Tuesday, October 12, 2021

SEC Uses Morons as Excuse to Bully Musk


To be an accredited investor thus capable of moving enough money to matter, you have to pass some moderately stringent conditions. 

However, apparently it's fine to be stupid enough to take random tweets as gospel. Corroboration? What's that? Is it tasty? 

Of course, the SEC loves the fact that the fool and his money are soon parted, precisely because it gives them an excuse to bully the folks rich enough to make them jealous. Stripping someone of their qualifications because they're too dumb to live is would be dramatically counterproductive.

Stupid Exchangers Commission. Public choice theory is always right: Conquest #3 is a steel law. The bureaucracy would no only function fine without the white house, but in fact somewhat better. The country would not only function fine if someone set fire to every 3-letter agency, but in fact dramatically better.

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