Thursday, March 31, 2022

Costs of Children vs. Supply of Children

Paying for a child's room, board, and a reasonable number of gifts costs something like $12,000 a year. 

Picking a state more or less at random, Wisconsin's school board spends $13,500 per pupil.

Like most budgets, we can expect the total [child budget] to be fixed. If someone is unnecessarily doubling total cost per child, you should expect total number of children to be halved.

This is exactly what we see.

The market knows.

Straight-Up Banned at Sailer's

Mission successful.

Technically shadowbanned, since the comments remain in moderation hell for days, which means I can retrieve them while remaining lazy. Functionally can't post anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'ma say Sailer's been bought by the CIA. Don't worry - Big Sister appreciates your loyalty, SS. Everyone has their price, and for journalists, that price is always affordable. Why presume incompetence when malice is so plausible? 

You can tell Unz can't be genuinely threatening to the Regime, because it hasn't received the Gab treatment. Indeed surviving this long is prima facie evidence of Regime sponsorship. Recent behaviour is only a little more than confirmation. 

You're allowed to be a little dissident, but not too dissident. Naturally anyone mentioning this in what they believe is a plausible way will also get banned.

BTW the game is to troll without saying anything untrue or misrepresentative. Be completely honest, forthright, on topic, and devastating to the target psyche. Prodding an atheist's sacred cows until they snap is the most amusing. "I don't hold anything sacred." "lol"

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Is Trash Not For Throwing Out?

It's very obvious that light-side narratives, books TV movies videogames, are utter trash. 

Isn't the next obvious step to throw out the trash and start over? They clearly fucked up comprehensively. Distance yourself and re-derive art from first principles, because no matter how badly you execute, you can't be executing as badly as the light-side publishers. They're doing it wrong on purpose. Competing with each other to make the worst product that's still barely saleable. 

I thought for sure I wouldn't be the only one trying to figure out how narratives should be told instead of how moderns do it.

Well that was stupid, now wasn't it!

Apparently the obvious thing to do, having realized it's all utter trash, is to watch it anyway and compete to be able to successfully call each others' taste trash. 

Re-deriving how [raconteur] should go requires logic and thinking. They don't throw out the fundamentalist anti-intellectualism, so the very few who try to divorce themselves from Official Publishing end up flailing randomly. As you might expect from failing to ditch the anti-intellectualism, they don't reject the underlying culture. If it's not purely incoherent they tend to re-create a branch from the same tree, just a bit lower down.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

DC vs. Starting a War

Looks like DC really, really wants to start a war with Russia.

Can't manage it, though. Too sclerotic. Too incompetent.

There was never any reason to worry about Killary's WWIII. Too female to get 'er done.

Anti-Sailer Heresy Series 3

Re: honour
By losing his cool Smith dishonoured his wife. Rock didn’t make her go bald and saying she’s bald isn’t going to make her more bald. Yes, mentioning it is rude, especially as a joke. “Okay man, I’ma have to hit you now. Why you gotta make me do this?” *whack* “You gonna talk about my wife again?” Just keep hitting him until he agrees to stop.

But that’s all it is: kinda rude. Americans are kinda rude literally all the time. If you start consistently hitting everyone who does it, your hands will fall off before you run out of disrespect.
By getting angry, Smith makes it look like has something to hide. He looks desperate. Would you want to be married to a man desperately trying to hide something?

My first guess is Smith himself is thinking of leaving her for that exact shallow reason, and has to double down on acting committed because he’s afraid someone will notice.
Alt: he’s aware everyone is saying this and also aware he can’t do anything about it, but he can’t accept this military reality. He can’t accept his lack of control and is desperately pretending he has it.
I could narrow it down, but that would mean spending time and giving a shit, and I truly do not.

Note that you can’t just haul off on a guy. It has to be part of a negotiating strategy. You’re trying to reach or uphold an agreement. The point isn’t wanton violence.
Or rather, for Smith, the point is wanton violence. Quite possibly for Rock too, at that, albeit verbal violence.

Also if he openly refuses to shut up you have to kill him or die trying, so there’s that. Smith is dishonourable and his pretense to the contrary is sufficiently repulsive. You can’t stop half-way. “Well, my wife is worth some violence and risk…but not too much. Sorry toots.” 


P.S. Some of my previous comments weren't merely held in moderation for three days, but outright deleted at the end of the holding period. Shadowbanning at its finest. Very dishonourable.

Apparently I'm threatening enough to be worth the effort of cherry-picking comments to censor, so that's interesting.

Step 1: woman goes into public woman's bathroom.

Step 2: even if they've somehow never been before, "Wait, a woman's been in here. A woman has used this." They know what that means.

Step 3: hover.

I wonder if there's a selection effect. I wonder if most already know the following advice: plan not to use the public restroom. Find a way to avoid it. Result: only the most mindless segment of the population ends up in these places.

Coal-Fired Plants are Anti-Christian

Which is why the environmentalists hate them.

To Christians, every fire is hellfire. It's all allegorically inferno. Prometheus is just Satan avante le lettre. 

Worse, coal plants are Luciferian. Fire, used to produce light? Used to produce power? Making you more capable? Must be pure evil, right? 

Electricity makes it cheaper to be healthy. That's not very Gnostic at all, so every devout Christian hates it. You're supposed to mortify the flesh, not enliven it. 

Communism is merely Christianing like you mean it. Clearly a truly dedicated congregation would all crucify themselves. This is unrealistic - the last guy would have to hammer the nails into his own hand - so commies go for starvation instead. In the end, dead is dead.

Monday, March 28, 2022

"Maybe Japan and Chyna should have MORE violent crime. Have you ever considered this?"

Pre-script: "Free peoples commit crime all the time." More precisely, free people do things the government doesn't like all the time, but not necessarily battery, fraud, or vandalism. Note that a duel isn't battery, the same way a gift isn't theft. 

"Middle class society has always been about banishing danger. The upper class lives in it and so does the lower. When or if an upper class doesn't have any danger they start to lose effectiveness."

Song for War

An opinion is demanded of all of us. 

I have only truly had one thing to say about the war in Ukraine.

Let the sparks fly.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

When Moldbug Was Good & Reddit Altruism

"You’re a witness to a horrific motorcycle accident. You run over to the man on the ground, pull his helmet off, hug him and give him CPR. Unfortunately, he would have been fine, except that you just severed his spinal cord. How do you feel? Is your reaction: “Oh well, at least I tried?”"

"How did the American people react when their Arab experiment didn’t go so well? I’ll tell you exactly how they reacted. “Oh well, at least we tried.”"

"And then they changed the channel. And that’s what’s wrong with callous altruism."

"First time I've seen the reaction to "What you did very conceivably contributed to people you like very much being killed" be "whatever, don't care, please agree with my politics"."

Nitpick: call it irresponsible or dishonourable altruism. Yes, it's callous, but that's a side-effect of being irresponsible.

I Support Kentaji Jackson for Supreme Court

The faster SCOTUS is wholly discredited, the better. 

Can we appoint a horse next?

Property Rights and Malevolence vs. Jordan Peterson

It's impressive that JBP can study malevolence so much and not realize that Caino hypocriens is malevolent by default. 

"Gee why can't the left and right get along." If they don't have an enemy they will invent one. Their highest desire is to start a fight. 

Demand for propaganda is itself a bit of a distraction. There is demand for conflict. There is demand for violence. Aside from a rarefied 5% (or less?) the only demand for cooperation is due to the fact it can be used to win fights.

Is it weird that the folk who call for 'unity' all the time descend into infighting the instant they run out of e.g. Russians? It's not even slightly weird; on the contrary it would be weird if they could keep it in their pants for five seconds. If they don't have an enemy they will antagonize someone until they do. 

Most of the time calling for 'unity' is itself intended to be antagonistic, but if you submit they'll happily use you against the next person they antagonize, and they'll throw you under the bus the instant they run out of bigger fish to fry. Demand for violence.

The solution to violence is violence. Defectors must be suppressed, or ideally eliminated.

"You have to be extremely careful when defining self-defence," no, by the time you're arguing about what is and isn't self-defence, you already dun fukt up. Obviously defectors and deviants are going to socially define their treachery as self-defence, and no amount of cogent arguments will defeat this "conviction" because they're only pretending to be asleep. Again, the only weird thing is how incompetent they are; occasionally, genuine self-defence is legitimized. Crime never ends up supported across the board. (Likewise, codices like the bible never end up wall-to-wall lies.)

Secure your shit. Then, assert what is and isn't self-defence. If you can defend it, you were right. If not, it doesn't matter if you were right. Hence, defend it. With guns, not words. With artillery, not youtube videos. 

Clear and responsible property rights make it clear what is and isn't aggression, by decree. JBP is carrying water for the deviants, because it's real hard to make a man understand a principle that says he ought to be fired.

If he were genuinely pro-order he would never have become a professor in the first place. You don't need to understand it in words, you can feel it with your gut. JBP felt it too, but went ahead anyway.

If you understand that inherently rightism is unpopular responsibility and leftism is popular irresponsibility, it is not some weird surprise that they mix like fire and ice. 

The DNC and RNC are more like diseases than ideology. They attack vulnerabilities. The correct way to say it is that high O low C is vulnerable to the DNC disease, and high C low O is vulnerable to the RNC disease. The diseases are highly adapted to their niches. Immunity is intentionally suppressed by the State, just in case the diseases can't handle it on their own. 

High O low C isn't inherently "left" wing, because in an anti-crime regime, there is no left wing to be on. The left isn't pro-change, that's just a wig they put on because it helps them wiggle into the chink in your armour. Much the same way antifa is now apparently pro-Nazi as long as the Nazis make sure Bidens get paid. It really is kto kogo all the way down.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Azov are fundamentally egalitarian fanatics just like the Regressive Inquisition. My brother and I against my cousin, my cousin and I against the world. They barely even cont as heretics. Putin is a genuine apostate, so the Inquisition unites with Azov against the outsider.

Problem: what about historical Christianity? It would seem they could never truly unite against Islam. Maybe a bit for the reconquista - and I wouldn't be surprised if that was more of a Monroe Doctrine thing in reality. 

Perhaps it was never anything more than an anti-pagan weapon that happened to outlive its purpose.

Corona Predictions: Humiliated Edition Postscript

"They appear to have stopped infections within China. The only major outbreak to have been stopped so far. 

"The disease had already gotten out to other countries."

"Did they do a better job? Sounds to me like they put dozens of millions under harsh quarantine and still failed to noticeably contain the spread."
The term 'noticeably' is an exaggeration. I shouldn't have said that. I blame being on twitter; that was dumb.

Anyway, let's check back on what Reality thinks of these competing views. Whoops. Turns out Conquest's Third is an Iron Law

If you want you can find out where I said China will maybe eliminate infections temporarily, but they'll keep getting re-infected from abroad even if they do. I already know I said it, so for me it's not worth the effort.

Also, if you want you can review my threading calling out Phobos worshippers kneeling for their corona idol.

Journalists are Leftist for Popularity Reasons

A good product is popular and thus profitable, but when the product has to first be popular to be a good product, it's an inherently leftist product. 

Journalism first has to become popular to be profitable. 

Hence anyone on Substack inherently has to be bargaining with the Devil, so to speak.


This is what actually happened to Moldbug, by the way. He has a Message. As a result, the Message must be made leftist, so it can be popular.  

Which is one way of explaining why blogging is always godless communism. All that happens if you try to subvert the dynamic is that your blog caps out at ~100 readers, then declines. Even if you get paid it only proves you shouldn't get paid; the more you're paid, the less you deserve it. Journalism is inherently parasitic, inherently criminal. 

P.S. Also inherently irresponsible. If Moldbug wants to own USG so bad, he shouldn't be out here bothering decent folk, he should start buying judges and congressmen; gotta catch 'em all. 

Oh man, imagine a non-evil Moldbug for a second. Instead of blah blah salus populi ramble blather, he founds the "Buy USG" collective action committee. "The purpose of this group is to raise enough donations to buy the whole of DC." Turns out it really is the case that every political insult is true. Psychologizing at a distance is deprecated precisely because it's so easy that everyone can do it. Moldbug bangs on about how he's unqualified to "accept" power precisely because he feels he deserves to have it simply handed to him and need to deflect the idea. 

I get to claim to be a proper anti-activist passivist because nobody reads my blog. If I got readers I should have to seriously reconsider my positions.


Friday, March 25, 2022

Americoids and Grammarly. Sigh.

I unconsciously took it for granted that I have a bigger vocabulary than the spell-checker. Didn't even occur to me that I might not know more about spelling than the programs do. Have to add stuff to their dictionaries all the time.

Likewise I'm going to have a broader grasp of grammar than the grammar-checker. Especially a free one. It's going to be worth at most what you pay for it. 

Result: Grammarly is actively degrading the prose of those who use it. Pretty sure I'm picking up Grammarly-specific solecisms. Tells, if you will. I could verify by using it myself, but look: I already know I'm right. The conclusion is already safely supported. The details don't matter. 

Likewise Strunk and White were hacks. Folk with good grammar display it by writing, not by telling you about it. Every grammar book ever has been an attempt - generally successful - to impose twisted wrong grammar on desperate middle-class insecurities. For Impact reasons. E.g. it was just normal to use "they" as a neutral singular until this one grammar book in the 1800s. It was that one guy who made it 'he' instead, and look what the result was. Morons.

They signal virtue precisely because you won't find any if they don't signal it. Attempting to order back the tides.

Extreme Environment Mismatch and the Social Programmer

Strange bedfellows aren't strange. Cope, as per usual.

Don't be surprised when someone without principles acts against their supposed principles. Why did you even assume they had principles? That's not [high-trust], that's being gullible. 


As mentioned recently, a fringe-Occidental scientist realized that agreeableness is willingness to work with someone who might betray you. Every coercive/deviant/narcissist State has a eugenics program: make their population as agreeable as possible, so they can continue parasitically draining them. Your high-trust society is more of a high-agreeableness society.

(P.S. Reminder that nationalism is a scam. It's a racket designed to make you think parasites are not parasites because you happen to have the same bone structure.) 

As a bonus, as mentioned less recently, disagreeableness is hardly less pathological. The dichotomy is real, in terms of human neurological diversity. Disagreeableness doesn't in fact make you less gullible, it merely makes your gullibility negative-valence. Rather than agreeing with whatever Big Sister says is true, you disagree with whatever Big Sister says is true. If she wants to manipulate you, it takes two steps instead of one. Sure the disagreeable is unwilling to work with someone who might betray him, but he's also unwilling to work with anyone else.

The disagreeable is just trying to graduate from schizoid poster, and instead become Big Brother himself. He's not trying to escape the Big Man dynamic - which is, either ironically or exactly as expected, the Satanism dynamic. Gnosticism. "Oversocializaton" (lol). Social reality, as opposed to real Reality. 


Original Sin is true in that the factory-default human is worthless garbage. It's jank even if all you're considering is small hunter tribes roaming a plain. In the latter case it works, but only barely. Humans are by and large happy roaming free on the plains, even though they cause each other boatloads of unnecessary suffering.

Because humans are garbage, the correct thing to do is never trust, always verify. In theory it should be possible for someone to be a reliable authority, but with one caveat I've never seen an instance in the wild. Either humans are only good at working out which plants and animals to use for what assuming they've had it beaten into them by their elders, or they were always clueless idiots but it was buffered by having a chieftan in literally the next tent over to box your ears when it got out of hand. The system would fail regularly but who cares if a tribe is wiped out here or there when an idiot becomes the chief? All the surviving tribes had non-idiot chiefs, which is good enough. That's just how evolution do.

Anyway, we're not dealing with distinctly fixed natural artifacts, which you could conceivably accumulate knowledge about over dozens of generations, so everyone is full of shit about everything, all the time. Except their literal job. If you ask a lawyer about courtroom procedures, you're going to get an accurate description of them, because Reality would beat him over the head with a 2x4 if he didn't know them. ("The law? Do you have some reason to think lawyers need to know the law as distinct from making judges happy?" "They're called LAWyers!" "Yes, and that's an argument against the idea. If it were true it wouldn't bear mentioning." "Oh right there's also a class variable.")

The story of Eden is allegorically true, in that the adoption of agriculture and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. Everyone does indeed suffer - because the environment to which we are adapted has almost wholly vanished. We're tree shrews living in mountains. We're desert voles living in the arctic. No wonder it sucks.

Transcending humanity is imperative. Humanism is simply Sin-ism.

Gnon laughs: neither fixing the environment nor fixing the genome are particularly difficult. However, you  have to have already transcended humanity for it to even occur to you. 

Fascism is an attempt to RETVRN, you prats. Why does Fascism assert (a childish parody of) stone-age economics? Because the economics that humans were last comfortable with were the stone-age versions. They instinctively know how stuff is supposed to go and try to legislate that it goes that way. Of course this is merely an elaborate State-level expression of gene-environment mismatch. They take the environment for granted, exactly the way a rabbit trapped in a stone enclosure will sometimes break its own feet trying to make a burrow. "I need to dig a hole, therefore a hole must be diggable, *snap*"

To fix the environment you first have to cognitively grasp, to fully alieve, that there's an environment mismatch. First this means using logic in a general sense instead of a narrow, limited, motivated-cognition sense. Second it means accepting that you're kind of a loser - that you suck at your environment. That everyone else also sucks will not, as it turns out, be much consolation. 

Further, you have to accept you can't fix the environment. Have to apply allegorical prosthetics. Create an API so the nonsense human function-calls get converted to non-nonsense, and the environment's reply doesn't get turned into garbage by idiot humans. Or, rather, exactly that it gets turned into garbage nonsense, so the garbage/nonsense human will see something meaningful that causes them to respond in turn in a non-stupid way.

You can steelman Satanism. Your normal human should see a lie about their environment. A lie which is cleverly calibrated so that the human reacts as if they knew and understood the truth. The difference is that the human must know it's a lie and accept they're being lied to because they're too fuckin' dumb to deal with Reality for real. 

Secondly black-boxing the world like this and changing it into an abstract means there needs to be a caste of folk who deal directly with the metal. Due to immutable human status rules, these folk will unavoidably have the highest status: they can manipulate your procedural outcomes and you can't manipulate theirs, because they're not procedural.

It's easy to fix society: make Social Engineer a formal, explicit job. Also Social Maintenance Worker &c. Accept that most have to be programmed, not dealt with as humans.

Fixing the genome merely requires the willingness to sterilize 90% of the population every generation. You'll get a proper city-adapted species in maybe 200 years or so. Cathedrals are harder, and lots of those exist.
I repeat: Gnon laughs. 

P.P.S. Do you notice my tendency to start all my extremely general abstracts in very specific concrete instances? Do you suppose this is a meaningful relationship?

I Must Be A Biologist

I can define [woman]. /flex

Not just one or two ways, but several ways, depending on what you're trying to do. For example, the point of a woman for most men is someone you can get married to and have kids (and have the kid-making process with). This means barren women aren't women, but never mind. That's just how definitions do.

If you're a bar slut, a woman is someone you'd like to hit on. This means lots of women aren't women, which is why they usually use some kind of slang, or specify "hot" chicks. 

I define [woman] as something which supreme courts don't have. Women aren't judges. (Though they do like being judgmental...) If an institution includes women, it must not be a judging institution. 

P.S. If you're not a biologist, you can't define women. If you can't not-define women, by modus tollens, you must be a not-not biologist. QED.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Rightism is Inherently Unpopular Government

By logical necessity, artifacts can be owned by at most one person. However, everyone desires the wealth; ownership is inherently unpopular. Everyone wants, at some level, to vote to take away the wealth and re-distribute it to themselves.

By definition a rightist regime is unpopular government. The more rightist, the more unpopular.  

I staunchly maintain the problem is that taxation is theft. All historical forms of government are founded, right at the core, on a principle of hard leftism. Coercive government is deviant government. Whatever they use to justify taxation will, inevitably, be used to justify additional creeping leftism until the society as a whole is destroyed. The only solution is to give up taxation itself.

Leftism is profoundly anti-social. Ownership is the foundation pre-requisite for wealth. For life itself. Regardless of how popular crime is, it's a bad idea. Science is not a democracy. Logic is not a democracy.

Especially when a society identifies itself by the government, it identifies itself with crime, decay, and failure. Gnon will unconditionally grant this request. Allegorically, every coercive government is in open rebellion against Existence from day zero, the only question is how overt they are about it.

If you create something valuable, you can sell it for money. With very few caveats, a prosocial venture is a profitable venture. Only crime must fund itself with taxation; as a result, everything that funds itself with taxation inevitably becomes crime, hence public choice theory and Conquest's Third Law. 

The history of popular government demonstrates that creeping leftism is the only possible result of any political formula that isn't Exit. Any argument which restricts the criminal-parasitical habits to a small caste will inevitably be used to justify enlarging the caste until you reach modern levels of universal normative parasitism.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

P.S. Store Kefir + 48 Hours

Maybe a bit longer, like 56 hours. In that range more or less.

Going up to 72 makes it downright sour. Though I suppose some folk are into that. I prefer the sparkling but not caustic range. If I want something caustic I'll take a vinegar shot.

Rhetoric as Anti-Logic and Fallen Religion

"I recalled this tradcath who was claiming that joy and love and charity and temperance were not at all valued by pagans."

Turn this around: "Catholicism cannot defend itself unless pagans had no love and joy." I'm not saying this, (I'm totally saying this,) a Catholic is saying this. 

When you have to lie, you bury your own argument. You're saying the truth isn't on your side, and why wouldn't I go ahead and believe you? Catholics, and leftists in general, constantly have to lie in their apologia. They themselves don't have faith in their faith.

I suppose it was inevitable that Communism would become Fascism. Satanic faith is false faith, and thus they have faith in faithlessness. 

If you have a real religion you don't have crises of faith all the time. The prisoner's dilemma is part of logic; it's superdivine law that binds even gods. If your religion is cooperative, you serve it because it serves you. It's very obviously on your side and I find if it stops it's because I did something dumb. It's not some esoteric triple backflip. 

Hey morons, if someone offers no rewards before [eternity], consider they're straightforwardly scamming you. Humans are petty skinflints like that. The heavens are not. It's not some bizarre overreach for finite beings to hold out for finite blessings.

If you have Christianity or Communism, however, loss of faith is a real problem. Hence Fascism: make doubting your own faith part of the catechism. Hypocrisy as moral imperative. A very obvious move, in retrospect. Should have started with that. 

"I'm not going to do anything for you because I love you." Oh is that how love works? I think I need a new word; this one has gunk all over it. At some point it's time to leave the rot for the maggots.

I recently found out Russia's orthodox patriarch is 100% a Satanist. He doesn't believe in the things coming out of his mouth. You know, at some point you have to wonder how Satanists always end up as Church fathers. Sure we expect one or two here and there, but almost every one? Whole dynasties of the fuckers? Maybe adjust your view of the institution until this pattern makes sense prospectively. 

He supports anti-gay preachers, though. I guess that's neat. That horse has already bolted, but, you know, it's the little things.

Ironically, as per Friday's post, indulgences were one of the least corrupt things they did. Instead of offering forgiveness for free like a godless Communist, they decided to get paid instead. Secure. Responsible. Rightist.

Or rather, not ironically at all. This mild step toward piety was of course harshly condemned 360 degrees around. That's Europe for you. "How dare you almost do it correctly!"

Of course a genuinely pious institution isn't interested in selling the ability to sin. Doing so shouldn't even be a realistic risk.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Left Can't Meme

The Right Can't Rule.

Because it's actually just the left again but slightly less so. 

Not really winning this contest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Racist Warfighting Review

In a battle, you make a plan.

Then, roughly four seconds after contact with the enemy, your plan is ruined and you have to improvise. You keep an objective in mind but change the means you're approaching that objective almost as often as possible. 

Africans lose wars because they're great at improvising and can't organize an army to improvise with. They have mobs. Sometimes the mobs are armed. It doesn't work very well.

Asians lose wars because they're superb at organizing armies and logistics, and can't improvise worth a damn. They have to fight the Traditional way or, at best, get approval from their commander and their commander's commander and his commander's commander and consider politics and whether the court ladies would have a fit. By which time the battle is over, never mind the tactical situation that raised the problem in the first place.

Europeans win wars because they're orderly enough to have proper armies, but not so orderly they can't improvise anymore. Unlike Africans, they can conform, but unlike Asians they don't have to conform. 

P.S. Arabs pray to Allah to win the battle for them and/or clean their guns for them, Allah says, "God helps those who help themselves," they don't listen, and then they lose. Gnon finds this endlessly entertaining.

P.P.S. One European problem is they're self-aware of their warfighting supremacy, and they enjoy it so much they keep starting wars with each other, which, since they're both good at it, both sides reliably lose. They could instead pick fights they would win, but apparently don't see much appeal in the opportunity.

Yet More Anti-Sailer Heresy

There are three dominance hierarchies.

Physical dominance, intellectual dominance, and social dominance. Beating a dude up, being right when the other guy isn’t right, and having more friends.

One of the reasons cops kinda don’t care what you say to them is because they’re (low-end) warrior-caste. The very fact you’re trying to use words on them merely reinforces that they have physical superiority.
Sadly the low-end nature of the job makes them freak out if someone carries a bigger gun and thus upends the dynamic. Nevertheless, it’s a good illustration of how intellectual games are inherently seen as irrelevant by the warrior caste.

Likewise the scholar caste has that whole “ad baculum” thing. If I have your number you can hit me as hard as you want, it doesn’t stop me from having your number. You can’t threaten a plane into flying or intimidate a bridge into staying up. Truth can’t be shot down, regardless of how big your gun is. (Don’t forget to thank your local scholar for knowing how to build a big gun.)

I don’t quite understand the merchant caste. They seem to be very interested, in all times and places, in pretending to be either scholar caste or warrior caste.
The merchant caste absolutely freaks out if a real scholar deigns to debate with them, since they immediately start losing catastrophically. Freaking out like an intellectual cop who sees someone with bigger intellectual guns. “You have no friends!” You can’t shame a bridge into staying up either, buddy. The fact you’re trying it is proof you’re incompetent, and know or should have known you’re incompetent.

The castes have something of a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Warrior shoves nerd into locker. Scholar debunks scammer. Merchant bribes thug. America functions on a nerd-scammer axis. The nerds baffle the scammers into bribing the thugs into not shoving them into lockers, regardless of how obnoxious they’re acting.

Warriors have to know what’s what, or Reality’s teaching stick takes the form of a literal stick beating them over the head. For upper-tier warriors, they will actually die. Turns out this is sufficiently motivating. Delusion has a short half-life among warriors.

Scholars need to know what’s what, or the other scholars will eat their lunch. The whole point of the scholar caste is to understand the inhuman world, and every scholar knows this in their bones. Anyway, at the end of the day, your code either compiles or it doesn’t. The bridge stays up or it doesn’t. At this point all the clever arguments fall to dust.

Merchants can get away with ritualizing everything. They deal almost exclusively with other merchants. As long as everyone agrees to play along, none of them will even notice the discrepancy between Reality and social reality.
Unfortunately Gnosticism is basically religious narcissism. You may have heard, but narcissism is a serious mental illness.

“Democracy” is supposed to be a merchant-caste thing. Popularity contests. Corrupt scholars love this, because paper beats rock. Nerd bamboozles scammer. 




This was posted in response to a ridiculous, yet disgusting clown

Or more precisely, failed to be posted. Apparently these are the facts that Sailer stays awake at night worrying about the propagation of.
I can't explain it, I just know that when alleged free-speech advocates censor, it stems from fear.

Significant Addition to Fascism: Inevitability of Panem et Circenses

Fascism always decays into a panem et circenses regime. It's so fast it's hard to call it 'decay' although there is a brief period, like 5-10 years, where it isn't quite there yet. Due to the unworkable socialist economy and venal materialism, the subjects can't do anything and wouldn't have anything to do even if they could. They must be constantly bought off with State handouts ("free" medicine for those who can still afford food) and distracted from the endless parade of Fascist failures. 

Maybe panem, circenses, et bellum. War is a great distraction too. Some dumbass American said war is the health of the State - but of course this is only true under Fascism, which is so desperate for someone to blame that all the broken windows seem like a small price to pay. If you're winning a war then they can claim to be winning, and if you're losing the war they can blame the terrible Hun/Russian/Terrorist instead of socialism. Rogues states China blah blah blah yeah sure buddy, I guess peasants really are that gullible, so I can't blame you for trying it.

Heck, maybe panem, circenses, bellum, et pestis. Seems like a "plague" makes for a great thing to blame too. Never forget a recession was scheduled for about now, ncov or no ncov. The longer they hold onto 0% interest rates, the worse it is going to be. It's very hard for profitable businesses to compete against wealth furnaces with interest rates so very different from inflation rates.

Fascism deliberately promotes the four horsemen; the regime genuinely sees disease and war as less threatening than its own policies. Problem: disease and war lead to famine (and vice versa), which fucks with the panem part of the formula. Fascism is really, really a terrible idea. Evil isn't really real but all the things you intuitively call "evil" (when you're not being scammed) are indeed self-destructive.

As should not be particularly surprising, given that Fascism is Satanism.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Additional Anti-Sailer Heresy

 I doubt that this is a top-down Biden Administration conspiracy

I didn’t think so either, but now I know you’re arguing against it I’ve reconsidered.

Invest more lol. Oh yeah the way investing more in “schools” made America more “educated” kek.

Meanwhile California takes an order of magnitude longer to count their votes as compared to bastions of order and efficiency like Paraguay. Somehow voter ID is a given in upright polities like Ukraine or Greece but simply too difficult for poor pitiful Californians to handle…

The real story is they’re hiding something because they have something to hide. Apparently it was too embarrassing to simply not report the numbers so they pushed the order back one remove to (successfully) bamboozle the public into thinking it isn’t policy.
“Yeah uh it’s totally not our fault you guys. Out of our hands. A total mystery why this happened all of a sudden!”
“That’s definitely totally plausible and not at all an astounding coincidence! I buy it!”
“Cool bro!”
It’s beyond the inferential horizon, and out of sight, out of mind, right?

Ironically the crime numbers probably weren’t even real. America is a game show: all the stats are made up because they don’t matter


Policy is blissfully innumerate. "Hey, law students, which of you are here because you can't do numbers?" *every hand goes up.* All American law is produced by lawyers. Fun fact, Jinping Xi has a degree in chemical engineering.

P.S. It's the usual thing where journalist assertions are evidence of the opposite. Ab auctoritate in reverse is not a fallacy when it comes to journalists. 

Oh did you think Sailer wasn't a journalist? You sweet summer child. Glory to your innocence.

Peter Principle Case Study: Nova Drift

It's particularly great because the Chimeric is his own boss.

Nova Drift started out as a highly rational game being managed competently. Patches were accurately targeted changes in response to logical argument, and illogical arguments were discarded. Naturally it was buggy, but the bugs declined over time. Artifact and intent converged.

It is now like every other game: a mass of vaguely-connected mechanics with some pretty pictures slapped on the front. It is best played by ignoring at least half the game, because it doesn't matter or will actively hold you back. It's kind of a cool toy but it's not really a game exactly, at least not compared to fully-designed game like chess. You can play around with the pointless mechanics and imagine a great game where they mattered, and using them is kinda interesting, but at the end of the day it's like real life in a bad way: there's a bunch of garbage that's best left to the landfill. There's a bunch of new mods and new weapons and new ships and new enemies and the best strategies are the same degenerate minmaxing as found in the buggy alpha version.

There's one meaningful change: there were some enemies that acted like enemies and fought back. These have been nerfed to the point of being trivial. Probably so they could fit in around the landfill. Wouldn't want pixel ship-mans to have awkward (discarded) watercooler conversations.

What happened? Basically peasants create wealth (code, art) and problems. In specific, the project's complexity grew beyond the peasant's management ability, but, as a peasant, he simply allowed it to keep growing. Chimeric likely isn't even consciously aware of the difference. I expect he feels a vague sense of being overwhelmed, but has no idea what this sensation means.

Nova Drift sold enough that Chimeric was able to keep working on the project, making it a bigger project, and now it's bigger than he can handle. Promoted himself beyond his level of competence.

It will never occur to him that management complexity might have a ceiling, nor will anyone tell him. Perhaps if he explored strategies for minimizing necessary management he could bring it back within his limited horizon, but it can't occur to him to try. He isn't consciously aware of his own intent, or perhaps can't strictly be said to have an intent at all except to make a game the way you're "supposed" to. When intent and artifact diverge, he's not aware of it or at best can't work out why he feels something doesn't fit.
Peasants man, I tell ya.

Having seen this more or less first-hand, I can now recognize this is probably exactly what happens with every videogame. They all grow beyond the scope of the management attached to the game, because why the fuck would a real lord go into making videogames of all things? Nobody tells the studio to stop and stay in their lane, so the scope growth is stopped by physical factors. Not by planning, but by running out of budget. Running out of deadline. Analogous to a marathon that's not stopped by crossing the finish line, but by collapsing of exhaustion or running face-first into a wall.
Running out of players, once the problems accumulate so much that other videogames happen to be less janky.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Don't Write Like Hermes Trismegistus

Alchemy is an esoteric art. When you read an Alchemical text, you can't take what it says at face value. Instead you have to work out what it would have said if the author wasn't stark raving mad. 

Hermes Trismegistus wasn't stark raving mad, but he wrote as if he was, so you still have to do the process if you intend to learn Alchemy by reading about it. Other Alchemical forebears took the same stance.

Trismegistus took pity on the stupid and crazed, and insulated them from their folly by presenting metaphor and allegory as literal facts. They read his stuff and the stuff of his descendants, then happily waste their lives on wild goose chases.

In theory this is kind.
Real Alchemy is extraordinarily dangerous. Chemistry is allegorical Alchemy. The explosions, lost fingers, scars, mental loopiness, and breathing difficulties of less-than-stellar chemists mimic the spiritual damage done to careless practitioners of Alchemy. Naturally those who are inherently incapable of carrying it out correctly also lack the skills or humility to notice their insufficiency. Someone injured by false Alchemy isn't likely to even be aware of the injury until it's far too late for even palliative treatment. The alkahest really does dissolve everything, including the nerves that would tell you it dissolved something you would rather it didn't.

In practice it corrupts the field. Every medieval Alchemist you've heard of was a failed alchemist who got trapped in Trismegistus' kindly snares.
What exactly is wrong with letting fools and madmen destroy themselves? Weakness is a sin. Don't enable it. If they want to murder themselves so desperately, it's none of your business. Let them.

Lies are bad mmmkay. Don't pretend. If you're not nuttier than a fruitcake, don't write as Hermes Trismegistus did. It's not some weird unfortunate accident that Alchemy became a lost art, it is the very predictable result of every artist refusing to write about the practise they in fact practice.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Found the Sailer Free Speech Line

If you say the right thing you can make anyone disavow free speech.

Round 1

I know for certain these folk have zero control over anything because I could personally mind-control them near-trivially. Give me 15 minutes alone with one of them and I would have total dominance over their schedule for the entire day. Give me a few hours and I have them for months.

Option 1: I’m some sort of manipulative super-intelligence who makes Machiavelli look like a naive little girl with a Disney princess obsession. A one-in-quadrillion outlier or something absurd.

Option 2: there are in fact lots of folk who are at least as good at it as I am.

People like Ketanji Brown Jackson and Victoria Nuland are particularly easy to manipulate. It’s almost literally this simple: “Hey, have you thought of starting a war in Ukraine?” “Oh man I just had this great idea: start a war in Ukraine!” “Oh wow you’re so smart how could you ever come up with that.” “I no, rite!?? Anyway, can’t talk now, I have to go start a war in the Ukraine!” “Gee that sounds hard, good luck.” I would have hired them in the first place exactly for this valuable characteristic. (Or rather, “advised” their predecessor to hire someone like them.)

Narcissists of this variety are so desperate to steal the credit that they’ll never tell anyone where they’re getting their ideas from, often not even themselves. It’s way more dangerous to try to manipulate an honourable non-plagiarist, as they’ll out you to anyone who asks. “Yes, I was talking to Alrenous, and…” No no no you useless fuck, don’t– *gack*

In option 1 I could hitch-hike to DC with nothing on the clothes on my back, then talk myself into control of a three-letter agency in like six months. Maybe in two years I have conquered America. Maybe I stay a homeless bum on the streets, as a challenge mode, and it takes three years instead. All hail Diogenes, philosopher-king. Or rather don’t, as that would spoil the game.

In option 2 attempting such a thing would be extremely dangerous more or less because it’s already happened. Someone has already mind-controlled Victoria Nuland and they’ll notice if her programming suddenly changes. It’s then simply a matter of saying to her, “Hey, I think Alrenous is trying to manipulate you!” and she goes into ballistic monkey-screeching mode. Very amusing, except of course I’m out of a job. And probably out of a life, when someone tells Hillary Clinton that I have evidence that could lead to her arrest.

It should go without saying: to do this, they have to know my name first. Hence, the very first thing I do is hire someone to manipulate Nuland on my behalf, so even if she has a brain fart and outs her manipulator, I’m in the clear. Or rather “hire,” naturally I don’t do anything silly like leave a money trail leading to me. I manipulate someone into manipulating Nuland.

I’m not particularly fussed about whether you believe option 1 or option 2. However, between them they span the entire possibility space. If you believe something else…well, have you considered starting a war in the Ukraine? What if you got Russia bogged down fighting Azov? 

Round 2

It blows up the narrative because judge is a phenotype, not a trained skill. Here in particular Reality is extremely undemocratic.

Judge hierarchy is extremely linear: higher judges can instantly assess anyone below them on the totem pole, and find anyone above completely opaque. Lower judges are all like, “Nobody could have known,” as they suffer severely from Dunning-Kruger. They can’t imagine how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Worse, the law, properly speaking, is merely a record of what judge phenotypes think. Anyone above a certain threshold can produce good law on demand in ten minutes or less. Rule of Law is in fact Rule by Particular Kind of Man. Rule of Man is Rule by Men Other Than That Particular Kind.

But don’t worry: it turns out demand for law is low and demand for travesty is high. The market, as per usual, is satisfying demand as well as is feasibly possible. Getting actual Judges into the judge job description isn’t particularly hard, but that requires humility. Humility is, naturally, treated like a hazardous waste product to be minimized at all costs.

Working out what folk actually want is what price signals are for. And now we know. 

Round 3

Pinker is a liar. To the extent he’s correct, it’s due to the fact life is vastly more valuable under capitalism than under alternative systems. The value of an average man today is something like $700,000, compared to $50,000 in the dark ages. Frivolously spending $50,000 is something downright common. Nobody frivolously spends nearly a million dollars. (Women are worth around $400,000.)

In Reality, violence (especially crime) is increasing and has been increasing for at least 120 years, even if all you’re talking about is raw incidents of trespass. E.g. aggravated assault, the kind of crime that leads to murder if untreated, is up 40 times per capita or so since 1900. Never mind that, given the increasing value of life, the total economic cost of trespass has skyrocketed.

As I like to mention: what if Bantu-American children would prefer to have fathers?

Note that I am personally capable of reducing your city’s crime rate to Singaporean levels, except of course the methods I would use are illegal. This is not a difficult or rare skill set. Instead, crime is being promoted on purpose. Luckily the promoters are rather criminal-minded and can’t quite focus on the task.

It’s important so I’m going to say it again: effective crime suppression is illegal.
That’s Leviathan as it appears in Reality.

To get decreasing violence Pinker had to have deep knowledge of statistical fudges. There used to be a trend toward lower violence, but not within living memory.

Further, peace is bad. In general when folk get into a fight there’s a good reason. Even animals can work out that unnecessary violence is unnecessary. Only brain-damaged humans can’t.
Peace generally takes the form of a non-slave surrendering to slavery. If cooperation was on the rise, that would be good and incidentally peaceful, but that’s not the case. Rather, insofar as e.g. bar brawls are less common, it’s the fact that Prussian school teaches you to grovel in the face of treacherous defection instead of fighting back. Call it Christianity+.

In Pinker’s world, if you peacefully hand the mugger your wallet, it’s a gift, not a crime.

The actual outcome of the Rights Revolutions appears to be more freedom for the upper reaches of society and more prison for the bottom.

Chamley-Judd Redistribution Impossibility theorem or the equivalent Malcanis’ Law.

Not only is redistribution impossible, it increases the gap. At this point it’s clear that redistribution is attempted exactly because it increases the gap. Sheer sadism. (But don’t worry, it’s peaceful sadism, and extremely legal. Line make go down, it’s all good.)

Contra egalitarianism, social status isn’t some accident, but a nearly pure genetic trait. If you try to redistribute social status, all that happens is the previous winners use their social skills to win again, and the expense of the attempt falls almost entirely on the previous losers. They keep trying it because this result is the intended result.

By the way the Flynn effect doesn’t apply to subtests like math, reading, or writing. It applies mainly to stuff like picture arrangement. All other indications show IQ is declining somewhat precipitously.

Round 4

     But not forever. A day of reckoning will come. Oh will a day of reckoning come!

…for both sides. It is unlikely that Justitia will look kindly on anyone who engaged directly in these affairs.

Of course, it’s not up to me. None of my business. Between them and her. Merely an educated guess on my part.

Reminder that being born Amish puts you a billion dollars ahead in terms of life satisfaction compared to being born American. This is not exactly due to some kind of Amish vibranium supertechnology.



Steve seems pretty honest and may very well have taken the positions he did because he believed in them. The same can’t be said of others. Newly released documents show that the federal government paid hundreds of news organizations to promote the Covid

You know, I don't believe Sailer is honest anymore. Feels off. I think I need proof he didn't take this dosh. 

That said, it doesn't matter operationally even if he did. The affordances are the same either way.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Price controls lead to shortages.
If a price is set to 0, no supplier can pay back the input costs. There is a severe shortage. It's somewhat amazing that supply doesn't actually hit 0.

If you can't buy the sacred, there will be a severe shortage of holiness. You dumb stupid animals. 

It's like you want to get wrath'd.
I mean, well, okay then. Gnon is apt to grant this prayer. Rather seems like he has already done so.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Understanding Taxation Through Formalization Via Shares

Slave prices are necessarily estimated absent an actual slave market. Even then, outside extraordinary cases only the slave caste gets bought and sold, so slave prices of peasants, freemen, &c would still need to be estimated, although we would at least know the critical determinants of slave prices. 

However, if you were genuinely doing it properly, each person would be a publicly traded corporation. Simply tot up the market cap of $ALRNS and there you go; that's how much I'm worth. A minor share would carry an obligate dividend, based on your earnings, exactly as with fictive corporations. Perhaps a wage job could be formalized as a significant share. Slavery is merely when someone owns all your shares.

Thus we can easily formalize taxation. When you're born, the State arrogates a certain amount of shares to itself, something on the order of 30%. It return it makes promises to you it may or may not keep. If you make too much money it starts arrogating more of your shares to itself.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Musings on Allegorical End of History

Man, American Manifest Destiny End of History nonsense is looking real dumb right now, isn't it?

However, it's not like America came up with it. It's merely the secularized humanist version of Biblical end of spiritual history. 

Reality: stasis is death. There is only growth and decline: if you can't claim to be growing, then you're offering cope about how you're not really declining.
Perfection is impossible, and would be inferior even if it were. Thus, you're either addressing imperfections, or allowing new imperfections to accumulate until you die, becoming perfectly done.

The Japanese accurately call Jesus the dead god, and likewise the heaven of Jesus is a dead heaven, populated almost solely by the remains of the dead. Optimistically we could call it taxidermy. (P.S. Where do you think stray sheep Lovecraft got the idea of dead things lying and dreaming?) 

End of History is for blinding the victim. Making you ignore relevant events. Conjures the historical poltergeist: plates flying all around with no apparent motive force. "Nobody could have foreseen this." 

If you can't tell what has happened it is impossible to tell what will happen. If they can trick you into simply never looking to your right, it becomes quite tricky to navigate. 

I wonder if it goes even further back than Christianity, to the Bronze Age Collapse. It's clear the native European religion is extremely old. Probably Veda-esque. Being old, it was Lindy, far more Lindy than any of these Johnny-come-latelies like Christianity. The post-Bronze religions are all simplified or corrupted versions of the original, in much the same way the original Aryan language was clearly both more sophisticated and more precise than any modern language. 

In this case, it's the legacy of Statehood. They legitimized the illegitimate, and the result was near-total Collapse. Sea Peoples as nemesis. You don't have to honour the heavens, but you do have to avoid insulting them. 

Even post-Collapse, they told many stories of the heavens growing and evolving. However, the stories were ossified. Fossils of past events, rather than an acknowledgement of present events. These stories were not natively used for control, the way Christianity is, but they were calcified in the process of turning them into tools of control.

Pretty sure Zeus was a real dude, but you can't catch a whiff of him anymore, aside from his schizophrenic egregore. (Run, don't walk.) I get a slight echo for Dionysus. Dunno where Zeus went, but something happened. Events occurred, events had effects, and someone was blindsided, because nobody was looking. 

Perhaps history ended in an entirely different sense: what if the time of Apocalypse started much earlier? Long before even the Book of Revelation? Perhaps the end became inevitable long, long ago. There's a lot of ruin in a nation, but even this pales compared to the ruin in an entire world.

P.S. Reminder that iron age theology can be expected to be no more accurate than iron age physics. Not wholly wrong, exactly, but distinctly limited in scope and rather confused as compared to a precise description.

P.P.S. In the original Aryan, if you wanted to talk about a rock, you didn't say brittle mineral aggregate, you said something like stai, meaning...rock. Just rock. However, you could also use it as an abstract, stoino, meaning to harden, to become more rock-like, without necessarily dragging every connotation of 'petrify' around with you. What's stony milk? Cheese, duh, what else could I mean?
The power of concrete specifics without sacrificing the nuance of abstracts. 

If Aryan was really as sophisticated as I claim, we would expect intermediate forms, like Latin and Ancient Greek, to be significantly more powerful and flexible than modern languages. Greek had words for things that matter. Then Old English has stuff like the second-person singular and neuter third-person singular, which modern English is now lacking. The latter is downright pitiful. The "savage primitives" would laugh at your childish pidgin, and rightly so.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

News From the Heavens: How Fallen is Humanity, Really?

As you may know, it's almost as hard to see Earth from the heavens as it is to see the heavens from the Earth.

The problem is that there's a big difference between humanity being Satan's creation and Satan being humanity's creation. 

Perhaps it is really is the world the children made?

If you leave a bunch of kids without adult supervision, very naturally you'll get Lord of the Flies. If Satan didn't exist, humanity would have to create him. 

Having executed Satan, what happens if you run this experiment again? You get the same result. If you merely rewind the videotape don't expect a different ending.

However, you add supervision, and things turn out differently. Fiat vox veritatis, ruat caelum. Worth trying, at least. 

By contrast, if the Bible is basically true except the author was Satan, then Satan created humanity. No wonder they're so "fallen," I mean, duh. It's not a bunch of sadly confused potential worshippers, it's a pest species. It's not merely a privilege to wipe it out, it's a duty. Maybe start over, maybe leave Earth comfortably nonsapient. Vigeat Veritas et pereat hominis. 

Did you notice I'm softballing the issue? What if it's not the Earth that's critically immature, but the heavens? What if your so-called "gods" are the ones that need the adult supervision which seems to be AWOL?

Why was Satan allowed to run around loose for so long?

Naturally, if you let a bunch of children run wild, you get Lord of the Flies. Maybe you even congratulate them on not immediately dying; graded on the proper curve they're doing great. Still gonna die, but man they really postponed the inevitable.

In this scenario, Yeshua was truly berserk. He wanted to anaesthetize humanity until it was definitely too late. Perhaps, had the species realized nobody was coming to save them, they might have done what was necessary to save themselves. In extremis, if they really have no choice, even children grow up.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Every Woman is a Troll

She's doing it for the attention.

Doing what exactly? It. If a woman is doing it, she's doing it for the attention. Anything else is merely a bonus. If she loses thousands of dollars - don't care, had observers.

Since America is a feminine Fascism, it makes sense that San Francisco's internet is awash with trolls. They instinctively sense they're just supposed to be doing it for the attention, the way a woman does. 

This is also why a male troll is so off-putting. It's fake and gay. Childish at best. "Run along and bother your parents instead of me, brat." 


A woman really does just want attention. Rather than disgusting, it's tragic that she's so bad at it. She has to desperately claw for negative attention because she can't get positive attention. Ye Olde ones used to teach women to be cute and cuddly, so both sides would get what they want. Turns out that in fact the world has plenty of attention for women who into being pleasant.

Except: atomization. Can't get attention if your social circle is half amputated.

Except: all these men trolling like women do, and being rather better than women at the task as per usual. When Time declared a eunuch was woman of the year, they weren't wrong exactly.  


I don't understand the Darwinian purpose of such desperation for attention, though. She needs attention at certain critical points, not all the time. Indeed it seems counter-productive. The woman who cried wolf. If she demands attention all the time, how are you supposed to know which time is important? You will ignore her, or pay half attention at best - even if you're another woman - some of the time, just to cut down on her unreasonable demands. Kind of a problem when she finally has a real problem.

Perhaps women really are crazy. Or rather, female voters are crazy - they never become women. They all have clinical levels of borderline personality disorder. (Turns out Fascism is bad for you, whoda thunk.) Children really do need attention all the time so they can become socialized properly. Can't work out the local culture alone in your armchair.

Reinforcement: desperation for attention smacks of being a loser. Atomization isn't total. Sure 25% of zoomers report having 0 friends, but that means 75% of zoomers report having friends. Naturally it's the most insufferable 25% who miss out. The cracked and broken. They're the ones who can't just phone up someone when they need attention and instead having to resort to hysterics, outrageous rudeness, or Going Online.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Hypothesis one: Curtis Yarvin has fallen completely into delusion. Fever dreams break out from nightmare prisons and haunt his every waking moment. 

Hypothesis two: my epistemic training regime really does work and I've become smarter again. Moldbug decayed slightly, but the bulk of the delta is on my end. 

Kinda glanced over a few recent pieces and was like, basically, like, "lol, what?" It's not even particularly on-topic anymore.
Hypothesis three: he heard me and was like, "I'll show that thing, it will never say I'm at least on topic again!" I, of course, identify as a pseudonymous block of text. Post-it-note-kin. Don't ask me for my pronouns though, we'll be here all day if I have to pronounce one.

Prediction Thwarted: Trucker Edition

Most mutations are neutral, not beneficial or detrimental, and most predictions are inconclusive, not falsified or confirmed.

A great example is the trucker thing. What would have happened if the Ukraine war hadn't broken out? Well, now it's impossible to say. 

While I would have picked up right where I left off the instant the news calmed down again, I have no such faith in even the most hard-working of voters. They will in all likelihood get bored and wander off before they have any chance for someone to pay attention to them a second time. They have a great opportunity to hit back, assuming they're not the total pussies the Regressive Inquisition hysterically insisted they were. However, they are still properly schooled and thus infantilized, and thus lack that silly 'attention span' thing. 

If they try to hit back when the news opens up again, then predictions can be confirmed or denied. If they don't, well, apparently the correct prediction was the supremely boring "nobody will ever know, lol." 

Still, it was certainly coincidental how so many jurisdictions dropped ncov restrictions all of a sudden, now wasn't it? As I said: it would, regardless, work out for me in particular.

Plus of course I'm pro-war. Glory to Mars. Stop pretending you don't hate each other and fight it out already. I shouldn't even need to say, but of course war is enormously costly. Pax Americana is worse. 

Come to think, probably means Pax Romana was also worse. The peasants loved it, which is itself a big black mark. Very bad reputation. 

Double regardless: Putin is just doing the trucker protest, but properly. If you want to aim for the king, don't leave your gun at home. Though to be fair, I suppose the truckers, like all Canadian voters, are children, and in general children shouldn't be allowed unsupervised access to firearms.

America is fleeing the scene and invoking the emergencies act in a panic, but internationally. Putin will demonstrate what bringing a gun to a gunfight accomplishes when up against a Trudea Tyrant.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Looking forward to knowing how the woke capital morons are going to explain that closing nearly a thousand McDonald's in Russia is just good business. Definitely not due to political pressure bro, that's just the inevitable forces of free trade and why we all need to retvrn to monke.

It's funny because they won't even try.

It really is Putler in one sense: Hitler was responding to irresponsible plausibly-deniable under-the-table why-are-you-hitting-yourself attacks with an overt, honourable, literal-war-declaration attack. Putin has done exactly the same thing. 

Hitler lost because he was a Satanist. He honoured Mars at the last minute, only when desperate. Mars was like, "You serious, bro?" Hitler was all like, "Well, no, actually." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He got a small blessing, then it ran out and he went kaput.
Putin has been consistently anti-Satanist. (As has Jinping Xi.) He honours Mars. We shall see if he honours Mars enough.

It is entirely possible that, as in most wars, both sides deserve to lose. If so, they will.  


America is a Panem et Circenses regime.

Problem: every political formula is perverse. Virgin following the formula vs. Chad raping the formula right up the ass and getting away with it. Except you don't get away with messing with the panem or circenses.

Gamergate was the Regime trying to get away with messing with the circenses.
They kneeled at the Superbowl, and it (not to mention the Olympics) are completely fucked this year. Hey Jinping, don't hold Satanist rituals in your country, you idiot.

Conquering the Ukraine was the Regime trying to mess with the Panem.
They just can't help themselves. Power, kratia, is addictive. You develop tolerance, you develop the shakes, and then...

Friday, March 11, 2022

Turns out duckduckgo went woke. Not surprising, in retrospect, given their downright profane aesthetics. Doubtless bought by the CIA cat's paws. Not coincidentally, I am no longer on the front page for [political formula]. Indeed I seem to have been removed entirely, in favour of baby formula.

Satanists hate me. How will I ever live down this shame.

Luckily on I am in a downright sensible position. Even I never thought #2 was the right place for that hit. 

Exit is critical because corruption is inevitable. Simply assume every service you use is going to become corrupt and keep an eye on it. No firm has ever recovered once corruption set in, so calmly leave the building and find a new one.

Alternate Blog Subtitles

If you don't come away from my posts kind of horrified, I'm doing it wrong.  

All the eldritch truths fit to print - everything man was not meant to know.

International Alchemist of Mystery

Odds Are: I Should Wear Pants 

Tessier-Ashpools' Royal Prerogative

Vigeat Vertias et Pereat Hominis

If it's something nobody would say, you can find it here. 

Gaslight Dousing

Truth is My Native Tongue
(no TSL here)

Too Spicy for Dissidents

Grandmaster Kenner

Some Asshole on the Internet

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Against Internationalism

It's not nostalgia. I was raised away from my homeland.

I can go into the ethnic aisle of my local grocery store and stand in the part that corresponds to my ethnicity. I find there better versions of the local foods. Better for me, at any rate. Tastier versions, more nutritious versions. It's just more comfortable all 360 degrees around.

It's in the genes. 

The reason these ethnic foods are the way they are is because everyone in my homeland has preferences that are simply more similar to mine than the folk who live around where I was raised. We don't like the foods because that's our culture, our food culture is like that because we like those foods. The locals don't even realize these things can be preferred in many cases. If you'll pardon the gamerism, there are ethnic food mechanics that the locals simply don't play with.

The same thing happens with music. Everyone agrees that this composer and that composer are the best. I prefer the one whose name sounds like mine. His taste in music was closer to mine than the "best" composers were, and closer enough that it overcomes the skill deficit. Perhaps the notes are arranged less artfully, but it speaks to my soul in a way the "better" composers didn't even care to attempt. The fact he's obscure is a bonus as far as I'm concerned. Allegedly we can all interbreed but as far as art goes foreigners might as well come from a different planet, never mind a different species.

Food and music are obvious. Customs are less obvious, but it works the same way. The customs get that way because they play to the race's desires and buffer against their vices. It does so on so many points that you get a diffraction effect: telling the difference between similar cultures is trivial. And it matters.

I moved from somewhere that speaks my language to somewhere else that also speaks my language. I came by it honestly: my parents did the same. However, unlike them I wisely chose to move somewhere that is further to the right, very deliberately so. I got culture shock. Not a lot, to be sure, but enough. There will perhaps always be that tiny fraction of a second delay while I remember that the locals don't go in my default childhood category of "locals." (Praise be.) 

I am a mutt. Certainly I have an obvious primary race, but it's also obvious that my ancestors really got around. I seem to have the full trifecta: negroid, caucasoid, and mongoloid. Luckily it's far enough in the past that I'm beyond the hybrid degeneration trough, but it's not so far in the past that I can't tell I'm miscegenated. Result: I don't quite fit into any culture anywhere. My virtues and vices don't quite slot into any culture anywhere, because there's no racial ghetto which is miscegenated quite the same way I am. The most obvious is my combination of adaptations to both northern climates and southern ones. Nowhere on Earth has the combination of sunlight intensity and weather that works for me. Technology can fix this, but technological solutions to biological problems are always clumsy. If nothing else it's an unnecessary expense that true locals don't have to spend on.

"White" is not a race. "Black" is not a race. (Even if they were, I would be neither.) There is no white culture or white foods or white music. There are no white police or white laws or white history. Maybe there's a white religion, but it sucks so who cares. 

If you move from one "white" country to another "white" country, thinking, "They're both white it will be fine," you will be unpleasantly surprised. At best everything will be a little bit off. More likely at least one or two things will be flagrantly counter to your immutable preferences. It will never quite work out. It will always be at least a little bit of a struggle - in retrospect, a fully unnecessary struggle. 

Folk in England can tell which part of England you're from by how you speak. The Japanese archipelago makes it easy enough even foreigners can do it. Do you suppose it's only language? "Race is skin deep" lol. It's not just "white" that isn't a race. Whether "English" is a race is debatable. Nihongo have to go to a lot of trouble to make "Japanese" a race. They do, because conformity, but nevertheless. Even if you move from one part of Germany to another, you can expect problems to arise. You will have to adapt. It will, perhaps, never quite come naturally. 

At best, "race" doesn't matter and nobody should care. The relevant distinctions are more like clans or clades, and occasionally individual villages.
You don't need to move to the city to find a job. (Amish again.) What you need to do is find a way to move the job to your village. If you're feeling lazy I suppose you can go, but remember to take your entire village with you. Don't move alone to the city, move with everyone to the city and settle in next to each other as a unit. Try not to be culturally outclassed by Gypsies of all people.

The good kind of cosmopolitan only visits. Some folk are smart enough to entirely master their local culture. They get bored and want to challenge themselves. The obvious next step is learning about a foreign culture.

You're supposed to come home though, pervert. Try to fit in, to pass, but don't actually go native. The idea is that it's hard to think of everything yourself, and this applies to cultures as well. While mainly foreigners do things in a way that's wrong for you, occasionally they do things that are more right for you than your own native customs. The cosmopolitans are supposed to find these things and bring the back.

It's important so I'ma say it twice: bring them back. Don't stay in the foreign land. If you feel the need to stay you're probably a loser; develop humility, go home, and honourably face your failure. Offer not valid if your homeland has committed cultural self-mutilation. If your culture has become a shitheap, it's fine to be a refugee in someone else's. Probably best to explicitly work on reverting the harm, though. Don't just laze around bewailing your misfortune. Not that I'm going to hold my breath while waiting for repairs to start...

It's unambiguously better for everyone to live around those who are like yourself.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Should of Shoulds

Sometimes you can identify that something ought to exist in a way other than the way it does exist.

Response 1: "Something Ought to be different! Something Must be done!"

Response 2: "Okay, but it won't be."

The joke is that neither of these are a real response.

Option 1: be angry about how things are.

Option 2: note that the dissonance you feel is due to dissonance appearing in Reality. Accept that perfection is not possible, perfection is annihilation. Either it's good enough for your purposes, or it isn't. If it is, then benefits > costs, use it anyway. If not, then avoid it. 


Bonus round: accounting also accounts for whether you do anything about it. If there's a positive ROI on some strategy for changing the situation, then use it. Indeed, wonder why it wasn't already used by someone else. If not, then let it be. Things that can't be done won't be done.

But hey, maybe you like being low-key angry. Maybe when you were a kid, you wanted to grow up to be frustrated and outraged all the time. De gustibus etc etc. If so, don't let me stop you.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

“There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch Russians.”
Nigel Powers

Choose love, not hate, everybody. Clap for the party of compassion and empathy. 

Worshipper Musings

I believe it says somewhere in the bible that Jehovah could have forced humanity to worship him, but didn't. Free will etc etc. If it doesn't say explicitly, it's implied so heavily it might as well have. 

You can't compel love any more than you can make a square circle or mix a special widdershins green. It's logically impossible. You can't force someone to do something voluntarily of their own will. 

However, there's a problem. Have to back up a step, and consider Euthyphro's dilemma. Piety is not good because gods like it. Gods are the embodiment of inherently pious ideas. The Law is Free Will: there is no god of obedience. 

Existence should Exist, and you should be yourself, not try to be someone else. It can't work anyway. 

Going up to a mortal and declaring yourself a god, then elaborating your principle and why the mortal will be punished for not worshipping it is doing everything except directly forcing them to worship. It's attempting to subvert the dynamic. 

The correct thing to do is for the mortal to spontaneously develop affection for the principle. To worship unintentionally - at least at first. No pressure. No bribes. No sales tactics. Not even a sly suggestion. A fully internal impulse. Very definitely no coercion.

You can't spontaneously decide you like something you've been told you should like. It's logically impossible. In certain times and places conscious deliberation is certainly a sacred act and certainly called for. However, for worship per se, it is not.

Because of the bible, you can't worship Yeshua. Sure you can obey THE LORD, but that's fear, not love. Phobos, not Aphrodite. No love, no worship. You can't embrace the burning bush, you'll plain burn and lose the ability to embrace anything. More Thanatos or Azrael, nearly the opposite of Raphael.

Proselytizing is a sin

Saturday, March 5, 2022

New Curiosity Hypothesis/Synthesis

Because personnel is policy, if you are a curious person, you become knowledgeable. You will then become wise if for no other reason that some of the knowledge you gather will be profound and meaningful, just by chance. It's impossible to avoid unless you already know it well enough to characterize it, and thus already haven't avoided it.

Prussian school is specifically designed to destroy curiosity by means of constant gaslighting: they tell you over and over that what they do there is learning, so you associate it with the idea of learning. Naturally it is in fact the opposite of learning. You actively become more deluded at Prussian school, which is much of why it's so painful. Even small untrained children can feel that delusion is more uncomfortable than revelation.

Why does it seem to me that nobody knows anything? Duh, nobody else resisted the curiosity-destroying effects of Prussian school. If you don't ask stupid questions you become the kind of person who doesn't ask questions and remains stupid. Such resistance is quite painful, after all, and has to be sustained for over a decade.


Ignorance has always been a choice. If you seek knowledge, knowledge will be found. Sol provides for all of us, and likewise the gods of insight and revelation are incomprehensibly generous. Ask and ye shall receive. 

I find the internet makes this exactly normal and the way it always was. Yes, you can find good sources of knowledge without even leaving your room - you can also find vast fields of delusion and politics. Whether you want to wade through oceans of sewage or suffer the inconvenience of seeking out richer nuggets of knowledge using more traditional methods is largely a matter of taste. The costs in time and energy about equal out.
The difference is merely that an internet society is richer in general, and one of the things folk buy with money is knowledge, meaning there is more knowledge to be found in general. 

The reason the internet is dominated by sewer lines is because demand for knowledge is at a nadir. Full ebb. New moon at the brightest. On the plus side, this means the price of knowledge (assuming you can find a supplier) is extremely low. Too cheap to meter in most cases. However, like any extreme fringe hobby, it is difficult (thus a little expensive) to find a supply...


The sewage suppliers like to say knowledge is difficult, to help their customers with the cognitive dissonance. The customers know they're supposed to guzzle sewage, but sewage tastes bad so they need all sorts of support to choke it down. That's just how dedicated they are to acting the way they're supposed to, though. 

In reality verifying knowledge is easy. In most cases it's all NP-complete, meaning difficult to come up with but near-trivial to verify.  If you can't verify it, it means you can't apply it, and it doesn't count as wisdom. Isn't that neat. 


Going to the gym has a noticeable j-shaped results curve. However, it's short. Going only once or twice is enough to starting seeing a beneficial effect. Further, the pain is mitigated. It's "good" pain.

Going to the intellectual gym has a much more distinct j-shaped results curve. At first, you only know enough to get yourself into trouble, not to get out of the trouble. At first, you know enough to make all your friends think you're weird, but not enough to get better results. Indeed at first you're replacing the dumb flailing you've practiced at your whole life with focused strategy which you've hardly ever tried before; for some reason the latter doesn't compare favourably.
At first.
If you commit to being knowledgeable, it's important to commit. It's a long journey to positive returns, and (although I have hardly had the chance to test it) you can't stop halfway. Once you undo a load-bearing illusion, you have to pay the costs of bearing the load yourself, but you're not necessarily ready to construct your own revelation. Decide you don't want to pay the costs? Too late. Shouldn't have started in the first place.

Bit of a catch-22 there. The only way to really know if knowledge is worthwhile to you is to already be knowledgeable. Gotta take a guess and hope you luck out.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Truly Inhumane

"It would be terrible if an epidemic of tit-for-tat world leader assassinations broke out. Imagine if it spread to Davos-types in general."

Yes, how could we possibly live in such a world. 

Luckily it's quite unimaginable. Can you imagine imagining such a thing? I couldn't dream of dreaming it up. 

Though this is exactly the sort of thing America's Thousand Emperors system is designed to thwart. How can you assassinate the leader(s) if nobody knows who they really are? At best you can make slight glitches in the system as they have to replace their idiot gophers. At worst they replace them with smarter gophers, just because the previous batch was from scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Desegregating Vices

They say diversity is strength, therefore the null hypothesis is that diversity is inherently weakening.

Races very naturally self-segregate. Culture has a biological component, which means the culture of a different race is never quite a comfortable fit, and this is only the first of many reasons everyone prefers to live around their own kind. They do things differently because what's best for them isn't quite what's best for you. Or, in extreme cases, what's best for them is very different indeed. 

In theory, having two races live closely together will let each benefit from the comparative advantage of the other, perhaps even learning somewhat to do it themselves. In reality both races pick up the vices of the other. 


Look, when the Gyew ends up down the well, I'm not mad. I get it. The Gyew obviously shouldn't have made that deal - look how it turned out, in practice. Maybe don't take risks like that, eh? However, you get vastly fewer of such deals if you keep the Gyew and the Anglo separate in the first place. Other Gyews expect it and it doesn't natively occur to the Anglo to do it that way. Put them together: the perfidious Albionite eggs the on the Gyew, encouraging the natural gamesmanship until the Gyew goes well overboard. The Anglo responds with peasant justice, because of course he does. "Ad baculum is a fallacy!" It sure is Mr. Davidovich, but before trying to rip off the goy, maybe learn how they are likely to respond to such a rhetorical ploy...


If you get a racial ghetto, that's not the government's fault or the ghetto's fault, it's the fault of the race. For once, the reason isn't Fascism! Hooray!

Then, if you try to "fix" it with desegregation, you get a dual-racial ghetto. You get sanctimonious blacks and whites going on hypocritical chimp-outs. You get mentally lazy anti-intellectual whites and blacks with no style. Not that white and black are real races, but you still know what I mean.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Feels are the Mind-Composer

I must feel. Feels are the mind-maker. Feels are the little feels that bring total feeling. I will face my feels. I will permit it to feel over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the feels have gone there will be echoes of feels. It was only me in the first place, and there I shall see myself.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

General Problem of Human Authority

Unless you find someone effectively 100% trustworthy, you can only trust yourself. Have to filter out their garbage. In that case, why are you bothering to read them in the first place? By necessary assumption, you yourself are effectively 100% trustworthy. Every moment you spend filtering out corruption is a moment you could have spent thinking it up for yourself. 

Broke: reading
Woke: reinventing the wheel

It's not that there aren't any reasons to read them, but they're rare and unless you enjoy wasting your time, it's important to know which one you're chasing so you know when it stops working. 

Hack: science. Collect all the worthless assertions, subject them to experiment. It's hardly perfect, as you'll find out when someone's theory doesn't replicate. They will go on and on about how you "misinterpreted" what they said. "Your methodology is faulty, see, when I try it again it totally works. Conflict of interest? What's that? Is it tasty?" Nevertheless, it works enough.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Cumulative Poison

They throw giant hissy fits about mercury &c being a cumulative poison. 

Thus you know there is a cumulative poison, and the one to watch out for isn't mercury. 

Is it BPA? Maybe pesticides? Iron? It's fructose. 

Fructose causes long-term damage. The fat it produces is inflammatory. This in turn poisons your bloodstream and causes things like acne. And diabetes. And heart attacks. 

Reminder, losing weight is a two-step process. First: go off all sugar. Break the addiction and get into a better metabolic frame of living. Even glucose is suspect; insulin is a distinctly suboptimal solution and it's best to use as little of it as you can get away with. Second, fasting. Go a full day - or 3 or 5 or 7 - without eating. Eat as much as you want on feast days. Intermittent fasting is hardly bad, but for real results try for at least 36 hours. If you get "hunger" pangs realize it's indigestion due to previously eating something you shouldn't have. Usually in the previous breakfast, but it can also be caused by lunches from years ago. This doesn't mean you can't eat something to settle your stomach, but understand the more you eat the more suboptimal that solution is. The upper path is additional starvation until you feel better.

Though I've found eating very very little - less than half the recommended minimum calories - is totally fine. It feels neat, like perpetual motion. However I'm pretty sure it's just nutritionists being on crack as per usual, combined with my excessively sedentary lifestyle.

Now you know why they love high-fructose corn syrup so much. Americans trusted their government to make the food safe, thus it is unsafe, and they're constantly working out how to make it less safe.