Monday, July 8, 2024

Master is Not Cooperator, Slave is Not Cooperator

 Nietzsche was really on the ball about slave morality. However, it's important to remember neither slave morality nor master morality is cooperator mentality. The former two are nothing more than different styles of treachery. The master exists to betray the slaves and be betrayed in turn. The slave exists to betray each other and betray the master. They would both benefit from loner morality. Agreeing to part ways is a kind of cooperation, and they will accomplish more alone than they do together.
 Excepting of course that both slaves and masters are masochists, and destroying themselves is the whole point. Working as intended. Carry on.


 The master is not a master if he doesn't have slaves. He needs them. He's addicted.
 This theme shows up even in modern stories. Look for an owner being possessed by their possessions.
 Possessions exist to be exploited. Don't let them exploit you.

 The cooperator profits from his cooperators, but he doesn't need them. If there are at least two cooperators, they aren't scarce. Abundant. If one cooperation falls out of the money, he has plenty of others to choose from and plenty of time to choose, due to all the runway he accumulated with his profitable cooperation.

 The master must guard his slaves jealously, lest he lose his master qualifications. Not to mention the slaves must always pretend to want out. Like women, slaves must [[morally]] test their master.
 The cooperator has no need for jealousy or envy. If his partner starts earning more...then he can afford more cooperative trades, now can't he? If your friend wins the lottery, it means he's taking you out to an expensive diner to celebrate - he's always wanted to, and now he can afford it. If you get jealous and start a fight, it means he cancels your invitation to the dinner. Whoops.
 Neither master nor slave are sustainable. They cannot stabilize. 

 The ubermensch does not have master morality. 

 An ubermensch doesn't interact with [[morality]] at all, except as clutter in his environment. He secures his shit, he makes trades, and certainly doesn't let pseudo-syphilitic drug users tell him what he wants.

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