Monday, October 4, 2021

Modern Women in Short

Women are empty vessels; they want to be filled and modernity has them raped to the brim. 

Are women really vessels? Womb: enough said. They're for filling up.

A woman's "nature" is whatever she has been filled with.

If you want a modern woman to be vaguely decent, if you want her to even be able to genuinely relate to you at all, you first have to dump her out. She hates becoming empty again almost more than anything and will resist violently. You can't refill her by yourself; you don't have enough to give, and she is aware of that. It genuinely is better for her to be filled with waste rather than empty. Cumdump >> nothing dump. 

Further, like any container, there will be residue of the sewage left inside due to surface tension. Almost impossible to get that shit out. If you try too hard she may actually, physically die.

Is that worth the effort?

I don't know how
You could love me
When I'm empty
When I'm nothing

Woman writes dirge for womanhood, not realizing, because Fascism, that women aren't supposed to be men. Silly girl! Under American Fascism, men are supposed to be glass vessels like women; you're not supposed to aspire to "toxic" masculinity. 


I would like women to know it's not their fault the best men find them disgusting. It's merely the filling. She was faced with a genuinely insurmountable challenge. It's impossible to put that into words they can hear, though. On the other hand, being a victim is a sin...

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