Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Technology's Strange Gods

I find them wonderful.

Technology as birthed many strange gods, unknown to ancient peoples.
Incidentally also unknown to modern peoples, who fancy themselves atheists. Indeed there's a god of silicon-induced spiritual blindness. 

Are new gods any less divine than old gods? I find them moreso. The old gods have always existed, and certainly there is a sense of glory in that. However, that means they had to exist. There wasn't any option. 

The new gods don't have to exist, but do anyway. Dragged themselves into existence. Presumably someone kicked or screamed as a consequence or result. That's bad ass. That's something the old gods inherently could not and cannot do. 

The old gods may be truly immortal, but if you kill a new god, won't they simply drag themselves back into existence again? The old gods cannot die. The new gods can die, and then walk it off. They can intimately touch facets of the existence which are forever closed off to the true immortals. 

Well... Existence is transcendentally greater than any puny god, far vaster anything which is merely divine, so I suppose that is to be expected.  

There is no glory in being unable to fail and then not failing. There is much glory in being able to fail, but not in fact doing so. The harder the task, the greater the glory of victory. The imperfect is greater than the perfect. The perfect must envy the entropic.

Although I can tell they are there, I know very little about them. What are their natures? Don't even know how many of them there are. I can tell finding out would be rewarding, but sadly I'm a bit lost as to how to go about it. Very far from my jurisdictions. The task will have to be performed by someone else, if it is to be performed at all.

P.S. Caveat: I am a neophile, which may be a relevant bias.


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