Sunday, December 20, 2020

Cthulu Doesn't Swim Left in China or Russia

Moldbug et al want Cthulu to be this systems-theory prospiracy nonsense. Moldbug in particular wants salami-slicing to be impossible for the right. Unfortunately for these theories, both Russia and China are slowly moving right, not left. 

The leaders of Russia and China wisely realize Fascism is a loser's game. To start with, they have scuppered elections. 

Everyone knows Putin fakes his way into office, and they just suck it up. As a result, he can allow a Fascism competitor, Orthodox Christianity, to rise in prominence. It's not my favourite religion but it's also not secular egalitarian humanism, so bully for Russians. 

China is pretending that capitalism is a kind of communism. This is increasing, not decreasing. Again, lies are bad mmmkay, but it's still better than Fascism. We can see they're trying to hide from America, not trying to hide from God. China does have nukes, and I think Gnon would favour them more were they to tell America straight to fuck off and die, but perhaps they know something I don't. (It's probably cowardice though.)

Belief flows from the barrel of a gun. The peasants believe whatever the biggest stick tells them to believe. Sadly, despite being peasants, these beliefs have consequences. The Empire, and the Empire alone, will continue to get more and more Fascist until God finally pulls the trigger on telling it to fuck off and die, just as God told off the Romans. Most likely, Americans as a race will disappear just as Romans degenerated into mere Italians.


parisian said...

You knew that Italians already existed as inferiors to the Romans even during the Republic. I didn't. They owned them just like they owned Gaul, and had always to keep them in check. I don't think God ever told the Romans to fuck off and die and 'degenerate into mere Italians'. There's nothing degenerate or mere about Italians, I love them, and some of them are Romans. Miscegenation between Romans and Italians has produced a stunningly beautiful race--to this day. And even as World Power, it seems Rome had a good run of it, what with the Republic and the Empire, and then in the 'degenerate (?) Renaissance', so you see? Whereas the Greeks just degenerated into more Greeks (which is also very satisfactory IMO), but were often owned, and for quite long periods, and I don't mean just their defeat by the Romans, but then Venetians in Crete and Ottoman rule and in the 19th c. even those ridiculous Bavarian regents--I can't think of anything stupider than Germans trying to graft themselves on Athens--and Merkel tried it too. But the Greeks didn't keep getting nice things like Rome did, like Vatican City, which is definitely inferior to the pagans, whether Julius Caesar or Marcus Aurelius or Julian. So Greece had no Leonardos, but Catholicism is still one of my favourite religions, so Italy spiritually contains all of old Rome and is surely the greatest repository of culture that has survived largely intact, even if some of it is obviously vestigial, as you note.

Most likely, Americans as a race will disappear just as Romans degenerated into mere Italians.

You think there is really an 'American race'? I never heard that term before, although I definitely support White America, except for some of those ignorant Evangelicals I mentioned recently. In that case, they may well disappear instead of just degenerate. Americans don't have as far to decline as Romans did, already haven't lasted half as long, and just as Oscar Wilde claimed. Who ever believed in 'American Exceptionalism' all that seriously? Too many tacky stupid ones.

Anyway, I told someone today from my building who follows me around--and for long distances--while his girlfriend is away, about your "Sky Motif", since it was a splendid one this afternoon--the design of clouds in front of the sun. So I can indulge in what I really wanted to tell you, because I try not to write anything else till you write again. I've thought about everything ruled by Deep Sky (and they are all different, I agree:

parisian said...

The SoCal blue at this time of year is different from any I've ever seen anywhere) since you said that, but I like some of the other things too, that live courtesy of this Deep Sky. I've been grief-stricken over the most beautiful of all the Broadway women, whom I saw in 1978, had never heard of her, and a Parisian visitor wanted to go to a Broadway show. I was dreading it. You wouldn't notice if I didn't tell you, and you should see such beauty like this too (do enlarge the photo all the way.) I think she is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen--and purely by accident. She is what Nietzsche meant by "The perfect woman is greater than the perfect man". Which seems a little simplistic for him, since it's obviously just that there are so far fewer perfect women. But this photo shows the World's Most Perfect, Gorgeous Legs, and was she ever something up close, you couldn't believe how she danced: It sounds trite, but I miss her, and have for some days, thought she would be around a lot longer. She was one of the great New Yorkers, although born in Seattle. It was like a piece of me died. Because she was the last of anything great on Broadway, and Broadway has always been a big part of me, or it was for a long time. Yeah, she's 'American Exceptionalism', I'll concede. And it's disappearing.

I won't ever know what you mean by 'God' interchanging whenever with 'Gnon': as a successful degenerate I don't think of either of them often, but I do believe in your Sky as a kind of *Quickly Accessible Saviour* and *Purifier* and *Restorative*, and you embody it somehow. I do think I know why "there is this instead of nothing", though, and I'm almost sure you'd agree. It's somewhat more certain after such related ideas as "life is a luxury".

How could China nuke the U.S.? They only have 290 warheads, we've got 5800. They'd have to join up with Russia's nukes, but Russia's gonna be the boss with this one. Russia is less boring because I think it's the Chinese who believe in turning people into sawed-off nobodies--they bore the shit out of me except for Taiwan. I think of China as *Prosperous Death*. China is worse than herding lesbians in communist Amerika. You just have to know how to do it, then they mind their manners, or learn some. Putin is like a Roman, though, very cool. I don't think he wants to nuke the U.S. Brutal, of course, but not primitive like, say, Saddam Hussein. Yeah, the Chinese are cowardly consumerist-rodents, the Russians are still sometimes magnificent beasts.