Friday, October 8, 2021

Woke Social Justice Warriors, as Opposed to Kratia

"Another sign of elite adjustment: both The Atlantic and The New Yorker have just published long essays that push back against woke authoritarianism and cruelty."
(Quotes are not endorsement. They are evidence, like exhibit A. This article in particular is not worth your time or the wear and tear on the hazmat suit.)

As I've always said, the genuine masters of America hate and disdain the SJW, but they can't directly tell them to sit down and shut up without revealing that they're the masters. The stage has to be carefully set and then carefully laundered instruction sent down the winding paths. SJWs are fast, like rabid dogs. American kratia is glacial.

The problem with SJWs is that they're weak.

"Owning the libs" online: when you're attacking SJWs, that actually works. The masters of America know this. There have been several CRT protests and stuff like that. You can say they're boiling the frog too fast, if you like. Regardless, it's ineffective. In the long term all they'll do is discredit themselves thoroughly. In the end, rabies kills the rabid dog.

"all summer, I’ve been struck by how many people, mostly complete strangers, have come up to me and told me some horror story of an unjust firing, a workplace they’re afraid to speak in, a colleague who has used antiracism for purely vindictive or careerist purposes, or a hiring policy so crudely racist it beggars belief." 

Looks like, as I originally predicted, the New Left will defeat the New New Left.

Yarvin is mostly wrong but he's right about this: doing something about the SJWs is impossible as long as a Trump or Trumpoid has POTUS. Gotta show solidarity. Can't be revealing the inner tensions while the plebs are feeling hope. Trumps are the accelerationist candidates. 

On reflection, that indeed must be true. Public choice theory is correct: when a less-leftist gets a dribble of power and tries to slow down the decay, the decay goes bananas. Elect RNC candidates if you want America to fall faster. Ironically, the Regressive Inquisition is correct: had the confederacy won, America might have already entered its dark age.

P.S. Come to think, Yarvin's kids probably make him anti-accelerationist. Indeed he's admitted he wants America to fall as slowly as possible. This certainly means not revealing all the problems with the regime, and instead trying to calm it down and make the Fascism yet less pure. 

Naturally this leads to vastly more suffering in the long run, but salus populi or something, right? That means you make everyone hurt as long as possible, as long as you get yours? Concealing a fact makes it worse. Checks out. Adds up. 

In other words: instead of moving out of San Francisco to dodge antifa riots, Yarvin votes for Biden. Gotta delay the inevitable.

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Apparently he moved to Nevada shortly before his wife died.