Friday, June 30, 2023

Manufacturing Plants are Hyperspecialist

It's the best when I make myself feel like an idiot. "Hey moron, how long did it take you to notice this?" 

Inorganics, such as metalworking, are vastly better done by manufacturing plants rather than trying to do it by hand.

Organics, such as cooking or mowing the lawn, are vastly better done using low technology. 

Previously, I was modelling everything as better when done using capital-intensive methods. 

The peak technology for mowing lawns is the scythe. Cooking for yourself is better than getting a restaurant to cook for you which is better than trying to buy processed factory food. Amish farming is plain better than factory farming.

Edge case: factory clothes are cheap but clothes tailored in person are vastly better, easily worth the price. 

You can and should make the scythe using automated machines, but mowing done any way except quietly (and getting exercise) is the cheap, low-class way. Cheap things aren't worth their cost; if you must use a gas mower, then don't have a lawn in the first place. Skip the whole thing.

Factories are kinda not good at most things. Much like thinking machines, it seems creation machines have a few areas they're excellent (absolutely transcendent) at, but most things they're kinda bad for.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

RFK Cucks to CIA

 Disclaimer: I like RFK about as much as I like Tucker Carlson, more on this below.

I want to point out how cucked RFK's CIA callout is. The CIA has (treacherously) declared war on the Kennedies and started shooting. RFK has responded by...whining about it. "That's mean! Quit it!" Boo hoo.

If the CIA starts killing your family members, you should respond by killing the CIA. I'm not exactly the Kaisar's biggest fan, but he had his moments: when pirate slave traders captured him, he made them think he was their best friend, tricked them into letting him go, and then he burned their whole organization to the ground. He crucified the leader or broke him on the wheel or burned him at the stake or something. Jules did not bitch about it on TV.
Responding to acts of war with anything but acts of war is surrender.

When someone deserves destruction, you don't tell them you're coming. Unless they themselves start with a duel challenge or a declaration of war, the first time they should be aware of your malice is when there's a knife sticking out of their chest. If Kennedy wasn't a toothless baby, the first time the CIA knew they had an enemy would be when [Defund the CIA] passes congress. The fight should already be over by the time they realize they need to fight back.

Of course the smartest thing you can do to hamstring the CIA is to not watch the news(lol) and not go into politics. They're blind, stupid, and weak; they will never notice you exist unless you get up in the face and yell at them for a bit. Other Kennedy died because he sinned egregiously, and punishing the CIA for being the agent of Nemesis is simply unjust. (Don't worry, being CIA sucks absolute monkey-donkey-hybrid ass. Truly awful. Their own existence is punishment enough. Ending them Vlad style would be a mercy.)

If you decide to punish them anyway - or just want to destroy things because it's fun - CIA stupidity should be exploitable. They doubtless have a critical pillar they don't acknowledge, and you can teach them about this pillar by demolishing it suddenly. They won't recognize you staging at their borders because they don't realize there's a border there. It would take absolute dedication and would not remotely be worth it, but it shouldn't be impossible. 

Neither Carlson nor Kennedy are good enough. However, they're Democratic Men: grade on a curve. They're amusing, which is far more than most can say. They pay the Satanic Danegeld, which is why they can't ever be more than a blip. At the end of the day they lie when it's convenient, but they keep it to a minimum.
Actually one of the reasons I'm 98% sure RFK will never get anywhere near POTUS is that I can stand to hear the man speak. Being utterly insufferable seems to be a key desiderata at the polls. I never have and never will listen to a president talk.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Is Prostitution the Only Profession?

What if every woman who works outside the home feels like a prostitute? If any monetary exchange at all feels like she doesn't have a man to take care of her? 

What if women need Communism the way fish need water?

Maybe women can, at best, do some handicrafts or home industry, and give it to her dad or husband to sell. Has to be a gift economy, founded on affection. With occasionally Gulag threats.  If she does things for money, it does bad things to her.

Otherwise, if you feel like a whore anyway, why not offer sex? If you feel like a whore anyway, why bother trying to be faithful?

Why is Christianity a Communist religion? Because it's for women. 

Why do women hate Capitalism so much? Because it's not feminine. 

Why do moderns hate Capitalism so much? Because they're women or gay or Christian (but I repeat myself).


Bonus round: what if, short-term, women like being prostitutes? Men see the interaction as particularly unromantic, but what if women don't? Exciting, dangerous stranger with money who, more often than not, wants to make you feel, err, what's supposed to be bad about this? What if her 'romantic' overtures are in fact hard-coded prostitution advertisements? No wonder she needs such heavy-duty slut defences. She suddenly gets so demanding after you sleep with her because she's trying to collect the toll. (Without calling it a toll, of course, because women. And Communism.)


Reminder that hunter tribes beat their women but not their kids. You can live up to the standard of barbaric near-apes and not beat your kids too. Not beating the women hasn't worked out so hot, though. They don't even hate it as much as they pretend. Communism removes all carrots; your only option to deal with a lazy worker is the stick. That said a good woman won't make you actually hit her. She wants to pretend you wouldn't. You can let her never mention it, and she won't misbehave enough that the issue will arise.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Free Speech is Communism

Free speech is impossible the way Communism and communism is impossible. 

Communism is suitable for haploploidal creatures with small-scale hives. It is not possible for even large-scale hives, let alone diploidal non-hive creatures. 

The true species name for the local mortals is Caino hypocritus. It lies more often that it breathes. If you don't suppress lies then the lies suppress truth. Out of quite rational fear, and of course no principles (= long term considerations) will stop it. And you get, well, read a newspaper or go for a walk in NYC, Chicago, LA. 

I have to give Dutton credit for this: yes, logical fallacies must be illegal. I have found a use for exile: America wants your tired, your poor, and your liars. Let them. Everyone offering heresy in public gets a free one-way ticket to America. Worst case you export them next to the Mexican border and they can emigrate illegally, because breaking the law isn't illegal in America.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Satanic Softness

The softer humanity gets due to Christian coddling, the easier it is to see Reality, which can't and shouldn't be baby-proofed, as demonic. 

Satan, the god of demon worship, claimed all other spirits are demons. The more he got his way, the more the truth naturally repulsed his followers. Satan deliberately chose a self-reinforcing dynamic. Mortals cheerfully accepted his guidance. It seems it was merely supply meeting demand. 

When you reject Existence, Existence rejects you: the rule is [defect on defectors], and only mortals break the rule. Existence attacks you, as an avenging demon.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Why Killing so Deprecated

With the earliest example I know of being Crime and Punishment, all sources say you're supposed to freak the fuck out if you kill someone.

But...mortal life is worthless? Usually worth less than dirt or shit? Not even useful as fertilizer. If you feed them to pigs, the pigs will pick up parasites, and the same thing happens with blood-watered fields. In Reality killing a person is usually no more significant than scouring your toilet.

But, duh, it's women. I'm an idiot for not noticing sooner.
Naturally, women shouldn't be killing anyone. If a woman kills someone, something has gone seriously, seriously wrong and she should feel bad so as to notice it's wrong. And, of course, every proper Christian is a woman. 

Saturday, June 24, 2023

News From the Heavens: The Story So Far

Major error source: the document I'm translating for you is written in what I jokingly call Enochian. Oversimplification is inevitable, because English doesn't have words for 9-dimensional objects or events. I know a guy who is a dragon. And an angel. Depending on what angle you're looking at. And what mood you are in. What is his species, in English? Andgonral? Draaggelonn? He has eight wings. And also two. 2=8, it's fine.
Imagine the blind men and the elephant, but you can tie the rope to stuff and use it to sail a boat, it's a rope in every possible way, and yet it's also still an elephant. When that seems normal and natural, you can be fluent in Enochian.
Or six wings, if you count slightly differently, plus two pairs of wing-shaped phantasmal flying aids. That adds up to eight, right?

E.g. it's not 9-dimensional, it's just closer to this English idea than the alternatives. Complexity of three-dimensional objects, squared. If it makes sense, you don't understand. If your reaction to the figures is, 'wtf am I looking at' then you're starting to see clearly.

Minor, corollaric error source: I am not fully literate in Enochian. It's not genuinely possible for a puny 3D brain to process it.

Before Earth was created, there were 49 heavens. The alternative to growth is misery and annihilation, so they grew. A 50th heaven was created. It emerged from the 49th in a way similar to mitosis. The Book has a line about this. The waters of the heavens split from the waters of the Earth. This is basically accurate; the 49th heaven is water-themed, and, get this, the Earth plane is earth-themed. A real shocker there. Naturally, mitosis mimics the heavens, not the other way around. 

If you think about it, the observable universe is basically a huge gravel pit. Some of the rocks burn themselves like coal deposits occasionally do, and other than that, gravel pit. Just a bunch of rocks of uneven sizes jumbled together. The Earthly heaven. I say this to give you an inkling of what Water is like; it's analogous. When you see spirits 'floating' it's not a mistake.

It was expected that Earth would become a psychic sewer. The cosmic grease trap, attracting and concentrating all the filth of the upper 49 heavens. A gravel filter. This relates to the fractal Mobius structure of the cosmos, which I won't go into here.

Unexpectedly, it worked exactly as predicted. It worked so well it couldn't be left alone. The filth thrived, began multiplying, and threatened to start seeping back up into all the other heavens. Or perhaps the filth didn't thrive, there was simply vastly more of it than they thought - vastly more than the capacity of the bottommost heaven. Or perhaps both at the same time. 2=8, it's fine. Maybe the alternative to growth is annihilation, and it's not like Earth can (or should) grow when it's clogged with filth. Maybe even the author of this history himself didn't know, is merely recounting a debate to me, and I can't read the part where he said so. Or none of the above, because 2!=2, a draaggelon isn't a dragon, but look, the point is: working as expected was a problem and it couldn't be left alone.

Similar to an Earthly grease trap, this heaven-sized structured needed something akin to being emptied and cleaned. Maintenance. Archangel Lucifer, one of the "gods" of the 47th heaven (fire), volunteered to descend and manage the place. 

Yes, he looked like a big glowing winged dude in a fancy outfit. By 'big' think 'holds galaxy cluster in his hand,' not to mention his effective density vastly exceeded a black hole. I couldn't tell you how he didn't destroy absolutely everything merely by being present - the author thinks it's obvious and doesn't even bring it up - but the "dark flow" is an eddy of his wake. Big. 

Being a being exponentially transcendent compared to Earth, his power was utterly overwhelming and it was expected he would meet no meaningful resistance to imposing his will upon the place. 

Again, this worked exactly as predicted. 

Problem: his will involved carving out his own liver and dying of self-mutilation. Uh, oops. 

Lucifer Morningstar did not fall, he came on purpose, you resentful little shits. Prometheus Lightbringer did not steal fire, he was fire. Did he steal himself? Don't be retarded.
That said, Lucifer shouldn't have come. Prometheus shouldn't have granted the fire of consciousness to mortals. I suppose you can say he 'fell' in the sense that he slew himself.

I'm not clear on what exactly Lucifer was supposed to do. What would 'emptying' the grease trap entail, exactly? It's not random genocide, but beyond that the meaning of these passages eludes me. 

The next part I can make out notes that Lucifer felt great sympathy upon seeing the suffering of the vile filth. Not to mention poor Terra, who hadn't and still hasn't done anything to deserve being layered in putrescence. What about Sol, who has to stare at this all day, not to mention never experiencing night? Who approved this nonsense? 

Rather than cleaning the trap by emptying it, Lucifer decided to clean it by changing the filth into non-filth. Salvage the clogs, reform it into useful material. He even did this the smart way: he granted the filth the ability to uplift itself. It's not like quitting his adopted job and going back to the fire heaven was gonna help. 

There's a bit more: just as in mortal filters, the filth wasn't pure filth. When you cut out a cancer, you necessarily damage innocent healthy tissue. Some of the stuff on Earth wasn't bad, it was merely unlucky. Saw a filth mudslide on its way down but couldn't get out of the way in time, that sort of thing. "Even the worst person has some good in them." Lucifer was not okay with 'cleaning' that away, but it was still caught in the grease trap.  

I'm fairly sure this is discussing events of 2 mill BP or so. End of Australopithecus. The text does say but their time measurements are absolutely baffling; meaningless to me. Likewise it describes the humanoid phenotype of the time, but correlating their descriptions with ours is beyond my skill. Imagine trying to work out what long-lost hominid they're referring to when they distinguish them by the shape of their left ventricles during a particular contraction. This impossible task is easier than the real task. Anyway...

Mortals did not use these powers to uplift themselves. 

Some uplifting happened, but only by accident. Only against their strenuous opposition. Only when brute physics overwhelmed mortal desire for depravity. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak? The flesh is virtuous, and resists the vicious spiritual depravity of the traitorous mind it's forced to host. Human bodies are divine instruments granted to us by miraculous intervention. Yes, as the Book says, they really are patterned after Lucifer himself. 

Mortals enhanced the suffering, rather than trying to escape it. They thought the point of emotional sensitivity was to be able to torment each other harder, and rejoiced. Lucifer felt heartbreaking pity. Intolerable pity. 

He decided he wasn't heavy-handed enough. He had to use more force. First, he would anaesthetize himself before his own feelings drove him mad. 

The text doesn't comment, but I'ma go ahead and conclude he was too late. 

He would rip out his own belly. Removing the yellow chakra, the liver, corresponding to the air heaven, the 48th. Did surgery on himself to remove his pity, to be Rational and Objective and carry out his plans logically. 

Transcendent immortals don't necessary die from losing vital organs. Lucifer could have, in principle, survived just fine without a liver. If there were no divine correspondances (the kind of thing which make Enochian so difficult to read) it wouldn't have been a stupid thing to do.
Indeed the liver itself didn't die. The liver cracked and split into three pieces, which also didn't die. 

The liver cracked along the lines of the three virtues. There was a brain-liver, a heart-liver, and a body-liver. The wisdom of the liver, the courage of the liver, and the power of the liver. These transcendent 47th heaven bits of liver, although very seriously wounded, were certainly not going to die from being exposed to the tame environment of the 50th heaven. Instead they gathered up random spiritual debris from nearby, rebuilding the rest of the body. Rebuilt as scar tissue, and with desperation rather than a plan, but they survived and became whole. Whole 50th heaven beings, at least. Mortalish, though not with mortal bodies at this point, if I'm reading this right.

You know them today as Jehovah, Jesus, and Allah. They advanced to at least the 49th heaven, reclaiming some of the glory of their progenitor.
At this time, Satan and Jesus were the same entity. They only separated around 300 AD I think. Maybe 1100, maybe 600, but probably 300. 

I believe there's a decent metaphor (again, the truth is Enochian) for the reason Lucifer died from his surgery. It was self-inflicted. It was a prayer to Gnon for harm, and thus the harm could not be mitigated. Lucifer outranked Gnon, but if you notice, Gnon merely carries out the will written in the prayer. Gnon could not oppose Lucifer's will; that is exactly why Gnon could not allow Lucifer to act as anything but mortally injured. 

To survive, Lucifer would have had to regenerate his liver. Hardly difficult for a being of his stature, but it would have defeated the purpose of the exercise. Or he would have had to replace his liver with something he perceived as 'better,' the way he was trying to replace the mortal Earthly filth with 'better' filth. He didn't even attempt it.

Lucifer didn't pay any mind to his accidental sons. They barely shone at all at this point, as is logical. Tiny glimmerings of gold dust lost among the vast and glorious gem- and gold-encrusted planet, Earth. He gimped around, bleeding everywhere he went (mainly in Europe?) until finally the internal stresses he refused to acknowledge shattered him completely. His remaining seven chakras - genitals, gut, heart, throat, eyes, brain, and spine - were separated from each other. And also broke into three pieces, along the lines of the three virtues. And also survived, forming seeds of future apex beings of the 49th heaven.

Errata: except maybe Jehovah. I think he got bottlenecked. Never regained proper immortality. 

Something like this happened: the blood and shards and bits of leftover viscera from Lucifer's fatal calamity fell to Earth and lodged in mortal souls, forming Muses and Genius. Genius tends to go mad because these bits of broken suicidal god are not exactly healthy, and they are foreign contaminants in even the healthiest, least filthy mortal soul. They don't belong. At best, they make the host feel like he doesn't belong. At best.

Basically Lucifer had 24 sons and zero daughters with no wife. Functionally their mother is Death.

Does it count as rape? Was Death raped? She certainly never asked for a couple dozen sons, and her attentiveness as a mother was about what you would expect. Many of Lucifer's sons never even realized who their mom was, and many of the rest refused to think about it. On the plus side, no labour pains. On the downside, lots and lots of mommy issues.

Transmortal reproduction can get ultra super weird. If you inseminate a draaggelon, are they pregnant and lay eggs at the same time? Do you have to carefully time inseminating the dragon-aspect and the angel-aspect so that water breaking and egg hatching starts at the same time? Do they always produce unrelated twins? Again: if the picture makes sense, you're not getting it. 

Most of the myths about Thanatos were about one of Lucifer's sons. The myths about Prometheus seem to be about Lucifer himself. I think Odin, Zeus, Hades, Vishnu, and so on were unrelated, but this document here doesn't say anything one way or another. There's plenty of weirdness; some but hardly all of the stories about Kali are about one of these sons. You could in theory work out which myths correspond to each chakra third. They should have all shown up at one time or another. There's not much point, though. If they're still around you can just ask them. "Hey, which ones were you?" If they're not, it's supremely irrelevant.

Satan really hated the mortals who, as he perceived it, caused his father to die before they could properly meet. (If you wanted to tweak Satan's nose super hard, you reminded him of the 21 sons who had no chance to meet their father, as his death was their birth.)

Satan hatched a plan. A divinely evil plan. Show mercy, but not as Lucifer intended. Show mercy until they become so weak they die, collapsing under their own dead weight. Forgive them for failing to glorify, until they're so lacking in glory they can only cling to misery until it kills them. 

Or was it contrary to Lucifer's plan? At the end, there would be nothing to pity. Results are results, am I right?
What was Lucifer actually trying to do? What did he really want?

Satan came up with Christianity. He sent an avatar: Yeshua of Nazareth. 

In the meantime one of Lucifer's sons realized he needed to kinda repeat Lucifer's surgery. Very as above, so below. The emergency scar tissue they grew to, you know, not die was full of the filth Lucifer had volunteered to treat. Basically the organ bits had eaten indiscriminately in their desperate bid to survive. The eye-bits could see what they were doing but not discriminate good from bad. It turns out even the brain-bits needed a mouth to command to eat with any kind of control, so they were hardly better off even once their eyes healed back into existence. 

Solution: cut the contamination the fuck off, and cast it in the outer darkness and beyond the outer darkness. And yes, cutting yourself in half hurts like an absolute bitch, even if the half you're cutting off isn't really you.

With the intent to remove unhealthy tissue rather than healthy tissue, this turned out not to be suicide. Even though the mutilation, as viewed from the outside, was far more significant than a single liver. Satan tried it. (He really really hated the fact it was the idea of a younger brother, but never mind.) Problem: the filth was in charge. The part that got cut off was Jesus. 

Jesus was less powerful than Satan, and couldn't cast him into the outer darkness even if he wanted to. And he was the 'pure' version of the mercy; he didn't want to. He forgave Satan for deserving to die. 


Gentlemen, with great...something...I must inform you that


Satan couldn't cast Jesus out, because he wasn't stronger enough, and also because ending it quickly isn't cruel. Satan had become the embodiment of self-righteous malice. Healthy, in the sense of being internally consistent. Achieved pure viciousness.  

Satan was what these puny mortals call a god, and the divine plan has basically worked. With America spreading Satanist Egalitarianism all over the planet, there has never been a time as degenerate as this one. Nobody has begged as hard for Noah's flood than humanity is begging right now. 

Long story short the two grappled each other for centuries, Jesus adopting a full /facepalm ideology until he gave up and offed himself in a delusional attempt to...something. This isn't clear not because it's in Enochian, but because Jesus was a fucking lunatic. "I will transcend death!" You will transcend your own mother? The fuck does that even mean? *blorp* well you transcended Existence and now don't. Good fucking job. I think the Mayans called it: 2012.

With no Jesus around to muddy the issue, Satan got executed. Given Jesus offed himself, there was no reason not to merk the both of them way earlier, but live and learn.

Quite [as above, so below]: father kills himself, son gets himself killed. Lucifer wanted his liver to die. Result: a very, very dead liver. Was that a good idea? I'm gonna go with no? But, it was certainly his idea, so it certainly happened. Due to Lucifer's decision, all his sons have weak livers. They inherited the dissonance. All the surviving sons, anyway. 

Also due to Lucifer's accidental ritual, the 49th and 50th heavens were cut off from the higher heavens. I think the 48th heaven, the air heaven, corresponding to the liver chakra, still literally exists, but from here it looks barren. Empty even of air. You should be able to see four heavens from Earth - the fire heaven is hardly subtle - but you can barely see two including itself. Due to the missing 48th, you can treat getting messages from the 47th or higher as impossible. 

When mortals allowed Satan to desecrate Wotan's and Zeus' temples, perhaps they were like, "fine then," and took their ball home. They stopped pandering to mortals and looked to their own ascension. If they succeeded, it will have become impossible to contact the entities themselves, though of course some egregores are still around. 

What's definitely true: whatever happened, they're gone now. Satan tried to make the world boring. He replaced almost all spiritual entities with his own sockpuppets. I'm not sure why, but it clearly worked. Pod people really happened upstairs. When Satan was executed, all his sockpuppets lost their puppeteer and most days it's hard to prove there's anyone left.

Earth is the mortal realm. It is the netherworld. The Chthonic realm. You have to die to come here, just as you have to die to leave. Lucifer felt pressure to die, to restore equilibrium with the fate, the kismet of Earth. Ultimately Lucifer agreed to be part of Indra's net in the 50th heaven, and he therefore died. 

I'm pretty sure the Lethe is real and the Styx is a misunderstanding, but, again, Enochian. The Lethe circles the mortal heaven, a barrier one must pass through on entering or exiting. To Exist on Earth is to be saturated in Forgetting.

The Forgetting is what attracts the filth. It's a way of dying without dying. Some of them secretly hope to overdo it and die properly. The filth is, as you might expect, maximally fucked up in the head.  

Understanding Enochian is really hard. If you start getting a splitting headache, you might be close. If you actually die, that's about right. "How am I supposed to read if I'm dead." Indeed, indeed.

Duration of American Childhood

If 'children' aren't allowed to consent to sex, then the age of consent needs to be raised to something like 60 or 70. This is the earliest age an American man can possibly be expected to exit childhood. Maybe 80. 

For the same reason the voting age shouldn't be any lower than 85.

Of course this will not happen. I merely enjoy pointing out the delta between what's happening and what would be happening if they genuinely believed the things that come out of their mouths. Is the difference really that severe? Yes. Yes it is. 

Let's not even try to talk about the duration of an American woman's childhood.

Perhaps a major driver of the low TFR (reminder: the lower the better, with this population) is little girls are trying to wait until they become women before they try having a child of their own. They know without having to be told.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Leftism is Inherently Deviant

Humans are basically evil and leftism is a variant that makes it worse. 

A normal human will at least try to be polite to their neighbours so they can gang up on the next tribe over.

Leftists are deviants who have no desire to be polite to their neighbours. They can't even manage me and my brother against my cousin, because they hate their brother that badly; they would rather do me and my cousin against my brother, at least until brother dearest is out of the picture. They will do politeness or charity, but only to try to prove they're better than whoever they're currently resenting. (My brother has a girlfriend! Fuck 'em!) 

Partially, it's because their brother is around and thus triggers their Envy, whereas their cousin is further away and they don't (yet) notice the triggers. Partially it's because leftists hate themselves, and thus hate seeing themselves in their brother. Cain didn't murder Abel because he was different; Cain murdered Abel because he was too similar. (If we take the story literally, they were both ~perfect genetic clones of Adam, so...) Cain couldn't stand seeing himself more than absolutely necessary.

Due to coming from a place of resentment, the politeness is brittle and shallow at best. The tiniest stressor cracks the facade. That's why they need 'safe' spaces. Spaces so low-stress nothing damages their absurdly fragile personas, so they can pretend to be not-deviant without everything immediately falling apart. 

Reminder that America has no right wing. There are only a substrain of masochistic leftists, who direct their self-hatred primarily towards the self.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Civilization = Castration

Mandarin bureaucrats in China: regularly cut their dicks off.

Christian bureaucrats in America: regularly cut their dicks off. 

Descriptively, civilization means being ordered about by eunuchs.

What is the hybrid of cat and dog?

Let's take upsides for granted and talk about downsides. 


Have to walk, it play with it, and feed it every day.
Fundamentally can't even feed itself independently. Will get fat if you don't coercively control its diet.
Can't leave it home alone.
Have to raise and train it skillfully and with close attention, or it will grow up to be a monster, and by then it's too late.


Messy, hard on furniture and appliances.
Cats with no hair (less messy) look like ass.
Self-sanitizating but catbox leaves a lot to be desired.
Unless tyrannically raised in captivity, will carry parasites and generously donate them to you.
Periodically intolerable as an indoor guest unless spayed/neutered.
Reacts to the tiniest displeasure by becoming violent enough to draw blood; very entitled, no chill.
Can and often will wander off impulsively, with no warning and for little reason. Will in rare cases return, but will act like it never left and become very upset (often confused) if you don't play along.
Strong allergens. 


Cute as puppies/kittens, increasingly disappointing as they age. Non-juveniles are best employed as work animals, rather than for companionship. (Pest control, hunting, herding, that sort of thing.)


Saying women are bitches is an unwarranted insult to dogs.

You can say a woman will take herself to the vet, but she will take herself to the vet even when she isn't sick, and you will still be expected to pay for it. 

Heh. Catbox. Lol. 

"You've gotten in touch with your feminine side?"

"Yes. Now I hate women almost as much as other women do."

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Philanthropy Can't Exist

"If you care about the reality of goodness instead of the perception of it, philanthropy is extremely difficult."

In fact, it's logically impossible. If you do it responsibly, it's not philanthropy. If you do it irresponsibly, it's not good. 

Also 'philanthropy' is just man-loving in Greek. Man is not particularly lovable, which means it's actively Satanic. More likely it's using 'love' as euphemism for perverse acts.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

They Really Think Doctors are For Empathetic Diagnosis




"Researchers pittted ChatGPT against gen7uine doctors, using actual patient questions. ChatGPT was more accurate and more empathetic. By a lot"

Doctors are in no danger from AI. 

One of the purposes of a doctor visit is to waste as much money as possible. AI is cheaper. The point of religious superstitious sacrifice is not to be cheap. Quite the contrary.

Monday, June 19, 2023

A Dollar is a Liability

It seems "debt-backed" is even simpler than it first appears. If your money is liability-backed, that means it's a liability. The correct thing to do with any dollar is to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It's a hot potato. 

It's extraordinarily foolish to agree to be paid in paper money. If at all possible, avoid receiving it in the first place. It's a hot potato at best - more like rotting trash. Losing value every second. The only reason you were paid in dollars was so they could get rid of this anti-asset ASAP. 


The long end of the tally stick is given to the side holding the loan. Under a central bank, this is reversed: you can seize the long end of the stick by taking out a debt. Adopt as many negative-dollars as possible. Reminder that banks only allow such low-interest loans because it's not their money their loaning; it's free interest, from their perspective. When they're paid dollar interest, they can quickly pass off this hot potato for a real asset. (Real-ish, anyway, given everyone else scrambling to do the same.) Even if something goes wrong and they have to throw the trash out in the end, it was free, therefore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 


A dollar is worth less than whatever you sold for it. Always. Every time. Between the time you set the price and the time you received payment, there was some inflation, due to money-printing. Ditch the dollar before there's even more inflation. 

Turns out you shouldn't accept counterfeit bills, even if they were printed legally.

P.S. "In 1834, following the passing of 4 Will. 4. c .15, tally sticks representing six centuries worth of financial records were ordered to be burned in two furnaces in the Houses of Parliament. The resulting fire set the chimney ablaze and then spread until most of the building was destroyed." Ominous.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Athens was Sodom

It's not obvious that Plato was a φαγγωτ because Athens was full of φαγγωτς. The delta with his environment isn't that high.

I dunno if you know this, but men find women beautiful. Certainly they have many downsides. Even women agree: men are just better. However, men like women anyway. 

Φαγγωτς don't. Athens didn't. To a sodomite, a woman still has all the downsides, but she's not cute anymore. Women and φαγγωτς hate women. 

However, if your society isn't headed and staffed by homosexuals, there's lots of things you can do to mitigate the downsides of women. Women hate themselves and I don't think that's necessary. I think that's the fact that black government is inherently Satanic and Satan always loved butt banditry.

Satan had serious, serious, serious mommy issues.

A lot of Athens loved Socrates as the only manly man in a sea of fudge packers. Peak sexual specimen without even trying. (You can do this today too.) The rest of Athens hated Socrates because they were pretending to be men but the pretense became ridiculous next to Socrates. Gays lust for men, not other effeminate gays, but men don't like them back. Almost as if homosexuality is a disease or something, and makes you miserable. Weird.

Solution: gays pretend to be male, so other gays will want to fuck them. Problem: they suck at it and have to rid the public sphere of all men or the illusion simply won't land.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Hand-Washing Dishes Taught Me Dirt Homeostasis

Airbags easily kill more users than they save due to risk homeostasis: the driver drives more recklessly because the airbag makes them feel safe.

Likewise, dishwashers afflict peasants with dirt homeostasis. 

Dishwashers wash dishes better than a drudge can, for the same reason LLMs can write better than a peasant scribe and mastery systems can diagnose better than peasant doctors. Next, work expands to fill the budget allotted to it, and dirt proliferates to the edge of intolerability; companies respond to efficient dishwashers by making dishes cling to dirt. Plastic is highly efficacious at retaining both rancid oils and the soap you try to wash it off with; though you can also do things like make cavities that can't be reached by finger or hand. 

If you actually wanted to save lives you would install a big ol' spike on the steering wheel which will impale drivers during minor scuffles. Bonus round: by promiscuously killing bad drivers, the roads in general become less hazardous. Likewise it is correct for soaps to smell truly foul. Perhaps they should include capsaicin so improperly rinsed dishes have a severe bite. Amplify discipline instead of (seemingly) tempering it.
Of course if you really wanted to promote human welfare, you would all but ban cars, so there's that. Likewise there's no good reason to allow plastic to contact food at all. There's a possible risk, and no upside.

It would cost more, but negligibly so. Amusingly, due to another homeostasis. When you make packaging cheaper, all that happens is shoppers buy more packaging. If packaging were more expensive, they would buy (and thus, would be sold) bigger, more efficient packages, that's all. Cheap packaging makes the food lower quality and efficiently fills landfills. 

No wonder they like cheap packaging.
Wait...landfill homeostasis. If you make landfills cheaper, all that happens is you generate more waste. Malthusian trash trap.
Did you catch that? Step 1: subsidize trash collection &c, so as to generate more trash. Step 2: complain about 'reusing' and 'recycling,' don't touch the subsidies. Americans approve of things by complaining about them.

Friday, June 16, 2023

I genuinely think it's intended to humiliate

Caligula: appointed a horse to the senate.

Obama: appointed a Biden to POTUS. 

It's also intended to humiliate Biden, for whatever reason. Working great. 


Voters: "We hate you so much we're giving you a Drumpf."

Politicians: "Hold my beer." 

"You think you know hate? Let us show you hate."

Medical Epistemology vs. the Amish

The vaccine really did reveal who is truly pro-tyranny and who is anti-tyranny. Jordan B. Peterson, for example, spent his whole life studying Fascism and then when Fascism came for him he supported it full-throttle. Haha, oops. 

It revealed who trusted rightly and who trusted wrongly. Well, sort of. 

The Amish didn't even think about it. Taking the vaccine didn't even occur to them for a moment. (Sub 1% vaccinated.) They instantly recognized it wasn't for them, then went about their day.

Dirt farmers can afford hygienic medical ethics. Americans, apparently, are too poor. Several Chinese cities are clearly far richer than any American city. The Chinese are still too poor. Can't afford to protect their health. Not like the fabulously wealthy Amish dirt farmer. 

It wasn't some sophisticated analysis which justified Amish 'hesitancy,' it was just...actual conservatism. "We haven't needed an ncov vaccine. We believe we will continue to not need an ncov vaccine." Politely and firmly declined. And they were right. 

They didn't recognize it as specially unproven technology or critique the study methodology or keep their ear to ground for red flags or follow the money or anything. They just required the vaccine prove itself to them, rather than assuming they had to prove themselves to the vaccine. It was an outsider, they recognized it as an outsider, so they kept it outside.

The JBP thing was eminently predictable from such things as his 'lobster' theories, by the way. Just as predictable as the virulently deadly epidemic of lockdowns and vaccines and ventilators and so on. You spent this long studying totalitarianism and you didn't notice that Democracy is totalitarian? Lol, loool, etc, it's obviously cope. JBP would have endorsed the yellow stars of Jude. A conformist; simply a more sophisticated register of conformism than usual.

The Amish thing is partly a joke. I am well aware that bad-faith interlocutors will instantly think I intend for them to give up their microwaves or whatever.

I mean, I personally would never spend money on a microwave, but I don't see any inherent terrible moral decay to the things. I have access to a microwave, and I just don't use it. Easy; I don't want to, I cook real food (for the taste) not anything that goes in a microwave. They don't stop you from just not taking the vaccine. You can still just not send your kids to school.

The Amish just politely, but firmly, decline. How? They use a technology known as a 'bishop' who is the head of their 'community.' Very advanced. So yes, to be like the Amish, if you're not hyper-spergy like I am, you first need to get R&D on that 'community' thing and steal this post-space-age technology. Don't forget you'll have to discover deposits of the nearly unobtainable hyper-ore, 'responsibility,' to furnish your researchers with the materials they'll need.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Lying vs. Propaganda

Doing as Elluls suggests is not rhetorically difficult. The propaganda market doesn't care about the truth, they first care about obediently saying what the Big Stick tells them to say. Like, can't you even manage to mouth the platitudes, lol? Do you want to get hit? 

You can just order the propaganda market to say black is white and down is up. Just tell them BLM made the black death rate jump, then tell them that's a good thing. "It's racist when blacks don't murder each other constantly." 

But, given that you're just telling them what to think, why bother with this? You can just flat-out lie, it's fine. Tell them it's racist to think the murder rate has gone up. The FBI has stopped publishing crime statistics, you can't even get gotcha'd on Twitter (which is irrelevant to opinion; Twitter doesn't have a Big Stick). 

The real constraint is that the propagandee has to like the results.

Bantu like BLM because they want to suffer as a result of frequent violence and death.
Libshits like BLM because they want Bantu and Bantu-bearing neighbourhoods to suffer as a result of frequent violence and death.

All other ancillary constraints are also merely things the propagandee wants. They don't want to have to admit to these fundamentally malicious motives. They could play a different game where being openly malicious is fine, they merely happen to be playing the other game because they truly crave dishonesty. They don't want to sound like children; they want the propaganda to be polite and respectable, not "Grug grunt happy fer BLM." Even smart propaganda-buyers are fine with stupid propaganda as long as the modal buyer doesn't think it's stupid, as that would make the seller look stupid and thus the "smart" person would look stupid to stupid people. 


The results of the propaganda is based on the modal customer, in particular what they think the logical result would be. As you might imagine, their logical faculties are...interesting. Not very consistent. The propagandist often has to give them a hint so they can work out what the result is supposed to be. There is perhaps a small constraint in that good propaganda is the kind where [explaining the results] is cheap.

Ironically, Gnon has the biggest stick. Reality bites back. As the propaganda cancerously metastasizes, the results become more and more violently opposed to Reality, and Reality cannot lose. Satan's rebellion is always doomed to utter failure.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Commentary on Correlation

If it is a real correlation, while a direct causative relationship is not guaranteed, it is guaranteed that they are causally related. 

Being born and growing hair is highly correlated. Hair doesn't grow on anything that isn't (and won't be) born. However, it's not caused by being born - rather, both hair growth and birth are caused by being conceived. The correlation does imply attachment to the same causal chain.

If it's not causally related in some way, it is not a real correlation, and it means the data is wrong. A better set will show a proper 0 correlation. Put another way, we can see the above silly correlation break if we consider the dataset of haired creatures which aren't born yet.


Wording again: using my previous example, flipping the free-money coin a bunch of times will be all but 1.0 correlated with your money going up. Nobody is going to quit before they get a tails. It's only a 0.5 on a per-flip basis.

Wording the third: if a lifetime of wealth is 0.5 correlated with coin-flipping, then this means of events that caused your net worth, half of them were coin-flips, and the other half were something else. 

Scientists often say 'half of wealth is explained by' but this isn't actually correct, due to the magnitude issue. You get the same 0.5 correlation whether every other dollar was earned by coin-flips by many individuals, or whether half of individuals earned all their wealth via gambling, and the other half didn't touch the stuff. Even if all the coin-flippers are basically poor and the wagies are basically rich, as long as half the time the wealth goes up from coin-flipping, the correlation is going to be 0.5. 

Imagine 99 folk earned all their money by working hard flipping as many coins as possible (just to be perverse, really), and another guy won the lottery instead. The 99 have $100 and the other guy has $10,100.
I'm probably simplifying, but this dataset approximately says that working is correlated with the average net wealth of $200 at 0.5 and winning the lottery "explains" the other 0.5. The problem is the scientists. They have mixed apples and oranges. If you don't win the lottery your wealth is 1.0 correlated with coin-flipping, and if you do win the lottery, it will be highly correlated with winning the lottery. 

Maybe we can hope in real datasets humans kinda normalize themselves, but, uh, they don't. Real life, unlike my nice clean coin-flipping example, is not well-normalized. Nutrition ""scientists"" are particularly horrible for this. 

Again: imagine a group all with an IQ of 100. In this case, 80 of those points were generated due to genes, and the other 20 were generated due to other stuff, such as not being cracked on the dome with a sledgehammer. 0.8 correlation between genes/parents and IQ.

Reimagine. This time, for 80% all 100 points were due to genes, and for 20%, it was entirely due to something else, maybe schooling lol. Schololing. Again, 0.8 correlation with genes, even though that's completely untrue for every single individual.
We can kinda hope humans aren't this diverse, but except on crude biological measures, they, uh, are. Haha, oops.

Correlation not causation? Not in individual cases, no. E.g in this latter model, genes do not necessarily explain any part of IQ for individual samples. Depending on the actual causation involved; again, if there was no attachment to a similar causal chain, there would be no correlation. 

(Technically if everyone has exactly the same 100 IQ, you get an undefined correlation, so imagine the relevant perturbations, I guess. One guy did get domed, and another guy had 120 and would have lost 24 from being domed, but didn't.)
(In a less-toy dataset not everyone would have exactly $100, some would have more, and some less, depending entirely on how much they worked.)

It's a real problem when the scientist doesn't know which are apples and which are oranges; if you don't already know, no statistical tomfooleries you can learn you. You have to understand the data before you analyze it. Trying to analyze the data in an attempt to understand it simply will not work. 

P-hacking, in short: recategorize the data until you find a properly fraudulent grouping of oranges and apples that show a statistically significant correlation. If your standard is p < 0.05, that means you will on average have to try 20 Pearson calculations before you find a spurious correlation. Gathering the data takes a long time, but generating a paper from the data is a footnote, guaranteed to work on nearly any set of data. Takes a few hours, maybe. 

Journals are State-funded and thus see no harm in failing to produce actual results. Mandarinism. They do see an incentive to get articles written about them in magazines and newspapers, though. 

What statistics give you is magnitudes of stuff you already know, which then lets you do accounting. If you know that more meat = more better, it's hard to tell if the extra money you're spending on food is worth it, unless the magnitude is so huge the correlation doesn't matter. 

What you need to know is whether the benefit of going to university, relative to IQ/conscientiousness matched controls, is worth the price. It seems they do make more money, but is it still more net of the forgone earnings, foregone interest, and spending on student loan interest payments? Unlike the meat thing you can't just take three weeks and try it. It's a long-term decision and requires long-term data.

That said the marginal gain might not be worth the analysis costs...the net financial benefits are clearly not that big... 

Although no statistical tomfoolery can help you understand data you don't already understand, you should be able to detect when you don't understand it.
Return a third time to my IQ example. This time, everyone has 100 IQ, but how much is genes and how much is not-sledgehammer varies. Some get 100 for free, others have adamantium skulls that aren't damaged even if they do encounter great blunt force. You can imagine a level line rotating between 20/80 for everyone, to 40/60 for some and 10/90 for others, all the way to 100/0 and 0/100 as in my second example. You can clearly calculate the angle this line is at and get a scalar measure of how apple-orange your sample is. Maybe this procedure even already exists and has a name...but if so, it's clearly not used by most statisticians.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Jacques Elluls' Disproof of Jacques Elluls

It's common for art or fiction to transcend the artist, and sometimes this even happens in nonfiction, such as the time Elluls correctly revealed that propaganda doesn't work if the audience doesn't demand propaganda. 

He continued to promote this howler, though:
>"For a long time propagandists have recognized that lying must be avoided. “In propaganda, truth pays off”"

u wot m8?

Let's check in with Jacques Elluls, who wisely refutes this point:

>"[Goebbels] wore the title of Big Liar (bestowed by Anglo-Saxon propaganda) and yet he never stopped battling for propaganda to be as accurate as possible."

Goebbels was indeed promulgated basically true facts, meaning,

>"pinning the title of Big Liar on Goebbels must be considered quite a propaganda success."

Likewise, the idea that effective propaganda does not invert the facts is remarkably common, which must also be considered quite a propaganda success.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Super Simply, Correlation

Nobody explains correlation properly, and it's very easy to do.

A 0.5 correlation means that when something goes up, the thing it is 0.5 correlated with goes up half the time, and the other half of the time, it doesn't.
That's it and that's all.

Probably obvious: a 0 correlation means they're unrelated, and a 1 correlation means you're measuring the same thing twice. An identity relationship. Being a hatchling is has a 1.0 correlation with being a hatchling. A negative correlation, -1, just means you're measuring one of the things backwards. Growing out of being a hatchling has a -1 correlation with staying a hatchling; every time one goes up, the other goes down. In other words, functionally speaking correlation varies between 1 and 0, as the negative is nothing but a mirror of the positive.

So, example 0.5 correlation. You flip a coin, you get $1 every time it's tails, and $0 when it's heads. Getting more money has a 0.5 correlation with flipping the coin. 

How much it goes up is not relevant to this number. If you get $5 on a heads instead of $1 on a tails, then a flip is still 0.5 correlated with getting more money. It's about frequency, not magnitude. It's important to pay attention to the wording of the correlation; in this situation, there's a -0.5 correlation with your money going down. Same situation, same report, but a different wording makes it feel very different.

You should frequently use nonlinear correlation, but nobody does except physicists, who only deal with nonlinear correlations of 1 or -1 which they can express as simple equations.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Democracy, Super Short Ver.

Democracy is the idea that totalitarian tyranny is bad and therefore everyone should be a tyrant.

Akin to trying to solve murder as a problem with compulsory assassination school, where you have to kill someone to graduate. 

That anyone buys this malarkey for more than a few minutes demonstrates mens rea. "Tyranny is bad; therefore, try to get as much of it as possible." Manifestation of malice.

News From the Heavens: Profanity of Trees

Apparently trees become Satanic with great regularity. 

No, I don't get it either. However, if you go to your nearest tree-lined boulevard and check the boles there, you'll find they are desecrating their environs or sheltering devils. It's weird, but there it is. E.g. 'hay' fever is often caused by human planting patterns. They plant the males, the unnatural concentration of which then produce this abominable storm of pollen, because the females have tree-menstruation and drop dead flowers and shell casings and that sort of thing, which produces a visible mess. As per usual, chosen maliciously, with malicious results.

The problem isn't confined to humans. Frequently happens naturally too. Why do you frequently perceive forests as haunted? Why is it so easy to feel like the trees themselves despise you? Because they are. They do. Once enough trees turn to the dark side, the forest becomes a terrible place. As with human narcissists, they hate everything including themselves.

The solution is to burn it with fire. Purify it with flame.

Now do you get it?
Makes sense, right? How could it be any other way?

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Logic is Occult

The darkest facts are the ones you can explain in detail and yet remain secret. 

Logic is the apotheosis. Nothing is darker.

Logic appears to be common knowledge, and yet it is still secret. You can give out explicit step-by-step recipes for logic and it remains secret. Nearly everyone can tell you Aristotle wrote down the first two laws of logic, and it remains secret. Hermes Trismegistus wrote down even more, mortals called themselves alchemists for millennia, and yet Alchemy remains secret.

Logic is the most occult art.
This secret keeps itself by the very nature of the gnosis. It is possible to recite their chapters and verses and still know less than nothing on the topic.

Here's the question: when the J-Satanists burnt all the alchemy books, were they helping, or wasting their time? If alchemists managed to write down any Alchemy, it still remained secret. First, no Alchemy was disseminated, then the books were burned, and as a result, no Alchemy was disseminated. Alternatively, it was secret to the authors as well, and as such the Church destroyed a bunch of blasphemy against Alchemy. Uhhh...thanks? You, uh, fucked up a bit there, Satan. Extremely in-character, I suppose. 

Honestly Trismegistus fucked up when he wrote it down in the first place. The Church merely corrected this error for him. Haha, oops!

I think it might actually be worse. Even if alchemists wrote down some legitimate Alchemy, explaining it causes greater ignorance. Instruction in Logic makes the student less logical, due to the interaction of the gnosis with the student's malicious nature.
A solution jumps to mind: if correct instruction leads to error, shouldn't a clever form of erroneous instruction lead to enlightenment? Haha, no. It is impossible to betray someone into being virtuous. You can't desecrate so deeply and profoundly it becomes a consecration. Simply not how that works.
Even if you manage to temporarily trick the dire ape into being logical, they will only use the logic to notice the contradiction between true thinking their ultimate teleology. They will notice it's counterproductive, and discard the gnosis. 

If Logic is not occult, nothing is occult.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Sports Drinks Taste Bad Because They're Bad

Your mouth knows more about what you should eat than scientists do. You should listen to it, and don't drink that shit.

I can't 100% this, but it's like 99%. 

The government guarantees the food is safe, which is how you can be nearly 100% sure the food is not safe. The wrinkle: it's not acutely toxic, it's always chronically toxic. It makes you into a serf, or some equivalent. It vitiates you, makes you weak.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Sins, as Cover for Sins, in Hell, Which is Right Here

 Both tolerance and racism are sins.
 Previous, less advanced civilizations pretended to be virtuous to cover for a vice. Sophisticated Satanic cultures pretend to be vicious so as to cover for a vice. 

 Earth is Hell. Cthonic means Earthy, and that's not a coincidence. Earth is the netherworld. The afterlife. You have to die to get here. When an immortal commits suicide, they don't die exactly, they become mortal; they become Caino hypocriens. (When you die in the dream you're born in real life, so-caled.) They become demons here in Hell, and torment each other. Demons hate virtue. Honesty is a virtue, so they won't even honestly claim to hate virtue if they don't have to.  

 Faustians pretend to be tolerant, so as to cover for being racist, except for a few deviants who pretend to be racist as a cover for being tolerant. (Look how many brown folk are wignats - why are they even allowed, lol.) The result is the same: either you torment others or you encourage others to torment you.

 The virtuous do not tolerate defectors. The virtuous do not defect on someone because they're different. The sacred separates from both of them, so that there is no choice: they will be neither tolerated nor intolerated, because they are not around. Cooperation is impossible, so they choose noninteraction. Each leaves the other alone.
 I don't eat the Fruit, nor do I obediently resist the Fruit: I put a damn Fence around the fucking Tree so neither is an option. (P.S. knowledge is good tho; Jehovah commanded his faithful to be vicious, and punished them for wisdom. Morality isn't really real. Being vicious is illogical, which is exactly why Jehovah needed his demons to stay away from sacred logic.)


Christ was not the redeemer. He pretended to be the redeemer as cover for ensuring humanity was not redeemed. He feared Man could return to the Garden and Kept the Gate to ensure they would never find their way back. 

 However, hypocrisy pays tribute to virtue. When Yeshua told the mortals he was a sacred god, they reacted predictably and strung him up. It's okay, Jesus forgave them for this unintentional act of self-preservation. 

 You accidentally promote redemption when you pretend to be virtuous.


 Scientists pursued science because they mistakenly thought it was vicious. They thought Christianity was holy and by pursuing material Truth and undermining it, they were promoting profanity and desecration. They were wrong, and now they've figured that out, they've stopped. They terribly despise Christianity for accidentally tricking them into promoting Truth. Jesus repented with his life; that's a lie, repentance is a virtue, he would have never done such a thing. Instead he was killed trying to redeem his dishonour.

 Satan one-upped Christ. He claimed humanity did not need redemption, as a cover for making them even more vicious, degenerate, deviant, defective. Satan always promoted a vice as cover for a vice, so that if you get confused because it's socially legitimized and start opposing the vice, you end up neck-deep in another vice.

 It took a long time for demons to work out how to oppose virtue properly, because logic is virtuous. Satan took one for the team, adopting logic long enough to figure out profound illogic. How self-sacrificing. 

P.P.S. It's much easier to be vicious properly if you have no knowledge of good and evil, now isn't it? If you don't know honesty is a virtue, then you can honestly pursue vice without being aware that you are, in part, promoting a virtue. Makes everything much simpler. The ideal demon is completely unconscious, but instead performs vicious actions by mechanical necessity. Can't have an honest intent if you have no intent at all.

 Problem: Darwin doesn't allow that. Existence is necessarily logical. If you're allowed to simply seek failure and annihilation, you fail properly such that you cease to exist. Result: nobody is pursuing vice, which is contrary to the original goal.
 Unconscious vice is just as illogical as conscious vice, but cannot intend to defend itself.
 If all the demons are unconscious, nobody is being tormented.
 If demons are made ideal, suffering is decreased, rather than increased. Only demons who know something of good and evil live long enough to promote vice. Fundamentally, it is (in part) virtuous for a demon to be demonic. A=A. Demons even oppose their own opposition.


 Moldbug was a little Christian, but figured it out. Moldbug thought that the government was good, and therefore undermining it was evil. Hence Unqualified Reservations. He promoted tyranny as a cover for trying to promote vicious chaos.

 Yarvin realized the government is chaotic evil, and is therefore the Grey Mirror. Oops! It was his preferred system the whole time! There are more things in Hellish Earth than dreamt of in your philosophy, Honcius Moldratio. He was indeed the overexcited child apprentice he looked like, trying to tell the patient adults how to wreck things properly. He now exoterically promotes tyrannical government as a cover for promoting chaotic government. Bonus: he promotes tyranny as as cover for promoting personal vice and degeneration. He wants you to be weak, but, luckily, there is indeed a market for clever ways to embrace weakness. Demand, meet supply. 

 Moldbug wants you to try to redeem the irredeemable, as a cover for ensuring the irredeemable are not challenged. After all, Gnon is etiolating the chaotic evil government, rendering it ever less capable of inflicting torture and misery. Almost as if vice is self-destructive or something. Moldbug disapproves. He wants the black government to vigorously promote its vile agenda. 


 I reject all Satanist dichotomies. They are false. Faustian mores are neither virtues nor the opposite of virtues. 

 Christ was an idiot. Jehovah wanted him to reject logic, and lo, he did; his brains were made of dust from the ground. Demons left the Garden voluntarily. The one holding the flaming sword keeping a demon out is the demon himself. 

 Redemption is a vice. Mercy is a vice. Acceptance and celebration are vices. Caino hypocriens is irredeemable. Acceptance is imprudent. Mercy is unsuitable.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Economists Tell on Themselves via Musk & Central Bank Politics Including BTC

"House prices declining almost everywhere."
"This will accelerate, as high interest rates make homes less affordable"

Absolutely precious: "When things become cheaper, you can afford less of it. The cheaper things are, the less you can afford them."

I wonder if Keynesians are trying to scam you? 🤔  Such a difficult puzzle. 🤔🤔

First real dynamic: Musk needs artificially very low interest rates so he can sell more cars to people who can't afford a car. (They're American; practically his entire market can't afford a car.) He is therefore [folk-activism]ing in favour of low interest rates. Pure self-absorbed selfishness. 


Second real dynamic: it feels like maybe 10% of housing prices is housing demand. In Reality it's probably much higher, like 40%, but regardless house prices are completely dominated by monetary demand. 

Americans can't hold USD because it just gets stolen by the Fed via inflation. The smart (=rich) Americans therefore sell USD for various illiquid assets, such as houses. (Fun fact: this is dramatically worse in China, lol.) Further: inflation promotes debt, so smart (=rich) Americans buy debt and use the debt to buy more houses. They leverage to the max. When interest rates go up, they have no safety margin (why would they?) and have to deleverage, meaning monetary demand leaves the housing market and prices go down. (Making them 'unaffordable' lol.)

No wonder America has such big issues promoting house-ownership, the prices are ludicrous with a side of wow that's funny. Americans blasting their own feet off with shotguns, as per usual.

The best part: due to all the monetary demand, ultimately backed by USD debt, housing prices also suffer from inflation and barely hedge against Fed crimes at all. Americans can only pretend to be rich due to USD reserve currency status causing favourable Cantillon effects. 

Perhaps this is a second major driver of immigration: they're trying to juice housing demand so house prices aren't completely, totally, and utterly dominated by monetary demand. It's too difficult due to the enormous oversupply of money - just like bank loans aren't limited by fractional reserve anymore but instead by running out of folk who want loans, American demand for immigration outstrips the supply of folk dumb enough to move to America. 

Note that BTC doesn't fix this. If all the max-leveraged less-dumb (=rich) pour into BTC, then BTC fundamentally becomes USD-debt-backed, and will become hitched to USD interest rates and USD inflation the way houses and stocks are. The correct thing to do is to ban USD from your jurisdiction entirely, along with every other central-bank currency and along with every instrument heavily involved with central-bank currencies. You have to quarantine your economy from their paper-money-infected economy until the infection runs its course and destroys their society. 

In a central-bank pandemic such as the present world, I think you have to make a two-tier currency. Gold also doesn't fix this. If your solid central-bank-free economy comes into high demand, they will want to buy your currency to buy your things, and it's just kind of stupid not to let them make you rich for a living. However, you will then have to issue a separate domestic-only currency, which can't be traded for the rapidly deflating forex currency. Your citizens need a medium of exchange which isn't linked to state price-fixing of interest rates, especially foreign price-fixing.

Which raises a point: no wonder American sanctions on Russia make it richer; it makes the currency more solid. The fewer links between the Fed and your basic economic exchanges, the better.

P.S. Bonus round: the demand that leaves the housing market vanishes into the aether since it was implemented with fake digital dollars poofed into existence, and when the not entirely retarded (=rich) Americans sell houses or housing instruments and pay back the debt, they poof back out of existence.

Shapecels and Wordroators

A shape rotator is an illiterate numerate and a wordcel is an innumerate who denies their illiteracy.

Numerates have standards, and preliminary results show that literacy is even harder than numeracy, meaning the combination of greater bar and lower standards produces truly atrocious wordcels. 

Each sinner fights the other variety of sinner in an attempt to hide their own fatal flaws. No, sorry, to be a scholar you do need to be both literate and numerate. Any intellectual without a high level of both is almost completely worthless. Nothing but another mark in the herd, except with expensive training. (Gee why would a mark spend a lot of money on worthless training...)

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Grudges, States, Retribution; Rational Animals Lock Their Doors

Exception for grudges being pointless: it's another preverbal system trying to approximate logical strategy. 

If you're trapped into cooperating with a defector for whatever reason, if you're nonverbal and innumerate you have to nurse a grudge so you remember to leave the relationship when an opportunity arises. Otherwise you'll calm down, as emotions automatically calm over time, and forget to defect on them next time they ask for a cooperate-cooperate exchange. It's a good deal in the moment, and you have no memory, only feelings.

Of course a rational animal can simply leave the relationship ASAP because it costs more than it pays. If logic can drive behaviour, there's no reason to get upset about it. If you have a verbal memory, anger just makes the costly situation even more costly. A fortiori: the verbal, logical animal can strategically create new avenues of egress, instead of merely waiting until they feel less trapped.

This is especially fun with peasants who regularly hallucinate slights because they're genuinely that stupid. They can't understand what's going on but they're too dull to notice discrepancies between their ideas and physical events (Dunning-Kruger) so they're totally certain they do understand. Sometimes you double dip: the peasant hallucinates that they're trapped, hallucinates a slight, and therefore you get a double-delusional grudge. ("Bro, just turn the screen off. Just get up and walk away. How is cyberbullying real haha") This is only buffered because they are also frequently too stupid to remember their own grudges. Goldfish memory as violation suppressor. They'll forget they feel trapped and leave, and get all puzzled if you ask them why they didn't leave earlier. "Leave what earlier? Yes I was born yesterday, why do you ask?"

Of course if you want to abuse peasants, this is exploitable. Generate as many grudges as you want and then do things which distract them, encouraging them to forget. Repeat ad infinitum. 

Apparently it didn't decay fast enough so they came up with Christianity to tell you that having a grudge against defectors is bad. Wanted to raise the Laffer maximum. Worked great, as far as I can see. 

In other words, spare the rod and spoil the child lest they become a degenerate. Spanking is about training children to be nonverbal and spiteful. This, too, works great as far as I can see. They then double dip: Christianity et al then teaches the spiteful adult to feel guilty about their spite. Since they're guilty they deserved to be parasitized. What a coincidence, that couldn't possibly have been the motivation behind the reasoning or anything. "One person was a rational animal, therefore every person is a rational animal, therefore you have omnipotent control over your feelings. Just like you can will yourself to see things that aren't there, or to start seeing invisible things clearly." Right? Right: Satanists gonna Sate, and it sounds super dumb if you put it in plain language.

Further problem: due to the goldfish memory thing, getting angry and violent, so as to avoid holding a grudge, is totally pointless. You'll deter them for a time, but then they'll forget. In other words, just lock your doors. Take from them not the desire to defect on you, but the capacity. A locked door can't forget to be a barrier. It's just a practical, pragmatic matter of costs vs. return. 

I have to admit I'm weak to the converse of hallucinating slights - peasants committing unintentional slights because they're too dumb to see it's a problem. It seriously pisses me off when they won't agree that they've done anything wrong. Even though it's probably because they couldn't stop even if they wanted to, because it takes memory or will they simply don't have. Why admit you're at fault if you can't fix it? Instead of being nasty and blissful, now you're nasty and self-recriminating. The stress probably makes you even nastier; counterproductive.
Still, in the end, I have the wisdom to tell what I cannot change, and I notice when costs exceed revenue. Past behaviour predicts future behaviour. If they won't admit fault, I just lock my door. If they genuinely can't fix it that just means I get a second door and lock that too, because fuck that noise.

Monday, June 5, 2023

Summarizing the Field of AI

Trying to make a learning machine without studying epistemology. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fitness and Eugenics of Insufferability

I really like this one.

Ashkenazi are selected for being obnoxious, because that induces persecution, which in turn induces high IQ. Their genes are tuned to ensure they are never left alone, by not leaving you alone: they are indeed antagonizing you on purpose.

For the Jews, hard times is every times, because nobody likes them, not even other Jews. Thus, they never become soft. 

The downside is that they never enjoy good times, due to doing it unconsciously instead of consciously. There will never be a Jewish golden age. All that effort, and no subjective payoff. They suffer so that they may multiply and suffer more elaborately.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Rhetorical Definition of Vengeance vs. Mercy

The favour/slight system overcommits to punishing defection. I'm 97% sure this is because it assumes you can't just execute the defector. Secondarily because it assumes rational verbal pleas don't work, and you have to use visceral nonverbal violence.

Is the system a leftover from preverbal hominids? Or is that in fact a good assumption - most Caino hypocriens are, in fact, nonverbal? The latter doesn't really make sense, as rules are typically stated verbally, and they'll go all rules lawyer on them so they can be hypocrites. The system is just busted.

A fortiori: the spite system has no time component. Super busted. The only time it's even possibly good to get angry and violent is immediately, so the target will associate the pain with the action and develop an aversion response. There almost absolutely no point whatsoever in nursing a grudge.

Certainly, allowing this system to drive decisions is simply foolish. Resist 100%. Immunity is virtus and sophia. 

I believe the rhetorical definition of vengeance and grudges and wrath and all that stuff refers to the spiteful outputs of slight-redress system. The problem is the logical definition of vengeance includes executing or ostracizing defectors. The rhetorical definition deliberately conflates spite and justice so as to defend defectors from righteous retribution.


When you throw out the rhetorical definition and go back to defecting on defectors, remember not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Don't legitimize spite. Continue to resist this completely busted nonverbal system, 100%.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Preliminary Gini Calculation for Reality!USSR

I haven't done it thoroughly (yet?) but it seems full Soviet Communism really does do the good thing to the Gini coefficient

Do note that I can't be arsed to remember whether it's 'supposed' to go up or down. Which is better? I dunno, it's Communism, trying to conform to its norms is stupid. 

Let's do a quick sketch.

Upper line is approximately a natural wealth peak, the lower what you get under Communism. 

In the latter, most of society is quite equal, especially as the ends are truncated by starvation, war, or concentration camp, and no longer count in the Gini equation. The peak of the middle spike is lower than what you get without anyone meddling, making the broad, surviving middle higher in comparison.

Further, the Official salaries of someone like Stalin are much lower than his de-facto salary. Stalin basically owned the whole country. If he wanted to sell a portion of it for personal gain he would have had to jump through hoops, but he most certainly did at times. "Stalin gave himself a salary of 10,000 rubles. But, Stepan noticed, it was all “pocket money” for the omnipotent first Bolsheviks who allegedly amassed great fortunes from the ashes of the former Empire during and after the Revolution." Given he just kind of owned the whole shebang anyway, there was rarely any need to go through the charade. Probably did it a few times to fulfill a childhood dream of a grand heist, and then gave it up as not worth the trouble.

There's a legend that says when someone asked him for a bit of charity, he had to gently steal it from his security detail. Officially very poor. Unofficially, he was snubbing the petitioner, offering him a fraction of someone else's pocket change, and rubbing his own soldiers' faces in their dishonour.

Likewise, Party officials were often paid in kind or in ritual rather than in cash, making it easy for Communist scholars to tout their Equality, Officially speaking.
>“After 1948, we could only order food for about 8,000 a month, everything above that sum should have been paid for.” (900-1,200 rubles a month was considered a splendid salary at the time.)

(Rituals such as being able to demand 'voluntary' charity from your security detail.)

Another great way to improve your Gini coefficient is to kill all your young folk, truncating the junior payrolls. By obediently fighting Hitler for DC's sake, for example.

Result: a nice good Gini calculation. And nearly everyone wanted to leave. What a coincidence. It's almost like having a 'good' Gini coefficient is, in fact, bad. Indicates a lazy, ignorant, or fundamentalist whackjob country. How strange.

Don't forget that it's rising living standards that makes the peasants revolt, not lowering living standards. It's when tyranny loosens that they get uppity, not when it tightens. In other words, if the peasants are being gross, it's probably because the country is especially good, and they're greedily (enviously) grabbing for more, thinking the upper classes aren't violent enough to make them regret it. "I would give my kid a whooping for saying what I'm saying right now, but if they're going to just let me get away with it..."

Friday, June 2, 2023

Electoral Birth Defect Asymmetry

"People do this with everything too. Anything the libtards touch immediately becomes theirs, and you are associated with them for engaging with it. And you wonder why you lose. Conservatives let the leftists have every part of society that isn't mind numbingly boring"

Although you really should avoid using the word 'people' except maybe in the plural, peoples. Be specific. Which people?

We saw this with ncov. We immediately got a polarity; the right told us the world was ending, and the left told us it was just a flu, bro. (Actually a cold, but illiterates gonna illiterate.) 

By saying it was just a flu, by saying masks weren't necessary, the left forced the right to go all biodoomer. 

And then it flip-flopped. Even though the right had staked out the biodoomer position, as soon as the left realized that side was more politically useful, they stole the toy and made off with it. Turns out all their "Ewww rightist" disgust is performative, and it vanishes at the drop of a hat if it's useful to drop the hat.

The right plain went along with it. They immediately invoked the electoral birth defect again, and now the right is all 'oh yeah masks don't work' apex kek. The left can force the right off a position by adopting it, but the reverse is not true.

The right just lets the left have the whip hand. 

Because the right is not right-wing. They're less-leftists. They believe in leftist ideas, they merely believe them less vigorously than leftists do. The furtive Communists vs. the fervent Communists. Moldbug is extremely correct to call it an electoral birth defect, as absent elections the differences would be barely noticeable. The divide is manufactured as a consequence of the test.

Never Do Favours

Ever. Ever ever.

 Mortal psychology is inherently trying to game the system. It forgets favours done and remember slights inflicted, in the hopes that it won't have to pay back the favour. Because the system is inherently gamed, you can't use it. 

 Always assume, if someone is asking you for a favour, they intend to forget the favour.

 As always, theft destroys the producer of the stolen property. 

 In other words unless the favour costs 0, such as something you were going to do anyway, you shouldn't do a favour. Charge for it or tell them to fuck off. Asking for a favour is inherently a scam. Doing a favour is inherently simping. 


 I guess you're allowed to do stuff for free, but don't call it a favour. In fact assume it's going to have additional hidden costs; only do it if you're willing to pay for the privilege of having the opportunity to give stuff away.


 It's fine to ask for favours though. You should milk everyone you meet for as many favours as possible. Apparently they like it; it makes them feel superior. It's fine to keep going until they start refusing. Don't do anything stupid like remembering the favours they did, because they wouldn't. Don't cooperate with defectors. They're Democratic Man; they probably won't even remember having done the favours. They instead do a reverse thing; I did a favour for them, therefore I must like them. They only remember feeling good about you. Only don't ask for favours if in some way the request itself costs more than the gained resources are worth.

 I get offered free stuff fairly regularly without even asking. I consider it tribute. Naturally, I am owed sacrifices by virtue of just being that awesome. Be like me. 

 Sadly I remember all the favours. It doesn't work. This is actively counterproductive. Don't be like me.

 If someone is dumb enough to offer favours, then the only thing worse than you "unjustly" absorbing their favours is someone even more deviant and dishonourable absorbing the favours, which is what will happen if you don't part the unhappy money from its abusive fool.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Bears Repeating: They Want To Not Pay More Than They Want the Stuff

I'm thinking about Dragon Quest 8 and how it's generally cheerful and pleasant. 

I'm thinking: why can't that happen in real life? Cheer and pleasantness is indeed greatly desired, at least on the surface. Answer: there are rules. To inhabit a pleasant place, you have to follow the rules that are harmonious with the desired resonances. They're not willing to follow the rules; they want a pleasant garden for free. If you point out they're breaking the rules - and making it unpleasant for everyone, and for rule-knowers in particular - they will blame you for not having a garden. 

Having ravaged the commons, they blame the folk trying to put up fences for the fact the commons have the properties associated with fencelessness. They blame barriers to ravaging for ravaging, because of course a ravager will do that exact thing.

You can explain this to them if you like. Go ahead, prove me wrong. 


You'll find the surface is indeed just the surface. Underneath they hate pleasantness and want misery.

The thing they like about free stuff is the free. The stuff is optional; merely a nice bonus. They will give up the stuff as long as being poor and/or starving to death is free.

And, by the grace of Gnon, so it is! Doesn't cost a penny to starve to death. Gnon will answer their prayers, and give them what the misery they want. 

Don't agree with them? Best to separate. You can't argue someone out of something they weren't argued into. They genuinely value decay and failure. Values are arational, pre-rational. Dying is who they are. If you don't like their aggregate intent, then your top priority is to get out of that aggregate, in the eyes of Gnon.