Friday, July 5, 2024

Bottom Line on Lies

 The term [god] is typically taken to be a metaphor for the universe in the widest scope. All that is. This is correct.

 A lie contradicts [what is]. A lie, any lie, every lie, is inherently a rebellion against god. God always wins. Lies are inherently suicidal. Believing a lie is inherently suicidal. Every lie is self-hatred and degenerate failure. Decay and annihilation. 

 There is no such thing as a pretty suicide. Although, to be fair, a liar committing suicide is clearly superior to a liar continuing to lie. 


 Lies always represent an exploitable weakness because they are always rebellion against god and always self-destructive. If you can't win against a liar it is because you're an even bigger liar. Liars are inherently losers. 


 Ironically, Satan carefully minimized the amount of lies he told, in an attempt to avoid total annihilation. Because he was a liar, it ultimately didn't work, but in the short term he easily outcompeted everyone who tried to out-lie Satan.
 You can't trick a Satanist. They know they're lying. The correct strategy to unite their spiritual failure with physical loss is to exploit the way they've already tricked themselves. This reunification will happen naturally, but it is certainly useful to accelerate it.


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