Sunday, November 29, 2015

China Bred out IQ's Handmaidens

Twitter obviously not sufficient.

From what I can tell, the Landian timeline: 210 IQ is born, there's no social reward for going Musk, nobody enslaves him to force him to go Musk, and so he's now a middle manager or some equivalent.

What actually happened is a smart sheep is still a sheep. Majority of Asians use their high IQ to conform ever more brilliantly. His original blind conformation didn't work, so he modified it slightly. That worked, so he stopped thinking. If he is born with no thymos, no amount of IQ will cause him to develop thymos.

If you tried to bind him, he would ju-jitsu the bindings against you, and then go back to middle management. Indeed this is more or less what happened: society tried to push him into a preconceived 'prodigy' lifestyle (that wouldn't work for anyone, because society is stupid) and he simply decided to prevent them from succeeding, and then the issue was decided.

The whole point of innovation-class IQs is society can't know what they should be doing. Incentives, the carrot version of bindings, can't work either. Nobody rewards Musk but Musk.
1. Genius wants to play by the rules. Playing by the rules is not innovation. Fail.
2. Genius doesn't want to play by the rules. Genius hacks your incentive system to serve him instead of you. How are you going to stop him? Fail.

A 210 IQ European is typically dominated by curiosity and boredom. They are difficult to satisfy, even if they use their gifts solely to try to work it out. It's clear even from this short article these two things are absent from Kim Ung-Yong. He's not a European.

China's long-term order has bred out the ability to innovate. Every improvement is a change, and to the powers that be, every change is a challenge.

Regarding the 'bad parenting' angle, while true, it is not explanatory. Put simply: does a content middle manager sound like a rebel to you? But wait, what if it's his secret identity...nope, he's bitter about his newspaper coverage. He still accepts the society as valid. He doesn't even recognize the fundamentally criminal nature of journalism. It would be impossible for a European of that intelligence to be that ignorant. But, Kim Ung-Yong isn't curious about anything he's not told to be curious about, so he doesn't know anything.

I suppose, alternatively, he does know but considers upholding the noble lie to be unambiguously better. Again, making it impossible for him to be anything but an exceptionally efficient drone.

Raise a smart European like that and best case scenario they'll turn their endless energy into self-destruction. Else it will be used for other-destruction. Apparently Asians are, at least sometimes, so docile that it doesn't matter.

The problem in the West is the fact that America has spread a system for ruthlessly suppressing the smart. Destruction is much easier than creation. The pitchfork mob can't make the genius create, but it sure can give him head trauma. By trial and error, they have achieved ridiculous rates of converting geniuses to self-destruction to contain them. Industrially efficient. There's even a failsafe: a school specifically for 160+, for the purposes of properly socializing the growing minds, would be basically 100% male. It would be shut down by 'sexism' maybe a two weeks after the first time it appeared in a mass medium.

Kim Ung-Yong is the empirical proof that the orthogonality thesis is true. Though, with caveats. The goals need to be sufficiently unchallenging that higher IQ gives only marginal returns. If Ung-Yong's IQ was 420, he would be happier, but still a middle manager, so only slightly happier. As a result, no selection pressure in favour of IQ and there's still social pressure against it due to the greater difficulty of making friends. The thesis is only true of isolated intelligences - not of populations of high intelligence, as the ambitious intelligence will dominate the rest and hand out Darwin awards.

So, in a sense, Land's disgust with the incentive structures is true, but it was far too late to do anything about it by the time Ung-Yong was born. China's geniuses are suppressed at the genetic level - they don't need social suppression like they do in America.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jacking the Gulls

It's a comment by me.
Vox has a longstanding policy of censoring anyone smarter than he is.
Roughly, I said,
The price of overregulation, you mean. Shockingly, when something like half a firm's cost per employee is regulatory overhead, they can't compete with non-nanny-state workers. Similarly, if USG jacked oil taxes to 100% while still allowing in foreign oil, domestic oil production would go down. A bit. 
Regulation is growing faster than the market can adapt. Tariffs would actually make it worse. These firms are becoming unprofitable; the jobs are going away regardless. The only question is whether Americans, with their new, lower wages, will still be able to afford the products at all.
To fix this means hunting down the responsible party and neutralizing them. Problem: Original Sin is to blame.

If USG jacked taxes on domestic oil to 100%, the oil lobby would scream, and they would reverse course in under a week. Regular labour is getting jacked because they don't have an interest group. Dumbasses.

If USG rammed the oil tax through anyway, then Americans would use foreign oil at slightly higher-than-present prices. If USG applied an equalizing tariff, then nobody would be able to afford to drive to work anymore; cars per se would go out of style. Equalizing tariffs on labour would have a similar effect, albeit less drastic. Sound familiar? Maybe you've heard it called 'stagnation'?

But wait, if labour did have an interest group, they would agitate for protectionism. The metaphorical car would go out of style. Voters are just too stupid to protect themselves. Notably elites would just cheat and route around the protectionism, so voters would only be screwing themselves.

A funny thing about SJW is their claims of wide-scale permanent victimhood are true, but they've misidentified the victims and the perpetrators. The victims are basically everyone with IQs lower than 125, and the perpetrators are the obvious parasite class, e.g. SJWs.

SJWs will never admit a victim can stop being a victim. This is also true. Voters can't protect themselves and nobody is genuinely interested in protecting them. The question, assuming your IQ is high enough above 125, is whether you farm them or your enemies farm them.

Don't like it? Tough. Gnon laughs.