Friday, October 1, 2021

Syllogism is Anti-Amercan

Americans and Americoids can't think for themselves because they can't think whatsoever. Total inability to perform the syllogism. 

I would like to believe this is a symptom of Prussian schooling. It could be basic biology, however; they may be irrevocably more peasanty than usual peasants. On the plus side, Americoids are exceptionally good at math. If you need algebra calculated, they have you covered. The good ones are unquestionably better than me. Not as good as Orientals though...

For real, I think it's the anti-intellectual culture, which is a corollary of the egalitarian fundamentalism. Smart or wise folk are better than dumb, foolish folk; not everyone can be wise, so it's best that everyone pretend to be foolish (fake it till you make it!) so nobody feels envy. Don't "talk like a fag," or else.

As always, the solution is to do your reps. Then hide it from the envious mob. Not that anyone who can't already think can feasibly decide to do the reps. 

I was thinking about how I know certain things as a result of reading scientific reports, and almost all Americoids can't know these things. (Vitamin D, in this case. The minimum daily dose is 9000 IU, though this includes anything you get from going outside, and some 5% of individuals process it poorly and need more. Official rec is 1000. 4000 is an 'upper safe dose.' Just sad.)
Sure when I know things due to reading history or stories or from trying it myself, I can understand how a SCIENCE society might have difficulty. Not when I'm reading literal science papers. This latter symptom reveals problem isn't some dedication to science, it's some dedication to being retarded.


Kgaard said...

What is your bull case for Vitamin D? I have been hearing a lot more about it over the last year. I have some on the shelf but don't take it.

Alrenous said...

Sufficient vitamin D makes me entirely immune to all viruses; rhino and influ included, not just corona. Everything becomes asymptomatic. Novelty doesn't seem to be a factor. Bacteria are not spared either, not even skin-dwelling bacteria.

This is the main reason cold season is the dark season.

Vitamin D also helps sleep; there's a timing issue. However, aside from that, oddly there are no symptoms of vitamin D deprivation until you get sick, unless it's so low you're risking rickets, which is way, way, way too low.

From a dealing-with-peasantry perspective, there's an issue with measuring vitamin D intake from sunlight. Under good conditions you can make 20,000 IU in an hour, which is well over the getting-side-effects threshold. If you think about natural intake, the "upper safe" limit of 4000 is less nonsense. You can only be sure how much to take if you're a hardcore scholar type who never goes outside, or it happens to be winter.

Peasants, of course, deal very poorly with ambiguity or complex if-then instructions.