Monday, October 18, 2021

Reality is Antisocial

Reality is not polite. Reality is not gentle or sensitive. Reality has no etiquette, no sense of time or place, hasn't the faintest inkling of softening the blow, and by definition cannot sugarcoat. Reality will not give you a gift on your birthday or respect the results of a vote. When Reality insults you, you will never get an apology. Reality cannot be tricked but has no compunctions about tricking you. Being polite to Reality is equally futile. Reality will actively interfere with your sacralized rituals, interrupting them whenever she damn well pleases.

You can't get Reality to play politics.

You can't get Reality to follow any social rules at all.

Reality has the highest status.
If you piss her off, you just die. Reality is more than happy to kill even women, children, or pregnant women; won't even offer a quick death. She can and will take everything from you, with no regard for property law. No retaliation is even logically possible. The only way you can "bargain" with Reality is not to piss her off in the first place.

The highest status entity is purely antisocial. 

Human social status is inherently insane.

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