Monday, October 11, 2021

Capitalism vs. Yvain

"Scott Alexander's Jedi mind tricks work so well on me that when I see him being harshly criticized it's like watching a puppy being tortured."

To be fair, the man* is genuinely harmless, like a puppy. Sure they can widdle on your carpet, but if that bothers you, then you can just not get a puppy. In extremis you can keep it outdoors in the barn until it's house trained, that sort of thing.

*(Term used loosely.)

It really is like kicking a puppy. The man* genuinely can't handle criticism, just as any rationalist™ in good standing can't. Best if he* remains blissfully ignorant, like a puppy.


" "... No matter how hard you try to get everything based on money and market forces, it’s still controlled by kind of elite taste and sense of 'wouldn’t want to make waves'. We need double-capitalism - no, fifty capitalisms!""

I enjoy this precisely because Yvain is utterly failing the ideological Turing test.

Indeed, Fascists do indeed always say they need 50 Stalins. 

Us Capitalists say this instead: "Uh, no, that's already capitalism bro. What did you think market demand was? What do you think money is for? It's not satisfaction of accountants, it's satisfaction of the values held by conscious agents. There's demand for adherence to elite taste." 

Yvain is of course fully aware of this, or at least could be with less than five seconds of thought. He's trying to discredit Capitalism because slave traders wouldn't sell him for much and he's butthurt about his low price. Humility is especially difficult for the objectively humble. Yvain is, as above, very puppy-like, except he's not cute, so... Best if everyone forgets prices exist, yeah? Maybe identify prices per se with injustice?

Secondarily, secular humanists are secular and have to deny that consciousness exists, and thus hold their ears and sing when you talking about aesthetic preferences, as they arise from conscious sensations.

Tertiarily, this clearly isn't a Capitalist situation. The idea is to discredit Capitalism by having it take the blame for failed non-capitalists, in the classic Fascist, narcissist-projector style. Of course if you're not in full Soldier Mindset this only confirms that even the Fascists think Fascism is failing...

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