Thursday, October 21, 2021

Cultural Exosemantics of Left vs. Right

As you're well aware, left vs. right comes from the physical locations of representatives in the parliament of Revolutionary France.

In Revolutionary France, obviously both are going to be batshit fanatic leftists, but one will be less-left. 

Result: culturally, everyone who wants to use left vs. right looks up to Revolutionary parliamentarians, and are at best going to be raving lunatic leftists. Put another way, everyone who can use the term without coming across as LARPing, or being a poseur, is a far-far extremist radical.

I have been using it as a sort of diplomatic concession. I reinvent or appropriate plenty of terms as it is; there's no need for me to reinvent literally every term of art. Diplomats in foreign embassies are best served by using the foreign terms rather than insisting the locals use their native language.

Or maybe there is such a need. 

To call a spade a spade, one must speak of honour and responsibility. Contracts and paying for your own stuff with your own wealth. Property vs. trespass. Weirdo sinister terms can get fucked.


Alrenous said...

If the locals only speak Satanese, there's no point to trying to communicate in local terms. Communication is still impossible; only deception is possible.

Dave said...

The solution is to see left and right not as positions but as directions. Societies at war evolve rightward; societies at peace evolve leftward. Hard times create hard men; soft times create soft men.

For the last 500 years, wars have been won by the nations that evolved leftward most slowly. Now that the last survivor of that contest is falling apart, things are about to get very right-wing very quickly. It'll be like Mexico, where drug cartels torture and execute government officials with impunity.

The only white people who survive will be those who adopt a patriarchal attitude toward women and a shoot-on-sight attitude toward diversity.

Alrenous said...

I don't really need you repeating the local myths for me. I've already heard them.