Thursday, October 21, 2021

Ncov Research vs. Prediction

Method 1: assume behaviour will follow pattern set by past behaviour. Costs only research that's already been done.

Method 2: actually do the research.

Turns out method 1 and method 2 lead to identical conclusions. "the death tolls are borderline forgeries, to put it bluntly."

Bonus round: proper research as of April 2020 has not been overturned to date. Based virus kills the weak; degenerate lockdowns kill the everyone.

Not that I'm against mass death or anything. On the contrary.
Rather, my point is that those who have backed the State or other form of nationalism have backed the wrong horse. In fact the horse is a rabid dog that prefers to bite its "owner". 

Knowing shit is not hard. Assuming, that is, your motivation is to know shit and not to get wrecked by politics. 

"The current ‘shelter-in-place’ strategy has the effect of quarantining both the sick and the healthy in the same closed quarters. Contact tracing studies ([1], [2]) show that household transmission is a major infection vector with an estimated attack rate of 15%. Further still, the panic-induced hypochondria and rush to get tested may increase the rate of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections, also a significant vector."

"According to Time magazine, the 2017/8 flu season was marked by overcrowding, the erection of surge tents and in the words of Dr. Braciszewski: “Almost every patient in the hospital has the flu, and it’s making their pre-existing conditions worse,” she says. “More and more patients are needing mechanical ventilation due to respiratory failure from the flu and other rampant upper respiratory infections.” Now isn’t that familiar?"

"Man may not even have bread if the ‘lockdown-until-vaccine-is-available’ strategy is executed to the bitter end, this assuming that such a vaccine is even practically achievable without exhibiting antibody-dependent enhancement, non-specific effects or other immunopathologies (high modernist triumphalism about Fucking Science(tm) has made people forget that modern medicine is not sorcery and there are real limits)."

Knowing shit really, really isn't hard.

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Alrenous said...

P.P.P.P.S. Carlsbad reveals he doesn't want to know about whigs or left-vs.-right in this bit.

Shows the very characteristic sharp cleavage between accurate facts and comically wrong interpretation which occurs when one reaches above one's epistemic station.