Sunday, October 3, 2021

Capitalism vs. Sacrality

If Capitalism is profane, that's a condemnation of Humanity, not a condemnation of Capitalism.

Capitalism is nothing more but aggregated demand. If the result is evil, it means demand is evil. (Atlantis enters the chat.)

Why shouldn't Humanity receive exactly what it demands, good and hard? How is this not the very peak of justice? Capitalism is the apotheosis of responsibility.

Insofar as it is not just, it is not Capitalism.
Every corporate ad is super cringe. A competition to be as lame as possible? Is it illegal to make good ads? If it's illegal to make good ads, it's not Capitalism, it's Communism in a skinsuit. If by some miracle this market is not being buggered, then the ads work because the market is lame. Getting rid of Capitalism means the market is still lame but now you're poor too. Concealing a fact makes it worse.

Ads are inherently lame, because skills and artifacts speak for themselves and don't need ads. Ads are either protection money or exploiting the weak, who deserve to be exploited for the sin of being weak. Though they should keep that crud private. Don't let Diogenes masturbate in public; outlaw billboards. 

P.S. Normal conceptions of laissez-faire capitalism are not laissez-faire. They forbid not only coercive intervention but cooperative intervention. Plus the name is downright sodomite. The key is Exit. Have any interventions you want, because intervention, too, has demand. However, it must be responsible intervention: you can't impose it unilaterally on someone else. They must have the power to decline.

P.P.S. See also: virtue signalling. 

P.P.P.S. Come to think, protection money is also exploiting the weak, which means ads are, always and everywhere, exploiting the weak. 

P.P.P.P.S. Get strong or get fucked. 

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