Monday, October 11, 2021

Food scientists engineer for anti-satiety, because their managers tell them to, because the managers have hired someone who won't quit when ordered to do such an anti-social thing, and because the FDA actively blesses such behaviour.

If their plastic foods don't trigger satiety, you eat more, thus have to buy more. 

Releases dopamine - the desire/wanting hormone - but never serotonin or whatever makes you feel satisfied. Deliberate low-level addiction. Ideally you try endlessly to find satiety from their phony pseudo-food.

I find this particularly obvious in oreos. I don't even like more than one or two of them, yet I still feel the urge to eat the whole box. "This feels like a poison burning my mouth and gut. Why do I want another?" Skilfully done, chaps. Unlike the vaccines, you forgot something though: if it's not illegal for me to simply not buy oreos, that's what I'm going to do. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Even the realest food is now a bit low in wholesomeness; there's no room for junk food, especially crappy-tasting junk food.

Come to think, this likely contributes to the drug problem. Cheerios are regularly fed to babies, thus training them in addictive habits from the earliest ages. Maybe mary jane really would be a gateway drug if frosted flakes weren't already a gateway drug. As it is, pot's nothing special compared what you can buy in any dry-goods aisle.

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