Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Dead-Horsing Salus Populi

If they are your peasants, I don't need to tell you to take care of them. Gnon has that covered.

If they are not your peasants, the only way I can induce you to take care of them is to show up with bigger guns than you've got and force you. In which case: no wonder you weren't taking care of them, they were my peasants the whole time. If I wanted them taken care of I should have damn well done it myself. 

Salus Populi is the apotheosis of irresponsibility. See also: superheroes. Or rather, super"hero"s. 

Don't wave a gun in your neighbour's face and demand to know why they haven't mown your lawn. Especially don't wave a gun and make such demands, and then get mad if they get the lawnmower out, e.g. Afghanistan.

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