Friday, October 8, 2021

Right Russia, Left Russia

Prediction: Russia is moving right, not left.

Result: Russia is moving right, not left. (Via Nick Land. Recall Conquest #1; Karlin lives in Russia.)

When you know what you're talking about, Reality agrees with your opinions. The hard part is getting away from fundamentalist religion and/or the social realm. Then, just look. See, think, feel, know. 

I read this as Putin having an appreciation of what makes Fascism bad, but not having absolute power. 

He must take affordable moves as they become available. It would be a lot easier if he could also de-Christianize, but of course that would be the opposite of affordable. Orthodox might be the least Satanic form of Satanism, but it still means "We are Russians – God is with us!" is in fact "Satan is with us!" However, the ongoing high rates of secularism in Russia may provide a future opportunity to replace bad gods with good. There's no real need to persecute the Orthodox Church; simply put a wall up to Satanist persecutive instincts and let Nature take her course. Peasants are super dumb, but choosing the right religion is so easy even they can do it, given the option; hence the Satanist need for persecutorial powers. 

P.S. Karlin frequently strikes me as stupid or ill-informed, but he's not a liar. When he says something about Russia, it's something he saw with his own eyes, as opposed to perceived by relying on his weak logical skills.

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