Tuesday, October 5, 2021

"AI-related art show at Chronus. One piece has description beginning: "If art has the right to exist, does it have the right to defend itself." Step closer, brilliant flash, and you stumble around the rest of the show blinded"

First error: "rights"
Have you signed a title with the relevant counter-party? If not, you're not entitled, period.

Second error: confusing vandalizing someone's eyes with "defence." No, crimes are not defence, you asylum escapee. 

Third error: anthropomorphization. Art isn't a person. 


Allegedly these are the folk who are [harm avoidant]. Crazed children will certainly try these antics, but it would be nice if the adults in the room could stop giving them air. Ground them and get it over with. If you can't ground, because the inmates are running the asylum, then Exit. If you insist on wading into the unsupervised ball pit, don't be surprised when you step in the fragrant puddle.

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