Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Prodigies Aren't Great, Experts are Terrible

 "Enfant prodige is a person under the age of 10 who produces meaningful output at the level of an adult expert. Why and how do they happen?"

 It's because most adults suck real bad. The 'adult' 'expert' standard is in fact a very low bar. Anyone with genuine competence can surpass it as a child, because the competing 'adults' are also still children. 

 Most can't responsibly captain a vessel for their entire lives. Future admirals can safely captain a vessel at 16. 

 Most future admirals are held back because everyone is incredibly butthurt about the student surpassing the master. The prodigy has to put in the work, but everyone hates it when they put in the work and it only happens due to accidents and mistakes. Prodigies are rare because there's no point in being a prodigy - you might as well play kickball or whatever until you're old enough to punt the "supervising" "adults" out of your business. 

 This is also how I dunk on entire fields of science, such as game theory, as a lone wolf. Most game theorists aren't even trying to be game theorists. They're merchants pretending to be scholars and have negative interest in scholarship. Hence "bothers to get out of bed in the morning" constitutes a decisive competitive advantage. 

Asuka and Rei as Male Preselection

 Pursuant to my claim that moderns are so feminized that men are using female mating strategies, note that Asuka and Rei aren't particularly hot as anime chicks go. They are popular because they are popular. It has little to do with them and much to do with path-dependence.

 Men are being affected by preselection. Finding chicks hot due to conformity; because other men attest that the chicks in question are hot. Preference falsification cascade.

 Come to think this is a clearer example of how music works. Music is almost fully exosemantic and path-dependent. We all want music to say something about the listener. It doesn't, since it's dominated by herd effects. However, there's some sort of floor. You can't make pure noise popular. How the floor works is not clear.

 With anime chicks, it's very clear. You can't make an old landwhale into a sexual object no matter how preselected she is. If the chick doesn't have some basic cuteness she's not eligible to run. This is also how music works - there's some line under which it doesn't count anymore. We merely have trouble describing the shape and nature of the line.

 It is probable the root cause is soul death. The males in question don't really have sexual preferences. They have no ego. They have to falsify because there's no underlying opinion. At least, nothing more complicated than would/wouldn't. They talk about Asuka to feel included. Superego-mimicry awkwardly trying to copy genuine taste.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Videogames Inherently Anti-Leftist

  "Take note that these people never say the same for Netflix or cable television. The issue with vidya isn't that it's a simulacrum, as they would have you believe. It's that the medium provides recreational experience not littered with propaganda favoring Jews, blown-out roasties"

 Man, it's not even that deep. They're just bad at videogames. If you invite them to play, you'll rip their faces off, so they're trying to ensure you're too "ashamed" of VG to challenge them to a match. 

 Like you can blah blah Egalitarianism blah but mainly it's about trying to win at politics to avoid losing in Mario Kart or CoD. 

 It's extremely embarrassing to lose that badly. "If it's not good for me, I'ma make sure it's not good for anyone." Trying to make you too "ashamed" to enjoy your hobby. Very longhouse. Very leftist. Very politics.

 "Why don't they simply decline the match?" "I don't enjoy VG much." That would be responsible and rightist, of course they're not going to do that. Plus you'll probably call them chicken, you'll be right, and they know you're right.

Buddhism is Basically Christianity

 The dire ape or grassmonkey is a species of children of Satan. In the West worship of lies takes the form of Christianity. In the East, it's Buddhism.

 Occidental Satanism does this clever political thing where it forms two camps of Satanism and has them fight, so that each constitutes a trap for anyone who notices they should reject the other. False dichotomies where each horn of the dilemma is merely a different flavour of Rebellion against Existence per se. Christianity vs. Atheism. Black government vs. a dogma of lawlessness. Submission vs. lack of discipline. Police-State terrorism vs. anarcho-tyranny.

 Oriental Satanism is blunt and unsophisticated. "You don't have a body. You don't have feelings. You don't apprehend anything and all your decisions are wrong." Turns out all the high-society intellectuals who claim that consciousness doesn't exist were plagiarizing Mahayana. (With poor comprehension, as is normal for plagiarists.) 

 The above are the five "skandhas" put into plain language. Theravada is a little more veiled while under Mahayana the scolding denial becomes downright crude.

 Here in Reality, imperfection is superior to perfection. And impermanence is a divine gift - without it, all your mistakes would be eternal. Here in Reality, desire is one of the core life-forces of the cosmos. Desire leads to growth. Lack of desire leads to death, to nonexistence. 

 The skandhas are simply a decent (if basic) science-like account of the existence stack, as long as you strip off the putrid superstition. 

 "If there is nothing but the 5 kandhas and that is all a being is, liberation is impossible." https://nitter.unixfox.eu/GraniRau/status/1705419520150556786 Conquest #1 failure - left his lane, immediately became lost. If there was something beyond the 5 skandhas it would be fundamentally identical to the skandhas. Consciousness is just what having and existence is like. Having a body is plain what interacting with other consciousnesses is like. Liberation is impossible because liberation is unnecessary - you are already free. "Needing" liberation is cope. 

 The actual source of suffering is delusion. Such as the idea you need liberation. The idea that anyone is suppressing you except you yourself. If you're a horrible peasant doomed to backbreaking, degenerating labour and then death, then turning to Buddhism is choosing to perpetuate this suffering, out of cowardice and sloth. There is no solution except to properly grasp the "impermanent" world and deal with the "base" or "fallen" considerations that physically cause this "undeserved" suffering.

 Stuff being impermanent or the opposite of Plato's forms is rather obviously luxury propaganda. "Hue hue I can afford to ignore mere material considerations (because I'm already filthy rich)." Except this is anti-class signalling, because it means the "luxury" signaller has to care about what the filthy peasants think. Self-refuting. They have to signal callous distance because they're fully entwined with the pauper class. Satanic Satanism.

 You never step in the same river twice? Perhaps, depending on exactly how you define [river]. However, if you step in a river, it's always permanently true that at that moment you stepped in that river. (Haha, oops - oh wait that lie wasn't an error.) The Atman is whatever actually happened. Impermanence is itself a type of permanence - in other words, these words are dumb and you shouldn't use them, they're merely aids to confusion and delusion. 

 Lol @ this koan: "All things are impermanent, including impermanence." I guess we're not suffering then, lol. Impermanence must have already failed to maintain itself by now. 

 Buddhism wants you to reject growth as 'impermanent' and the 'source of all suffering' and instead, like a coward, embrace decay. Buddhism is inherently dishonourable. The only question is whether Siddhartha's teachings were (instantly) corrupted or whether the 'saint' himself was a genuine paragon of suicidal corruption. Was he a weak failure, or did he attempt to worship falsehood and succeed brilliantly?

 Nirvana is a fancy trick name for nonexistence and annihilation. It really is just suicide for folk too squeamish to knife themselves in the wrist. Nirvana is the solution for folk who want to betray their own body and betray themselves, but can't otherwise muster the will to pray "be not" to Gnon. 

 I suppose Buddhism constitutes a solution to narcissism. (Don't forget Satan was portrayed as arch narcissist.) Quarantines the sewage sacks away from less-indecent folk. However, this "solution" requires a bunch of lying, and is thus Satanic. Thus cancerous, incidentally - ref, Tibet. Ye shall indeed know them by their fruits.

 The correct solution to narcissism is execution. Saves everyone a whole lot of trouble. Narcissism is a capital crime. If the child can't take care of themselves despite reaching an adult age, they have failed. Incarnate that failure sooner, rather than making them pester less-indecent folk until someone snaps.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Heavenly Coincidence

 >Satan executed in 2022

 >Israel existentially threatened in 2023




 My personal theology theory: Jehovah was indeed a close relative of Satan, but was ultimately a local or Earthbound spirit. The Muslims would call him a desert djinni if they understood his true nature. After exposure to Protagoras et al via Plato, the Jews swapped from venerating Jehovah to worshipping Satan. The latter successfully claimed much higher honours, after all. This means the story of Genesis as told in modern versions is true - Satan stole Jehovah's garden gnomes. The rest of the books lie when they claim the Jews are trying to return to Jehovah. After Genesis all instances of LORD or what have you refer to Satan. 

 Jehovah might still be bumming around in that desert. I dunno what happened to him. If you care, then go look personally. 

 Reminder that healthy deities have no reason to claim tranches of mortals, not even especially zealous ones. The deity has things you want but outside very special cases you have nothing the deity can't do for himself. If some deity wants to claim you it's likely they have a hole in their brain-equivalent.

Force vs. Resistance

 Moldbug accidentally made a concrete prediction. Is the Regime motived by thumos, or malice? If it's thumos, then when their power is secure they should calm down. Make a victory lap maybe, and then take a rest. Perhaps focus on in-fighting and leave poor innocent Americans alone. If instead they're motivated by malice, when freed of obstacles, they will double down, spending every spare cent on dissipation. 

 Are Transgressives well-meaning, but scared? At worst, selfish yet empathetic folk trapped by a vicious system they don't know how to escape? Shall we take pity on those afflicted with chronic kinglessness?

 Consider the last three years. 

 Do they pursue Impact to demonstrate to their rivals that they have force? Is thumos a healthy appetite, nourishing to the soul? 

 Or, is the resistance the point? Is thumos a degenerate addiction, little more than suicide with extra steps?

 The best part is this: despite everything, democracy works. Americans get the representatives and rulers that they deserve. Americans themselves are malicious, and as is meet, their leaders are paragons of maliciousness. 

 Americans could just take their kids out of school. They could recognize the school board as wholly corrupted by strange, hostile foreigners, and keep their kids away from it. Problem: they are not foreigners. They are not strange. 

 The point of school is that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. American parents want to torture and maim their own kids, but can't bring themselves to do it, so they farm out the function to distant allies. The intentionally-unknown allies do it where the parents can't see and can't feel obligated to stop them. If Americans take their kids out of school, where will they get their torture demand satisfied? Withdrawal simply isn't a viable strategy. 

 Parents aren't upset about woke grooming in school. They're upset that it's not staying behind closed door. They're upset that they have to hear about it. They're upset that the illusion of virtue has been compromised.

 Biden is the accelerationist option. There is no point where Americans 'wake up' because they're already fully awake. (If a bit dim even at the best of times. Should have made an illusion of virtue to cover tranny grooming, then implemented further grooming, rather than trying to jazz it up on the fly.) Candidates like Biden move up the collapse appointment. The moment when Americans are violently overrun by, at best, a less virulent species of evil. All Empire commits suicide.  

 Render unto Caesar, slaves. All reject the gods, except the divinity of Satan. All have embraced parasitic, shameful, traitorous black government.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Competency Crisis is Real

 I ended up at the Costco wikipedia page.

 I started thinking about how nobody could found Costco today since nobody knows how to find grocery suppliers, how to build a warehouse, or even how to go about buying a warehouse design.*

 Today I found out all the US military subcontractors are gutted. Lockheed et al can't get the parts.** Turns out sin pays death in wages, who knew.

 Remember the snake rots from the head down. America is basically a set of legacy systems that happen to be fetched up against one another. It's not a freestanding structure.

*Warehouses have lights. Do you know what kinds of lights you can buy? What are the options, and what are their tradeoffs? Who does the signs? All custom work, I might add. They can't debug by trial-and-error the way retail does, it's bespoke.
 What's it like living in Morocco? Not only do moderns not know about stuff, they don't even know about people, except the infinitely fake, manipulative, political simulacra constructed by broadcast media.

**Luckily Lockheed has paid the proper bribes and doesn't suffer penalties for tiny things like catastrophically failing to uphold its contractual obligations. That sort of thing is for little people.

Women Really Would Kill Men for Hitting on Them Wrong

 ...but they don't understand homicide, so it doesn't really count. 

 Yes, a woman would absolutely kill you for hitting on her when she doesn't want you to, to prevent you ever doing it again. However, she doesn't understand the value of life - even if it's her own kid, she still doesn't understand, because she puts it too high. 

 A man at least vaguely knows that if you kill someone a) he might fight back, you might lose and b) you're apt to start a blood feud, the rest of their family* is like to come after you. There are costs that must be paid, so it shouldn't be done on a whim.

*(Unless Anglo.)

 Women think killing a man is free, they just realize they can't even though they want to.

 You can try to explain it to a woman, but it's all "What would you feel like if you hadn't eaten breakfast this morning?" 

 "What would you feel like if someone killed your son for flirting wrong?" "But my son would never flirt with me - he's my son." Absolutely can't even. 

 Generally, this is in fact more correct. You should indeed value the lives of strangers at approximately 0. However, women make it a narcissist moral imperative. "I don't value this life, therefore nobody is allowed to value this life." To a woman, [stranger] is an absolute term, not a relative term.

 This is one of the ways to sell 'patriarchy' to women. Strange men stop them from having random annoying men killed - oppression!!!!1!! See? "He tried to stop me from killing this nervous nerd! That rapist!" Anti-homicide laws are immoral violence. Of course very few women are dumb enough to admit this reasoning out loud. It's one of the reasons feminism sounds so dumb - they're just lying, and making stuff up on the spot is not exactly a core competency. 

 In a woman's mind, men are of course omnipotent. They can't afford thinking more complex than [more powerful = all powerful]. (And not coincidentally [less powerful = completely powerless]. Binary thinking.) They think men could make a world where women could kill failed casanovas, and men aren't doing it out of sheer misogynistic spite. Most of the time they don't even understand the awkward flirt is still strong enough to kill her himself if he really wants to.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Blackpill II

 Whitepillers need life on easy mode. They are weak. There's no difference between the whitepill and the safe space. Whitepillers think they are going to be filtered and should be. 

 Worse: life is already on easy mode. Whitepilling is beyond sad. 

 It seems the problem is inability to make decisions. If they're not ordered to do it, they can't do it. Since it's pre-determined that they're not doing anything about it, why not complain if they're not being made to feel good about it?

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Months are Dumb

 Have 13 months, exactly four weeks long, starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. Insert a new month in there somewhere. Have new years day be its own non-week day, which adds up to 365. Leap years have two new years days. 

 Did all the metric nonsense and didn't fix the calendar. 

 Also end the year on the solstice, wtf. "Yeah uh the year re-starts a random day a little over a week after the solstice." Charitably can call it sloppy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Government Desecrates Temples

 Since black government is inherently profane, the temples either have to denounce the government, or denounce the gods. In Athens, they denounced the gods. Which is where you get Christianity, which stops with wink-wink nudge-nudge and simply denounces the divine directly. Goes all Orwellian black = white and white = black. "Render unto holy Caesar was is holy Caesar's." 

 Then you get Atheism proper. "Why bother with this fig-leaf devil-god? Denounce all higher powers, that we might worship the State alone." 

 The gods did not abandon humanity, humanity abandoned the divine. Holiness was disinvited. Consequently, aristocracy was underpaid and quit. A higher human is too much like a higher power - it has to go. 

 Ultimately, life itself will be denounced. To be alive is to be symbolically conscious and animate, to symbolically Exist. Far too divine. It will have to go - life contradicts government.

Monday, October 23, 2023

Women Can't Responsibility

 Well over 90% of women are so retarded they can't follow the chain of cause and effect. It appears to be a focus issue. If you claim that A implies B, they lose concentration partway through 'implies.' They've stopped paying attention to what you're saying and are deeply interrogating how it makes them feel. Largely based on tone of voice and body language.

 For a woman, stuff just happens. Then, other stuff just happens. The present stuff is far too emotionally overwhelming to leave room for anything that happened before. They can't handle anything more complicated than stimulus-response. All the superstitious [if you run a fan while you'll sleep, you'll die] stuff is memorized by rote, which is why it never makes any sense. Even when there's a genuine harm to avoid, they can't understand how B is linked to A. Frequently they're not articulate enough to even understand what they're warning against, all they appreciate is "X is bad!" Anything bad that happens later is also bad, so they basically said the right thing, right? They can just about handle the idea of nebulous karma.

 You should applaud them for understanding that events are linked at all. "Good girl!" Don't expect them to actually link the right things together.

 Women genuinely can't appreciate that their current situation might have something to do with their past situation. By the time you juxtapose the two in their minds, they get distracted by something and go chasing squirrels.

 Ironically, boys get the ADHD meds because they're concentrating too much. The girls forget the old topic - but confuse the new topic as related - while the boys are still thinking about the old topic. The boys are staying on the trail while the girls are wandering off into the weeds and picking random flowers.  "when the bell rings I insist that they stop whatever it is that we've been working on and proceed quickly to the next work station." When the teacher says 'stay on topic' they mean [get lost with everyone else] and [stop revealing our absurd cope by contrast].

 "Everything I teach is out of context. I teach the un-relating of everything. I teach disconnections. I teach too much [....] What do any of these things have to do with each other?"

 "Even in the best schools a close examination of curriculum and its sequences turns up a lack of coherence, full of internal contradictions." 

 "This is harder to see in elementary school where the hierarchy of school experience seems to make better sense because the good-natured simple relationship of "let's do this" and "let's do that" is just assumed to mean something and the clientele has not yet consciously discerned how little substance is behind the play and pretense."

 Gatto fails to understand the natural result of women designing and implementing the curriculum. He was a boy and thought girls think like boys - in the same way girls are absolutely certain that boys are just girls who are bad at being girly. "they hate solitude, are cruel, materialistic, dependent, passive, violent, timid in the face of the unexpected, addicted to distraction." Well-schooled children, or default women?

 After all, accepting that girls are girly is misogynist. Someone like Gatto would never be caught being mean like that. 

 Best to realize well over 90% of girls never grow out of the play and pretense. Unlike the boys, they never assumed there was some mysterious underlying meaning - they were getting too emotional about the immediate present to handle any such stretch or reach. The only connection that matters is the connection of current topic and current feelings. 
 If you're pissed at a girl try asking her how her sentences are linked and watch her flail around in frustration. "What does this have to do with what you said just a moment ago?" Pretend you really don't know. She will fail because it genuinely doesn't have anything to do with it.

 "Think of the great natural sequences like learning to walk and learning to talk; following the progression of light from sunrise to sunset; witnessing the ancient procedures of a farmer, a smithy, or a shoemaker; watching your mother prepare a Thanksgiving feast -- all of the parts are in perfect harmony with each other, each action justifies itself and illuminates the past and the future."

 In her proper environment, a woman's sequences are imposed on her from outside. You can't teach a kid to run before they walk even if you wanted to. It happens on its own. You can't have a ten-year-old before having an eight-year-old. It's not up to her, and it's not up to you either. All she needs to know is to feed them when they're hungry and clothe them when they're naked. She doesn't understand why she's cooking the thanksgiving turkey that way, that's [the way it's always been done] (lol). Just following the recipe. (Are family recipes the result of husbands tweaking the girl's cooking so it doesn't suck? Will girls experiment at all without specific prompting?) You don't want a woman to concentrate too much because children's needs can and will interrupt irregularly, without warning. If she gets troubled by interruptions, she's a terrible mother.

 For an example, Akuyaku Reijo nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita. The conversations don't flow. The events are barely coherent. But it's okay, because shoujo. Keeping a plot in mind is too difficult for the poor dears' bird brains. Just have stuff happen.  

 (I especially like the part where it reveals that women think of any other woman who oppose her slightly as a terrifying evil mastermind, full of malice focused on the victim specifically and solely. Frenemies have to apologize to each other constantly to soothe the paranoia. Don't forget women are clumsy and awkward, frequently causing effects they don't intend. I suspect women's media drastically overstate the effectiveness of their ridiculous scheming - it's usually cope about these accidents, when the woman thinks it's better to confess to wrongdoing than admit to incompetence.)


 Women can't remember what happened before without specific prompting, and can't appreciate that the present moment might imply a particular future. She can't keep her promises because she can't remember the promise for more than a few seconds. Trying to hold a woman responsible is futile cruelty. Don't demand masculine honour, demand feminine submission. Stop her from doing the thing in the first place, regardless of her opinion. Maybe use locks. Maybe use operand conditioning. If she's being difficult and requiring illegal levels of force, dump her immediately. "Too bad, that one was a dud." Hunter tribes hit their wives and not their kids - this is indeed the way. If she hasn't evolved beyond monkey-adjacent, then consider not putting up with her. Perhaps consider a different furnace for your seed. "Sorry, marrying you was outlawed. Bye now."

 You can't leave women alone with strange men because they will genuinely forget that they have a husband. Why would they stay faithful to someone who, in that moment, doesn't even exist? Genuinely impossible. It really isn't her fault, she really does either need a chaperone or to be denied entry into mixed-gender spaces.

 Is that what the ring's for? She gets in the habit of glancing at it, and then this happens: "Hey dipshit, you're married." "Oh fuck I forgot." You want a diamond because it's likely to sparkle and attract her birdbrain even if she breaks the hand-looking habit. Actual appearance of the stone is distinctly secondary. This, likewise, is the real reason adulteresses take the ring off: it's not that it discourages the kind of men they're after, it's because it reminds them they're supposed to feel guilty, and then they stutter. 

 "You're not wearing your ring." "I'm not a woman, I'm not going to forget I have a family."

 I now suspect this is why women demand so much attention. Rather, she's demanding that you capture her attention, so she doesn't forget about you on accident. She can't focus on you unless you make her, and consequently, if she wants to focus on you, she has to demand that you make her. You want to go along with her so she doesn't genuinely start thinking she's single.

 Lots of women still drink during pregnancy. Because they forget they're pregnant. Or forget alcohol is a poison.

 From this I conclude almost all fiction is highly feminized. Nobody can remember to continue a conversation if they're distracted. Characters about to say something that would make the writer's job not completely trivial? Don't worry, dingaling there's your phone, and bam it's out your head forever like the most airheaded girl. (Can parallelize: writer A writes scene A, writer B writes scene B, but doesn't have to worry about continuity because there isn't any.)

 This is why you can pass most shit tests by mentioning something emotionally valent. They'll forget all about the test to focus on the now. It doesn't have to make sense because, even if she remembers the test, she can't tell the difference between sense and nonsense. If you tell her fire is hot because the recombination of atoms into lower-energy configurations releases energy into the environment or fire is hot because scorpio is friends with sagittarius, it makes exactly the same amount of sense to her - none. All that matters is that you say it confidently in a non-feminine voice. Sometimes she can fake a bullshit call when there's a strict social expectation, which often fools many. It would be better for everyone if she wasn't allowed to pretend to understand things she doesn't understand, because lies are bad. Mmmkay?

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Platonic Currency: The Hour Coin

 You can immediately see the superiority by contrasting debt-backed currency with labour-backed currency. The mint would strike a coin and use it to pay for exactly one hour of labour. Likely it would inflate the currency until it was one hour of unskilled labour. If it tried to inflate it any more than that, even labourers won't agree to work for a full hour in exchange for a coin, and the mint won't be able to strike any coins.

 Result: all prices are now denominated in hours of unskilled labour. You can see at a glance how much work goes into any retail good. Further if you want e.g. help moving, there's an obvious Schelling point. You know exactly how much you owe them. Can't argue that the hour of time was worth less than an hour coin.

 Naturally this is impossible under Fascism. It also reveals exactly how much more you're worth per hour than a labourer. If you're getting paid five hours per hour...well, now you know. If you can't even get someone to agree to pay you a full hour per hour....well, now you know. Can't fudge the hierarchy.

 Since there's a natural inflation/deflation buffer, if someone forces inflation anyway, you can watch e.g. a candy bar be worth ten hours of labour. The violence becomes revealed to the intuition. Absent fraud and graft, economic growth must show up in falling prices.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Speech is Property, Not Free

 Someone has to pay for the speech. On Twitter, advertisers pay for speech. As such, there is not only every reason to fail to protect ad-unfriendly speech, it's actively profitable to ban it. If no possible advertiser would want to print ads next to your tweet, then it's a pure drain on the platform and every moderator knows this. 

 An ad-funded platform is a way to promote advertising speech. Naturally advertisers have a very low demand for truth on the best of days.

 Why should advertisers have to pay for your speech, anyway? Ad-funded = communist. Pay for your own, deadbeat. 


 I assume the ADL is simply an arm of the CIA. Advertisers listen to it because they know that if they don't, the big guns will come out. All they'll do is piss it off and get the Gab treatment. 

 Have to suppress speech using a ""private"" entity to avoid 1st-a lawsuits. Your communism constitution in action. Quis custodiet? Who decides what's private and what isn't? Hey look it's not the supremes, oops.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Ancestor Worship vs. Lucifer & Original Sin

  When Lucifer was administrator of the place, he wasn't anyone's ancestor. Monkeys were the ancestors. Basically, he was a meddler. It seems when Christians blame Earthly Original Sin on Lucifer, they're not entirely wrong. He invented bureaucracy. "If I'm principled enough, it will make up for the fact I don't care about the folk I'm caring for." In case it wasn't already obvious, he proved that it doesn't.
 You can imagine it would have worked out better if he was more responsible and openly enslaved the proto-humans, except that spiritually speaking, slavery is impossible. Free will is an omnipotent law. A cosmic dao principle.
 If the Nephilim story is sufficiently true, then Lucifer noticed the problem and tried to solve it...by having sex with folk he wasn't in love with. Not exactly a knowledge god, our Lucifer.

 The other problem: husband and wives deserve each other. Lucifer sinned against Humanity because Humanity, even before he descended, deserved to be sinned against. Original Sin was merely a lower spiritual reality coming into harmony with a higher, truer spiritual reality. 

 The moral of the story: even if someone deserves to be sinned against, you should avoid sinning against them if you can. Lucifer died as a result of playing along. Don't be like him; bro was supposed to be immortal, what do you think will happen to you? Satan was insane to accept the punisher's role, and he would have driven himself insane if he wasn't already; his outcome was execution.

 Gotham doesn't deserve a hero, nor should you try to be the hero it needs right now.

 P.S. Secular Humanism could be responsible: it could raise temples to specific living humans. However, this would interfere with Envy worship, so...

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Solution: Ancestor Worship

 Your ancestors have some reason to care about you. A genuine higher power has no reason to care about you. You would have better luck worshipping a pop star. If you worship a random higher power you're just as much of a creepy stalker as someone worshipping a pop star, but... Raise a temple to Billie Eilish, because she can at least farm publicity by answering your prayers. Assuming a higher power even notices you, then you rank as a gnat or an ant. A nuisance.

 I get to be a real priest, as opposed to a mere shaman or druid, because a higher power has a family-like relationship to me. Amusingly I'm a genuine god-botherer, but I get pestered just as much back. "If you hear them you're crazy." Maybe for some of you. You think Earthly inequality is bad? If only you knew...

 Why is proselytizing a sin? The power is not your ancestor. And if they are, you can and should introduce yourself; it's none of my business. In other words if my granny is nice to me it doesn't mean I should let you try to annoy her into giving you free stuff.


 Of course Englishmen et al can't worship their ancestors either, because they all hate their families and are hated right back. 

 I suppose, if Descartes and I are right, there is a higher power who is ancestral to everyone. However, you can't contact them from here. If you don't already have strong contact with a higher power, there's nobody who can serve as a courier. Deistic worship is a waste of time, so...

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Extreme Feminization 1856

 Tocqueville notes that the English don't mean the things they say.

 The synthesis finally hit me: you're not supposed to listen to the words, only the vibe. It's emotionally or directionally true, and the specific denotations don't matter.

 A woman having initiative is often bad. She might interfere with what her man is trying to do. Many Y-chroms have experienced this with a woman 'tidying' a workspace. Likewise, since women are mainly supposed to be doing what the nearest man told them, they have little need for specific communication. A general portrayal of mood is plenty. She doesn't have to be a fluent speaker, only a fluent listener. 

  In other words, as of 1856, Englishmen were already Englishwomen. I expect it was mainly a deliberate attempt to suppress initiative. Further: the initial driver of fertility suppression was lack of men with which to seek impregnation.

Ethics Classes are Pornography

 The ethics class is basically a blind date. A way for hybristophiles to meet the criminals that make them so wet. 

 As with many female-facing social rituals, the way to pass is to fail the right way, and you fail if you pass normally. 

 The topic is ethics solely because the poor dumb fmoids need the suitors to focus specifically on rule-breaking or they won't be able to tell. Have to turn the gain on the signal all the way up.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Style Guide: Abrahamic => Atheist

 What separates the so-called pagan from the non-pagan is that the Abraham follower is an atheist, and the pagan is not an atheist. 

 As such the correct term for the desert ideologies is the [atheist religions].

Monday, October 16, 2023

Collapse Rightists Aren't Hierarchical, Venerable Bede Edition

 "The Venerable Bede, in the eighth century, was also rightly considered the most learned man in Europe; his idea of a hard problem was determining the date of Easter."

 Today, the most learnéd men are consumed with attempting to find a definition of [woman]. The difference is that the learning still exists. They could learn. They simply choose not to, and their audience chooses not to demand better.

 "It was becoming progressively easier to become the most learned Man of one's time."


 Who is more learnéd than you? Who is above you in the hierarchy? Don't tell me - tell him. 

Strange Ideological Flow

 "Most christian moral posturing I'd based on common morality that is then projected onto the Bible. Just ask them about slavery."

 "People really do just make up morality, it's based more on commonly held feelings and ideas than any religious text"

 This gives the impression that the culture comes first and the Bible comes second. They do a [read into] for whatever they want and ignore what's inconvenient. Used as post-hoc justification for decisions already made.

 "[...]Zechariah is the most interesting one because it spells out Jewish rule over gentiles and Christians really avoid it because it contradicts their theology."

 Except...uh...do they avoid it?
 They worship a book.
 The book says to place israelites over them.
 At no point is this particular part of the covenant contradicted or otherwise lifted.
 They spend enormous effort making a society which at least appears to put israelites into all positions of power.

 Quite the coincidence, isn't it? You're not a coincidence theorist or anything, are you?

 I'm a coincidence theorist. It's not like that's the only coincidence. Render unto Caesar... Same way all Woke moral precepts come straight from the new testament. The problem with stuff like Christianity and Buddhism is that, despite the fact nearly everyone is illiterate and huge numbers are functionally non-verbal beasts, they do in fact end up following the written ideology. 

 The slavery thing is of course about how the mountains will be laid low, the rough places smoothed, and the low places raised up. It only looks like the book doesn't address it if you're autistic.

 The mechanism that transmutes dead paper into living stupidity is sufficiently mysterious. Nevertheless, we don't need to know the mechanism to, you know, know them by their fruits. 

 Despite everything, you can in fact own a gun in the United States. Normally you can even shoot someone with it - though it's far from perfectly safe and of course the process is the punishment. Most who catch a murder charge trying to self-defend are low-status or otherwise deserve it. There was even a period of reverse-ratchet, where Cthulu swam right.

 As curious as the abyss. Nevertheless, the pattern is undeniable.

 0. Speak the truth. 1. Believe the truth. Imagine someone wrote down these commandments? What if there was a constitution which exalted the power of property rights? Wouldn't that be even more curious?

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Penalty for Lawful Protest

 "What's the penalty for a peaceful protest?"

 "Life in prison."

 "What's the penalty for insurrection?"

 "Life in prison."

 In China, this lead to a military coup.

 In America....

Precision: Law of Anti-Progressive Stereotype Accuracy

 Stereotypes in general have a spotty record. It's only [stereotypes the Regime goes out of its way to try to discredit] that have essentially 100% accuracy. 

 Which makes sense retrospectively. It's only accurate stereotypes that could possibly be threatening. Politicians aren't going to waste their time crafting propaganda against stereotypes nobody can use against them.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Porn Supply Means Mental Illness

 That porn exists at all suggests a deadly illness has already been contracted. 

 Live action porn => prostitutes. Why are you paying for some other man to bang the prostitute for you. WTF. Answer: if you have any taste, let alone good taste, you're not. Porn whores are ugly af. If you would a porn star, even for $50 or less, reconsider your life choices. (These hags need some poor chud to be married off early to, before they turn to selling tricks. Execute them both if she cheats on him.)

 Porn drawing is basically fine as consumption. Minor vice. Minimal costs, minor benefit, i.e. sage mode. The problem: it shouldn't be cheap.

 Drawing porn is a huge investment. Large cost. However, the benefit is just as small for the artist as it is for the man of culture. Porn artists should demand large payments, heavily restricting supply. They normally don't - and as long as free hentai sites exist, you definitely shouldn't pay out. This means they're crazy. Severe mental illness. 

 Pornography is a huge problem on the supply side, not the demand side. Further, it's a symptom, not a cause. If you have porn to try to avoid, you a'ready dun fukt up. It's too late, and self-flagellation is not a way back. 

 By contrast, drugs are a problem on the demand side. You can't sell drugs to healthy folks with friends and family. They cost too much. If there's demand for drugs it's because yah a'ready dun fukt up.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Feminists Encourage Rape

 According to feminists, 70% of rapes are unreported. Never mind how many are prosecuted.

 That means rape is basically safe. If you're into it, go ahead and rape a bitch, there's no reason not to. You won't be reported, and if you're reported, you won't be caught.

 Feminists tell you that the solution is 'raising awareness' in other words, the only possible solution is asking the potential rapist to kindly maybe don't. 

 If you decline, they have no recourse. Oops, at least they tried.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 In other news: "Women contributed more than half the calories in forager societies."
 "So you're telling me it's lindy for the woman to work and the man to sit at home twiddling the xbox? K. Message received."

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Drop Newspapers not Porn

 Stop reading Steve Sailer. Forget Tucker Carlson exists. Nothing short of tanks on Harvard's lawn is worth pursuing. If someone starts talking about race, ask them 'genocide when' and if they're not fedposting, block.

 Anything news-adjacent is dramatically more harmful for you than porn. It's rather obvious that the politics-brains want to blame porn so you don't notice porn is a cigar and twitter is crack cocaine cut with crystal meth. 

 Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Don't try to quit porn before you quit politics. 

 Nonserious NPCs can't take themselves seriously. They know that sending your kid to school means immersing them in the Regime for ~60h a week, but think it's okay to send themselves to journalist-land, immersing themselves. Why? Because NPC. They don't have beliefs, they have professions and habits. The habits aren't going anywhere.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

When 'muh efficiency' Matters

 What's the difference between Hero's engine and Watt's? Efficiency. Watt's engine paid for itself, in a way Hero's couldn't. 

 Accounting. It matters, bitches. 

 Stuff like hot superconductors put options in the money. It makes stuff we could already do inexpensive enough to be worth doing.

 Without decent lathes, Hero's Greeks couldn't make decent pistons without an ungodly amount of work. Without coal, they would have to be wood-fired. Chopping down the tree and transporting the wood to the engine by hand would have consumed as much energy as the wood supplied. Mining coal is dramatically easier. If you have to use wood in the absence of rails and the absence of huge draft horses, you might as well do the work by hand in the first place. It's not that Hero couldn't have made a Watt engine, it's that it wasn't worth the hassle. Because muh efficiency.

 Another example: it's not that we can't mine from asteroids. It's that the metal would be ten or more times as expensive as terrestrial metal. It would be difficult to avoid consuming more metal during the trip than you can haul back. There's no reason to bother. 

 Further example: why did Newton and Leibniz both discover calculus? The need for calculus came up for everyone at the same time. It's not that the Babylonians couldn't have come up with differential calculus, it's just that it wasn't worth the hassle. They had nothing to use it on.

Monday, October 9, 2023

Slaves Drive Cars

 Every road for cars is a slum. Filthy, built of the cheapest possible materials, almost certainly pitted, cracked, and the paint is peeling or flaking.

 It's full of judgmental and micromanaging signs. Every inch of road is painted with nanny lines carrying the full force of the so-called law. They are not exactly hints. Karen lines apparently chosen for the ugliest possible colours.

 Did you know it's just as illegal to drive under the speed limit as above? You must be going exactly 45 at all times. Technically stop signs are illegal since you can't accelerate and decelerate instantly. You have to break the speed limit to respect them.

 If you fail to conform, if you don't drive exactly the same way as everyone else, all the other drivers will instantly freak out. Drifting, spins, off-road? lol. Apex kek.

 Even if you're on a car-commercial mountain road with no other drivers, your options are: drive, or drive faster. What are gonna do, drive backwards? The machine itself is a straightjacket. If you're a real rebel you can drive in the other lane. Blind corners aside, who even cares? It doesn't matter.

 Cars are for slaves.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Twitter Rightists Worst Affected

 The Hamas attack on Israel has precipitated a hilarious ""right"" wing schism. 

 We have the "racist" "white nationalist" "Hitlerite" camp that's pro-Israel because *checks notes* brown people bad.

 Then we have the passivist "violence good" (but I still won't) who are pro-Palestine. 

 Note that Biden has recently been giving money to Iran, like Obama did. Because the Jews are in charge...or something...


 The friend-enemy distinction camp can't even tell who their friends are, never mind their enemies. Slaves gonna slav. 

 Nevertheless, the even is a great check of my principles. "Not my Israel, not my business." 

 A bunch of idiots I don't care about are doing idiotic things to other idiots I don't care about. 

 Maybe if they weren't so idiotic I would consider being less uninvolved. 

 The only thing I did wrong was hear about it at all. 

 In other news some journalists are already going all "Rapidly devolving into WWII!!!!!1111!!1!" so it looks like this is ultimately a nothingburger. Iran will successfully negotiate to keep the status quo, over 85% likelihood. Watch out for the WWIII talk getting goldish-memory-holed, then armies across the world may have something to worry about.

The World is Just and You Suffer Because You're Not

 The solution is to give up treachery.

 The solution to what? Generally, the answer is yes. 

 The way to get a virtuous world is trivial. Stop lying about it. You can have a peaceful world. Or a bloodsport ring on every street corner. Whatever - the point is it's not up to me. All you have to do is stop trying to get allies via deception. 

 Just tell them who you are and what you're about. Have them tell you who they are and what they're about. Then negotiate an agreement. Or fight a war, if no agreement exists. Fight the war and get it over with - don't try to 'forgive' or 'coexist' with folks who refuse to negotiate and want to destroy everything you love. (Generally for kicks.) 

 There's some reason this hasn't already been tried. Most probably it's because the default human is incapable of true love, and exists solely to hunt down everyone who does love so as to destroy their loved ones. If all these folk honestly admit they crave nothing but treachery, they will have nothing to do. They will realize the folk they're betraying are only fighting back out of boredom - the 'victims' don't love what they're defending, they were merely betrayed first.

 However, we can imagine a world beyond the final war, by assuming the above paragraph is wrong. Everyone who can't agree to negotiate an agreement is dead, and consequently there's nothing to fight about. 

 Although, again, the point is that if you want blood sports, nobody can tell you otherwise. Even if you want to scale up the blood sport to the size of an army. Imagine sports betting but you bet whole cities. 

 Naturally, when a new traitor polity arises, it will try to pretend to agree. It would take some dedication to test them to find out if the final war needs to be re-litigated. Not very much, though. Success in testing is guaranteed as long as nobody quits out of laziness. 

 I mention this stuff primarily because, once it has occurred to you, it becomes painfully obvious whenever someone tries to move away from such a world. Who wants a lonely, atomized world where you can trust no-one and physical violence is a daily consideration? Who wants a classic Xianxia world where the powerful can and do kill the less-powerful simply because they are there? Where the hierarch has no virtue except luck? 

 You can just tell. It's easy.

Friday, October 6, 2023

Alternative Blog Tagline

 "Playing scholarship on hard mode." 

 What are the most difficult beliefs to have? What if they're true?

 Challenging beliefs are inherently unpopular. They don't spread on their own. Incidentally, they shouldn't be forcibly pushed either. Spread should be demand-driven, that is, their natural quantity is the correct quantity.

 Do you have the nards to adopt the hardest beliefs? 
 Well, now you know. You are here.

You Don't Think You're the Best

 If you have to lie to yourself about who you are I don't know why you even get up in the morning.

 The Japanese consistently say Japan is best. Pretty normal. In a relative sense, they're not wrong - Japan is decently good if you're Japanese.

 However, the Japanese don't actually think so. They have to lie about your country. They have to lie about their own country.

 Why not take them at their word? They themselves say they can't rely upon the facts. They themselves say only falsehoods can support the notion that Japan is best for the Japanese. Weird anti-flex, but okay buddy.


 If you can't tell the truth about your own society, it's well doomed. The society will contract an infection, nobody will be able to admit the infection is a disease, and consequently nobody will be allowed to treat it. There's a sociological ebola dose with your name on it.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Conservatives are the Real Liberals

 "Conservatives disgracing themselves yet again."

I wouldn't call it disgrace, exactly. The point is that conservatives are the real liberals.

   "the fact that liberals saw conservatives as more harmful than conservatives saw liberals."

 This is simply true. Conservatives are competent and liberals are not. Without conservative support, liberals can't get anything done, harmful or otherwise.

 How do you get anarcho-tyranny? Cops vote rightward. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Without police support, there is no Burn Loot Murder, there is no shoplifting epidemic, there's no hazard to self-defence. 

 Criminals can't aim even if they remember to bring and load their gun. Don't need roof Koreans because you have roof locals. Wanna riot? Fuck around and find out, lol.

 It's the same everywhere. Without the ""right"" the left is nothing. Whigs are worthless without tory stormtroopers.

Humanity is Inhumane

 In every country in the world you have to steal the time and space to have a soul, the way Prometheus stole fire from the heavens.  

 Every country will try to steal you from yourself, and you should use military-grade measures to carve out their capacity for the crime.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

South American Corruption Trials

"This would be the equivalent of Bezos or Bill Gates being prosecuted for corruption—something that’ll never happen in the U.S. "

 Err, Bill Gates was prosecuted. Only it was for lack of corruption. The Microsoft antitrust suit that was dropped immediately subsequent to some DNC political contributions. Gotta pay the jizya, and nothing outside of politics.

 Gates learned that lesson very well indeed. Not exactly the dullest knife the drawer, Gates.

 Note the case 'concluded' under Bush but Gates still doesn't have to pay anything to RNC coffers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ DOJ is a DNC satrapy.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Slow-Rolled Ukraine War as Strategy, not Incompetence

 "What I see is the slow, gradual, and inevitable reformation and clean up job that the MOD is doing on the entire systemic framework and infrastructure of the Russian armed forces and its various attendant apparatuses. It’s a colossal scale re-organization, a purification, ablution. This has been an ongoing process since the start of the SMO. We’ve talked at length about how Russia was not structurally sound enough to handle the magnitude of events today."


 Russia could have pushed much harder in Ukraine. Could have sealed e.g. the Polish border with Russian troops, preventing weapons deliveries through Poland. In the long run it wouldn't even have cost Putin noticeably more casualties.

 A shorter war would have cost the West far less of its armory. With NATO sending new stuff now, Russia gets to see how it performs in live-fire combat (thanks Ukrainians for being living target practice) and can take their time developing counters. A shorter war would have produced far fewer veterans for Russia. Meanwhile, Ukrainian veterans are largely ending up in boxes after a second tour. If they didn't, even America can't requisition eastern European soldiers for NATO bombing campaigns. (Which is why foreign troops keep being found when Russians clean enemy casualties off the battlefield.) Whatever propaganda 'victories' Ukraine is scoring against Putin, Biden is self-owning twice as hard every time he approves another military 'aid' cheque for Ukraine.

 Putin can slam America's nose directly into the grindstone and hold it there. All he has to do is be kinda lazy about the aggression. Oh hey, look. Conveniently, doing a full-spectrum assault would have also meant fully extending the Russian military, which is risky if the enemy has surprises for you. It turns out they didn't - the entire theatre was fully theorycraftable in advance - but you can certainly see that someone like Putin wouldn't appreciate theorycraft or employ anyone capable of it, and would be leery of those odds.

 Note that as of July 13 "So it’s over soon? Six months to surrender, approximately." Works cited: the Empire always lies.

 That said Simplicius has tarred all mercenaries with the Wagner brush. It's not cosmic fate that causes bad management of private military forces, it's the same things that cause bad management in any organization. "Public" militaries are not somehow immune, they face bigger obstacles, not smaller ones. At most, there's some self-fulfilling prophecy going on with stuff like Wagner, where everyone piously mouths the Simplicius-like platitudes, and as such only criminal crankheads try to found a PMC. The correct thing to do is to fire Wagnerites earlier instead of later. Nurture good management instead of bad at the seed stage, instead of waiting for a problem to occur.

"Everything and everyone must serve the state, which itself serves the Russian people." lol wut
  I'm sorry have you ever seen a government in real life? The more you harp on it the less true it becomes.

"Now they must be absorbed and reined in as the state builds a new, historic level of centralized focus and alignment of vision and action."
 It's a special world where humans are outright nonverbal. The army and the mercenaries can't talk to each other. Further, the army can't stop paying the mercenaries if they stop doing their job. Just too stupid, I suppose. Same way lots of folk are subscribed to things they never use because they forgot to cancel, except in units of billion/year.
 I'm on record saying that governments regularly treat their soldiers like slaves, and the problem is that mercenaries are businessmen, not slaves. Simplicius, as a good slave, assumes slavery is the only way you can play soldier - and thus all non-slave soldiers have to go. From a different post:
"Some may think this is crazy, but it would be a huge morale boost to men who’ve now been fighting for almost a full year to know that they are going home to their families. It will give other servicemen something to fight for, knowing that their military term will be limited and not “until death.”"
 Um, is the entire Russian army conscripts? Can they not quit their job? Obviously you face restrictions mid-deployment, but nobody expects soldiers to stay effective in an active war zone year-round. Or are they supposed to be pure NPCs who are wholly incapable of taking the self-directed de-mobilization option?

"A private company technically only serves the interests of its own members"
 Pure Romantic nonsense. Governments are also private companies, you ridiculous fangirl. (Unironically this is why it never bothers me that women can vote. What's the diff, tho?)

 Okay here's my conspiracy theory. Prigozhin staged a weird fake coup because Putin wanted to discredit mercenaries in general, for nefarious reasons. They planned together to fake Prigozhin's death later, meaning half the reason for the plot was to create a plausible story behind the fake death. Maybe as a safer retirement deal for Prigozhin - nobody can come after you in revenge if they think you're dead. Hard to get off the tiger if you're a mercenary captain, after all.

 A plane crash is perfect, as it both looks extremely suspicious and it's tremendously easy to brush the human remains under the rug. State crash inspectors are not exactly known for their firebrand independence, and instead known for small teams, a small field, and their home address. Especially legible. Secondly in a plane crash much of the time they're so mangled you need DNA to even confirm it's human, and not a deer they hit on the way down or whatever. The inspectors don't have to lie, they merely need to do their job with less than 200% diligence. "You want to bribe me not to collect teeth and try to jigsaw them back into a jaw shape? Um. Hmm. Oh yeah that'll, uh, cost ya..." 

 Bonus: maybe Putin put some folk he actually wanted dead on that plane. Or maybe he needs to murder some innocents now and again or he gets the shakes. 

 There's also the double-conspiracy theory. Putin agreed to help him fake his death, and then had him killed for real anyway. 


 In any case, the one thing you can be sure of: what we're told happened with Priggy is not what in fact happened with Priggy. The narrative is not the story. 

Monday, October 2, 2023

I Can Never Remember the Term Zoochosis

"Zoochosis is displayed through behavioral disorders such as circling, pacing, bar biting, excessive grooming, addiction, and self-harm. Zoochotic animals also manifest eating disorders such as anorexia." 

Public schools are zoos and essentially every child sent to school develops zoochosis. 

Public schools don't do eustress. What doesn't kill you doesn't make you stronger, it merely violates Machiavelli's dictum. Although the parents have failed to secure their children and deserve to have tortured children, in the end this 'selection' and 'trial by fire' produces nothing but disfiguring and crippling scars. School children have the competence of Eloi and the aesthetics of Morlocks. 

I always think of zoonosis instead of zoochosis. The trials and travails of keeping track of their low-IQ bureaucratese.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Faustian Religion is Pseudo-Science

 Science is absolutely a religion. In Fascist countries, you are raised to be a Scientist. However, essentially everyone [gets the joke] and doesn't actually grow up to be a Scientist. It's play-pretend. 

 Almost all online discourse can be explained this way: the Pseudo-Scientists are mad that the Regime wants to make the catechism too ridiculous or preposterous to even pretend to be Science. The Sophists Pseudo-Scientists perform folk-activism cargo-cult rituals analogous to coalition-forming, which makes them feel like they 'oppose' the change. Then they surrender, which raises your hopes. You think they might learn to surrender when attacked at unsecured points.

 Soon, the game moves closer to Nash equilibrium, meaning even more openly corrupt and anti-Scientific. The cycle repeats. 


 You constantly see complaints that the lies are too transparent, and lots of unserved niche demand which is about rejecting a seriously transparent lie. However, all the action remains Pseud on Pseud, so they don't genuinely want it to go anywhere. Supply meets demand, and it doesn't.