Sunday, April 30, 2023

Regarding Parrots, Oversocialization is Not the Right Word

To be fair it is something like oversocialization. Omni-ritualization. Slave socialization. 

Theocratization. Everything in the religion, nothing outside the religion, nothing against the religion. Omnidogmatic.

The Parrot reveals that nearly every non-child has severe social anxiety and has to frantically search for the approved ritual for interacting with a parrot.
They find there are obvious rituals but using them would de-legitimize other rituals. There are errors in the error codes, eliciting more error warnings.

Like bro you don't need to interact with a parrot at all. 

It does not have the ostentation of the peacock, the imposing presence of the ostrich or the latent lethality of a falcon or hawk.[...]

Yet, the parrot is not a threat, so you clearly cannot panic or be overwhelmed.

You can very safely ignore it. Even if it decides to attack you, after a moment of disorientation and dismay you'll have plenty of time to react to it. 

Americans are so desperately afraid that they can't ignore it, just in case that's heresy.  


Here in Reality, the only reason to look at it or otherwise interact with it is sheer idiosyncratic taste. There's no political or economic or reproductive ramifications whatsoever. You won't even be the next to pick your friend group's outing destination if you correctly ritualize the parrot, and nobody is going to ostracize you for ritualizing it wrong. 

In other words, doing it because you want to. If you want to, you can. Everyone can afford it. If you don't want to, then don't. Everyone can afford that too. 

That's it. That's all there is to a parrot. 


To my list of profundities, I will add the following: a free mind is one which the parrot can occupy easily, and stay in as long as it chooses. 
Now, the little black children engaged the parrot as completely as the little white girl. So if the little kids are born free and demonstrably remain free until at least age six


The adult American, however, has to reconcile the parrot with their vast system of cognitive dissonance. "How do I a world with a parrot without making this even worse?"

We are therefore forced, out of sheer necessity, to look at it.

"Oh shit I have to interact with the physical world instead of the social world." 

Rao doesn't know what he's 'supposed' to do with a parrot. His first and last instinct is obedience to a stronger power. Does he want to be tyrannized? I suppose he must. It makes him boring and fake 99% of the time, though. Why would I talk to a human-parrot about bird-parrots when I can talk to their master? And indeed their master is blasting NPC command codes all the time, so I already know what he said. No need to repeat it.

The parrot slightly jogs him out of this. He forgets, for a moment, that it's all lies by hacks, and accidentally takes some of the political exhortations literally.

Would it occur to him that whatever lofty abstractions it triggered, the parrot qua parrot would not make an appearance in the edifice he was building? Sadly, I must suspect that the thought would not have occurred to him.

[...]The parrot would again have been lost, subsumed here by the Absurd. As far as the parrot is concerned, Camus and Hegel differ little.

He wants to react to the parrot 'authentically' as a way of denying that authenticity, as he understands it, is yet another artificial ritual. 

A mind with ‘parrot’ on it should not look like anything recognizable.

Rao cannot imagine someone who doesn't have to ritualize and model the entire world.

Imagine someone as such: "Huh, a parrot. I don't know what's going on. That's okay. It doesn't matter." Rao cannot imagine it. 

That said, he's not wrong: none of the non-child New Yorkers could react to the parrot. Only to the politico-religious implications of a parrot.
It reminds me again of Fussell: there aren't any, which is their problem. There's no way to dunk on a Twatter by pointing out a parrot was in Ithaca today. You can't "score" any "points" by using that parrot to virtue-signal. And if you aren't scoring points, aren't you falling behind? Your mortgage is twitter-follower indexed, right? Right?

the “Awww!” you might direct at a puppy. A puppy is a punch you can roll with.

There's something you're 'supposed' to do with a puppy. You don't have to go off-road to deal with a puppy.  

When an American sees A Parrot, they suddenly have to be themselves instead of who they're 'supposed' to be. 


I think I'm onto something with omnidogmatism. It is not merely that you must obey the 39 strictures or whatever. Every situation has a stricture and you must obey it. Truly omnityrannous.  


Friday, April 28, 2023

More on Truth as Darkness

They say that no matter how dark the night, it cannot snuff the candle's glow.


No matter how overwhelming the truth, it cannot stop you from covering it with a lie, living in denial. 

All vices are parasites on virtues; without some virtue, the vice is meaningless. A lie is always true in a sense; it is true that you just lied. It is true that the words or ideas you expressed were indeed the ones you expressed. It is true that the idea contradicts Reality. It is true that someone found them convincing, and they did so due to mechanics that can be truly studied and understood. 

No, ultimately the candle snuffs itself. Lighting the candle is to, inevitably, destroy the candle. The only way to preserve that which powers the lie is to destroy the lie. 

Likewise, no matter how bright the light, no matter how overwhelming, it cannot destroy the darkness lingering behind it. The darkness isn't gone, the light merely renders it invisible. The light is merely temporary. Contingent. The darkness is absolute and eternal.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Vices Requires Virtues

Wrath is meaningless without courage.

Addiction is meaningless without wealth.

Sloth is meaningless without opportunity.

Waste is impossible without security.

Envy is meaningless without community.

Pride is meaningless without initiative.

Lies are meaningless without trust.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Egalitarianism Inherently Effeminate for Contradicting Competition

Men need to compete. It's a basic drive, like hunger. Women not only fail to understand this but actively try to stop men from getting what they need. ("You would be much happier if you were a woman!" "Bitch, why do you think you look happy to me?")

Under Egalitarianism you can't compete, because the winner is inherently a heretic. You inspired envy or jealousy! Burn the witch! How many times have you heard that it's not a competition? 

I mean, don't you always immediately think maybe it should be?

This is in part what causes such frantic, desperate status competition. Men are starving for contests and use backhanded methods to try to insert competitions everywhere just to get a fix. Worse, the Egalitarians and women try, often successfully, to nullify the results of the competition. To make everything [[fair]]. The men almost got water in the desert, and then it's snatched away. The desperation becomes desperate desperation.

This [[fairness]] response, of course, itself constitutes a competition. A competition to suppress competition. Which they just won.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Carlson took Stewart's Advice and Therefore Kicked His Ass

"Tucker Carlson Is Clearly Still Mad About the Time Jon Stewart Humiliated Him on CNN" 

I saw it live. At the time I was a Stewart watcher (I thought he was anti-establishment, lol@me) and I basically agreed with everything he said. I had no idea who Carlson was (I assumed he was some Party hack) and I wouldn't for many years. It struck me as by far the most sincere thing Stewart ever said (or would go on to say). Carlson was indeed humilitated.

Then, admitted by Carlson himself, he took Stewart's advice. Whoops. You weren't supposed to do that. It was 100% full-test hypocrisy. Stewart was confessing his sins via projection, as in standard for narcissists. It sounded sincere because, like all narcissists, the only thing he sincerely feels is self-hatred.

Have to say the results are in. Carlson wasn't just some court jester. Not entry #54325 deep state propagandist. Carlson dominated all video-form news for all of America, which means for the entire world. Carlson was the TV news anchor. Globally. 

Get fucked, Liebowitz. Yes, you deserve to hate yourself, and everyone with a modicum of healthy grey matter hates you too. I hear the Canadian healthcare system has a solution for situations like this. Should have responded to Trump by moving to Canada, apparently.
Jonathan's little rant didn't just apply to Carlson. It applied to every American journalist. Period.
However, it was only said to Tucker, and only Tucker repented of his sins.

One of the best ways to call out a liar is to take them seriously. Trust them fully and then reason through the consequences of what they say. How should you react? A logical reaction is almost always the opposite of what they wanted. Liebowitz wanted Crossfire cancelled, and he got what he wanted. He did not want it replaced with Tucker Carlson Tonight. Haha, oops. 

Having abruptly fired Tucker at the height of his popularity, Fox news has utterly 100% proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that American nonfiction is not a free market. It's Communist. It's all government agencies. Thanks Fox! I mean, Tucker wasn't good enough anyway, so fundamentally everything will continue working as intended. It's nothing but a very dramatic case study; a scientific paper they paid millions for the privilege of providing us.

He who pays the piper, and you don't pay for it. You're the product, not the customer. 


Carlson leaving Fox cost their stock price $500 million or so, and that sounds about right to me. Does Tucker constitute capital/equipment worth about half a b? Yeah, seems plausible.

Fascism: Direct Self-Contradiction

Communism is the idea that if the rich didn't exist, everyone would be rich.

White nationalism is the idea that if the Jews didn't exist, everyone would be smart and "ethnocentric" like the Jews. 

Democracy has changed its self-contradictory myth several times, but it seems it has settled on the idea that if white men didn't exist, everyone would be a white man. If nobody knew math or showed up on time, bridges would stay up, but even more so. 

Point 3: Plot of the State Enemy. All imperfection is due to [insert card-carrying villain].
That said, I particularly enjoyed the minor Democracy B-plot which was that if the Communists didn't exist, everyone would be rich and powerful and [[free]]. That one was too stupid for even Americans to buy into often or for long. 

Fascism is the idea that if the high-status didn't exist, everyone would have high status.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Harry Potter's World is Insecure

If one Voldemort can do it, another Voldemort can do it. 

Honestly it doesn't look that hard. Doesn't take a genius of sabotage. 

The Ministry has to win every time. Voldemort only has to win once. They're doomed, it's merely a matter of time. Rowling only has a story because the Ministry won't secure its shit. Rowling also only has a 'happy' story because she stops there (aposiopesis) and hopes everyone stops thinking with her.

By the way, story of Voldemort: he kills himself with a spell rebound due to violating an obscure wizarding technicality, then comes back to life so he can kill himself with a spell rebound due to violating an obscure wizarding technicality. 

Female writer; naturally the plot, with all its sharp, un-cozy points, is not a strong suit. Nor the "hero" having, you know, agency. The school and its procedures and knick-knacks are what Rowling is good at. (So, taking care of kids and their environment. How bizarre and surprising. Who could have predicted this.)

Without Voldemort committing Canadian Healthcare, Rowling's wizarding world has no chance. What if one of the Wizengamot happens to secretly already be a dark wizard, and decides he's tired of red tape? Game over. 

Rowling's world needs a big strong man to save it from itself. 


Rowling's world is unconsciously inegalitarian, and has the dark mirror of the problem of the real world.

The Ministry always wants to decay into the Imperium, explicitly privileging noble blood over muddy magicless common dirt farmers and their ilk. "Yeah, uh, we really are better. If there's a dispute, we're probably in the right, you barbarians." Has to fight savagely against purifying its own principles, and will inevitably lose. 

The Global Loser-Egalitarian Empire (GLEE club) has to fight savagely against decaying into pure Marxist Communism, meaning everyone starves to death, and will inevitably lose.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

I Want Everyone to be Upper Class

Obedience results in copying upper-class behaviour. In most cases a compassionate lord will tell you to do what they would do in your situation.

Nevertheless, the correct response to anyone lower-class who refuses to obey is disgust and ostracism. With a few notable exceptions, upper-class behaviour is simply better. Anyone trying to cling to their lower-class roots is deliberately vandalizing their own experience and the lives of those around them. Revolting.

Perhaps it's not intense enough to call it a crime, but it's certainly criminal-adjacent.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Addicts Don't Enjoy Their Addiction

It's not talked about much, but not only does addiction trade long-term for short-term, it even trades the short-term at a loss. Once it's settled in, the addict's choices are suffering and more suffering. 

Or: wholesome food doesn't count as an addiction because it tastes good and feels good. Profitable. 


For this reason, when someone says a commercial product is 'addictive' I automatically, unconsciously convert that to [bad]. I hear that they don't like it but can't stop. E.g. a page-turner isn't a good book, it's merely an addictive book. It's not enjoyable, it exploits a bug in the system. Defection or deviance.

I find grocery stores are wonderfully educational. Food engineering works: they can make food that taste bad and yet still make you want to keep eating. I find grocery-store cookies are always like this. The first like 2-3 taste good. The rest taste like burning, yet I still want to eat the rest of the box. The downright bad cookies aren't as bad as the craving for cookies. I can't stop thinking about them until the box is empty.

In other words, it's a nice cheap microcosm of addiction. You can test it in a couple hours, and withdrawal will be over before you go grocery shopping a second time. Maybe for you it's potato chips instead. Regardless, there will be something at the store you can use to try it yourself.

The hack is kinda interesting, but complicated and hard to accurately describe. (Except this: "Surely I will enjoy the next one." I don't. It's even worse.) It doesn't really matter, since it is a hack. The solution is to not buy cookies in the first place. Easy, convenient, dollar cost actually cheaper than free.

The thing to learn isn't just that addiction is unpleasant, but how to detect and interrupt an addiction. I remembered this topic because I was thinking about World of Warcraft. Frankly, it's a boring game. Whether classic or nu, it overstays its welcome by at least an order of magnitude. The amount of stuff in the game is vastly exceeded by how much playing the game demands to let you see the stuff. It's unprofitable. Yet, folk keep playing; it is addictive. 

If you reflect on the memory of the cookies, you can tell, without any chance of a mistake, that you didn't enjoy them. There was no payoff. Catch the feeling of intentional reflection in this way. That moment you set your id aside and employ your ego. Make a meta-habit of reflecting like this on every habit.
Likewise, it's good to become familiar with the withdrawal cycle. If you stay away long enough, if you suffer through the withdrawal, the cravings indeed vanish like a mirage. There's a sense of accomplishment. Or something like that, anyway. If you get into withdrawal again, vividly inhabit the memory of a previous mirage, and recall the future accomplishment.

If you're 'addicted' to World of Warcraft, after a session, ask: did I enjoy myself? Or was I bored? WoW is not an investment. Quite the contrary. If you're normally bored while in-game, you should cancel your subscription. 

Democracy trains you to follow your id. It will not 'naturally' occur to you to interrupt your addictions; it wants you to be pure id, because it can't handle an ego. Tell democracy to fuck off.

Once you've noticed you don't in fact enjoy your addictions, it's dramatically easier to quit. In fact, it can be hard not to quit. You grok that it's a bad idea.

Most addicts have to become delusional about their substance of choice. Indeed you can detect addiction in another by a pattern of delusion. If they can't see the thing clearly and refuse to compromise, they're probably addicted to it. This is almost certainly why VG fora are full of morons - they're addicted and can't see the actual VG they're playing through the haze of addiction. Discussion with a dedicated addict is impossible. 


P.S. I suppose the genius of the cookie engineering is that, if you wait long enough, the first couple are good again. Whereas lesser attempts like WoW stay boring. They found a loophole where you don't naturally associate the cookie badness with the cookies, but it's impossible not to associate WoW with grinding tedium. Even looking at the art style, e.g. the title scree, is aggressively boring, never mind actually playing working it.  

Friday, April 21, 2023

Don't Join the CIA's Troll Farm

AOL is headquartered in a suburb of Langley.
In other words, the CIA made the internet into a giant troll farm on purpose. If nothing else, spies are always awkward and stick out like sore thumbs unless everyone else is a desocialized feral child too. 

The ""right"" wing responded thusly: "Damn, that was a stupid thing to do, CIA! We're way better at trolling than your assholes. Hot damn look at these sweet memes own the libs." And indeed, the awkward feral children of the CIA are even more awkward and childish.

In other words: CIA: "I want you all to be trolls." The [[right]]: "Okay. Roger loud and clear."

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Wisdom & Alrenous Decision Theory: All Decisions are Easy

There's two reasons a decision may be hard: your values conflict, or you don't have enough information.

Information isn't a decision problem, it's a superposed information problem. You always have less than perfect information, you always have to make the decision based on the best information you have, so just always do that. Hedging your bets or deciding to gather more information is merely part of meta-information information. You can only decide to e.g. learn more based on the best information that you have about how much information you have. 

If your values conflict then that means choosing either would profit you a near-equal amount. It doesn't particularly matter which one you go for. Proof by contradiction: if one would profit you a lot, choose that one. Videogames furnish a perfect example, the ideal of hard choices. Spoils the answer right in the title: "hard" choices don't matter. The mechanical version: do you go left, and then win the game, or do you go right, and then win the game? Only alternative: if on one path you don't win the game, then it's an easy choice. If you win both ways, then it's a meaningless choice. 


If someone tells you a decision is hard, they're just trying to scam you. They want to you to confuse a bad choice for a good choice. It's really that simple. 

In particular, watch out for the meta-choice of getting more information on a meaningless choice. No matter how deeply understand it, there still won't be any big differences in the outcome. 

If you can't tell the difference, and they don't instantly tell you how to tell the difference, then there's no difference. 

Wisdom is having the enough information to make a sufficiently good choice.

Wisdom is successfully predicting the outcome of your decisions, so you can choose the one that furthers your values the best. 

Wisdom, in other words, is prosaic. What will happen? Given my value schedule, what is the accounting? Which decision is the most profitable? Wisdom is mere economics. 


There is only one time a decision is any more interesting than the arithmetic problem of adding up the effects of accurate forecasts. 

It's when your uncertainty isn't about the world, but about yourself. When you don't know which of two values you find most valuable. When it's a question not of outcome, but of identity. As a stupid example, do you prefer digging, or flying? Or perhaps it's an allegory...

Real choice only occurs when you choose who you are going to be. In these moments, you grow, you elaborate, you differentiate.

"I find your lack of autism...disturbing."

"If you are not obsessed with something to the point of madness, kept restless by its sirenic calls, you are barred from Life's deepest mysteries."

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Controlled Opposition vs. Satanism

No good guys in WWII? No good guys for centuries.

"Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.” — Voltaire

"But I can do worse!" — also Voltaire

He was right on both counts. 


At least, no good guys you've ever heard of.


This is why you don't do the friend/enemy distinction. Just because they're the enemy of your enemy doesn't mean they're your friend. Most likely they're more friends with each other than they're friends with you. 

Moldbug says: anti-Americanism is hyper-Americanism.
Voltaire wasn't an atheist, he was a hyper-theist. He wasn't condemning Christianity for being too Christian, he condemned it for being not Christian (=Satanist) enough. 

All the 'conversations' and 'debates' and all the politics - that you've heard of, at least - has all been no good. The internet has only bad and worse. There are no heroes here, only degrees of villain.
Like, there's Cowperthwaite. Who you've barely heard of. That's about it. And even then he was a gull. Why did he do all this for Hong Kong when he was merely an agent? It wasn't his Hong Kong. He couldn't decide his own successor or anything.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Friend-Enemy Distinction is Left-Wing

What are you doing? Don't try to figure out who's on-side and who isn't using your own individual judgment. Division of labour: let your Pope do it.

Why are you even evaluating statements from randos? Are you compiling a dogma/heresy report for your Pope? Don't be a volunteer auxiliary inquisitor: if you're not getting paid, stop already.

If someone makes a statement of sociological (=religious) relevance to you, this is what you do: hang up on them. Mute. Close the tab. Forget about it and go about your day.
If being reminded of the topic made you curious, ask the Pope his opinion. Don't bother reinventing the Pope wheel. He's already done the work, you don't need to do it again. 


Sure, you do indeed need to know who your friends are. It's okay: the Pope already knows. Excommunication is kinda what a Pope is for. 

Meanwhile, if you really are compiling a dogma report for the Pope, whether the person saying it is a friend or an enemy is irrelevant. Ad hominem is a fallacy; if you reject enemy statements because they're from the enemy, you can and will end up declaring the truth is heresy. A fortiori: evaluating statements of friends is not your department. Leave it for the inquisition. If evaluating enemy statements on their merits has no value, you have just argued yourself out of a job. If you leave the Pope to do all the learning work, I expect your religion isn't going to survive very long...


In other words, if you don't know who your Pope is, if you don't accept your Pope as explicitly your Pope, you're a left-winger.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Slay the Slayable Gods

Godslaying is no sin. A god that can be slain should be slain.

If a mere mortal can slay a god, it unmistakably demonstrates that god was unworthy. 

That said, attempting to slay an unslayable god is sufficiently foolish. If the god has a lick of sense the fool won't sully the world for long. The same, in reverse: a mortal attempting to slay a true immortal unmistakably demonstrates the mortal is unworthy.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Altruistic Heroism as Deviance

"We saved a lot of people, but how many didn’t we save? We took out these vampires, but there are others, most of which we don’t know anything about, that are just as bad or worse. "

Altruism is Satanic because it comes from the notion that other folks can't take care of themselves, and therefore you have not only the right, but the duty, to meddle with them. Nothing but a rationalization.

Every time one of these irresponsible "heroes" saves someone who didn't protect themselves, they encourage others not to protect themselves. They increase the prey population. 

This is the narcissism or cluster B savior/tormentor/victim triad. The victim needs the tormentor because slave morality. The savior needs the tormentor to have someone to save. The tormentor needs to be thwarted so they can become the victim and the roles can cycle; the victim becomes the saviour, the saviour becomes the tormentor. Each vitally depends on the other two. Round and round. A saviour is merely a tormentor at one remove, and reverts to the zero-remove version at the drop of a hat.

Every "wild" animal "saved" from extinction is domesticated. They need humans to look after them; they can't look after themselves. They will need to be "saved" over and over again, fluffing some human's ego every time. This might even be okay if they put them on ranches or zoos, but they insist on pretending they're still wild, even though this means conquering entire biomes. 

Or, worse, not conquering the biome but invading it with raiding parties over and over.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Central Planning is Irresponsible

It's not really their plan. When they fuck up:

Does happen: "Oh well, at least I tried."

Doesn't: "Oh shit I'm going to be living on the street if I don't fix this." 

Communism is when it's irresponsible and egalitarian. Therefore for full Communism, the central planner has to be considered interchangeable. Doesn't need specific expertise or industry-favouring temperament or anything, because obviously he's identical to the person ideal for the position. If he needs to know anything he can just learn it right? Problem: because irresponsibility, he needs not.

Friday, April 14, 2023

The American Theocratic Empire Sucks On Purpose & Implications for Decay

If you assume everything American is broken and sucks because it's supposed to suck and be broken, it makes perfect sense. Regret maximization.  

So, basically, don't try to help an American. It won't work and they'll resent you. They want to fail, you're making more work for them; now they have to find an excuse to reject your help before they can comfortably fail. Simply secure yourself against their severe mental disturbance. Ten foot pole minimum.


Basically the game is to suck as much as possible without giving away the secret that the brokenness is intentional. E.g. if you are a Twitch streamer you can't load up Mario 1 and then die repeatedly to the first goomba. Too obvious. You have to pretend you're trying - you even have to jump over the first pit. Carefully succeed barely enough to keep folk watching, but otherwise fail at every opportunity. 

Virtue signal: see how carefully I can ride this edge. Without, of course, looking so-called edgy. Very socially Sophisticated.

You're supposed to get as close to suicidal as possible without actually killing yourself. Can't feel remorse if you're dead. The complaints are all humblebragging - watch what they do, not what they say. The more they have to complain about, the more viciously they'll defend the status quo. 

E.g. you can't derail an American train by putting little lips on the rails. Not because Americans don't want trains derailed, but because it has to look like an accident. Appearances must be maintained. The government won't pay you to just smash trains into each other. (Without government intervention you can't afford to run a train company America-style at all.)

Americans deliberately make their wives as shrewish as possible. If their kids are too well-behaved they needle and abuse them until they act up. If you don't raise your daughter to be an entitled whore you're doing it wrong, and Americans will get all up in your business about it. Especially if she's "dating" their son. If their boss accidentally treats them well, they throw tantrums until he's manipulated into retaliating. The schools are so bad and anti-educational only because they can't "accidentally" send the kid home covered in cigarette burns. Liberals know they're making themselves look retarded by telling obvious lies, but they're higher-status than conservatives because the con-jobs are only failing to tell lies because they can't quite bring themselves to mouth such blatant falsehoods; the flesh is capable but the spirit is weak.

Of course folk who are naturally terrible at games or life have an advantage. When they're unwatchably awful their Americanism performance looks a lot more authentic. If you hire folk who genuinely can't maintain a train, you better launder the intentional sabotage - the concrete damage genuinely is accidental. 

That said Americans do seem to like to watch someone who should be winning and contributing to society suffer as much as possible and break as many things as they can reach. If you're highly competent, you can figure out new and improved ways to suck without actually dying, see?
The leaderboard is all about accepting as much failure and suffering as possible without accepting so much you quit, die, or reveal that you can actually succeed. E.g. someone accepts more pay only so they can alienate their wife and accept more stress without just whipping themselves like a flagellant. 

Crime seems to a popular dump stat. While the ideal American accepts every hardship, they know it's not realistic. Getting into a neighbourhood with 'good schools' seems to be accepted as sacrificing few sacrifice-virtue-points in exchange for opening up a lot of capacity to sacrifice. 

There are a few pockets of goodness in America, and they're dump stats. Folk want to suffer it but find it intolerable. I believe pedophilia will work out as such. Parents will desperately want to look the other way when a deviant rogers their 7-year-old's back door, but won't be able to bring themselves to actually do it. Not enough free suffering points.
That and the fact it would legitimize May-December e.g. a 14-year-old marrying a 41-year-old man. (Their SMV can decline in sync instead of doing a weird dance.)

Similarly there are pockets of psychopaths who fully reject American self-hating masochism. They contribute to America by adding to suffering but always have a reason for securing their own comfort and convenience. They also exploit ways you can pretend to suffer without getting caught being comfortable, analogous to being perceived to die in a videogame without actually dying. E.g. have a reverse-smurf League account which you only play while absolutely blitzed, to hide your real diamond account.

A lot of American 'decay' isn't decay. It's intentional innovation. They figure out a new way to make sabotage look like accidents, or they figure out a new way for accidents to occur without destroying the accident-generating system. Early, crude stuff like corporate welfare propping up consistently unprofitable train companies is real old-fashioned at this point. 

E.g. wokies know damn fine the darkies are incompetent. However, they first had to come up with sophisticated arguments showing that nobody could possibly know this particular darkie is incompetent, so they can hire them anyway without it looking like intentional self-sabtoage. I would say Progress is good! Can now derails dozens and dozens of trains without a lawsuit bankrupting the train company, because that's racist! They might have to hire a few white or east-asian men (under the table, as much as possible) to run the hazardous-materials trains, though. If it shows up in the news a second time they might be vulnerable to An Investigation. The idea is to be negligent without looking (officially) like negligence. Plus if the poisonous sludge end up in the countryside somewhere, how are you supposed to put it into e.g. fire retardants for worldwide distribution? Tsk tsk.

E.g. they realize they can 'accidentally' tell insecure biology labs to research better viruses. Oh, uh, ""oops."" How did that happen. No respectable person would admit out loud to seeing this coming, because that would mean admitting the labs are insecure. Innovation, see? Find vulnerability, exploit vulnerability. Don't have to worry about anyone shutting down the labs until we figure out what's going on - which would cause an absolute decline in failure and suffering. If gain of function gets banned, figure out how to do it without calling it gain of function. ("Is it a tank?")

De-"stigmatizing" pedophilia would allow allow virginal marriages, as above. Bzzzt. Bad innovation! No soup for you! It has to a strict increase in suffering, not merely a net increase. No wait, there's more: there are way more "pedophiles" who want horny virgin wives than there are, you know, pedophiles. Proportions all wrong.

It helps that American IQ is dropping precipitously - by biological standards - which is opening up previously unusable scams. If your audience is made of drooling morons then you don't have to carefully hide your sabotage, you can blatantly shoot yourself in the foot. If all your hires are AA hires then you don't have to perform elaborate ruses to hide your sabotage from HR (or vice-versa) you just let the AA employees hire as comes naturally to them. Competent sabotage cleverly executed is self-reinforcing. 


The Jamestown colony was founded as pure, unadulterated Communism. However, they all nearly starved to death - you can't be Communist if you don't exist. All American history has been dreaming of returning to Jamestown but without the dying this time. Finally, scientists have come up with Wokism, which is almost indistinguishable. Approximately, have just enough slaves to keep the Communism running.

The American "renewable" energy business is a lot like a cruiseliner putting a hole in its hull so it can use the resulting flow of water to power a turbine. So clean! Input: water; output: water and power!
The point of building a cruiseliner in the first place was exactly so that it could be sunk.
In the meantime, there's an opportunity: Americans can fight to pump out the liner's bilges. Some like to be paid fabulously (far more than the power costs) so they can spend it on degenerative self-destruction. Others like to volunteer, doing it nearly for free. As long as nobody respectable can point out the connection between the perforated bulkhead and the fluid in the bilges, everything is fine. Lots of money to be made - which increases the suffering capacity, so you can take on more hardships. Hooray for everyone.

Still the American project is about putting as many holes in the hull as possible without actually sinking. You can't regret having died, you're already gone. All about new and improved bilge-pump techniques which allows the seals to more closely resemble swiss cheese. Of course they sometimes (defund the police) punch out one hole too many and have to hurriedly weld it shut again. Eventually they'll drop the welding iron and won't be able to snatch it back up before the water fries its circuits.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

"Prompt Injection Attack"

This is such a great name.

I'm now going to carry out a "legible text injection attack" on your eyes by arranging letters into grammatical sentences. 

If we met in person I would carry out an "audible sentence attack" on your ears by using my voice to modulate soundwaves. 

Are you going to carry out an "air injection attack" on a vaccum? Sucking is what they're for.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Outsideness Divination 4; Compilation
>"... The Left's victories are "unearned" because the God-Satan duo are tormenting the Right exactly as they tormented Job -- to make a point unintelligible to secular history."

The "Right" is the Left, and Satan tormented the Left by request.
The Left wants self-destruction, and Satan was happy to sponsor and patronize this desire.
The Left wanted to spread suffering as well. Surely everyone wants to suffer, as they want to suffer? But, of course, Satan only had power over anyone if you first gave him permission. Exactly as claimed by Christianity.

"Get thee behind me, Satan." The prayer to invoke protection from Satan is a prayer to Satan himself. Nobody else is invoked. And it works; try it. 

Turns out humans love to give Satanists permission, though. In fact, it seems the Left was correct: torment is in high demand. The complaints about oppression are backhand compliments to the chef. Signals everything is working as intended. 

That said, devil-worshippers worship failure and misery. Without Satan's sponsorship they can't even spread suffering to willing and eager subjects. They try to enter mean miserable poverty and fail even that.

Imagine fucking up trying to be poor. Truly metaphysical losers.
>"I actually stamped 'Read this ************ if you want to clamber about in the abyss' on his forehead, just for slow types like you." "Okay, yes, you did. No need to be an utter asshole about it."

Err, there is if you're expecting to speak to Lucifer's heir and not some egregore. Try Siddhartha if you want someone to come across as all kind and gentle; don't metaphorically ask Mars to not make every conversation a fight. 

Like, what were you expecting.
>"Secular historical causation: A, B, C. Much more realistic ..."

Mortal frailty strikes again. In cosmic terms A=>C and C=>A are identical. In fact A and C were the same thing the whole time.
Materialist causation is divine causation, as properly understood.
Who do you think made the material world? Who made the rules? Allegedly-crass physics is a divine instrument with divine purpose.
>"... In other words, is Satan an ends-justify-the-means guy (and thus, through moral perversion, pro-Esau), or a hard deontologist (and thus, through inversion, pro-Jacob)?"

Duh, both.
He was on the side of Jacob becuase he's a swindler, and the end would not turn out to be the ends the Bible claims.
He was on the side of Esau because Esau would have done even worse than Jacob with said inheritance.
When two Satanists fight, Satan can't lose. 

>""A pious person may and ought to be exceedingly moved to see the Name and Truth of God blasphemed by a spreader of erroneous tenets ...""

On the contrary, a pious person is almost completely unmoved.
When you smash a god's idol, you commit ordinary vandalism and also get a god mad at you. "Whelp, that sucker's proper fucked." 

That said maybe put a better fence around the idol next time. Secure your shit. Defence is more powerful than attack; if a vandal can get over your fence you've functionally given him permission. Try not to fail so much next time.

Let's discuss Rome. Why did iconoclasts not fail? Why were the idols smashed? So as to reveal that the worshippers didn't worship. They didn't care enough to defend the idols they themselves made. Weak, weak nigh unto death. The gods rightly read this as Rome abandoning them, and the gods, of all beings, know the rule about cooperating with defectors. 

>"Satans [...] next endeavor wil be to inflame him with an inordinate, turbulent, passionate spirit of opposition against the said Error, whereby whiles he thinks to suppress it he shal exceedingly assist Satan in the propa∣gation thereof."

Yes, exactly.
Ideally, Satan wanted you to fervently oppose an error with an even worse error. In general, Satan got what he wanted.

"Overheard Satan snark: "Only the one son?""

Fun fact: Satan had 23 brothers, and Jesus was one of these siblings. 

I think almost all of them are dead now, though. Jesus was suicidal. At least, you can't reach any of them from here. "Your call could not be completed as dialled."

Envy Drives Crime & Merciful Guillotines

Neither need nor greed drive crime. 

Generally a stolen bicycle is sold for scrap. They certainly don't use the bike themselves the way the "but he didn't have enough for bread" Envy apologists always claim. 

It doesn't matter what the bike looks like if you're going to melt it down. Yet, it's the fancy bikes that are stolen more. Never mind fancy and expensive - being clean increases your theft risk. 

Why? They're jealous. You can keep your bike clean. They can't even remember to lock up the bike. They take your bike so you both can't have one. So it's "fair."

What happens to stolen cars? I keep hearing about how they're used as getaway cars and then ditched to chill the trail. Again, it doesn't matter what they look like. Or rather, a nondescript car would chill the trail more. Yet, fancy cars are at greater risk.

Why? Envy. They don't have one, therefore you can't have one either. The other major story is serial car thieves going on joyrides on someone else's dime.

Grocery store thefts are on the rise.

Bread? No, obviously not. Luxuries. They're jealous of folk who can afford fancy cheese, so they steal the fancy cheese. So it's "fair." It's the grocery store's fault for stocking fancy cheese they can't afford, you see. Grocery stores have a duty to hide the inferior's inferiority from said inferior- goodness knows they can't handle it without help. 

It's not humble conditions that drive crime. It's soaring, vainglorious Pride.
You can't reason someone out of something they weren't reasoned into. But, you can certainly guillotine them out of it.

Ironically, this means you should steal if you think you can get away with it. Just greedy? That's fine. That's good. If you can get away with it, the envious little shit can also get away with it. Does he deserve it more than you? Extraordinarily to the contrary. Arrogate it to yourself before he arrogates it to himself. The person who deserves it the least is the idiot sheep who doesn't secure their shit. 


The buried lede - why GM gotta get paid? Why Pfizer gotta get paid? Envy. Pfizer envies vitamin D. They're jealous of the Sun. They know nobody will use their snake oil if they're not forced to. That's why they take as much from the 'unjust' society as they can. If they can't be the best, they will tear it all down. GM is jealous of bicycles. Never mind feet. They know their product is inferior and they desperately try to outlaw all the superior options. They turned to bribery before anyone else because they knew that without corruption they would lose. They wanted it more, because it's not fair

Execution isn't a punishment. It's mercy. It's euthanasia.
If you cruelly leave these psychic miasma fountains alive, they will take their revenge by flooding your society with their misery.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Satanism Of Course Claims to be Not-Satanism

"The corporate media's ability to -- overnight -- turn anyone who dissents in anyway into some sort of fascist or even Hitler-like figure, and then have millions of their followers go around mindlessly repeating it, is both impressive and chilling:"

Very serious error. Degree revoked. Disbarred or whatever.

The followers are not "mindlessly" repeating anything, they're being 100% accurate. 

Dissenter = heretic. When a valid fatwa names a heretic, it is only correct to go around calling the heretic a heretic.

Naturally gay Greenwald has to carry water for the Regime, allowing it to continue pretending it isn't a fanatical theocracy. 

Vaccine against truth. Controlled opposition.

Human Universal: Taboo Language, & USG Power Dynamics

"He would lose it all overnight if he was recorded saying a certain word."

And justly so. If you can't avoid saying νιγγερ φαγγωτ, then you have probably developed serious brain dysfunction, Alex Jones. 

Avoiding particular words is super easy. It's really not a high bar. Try not to be so autistic you think America has free speech.

There are a few more complex ideas he can't express either, but of course Fink got his position in the first place by deftly demonstrating he's quite capable of saying what he wants without resorting to such extremes. 

You can tell Fink has no real power because you know his name. His primary function is to take the blame. 

If he had any real power his internal rivals would know he has power, and know to gang up on him and attack him. Usurper regime usurps itself. Indeed it would have long been over before you realized he exists. He can't keep his name out of journalist mouths because he has no power worth protecting and doesn't need to. 

Journalists are excellent only at knowing who and what they're not allowed to talk about.

Tate has Nightmares

Last time one of my dreams tried to be a nightmare, I ran at the monster and attacked it. The dream completely freaked out and ran away. 

(Ncov era, when everyone was reporting weird dreams, I had a couple too.) 

I experience real life the same way.

When something tries to scare me, I break it. It turns out my enemies should have been much more afraid of me than they were. As a result of their foolish imprudence, they suffered. It is simply unwise to try to fight me.

How do I do this?

They say the truth will set you free.
They say truth is power.
They are correct.

Do your reps.

Monday, April 10, 2023

Wealthy Man Japes

"quick recap. Elon is now "Harry Bolz" on Twitter and removed the "w" in Twitter to read "Titter.""

I guess the richest man can afford to make jokes. The rest of you are just too poor to afford humour.

Some Claim I'm Superhuman

>"Men always lie, but really we WANT to tell the truth. Lying is a pain."

Because lying is a pain, I don't lie.

Is Tate claiming I'm a god? 🤔  

>"We simply have endless daily battles and cant handle another one."

The solution is to refuse to fight it. Tell the truth. If they're pissed, just let them be pissed. "You can't say that!" I already did though? "That's horrible!" I see, okay then. "You really shouldn't say that!" I'm already aware of your position, thanks.
Dark, occult truth: you don't have to make them believe you just because you opened your mouth. They can go on being delusional if they want.
They can ask for a fight but you don't have to agree.

There's another strategy: refuse to answer. "You don't actually want me to answer that," or some variation thereof. Misdirect: "Thanks for letting me know [whatever the question implies]."
"Does this make me look fat?" "Thanks for letting me know you're carefully considering your weight." "I appreciate the care and effort you put into your appearance." 

Or: "Yes. It makes you look fat. Try the other one."
"You're a horrible boyfriend!"
"Your opinion is noted."
What is she going to do about it? I guarantee you: either way, I don't care. Why? Because I secured my shit. If it's mine, she can't touch it without my conscious permission.

If she's fighting you that much, tell her to quit it or get a girl who doesn't.
The truth is very useful here: "If you fight me that much, it's better for me to be single. Are you going to stop?" You don't need to care what her answer is; either way, it will work out for you. That's the power of truth.

Tate cares more about the relationship than the truth, but he's too sissy to come out and say so. He's desperate for pussy. Instead, he makes excuses.

I say the truth. If that's a problem for the relationship, so be it.

Manwhores are not manly. They are liars; they lie about what a man is.

That or I'm some transcendent being. Whichever you prefer, really.
Uhhh, thanks Tate. You're too kind.

No One Cared Justin Roiland Beat His Wife When His Show Was Good

Technically gf, but stock phrase is stock. 

E.g. his girlfriend didn't care. Could have reported it when his show was doing well, but, like, fuck that. 

One half of manipulating procedural outcomes is the "our hands are tied" part. E.g. gerrymandering. You stuff as many red voters into 100% red districts as possible, to minimize total red districts, then carefully massage the rest to have 60% blue voters, to spread "correct" outcomes across as many districts as possible. Then you "respect the vote" or whatever. Just how the chips fell. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. "The lines have to go somewhere, bothsides blah blah..."

The other half is carefully not initiating procedures that don't have the desired outcome.
Wait for the right moment. Oh man oh gee nobody reported anything (yet), our hands are tied...

Small digression: Rick and Morty is good when it's accurately portraying what it's like to be the smartest person in the room to the extent that you're substantially smarter than the smartest person everyone else can even conceive of. E.g. "I don't trust you." "You think your trust or lack thereof matters to me at all? You're still going to do what I want." Resistance is futile, you will be manipulated. Rick drinks because life is too easy without a handicap.

Like every story of cancellation, this is not someone brought down from the top of their game by a heckler veto. This is someone who already slipped and started falling, which is a real bad idea when surrounded by hyenas and feral hogs. 

Hollywood studios love working with criminals because it's cheaper to have the police break the contract rather than trying to pay a lawyer to wrangle it. This high criminal density has very intuitive effects on the artistic output, or rather lack thereof. 

Roiland thought he could get away with being an asshole as long as he brought in the cash. And that's true, it's just that if you stumble a bit - perhaps from drinking too much - then, well, it turns out the hyenas get hungry. Becomes dangerous once it's clear your ratings are in decline and your show's lost the plot. The hyenas don't get enough to eat, according to themselves. Not enough still-living bone to gnaw on. 

Another great way to avoid getting cancelled like this is not to go anywhere near Hollywood in the first place. It was vaguely defensible before Youtube, but now Youtube exists.

It amuses me that Harmon is the one who looks like a broken-in alcoholic, and Roiland is the one who voiced Rick "Dirty" Sanchez - typically, by his own admission, by getting drunk for real to get into character. Apparently the sweet spot was too drunk to stay on script but not so drunk he's doing, (reading between the lines,) ironic(?) antisemitic rants entirely unrelated to the scene.
Rick Sanchez is an enormous asshole. In vino, veritas.

What causes a witch hunt is not normally witchcraft, but the warts and nasty temper.
"He started bumping up against random Nigerians in suspicious ways, hoping one of them would accuse him of stealing their penis. Bures was an obvious foreigner, and a these panics often resulted in the suspected penis-stealer getting lynched, so this was a crazy thing to do. He could easily have died. Instead, everyone politely ignored him, nothing happened"

If you're not a witch you don't get accused of being a penis-stealing witch.

P.S. Bank of England. William of Orange: "It's not me debasing the currency into oblivion, I'm just accepting the offered loans. It's an allowed procedure. Go ask them where they get the money."

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Controlled Opposition as Truth Vaccine

Define controlled opposition:

A dissenting voice which is permitted to speak only as long as the dissent remains within strictly defined boundaries. 

(P.S. No examples of non-narrow boundaries have been recorded.) 

In other words, the thing being dissented against defines how the dissenter behaves. The thing being dissented against has power of succession; they can fire/silence the dissenter. The alleged enemy is the commander of the army. This 'opposition' is fundamentally inner party, not outer party.

It is, in the most technical sense, genuine opposition. However, it is limited and regulated by that which it is supposed to be opposing.

Controlled opposition vaccinates you against the truth. The opposition is genuinely inconvenient, but it repays the Satanist society with a powerful medicine against its enemies; profit. The vaccine offers a crippled, watered-down version falsehood rejection so that you don't get affected by the real thing. 

The opposition makes a big deal about being emotionally opposed to the Satanist, without being particularly opposed doctrinally or in principle. Pathos, not logos. 

Those who object to the lies are supposed to think their objections are being represented, when in fact they are being subverted. You're allowed to roll tanks into the Ukraine, you're just not allowed to put a Z on them. Trained to hallucinate that cosmetic objections are in fact substantial objections.

It's important to make the truth vaccine very mild and genteel. It should desperately portray itself as high status. It should not engage in emotional or vulgar lower-class displays. In this way, when you see a genuine, passionate embrace of truth, it should code as unhinged. They're not arguing or objecting, they're 'out of control.' They're weirdo LARPers that can't even wear bow ties or afford tailcoats or whatever.

As the Satanist society moves further and further away from pragmatic sense, this becomes easier and easier, as the truth becomes more and more "reactionary" according to polite social standards. 

The vaccine has a boomerang second wave. When you attempt the controlled opposition in a serious way, you find it doesn't work. This, via pathos and guilt by association, constitutes hallucinatory evidence that opposition per se is ineffective. When the vaccine fails you don't think the virus is for real, you think the putrid zombie, which experiences truth as a viral affliction, is a [winner].

Judgment: Gambling Debts

If a gambling hall is irresponsible enough to let you bet money you don't have, then when you can't pay the gambling hall should eat the cost. 

If a bank is dumb enough to lend money to a gambler which they then blow on gambling, the irresponsible bank should eat the cost.

Gulls should be punished. If you're dumb enough to trust a gambler, that's on you, not the gambler. Gamblers are known to be impulsive, irresponsible, and lack insight into the future. Of course they are going to lie to you. Of course they cannot be deterred using debtor's prison or equivalents. This is not some sort of surprise to a gambling hall of all places. 

But yeah, like flog the gambler too, mainly on general principles. I'm sure he got away with something; you're retroactively flogging him for it. However, they don't have the money and never did, so trying to take it from them is just stupid.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Yes, You Incredible Fucking Morons, Don't Break the Law

Don't piss off someone with a bigger stick than you.

Either get the bigger stick yourself, or accept defeat. 

"the laws are designed to disempower you by restricting your right"

oh noes, not my ""rights"" anything but those

But seriously you just admitted they're tyrants.
Obviously this is malicious. He's suggesting you go piss of the tyrant. Gee I wonder what will happen to everyone who takes this advice.
Particularly if they take it in, say, January.

I'm sure The Revolution™ 2.0 will go great from out of The Gulags, 2.0

You already let your enemies take the high ground, and now you're complaining your enemies have the high ground.

Also, they're so weak I can't count them as my enemies. I have no enemies. Are you pathetic, or delusional? 

(At least, no living enemies.)

Savannah Sexual Equilibrium

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Friday, April 7, 2023

Why No More Decorative Drains?

"Why don't we make interesting drain pipes any more?"

It's extremely simple. In the 1800s, there was money and wealth. 1900s-2000s, everyone is poor and can't afford decorations anymore. Fascism is bad for the economy.

Unlicensed Sermons Verboten in Theocracy

It's cute that Outsideness thinks the substack censorship is about discouraging a market competitor.

>"Twitter disabling retweets with [unmentionable] links is like a professional darts player stabbing himself in the eyeball to put his competitors off."

Why would a theocracy allow unlicensed preachers to get paid? The only wrinkle is that a Satanism theocracy has to go to great lengths to avoid being seen as shutting down a place like substack for heresy. You can't commit heresy while carrying out your inquisitorial duties. That's counterproductive.

Substack allows the electorate to signal, using a trustworthy monetary signal, which preachers they prefer. In a Democracy, the Pope is the most popular, by definition. Don't trust your lying eyes; any evidence the Pope is unpopular is itself heresy. 

The only difference is that Christ!Satanists thought heresy was sometimes actually bad for you, not just the Church, whereas Woke!Satanists are aware heresy is uniformly better for you than the catechism, and it's 100% about inflicting harm to prove they can.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

America is Like Literally Rome 2.0

I've been trying to work out who the Eastern Empire is. 

I cracked it though: the USSR.
No wonder I couldn't figure it out. This time around the Eastern Empire went down first. 

Or maybe both sides are Eastern? The USSR was the Johnny-come-latelies, while the center of mass puts the Imperial heartland in the East this time around. Touched at Alaska, not at Germany. 

So the latecomer went down first instead of second, but it's still the case that the East outlived the West.
Also, consistent with Satanism, as per the ruling ideology of both Roman Empires. America called itself the West because it is the East of the region. A proper Satanist has to lie about literally everything.

Love Marriage Considered Retarded, Volume 1

(The volume thing is probably a joke. I can but probably won't write the rest.)

A man's emotions are meaningless. What matters is his given word. His solemn intentions. 

Falling in love with a beautiful woman is the easiest thing in the world and as such relying on feelings to keep a man married to you is the dumbest thing in the world. You're begging him to treat you like a whore - no wonder you feel the need to quit before you're fired. "Eh, I've had enough of this one, let's see the next girl." It's a prayer for failure and Gnon will cheerfully grant it.

Courtly love is an insane delusion. Eros is the basis of sex, not a family. Sex alone can start a family but certainly cannot sustain it - but don't worry, it won't. The genetic lines of anyone attempting it will be wiped out, sooner or later.

If his given word isn't good enough for you, then don't marry him, you stupid cunt. 

That said, having arranged marriages for so long was probably a terrible idea. The longer it is sustained the more brittle it becomes. It's addictive, and the withdrawal only becomes worse with time.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Judge Only Individuals as Individuals

To judge someone 'on the content of their character' they first have to agree to act as an individual.

As soon as someone pulls the race card, go ahead and judge them according to their race.
If you want to get technical, they have individually chosen to assimilate race as part of their individual identity, and as such promising to behave primarily as part of that group.
It's not "profiling" anymore. They're telling you they are mainly their race. You have permission. 

That said only licensed, professional aristocrats should be judging anyone at all.
If you're part of a society that lets peasant character judgments affect...well...anything, consider perhaps GTFO. Maybe go and stay go, for the sake of your own well-being.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Truth Patrons & Hazardous Material

Even if a patron funds your truth-seeking and truth-speaking, you should still charge for it. Although the patron applies responsibility in that you must continually impress the patron, it's not sufficient. Giving stuff away for free is charity, ""altruism,"" or more properly godless communism. It speaks poorly of the character and motives of the individual engaged in the seedy practice.

Charge market rate. The patron shouldn't have to bear the entire burden. It's simply that you'll find the market rate is below e.g. minimum wage. It's real low. Go be a plumber or a bouncer instead, if you can't get a patron.

If you don't charge money, then make a mystery cult. Charge by initiation. Occlude the knowledge; make it arcane. In general when a commoner starts to know something they manage to figure out just enough to get themselves into trouble, then stop. More importantly, they get others into trouble. Free knowledge is free power is free vandalism. It's a crime and should catch a felony rap. (I employ anti-rhetoric to keep commoners off my blog.) Even if the market regularly demanded truth it probably wouldn't be a good thing, as average IQ is too low to use it responsibly. 

I often say Hermes Trismegistus wrote metaphorically, because no matter how dangerous a chemistry lab is, at worst you taint your body. Alchemy is far more dangerous than a few chemical burns, a few fumes, or a massive explosion. 

Or perhaps, precisely because truth is often hazardous, toxic material, requiring special handling to avoid injury, giving it away isn't altruism. It's persecution, and therefore admirable on Darwinian grounds.

Perhaps Trismegistus should have written perfectly literally because engaging in Alchemy irresponsibly will maim you profoundly, and the more maimed the irresponsible are, the better it is for everyone else.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Yud is just a liar


"Yudkowsky [PBUH] gamed this out, playing the superintelligence, of course. It escaped."

Studies have to be replicated. It has not been replicated. It is logically impossible to replicate the study, in fact.

Mensa is Midwit

130 just isn't smart.

Two centuries ago they would register as 115. Midwit.

These are very much commoners with delusions of grandiosity. 

America used to sort-of work because there were enough smart Americans to route around the lies. Now, folk still know it's all lies, but they're too dumb to avoid them without getting caught. Usually they double down instead. "Might as well lie twice as hard." Their competitors can't route around the lies either, so it's an effective deterrent. Deters the rivals from doing anything useful and developing confidence. Problem: the rivals know this plan too.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

When Hæland was Right: is There Anger, or Only Resentment?

"The girls deserve it."

"What hypocrites! Don't they realize what they're doing to the guys?" 

You can rage and 'pwn' but what does this actually accomplish? Nothing, naturally. You're not their priest and preaching at them can be safely expected to fail. You're not declaring war and forcefully subjugating them. They're not even your neighbour. It's a stranger and they're not going to try to get along with you. Just turn off the screen. Go outside. Occasionally you can make a solid joke, but I've almost certainly heard it before, and it wasn't too funny the first time. The supply of jesters is not exactly low.

Getting mad about it is low status. It suggests something about this threatens you. It's not their problem. There's a hole in your security. It's something that shouldn't affect you, but you have let it. You don't have the power to achieve the things you want. You're entitled; you needed handouts, but it seems the hands are empty. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You are not their neighbour/soldier/priest, and likewise, they are not yours, so what are you upset about? 

A wrathful god makes no sense. What's an immortal doing being threatened by some puny mortals? If the wrath works, it proves the god was a god and the wrath was irrelevant. 

Jesus or Buddha instead has compassion for whatever catastrophe drove them to be this way. They're not the enemy. They are unfortunate cripples who quite possibly have no hope.

 "I’ve cheated on my first wife brazenly and with malice, snitched on my nephew to the feds [...] I get away with them all because I’m handsome and tall and in good physical form."

The folk acting this way don't have the things you want either. This is the result of cataclysmic failure. They're maimed.

Is there any anger that isn't in fact resentment? Fear leads to anger - does only fear lead to anger? 

If you need to be afraid, you screwed up. You didn't secure your shit. Tried to control something you don't own instead of admitting you don't own it. Went to a work site without your tools. You wanted something, tried the prayer [getting mad] and then got even more mad when Gnon declined to respond to that ritual.

"I hate this world so much"

If [the world] is attacking what you love, I think your loved one might already be dead. Time to let go, there's nothing left to protect. If you think you need to conquer the entire world before you can be safe, you have narcissism, you can't be safe even if you do.

"They deserve it, the "normal" defend this world and hate incels"

Why are you seeking their approval? Why does their opinion mean any more to you than a goat's or a sparrow's?
Someone hates me? That's unfortunate. My condolences. I don't think about them at all.

If you don't need to be afraid, what is there to be angry about?

If you lose, try accepting that you were defeated. Give up on the impossible. Getting mad about it will only make it hurt more. Has Gnon ever reversed his decision because you told him didn't deserve it? Even once?
If you're angry, accept you're afraid. So you can fix yourself.
Make your own world. Try a prayer that Gnon will in fact grant.

Of course, no matter how much compassion you feel, don't try to fix them.
A implies B, A does not imply Q as portrayed. You're still not their priest, their conqueror, or even their neighbour. If it's your daughter they were kidnapped by the State long ago and it's time to admit she was never meaningfully yours in the first place. Merely make sure your gate is locked so they can't poop on your doorstep.
Help them if they offer to pay you. If they're offering to pay enough. If they ask, with a sufficient ask. 

Of course, don't forget to have compassion for yourself too. Some catastrophe happened to you too, or you wouldn't need to hear any of this.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Stop. Stop.

"then realized it was stupid to just ponder it himself when he had people around who might actually understand the implications of what he was seeing."
"Now that Callum was in the actual fae realm he didn’t dare use teleportation,"
"For once he had to actually worry about being caught."
"Unless the wood was actually invisible to fae."
"The scattered dwellings, if they could be called such, got closer together until Callum broke out into a clearing where there seemed to be actual paths and fences. "
"The problem with actually stumbling on Ravaeb’s court was that there were fewer places to hide"
" If anything, Callum was underselling the menace of Ravaeb’s actual form."
"he wouldn’t have thought it was possible for someone to be alive with an actual skull for a head, "
"Ravaeb’s outlines were actually a little blurry"
" That was actually the riskiest bit of the entire venture, [...] Callum had some hope that even if they were noticed, nobody would realize the actual threat until it was too late."
"but didn’t actually penetrate it, which was worrying coming from an anti-tank weapon."
"He’d actually been using his nexus, opening two sets of portals."
"tall thin things with too many arms actually reached out to pluck the cannisters from where they hung in the air"
"Callum wasn’t sure what would actually do damage,"
"and he yielded to Phil for something more involved as he chewed over what he was actually going to do. "
"He was one of the few mages who actually understood what it meant to commit to the martial path"
"Archmages didn’t actually run anything in GAR"
"Most of them don’t even live on Earth anymore; they don’t actually care."

Anyway, Callum went to the actual pub. Opening the actual door and actually letting himself in, he actually found a seat and actually sat down on an actual stool at the actual bar. He actually asked the actual bartender for an actual drink.

"We don't have any virtual drinks here," the bartender actually said. "You can actually drink everything I can put in a cup." Actually Callum would actually have to actually pay actual money for an actual refreshment. Can you actually believe it? "Everything sold here is genuinely 100% potable."

There were actually no other actual pubs in his actual town, so this was actually the only actual choice for actually buying an actual drink if you actually wanted to actually go actually outside the actual house. Actually!

Given all these quotes are actually from one actual page, with no actual exaggeration, it was actually very actful.

The desire for a virtual drink option was no joke, because otherwise you sound like a retarded monkey. Actually retarded.

Anyway, he actually ordered an actual shot of actual down his saliva™, which he would then actually gulp. Presumably, this stiff drink would make him sweat, and he would wipe the sweat. Polish that sweat to a mirror gleam. Atomically smooth sweat. Using a flexible fluid-shining woven cloth magic tool.

>still a league better than hollywood slop
fuck me

P-Zombies are Real

I realized I have hard evidence for the physical existence of p-zombies. I personally used to be a p-zombie. I was not conscious when I was two years old. 


I remember gaining consciousness. My body was already awake. I was walking around in the garden with my parents. "Whoa, what's going on?" You know how in a dream you know the situation even though you didn't see it yourself? You have semantic memory, but no episodic memory. It was exactly like that. On reflection, I knew the situation, but only as if I'd read it in a book. I wanted to see it for myself - the self who, essentially, was existing for the first time. 

Then a bumblebee startled me. I batted at it by reflex. I kinda knew bumblees didn't sting, but I was afraid of being stung anyway, and then tried to violently push it away, even though this reminded me it was likely to piss off the bee and likely to make it sting me. (This turned into a formative experience.) The stress and chaos disrupted my fragile brand-new consciousness and I blacked out again. I expect my body continued to be awake, though admittedly I wouldn't have observed any evidence of fainting if that occurred.

Later a similar thing happened when a dog snapped at me, and I know I didn't faint because my body ran itself home to mommy. I was conscious again later that day, in particular after she had picked me up and comforted me a little. My body explained the situation to her without my intervention. 

Hard evidence:: I used to be a p-zombie. At first I would sometimes black out and return to being a p-zombie. Hard cut to black rather than fading to black as in going to sleep, but then time passes unconsciously exactly as if asleep, then a hard cut to being awake again.


The term [hylic] is a synonym for p-zombie.

Why Great Trump Hatred?

 I worked out why shitlibs hated Trump so muc.

Women have to have seksual fantasies about Prezident.
Þat's just rules. Turned on by powerful men.
Only, þey really really really didn't want to have seks fantasies about Trump.

Too bad, lol.

Imagine some wrinkly, fat, sagging old woman. Now imagine she's still wrinkly, saggy, and fat, but she does something suc that you think she's hot anyway. You might get very aktivated about making sure she kan't do þat þing, now mightn't you?

Speaking of shitlibs, mud volkanos are earth having a nise shart.