Thursday, September 30, 2021

Self-Sacrifice is a Sin

The opposite of selfishness is allegedly self-sacrifice, but self-sacrifice is nothing but enabling the most selfish greed. 

When a mother sacrifices her life for her child, that's not self-sacrifice. That's just a good trade; she believes her life is worth less than the kid's life. Likewise, you believe the money is worth less than the food you buy at the grocery store, which is why you make that trade. Nobody calls a trip to the mall 'self-sacrifice' and they're extremely right about that.

Self-sacrifice is actively Satanic. It selectively gets more-virtuous folk killed, and leaves alive the degenerates. If someone tells you to be self-sacrificing, the correct answer is always, "Oh, you first. Please, show us all how it's done. No no, I insist." Make sure they're "sacrificed" immediately if not sooner. Absolutely never sacrifice yourself.

Refresher: psychological egoism is true, so selflessness isn't merely dubious, but logically impossible. Simply embrace your selfishness, because trying to reject selfishness is to rebel against Gnon. By definition, Gnon always wins. 

In general, "sacrifice" seems to mean [cost, but, like, big]. In particular I want to call out permanent sacrifices. Let's start with impermanent sacrifices (except insofar as time costs are always permanent; this should go without saying, but doesn't). I "sacrifice" money at the holy temple [grocery store], and having sacrificed fittingly, I receive the blessing [18% cream] and [ground meat]. Praise be to edibilia. Let us consume extropy so as to emit glorious entropy. 

By contrast, if I propose to sacrifice my little finger for groceries, I draw forth much skepticism. Why should I make myself permanently weaker? Unnecessary at best. 

Did Odin have to give up an eye to learn runes? Nope. Could have remained whole, but added runes to that wholeness. He dun fukd up. What selfish, envious dickface took his eye? It's not even useful to non-Odin beings; it will just die once separated from him.

Should you "sacrifice" for your goals? You should make good trades. Accumulate wealth rather than squandering it. In theory, sure if you're gaining a permanent boon from a permanent sacrifice, there can be an argument. If that power is necessary for your goals and there's no non-permanent cost, then yeah it's a good trade and you should make it. However, in real life, I have never seen an example of such a thing. In reality, even if you accumulate permanent boons you run out of permanent things to sacrifice and become paralyzed. 

Even though time is always a permanent sacrifice, it is also an endless fountain of wealth. As long as you exist, there's more time where that came from. Cut off as much time you want; it will regenerate.

On the contrary, the best trades are about making permanent improvements in exchange for temporary costs. That is, empowering your body. Be yourself, but moreso. Make yourself stronger, and achieve your goals (e.g. learning a language) as a side effect of getting or being stronger.

Tucker Moldbug Interview, Briefly

Moldbug used to be fond of saying true things I did not know. When he said wrong things they were at least easy mistakes to make; practically a reasonable interpretation. Plus stuff like this: "What makes the provincial [Pontic] critic so grimly, hilariously terrible is that he imagines himself not just equal to the wits of the metropolis, but vastly superior."

Moldbug now never says anything I don't know, and includes a generous helping of implications which are flagrantly false. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By far Moldbug's best comparative advantage is picking up bureaucratic drivel and reading between the lines to extract the exact message. Absolutely mindblowingly competent at this task. Naturally, he did it exactly once and barring unforseeable events, will never do it again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Title: "Random hobo found to threaten entire Regressive Inquisition."

Body: "Homeless bum with unbleached cardboard signs posing existential risk to definitely super healthy Fascist State, demanding immediate action from Associate Inquisitors and Professional Scolds. National Inquisitorial bulletins issued."

Family courts actively oppose contract law. If they don't like a prenup they will simply throw it out. Signing and swearing oaths means nothing to them. Actively anti-property. Full communism. 

Marriage is a contract, and that contract has been criminalized. Family courts offer "remedies" to women only otherwise available in criminal trials. De jure, marriage is a crime men commit upon women. Bonus round: there is no statute of limitations on this crime.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Social status is unholy and thinking about it makes you incompetent. Allow profane contamination into your head-temple => desecrated temple => temple doesn't work. Satan is lord of This world, meaning the social world, in contrast to the next, which is the real world. 


While I agree with the general thrust of this post, the specific example is a poor fit for the topic. While it is true that a watched pot doesn't boil and when you're looking/hoping for things, they happen less often, in the specifics here you can and should brute-force the issue.


“This time I will win. I will absolutely do it.”

You're not thinking about engineering a win. You're thinking about the social position of having won. To be worthy because you succeeded.
Maybe this is even the right mindset if you're playing social games. I don't know, I play video games, not social games. When playing a video game, or performing any other challenging task, it's time to set aside all social things and focus on the task. 

If you thought you would win and you didn't, that means there's something you thought was true that wasn't. Find the untrue belief and fix it. Try again. If you win, you didn't have too many untrue beliefs. If you lose, you still had too many untrue beliefs; find it, fix it, try again. Or: do your set 1s, the solar set. 

You can also play weird psychological games to set aside your ego and thereby engineer a win without thinking about it explicitly. Ego, in this case, means your self-assessment of your social position. Having set aside your ego you have cleared up space in the mind and will perform slightly better. Perhaps you will trigger some lunar path reflexes. This is unreliable, however. Doing it the solar path way is much more direct. Dare I say, more honourable? Further, lunar path improvements are invisible until a threshold is reached, whereas solar path improvements are always tangible.

Put it this way: "I will win this time." Okay, why? What are you going to do that's different this time? If it turns out you're wrong again and that doesn't work, how is your behaviour going to differ yet again for next time? As some say, feelings aren't facts. (Literally untrue but you know what I mean.)

"The answer is that, aside from the benefit of physical development and the sociability involved, it will eventually put him in a situation—say on some pub trip with his teammates—where he forgets his desire for a woman and at that moment, when he has genuinely forgotten, he will become attractive through indifference."

The problem with the incel is basically narcissism. His problem really is social development and demonstrations of same, but he's not willing to admit that's the issue, so you have to dishonourably trick him into it. 

The modal psychological need for the incel is to prove they're worthy just the way they are. That they're lovable and deserve love. Generally their mother was far too distant and they crave the childhood validation their mother failed to provide. It is not a coincidence that incels usually seem arrested in childhood, like they never grew up.

However, the point of women isn't to fulfill psychological/ego needs. The point of women is to get them pregnant and then raise children. As such, they want to know your genes will make healthy children (good at soccer) and you will be a good father (have friends). 

Or: the point of women is to make them mothers, not to have them mother you. This is a problem when you're more interested in being mothered than in making a mother.

However, if the incel puts aside the status games and lets go of the "need" to have their ego in a particular state, then they can decide that, okay their mother didn't count as a mother but having sex is still important to them, so they can pursue women directly rather than getting tangled up in baroque angst that has to present itself as something other than itself. They can't change the past but they can at least stop buggering the future, and have some dang kids. That Darwinian imperative is insistent; life is better if you can tell it to sit down and shut up.

P.S. "oddly enough, I never seemed to get stuck on the final level—the most difficult—only in the higher intermediate stages." Happens to me too. I wonder if it has something to do with wanting to demonstrate "effortless" victory? The task isn't so trivial anyone can do it effortlessly, but not so challenging that anyone would require focus and dedication. It's an edge case where some are naturally gifted enough to do it effortlessly, and we want to demonstrate we're the haves rather than the have-nots. 

Only we've wrongly estimated the difficulty. Just on the far side of possible. Oops, haha.

More importantly, nobody is watching and virtue-signalling is pointless. 

Either virtues are obvious and you signal them effortlessly, or they're not worth the effort, or nobody will credit the signal even if you emit it. This goes double when there's nobody to see the signal. Okay it's a video game, but if you want to win, just win; don't diddle around and try to prove random nonsense. 

Further, signalling that you usually just win, regardless of the effort involved, is itself a virtue signal. Trading a failed signal for a real one.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Body is Glorious

The Christians say the body is a holy gift, and they are correct. The human body is a ridiculously powerful machine that does far better than it has any right to do.
Realistically, what is even the other option? Not have a body? Your body is your soul's representative sent to the embassy of reality. Without a body or body-equivalent, you do not exist as far as everyone else is concerned. Given the restrictions of coherent interaction, it's going to be pretty much a sack of meat regardless of how much you finagle it.

Except it's not just a dirty bag of mostly water. Not a meat popsicle. For one, it's a nanomachine colony. Squishy nanomachines instead of metal ones, but otherwise literally a nanite Gundam. It's absurdly sophisticated. 

Human engineers: "Cut down on moving parts, it makes the machine more robust, easier to maintain, and generally cheaper." Biology: "Wait a tick this thing isn't moving in two different directions yet. Punch it up!" Result: metal can't even withstand 20 years of continuous operation, even with intensive external repairs...

Another way of saying [representative] is instrument. You play your body to add to the harmony of Existence. Your body is a divine regalia. Keeping the body healthy is merely showing gratitude for this glorious boon. Not to mention, it feels good; almost as if Gnon believes health is important and wants to encourage the achievement of health. 

"The Gnostic revival cuts across the left and the right. The left has transsexualism, a definitely Gnostic idea that the human body is corrupt and must be transcended."

On the contrary, it's the human mind that's corrupt and must be transcended. I think the above is not only Gnostic, but outright Satanic.

Grass monkeys, and particularly Fascists, notice a conflict between their social rules and the health of their body. Being fanatics, they can't adjust the social rules; the body (made in the image!) is outgroup and has to go. ProTip: don't do that. There is literally nothing correct about this mindset. The corruption is so perfect it is its own purity.

P.S. You may notice that your brain resides within your body. Your body notices what you're thinking. What do you suppose will happen to morale if you keep slagging off your first and unfirable employee? What do you suppose happens instead if your praise is fulsome and elaborate?

Woke: giving a shit about Foucault.

Broke: not giving a shit about Foucault.

Ha oops wrote that backwards.

You can always try not refuting every late-Empire excrescence. They're as endless as cockroaches. Presumption of innocence is for murder trials. The real world gets presumption of bullshit, as the latter is far more common. If Foucaldians want to contribute, let them demonstrate contribution. Not that I need to check; of course they can't. 

Shorthand: if they wrote in French it's not worth your time. Descartes wrote in Latin. De Tocqueville gets a pass. Even with these two you must be cautious.

Proselytizing is a crime. Don't try to convert someone's ideas by force unless you're willing to pull out a sword and do it for real. Condemn them to their pre-existing heresy and forget they exist. The heavens will have it sorted even if you don't do anything, and it's really none of your business.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Making neighbourhoods your property and removing undesirables for trespassing is illegal. This is primarily so the IRS can make more money. The other effects are also government-friendly. 

If you can only exclude undesirables by paying more than they can afford, all desirables must get high-paying jobs to avoid especially shitty grass monkeys. Indeed it's an arms race to get the highest-paying job, higher than the slightly-less-desirables, so as to lock out as many undesirables as possible. The IRS is made very happy, because anyone who prosecutes them for corruption will get cut off from the taxation hog trough.

Curiosity: Leftist Scarcity Mindset?

It's clear that leftists always believe in a fixed pie. Any increase for one comes out of a decrease for another. Hence the obsession with doling it out "fairly." Sometimes called the daddy mindset of wealth; if daddy gives your big sister a bigger allowance, that means there's less allowance available for you. 

Since it's so reliable it must be an inherent trait of leftism.

Why is it inherent? I'm not even sure where to begin looking. Something something creation is impossible, only destruction? Wat?

"We won't see eye-to-eye here because I am a complete fucking moron.*"

*Fixed that for you.

On the inside this thing is a criminal, but if it quacks like a duck...

"These arguments are really weak, because they are heresy against my fanatical religion."

Land, don't engage with avatars of brain damage. When you wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty and the pig likes it.**

**My apologies to biological swine, who don't deserve the comparison to feminine Fascists.

Just in case you weren't sure, this degenerate post-human voluntarily put "atrocities" in its name.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

"US Capitol Police in full riot gear"

 "Imagine being this scared of the FBI."

Ironic twist: Jan 6 really was an FBI plot to overthrow the (rest of the) government. Feds got high on their own supply. They're so incompetent you had to be completely paranoid to even notice; luckily the High Inquisitors are indeed that paranoid.
I kid. (Maybe.)

Descriptively Individualism is Communism

"Anarchism demonstrates that there is no contradiction between advocating socialism and advocating individualism; so what stops socialism is not a defence of “the individual”—even if anarcho-socialism would ultimately crush the individual."

Individualism is a kind of egalitarianism, which is Fascism.

In the end, individualism is about treating everyone identically. As per hbdchick, individualism is a result of manorialism breeding the ingroup to expand. There's no [my clan] vs. [your clan]; everyone is in the same clan, according to the genes of individualist peoples. Distinctions become erased, and you can treat everyone "individually."

Not only are there not McCoy clans and Muhammad clans, there aren't smart clans or dumb clans. There aren't polite clans or deviant clans. There's no benevolent clans nor sadistic clans. It takes tremendous effort for the modern to even acknowledge the Karen clan or the Boomer clan. There's only the "humanity" clan.

Secondarily, in fact it's cognitively prohibitive to treat everyone individually. Even lower nobles only have space for a few broad groups. (More on social simplification.) Individualists don't stop treating folk by their group. Instead, they all get put into one broad group: [individuals], and treated identically. 

This sells rhetorically because there's no aristocratic clan or peasant clan. The peasants eat that shit right up. Nom nom nom sewage yay nom. Equality before the law is about treating unequal individuals equally.

Individualism shouldn't be about this. However, in practice, it is. The wild form of individualism is logically incoherent. This form of individualism is in fact collectivism, but the collective is supposed to include everyone. Since collectivism is pathological, wild individualism, being hyper-collectivism, is hyper-pathological. 

We can see that individualism does indeed assist with tolerating the environment of industrial civilization. Much easier to trade long-distance, for example. However, as with all State interventions (more Church in this case, but still coercive and power-addicted) it's ultimately destructive. At present it looks like all individualist peoples will self-annihilate by diluting their gene pool until the individualism is lost along with the accumulated bonus IQ. 

P.S. States are so inherently corrupt that equality before the law is still better than privilege for superior individuals. Quis custodiet. Although in fact privilege immediately re-appears, precisely because States are inherently corrupt, so more importantly equal justice under law is impossible as long as "justice" is State-supplied. 

P.P.S. I think I can sharpen this point further. Got a lunar path hunch there's a much finer argument to be made. Can't solarize it right now, though.

P.P.P.S. Real individualism is private-individual property, which would indeed stop socialism. As shown by the Owenites in the 1830s (pre-Lincoln!), the commies would go: "Give us your stuff for the greater good," the privately-owning everyone would say: "No? Dude, take your meds," and that would be that.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Malice is Self-Condemnation & Self-Honour

"It was an invitation to be beaten by making everyone else’s life a constant low-level misery, mainly because she could not stand not to be the centre of attention."

Note the self-condemnation.

1. I can't stand to be away from attention.
2. I will do something unpleasant.

Why [2]? She has already ruled out doing something pleasant to gain attention. In turn: why? Because she thinks it won't work. She thinks she's incapable of being pleasant. She believes she is fundamentally worthless.

And she should know best, shouldn't she? Why don't we take her at her word on this? 

P.S. "Jews dominate in the media and academia they “talk from the kitchen” at a vast scale; eventually the host snaps, like a provoked husband, and administers a beating."

Never tolerate bad behaviour. You will only get more allergic with time. Maybe check 2-3 instances to make sure it's not a momentary thing you'll get used to. If it's genuine bad behaviour, deal with it immediately, when you're still calm and can avoid being a brat about it. 

Only turn to violence if they refuse to stop. Then: don't stop at beatings. Exile and execution need to be on the table. Principle: disobedience is usually accidental, and usually the actual act is not a big deal. (E.g. Gyews are convincing because you're weak. That's your sin, not theirs. That's why the violence; pogromers know they shouldn't have to resort to pogroms, and really hate being reminded.) By contrast, insubordination is an immediate firing offence; if they refuse to clean up their act, that's insubordination, regardless of how petty the act is. If they're so incompetent they can't clean up their act, they're a bad hire. You screwed up. Also, the result is identical to insubordination. Insubordination is isomorphic to incompetence; they lack the competence of deciding to follow instructions (and are now being fired for being bad at their job).

Having execution on the table calms things. You don't need to get upset, because the problem will be solved. It's merely a question of how expensive the solution will be. Are they going to see the light when asked? Or are you gonna fuckin' kill them and never have to think about it again? 

Under Fascism unfriend them on Facebook and block them on Twitter. Again, with this on the table, there's no need to get upset. Turns out the relationship wasn't profitable, so you cut your losses. It's not a moral thing, it's a pragmatic thing. If someone slags you off for doing this, block them too. Don't angst about it.

If you live with them and moving out is inconvenient, then that's like the bad hire: you screwed up. Tolerate it for now, but moving just became your priority #1. Make sure living on the street is on the table. "If you keep doing this, I'ma go be homeless rather than put up with it." Revenge is Sour: if you can kill, then you typically don't need to. However, if you need to, then just do it. No angst. Just fix it. 

P.P.S. "A third party, an Englishman, say, watching a German will say, “Now, now what is this brutal behaviour? These people are practically powerless. We must put a stop to this beastliness—it’s like beating a woman!”"

To be precise, only peasants, who have no agency, let things get so bad they snap and administer physical punishment. Childish, not animalistic. (Maybe also animalistic.) Likewise if you have to use spanking to control your children, it's because you're weak. You have no authority and refuse to turn to someone who does. Have to resort to terrorism.

"Finally, I cut the cord on the radio in such a way that it looked like it had frayed; it became intermittent and my relative got bored with the game. No need for a beating or a pogrom; of course, the way we discreetly cut the cord before was to not allow the Jews to enter certain elite universities, but it is too late now."

Works, but slightly dishonourable. Certainly, she herself wasn't honourable and doesn't deserve honourable treatment. However you can see, given the specific example, that without honour you would have to repeat these games. Going to have to metaphorically cut a whole bunch of metaphorical cords. If this is really the best solution, then moving just became your #1 priority. Try honour. If that doesn't work, then put kill on the table and use dishonour until kill can be achieved. 

Wrinkle: sometimes honour is too risky. If being honourable would scupper your later attempts to use dishonour, and they don't deserve honour, don't try it. Go straight to kill. 

P.P.P.S. Did you notice terrorism is basically spanking et al? They learn in childhood that terrorism is acceptable and effective, so they try it as an adult. Terrorism is common in the modern world because comically incompetent parenting is common. Americans teach their kids that terrorism is acceptable and effective all the time, then complain when terrorism is used on their country.

Friday, September 24, 2021

I really don't like politeness

Is politeness about pretending to be weak and having the other person pretend to be weak too?

Zeroth problem: pretending.

First problem: how about pretending to have some self-respect instead of pretending to be a cringing weakling. Let's all pretend to be as unhealthy as possible. Fake it till you make it, right guys?

Pretending to be weak is a weakness. Like all forms of pretense, it's exploitable. If I decide to prey on them, they either have to drop the pretense, admitting they're a liar, or let me gnaw on them. Any form of defence other than admitting to liarhood is itself exploitable. "What are you so mad about? I'm not doing anything." 

On the other hand gnawing on such stringy prey isn't worthwhile. Block polite posters. Sage polite posts. Report polite threads.

Bragging Day: I Was Bullied In School

"How are you bragging?"

"I fully reversed the bullying before school was over. I don't even know how I did it." 


I would rather like to know how I went from "You think you're cool but you're really not," schoolwide pariah to "Leave Alrenous alone, they're cool," because as far as I know I didn't do anything. "Hey, are you going to the dance?" To be polite I'll say yes...
As you can see from the specific example, I still coded as 'victim' to those who weren't in the know. (Autism: hell of a drug.) I had completely lost my temper at a trainee teacher, which probably helped, but I don't see how any one incident could be significant enough. (Autist advice: you can REEEE advantageously, so do.)

Maybe journalists are made at age six (five in my case) unless they're unmade at fourteen? (And also unmade at age five, because I fixed that incident too? {By crying, ironically.})
Inspiration: @CovfefeAnon vs. No Opinion.

I really did take an internship at a newspaper. I did well and got a financial bonus. Wrote the (non-American ver) 401k plan article for the season, because even back then it was so obvious I was financially literate that it went without saying. I confirmed that work indeed completely differs from school. I also learned that only crazy folk do journalism; going into journalism instead of physics didn't even occur to me. I have met one person who was so fat they were literally spherical, as wide as he was tall; he was a journalist at that place. As in, the worst health outlier on this one dimension was a journalist. Presumably many worst health outliers are journalists.


While I'm bragging: the reason I know red pill game is correct is because I accidentally (before I read about it) tried it on one of my teachers and it worked perfectly. Negging is real; tried and tested. Only person in class to get 100%, twice. She dragged another teacher into complimenting one of them. This event completely baffled me until I read Roissy. 

She also suggested I go into her subject in university. I very nearly killed her on the spot. I tried to hide the fact I was violently throttling her to death in my mind; probably succeeded, though I've failed at times in the past. Throttling would be too good for her anyway. Disgusting bitch.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Government Can't Touch the Sacred

Most recently, the FDA has been attempting to ban every effective treatment for ncov, because it makes their graft look bad by comparison. 

They can't stop vitamin D. Sunlight in a bottle.

I can't explain this except thaumaturgically. Government is literally vampires and burn if they attempt to touch truly sacred things. 


As long as it occurs to you, you can just not send your kids to school. As a percentage it's super low, but in absolute numbers lots of folk do it, and it works out fine. 

See also: the Amish exist. 


Twitter is inherently profane, so they can't (really) think of vitamin D either. This is the mechanism in this one particular. Since twitter won't defend it, the government won't attack it, and you can continue being immune to all viruses (not just coronaviruses) for the price of roughly $30 a month...assuming you never go outside and get the free stuff. 

Voters are thaumaturgically government, so regularly forget e.g. the Amish exist. The sacred impinges on memory of the Amish, and the memories burn themselves out of their brain.

System Shock 2

Been playing System Shock 2 for the first time recently. I've decided it's overrated. Mechanically it's just DOOM with inventory and character levels. Having levels means you need to invest a bunch of XP into speed if you want the movement to feel good...

The game is hardly unplayable; far from it. However, its perception clearly relies heavily on illusion and trickery. It has more atmospheric music and the enemy design leans to body horror. 

"But but survival horror you have to carefully conserve..." Yeah, no. DOOM is, if anything, even more strict with ammo. In DOOM you don't worry about it since there's always more health and ammo to find. In System Shock, you shouldn't worry about it, because not only is there always more health and ammo to find, but you can buy and stockpile things and melee isn't pure [death wish]. You can make a melee build and melee the whole game if you want. In DOOM if you run out of ammo you're completely boned. In System Shock I can't even imagine running out of ammo unless you're like 8 years old or something. If you're worried about it, pick up adrenaline rush: problem solved.

If you play DOOM on nightmare for your first run, you will get annihilated.
If you've never played it before, you can go ahead and play System Shock on impossible. You'll want to quickload a lot to learn enemy attacks, especially since the attack hitboxes are a bit... However, unless you're totally wasteful, like shooting all the doodads out with pistol bullets and not having any points in another weapon skill, you'll be fine. 

Impossible severely limits your XP. On one hand, this seems to be a good way to make things more difficult. On the other hand, it's clear many abilities are balanced around being fun instead of being good; on impossible you can't afford most of the fun stuff. You can swap difficulty on the fly, so you can switch to normal or even easy when it's time to level up if you want. Difficulty also affects your maximum HP and how much you get healed for; you would think most of the difficulty would be down to those factors anyway, so if you swap back after levelling it's not even that much of an exploit.

I do like how functionally XP is found in the levels, not on enemies, so you can't grind for XP.

Bonus round: there's no good reason to use anything in DOOM except the conventional shotgun and chaingun, unless you're out of bullets or really, really like prettier colours. In System Shock, exactly the same. Standard weapons OP. Boring. The rocket launcher is pretty okay in DOOM, and likewise System Shock has a grenade launcher which they buffed like mad.

Double bonus round: the attacks from System Shock enemies are dramatically harder to dodge reliably than the attacks in the "hard" game Dark Souls. On impossible, they even do more damage: you can be one-shot by the goomba-equivalent. "Hero walks out of Tintagel. Blue slime hits him for 10! He is dead!" 

There's a very noticeable long-term trend toward games becoming trivialized.

That said, Dark Souls bosses are far deadlier; System Shock has approximately one boss. 

Getting hit in System Shock consumes non-renewable resources instead of renewable resources, which makes System Shock feel more like you're short and need to conserve. You imagine the possibility of running out; also enemies are renewable, unlike total playthrough health.

Dark Souls feels punishing because you can't just quickload when you die. Similarly when you do get hit, you get hit hard (regardless of what armour you're wearing). However, it's clear they made it feel so punishing they had to pull way back on the difficulty so it would be playable by the mass market. In reality your level in Dark Souls is almost irrelevant, so the death penalty is almost meaningless; further, you might know about rings of sacrifice.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Problem of America is Americans

Personnel is policy, so ultimately the problem with America is that it's full of Americans. 

"Well, fuck?"


P.S. Now notice that many other countries, even after the reserve-currency inflation/theft correction, are yet worse than America.

Personnel is Policy

In the moment, policy is always and only personnel. Who you choose to do a thing determines what gets done. Effectively no other choice matters. Training, prior knowledge, even experience in many cases are little blips that you can easily rectify. (Universities lol.) The only choice that matters is the person you're training.

In the long term, the ideological environment matters. We can approximate humanity as a set of 100-1000 distinct phenotypes. The personalities manifested by these phenotypes are what determine policy, because it determines which ideology they adopt, or how they tweak the adopted ideology for their own purposes. 

In other words saying "The Masons" were an evil conspiracy is almost completely misleading. Rather, there were evil conspiring phenotypes, who adopted a certain worse-than-Christianity anti-Christianity due to their phenotypes, and as it happened they (probably, I haven't checked) accumulated in the Masons. More or less for exactly the reasons they now accumulate in universities and in 3-letter agencies. Masons used to be roughly equivalent to what chip fab engineers are like now. Stone is expensive. If your hand slips, you often lose the whole block and have to start over. Result: very strong selection for trustworthiness. Unlike silicon which is largely occult and hidden, stonework is extremely obvious, and as a result of these two factors, Masons accumulated cachet, and thus accumulated parasites. 

Had "The Masons" not had their cachet, the parasitic phenotypes would have picked the organization that did have cachet. Once these phenotypes escaped slavery, jail, or execution, the fall was inevitable; the details were entirely incidental. 

We can also perturb what gets done by choice of institution. If you have a sadist, they will cause harm regardless of what institution you put them in, but if you put them in the EPA they will cause environmental harm, while if you put them in the DOE they will cause economic harm, and if you put them in DHS they cause harm to individuals. The only way to limit their harm is to cut off their hands and tongue. 

Naturally, this is essentially the ur-conviction of the opposite-of-a-Fascist, who instead believes policy is personnel, in the sense that policy determines phenotype. 

In a sense, this is even sort of true. Once an institution has a preponderance of a particular phenotype, it will tend to repel almost all other phenotypes and purify itself. Once the EPA has a preponderance of vandals and sadists, they will make it extraordinarily uncomfortable for any non-criminal to work there. They will change the policies to be overtly sadistic and destructive, so even should a non-criminal resist the selection pressure, they will also have to pervert the inertia of the bureaucracy itself to do any good. Yes, the non-criminal will attempt this exact thing, because their phenotype gives them no choice, but they are distinctly unlikely to succeed. 

In the long term, a government makes its country hostile to non-slaves and non-criminals, reducing the reproductive prospects of any phenotypes that might compete with its rapaciousness. In other words, purifying its country of virtue. Government policy is always a policy of slow-motion suicide. Fascism is only special because it's more like fast-motion suicide.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

If you swim wrong you'll pull a muscle, and if you think wrong you'll pull an idea. Both are immediately unpleasant. Good technique is important.

Allow Yourself to be Tamed by the Great and the Small

These essays don't have any particular flaws in themselves, but I feel they don't live up to their titles.
Taming power of the great. Taming power of the small. I shall attempt to point at what kind of essay goes with such titles.

This may surprise you: theology is empirical. Theological suppositions also fall under the domain of logical positivism. Either you can test them or they are meaningless.

The purpose of the physical universe is to increase entropy.
It's doing a good job. Your job is to make it do a better job. Increase entropy faster.

Entropy is far too low, and it needs to be higher. Entropy is not chaos. Entropy is degrees of freedom. Entropy is options. Entropy is (atomic-scale) free will. Entropy, etymologically, denotes in-action. Extropy means not-in-action. Entropy is can; extropy is can't.
Ironically, the best way to increase entropy is to oppose entropy. Oppose it as hard as possible. Make things hot by making something cool; refrigerate flagrantly. Create the most strictly ordered and controlled territory you possibly can. Crystallize passionately, because crystallizing on purpose spikes entropy like you wouldn't believe.

Life, as is known, consumes extropy voraciously. As Gnon wills. Be more alive.

The physical universe has a big hint: it's not about survival. It's about style. On a clear night, look up at the sky. Realize every single one of those 9000 pinpricks of light masses no less than 1028 times as much as you do, and there's trillions more where that came from. The vast, vast, vast majority of the mass of the universe does nothing except look good. It's really, really, really good at looking good, too.

Is God weak? Did God want a series of perfect absorbers, efficiently converting energy into consumer products, "doing" everything but looking like background radiation, but He couldn't manage it? Or is God getting exactly what He wants? 

What Gnon wants is a brilliant tapestry.

Moral: look good. Have fun with it. Remember every element in your body except plain protons was forged in celestial fire. The good stuff was made in supernovas. You are made of exploded star. Live up to the glorious heritage inherent to being granted a part of the existence of the physical universe. 




Humble yourself by looking at the great stellar exhibit. 

Feel like you botched it? Look up.
In the grand scheme of things, you didn't do anything. You can stop worrying now.
The world is impermanent and that's a wonderful gift. No matter how badly you bollocks things, it will be erased in the end. Maybe worry about mistakes if you've run out of great things to pursue. Otherwise, pursue harmony with some grand design.

Quit worrying about what you did wrong, and focus on doing something right. Let anitya take care of your missteps; instead, find ways to be glorious. 


Having looked up, we can look down.
Man, that ant is living quite the meaningless life, isn't she? We can squash her - whenever we feel like and as often as we want - and the colony won't even notice.
Look up again. You're an ant.

The ant still manages to live as much as possible. The specimen makes its anty existence as antlike as it can be.
Try not to be shown up by an ant.
Ants have existed for over a hundred million years, and have spread all over the world. Half of all animal biomass is insects and half of insect biomass is ants. According to Gnon, ants are good enough. You think, maybe, you can manage to be as worthy to exist as an ant? Bar's not super high over here.
If Gnon intended you to be someone else, he would have made someone else, now wouldn't he? Your options are to be yourself, or to fail at being someone else. Be you, but moreso.
If Gnon really did want to make someone else, that's his problem, not yours. 

All sins are rooted in factual error. They're wrong because they're incorrect. Pride is the sin of believing you're Jehovah when you're not Jehovah. "Man, being great is a lot of work!" No, kind of the opposite of that. 



So what is style?
Style is eudaimonia. Style is the stellar path.

The solar path is disciplined. The lunar path is spontaneous. A solar description of the stellar path is, therefore, spontaneous discipline. It's getting the right number without grinding through the tedious arithmetic. It's effortless work. Playful dedication.
Naturally what you need is a lunar description. You need a prompt which feels stellar so you can get into a stellar mood and a stellar mindset, resulting in stellar behaviour.
A feeling carries vastly more information than a description. I can tell you the light is tinted and the air smells and moves a certain way and show you a picture of the scenery, but it will never add up to the feeling of an autumn evening. Even should I spend the numerous hours required to describe everything you need to re-create the feeling, what you'll actually feel is stressed; trying to hold all these words in your mind at the same time is a fool's errand.

[description of autumn evening] : [emotional experience of autumn evening] :: [description of stellar path] : [emotional experience of stellar path]

Walking a path is terribly one-dimensional. Traversing the stellar path is a kind of swimming.
Eudaimonia is stellar, not solar or lunar. 

Still, I can use the words [autumn evening] as a signpost. It tells you where to go to experience it, or where to look in your memories if you have experienced it before. Likewise, I can use [spontaneous discipline] as a signpost. This is where you ought to look for the stellar path. 

P.S. Don't be efficient. Be artful.

To be efficient is to demur when asked to raise entropy. It is to oppose Gnon's will. 

Don't be wasteful; instead, use as many resources as you can afford to, at every opportunity, for the purposes of style. Make art, and make the most expensive art. Demur on spending more on art only when it interferes with your ability to spend more again on art in the future.

Function is good insofar as function is stylish. Going fast gets you from one place to another; it is also fun as heck. Function is a style. Creation need not be that-which-is-called-creative, but all creation is art.

Monday, September 20, 2021

The Regressive Inquisition absolutely hates autists, especially in person. E.g. they lie to us and we're like, "No?" Drives them utterly bonkers. Many autists get suckered by the "love science" nonsense and, like, quote geneticists and psychologists studying IQ, often directly from the literature. Haha, oops. You're not supposed to say that!

Then they turn around and make being non-autistic illegal. Over and over again.

They really convinced people that seeing another person's face isn't important for social or emotional well being. 

After how ever many years of weepy tales about women in the middle east being forced to wear burkas. 




Genuinely didn't occur to me as a factor. For me it genuinely isn't. 

"Hey autists, your comparative advantage isn't advantageous enough, so we're going to make it bigger." Their sadism toward normies is so intense they just can't help themselves.

Hierarchy, Merit, and Inequality

"The meritocrats are atomisers; if the son in a family business has an IQ of 106 and a foreigner has an IQ of 108, the meritocrat smugly gives the family business to the foreigner against all natural sentiment and against all character; and this is because the meritocrat half accepts the left’s blank slate."

Addendum: meritocracy is impossible. Who decides what merit is? Quis custodiet? Meritocracy is a game where you hack some magistrate's utility function. Typically with bribes or by being their son. 

It's a clever Sophist reversal of Exit. Can the customer choose who has merit? Or, is it the producer choosing who has merit and the "customer" just has to suck it up?

Blank slate is fake. It's a game where we pretend nobody has character and then discriminate on character anyway. Especially when we want to hire someone of poor character to be, for example, a whipping boy, yes man, or puppet.

Moldbug's electoral birth defect:
"Since the left presents itself as for equality in various dimensions and to various extents, many rightists—in reaction against the left—assume that they are for inequality and hierarchy; but this is a misnomer, the right really defends responsibility—and responsible people care about their posterity, their children."

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Unsolvable Problem Justifies Power

"For Critical Race Theorists of this kind, Systemic racism/Injustice will be present whenever disparities exist. Since those differences are innate though, they will exist forever and Critical Race Theorists will try to fight the invisible dark matter of 'privilege' forever."

Yes, that's the point. If a problem justifies kratia, and you can't solve the problem, then nobody can take away your kratia, now can they? You're legitimized forever. Plus, slave morality. "Oh woe! The world is such a terrible burden to bear!" Get your victim card punched and permanently seize coercive, deviant power. 

True believers are chumps. They never make it in politics. Emperors have been atheists for all of history; it's only recently that they're dumb enough to say so in public, however.

Politics and the Broken Toe

"you drop a hammer on your toe and break it. The integral system is disrupted, suddenly a relatively small peripheral part of the body dictates terms to the whole system"

Political broken toes are faking. A real broken toe tries to heal as quickly as possible, because the toe hurts too. The toe is responsible for its own pain. Someone with a genuine grievance will rarely have time to agitate politically, precisely because they are in pain, as if their toe was broken. 

"The genuine right-wing man is occult; he barely knows what Parliament does and cares less; his concerns are entirely parochial, within his immediate vicinity."

P.S. "This person carries out all sorts of subtle acts, acts of sabotage, to try and get their way in the business—from malicious but deniable gossip to calling in sick when they are not sick—except that everything they do stops short of actual criminal acts; they do not, for example, steal from the till."

Fire at will is important. It's not impossible to ensure every hire is good, but it's prohibitively expensive.
What if we treated the money the employer spends on wages as the employer's money? Crazy, right? 

Sociology, as I keep saying, is not difficult. Almost all social problems are being caused intentionally.

Satanism is Blasphemy Against Satan

Satan is father of lies.
If you say you're worshipping Satan, you're not lying, which is blasphemy. You're profaning Satan, not worshipping him.
To worship Satan correctly, conceal this fact from everyone, perhaps especially yourself. 

The Church of Satan &c are punished by Satan for taking His name in vain. And boy does he take it seriously - look at those Palpatine faces. It's a very efficient way of destroying yourself.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Banksy is an Op

Refresher: journalists always lie. 

Banksy probably isn't a State-run op. They do stupid shit all the time, but banksy isn't quite lame enough to be full CIA. Ref: Pollock. But what do I know? 

However, you've heard about banksy, therefore what you know about him is false. 

Myth: dude runs all over England putting up elaborate paintings 6+ feet tall, and is never caught on security camera.

Reality: yeah, no.

I figure he was caught and then someone bought him out. There was a real person as a seed but it's all theatre at this point. Maybe a team of trust fund babies do his art now, that sort of thing. High roller trolls. Maybe got three murals done before everyone in the know knew exactly who he is.

Friday, September 17, 2021

React to Truth Like Vampires to Crosses

Remember when the Fascists said masks don't work?

That was true, so they had to change their mind.

Modern Vaccines

As it becomes ever more clear that the approved ncov vaccines don't work, let's talk about how vaccine approval works in the present day.

Step 1: One hundred vaccine candidates are submitted.

Step 2: The government considers only the worst 10 candidates.

Step 3: The government picks the second best of the candidates they considered. 

The top ten vaccines all thought the facts were on their side, due to being so safe, cheap, and effective, and they didn't need marketing. They were dismissed out of hand.

The bottom ten candidates either fucked up royally and knew they had to offer substantial bribes to have any chance of replacing their investment, or skipped to the end and put all their money into substantial bribes in the first place, telling their techies to slap together whatever as quickly as possible. 

The bribes get you past the first hurdle. Technical quality sort-of gets you pas the second hurdle, but the government techies are mainly bureaucrats and technically incompetent, so they overlook things or let envy guide their decisions.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

"The technique Freud recommends analysts to adopt in therapy is the same as the magician’s trance state: zone out so that you pay attention without paying attention, ready to jump on associations without a reason behind what you notice, just noticing: this opens the unconscious."

Seems to me like an overcomplicated way of saying, "Listen to your intuition," or, "Do a rep of the lunar set."

If you spend less on thinking about your strategy, you have more to spend on thinking about tactics - about the thing you're actually doing, rather than its mere description.

The Internet is San Fransciso

 Rezzealaux has informed me.


Duh, of course it is. All websites were built in SF, meaning thaumauturgically they're all SF, meaning to get on the internet, you have to join SF and be socially San Franciscan. (Facebook is Harvard is Boston; same thing, and Facebook moved to SF in 2004.)

One solar path detail: all the founder populations on internet social phenomena will be SF natives. Another: all the dynamics of the websites will favour SF social norms. 

Q: Why is Moldbug successful on the internet?
A: Man living in SF is good at being from SF.

Q: Why does the internet suck so bad? Why is everyone on the internet an idiot?
A: It's SF. 

What I don't understand: why doesn't the rest of the world look at this internet thing and go, "Huh, this is a bunch of foreigners, but the technology isn't wrong. Let's build our own internet so we can have an ingroup internet instead of having to emigrate." E.g. where are the right-wing videogame review sites? Why are there only Fascist sites and uberFascist sites?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it."

What the fuck for?

You think you can do better than this? I sure as fuck can't. Is God good? If you're not sure, try looking up, where there aren't any human buildings. Oh, yeah, He is. Whelp.

Gnosticism is Satanism; confusing the social world for a real world. Coping hard: "It's the real world's fault that the social world is so fucked up!" 

P.S. Gnosticism is also a little true. If you believe Jehovah or Yeshua are God, you need to escape the "demiurge," because Jehovah is a plague demon and Yeshua was simply Satan's other face. There are next worlds and next next worlds, all of which are better than this one. There is no underworld; this is the underworld. [Cthonic god] means Earth god.

Integrity and Insanity

"both Bergdahl and Pound were regarded as slightly mad: Bergdahl discharged from the Coast Guard for peculiarities and Pound condemned to a mental hospital for a protracted period, but perhaps integrity can look very much like madness."

Insanity makes your behaviour differ from what normies do. Integrity makes your behaviour differ from what normies do. Normies, of course, have no taste and are blind to the qualities of inferiority or superiority. They can only see the diff.
Further, most diffs are insanity, not integrity. Given normies have to treat them all the same, it's important to treat them all like insanity. (Girls dealing with hot guys is an exception. Hot guys are always eccentric, not crazy.)

I think the truly bad actors can tell. The folk who not merely lack integrity, but are actively exploiting dishonour to the hilt, are well aware that they, too, differ from how normies act. When the dishonourable are placed next to the honourable, even normies start getting glimmers of the quality difference. As such, it's important to savagely attack those with honour lest they unconsciously, accidentally, crush your putrefied ambitions. 

Or rather, it's super important that the honourable never let the tiniest corruption into their institutions, because if you do, it rapidly becomes too late. Attack savagely unless you enjoy getting attacked savagely.

That said Bergdahl sounds insane to me, not honourable. Yeah, I too respect fencing and fencers (as long as they're not using the gay foils). However, he joined the military, even though they're obviously corrupt even when viewed from ten miles distant. Then he walked off the base in such a manner that it really, really didn't work out for him. He failed to have integrity toward his own well-being, and I rather suspect he failed to have integrity in general.

Buddhist meditation retreats are also a huge red flag. You can (and I do) practice Buddhism privately, on your own effort and initiative. The retreats are Buddhist exactly the way indulgences are Catholic. Again, this is so obvious you don't need to do anything silly like actually try it. If you really want to talk Buddhism in public, find a temple. Ideally one staffed by actual Orientals. (Caveat: theoretical. I have not personally tried this.) If they're wearing the saffron robes, that's a good initial sign.

The Regressive Inquisition would very much like to put me, too, straight into a gulag. However, they're never going to realize this, simply because I dissemble whenever they're looking. They are unaware, and unaware they will remain.

Kindness is a crime.

A fortiori: don't forget that Médecins Sans Frontières is primarily about letting surgeons operate without anaesthetic. Sometimes they use only a paralytic, so it doesn't look like they're torture enthusiasts who world-trot because they can't get their jollies at home. 

Anaesthetic is dangerous, after all! We "have to" operate but this poor nation doesn't have the necessary equipment to "safely" administer the painkillers...what a shame...

As far as I know, MSF is the primary vector for AIDS in Africa. Ninjas don't realize there's anything wrong with re-using needles. MSF would be the primary vector even were it not intentional. As with all immigration, they're not sending their best; doctors who would win at home don't go abroad. Without aid, AIDS burns itself out in the gay "community," just like it does in America. That said, it clearly is intentional; you don't see AIDS epidemics among MSF itself. They know to use the clean needles when it comes time to inject in-house. Corruption so deep it becomes its own pure form of evil.

nu iota gamma gamma eta rho

And for Xenopol: kappa alpha nu tau

"Can't risk a background nobody looking better than someone who is paid to get looked at. 

 Remember the girl handing out water who got a modeling gig? 

You think there weren't any angry phone calls about that?"

The runway industry is run by non-lords.

0. They have shit taste.

1. They know they have shit taste.

2. They can't fix the shit taste; lords are born, not made.

Conclusion: cover-up. 

It's easy to avoid the poors looking better than your "model" if you pick genuinely pretty people and clothe them with competent designs. It's the real textiles advantage. In real life, I'm constantly coming across women hotter than photographed models.

If you can't, then duh, time to start rigging the scene.

Is Communism Narcissistic?

Step 1: Sophists seize the Christian nations.

2: Sophism becomes high status.

3: Being fake becomes high status.

4: Narcissism becomes the mores of the Christian nations. 


...not that it's easy to defend Christianity per se from accusations of [narcissistic tendencies].


"although, of course, some are; academics, journalists, and intellectuals are all in roles that facilitate narcissism to a high degree, being insulated from reality and so providing an environment where the most ludicrous masks can be crafted."

We find that highly decadent, highly civilized jobs have a very strong tendency to make their holders communist. At best, they select strongly for communism. 

Does this make sense? Is there an underlying pattern?

Narcissists horribly envy those who have functioning souls. In a narcissist/communist environment, basic security involves pretending to be narcissist. (Luckily, narcissists, being functionally soulless, cannot distinguish an act from an authenticity. They cannot catch the infiltrator.)

Egalitarianism causes narcissism. Does narcissism cause egalitarianism? According to the default psyche, genes == soul. Your soul defines your character. Narcissists deny the soul (as hard as they can) which means denying that there is any nature. For the narcissist, there is only nurture. Only the mask.

Communism would work with utterly selfless beings. Narcissists, being functionally soulless, are functionally without a self. Self-less, it seems, doesn't mean quite what you thought it means. 


It may be necessary to suffer ego-adversity to become aware of having a proper ego. To suffer the humiliation of utter defeat at the hands of Reality to learn that there is something there to be defeated. Wordy refutations are not only not enough, but actively counter-productive. If you hunt the deer but the deer gets away, no amount of narcissistic spin can save you, especially when the elder hunter comes back with that exact same deer two hours later. Narcissists are rare in physics due to how often your math is wrong. Once narcissized, the narcissist hides behind their competence.  

This also requires having agency; women's agency is weak. Much easier to psychologically dodge humiliation if the situation was not determined by your own choices. Women, of course, don't feel humiliated when choice is stripped from them.

They really did [have to] do it, didn't they? Free will comes from the soul. Narcissists, therefore, cannot believe in free will. 

The responsibility angle: "I have no free will; I am not responsible." The logic is bad, but we're on the subject of madmen.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On Gnosticism

The Matrix is social expectations when social expectations become totalitarian.

Satan is Lord of This world, and isn't the omega archon. That means: demiurge. The error is in thinking that only Satan worship is possible; being the lord of the social, Satan seems overwhelming to those ensnared by social worlds. 

Ironically the Gnostic always believes they can take the red pill by becoming more social. Satan is hardly incompetent. They worship Satan, but believe when Satan betrays them he's not the real Satan/god they were trying to worship. 

The physical world is not [made in the image]; on the contrary it is a direct facet of the divine. Existence is holy and holier than holy; physics unquestionably exists. The Gnostic, finding the social world has let them down, turns even further away from the physical world in an attempt to find the "true" social world. 

P.S. For contrast: in reality the red pill that takes you out of Satan's Matrix is the revelation called apocalypse by Satan worshippers. It would indeed be very cataclysmic...for them.

All Morality is Slave Morality

Morality makes you weak. It's well-known that it makes you easy to control, but it also makes it more difficult to deal with hardship. 

"I don't deserve this trouble!" Whether you do or not, this thought is a waste of time. It is only making you weaker and sicker. Every solution is a prayer to Gnon, and the recipe is to perform an action that counters the trouble. Complaining, especially complaining solely in your mind, is rebellion against Gnon. 

To get into trouble in the first place, you must have sinned against Gnon. Always. Every time. Without exception. There are no victims, only perpetrators getting their just desserts. 

I have cited tornadoes as a possible moment where Gnon's justice is too strict. Unfortunately for slave moralists and my past self, insurance is a thing that exists. That and basements. If you get in trouble from getting tornado'd, then you deserved it. 

All morality is slave morality.

Insofar as morality is useful or accurate, insofar morality is not rebellion against Gnon, it's isomorphic to economics and game theory. It's not morality, it's merely prudence. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Consequences of Peasant Envy

The peasantry sees anyone stronger than them as an enemy, unless you've crushed them, making them feel helpless, and they see you as master. 

Envy is a hell of a drug.

Makes it so much of a hassle to cooperate with them it's not worth the effort. 

More fun: peasants are unsophisticated, and go with [say mean things about enemies]. In other words if you're stronger than one and haven't conquered them recently, they will make up slurs about you endlessly until you do conquer them.

Experts of Nihil

Myth: experts are useless.

Reality: personnel is policy. 

"The complete uselessness of credentialed elites is the big theme of 2021 for sure."

Expert-credentialing institutions reliably select against wisdom and kenning, because public choice theory is true.

Even mainstream scientists will admit that we expect upward of 60% of scientific studies to be false. Is that real? No: personnel is policy. If upwards of 60% of studies are false, that means upwards of 60% of scientists are snake oil. A real scientist can get the right answer on the first try using a birthday-party budget. The experiment's purpose is to separate those who already knew all along from the many poseurs, in the same way you don't let someone claim they're good at footy without seeing them on the pitch. "Science is still the the most reliable way to know things." Lol @ calling the NSF's product "science."

That said, refresher: domain knowledge is far from useless. If you disagree, try playing chess against someone with more hours but a lower IQ than you.

The Official experts don't even have domain knowledge.

"This is the dilemma then. “Trust the experts” can lead the public astray, and so does “don’t trust the experts.”"

Peasants are inherently astray, much like sheep. Best you can do is have them all go astray to the same place, so the sheepdogs can keep the wolves off.

P.S. "Once, I had two reviewers recommend a paper be publish there, but the editor arbitrarily decided to reject, and I knew I had no good fallback option."

Peer review sounds sketchy, but science isn't even peer reviewed for real. It's editor-reviewed. (I understand the term of art is [desk rejection].) As per Regressive Inquisition doctrine, all gatekeepers are priority capture targets, meaning all journal editors toe the line or they never stood a chance of being hired in the first place.

Naturally journal revenue is almost entirely State-funded, just in case you get any ideas about trying to start an independent journal. 

Naturally, you don't know the name of a single one of these journal editors, even though "Science" is the #1 driver of bureaucrat decisions. Hanania is very careful not to mention a name. You sure do know Jeff Bezos' name though, now don't you? 

P.P.S. "You're ruled by who you're not allowed to offend," being normie sociology, is naturally pwned. How about the guy who is so intimidating that you won't even name him after you don't work in his field anymore? 

P.P.P.S. I think midwit syndrome is this: being able to describe a situation, and therefore thinking you have a worthwhile analysis of that situation. 

"Moreover, we’re much richer than we were in 1960, and I’m sure spending on public safety has increased. With all that, we are now about tied with where we were almost three-quarters of a century ago, a massive failure."

"We’ve likewise seen 80 years of a continuous increase in depression among college students."

P.P.P.P.S. You can't read La Wik's article on public choice theory because it's comically circumspect. Public choice theory is the idea that government agents are self-interested instead of angelically altruistic. For some reason, you find bureaucracies get more money via lobbying for more money from the IRS and Fed, not by pursuing their alleged function. 

More precisely, the EPA causes environmental damage instead of preventing damage, because if they solved all the problems their budget would be cut to zero instead of expanded. They expand problems so as to expand their budget. The feedback is self-accelerating: the larger the EPA's budget, the more they can spend on lavish kickbacks for those in charge of increasing their budget.

The only reason "private" firms serve the customer is because customer satisfaction is directly linked to future revenue. Public vs. private is a bit of a distraction; the real action is entirely in the incentives. 

Bonus round: even PCT doesn't properly recognize the attraction of social status and instead always uses money as a proxy.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Appliction of Principle: Journalists Always Lie

When the Regressive Inquisition's PR firms tell you to be anxious and afraid of something, it is not fearsome. They tell you to be afraid of novel coronaviruses, therefore they aren't the slightest bit dangerous. More rational to take new, special steps to avoid being hit by lightning.

Christianity is Failure Worship

I had not previously appreciated how truly bad Christian theology is.

"You're not supposed to impose your own will on the world; 'thy will be done'"

Hey. Moron. If you attach a thick lever to a thin lever, then apply stress to the lever system, what do you think is going to happen? If your will is weak, it's not only going to stop you from carrying out your own will.

Christianity: better to fail than to risk success.
A very RNC idea.

Actual, stupidly obvious reason: coddling the envious. It is not better to fail because it's better that Yeshua's will not be done than you accidentally maybe twitch slightly away from Yeshua's will. It's better to fail because you'll piss of envious little shits if you don't. If we keep having to throw the putrid mutants out of Church for heinous Envy-driven sins, it won't be a Catholic Church, now will it?

"It's God's place to judge!" Is it now.
No wonder they're so suspicious of anyone effective.

But, of course, totally impotent when it comes to doing anything to stop defective effectors.
No wonder the Church hierarchy is so flagrantly (and reliably) corrupt.

As I have said and will say again, if you believe you have to be [x] to achieve [y], you will tend to uncritically embrace [x] if you want [y] enough. If you think being friends is gay, but you really badly want friends, then you will uncritically embrace My Little Pony. (Say hi to the Bronies for me!) If you think only Fascists can suppress crime, then you will suggest death camps and gulags if you hate crime enough. If you think only the Devil is allowed to be effective, you will wholeheartedly embrace treacherous defection if you desperately want to be effective.

In other words Christianity is a direct and immediate cause of Sophism's supremacy.
As always, I rather doubt Yeshua did not intend this exact outcome. Unlike His followers, He was not a dummy. 

If Reality is God then Christianity is Satanism.
Being effective means submitting to Gnon's will and Gnon's discipline. Being ineffective means making attempts in a manner contrary to Gnon's will. 

"Judge not lest ye be judged!"
Hey shitbag, why would I be afraid of being judged? I want to be judged frequently and harshly! How else am I to improve? My only issue with being judged is how it's so very often wrong, leading down instead of up.
I think Yeshua was correct here: if you want to be judged, judge all the time. Every day. Every opportunity. I indeed follow this stricture.

Christianity teaches you to rebel against Gnon. Christ is and always was Anti-Christ. Christ tells you to hope and pray for Revolution, overthrowing God, but secretly, so you don't notice. These implications only appear beyond your inferential horizon, as is the usual manner for Sophists.

Both Jehovah and Yeshua tell you submit to the wrong entity, exactly as Christians describe Satan as doing.
As I've said before, Christian Satanology is remarkably accurate. Because they (of all people) would know, wouldn't they? 

Christianity was always doomed, because it rebels against Gnon. It is not surprising that Christianity falls. It is only surprising that it took this long. Luckily its competitors were even greater sinners.

P.S. Yet further it is not a coincidence that game theories keep finding that defection is rational. Their post-Christianity guarantees it. "Be a prick if you want to win!" Yeah thanks. 

P.P.S. The viking raids on the monasteries suggest Christianity has a tendency to make its adherents vulnerable to invasion. Not the only example; not a fluke. Just the one that comes to mind.

P.P.P.S. On the plus side it seems avowed Satanists are not in any way opposed to this dynamic. I'm not going to study parody-Christianity enough to figure out exactly why, but we can clearly see that explicit Satanists don't get shit done and do get sick and die.

P.P.P.P.S. Christianity is Fascist, short ver: self-sacrifice (the cross) means self-annihilation means annihilation of the personality means everyone is the same means radical egalitarianism means Fascism.
Also slave morality, "concern" for "victims", totalitarianism, separation/distinction as evil, regression as virtue, sense of entitlement (but you sinned tho!), humanism is actually anti-humanism and Christianity is anti-human. The "mark of the beast" lets you tell who is a beast and who isn't. In other words, who is worthy of envy and who is feeling envy. The mark, which tells you of all distinctions, will cut you off from Jehovah, who is Satan. All distinctions => knowing all truths. Christ destroys death, but death is what keeps you alive, so everyone dies, even Christ.
Certainly Christianity also opposed certain facets of Fascism, but fundamentally it cannot refute Fascism without refuting itself. As a result is locked into providing air cover for the degenerate, Satanic political system.

"I inherited money from a relative I had not seen for years and was estranged from; a surprise—I thought I would get nothing. At first, I diligently saved; however, events transpired in such a way as the money was spent and damaged me as it was spent. Now, I swear it was cursed."

I had the opportunity to inherit money from a relative I had not seen for years, or indeed seen for any length of time at all; less than 24 hours total, I estimate. Our continents differed.
The individual had declined to write a will, and as a result I was entitled to some wealth by default. My daimon told me to refuse, so I did. I was opposed, of course, by everyone who heard of this decision.

It seems I was correct. 

Also, I received some of the money anyway, mediated much more directly and responsibly. Physical cash, handed to me in person. Honourable, almost.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

"2/7 of Karl Marx’s children committed suicide; suggestive that the Marx line was not mentally stable or well-adjusted."

On the other hand, that's 5 more surviving children than his ideological heirs have. 

Oh I get it. Finally.

For me 9/11 wasn't really anything because I was already an adult, for various ugly reasons.

For America, it was the alarm going off after decades of partying. Childhood for everyone ended abruptly. "Haha! The real world still exists! History is not over!"

I think America really believed they had already achieved the Second Coming. The 60s had solved everything. Nothing else would ever happen. (Or: they had thrown a collective toddler tantrum and it had worked out okay.) Everyone could be irresponsible because Daddy-cum-Mommy would take care of everything. Video games, TV, sports, and movies could be and were the whole world. Maybe a few novels if you were really posh. Weirdos could be into Japanese TV instead. Do your chores, eat your vegetables (nightly news) and then you're free to play. If you're poor, you can buy lotto. A little richer, take a trip to the casino. If pops is really loaded, you play the stock market. Never have to worry about things getting too real, though.

After 9/11, slowly, blearily, Americans realized America isn't a country anymore. Not only are their bankers all banksters, this isn't illegal. Not only isn't it illegal, Daddy-trans-Mommy bails them out when the scam goes bad. The war on drugs gave Americans a valuable opportunity to [stick it to the man] by smoking a little dope. The war on terror was about bullying some desert hobos for having been bullied before, which raised questions about the war on drugs. Also, WTF is Mommy doing on the playground? Is she punching the other kids?

Lately they have realized America doesn't have elections and doesn't have a president. Oof. What a gut punch. They were asleep at the time!

Momento mori is one thing. Imagine this waking you up: "You're going to die one day." Now imagine this: "There are trustworthy individuals, but you always trust the scam artist and he narcissist." Don't think he's making it to work this time around. Not gonna be able to afford gacha this week. Might lose his Twitch subscriber streak if he's not careful.

"Are...are we the baddies?" Well, you're children. You're not to blame for what your parents get up to. Unfortunately, you're growing up. (At last. Maybe.) You will be responsible soon, whether you're ready or not.


Childhood is fake. Children genuinely can't handle the truth, because they haven't seen any of it. Visiting a new culture is overwhelming; now imagine you had never seen a culture before. Oh and you had never seen a visit before, let alone the device you used to get there.

We don't tell children the truth so we can ease them into it. Give them enough to be getting on with.

Childhood is also a little bit gay, and/because nobody is having sex.

For literal juveniles, this is healthy. Or, at least, necessary.

Logiomancy is Martial

This blog honours Ares.

That is, I am highly aggressive and will pick a fight with you.

Like Ares, I am disappointed if you always lose. You're supposed to win sometimes. If you're not strong enough, return when you are stronger. You are going to get stronger, right?

Friday, September 10, 2021

Marx was right about false consciousness, except it's already pro-communist, not anti-communist.

"I can’t stop re-reading this anecdote about the U.S. military trying to teach rural Afghans about taxes and they’re immediately just like “no, that’s theft” lmao"

Jacques Ellul's demand for propaganda is real.

No Comment Necessary

"Our souls were "given" to christcult by the exact same process which is giving our souls to woke dogma today: Betrayal, cowardice, and comfort."

I cannot see any errors in this thread. Christ is and always was, in addition, Satan. The line between good and evil runs through a god's heart, not a human's.
Christianity continues to spawn insane heresies because the root belief system is an insane heresy.


Blogs are better with pictures, but I can't be arsed to find the artwork myself.

If you submit a link to a drawing, associated with a post, and it doesn't suck, I will add it.

Not really expecting this to go anywhere, but it would stupid if it would work and then I didn't spend the 50 seconds it takes to ask.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Plato Was Smart but Corrupt

Plato was far smarter than any modern you can find writing in public. Nevertheless, he was corrupt, meaning he was left-wing. E.g. he had that idea about stripping children from their parents. Very "rational" in the modern sense. 

Academic means Platonic means bad. Never attend the Academy. E.g. the Stanford philosophy encyclopedia directly invokes Plato, which is self-condemnation. "Heads' up: we're full of shit."

Real scholarship is Socratic-Aristotlean, which is rightist, which is good. If you attend a school, always attend a Lykeion. 

I think he was literally homosexual for Socrates. He was pissed about the hemlock because his crush got crushed. The dialogues were nothing but an elaborate extended mope. 

Supposed to love wisdom, sodomite, not worship individuals. Weak minds obsess over status and people; average minds obsess over events; great minds obsess over ideas.

The Rot is Old, CS Lewis Edition

Myth: CS Lewis was a trad Christian.

Caveats: he was way less degenerate than present secular humanists.

Fact: Lewis was blue pilled about women. His stories regularly feature "beastly" boys preying on saintly girls who would never do anything so crude as fight back. 

Lewis was blue pilled on rebellions. 

Mr Tumnus is a wonderful figure who follows his heart and rebels against the White Witch, ultimately paying the price (actually ultimately having all his actions invalidated by Aslan, but everyone makes mistakes). Mr Tumnus is pure and unadulterated fiction. Pure non-realism. In America, parents won't even offer civil disobedience if their heart tells them to protect their children. USG is their God.

Lewis clearly states that you ought to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's: Nothing. Aslan owns everything; the White Witch gets things on Aslan's sufferance.

His fellow "Christians" would hang him for this heresy, but luckily for him they glossed over it. 

Lewis was blue pilled on discipline.

"It's all right," said Peter. "I know what we're all thinking. But I'm sure, quite sure, we needn't. I've a feeling we've got to the country where everything is allowed."

Problem: you're already in a country where everything is allowed. However, actions have consequences. More precisely, everything has a price. At the very least, it costs time. Even Aslan can't abjure this omipotent logical principle.

Is this "country where everything is allowed" exactly identical to our current country? It is a country where time doesn't exist? Is it a country where Aslan forgives you if you slap the shit out of your sister for no reason, because that's allowed? 

Maybe it's a country where illogic is logical and you're allowed to not think things through; you'll never sound like a drooling moron. It's okay. 


Lewis was blue pilled on redemption.

Edmund is "redeemed" by being changed into an entirely different person, demonstrating that Lewis feels that redemption is in fact impossible; only possession by some not-you spirit. Eustace's red pilling was a little more believable, but, to be honest, not very much. Edmund straight-up turns into Peter v2.0. Nice brain transplant, bro.

However, yes. Let's do a couple caveats too.

but Edmund was saying to himself, “I’ll pay you all out for this, you pack of stuck-up, self-satisfied prigs.” [They called him out for being a beast - ed.] For deep down inside him he really knew that the White Witch [and therefore he himself] was bad and cruel.
And every time this happened he thought more and more how he hated Peter—just as if all this had been Peter’s fault."
If you call an envious little shit out for being an envious little shit, their blame will shift from God to you. In an especially twisted twist, they will see you as Godlike - because you justly punish him exactly like God does.
Stuck up? Fact is Peter would never, and has never, acted like Edmund did. However, Edmund sees Peter as God, meaning narcissist Edmund thinks Peter sees himself as God. And gee, that would be stuck up, now wouldn't it? Very rational. Makes perfect sense, right?

(Also tu quoque is a fallacy, so even had Peter so acted, he would still be right in calling defection out as defection.)   

"The sort of “History” that was taught in Narnia under Miraz’s rule was duller than the truest history you ever read and less true than the most exciting adventure story."

Sound familiar?


Aslan surrenders and is tied up:

"“The cowards! The cowards!” sobbed Susan. “Are they still afraid of him, even now?”"


What the envious little shits really want is to not be envious little shits. I mean, who wouldn't? However, no amount of tearing down the great and the glorious will make them not-envious, for what I hope are obvious reasons. Yet, that's always the solution they attempt, which is why they're [little shits] and not merely [envious].

They're terrified, because they know even after they fatally plunge the stone dagger into Aslan's breast, they will still be putrid little mutants squirming half-blind across a gorgeous land they do not deserve. He will have ultimate revenge without having to lift a finger. Well, having to lift a paw, in this case.

The guy who got brained while pulling down an old American statue survived. He's crippled and confined to a wheelchair, though. You don't have to do anything; they will do it to themselves. Just don't let them stand near you while they're doing it.
This is why (wiser) Christians say God doesn't punish you. You punish yourself when you turn away from God's light. He promised you free will, so he doesn't stop you, that's all.
That is, when you take the blue pill, you punish yourself. Gnon will have his pound of flesh, sooner or later, and you won't like it if he has to come later.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Addendum to Qualification to Lies are Bad

If you have to tell the Nazi you don't have a Gyew in your attic, you screwed up.

If you lie to your enemies in public, you are also lying to your allies in public. You are untrustworthy, and it doesn't work. Hey dumbass, don't defect on cooperators.

Yes, if you're in the proverbial Nazi town, then yes, lie to the bastard. He's dishonourable and it's largely a private affair anyway. However, you dun fukt up. You should either have GTFO'd or performed a military coup on the Nazis before it got to this point. Don't sit around and wait for your enemies to corner you. Both of your options are bad because you've been bad. 


"The stronger your faith in your own true god, the easier you will find it to be around the worshipers of false gods."

A little true but mainly false.

It is true that having strong faith lets you tolerate other faiths better in the abstract. 

However, actively exposing yourself to heresy, as Yarvin suggests here, becomes more and more intolerable. You notice they're ritually unclean and it's more and more like touching poop. 

Something something the best lies have a truth backbone. 

Fascists gonna fasc. It's not a big deal to me that Fascists exist. Even that Fascists are super common. However, if a Fascists starts fascing right in front of me, I violently GTFO. E.g. exploit certain aspergoid embarrassment immunities to simply excuse myself mid-sentence, then walk away. Gonna puke otherwise. Or, worse, reveal my power level in public (for the purposes of intellectual bullying).

"It is very limiting to require that everyone around you worship only true gods."

If you allege you're my friend, then I insist you never talk about politics. "This is politics too?" Yes. "Even this?" Uh huh. Likewise, I don't constantly proselytize Neon Hillism at you; the difference being I'm not a graceless Americoid so I do this without having to be asked. 

Religion and politics are already the canon impolite topics. Americoids still talk about them more often than non-politics. They especially favour State-worship, thus combining the two. Gross. 

"If you can’t be angry at the people around you, but you can’t help noticing their systematic errors, you have to find a way to pity them instead."

Did Yarvin just suggest you hang around folk you pity?

Especially bad advice for Anglos or Saxons, who habitually start to hate anyone who shows weakness, thus inspiring pity. This caused several extirpations in colonial times. They pitied the locals, thus hated them, thus killed them all to show that they could, proving they deserved the pity and thus the hate.

Especially since you can't release the psychic tension by killing them, absolutely avoid folk you pity.  

Notably Christians are significantly less ritually unclean and thus significantly less disgusting. Exception: Christians who come to my house and then start incompetently slagging my faith. Bruh. At least don't be a moron.

Why are Busybodies so Irresponsible?

Meddlers might be expressing a craving for responsibility.

Since Fascism is about being irresponsible, it's fashionable to assume everyone wants to be relieved of as much responsibility as possible. However, contra Fascism, individuals vary. Reality: individuals crave a particular level of responsibility. For quite a few, certainly, that level is zero or negative. For some, however, it's positive - and the fashion of relieving them of responsibility only makes them more and more antsy.

If you have no responsibility and want more, you might try to arrogate responsibility onto yourself. In other words, you might try being a meddling piece of shit. 

Perhaps this is what they really mean when they say, "Idle hands do the Devil's work." Responsibility craving results in very, very antisocial behaviour. 

Naturally, it's Christian, which means Satanic, which means usually the saying is usually used to justify coercive acquisition of slave labour.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

"Now the Taliban have won, it looks really bad to call your domestic opponents “the American Taliban”—sort of implies they’re going to win."

Great point.

The reply is good too.
"Reminds of when old RPGs went out of their way to drop a new keyword."

Qualification to "Lies are bad, mmkay"

Lies to the ingroup are bad. Lies to your enemies are practically mandatory.

Problem: your enemies will doubt you, because they're your enemies. When Red America lies to Blue America, the DNC doesn't have a crisis of confidence, they just laugh at the lies. "You thought that was believable? lol"

Conclusion: if you lie and it works, 98.4% of the time it was a lie to one of your friends, thus a betrayal, thus literally the peak of evil. 

Corollary: "Lies are bad, mmmkay." 


Monday, September 6, 2021

Leftism is Criminalism

"If civilization requires making criminals uncomfortable the price is just too damn high."

"Daddy, what happens if you let criminals run society?"
"Well son, it becomes a criminal society of crime."
"Wow, that makes sense! Thanks daddy!"

Conflicts With Affection

Warning: this post is mainly Menshevik Sophism, defending the Regime against change. However, this part is good: 

"With humans, the right way to deal with behavior you don’t like is to talk about it, another time—or at least, with some kind of context switch. That prevents the natural conflict response in which the human, nagged, digs in and persists in the behavior as a point of honor, or even just a way of getting attention."

Sadly, the mature way to deal with conflict is to assume the other person isn't going to be able to be mature about it.
Though if you think about it, this makes sense: if they were a fully mature and realized, they would have asked first instead of causing a problem, or used one of many other equivalent pre-emptive measures. Recognizing you might be causing an issue is not rocket surgery, it's the simple act of being considerate. When a conflict arises, you can safely assume one or both of you is being a brat. 

This means you need to give them time to get out of brat mode and return to mature adult, then speak to them about the behaviour.
To repeat: don't assume it was them in brat mode. Could well have been you. Certainly, you will have the urge to immediately snap at them about it, like a brat. Then you're guaranteed to both descend into brat mode. 

As a proper nihilist I must acknowledge that, you know, maybe you enjoy being a brat? Is that what you prefer? I've never seen it in the wild, however. In the wild, I see regret. 

There's a bunch of little tricks like this for dealing with conflict efficaciously and efficiently. Luckily, like this one, they can largely be derived using babby's first empathy. "If I'm being a brat, how will I react if someone addresses my brattiness immediately? Why do I react that way? Oh duh, I guess I shouldn't myself do that, either." Though, refresher: test your conclusions with an open, curious, non-arrogant mind. Babby's first empathy only works reliably when individuals are identical, i.e. it is not reliable. 

P.S. This 'be positive' thing is really hard. 

P.P.S. Just because you don't like a behaviour doesn't mean you're entitled to have your partner stop doing it. Nihilism: you're only entitled to something if you literally have a contract (a 'title'), signed by the relevant parties, saying you're entitled to it. E.g. maybe they messily eat peanuts on the couch, and you somewhat don't like that, but they really really enjoy letting loose sometimes. Getting outraged that they won't stop is narcissistic manipulation, not setting healthy boundaries. Or: if you really dislike the peanut thing so much, you should have noticed before you got married, not tried to use relationship health or respect or whatever to manipulate them into stopping. By getting married before talking about it, you're implying you were okay with it, and you don't get to change your mind - even if you do change your mind, that's your problem, not theirs. 

(This is one reason I'm in favour of sex before marriage. Otherwise you get surprise conflicts you can't possibly know of beforehand. That said, this does require effective birth control. Further, sex should be considered a promise to marry, because women will feel attached like a fiance regardless of whether it's socially considered that or not.) 

To repeat: much of this relies heavily on the respective affect intensities. If you really really hate it and they haven't even thought about it before, then okay, you still should have talked about it before marriage, but mistakes happen. Don't cancel the marriage because of an oversight about peanuts of all things. Once you are properly [neighbours] then Yeshua is not wrong about forgiveness. Forgive them for the peanuts. Have them forgive you for being anal. Re-negotiate post-forgiveness.

P.P.P.S. It does get complicated pretty quickly; ref: see above. It's not just one or two tricks here and there. Normally you would rely on the culture to guide you so you don't have to re-derive all this from first principles, but unfortunately you can't rely on the local culture. Indeed, the local culture says to get divorced immediately if not sooner, so...