Sunday, October 17, 2021

Universe is Chuuni

4.6 billion years ago, the gigantic boulder, formed of bits of exploded star that smashed into each other, cooled enough that water stopped boiling the instant it touched the surface.

The night sky is 9000 stars, with a combined total mass more than 1030 times the mass of the rock you're standing on, and all it accomplishes is looking spiffy keen. 

Once the rock was covered with enormous lizards which quaked the ground when they walked. It got bored of that so it smacked itself with another rock so hard it left a crater the size of a small country. 

At one point the Mediterranean Sea was just terranean, but then the strait of Gibraltar opened and filled it with ocean water. 

The series of eruptions that formed the Deccan traps may have lasted fewer than 30,000 years. 

The moon is exactly the right size and distance to create spectacular solar eclipses. 

I'm told the universe is 13 billion years old, but it seems in reality it's a regular old 13.

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