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Narcissism is believing you're something you're not, or else believing that you must make others believe that you're something you're not, which means Pride. The narcissist lacks boundaries and denies identity, which means egalitarianism. The narcissist must lie, which means Sophism.
Satan is typically portrayed as an arch-narcissist. As per usual, Christian Satanology seems to be exactly on point.
Is this in fact all one thing?

Is every empire killed by narcissism?
Children are narcissist. Children do not naturally mature and stop being narcissist. Children must be violently de-narcissized. This cannot be done socially, because the narcissist reads social pressure as an opposing narcissist ego. It must be done by physics - by Reality.
Empire means having ecological dominance, meaning narcissists can insulate themselves from Reality. That is, if the sheer size of Empire didn't already do it. The children aren't de-narcissized, and the Empire falls as a result of having children in charge. Not to mention children running the power plants and so on. 

Scholar caste and warrior caste dominance activities are inherently zero sum. If the scholar is right, the aspirant scholar is wrong. If the warrior wins, the aspirant warrior loses. By contrast, the merchant caste is fundamentally positive sum. We can both have lots of friends. The merchant king may make better deals, and "win" socially in that sense, but they're still mutually beneficial.

However, the merchant caste is also inherently narcissistic. The warrior caste must deal with the outgroup. The scholar must deal with reality. The tribe's perimeter and tribe's foundation, respectively. The merchant primarily deals with intra-tribe interaction, meaning they are fully social, and thus do not naturally see any pressure to de-narcissize. A fortiori: in the short term, narcissism is advantageous in social interactions.

The positive-sum interactions means merchants accrue status. The wealth creation means the society gains power, thus population and territory, thus less need for scholars and warriors. The greater lean towards merchants, caused by size and direct successes, causes greater lean towards narcissism, which means Satanism, which destroys the society.


Greek Fascism was special because they codified the narcissism as Sophism, which became a clan of narcissists and performative narcissists consciously developing rhetoric. In other words, they became particularly contagious narcissists, able to persuade other civilizations to plunge into degeneration voluntarily, instead of being forced to devolve by the pressures of Empire. At the same time, Sophism gave rise to philosophy as part of an immune reaction. Philosophy, as the larval form of logiomancy, grants tremendous power to its wielders. Philosophy in practice allows Sophism to spread militarily as well as culturally. The successes of philosophy were attributed to Fascism, meaning the Fascism is eagerly copied, while the philosophy was largely left to rot. 

Not coincidentally Sophism is a great excuse for children to remain childish, whereas even proto-logiomancy takes maturity as priority #1, the alpha, and the primary. 

Technically narcissists do have boundaries, but the boundaries are way way out there. Outbreeding => narcissism? E.g. a Transgressive's boundaries include anyone who isn't a Nazi. He believes you want to do what's best for him because you are him. You see how the narcissist frames any opposition as self-destructive? He believes you believe the same thing he does, because you are him. However, just as you may feel horny when you think you're not supposed to feel horny, maybe he believes you feel self-hatred (meaning, hatred of him) because of this kind of wayward impulse. In reality, he's the child. In his mind, you're the childish/barbaric impulse. The madman thinks you're the crazy one.

A Christian's boundaries include anyone who isn't a Satanist, Muslim (but from the Christian's perspective, I repeat myself), or Protestant. 

P.S. Strictly speaking narcissism isn't feminine. Narcissism is childish, and as it happens women are coddled rather than offered rites of passage, allowing them to remain childishly naive. More men than not find this cute. Shouldn't let children vote, though. Or anyone, for that matter, but children especially.

P.P.S. Fun fact: as far as I can tell, Asperger's means being born sane instead of born insane, plus some nerve issues and stuff. This is a problem only because insanity is normal, and the madmen are constantly on your case for (naively) siding with Reality instead of their ego. 

Bonus round: almost every form of discipline except natural consequences reinforces narcissism instead of opposing it. At best you get Pavlovian channeling of the narcissism. Parents are actively trying to re-create their own insanity, just in case the madness doesn't come to their children naturally. Of course madmen will do that exact thing. 

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