Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Neurotypicals Claim to Have A Society

Just now it hit me: that is a gut-bustingly funny joke. 

Fascists don't have freedom. They have confusion: the State doesn't forbid something clearly enough, so they do it anyway, and the State can't be bothered to correct them. They didn't stop being retarded, after all. The Fascists have a giant fire to put out, they don't have time to get through thick moronic skulls if they don't absolutely have to.

Communication and the 20 IQ Rule

It is said that you can be too smart to talk. "Much more recently, D.K. Simonton found that persuasiveness is at its maximum when the IQ differential between speaker and audience is about 20 points." I got ganked by this one.
*(Ascended aside.)

From computers, we know this is not actually true. If you define a communication protocol, the situation is asymmetric; either you can adhere to the protocol, or you can't. Any form of smart enough is smart enough. 

Computers can use what's called, I believe, paging. If you have a program that doesn't fit in RAM, you can copy part of the program to the hard drive and then just keep going. Perhaps squishy carbonic mortals have some artificial limit which prevents them from doing this, but that would violate Turing completeness. It should be possible to communicate any idea to anyone who wants to hear it, as long as both can use a Turing-complete communication protocol. 

Basically a smart person is smart enough to figure out how to dumb it down. Yes, it's clear that if I speak "naturally" then very, very few folk can grasp what I'm trying to say, but it's hardly impossible for me to mimic a 125 IQ. I've tried it, and it worked immediately.


Anyone smart enough to explicitly define a communication protocol can communicate with anyone else smart enough to respond in kind.

Communication is largely blocked by religion and lack of desire. 

You can't wake up someone pretending to be asleep.

You can't communicate a complex idea to someone who inherently dislikes complex ideas. They will refuse to use the communication protocol. Egalitarianism, envy, etc etc.
You can't communicate an idea that contradicts a merchant-caste member's pre-existing religion. They don't care about ideas, they care about which professions will lead to having the most friends. Due to loss aversion, generally they focus on keeping the friends they already have. If your idea would piss off their friends, then no matter how persuasive you are, they won't buy it. 

Trying to use IQ as an excuse is exactly that, an excuse.
P.S. On the other hand, note that since you can't cooperate with a non-communicator, and by assumption you're smarter than they are, they are ripe for exploitation. Practically begging for it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Steelman Putin's War

If we assume Putin isn't failing, what is his objective? Is there a coherent hypothetical strategy?

Simple: generating veterans.

The longer the "war" continues, the more battle-hardened soldiers he gets. Easily worth whatever it's costing him. 

"Why the conscription?"

The experience farming was going so well he decided to expand the program. He has a bunch of folk he wants battle ready and he's giving them a taste of the fight. Ukraine offers a nice soft target and an excuse to keep the kid gloves on.

How wonderfully anti-Christian.
Of course 'hypothesis' is a pretentious way of saying 'guess.' 

There's an issue when it comes time for the final push. If he suddenly changes strategies to playing for keeps, he will need a fig leaf. One of many ways this guess can be refuted: he never changes strategy and genuinely gets bogged down.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Narcissism Treatment

The Last Psychiatrist had great difficulty putting his thoughts in plain language. I like that he's difficult to decode, because it's good training, but at some point it's not time to lift heavy things for its own sake, it's time to go get things done. 

A narcissist needs to shut up and do what they're told. 

"There's only one that's universally effective, I've said it before and no one liked it. This is step 1: fake it.

You'll say: but this isn't a treatment, this doesn't make a real change in me, this isn't going to make me less of a narcissist if I'm faking!

All of those answers are the narcissism talking.  All of those answers miss the point: your treatment isn't for you, it's for everyone else."

They should explicitly ask others for their interests, and then serve those interests, in a literal or blind and dumb way, instead of their own. They should say nothing which doesn't directly contribute to serving another's interests. They can ask for clarification, for example, or inquire if the service could be improved.

Ideally they wouldn't even cook their own food or buy their own clothes, like a child. They are, after all, developmentally arrested in childhood. They would make it worth the while of the person supplying these things by explicitly serving them. 


The narcissist will naturally try to twist the requests into somehow being self-serving. It will be a virtue signal or they will get the lion's share of the benefit or whatever. Hence, it must be robotic and strictly rules-based. Folk will often be disappointed because they will wink-wink nudge-nudge and the treated narcissist will deliberately ignore the implication, but over a few repetitions the folk should figure them out and exploit them properly.


Being exploited is the point. They're exploitable anyway, but after treatment, the exploitation is easy and favours the honest, instead of difficult and favouring traitors & defectors.

This is very explicitly not a cure. There is no cure for narcissism, but that's fine; to their horror, the narcissist isn't treated for the narcissist's sake, they are treated for everyone else's sake. This works, therefore it is a treatment. 

Note that medicine is poison. If you take vitamin A (cod liver oil) when you don't have a vitamin A deficiency, you will get sick. Ritalin is not good for you, it's just that severe ADD is even worse, so it can be a good trade. Likewise, if you apply the narcissism treatment to someone who isn't sick, they will develop narcissism. E.g. a good Christian isn't supposed to buy chocolates or whatever for themselves. That's "greed" kek. You can't eat the last peach, but you can take the last peach if someone offers it to you. Others are supposed to gift you your needs (and you're not supposed to ask). This norm, and the constellation of related norms, is a recipe for causing narcissism.

Someone who has developed narcissism already can't get their needs met. What they need is to stop hating themselves, but to do that they have to have already stopped hating themselves. What kind of absolute bastard would hate even themselves, after all? It's time to give up and simply direct themselves to the needs of others. 

Further note that you can't pair two narcissists. (Reminiscent of the way that gays like men, not other effeminate gays.) The narcissist can't honestly state their needs, so having a narcissist serve another narcissist will fail catastrophically in one of a wide variety of ways. No matter how bad you think it will get, it will be worse.

P.S. If you want to see a narcissist absolutely explode as a result of being seen to be a narcissist, there you go. Naturally almost all predditors are horrible narcissists, so the comments are broadly supportive. 

P.P.S. Properly decoded, goddamn LastPsych is good.  "People ask: "why do you focus on pop culture?"  Because that's all the culture 300 million Americans ever received for 30+ years."
"The problem wasn't TV, the problem was the absence of adults, real adults"
It's like, oh yeah, JBP is just another narcissist, isn't he?

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Protests in China

Since Biden isn't crowing about them, I would guess they're not CIA-funded for once. Might even be a genuine internal elite play. I'm only guessing, though.

Anyway, time to shame someone for bad predictions.

"Preventing the spread of a pandemic disease is one of the very few things that even I, a hardcore anti-statist, would have conceded that states can probably do more effectively than stateless systems. So the fact that USG is basically just... not... is pretty enlightening"

Should have been more anti-Statist.

"The the fact that China did a better job than USG must be...darkly enlightening."

hahaha lol

"They appear to have stopped infections within China. The only major outbreak to have been stopped so far."The disease had already gotten out to other countries."


Great work, China. Your enemies thank you for your tireless efforts on their behalf.

Conquest's Third Law respects no king and no border. It is sublimely true under every black government.

Grass Isn't Greener: Women are Indeed Cursed

Look at the shit they have to pull to deal with their terminal approach anxiety.

If she just asked him out - especially the ones on the right - it's very very likely to work. However, she genuinely cannot handle rejection, so you get this instead. 

The kind thing to do is notice her frantic plotting, take pity on her, and ask her out yourself...

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Journalism "Wet Streets Cause Rain" vs. Children

"Wonder how much of the spread of blank slatism can be explained by the fact that young people don't have kids anymore"

The other way around. Folk don't have kids (certainly not more than one kid) because they know they'll have great difficulty continuing to believe in the Holy Blank Slate if they have children. Having such a hard disproof - especially one you're exposed to daily - makes it nearly impossible to keep up the pretense. 

And that's heresy. You're not a Heretic, are you? Better avoid having kids.

Leftists vs. Security

Primarily leftists can't do security because security is responsible. 

In particular, leftists can't do security because they're not strong or healthy enough to pull it off. They are self-aware of the fact that without the advantages of offence they simply cannot win. Indeed, not only do they need to be on the offence, they have to be on the offence against someone who has been demoralized and refuses to fight back. 

You can also say they lack the conscientiousness to maintain fences. Every fifth fencepost will simply be missing. The latinx will forget the password and they'll have to open a hole in the fence for her. If you build a fence for them and tattoo the password on their foreheads they will "forget" to maintain it, going full grasshopper

"They're so used to a position of overwhelming dominance I doubt serious defensive preparations ever entered their minds."

Social Classes vs. Samsara

Criminal, slave, peasant, freeman, lord, hero.
We can map these almost directly onto the alleged cycle of Samsara

Hell realm, lawbreakers.
Machine realm, dominated by their appetites.
Animal realm.
Realm of dreamers, freemen and merchant lords.
Asura realm, warrior lords.
Deva realm, scholar lords.

The lower realms are soulless meat puppets, some even more puppety than others. 

The freeman or merchant lord can see the world as it actually is, but not understand it. The world, to them, seems disjointed and fantastic, as if in a dream. They are not truly awake, they sleepwalk through life. Merchants often turn to simplistic materialism to pare the world down into something they can grasp. Seeming to hallucinate all the time gives you a headache, after all. 

If you can't work out how warrior lords are asura on your own, I don't know what to say to you.

For a scholar to say scholars are devas smells sharply of the Platonic Plumber claiming that plumbing is the highest occupation and basis for all civilization. However, it's not my fault that the three deadly sins have a priority order, where falsehood is the most important and least forgiving. 

Moreover, the metaphor's correspondence doesn't stop there. Buddhism has a seventh state, outside the cycle of reincarnation. What is nirvana? Nirvana is rejecting/transcending the social status system entirely. 

The hero takes part in all six realms. They are wise, but they can also fight. They know the value of goods, they can negotiate, they engage in trades and deals, and they dream from time to time. They are intimately familiar with their animal instincts, and use them to execute their plans with machine-like efficiency. They can and should flout the law.

If you strive to reincarnate as a deva, the "best" of the realms, you will find that a fool who persists in his folly becomes wise. Having reached the peak, you find it is empty. The idea of heaven as a pure and good place is a scam. "A deva does not need to work, and is able to enjoy in the heavenly realm all pleasures found on earth. However, the pleasures of this realm lead to attachment (Upādāna), lack of spiritual pursuits and therefore no nirvana." More precisely, if you cannot fail, you cannot succeed. The garden plant exists for the gardener, not for the plant. It's a trap, and you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. 

If you achieve the lofty heights of the deva, the scholar lords, then you discover that social status is empty and meaningless, even when concentrated as much as humanly possibly. It is an addictive drug, where a rise in status offers a momentary high in exchange for a long comedown and withdrawal. There is no satisfaction to be had here. All that happens in the deva realm is that no further advancement can be made, analogous to reaching 100% tolerance. No matter how desperately the addict tries to shovel more into their mouths, they have nothing to look forward to but withdrawal. A deva is a preta, and was all along.

Untouchables can be rich, the infamous can nevertheless win fights, control comes from knowledge, not respect. What was it for? The answer is: nothing, really. It was nothing all along. A giant game of play pretend.

Faster to simply sidestep the issue. Jump the queue by leaving the queue. Go do something else.

Friday, November 25, 2022

"Vidja are bad for you"

Broke: "You can't learn to wage war by playing Warcraft 3."

Woke: "I learned it on the Gamecube." 

Caveat: Warcraft has no way to simulate flanking manoeuvres. Adjusting your formation is trivial since the armies are so small. Likewise a pincer attack is impossible to coordinate because Blizzard made the AI dumber than rocks to encourage manic clicking.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Amish Correctly Not Passivist About School

"Wisconsin v. Jonas Yoder, 406 U.S. 205 (1972), is the case in which the United States Supreme Court found that Amish children could not be placed under compulsory education past 8th grade."

Further, local Amish teachers are simply some regular local folks from the community. Certification etc. doesn't apply to them.

"Compulsory" education was indeed compulsory during the bussing era, except, as the Amish demonstrated, it still wasn't compulsory. Americans are just pussies and/or masochistic bootlickers who deserve their tyrannous oppression. Americans BTFO by a bunch of literal pacifists.
Are you little shits are less effective than folk to wholeheartedly believe in turning the other cheek, or are you lying about trying to resist?

Today truancy laws have nearly as much force as laws against adultery. The question is not whether you can circumvent them, but what kind of circumvention is right for you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Fossil of Past Power Grab: Why Eden Had a Snake

Because Egyptian crowns had snakes on them. 

Resentful political culture war from day 1.

I would be less disgusted by this if they dropped the aggro after their enemy was defeated. Instead, these little brats can't even be arsed to keep track of who they're spitefully flipping off. "We're gonna dance on your grave even after we've forgotten your name." Healthy and chad. Sign me up. 

By hiding the connection, they confess they have something to hide.

Now everyone is freaked out by Asclepius' staff having snakes on it. Have no clue what it symbolizes or why anyone would want to symbolize it. Too scared of his righteous retribution to take them off, though...

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Thread too Vague to Have Meaning

Has 'philosopher' in the name, which predicts
1) Lacks physicist/engineer ability to be specific.
2) Too ivory tower to use examples.

Result: Kolmogorov complexity of zero. You can hear nothing from this thread unless you already know what it's trying to say. It doesn't let you do anything you couldn't already do, and as such reading it is a waste of time.

If you want to describe things in terms of Forms, you need to describe it for long enough that a computer could model the thing based on your description. If the computer can't tell what you said, nobody else can either. It's faster to anchor the screed in concrete examples. Examples such as computer code. Outsource the description to your readers' memories, rather than trying to describe the whole thing from first principles. Plato was a fag and acting like him makes you a fag too.

I put no particular emphasis on knowing yourself, except as is necessary for practicality. If you do things which surprise yourself and that messes up your plans, then you need to know more to get that to stop happening, now don't you? It's a means, not an end. 

For me it's an end because all knowledge is an end. The only thing special about self-knowledge is that for this task my self is a primary tool, like a lathe or drop hammer, and needs extravagant maintenance to meet the harsh demands I put on it.

As such, like all universal morality, I judge [know thyself] to be social nonsense. It's professed because you want to make friends with others who profess the same. It's a green beard, not a genuine belief. It's said for the sake of saying it, not for the sake of thinking it. As such, having no concrete description is an asset, not a liability. Your new friends don't want to have to, like, hold to any discipline imposed by the green beard. How are they supposed to kto kogo if they do that? Aren't you ultimately joining them for the same reason?

[Know thyself] is of no interest to scholars except for sociologists who study it as a specimen of green beards.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Explicitness: School is a Humiliation Ritual

Part of the slave-socializing is the fact Prussian school is a long-form humiliation ritual. The point is exactly to have stupid and brutish teachers, because humbling yourself before a superior specimen isn't very humiliating. 

You're required to pretend to be inferior to the worst scum they can dredge up, in the hopes that the circuit works backwards and you convince yourself that you are indeed superlatively inferior. Training the entire populace to be omega. 

And then some folk voluntarily sign up to perpetuate this system.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Utopianism-Doomerism Spectrum

Reality is imperfect but the idea is to gradually address the imperfections. Through repairing imperfection we become unbounded.

True doomerism is thinking things can't be fixed. This seems to be the Oriental mindset. Let things be bounded like perfection, yet still distinctly imperfect. A nice worst of both worlds combination.

Utopianism is the idea that reality is perfect by default and only becomes imperfect through mortal sin. Utopianism is the idea that all imperfections must be fixed, yesterday if not sooner. You get alleged Progress™ but only because you're unfucking what once got fucked.


True doomerism seems to make it a moral imperative to let the imperfections remain. Japan and Denmark seem to be peak doomers. They will actively persecute not only anyone trying to fix stuff, but double down and blame problems on their victims. "Not liking the imperfections is your fault, heretic." You will get bullied for disliking the things you dislike, especially if they have solutions. Exception: you're always allowed to dislike someone disliking a thing; recursive dislike is permitted.

Utopianism's avatar is Rousseau. "Civilization is the problem, and socialization is the solution." If it wasn't contradictory and self-defeating, we wouldn't call it crazy. They also like to assume the socialization already succeeded, so they can retain the simplistic, childlike notion that the world is inherently perfect. All imperfection is witchcraft. Devious heretics who oppose the perfection of socialization out of sheer malice. Everything would be perfect if only there were not outgroup. Even outgroup would prefer if myside was in charge. 


Is Fascism Fascist because it's utopian, or is Fascism utopian because it is childish primitivism? 

Speaking of worst-of-both-worlds varieties of insanity, Christianity doubled down. Doomer in practice but says that actually the world was perfect originally but you fucked it up, and, for OG Christianity, it's too late to fix it. Why not combine the worst of two possibilities and blame the victim? You can't do anything about it. The perfect thing made a mistake and created imperfection. You're not responsible, but it's your fault anyway. Genius. 

"Slavery is your fault." "But I don't own any slaves and can't re-write the past?" "Slavery was your fault."

Speaking of allowing recursion, Christianity allows (*encourages) you to bear false witness against yourself. In this way, you get to pretend that your neighbour calling you on your bullshit is a form of bearing false witness against their neighbour, you. "How do you know your beliefs don't scare me? Denying my lived experience!" 

Denying someone's lived experience is inegalitarian, because only those of higher status can get away with it; by attempting it you disavow egalitarianism. You can put them in a real bind by accusing them of the same right back, as long as you can do it without sounding like a child going [no u]. "Social status tells us which one should be allowed to suppress the other, but by allowing one to win we disavow egalitarianism ourselves! Fuck!" Their only hope is a distraction, and that's not exactly a loss for you.

Let's throw some shade at Shintoism as well.
So basically the mother goddess gave birth to a fire god and burned to death as a result. First, this makes no sense. Why didn't this coal-like god kill her while gestating? Even assuming her womb was a magical perfect insulator for no apparent reason, she could have taken steps to prevent or mitigate the risk of the birth. Regular-ass mortals give birth underwater sometimes. Apparently Shinto gods aren't that smart, though.
The father god blamed the newborn child and killed him. That'll teach him to be conceived. In other words, the severe displacement of blame shown by Oriental-style doomers shows up in their earliest known stories. 

Who cares about responsibility and long-term deterrence? It's all about kto kogo and momentary short-term convenience.

It gets better. The mother goddess wasn't dead dead, she was just hanging out in Yomi, an underworld. She knew she would be trapped forever if she did the Persephone thing and ate the fruit, so she ate the fruit. Then she got mad at the father god for missing her, then she got mad at him for trying to leave the underworld when she told him to leave. This part, admittedly, is a good portrayal of a woman having a series of woman moments. (Western myths seem to like to play along and pretend women don't do this for real. Pandora being the minor exception that proves the rule when everyone freaks out about her and nobody else.) Not very divine, though. It's wonderfully narcissistic, however. If you're into solipsistic navel-gazing, this is just the thing.

"It's an allegory," sure, and it's a shit allegory. The moral: bad things are good things. Yes it's realistic for a father to blame the child in the common and known case that the mother dies in childbirth, but you shouldn't validate this by saying even gods do it and the result of doing it is exuberant proliferation. Suggestion: letting your heavenly progenitors be portrayed as trailer trash is unwise. The Mikado is divine? Descended from gods? Shogun: "Yeah, it shows."

Weirdly, a culture made on this foundation has difficulty with economic development, especially research.


Alt: grow up and base your culture on physics or  Reality instead of children's tales.

You can do the doomer thing with Norse mythology too. Odin's shtick is that your options are Ragnarok, or suffering then Ragnarok sooner. You can have runes (knowledge) but only if you give up your eye (seeing). No upgrades, only sidegrades. From them we get blind seers too. You can know the future (epistemology) if you give up knowing the present (epistemology). Genius.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Global Warming is Allegorically Real

It's being used metaphorically, not literally. 

The world is running out of cool shit. What's a non-cool world? A warm world.

Put literally it's global laming. (Several letters were re-used.) The world is getting stupid and boring. All those deadlines we passed might even have been real. "The planet will get insufferably dull by 1999." Indeed.
Naturally, as per Conquest #3, all attempts to address the allegory through literal carbon gases end up making the world even more boring and lame. 

I always remember the world of Warcraft had these nifty, symbolic, mythic semi-divine dragons. "These are really cool, let's get rid of them." Blah blah tragedy sacrifice etc, but ultimately it's a game and the result was a game world that's less fun. Morons & saboteurs.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Musk Goes Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee

A few of the DNC talking points were so crude that they lost even to the epic naivete of Elon Musk. 

It was possible he naively thought that free speech would support DNC talking points. Instead, it's about this framing: "Everything anti-democrat is far-right conspiracy talk." 

Thus, when they misstepped a bit and lost Elon Musk on 1 or 2 points, he felt he was suddenly "far right." He needs "free speech" now. In real terms he moved half a millimetre. Very [IDW: intellectual dim web].

Here in Reality, if you care at all about Biden's laptop you're a looney-tunes fruitcake leftist. Arguing about it is the dumbest thing. This is totally normal behaviour for senator's sons. Also totally normal rich-person behaviour in NY and LA and Chicago. Maybe not in Seattle? Maybe

Covering up the laptop is frankly just being fair. Everyone else's laptops are still covered up, why should republicants get to pick on Biden in particular? The only person anywhere near DC without a history like this is Trump, it's really, really not special. 

If you think this is somehow disqualifying for a politician, you're gonna have to fire every congresscritter and senator and WH staffer and leader-level bureaucrat and start over., drain the swamp, or something, lol...

I mean, that is indeed what republicants are for. If the demobrat propaganda fails for whatever reason, you think of them as an ""alternative"" despite being a rather obvious backstop. Caulking the cracks is a pain, especially when the catechism changes so often. Let folks fall through and do the easy thing: employ a drip pan.

Ultimately, Elon Musk still punches right. You will not be banned for the most heinous pro-left talking points, but anything he disagrees with to the right still catches a ban. #nowhitelivesmatter #killallracists You will not be able to talk about how election fortification is painfully obvious. Not without getting "deboosted." Haven't you heard? American courts have repealed Benford's law. Suggesting domestic interference might be more significant than foreign interference is "hate speech" toward those poor hard-working election fraudsters. Do you have any idea how many hours they put in to carefully titrating the exact ratio of demobrat to republicant winners? 

Basically, shadowbanning was too gauche, so Musk will shadowban with more sophistication. You won't be able to tell with a simple search test anymore. Not enough velvet on the iron fist.

It seems Musk is not naive enough to release the servers, or they had dead-man switches. Perhaps the purchase was deliberately dragged out so the evidence could be hidden.
Either that or it was hand-coded. Seems e.g. the trending topics stuff was all manually massaged and when the CIA/NSA infiltrators were fired, it stopped immediately, leaving no logs. If they don't confess no court will admit you have proof. 

In the end, the DNC was/is freaking out over nothing, like the tweenage girls they are. Oh noes, you be slightly inconvenienced. Truly, the sky is falling.  

If you want to talk about American politics, you have to do it on WeChat. Twitter is only useful for discussing Chinese politics.

We now return to your regularly scheduled decline.

Veblenian Waste vs. Unprofitable Demand

Veblenian consumption is a lower-class indicator, not an upper-class indicator. It's an impoverished mimic of how real rich folk behave. The peasants can see the superficial waste and don't see the underlying purpose. "I don't do that. I couldn't afford it even had it occurred to me. Must be getting done because I can't afford it." Then monkey does what it sees, once it can. The peasant is missing an AND gate, and they wouldn't have the cognitive resources to grapple with it even if they noticed. 

In short, peasants have lawns because they are wasteful. Aristocrats have lawns because (and only if) they like lawns. I figure the first lawn was some rich idle noble who wondered if they could make an artificial meadow. Everyone else thought he was crazy. Indeed it's normal for rich idle folk to try crazy things. They weren't wrong, exactly. However, occasionally, it works out anyway. The lawn was a great status symbol since it's expensive, comfortable, and not profitable at all, so the lower orders copied it as soon as they could afford the faintest shadow of a proper lawn. 

If you're rich sometimes you overpay for something. You have anomalous demand. It's driven by aesthetics, not profit and loss. Because you're rich, you can handily eat the loss. A lot like going to a movie or eating dinner out, but idiosyncratic instead of ritualistic. 

Maybe a software boss would fly themselves out to see a bug that exactly one (1) user experiences, and have their team custom-code a patch for that one (1) user. Completely unnecessary, very wasteful, but they find it satisfying so they do it anyway. That's anomalous unprofitable demand. Technically it's only unprofitable materialistically. The aristocrat spends money but gets their money's worth. They have a high supply of money hence a low local price of money, after all.

Veblenian "consumption" is lighting money on fire to show you won't immediately starve to death if you do. 

Unprofitable demand comes from a place of confidence and abundance. Core of joy.
Veblenian consumption comes from status anxiety and scarcity. Core of fear. Phobos worship. They're afraid if they don't waste money, the neighbours will tut at them. Nobody likes Starbucks' coffee. They have to lie about what they want because they either know they can't get it and have to fake it, or it's a crime and they should be penalized for trying.
Don't worry, they are punished. Condemned to live with themselves all day every day. 

Because peasants don't even like the lawn, they can't tell when their lawn sucks without a step-by-step guide. They can't maintain a lawn, they have to carry out the lawn ritual. Problem: climate and land varies, which means lawns vary; even if there was a proper lawn ritual, it would not vary. They're not using it as a lawn, so they can't tell when it's uncomfortable and ugly, hence, unless they're very lucky, the peasant lawn is prosaically uncomfortable and/or ugly. They don't go to Starbucks because they have a taste for coffee or cafes, and thus the coffee is awful and it's not a cafe. 

If you're wealthy, you can afford to skip Veblenian consumption. Whether you're rich specifically monetarily or have other forms of wealth, if you avoid buying things nobody wants, you can buy more cool shit. Result: a world with more cool shit in it. A cooler world.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

If Twitter Bans "Inauthentic" Networks, it is Only as Competition

"How dare you run an intsec op! This platform is for our intsec ops!" 


If they can catch cynical operators it's only due to experience which put cynical operations in their Conquest's First Law domain. 

Twitter has never made money.
How does a firm survive for 16 years without making money?
It's called "subsidies."
It's paid for by the government. In other words, it was bought by MiniTru. Do you think that, like your neighbours and the wage-slaves you know, they're dumb enough to buy things without getting a return on investment? They're not. 

No, the inevitable incompetence / Conquest #3 comes in with the fact their operations are terrible and probably counterproductive. They make a mess, they are gross and annoying, but aside from the vandalism, accomplish less than lighting the banknotes on fire for heat.

The other possibility is they're flailing. They kinda guess and ban folk because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so that they can say they're trying. The government made the opsec too tight and Twitter isn't allowed to know they're exploiting it, so... Nobody who spends more than $0 on disguising their operation will get caught. 


P.S. It's called 'mini' Tru due to the miniscule level of Tru found inside.

"Moisturize" => Omega 3 Deficiency

Chug fish oil bro. 

This is a classic "I'm totes smarter than nature" thing. Do you think evolution can't work out how to maintain skin? It's not exactly a novel mutation. 

Maybe it's necessary if you live in Antarctica or the middle of the Sahara. Otherwise the problem is your diet, not the lack of "product" slathering.

Unigender Country

"Gay marriage" strikes me as a non-issue because real marriage has already been criminalized, and transsexuals don't strike me as a real issue because for all practical purposes every decent American man is already a woman. For example look how catty everyone is on Twitter. Catty, oversensitive, conformist, petty, gossipy, (ideological) clean freaks...

Come to think, see also: 19th amendment. Women could already vote, not letting women vote was merely arbitrary and inconsistent. Mean and meaningless. 

Perhaps, given that every decent American is a woman, all marriages were already gay, and legalizing same-sex marriages was merely formalizing the principle.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Christian Slave Morality Wraps Back Into Mortal Supremacy

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Romans 12:19

In other words, let Yeshua take vengeance on your behalf.

In other words, Yeshua is your servant, who much fetch and carry for you. Just sit back with your wine and grapes. 

If Christians defend themselves, they are not Christian. "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." Matthew 5:39. (Not just new testament; see Proverbs 25:22.) If Christians are undefended, they will be eaten like prey. If Christians are Christian and Yeshua doesn't defend them like a footman for hire, they will rapidly cease to exist. 

This isn't a weird isolated interpretation. It gets worse. "You do not have, because you do not ask." James 4:2 Buying things for yourself is mammon and covetousness or whatever. Yes you're supposed to maintain yourself by the "sweat of your brow" Genesis 3:19 but anything beyond that is supposed to be Yeshua's doing.

"when you do ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives" (James 4:3) in other words, if you ask with right motives, Yeshua isn't even allowed to refuse. He's a professional, he has standards and will refuse actively harmful requests, but ultimately you're in charge. 


The Bible was written by a liar or an idiot.
Socrates was right: evil is ignorance. The Bible: by a liar and an idiot, of liars and idiots, for liars and idiots.
Revolution (=egalitarianism, Isiah 5:15-16) the top shall be bottom, and the bottom shall be top. (Luke 3:5.)

Yeshua == Satan, lord of Pride.
P.S. Thought he was great enough he could afford to be merciful; Satan == Yeshua.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Basic Soldier vs. Warrior Diagnostic

Soldiers are merchant-caste members playing at being warriors. To kill someone, they first have to dehumanize and demonize them.

Warriors fully empathize with their opponent, and then kill them anyway. 


Indeed the most empathic warrior wins. The empathetic warrior knows what their opponent is going to do, while the colloquially ruthless ""warrior"" is consistently blindsided by their inability to see beyond their own callousness.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Almighty Latin Cliches

One of the benefits of living in Pontus: I get to feel like a total badass for knowing about 'quis custodiet' and when it's relevant.

"Ultimately, I think there is no choice but for Twitter to be the final arbiter, but I’m open to suggestions." 

Someone hold me back. I can't handle this godlike power.

Exit is Death and Death is Sacred

Properly defined, death is the transition from existence to non-existence.
If there is no such transition, then existennce = nonexistence, and Reality just collapsed like a cavitation cavity. 

If mortals fear death so much, why did they come down here to the mortal Earth plane, where death is the closest?

As I've proven previously, nonexistence implies existence. If there is ever such a state that existence = nonexistence, the latter will create a distinct former.
Indeed I expect the remaining nonexistence, which is truly infinite, creates such realities all the time. Boundary-lacking Realities which collapse faster than time, as time is a property that exists. 

We existed long enough to notice the difference, which means our Reality has a skin. The greatest boundary, death, in fact keeps us all alive. Death stops nonlife from destroying all life.


All boundaries are partial reflection of this ultimate boundary. Skin is death. Cell walls are death. Fences are death. A hull or chassis is death. Exoskeletons are death, which implies it's not a coincidence that bones survive death and became a symbol of it. Sometimes the boundary is found at the core instead of at the edge. 

All sacred religions must have Exit at the core. It's vital for the religion to invite death to sit down at the core of the mysteries. "If everyone wants to leave this religion and kill it, that, too, is holy." In this way, death is honoured. Its glory is respected. The closer your religion to death, the more perfectly death will render your religion incorruptable.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

"You can't buy love with money"

You can buy anything with time.

You can buy time with money. 

Secure your shit & if you want something, try paying for it.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Why do nerds have so many allergies?

One of the ways you get really high IQ is a mutation that makes your nerves faster than their insulation can handle, which is one reason autistics are clumsy. In general the signalling is stronger, but the inhibition isn't strong enough to regulate it.

The immune system also functions partially by nervous input, and always relies on non-nervous signalling and communication. 

What happens when an immune system receives signals that are stronger than it can handle? Allergies. It overreacts.

In short this video is middling but it has a good point buried in there.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Against Anger and Vengeance

Scene: someone won't mind their own business. In extreme cases, someone may reveal in a single action that they are the kind of person that is a busybody policy. 

You pull out your pistol. Shoot them in the throat.

They fall over, which makes them hold still, so you can shoot them in the eyeball and heart too.

Holster pistol.
Make a note to yourself: reload it later.

"Why would I be mad? What is there to be mad about? He's not going to do it again. Does rage improve your aim or something? This isn't D&D." 

Problem: solved. 

It's not vengeance, it's tidying. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
If an apple goes moldy, you don't keep it near the fresh ones, you throw it out. It's not a great moral virtue, or a profound drama, it's a minor maintenance task. 

Really it's your own fault for letting one get over your fences in the first place. If you're gonna be mad at someone, you have to be mad at yourself, which is normally a waste of time. Don't be mad, do fix it. Note to self: check fences for holes. If there aren't holes, then reinforce the fences. Maybe they're not tall enough?

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Materialist Anti-Physics: Medieval Priest Edition

This article on the priest's role in fact tells you almost nothing about the role of priests.

What you want to know is how a medieval farmer's life would differ if they didn't have a priest. 

It tells you one fact: they would pay fewer taxes. (Traditionally 1/3 of their grain harvest - a detail not present in the linked article.)

How did the farmer feel about his priest? Aside from doing rituals, how did a priest spend his day? What roles in the social fabric fell to the priest, and were they any good at these roles? They weren't trained - okay, did they need to be trained? Public school teachers, for example, are identical regardless of whether they've "qualified" or not. The relevant skills are like muscles. You can't train muscles by sitting for lectures on lifting technique. (Also the skills are inherently deviant, but never mind.)


"This created the ludicrous situation where people attended Mass, and neither the priest nor the parishioners knew what was being said meant."

Social role: every Sunday had mandatory rest. No matter how tyrannical your local lord, the farmers would be able to sit down and relax for a few hours every week. The "ludicrous" motions were merely an excuse for an important function. 

Of course excuses were lies, so a genuinely holy religion says farmers must rest because rest is the commandment. 

Nevertheless, having found one excuse-function dyad, we must suspect there are others. Priests were idle: what function did that serve, if any? Were they idle de facto or merely de jure? 

"It was and still is a stricture of Roman Catholicism that priests should be celibate and not marry. But in practice, this was widely ignored. "

Because it was and still is a bad, unholy rule. Ignoring it is pious.

A genuinely holy religion avoids impious rules, but never mind.

"In time the Reformation would lead to a significant improvement in the methods used to train priests."

Who said it? Know them by their fruits. Prima facie, "training" the priests led to destruction of the Church. Improved it out of existence. 

We still don't know how a regular medieval farmer related to their priest. 

This is like describing a heart and failing to mention that it pumps blood. Is this genuinely a heart, or is it merely a muscle cancer? From the linked alleged-description, we can't tell the difference.

How the farmer felt about their priest is a nonphysical fact. You may even, perhaps, call it spiritual. This feeling dominated how the farmer chose to interact with the priest, and thus was a primary driver of the social role. Because materialists cannot discuss this fundamental property, in the end they cannot discuss anything of substance at all, material or otherwise.

P.S. Speaking of excuse-function dyads, English vicarages ended being UBI for geniuses, which as it turns out is a great idea. Unlike peasants, given the chance to be idle and indolent, very few geniuses choose to be idle. Rather, it merely removes anything which competes with their natural desire to show off and express their genius. The profits of such a plan vastly exceed any costs, especially the cost that some non-geniuses pass the test anyway and some geniuses nevertheless choose to become useless degenerates.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Rectification of Names: Oversocialization => Slave Socialization

School teaches you to behave like a slave.

You're told where to go, when to go there, what to be interested in, when to stop being interested in it, when to eat, when to shit, when to run and when to stop. And, naturally, what to think and how to feel about being slave-socialized. 

A pedagogue is a kind of slave. Naturally if you leave your children under the authority of a slave all day, they have no choice but to use slavery as their role model and develop a slave superego.

Genuinely being "over" socialized is impossible. Your social skills can't be too good.

The problem is precisely that school is anti-socialization. The """student""" doesn't learn to take cues from their peers, they learn to take cues from whoever is holding the whip. Slaves aren't supposed to cooperate with each other, they're only supposed to obey master. It's fine or good if they rage and squabble (and take drugs) when left to their own devices. 

Though don't forget schools appeared because America was already an entire country of lotus-eating slaves. It's an effect, not a cause. Merely making the pre-existing process more efficient.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Justice vs. Myside

Most genuinely can't tell the difference between [justice prevailed] and [myside's local mores prevailed]. 

What would they learn the difference for? Even those that can tell the difference do the obvious thing and pretend there is no difference, because they're judging their own case. The short-term benefits of myside winning blind them to the long-term benefits of having a genuinely just myside.

If a deviant wants unjust things to happen, all they have to do is influence what counts as ingroup. Nobody goes around checking their ingroup norms for consistency, never mind checking them against, like, actual justice. 

Indeed it seems that once local mores develop, the first thing that happens is the defectors strip out any defence against hacking the norms. I've never seen a set of norms that wasn't subversion-positive. They're begging for it. The parasites plain want it more, after all. The parasites get appeased just because everyone wants to go along to get along, never mind the victims' own secret parasitical ambitions. "It's not worth it, just let him have it." 


Problem: it is worth it. 

Humans are too stupid to cooperate with cooperators. 

This is why Exit is so important. Humans cannot and will not defend themselves against defection. This defence must therefore be outsourced to Gnon.

Every morality is a religion, and every religion has a nigh-immovable core principle. If this principle is Exit, then it is a responsible religion which exposes itself as much as possible to Gnon's justice. If this principle is not Exit, then it is Satanism. Irresponsible, leftist. It rebels against Gnon, trying to defeat the principle that actions have consequences.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Fascism Alternate Name: Phobocracy

If you're less amused at calling it [Fascism] than I am, I suggest Phobocracy.

Government of fear, by fear, for fear. 

Ref: Plato, Democracy == Tyranny. What is the essence of a tyrant? The tyrant is afraid. What is the effect of a tyrant on the subjects? They are afraid. Phobos worship for everyone. 

It is natural for the tyrant and the tyrannous resident to be afraid, because they are weak. They have much to be afraid of. Primarily they are afraid of God. Democracy is Revolution; it is rebellion against [all that is]. Inherently Satanic. 

When you've made an enemy of physics and logic itself, what isn't there to be afraid of?

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Twitter Already Charged for Verify Badge

If it seemed a bluchek was handed out for nefarious reasons, that's because it was.

"Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000. For certain accounts, mine included, they would refuse to verify you through the standard application and then privately offer to verify you for $$ behind the scenes."

"Always assume corruption" vindicated again. 

The difference being that employees would pocket the bribes instead of adding them to the company. 

The existing blucheka seem startlingly butthurt about Musk naively formalizing the process. Why is that? When I tell you, will you feel as dumb as I do?
They now feel like they were overcharged. Ripped off. Scammed, even. Plus they now have to pay $96/year on top of the already outrageous bribes. "Fuck off! I paid already!"

Are We Martha's Baddies?

If leftists were remotely sincere the Martha's Vinyard thing would be a huge "are we the baddies?" moment. 

It didn't even occur to them that it might be considered inconsistent with their principles, precisely because it is so very much in harmony with their principle: "I get mine."

Not only that, the things they want are particularly petty and venal. Their grand plan, their great legacy, is to have had $10 more than their neighbour. If it doesn't work they want to take their frustration out on the proles, and do. It would be a pathetic aspiration if they were literal four year olds. But, well, Communism has betrayed them, what else is there in the world?

Friday, November 4, 2022

I see Moldbug is learning to be irrelevant

He's really getting much better. At this rate his posts will manage to be totally irrelevant in a couple years. 

Fascism is Christianity is Egalitarianism is narcissism.

Narcissists prefer their shared fantasy to be as detached from reality as possible, because it avoids the temptation to, you know, test the fantasy against the relevant reality. 

Narcissist: "The shared ennui of Being brings a connection to all who recognize it, allowing a collective to form around their access to the knowledge that I am awesome and you should worship me."

Co-dependent: "Yes! Yes! Of course!"

Narcissist: "Worship is when you use the claw side of the hammer instead of the flat side to hammer nails in."

Co-dependent: "This isn't working! 😠😖😠"

Narcissist: "(You're not supposed to actually pick up a hammer and try it, geeze...what a nerd...)"

If you want to make a lot of money writing nonfiction for random strangers, you need to satisfy cluster-B egos, because nobody else much cares. You have to into the crazies market. 

There's no way to square the circle so that you satisfy crazy psychological needs* without sounding batshit crazy.


Good advice has a market but it's not very big.

E.g. you can teach folk how to start building a garage but you cap out around a half-million views. It's hardly nothing but that won't get you a middle-class salary. 

Also you have to, like, know things. And that's work. Why work when you can scam madmen? It's not like America has any shortage of mental disorder...


(Addicts "need" their heroin.)

Asperger's Society & Female Attraction

Spergs aren't actually socially inept. Rather, they have perfectly normal social skills - everyone is socially inept, and it only sort of works because they're all inept in the same way. Spergs are inept in a different way, so it doesn't work.

Spergs can tell a straightforward, honest society is simply better than a tricky beating-around-the-bush society. Stuff is done faster and there are more total things you can get done. The sperg doesn't realize this isn't obvious to anyone else and assumes everyone is lying to them for nefarious purposes, instead of because they don't have the skills to realize they could save themselves infinity time and hassle by telling the sperg the truth. It doesn't help that in Fascist countries everyone really is lying to them for nefarious purposes.

Even the exceptions can be done by forthright obfuscation rather than pretending to the opposite. Obviously if women are open about what they find attractive in men, men will immediately pretend to be that thing so as to get free sex, then betray the woman (and their own behaviour). 

Women could instead decline to comment, however. "Hey chickadee, what do you like?" "I'm not going to tell you." There's being forthright and then there's just asking for it.

Women could also be attracted to things that are hard to fake, instead of easy. Ironically, by not being forthright, women end up asking for it. Almost all attraction triggers are fraud-positive. Men already do go for hard-to-fake: you can't pretend to have a narrower waist than you actually do. You can pretend to have bigger tits but he wants to touch them, and even if you keep your shirt on, he's going to find out, so...

I'm capable of accurately judging character in a few seconds. I suspect most can do similar things, in fact. Women actively hide this information from themselves. They genuinely are asking to get scammed. 

That arranged marriages is the norm for almost every society in history is not some deep mystery. Though I suspect having arranged marriages has made this even worse...


If you're being forthright, sometimes tact is somewhat trickier. Sure getting rejected is pleasant, but it's hardly going to kill you. A classic short-term vs. long-term problem. To turn down an invitation in a 'tactful' society you have to wash your hair or whatever. You make excuses. "I put off my chores and now I'm grounded until they're done." In a sperg society, you straight-up tell them you're not interested. They will get mad and fight you if they're not mature and self-controlled. Easier to kick the can...

Except, what do you do when you genuinely need to wash your hair or have other plans? In a "tactful" society, you kinda have to cancel your plans so they don't think you're blowing them off. Maybe fun outings become obligatory social obligations, because they have to be scheduled in advance, and you can't cancel without offending everyone. After all, they all had to come, who are you to claim the right to refuse?

To avoid an upfront cost, numerous downback costs crop up.
Eventually, nobody wants to be neighbours at all, since it's such a hassle. The downback costs have burnt all the consumer value of being friends and having social events.

All because some childish asshole couldn't gracefully accept a refusal, and you didn't want to deal with it. 


It's narcissism again, of course. Rejection is unpleasant, but won't kill you. You get over it...unless you're a narcissist. Then it feels like it will kill you, and you never get over it.
I often wonder if Asperger's is an anti-narcissism adaptation. 1) narcissist society gets atomized, then spergs become loneliness-resistant. 2) narcissists constantly lie about themselves, but spergs never believe anything without looking up the evidence. "My good sir, you seem to have mistakenly made an error. Allow me to correct it." kek 3) narcissists spend all their time socially pressuring those around them, but spergs often don't even notice social pressure, let alone bow to it. 4) See also: computer languages vs. autism.

The narcissist is the one who blows up when you say you don't want to be their friend. They're so insecure that only managing to be ~everyone's friend can reassure them. They either think they can be casually destroyed by one indifferent bystander, or that they're secretly so awful they need to be everyone's best friend to break even.
You would think getting angry about rejection would reinforce the notion they deserve to be rejected, but if it wasn't contradictory and self-defeating we wouldn't call it crazy. They blow up like this because it successfully exploits allist security holes, until the sperg, who lacks these security holes, become adaptively privileged.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Correction: Even if Musk is Forced to Buy Twitter, the State Still Owns It

The State can eat the cake they already sold to you. They keep the money, and you don't get the cake. What are you going to do, sue them in State courts, petitioning "judges" on State payrolls with State credentials? Have fun with that...if it's not fun, you're wasting your time.

Musk can "own" Twitter all he wants, but the State will make "common-sense" regulations until Musk is forced to do exactly what Twitter was already doing. Or whatever particular path the government will choose: it can also use CIA infiltrators, wink-wink nudge-nudge, lobbying, astroturf petitions, open assassination threats...


Ironically it seems Musk was forced to buy Twitter by the State's own rules. He drunk-posted an offer, and the State's [3-month-profit-or-else] rule not only forced Twitter to accept it, it forced Twitter to sue Elon to continue to make the offer.  

Ironically, this is the kind of thing that you get with divine meddling. "We want the effects of Musk buying Twitter, but he will back down if we leave him to his own initiative. How can we 4D chess him, using his own ignorance..." Bam, mission accomplished. 

Given the heavens are smarter than me (just a touch) it is likely I have no idea what the point of Musk buying Twitter is, providentially speaking. I merely know I will be entertained.

"I do what I want"

Merely Democratic Man making a virtue of necessity. 

The degenerate doesn't have the fidelity to obey a hierarchy even if they wanted to. Oaths and contracts can't bind them because they don't have the discipline to bind themselves. They can't be deterred either, because, again, they lack the self-control. The impulse is right here and your deterrence is not.

Democrats compete with each other to be as debased as possible, to the point where calling them animals is an insult to animals. 

If you have a real society and there are still Democratic degenerates hanging around, just kill them if they become a nuisance.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Innocence is Discarded, Not Lost

To simplify, the contrast in this picture is between hugging a teddy bear and being a whore.

The immediate problem is that being a whore kinda sucks. There's nothing in the glitzy city which has long-term value. 

None of those buildings are built by or for the residents. In fact ads look bad. It's a mess, like vandalism always is. The spotlights are distractions, not decorations.

This is a bad trade. The teddy bear lying in the grime is worth more than everything in that city combined. 


The deeper problem is that this picture is cope. Although children are good at innocence, innocence isn't being a child. They're trying to claim they had to. That retaining the teddy bear would have been too embarrassing and they had no choice but to become a prostitute. You can't cling to childhood any more than you can cling to being three feet tall. Except, if you say in plain language like this, it immediately becomes obvious that this isn't the dilemma. The teddy bear is indeed infantile and unsophisticated, but it is not the only alternative. This is nothing more than an excuse for being too lazy to change the behaviour that now know, from experience, is bad behaviour. 

The innocent joys are plain better. You can tell even they think so, because they have to pretend there's nothing better than an old teddy bear.

If you don't voluntarily adopt the degenerate impulsive hedonism, you remain "innocent," as innocence is used descriptively. You can't accidentally fuck a man for money. You can be groomed into this sort of thing only if you totally lack self-awareness or, more likely, are actively self-destructive. "I accidentally injected myself with heroin, lol. Oops the needle went right in!"

Did they forget that marriage even exists? (Yes.) If you want sex without degeneracy, it's not some kind of deep mystery requiring years of study...

It would seem at first glance that Nancy Reagan was a vapid bitch, but I often wonder if they do this sort of thing on purpose (or purposely allow it) explicitly to disparage and deprecate the truth. You can, in fact, just say no. When the glamorous prostitute offers you this amazing "product," firmly decline. And that's it, game over, you win. If you look into the long term, it will say it was a bad trade; you're not giving anything up, it's unadulterated prudence.

If everyone just said no, the advertisement prostitutes would be out of a job. The cities would get cleaned up and perhaps not look like a bad trip. Hence, we can see most don't say no, and you need to secure yourself against most people if you intend to be healthy. 

Likewise, they sometimes try to portray innocent joys as non-innocent. Pacifists say wresting is toxic masculinity or whatever. Online rightists like to claim all videogames are Fortnite. The Church wants you to think that enjoying your wife too much is a sin. WTF bro. These people clearly don't have your best interests at heart. They have an ego-defence agenda. 

The problem is you already know. Look inward, check how you feel about it. If it feels murky, it is. If it doesn't, it's not.
Innocence is too easy. You can't impress anyone by being good at innocence.
They want you to be scared of doing things without permission, because they, in part, worship terror and weakness. Disciples of Phobos. 

They want you to be afraid of non-exclusive power, for nefarious purposes. Dunamophobic. They want you to hide your own glory, because they believe (often rightly) that glory reflecting off them will make them sick, or even kill them.

Your health is their worst fear. 

Embrace innocence, it's better. Embrace music, and the smell of flowers, and the sunset. Embrace the footrace and the arm wrestle. Embrace the board game and the Magicka. Embrace your spouse, your children, and your neighbours. Embrace the glory of nature, including your own biology. Embrace wealth and ease, so that you can afford the tests of conflict and creation. Embrace the glory of mathematics, logic, and the divine. Embrace, in short, that which will embrace you back.

I'll probably never get tired of this

Plato: "An unexamined life is not worth living."

Plumber: "An unplumbed house is not worth living in."

Hey, uh, I think I'm detecting an ulterior motive, what about you guys...

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

TIL I'm the only non-Romantic existentialist.

Sam Vakin knows his shit pretty well as long as it's about his job. Maybe I'll do a thing on his mistakes later. Maybe.

You need to be an independent individual precisely because that's how you stop being alone. 


If your "soulmate" "completes" you then even under ideal conditions you've made 1 out of 2. You're not with someone, you're with yourself, but again. No wonder you feel lonely and unfulfilled.
Also, since it's a lie, you're not in fact doing that. You seem to be 1 because you're not seeing the other person at all, so you're alone because you're alone. 

Even under the most steely of steel Romanticisms, love is transactional. That's correct. The transactional trade is as thus: one partner offers love, in exchange for love. What makes love valuable? That it is valued. Pure greed, in other words. Perhaps thinking money is the root of all evil is the root of all evil.

It should be conditional: your love should come across as a huge compliment because you have standards. Pure agape has no place in mortal relations. 

Non-steel Romanticism is awful: "I could be literally anyone. I could be a girl instead of a boy and you would still love me. I could be dead and you would still love me." If they can "love" you when it's not you, it's not love. What "unconditional" love means is that none of your personal traits are a factor. You could not even exist and they would still love you. They are a robot, not a partner. You've met a nobody.

This is hardly by coincidence, it's narcissism. They can't see you even if they wanted to, so Romantics made a virtue of necessity and lionized it.

Even a mother's "unconditional" love isn't unconditional. It's merely immutable, because the condition is "being blood-related." Nobody, not even an omnipotent power, can make a mother's daughter not her daughter. Trade offer: carry genes in exchange for love and support (but I repeat myself). The child cannot reneg on this deal.