Thursday, October 28, 2021

Rectify Names: Oversocialization => Overritualization

"The core of the hidden curriculum is the false idea that process always creates something of value, i.e. if one completes the curriculum, one has learned."

"This conflation of process & result is the underlying logic of all ritual. The rain dance cannot fail. If it does not produce rain, the failure lies with the dancers."

Whole thread is errorless as far as I can tell. NB the comments on bureaucracy.

Ritual behaviour is opposed to rational behaviour. Ritual is based entirely on following instructions. Social, egotistic, narcissistic. Rationality requires observation of the physical situation.

Fascism is a fundamentalist form of government. Fundamentalism is always totalitarian. Everyone must follow the rituals. Every part of life must be ritualized. See also: Plot of the State Enemy.

Again with the stone-age sociology theme. It is very natural for the peasants to follow instructions mindlessly, with no understanding. Pure slavish mimicry. However, industrial society works by being more in touch with the underlying reality rather than less. 

The social purpose of ritualization is humiliation. The more obviously the rituals conflict with Reality, the more loyal the follower of the rituals must be, and thus the higher-status the conductor of the rituals. Inherently negative-sum. Inherently criminal.

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