Tuesday, October 26, 2021

It's California's World, You Just Live There

Speaking of California making the entire internet and driving away any non-Californians, California also drives car design and toilet design. Presumably lots more, but I can confirm those two.

In cold places, the California-designed cars rust from road salt. Nobody can do anything about this, because it would mean not slavishly grovelling to California. 

California has a water shortage. Therefore, the entire world has to have "low-flow" toilets that don't, like, flush. I haven't checked, but this is likely a main driver behind washing machine degradation too. California remains certain that price fixing doesn't result in shortages...


Speaking of presuming, this strongly implies Boston also has radically disproportionate influence on products and services. 


GC said...

It's not just America, it's common on the other side of the Atlantic too. Halal food served because everyone can eat it. Video game censorship so kids can play it. Cars designed with headlights permanently on because it gets dark early in Sweden etc.

Alrenous said...

Firmly missed the point.