually ends up as carbon dioxide and thus plants or soil.

 Et cetera.  Rock = oxygen.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Wishes vs. Intraracial Biodiversity

  "Every Western story about wishes centers on the fact that you should be careful what you wish for because we don’t truly understand what we want or need"

 Thanks for reminding me. Been wanting to lampoon this for a while, but forgot the details.

 Naturally, this is Egalitarianism.

 Peasants don't understand what they want or need. Aristocrats and leaders in general must know their wishes exactly, or they wouldn't be able to bring them about. Wishing for the wrong thing is very much a follower trait. 

 Can you imagine? Engineer: designs plane. Peasant: "You don't know what you truly understand." [sic]. Engineer: "Bro...the plane stays up." 

 The peasant isn't even numerate. Let's talk about Adam's fruit for a minute. What colour was it? How big? How did it taste? What were the flowers like? How did they smell? Did the fruit keep? Would it make a good jam? Did Adam have to skin it? Maybe it cooks well, like tomatoes? What were the seeds like, or did it have a pit? "Herp a derp, stop overthinking it."

 Meanwhile, the engineer knows the exact tortion the screws need to be subjected to, and if he doesn't, the wings fall off. 

 The noble hides his specific plans for the manor. He knows the peasants would just be upset if they had to grapple with it.

 No shit the peasant doesn't know what to wish for, they don't even know. They just, don't know. They kinda just don't in general. The peasant lives in a hazy nonverbal dreamworld with vague blobs tenuously related to each other, sometimes. He can't even master the social nuances, let alone the physical world.

 Always remember the class differences. Denounce egalitarianism implicitly.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Sacrifice is Profane

 "Sacrifice is the blood of religion's beating heart."

 No it isn't.  

 "I am a Christian man of pagan sentiment."

 Wow that confession arrived immediately. Praise be.

 Satanist is Satanic. Sacrifice is Satanic. 

 Look, it's real simple. You want your mom to give you something. So you kill your brother. "Please mom, look favourably upon my request."

 Or you're Odin, and you pluck out your eye and hand it to her. "Mom teach me to read and write." Hey voidskull, how are you supposed to read without eyes.

 Yeah, no. You fucking imbeciles. 

 The weird thing is that all the stories clearly show that sacrifice is profane. The myths appear to be basically accurate. Agamemnon is cursed for his sacrifice, as is meet for profanity. Only IRL the winds wouldn't have done anything special - this falsehood is apparently the part Caino hypocriens hyperfocuses on. God prevents Abraham from sacrificing his son - but apparently the Atheists think the important part is being willing to do so on command. 

 "Articulate religions imply sacrifice is paradoxical. Demanded and damned at once." More precisely, Satan is a liar. Yes, Reality seems all complicated and mysterious when you need to reconcile falsehoods and truth. The only thing you should "sacrifice" is your own narcissism. 

 "It is the connection of value with transgression, where man reaches for divine. [...] Without blood is like unwatered plant." You're literally crazy. Get yourself committed. 

 Is your intuition complaining? Trade isn't sacrifice, unless you're crazy entitled I suppose. If you give up something of value to receive something of greater value, that's just commerce. Notably stabbing a goat and burning it to charcoal isn't trading away value, it's pointless vandalism. The gods don't want your trash any more than you want it. 

 Religion is far too important to allow madmen anywhere near it. Those of profane brain cannot be purified. And no you can't "sacrifice" the mental illness. The gods don't want your trash any more than you want it. 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Anyone Still Egalitarian is Irredeemable

 I used to be much more sympathetic to failure and shortcoming. However, eventually I noticed I never had to reverse my knee-jerk reactions. Whenever I tried to offer the benefit of the doubt, I later had to reverse my reversal back to my first instinct.

 The guys with Egalitarian knee-jerks haven't accidentally overlooked a brain worm. 

 It's truly weird since I have overlooked brainworms. For example, I was really got by the one that says women should approve of marrying her fiance. Approval is a nice bonus, but no. She should be matched with a man who will be good for her, regardless of her express wishes, not solely because her express wishes are lies and confabulation. Further, I'm speaking only from the perspective of the father. Unrelated men shouldn't care at all who she gets married to. Women, unrelated or related, don't get a say since regardless of anything it's going to be lies and confabulation (politics, in other words).

 Basically it's pointless trying to meet women's demands because there's no way to know what her demands are. She lies so often she might as well be nonverbal. Make some assumptions, Communism her in the face, then forget her and go about your day. Maybe in 20,000 years she'll evolve towards sapience. 

 More importantly, overlooking shortcomings is a brainworm. 

 The crypto-Egalitarians will never thank you for pointing out a contradiction in their worldview, because there isn't a contradiction. 

 For example, it was hardly impossible for boomers to figure out they were screwing everything up. "But they didn't have the internet," you imbecile, everything good on the internet is copied from books that were in libraries the boomers could have used. It could have been distributed if there was any demand for distribution of truth.  The knowledge wasn't hidden, it was rejected.

 Everyone who doesn't already get elitism and hierarchy is ngmi. And thank god. Sorry not sorry, it's too late. Not good enough. Here in Reality we mark up from 0 not down from 100, but you still need to get a passing grade, which you don't have.

 Perhaps this is a point in favour of nature over nurture. Training is critical but first you have to be born to train, oops.  

 I got got by the fact folk found my antisocial behaviour disgusting. I was psyopped by tolerance. I want them to overlook my mistakes, hence I was willing to overlook theirs.

 First problem: at no point did anyone becoming willing to forgive my peccadilloes. I was being plain stupid.
 I have to recommend being autistic, it's very educational. I know firsthand the folk who use the phrase "protected class" are the ones causing all my worst problems, which makes it easy to think of noticing that they also cause most of the problems for the other protected classes. E.g. affirmative action is the major driver of modern racism. Every Bantu you see will be inferior to every non-Bantu you know, because they never get in on merit.

 Deeper problem: I was never antisocial. They were antisocial, and my prosociality was aggressive only in contrast. Normally because it was embarrassing by contrast. Occasionally because I don't want the hallways to be covered with penis graffiti or whatever. "Bro, are you gay? Why you wanna see dick everywhere?" Turns out, yes, they are all deeply femoid. That's why they want her to do anal so bad - they're not man enough to suck dick directly but nevertheless deeply aspire to be fudgepackers.

 When I say, "how are you" I never, ever want you to say, "I'm fine." I want you to answer the question. I don't want you to insult my intelligence. {Everyone hated that.} Indeed. That's not because I'm antisocial, it's because [how are you] is antisocial. A demand is still a demand even, or perhaps especially, if you put "please" in front of it, and I will prove it by saying no. Profane. Egalitarian. Fascist. Satanic.

 Since I made the mistake of mistrusting my judgments, it's hardly inconceivable that someone else would make a similar mistake.

 Doesn't occur in practice. If you haven't learned by now, you never will. Possibly due to Pride. If you were willing to learn, you would ask.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Strategic Suicide

 "He would have been spurned and mocked if he'd had a public or internet emotional breakdown instead of this."

  Don't forget to think about this strategically. What does this tell you? How to kill yourself in a way folk care about (pretend to care about). If you're going to, if that's already decided, make sure to copy the active ingredients of this suicide. E.g. definitely film it.


 I guess the important part of having your suicide go viral is to have an accomplice. Groom someone to assist you, and then just have them film from somewhere that looks blocked off from where you're offing yourself. Anyway if you're going to Canadian Healthcare, at least toaster bath in style. 

 Is 'grooming' wrong? They're big mad about it because it's effective. It works. Before you can worry about correct and incorrect, you have to be able to do anything at all. To rise above blob welded into slot between couch and iphone.

 "Oi m8 get down."

 "Oh man oh gee I didn't think of not killing myself, thank you kind stranger for the education." 

 The guy in the car filming is an enormous asshole. I would take time out of killing myself to beat him to death. Why not? What are they going to do, jail my corpse? What if I lose? Um, well, that was kind of the point in the first place, wasn't it? 

 It is not at all a coincidence this cunt's video was uploaded by a "real life saviour."

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Christianity is a Cargo Cult

 It produces simulacra of salvation. The best part is the transfers of genuine physical cargo to the Vatican and its clients as part of the ritualistic cargo plane simulacrum. Now isn't that a coup? Adherents gulls and marks transfer goods and services to useless layabouts in return for the layabouts promising invisible and unverifiable services.

 "No no you don't have to do anything self-directed or risky or genuine like engage with divinity, you just need to let me bore you to death once a week and give me all your spare money and power."

 As per my usual mein, this is a supply and demand situation. Christianity is correct; humanity is inherently evil. Humanity gets these cargo cults because the Earth is one gigantic disgusting slum full of loathsome unrepentant (and irredeemable) traitors who deserve to be fleeced of their life savings. 

 And hey, look at that.

 Naturally, all State religions end up cargo cults in this reverse vein. Roman temples got tax funds, and this also happened to them. Humanity deserves State religions because it keeps producing States.

 If you don't want to deserve it, secure yourself against Humanity. Secure yourself against twisted Caino hypocriens governments. They're dumb enough to fall for cargo cults, it's not difficult.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Byzantine Courtier vs. American Voter

 The primary difference between a viper-pit Byzantine courtier and the American voter is that the voter is too stupid to recognize their own perfidy. The Byzantine pit-viper acknowledged his own viciousness, and was even proud of it. You could get someone exiled from court by making them look soft.

 By contrast, you can get an American cancelled by making them look not-soft. They get incredibly butthurt if you call them on a the effects their actual policies would have. They apologize constantly for unavoidable accidents and never apologize for voluntary harm, especially if it's tremendous. 

 Worst, if you go around trying to convince 'dissidents' that this is somehow bad and they should reject this culture, you get banned from Twitter. I'm fairly sure almost all bannings are right-on-right. The left doesn't hang around in those circle, you're getting reported by a mutual or mutual-once-removed having a leftist spasm. Despite their political expedience, the left really does support free speech more.

 E.g. I have one flagged post out of almost 2000. It was soon after I said, "Blogger has never done shit to me." Coincidence? Certainly, I can't rule it out. Let's just say it's not the only coincidence, hardly only involving me, and also say I'm a coincidence theorist. However, there's a reason any justice system has sanctions against anonymous accusations....

Anti-Disagreeable 30 Days

 With this sort of thing, quitting cold turkey is correct. Just plain stop for 30 or so days. That is, more than 1-2 days but you don't have to go a whole year or anything. 

 "Learning to be less disagreeable is friggin hard. 

 "A 10% improvement seems like I'm ignorning all kinds of important "false" stuff. 

 "It's so....ingrained.

 "Many more failures than successes."


 In this case, simply shut your trap. It's not hard to be silent, especially as a temporary experimental measure.
Also, do a rep. "If I speak up, I will prevent X." Then, don't speak up. Look at what actually happens. (Did X even actually occur?)

 It's far easier to make a stable, long-lasting decision when you have a good set of data in front of you. If you really are preventing stuff, after the trial you won't be speaking up because you're disagreeable anymore. It will be because you have work that needs done.


  Engineering details problem: is this talking about [somebody is wrong online] or is it being abrasive in-person or what's the deal here? Is he talking about folk he's discussing his wage work with or perhaps it's a private pontification club?
 You may be very surprised to hear I used to have a very serious [someone is wrong online] issue but it had nothing to do with me being disagreeable. As, indeed, I'm +A not -A. 

 A lot of this stuff is simply failure to be a father. Your body wants to be telling your son things he doesn't know. Much the same way women go weird about cats. In this case it results in telling strangers or acquaintances how to live, even though their own father already did (or didn't). If folk were educated they would ask to speak to your Pope or mention explicitly that they're not looking for parenting at this time.

 If you acknowledge that it's a son-related instinct, it's way easier to control the impulse when it's directed at a non-child. "Is this my son? It isn't. Right, I really need to work on that whole girls thing...."


 If he's talking about a discord channel, I would recommend Socrates. However, assume failure. Ask them all about their statement and/or decision. As if you're, like, interested in them or something. If they're at all open to correction they will quite likely notice the discrepancy on their own.

 Or, perhaps they're, like, not totally uninterested in you and will ask about your own experience. 

 If the topic doesn't matter and they just want to LARP as the local priest, of course they're not going to be open to correction and indeed odds are good they don't even believe whatever BS is coming out of their mouths. 

   If you're strangers passing in the night, why do you give a damn if they're wrong? If they're false how is that any of your business? 


 P.S. My [somebody wrong online] thing was about a combination of excessive faith in humanity + entitlement, for anyone who was wondering. I was told homo sapiens was the rational animal, and like a dumdum, I went and believed them... Although it's mostly fixed I still have to simply not read the replies sometimes. Prevent the bad behaviour by avoiding the driving stimulus.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Antisemitism is Jewish

 Nobody hates the Jews as much as the Jews do, and everyone trying to hate the Jews more than Jews do is Jewing themselves. 

 I really shouldn't have to explain this. Likely, revenge is sour - explaining it can only be useful if it is unnecessary.

 Look: the Amish don't have a JQ. How they managed that while retaining Christianity I don't quite understand (mass non-literacy?) but they certainly don't. Whether you have Jews in your community is none of their business. They don't care because they don't have to care.

 If you control your community and control your ideology - if you have secured your shit - the JQ solves itself. Folk who can handle Jewish presence can have them, and folk who can't deal can not have them, and I don't need to care any more than the Amish do.

 Sidenote, this obsession with Jews is exactly what the Jews want. An entire race of natural narcissists who die immediately if they don't get attention. 

 It's a [making your enemies look cool] moment and you're only feeding their narcissistic megalomania. "Yes I am extremely significant, thanks for noticing." 

 Screaming about the JQ is always [loser energy] since you're telling me you live in territory controlled by your enemies. "I have to live with foreigners."'re the immigrant here. Either [reconquista] or leave, quit it with this childish womanly bitching holy shit.
 Turns out it was not a surprise when Germany lost the war. It is inevitable that losers will lose - no matter how pathetic their opponent is.

 That you have a JQ shows that you fucked up horrendous. If you refuse to solve the underlying problem, even if you went full mythological Hitler it would merely re-appear in a different form.

 Yes, it's Envy. Rather than building themselves up, they're trying to find someone to tear down. Jews merely happen to enjoy volunteering for the role, so this power law favours them.

Desire, Beyond Good and Evil

 Anti-nihilism is moral nihilism, and if anything, nihilism is true morality. 

 Nietzsche noticed that universal morality is a contradiction in terms, and good for him. The problem is you immediately uncover an underlying issue: if we're not deciding what to do on 'moral' terms, how are we deciding what to do? There are still correct and incorrect decisions. We've merely removed a broken scam that was pretending to tell them apart. Our insight has shown us that we do not, in fact, know the difference between incorrect and correct. Don't know what to look for (which is how the scam took traction in the first place). 

 What did [[Morality]] claim to be trying to do? What are you trying to do? How are such things done? 

 To have a purpose, one must have a goal. To have a goal, one must have desires. 

 The point of ""morality"" is to satisfy your desires.


 The core of kosmos is desire.
 If it were decay, the cosmos could never advance beyond a seed.
 It cannot be perfection and stasis, or nothing would happen, not even thoughts such as gratitude.
 Existence is change. Existence is desire. Kosmos is growth. The very core of Existence is the desire to Exist but moreso.


 The Christians produce a lot of high-flying rhetoric to camouflage the fact that morality is but a tool of desire. They say there's someone bigger who has better desires than you. Unfortunately for anyone who loathes falsehood, this is exactly the same as the thing they allegedly oppose. Consciousness => desires. If sky daddy's desires lead you to a better life, they were your desires all along. If they don't, then sky daddy is a traitorous demon who wants you to suffer. Big consciousness might mean high-perceived-status consciousness, but it doesn't necessarily mean better, wiser consciousness.

 The point of any tool is to satisfy your desires. The Christian sky daddy is nothing but a tool with more decoration than substance, and the decoration is all glamour. 


 Morality, especially universal morality, only has any scholarly weight if it runs contrary to your desires. It is necessarily a traitorous scam. A tool that can only be used to attack those who consider the user their ally. Morality inherently opposes and suppresses desire, which means it opposes and suppresses value. It is inherently dishonourable and inglorious. Every connotation of [nihilism] is in truth carried by universal morality. It is universal morality that is shabby, dirty, depraved, and empty. Below, I will show that universal morality is the philosophy of decay, failure, and suffering.

 Nihilism, then, is support of desire. The exaltation of goals and achievement. It is nihilism that surrenders and submit to the truth that value is valuable. 

 Nihilism is the philosophy that consciousness should succeed. Consciousness should get what it wants. Consciousness should be satisfied.

 Desire fundamentally is about change. Desire wishes the universe to evolve into something materially different. Desire is growth; desire wants the cosmos to be more than it already is. 

 Consequently its opposite, universal morality, must necessarily be a desire for decay and oppression. An inherently self-loathing desire-to-destroy-desires. Note that ""master"" morality is still a universal morality. Nietzsche himself was a worshipper of failure.

 It is now very easy to explain local or nihilist morality. It is wisdom. Rather than the difference between ""right"" and ""wrong"" (truly loathsome profanities) it is the difference between correct and incorrect. If you desire wood it is the difference between trying to cut wood with a saw instead of trying to cut wood with a pencil. It is knowing the effects and consequences of your actions so you can choose the ones that further your desires. Secondarily, I'll mention it's knowing which desires you truly value, and which are mere whims.

 A functioning local morality is nothing more than a set of habits which work. Which are effective. Which are good tools to the owners, the members of the local society. All the sanctimonious moralizing and glamorizing myths about these tools are just that - sanctimonious myths. 

 A cooperator is merely someone who is willing to trade and uphold someone else's desires in exchange for upholding their own. A defector desires to trample desire. A defector inherently justifies - usually deviants claim justification is necessary - the sabotage of the defector themselves. If desires ought to be trampled, then trample the desire to trample desires. I mean, duh. Be especially sure to do that one first. Defectors are self-loathing. You should agree; loathe them too.

 Note that wisdom is very much subordinate to desire. No course of action can be correct or incorrect without a desire to compare it to. Without a desire, you can't have goals, without goals, you can't have a purpose. Consciousness comes first, along with the desires which are the inherent nature of consciousness in the same way that mass is an inherent quality (and quantity) of physical energy. 

P.S. I especially like how anti-Buddhist I find Reality to be.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Effects of Circumcision on Sex

 Circumcision is an attempt to tame the hypertrophied sexuality of the famously perverted Jews. It didn't work, and then it got out of hand.

 Actual result: men get moisturized for the first time during sex, then try to have so much sex they replace the foreskin with pussy. The body can tell something is wrong, can tell something is fixing it, but can't correctly prioritize. Wisdomless peasants incapable of self-reflection then get trapped at high rates.

 Or, alternatively, they only get pleasure from pressure on the urethra and notably a male hand can apply a lot more pressure than a normal woman.

 Oh wait is that what oral is for? Working some lubricant into the dry head of the cut man so he isn't almost  insensate during the act itself.

 This has been an entry in 'no one knows anything' - naturally twitter 'experts' never think of the circumcision angle, because they can't escape narcissistic egalitarianism. 

 There's also the fake sex drive angle. You're supposed to discover the opposite sex during puberty, but if you're dysfunctional and mutated enough you have no sex drive, which means it's merely dopamine/reward. Sexual stimulation feels good; the sexless mindlessly mimic the driven, get stimulated, and the empty sex drive slot is filled by an association with whatever first offered the reward. Straight, gay, solo, doesn't matter. They have no genuine sex drive, merely a wireheading or lotus-eating reflex. 

White Knights are Girls

 I'm too lazy to explain in detail at present: [white knight] is an archetype of mother. 

 Figure out yourself how surprisingly profound this is: all mothers are women, and there's a good reason women can't be successful knights. Evolution already tried to categorically ban that sort of behaviour.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Physics is Especially Easy

 Caino hypocriens thinks physics is hard precisely because physics is the easiest. It's so easy they can't fool themselves into thinking they're right when they're not. 

 The physics-chemistry-biology-psychology series is not hard-soft, it's easy-challenging. In psychology it's absolutely trivial to convince yourself of howling falsehoods, because the systems are so complicated, hence interesting. 

 I never cease to chuckle at the fact it goes back to trivial for sociology. Combo uh I mean Symmetry breaker!

 In physics you can just do the experiment. The fact you can get sig figs out to 16 places means it's unchallenging to set up a clean experiment addressing these topics, not that physicists are more capable. 

 Physicists are smarter than chemists because smart folk go to places they can be lazy. Smarter folk notice when their own experiments are scamming them. Rather than fix the experiments - there's no grant for that, after all - they choose to avoid these experiments, and end up in physics. Those who are left behind are too dumb and get trapped by their own poor choices or can't even tell anything is wrong.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

What if Nuclear Cars are Feasible?

 There is 100% a much cooler car technology that nobody has found because they murdered science in 1945. 

 I use nuclear cars as an example since 'muh radiation' is such an obvious superstition. It's blocked by fundamentalism. Whether it is also blocked by practicality is irrelevant - more on this later.

 You can make real good nuclear batteries, "10 times more than the specific energy of commercial chemical cells." The problem is power. They last absolutely forever - 100-year half-life means this one lasts like 50 years before significant declines in power output - which means it's 10x capacity divided by 100 years, so 0.1 of the normal-battery capacity is the total annual output. 

 What you need is fast decay isotopes. These obviously can't be stored. You could generate them, though. 

 Hence, imagine this: instead of having a carburetor, you have a cyclotron, and it generates radiation on-site from slow-decaying isotopes like nickel-63. Hey presto, nuclear car.
 This means you have your 10x energy density less cyclotron running costs, but refuelling is still some kind of fluid, meaning it doesn't take hours. Perhaps a particulate suspension. Imagine a Tesla with 8x the range. Now you're cooking with nuclear gas.

 But nobody can prototype this, because muh radiation. The whole point of beta radiation is that you generate a current by capturing it, it's not [multiple feet of lead] gamma radiation. Maybe the math works out, maybe it doesn't. It would definitely be a cool novelty if the math doesn't work out.

 As I've mentioned before, we should at very least have personal blimps. Speaking of radiation, alpha radiation is basically helium manufacturing. Hydrogen is a better lifting gas, but it's like 20-25% better. If your alpha radiation's alpha use is generating heat for power, then the helium might even have a negative cost. Is it like [muh hindenburg] but it's not like flammability is totally irrelevant. 

 What else?

 What does 1 microwatt per cubic centimeter mean? It means to get a full watt you need a million of these things, which is 1 cubed meter. To get a kilowatt you need a thousand meters cubed...which is ten meters on a side. Not even your whole basement. Bonus: avoid the health-sapping aura of of AC current, no Faraday cages required. Terrible for any movement technology, totally fine for a stationary building. 

 Yeah this is not cost effective. Nuclear batteries are hardly cheap...someone should have done this for a novelty. Either get power-efficient appliance, enlarge the basement for 2 kW, and voila, go off the grid for the rest of your life, give or take a major earthquake. In 100 years it will need maintenance, and then you can just keep going. (I would build a secondary basement.) Doing things for novelty regularly leads to figuring out how to do them at profitable cost levels.

 Long-distance power transmission is high-voltage for efficiency. Hey, what's that: "However, the idle voltage of the device was way too high—tens of kilovolts—and the current was too low for practical applications." Is it possible to make a power plant that's just an array of nuclear batteries? Well, not an AC plant, probably, no. Admittedly that's less a dead-science issue than a tyranny and freedom issue. AC is not used because it's better, it's used because politics and DC is illegal. The tyranny is upstream of science being murdered....

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Everyday Cargo Cults: Homelessness

 Cargo-cult behaviour is a human universal. Usually it starts with cope, just as with the original cargo cult. 

 In this case, it's trying to solve the 'homelessness' problem by putting a roof over their head. Hey moron, the problem with the ""homeless"" isn't the lack of a house, the problem is they're the kind of person who can't reliably provision themselves with shelter. This sort of thing comes with, shall we say, co-morbidities. They're not pleasant and happy folk who happen to have accidentally misplaced this month's rent money. If you put them all in houses at great taxpayer expense, you have not even addressed the problem, let alone solved it.

 You can go ahead and blame this particular cargo cult on the wordcels. They made up a new fake word to describe bums and vagrants, then psyopped themselves into thinking bums were merely "homeless." 

 You've sure made a great stink about looking like you're helping, though. It's considered impolite, even criminal, to point out a cargo cult is a cargo cult. Especially when it's aggravating the symptoms. 

 Especial shame for this moron

 Force all the homeless into houses* or back to where they came from. This is your genius solution? You really suppose they didn't think of that already? The reason it's not happening is not lack of "good intentions" lol roflmao. 

"This is a long read but a fantastic one"  peggymangot/status/1697664909021155463
Plato said it first: "They will be consumed by the bad and the desire for the bad." Actively laud debasement and scorn virtue. Some idiots are shocked that demand for the bad leads to supply of the bad.

*(Isn't that jail with extra steps?)

 Real-name namefags. Not even once. Don't even have the sophistication to realize they need to be pseudonymous...

On Abortion

 Because Christians are in fact Satanists, it's not about abortion. 

 "It’s non-strategic, purely based on religious feeling."
 They lose because Satan loves it when you suffer and fail. If they started winning they would sabotage themselves. 

 Satanists say they worship the god of love because they worship self-hatred. 




 America is a Satanic Fascist theocracy, so it's all backwards day. The pro-life Christians think abortion is fine. The pro-choice crowd thinks abortion is bad, and that's why they're doing it.

 If you really thought abortion was child sacrifice, you would kidnap pregnant women and forcibly prevent abortion doctors from reaching them. You might even have abortion-prone women locked up to prevent them from having sex and getting pregnant in the first place. You wouldn't...put stickers on things and, like, bitch about it. Your greatest show of resistance wouldn't be sitting around quietly, but in public.

 The pro-life crowd isn't pro-life. It's about failure.

 The other thing you would do: stop trying to conquer a nuclear-armed country with mean rhetoric. The Amish don't have abortions. If you renounce America, you can solve the ""problem"" immediately. They're trying to change America as a whole before cleaning their rooms because it won't work. 


 It's also about being a criminal.

 If someone else is sinning, whose business is that? It's God's business. It's none of yours.
They're motivated by traitorous meddling.

 I would say it's about bullying, but they're so devout about failure that it's all form and no function. If any of it succeeded it would be about forcing a known delusion on someone else through mob hate and peer pressure. Control purely for the sake of tyranny.

 Hence, a lot of it is about making folk feel bad. Trying to make them feel like a worthless outcast. Just pure hate. However, we include self-hate. Primarily about making themselves feel bad. Satan would have approved. 


 As we can see, it's turning out wonderfully They are indeed failing horribly and feeling like total losers as a result. Everything working as intended. Someone who hates themselves that much clearly deserves it. Justice wins again. 


 Also note that if you really really thought abortion was child sacrifice and you weren't a dishonourable, irresponsible traitor, you really wouldn't do anything about it. Not your children, not your problem. Unless they're sacrificing your children, it's between them and God. And indeed, it's best if such an evil polity sacrifice all their children and cease to exist. "Geeze man, why only some? Abort them all!" More justice more better.

 But, remember, the pro-choice crowd think it really is murder; they're trying to sully and damn their own souls. Self-desecration as expression of self-hatred. They can't abort them all because someone has to hate themselves in the future.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Schools Destroy Discipline

 Schoolteachers apply perverse anti-discipline specifically to discredit the idea of discipline.

 "Found the guy who reminds the teacher homework was due"

 The snitch is clearly a class and race traitor. And yet, the above was a response to this...

 "Why do brownoids insist on not following basic instructions. Replace the battery, ape. Use the grocery divider. do the assignment. stop fighting cops. Stop replacings [sic] S with $ it's not going to make you rich and you'll just spend it on Jordans anyway"

 Due to context, we know this is a both-sides-wrong situation. They both think doing homework is basic discipline. In reality, recognizing homework shouldn't be done is basic self-respect, and you need self-respect if your self-discipline is going to be of any use. 

 At some point you have to admit the character-destroying nature of Prussian school is intentional. It's not perpetuated by some accident or bizarre oversight. The schoolteachers portray vicious cowardice as discipline. The idea is either you fall for their conditioning and become a vicious, traitorous coward, or you reject their so-called discipline and throw the baby out with the bathwater. Not to mention the homework itself constitutes further character assassination; you should avoid it even if it seems like a good idea, due to insidious poisons. 

 If this theory is true you would expect that schools would have savage discipline problems, despite the fact the connection between self-discipline and crime suppression was forged by wordcels. Every time the schoolteacher tries to suppress discipline, the non-autistic kids notice. They hear this message: "Obedience is discipline. Lack discipline." Hence, they become disobedient. More spadefully, the alleged students become violent, vandalous, and abusive. Subsequently the adult crime rate goes up, which results in the schools receiving more funding as a reward for doing a good job.


 You shouldn't live as a being of pure id. Discipline is required to cultivate a soul. Without discipline, the soul perishes.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Deaths of Despair are Perpetrators, not Victims

 Despair exists because there's tremendous demand for despair. 

 Consider two dead-end towns. Imagine, instead of getting insanely fat and dying of depression, they declared war on each other. About the same numbers are dying, but now there's stakes, investment, strategy. It's absolutely not boring anymore. Not to mention there's emotional investment and hierarchy. 

 And there's you go. Hierarchy. That's why they won't do it. 

 They could band together to defraud the welfare system to fund the most glorious war possible.
 They don't have to have a war. They could have any number of nonlethal competitions. They could compete to build the best replica of the Egyptian pyramids. If you have free time, then you have the one thing you need to generate literally anything else: free time. There's no such thing as too much free time.

 They're boring themselves to death because they want and deserve to bore themselves to death. Their lack of energy and drive is the cause of the alleged despair, not the effect. They literally can't muster up the energy to go on living; it's profane to try to 'fix' this horrible vice.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Consider Two Options

 Option 1: undeserved admiration. Everyone praises you and names their kids after you, but it's all fake. You didn't do anything, and indeed can't do anything. Your whole day is fully scheduled by someone else up to and including bathroom breaks.

 Option 2: you can do basically whatever you want, but are universally reviled. You get open spontaneous Emmanuel Goldstein hate on the street, but they can't do anything to you; they can't stop you from so much as littering.

 If those were your only two options, which would you pick?

 For moderns, it's pure-red option 1. Simulacrum over substance every time. 

 If status is a means, option 2 is the only way to get it. Option 1 is only attractive if the ritual of admiration (not actual admiration) is the point. 

 Consider option 3: you are admired by everyone, but nobody tells you about it. Moderns would still choose option 1. It's the profession of admiration they want, not admiration itself.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Hookup Culture is Correct

 It's just supply and demand. 

 Turns out women really are selfless or self-sacrificing. They want what chad wants. It seems chad wants to ruin dozens of women and take part in drug-fuelled meaningless hookups on the regular. Women thus destroy themselves so as to give chad what he wants. Chad doesn't want deep relationships or to have to get to know anyone, so that doesn't happen.

 Chad demands that women be destroyed, thus women demand that women be destroyed. Destruction is being supplied. When demand is meeting supply, everything is working as intended. 

 If some non-chads don't like this, well, too bad. Sucks to be poor, lol. Try not being poor, moron. Also outnumbered, not that this should matter.

 Fact is non-chads aren't contributing. Otherwise they would have resources with which to demand things. He that doesn't work shall not eat. That or they're working for free. Volunteer slaves. Cucks getting cucked, worse than a freeloader, wow how did that happen.

 Listening to slaves is plain stupid. And, in a shocking twist, this ignoring in fact occurs.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Culture Critique is Fake

 There are no critics of the culture. None of it isn't Sailer's Law of Female Journalists. The criticism boils down to, "I don't get as much status as I would like." "We should change the game to the kind of games I win." 

 These 'critics' still crave social approval. Being correct isn't the point, the point is to be envied. Because being envied is the point, the "right" wing "critics" can't accept a king - that would make the king envied instead of them. Counterproductive. The direct opposite of the point of the exercise. 

 Isn't it obvious? The first thing a culture critic should accept is criticism about themselves. Kant is indeed correct sometimes. If others can be doing it wrong, then the critic themselves must also be capable of doing it wrong. If the point of the criticism is improvement, then the critic must show that humans can improve.

 It's rather clear that culture critics instead elaborately demonstrate that improvement is impossible. There is only replacement. To accept criticism would mean to accept that someone was wiser, more insightful, or more generally virtuous than the critic. Again, the direct opposite of the point of the exercise. 

 Naturally there are those who genuinely can edit the culture, but they're already winning and loss aversion alone will stop any push for any substantial changes, never mind everything else.

 The best the culture critics can do is to go the gym instead of not going to the gym. As if anyone is going to think less of them for buying a membership in a fully light-side commercial enterprise. Folks, this doesn't exactly demonstrate social bravery. Let me tell you about homeschooling real quick. Some Christians mistakenly thought public schools were anti-Christian instead of hyper-Christian, and thus felt forced to take their kids out of school, thus making homeschooling a live option. 

 The critics can't do anything without having first received permission. Which forms a very ugly mixture with their unwillingness to supply honours to anyone but themselves. Forms an even worse mixture with the fact that they can get permission. They implicitly let someone have honours, but stridently refuse to admit it. Revealing who they truly honour would extensively ravage the scam. These 'dissidents' still crave the approval of the existing sovereign, and that's all it was ever about.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

When Envy has Power

 One of the things that drives Envy so completely batshit insane is the fact that men of means could reappropriate political power at any time. Get the correct sixty men together, and they could drive to DC and have the country be theirs in six months or less. They can plan on the way. No startup capital required.

 Envy doesn't have power because it has earned it. It has power because nobody who matters can be arsed to take it away. Envy knows. Envy knows you know. Envy knows you know it knows.

 Envy continually tries to build something to show up those wreckers and kulaks and cishets, but can't. No man of means can be bothered to steal anything Envy makes. Envy knows. Envy knows you...etc.

"Humans were okay until..."

 "Dogs were ok before this animal empathy thing got out of control. 

 "e.g. Had a beagle when I was kid. He got hit by a car, recovered well enough physically but became ill-tempered. Bit me first, but I talked my dad out of doing anything. Bit my 2yo sister, dog was dead that hour."

 And you have to do the same with people. 

 "But obviously if we are no longer allowed to have men like that, we can’t really be trusted with dogs."

 Need to respect the line beyond which the only answer is, "Nope." The line is far in the rearview mirror at this point.

 As per usual, lies, Satanism. If the dog savages the girl all of a sudden there's empathy for the girl...but you can't convince the "empathy" crowd to care enough to prevent the girl from being savaged.