Friday, July 5, 2024

On the Results of Anti-Immigration Voting

 Due to the pendulum swing, more accurately known as backlash to the predictable overreach, voters are admitting they're anti-immigration.

 Too little, too late.
 If deportation doesn't happen, I will laugh so hard I will die.
 If deportation does happen, the damage you avoid will be caused by something else.

 Decline is the point. Decay is in high demand. Virtue and growth have no demand. Plan accordingly. 

 For example, lets imagine America really does deport everyone. Full rightoid wet dream. What happens? The suburb ponzi schemes all go bankrupt. Massive shock => massive recession. 

 Reminder that being born american puts you a billion dollars in the hole. If you're american and you get up to the billion with a b, you match the life satisfaction you would have had being born a dirt poor dirt farmer provided freedom from americanism. In part this is due to all the immigrants. Not just low-lum races, not just wops and micks & clowns, but krauts. However, the time to prevent this outcome, short of geneva-lol warfare, was 1776. Doing anything about it now is at least as bad as the disease. Stop trying to defibrillate the zombie.

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