Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Civilizations Do Not Rise

 Civilization does not rise like bread. It bloats like a drowned corpse. The [[fall]] of the civilization is when the skin ruptures and the putrid gasses escape. The [[strength]] was 100% rigor mortis. That's why [[great]] civilizations are so inflexible.

 Here's all your options:
 1. Civilization is barbaric.
 2. Civilization is worse than barbarism.

 The thing died a long long time ago, but some psychopaths successfully psyopped so that the inflation was taken for greatness.
 Mainly it was was pushing aside other ruptured corpses. "See we're better than them." You're earlier in the illusion-of-growth cycle, that's all. All expansionary phases were the red-giant part of the sequence. In China, the death and bloating happens even without expansionism.

 Cooperative, white government has never been tried.

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