Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Company Scrip?

Was company scrip banned because peasants can't do basic accounting, or was it banned because it was actually a good thing?

If someone can't do accounting, they need someone to take care of them. Sure they're forced to shop at the company store, but, likewise, by locking them in, the company has a vested interest in selling them things to make them healthier and raise morale and such. 

A real person faced with company scrip does this: "Okay, how many USD can I sell these for?" Next: convert salary to USD. "Oh I see, you're paying 60% below average in my field. Sorry, anyone that desperate is already working at proverbial McDonald's or for the government." 

I'm reminded of how the Regressive Inquisition banned lodge doctors, "solving" the problem of cheap medicine impacting the APA's prestige by association. If it's good for the poor it gets banned right quick. If it's bad usually they double down.

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