Sunday, October 31, 2021

All Killing is Eugenic

Humans resist being killed. The worthy are better at resisting. While individual cases are confounded by luck, on average anything which kills humans will kill the unworthy preferentially. 

P.S. BLM is eugenic.

I think the whole [cops are massacring minorities] thing was supposed to be taken as a command. Dog whistle. After all, every time they tell you how it's racist to think blacks are X or Y, blacks hear they're supposed to X or Y harder, just like they're supposed to. Sadly cops are middlish class and resist random violence, for some reason. Had the cops started wiping out blacks like they were told to, BLM probably would have been avoided.

Still, they're pulling rookie numbers compared to Stalin. Yes it's eugenic but it's hardly a strong effect at this level.


Degwin said...

I don't know if this attempt at a tautology is accurate. Seems what the killers are selecting for matters a great deal. If the killer is random (serial killer, nature, mob), then yes, the crafty will avoid death, thus eugenic. What about gulags though? Those are selecting for the most honest amongst citizens, then removing them from the gene pool. Purely dysgenic, at least at the starting phases.

Sure, you could argue their fault for getting caught, but at a certain point you're just selecting for the most intelligent, selfish asshole possible. And outside of a few circumstances, that person is not eugenic or good for society. The trusted alliance of few cuts through the scattered non-alliance of the many, no matter how much the many lie and cheat to survive. Reasoned trust is eugenic in most circumstances, thus a system or killings that inverts this truth is clearly dysgenic.

BSRK Aditya said...

Does this not mean that the end of this selection process (killing) is producing those who are very nearly unkillable?

Those who kill presumably have to get some benefit out of killing. They will no longer be able to get this benefit once humanity becomes nigh unkillable. Hence they will die off.

Alrenous said...

Either avoiding the gulag is possible, or it is impossible.

If it is impossible, it's random and selects for nothing.

If it is possible, it selects for those who willingly risk their life for stupid non-productive reasons.