Saturday, October 30, 2021

Musings on Privilege, War, Formalization, and Parasitism

Distinction between predator and parasite: the predator wishes to destroy the host. The parasite wishes the host to live as long as possible. Ironically it's the latter that's particularly evil, rather than the former, because parasites are irresponsible. Any parasite which is held responsible for its parasitism is a dead parasite.

War is the act of going beyond the formalizations. 

Generally because the formalization has failed so badly that the former subject would rather die than fail to change the formalization. 

We can now recognize wars even when nobody is dying. As long as someone is going beyond the formalization in an attempt to change it, it's war, even though they may not have to kill anyone as long as they succeed first. 

Checksum: if you formalize a war, all you're doing is painting a big fat target on yourself. "Here's the rules I'm following." "Oh neat, now I know exactly how to break the rules to carry out an ambush." 



War is predatory. It wishes to destroy the host (social formalization) to feed itself.

Politics is parasitical. It wishes to live off the host (social formalization) to feed itself. 

All crime is parasitical. They want unjustified privileges. To be legally excused for no good reason. Even if their particular act was legalized, if the rule is applied consistently to everyone in a certain category, the criminal's market would only get saturated, forcing the criminal himself out of the market. Criminals are not competent; if they have to compete with normies, they lose. That's the main reason they turned to crime in the first place. 

By contrast, aristocratic privileges should be, and originally were, attributed consistently to everyone with certain traits under which the privileges made sense. E.g the baron can skip to the front of the line because the baron is more valuable to society than a peasant; his time is worth more and shouldn't be frivolously wasted. Making the baron wait in line harms the very peasants it's supposed to be consoling, although of course the peasants are too simple to understand such things. Remember, it's universally true that peasants generate wealth and problems. Peasants work hard, but are fucking stupid and kind of violent. The time the baron spent in line would otherwise have been spent solving problems the peasants had caused themselves.

When someone offers you politics, you should declare war on them. It's a crime and it's fine to just execute them.

Oh hey it's our friend Satanism again. Parasites are liars. They can survive only if the things generally believed about them are false.

Predators are not.
"You're trying to eat me!"
"Yes? Thanks for standing still and whining while I bite your neck, by the way, instead of running." The lion can't fool the gazelle into thinking being eaten is good for the gazelle, and doesn't even try. 

Political formulae are always perverse because they have always been Satanic. False doctrines designed by and for parasites.

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