Saturday, July 6, 2024

Freedom vs. Americanism

  Freedom in the democrat/american sense doesn't exist. It means freedom from any bonds at all, including physical law. Freedom from hunger - it doesn't mean having plenty to eat, it means having the freedom to starve without dying. 
 I realized this when I was thinking about how vacation is the worst word. You vacate the office, and therefore are in a state of vacation. All the slaves acting like vacation is their word and not their conqueror's. To me, going to the office is the vacation, because I've taken leave of my senses. Sanity has vacated the premises.

 Democratism/tyrannism is about being free the need for shelter, free of any need to cooperate socially, free of gravity, and, most importantly, free of logic. Free of sense. The world responds thusly: "You want to be so free that you're free of sense? Okay, here's delusion and slavery. It makes no sense relative to what you wanted, so that's exactly what you wanted."

 What you want is freedom from social status.
 Get a patron. He offers you a position in the hierarchy. If you accept this position, the patron then violently defends your place. As long as you stay within the lines he's set out, he doesn't care about gossip, he doesn't care about how many friends you have, he doesn't care if you've managed to save for retirement or not, he doesn't care if mommy loves you. If someone tries to take your spot or leach your privileges away, they go squish.
 If one of your privileges is Exit, he does this because it's in his self-interest. He has to make them go squish, else he will lose your fealty fee

 I suppose it isn't really freedom. It is security against social status. Seems freedom and security really are antonyms, with security as virtue and freedom as vice.

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